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REVIEWS OF Rehab 2 Wellness Chiropractic IN Delaware

Bonnie Devine

I am an avid gardener, but at 72 years old, I expected a summer full of pain. As soon as I began treatment with Dr. Paul, I learned that pain was not inevitable. With a "toolbox" filled with treatment tools which had never been used by previous chiropractors to treat my chronic pain, Dr. Paul has been able to prepare my body for the strenuous work ahead, by not only keeping my body in alignment, but also sharing techniques and exercises which will help minimize future pain. By seeing Dr. Paul on a regular basis, I found that pain is NOT a given!

Bonnie Sue Uditsky

Dr. Riscoli is the best. I thought I would never find someone to adjust me like my girlfriend from Eagle Road Chiropractic. I feel she sent him to me because she could not be here on earth anymore. I highly recommend Dr. Paul

Andrew Recchilongo

I've had back problems in this one spot for about 4 years. Went to 2-3 different doctors and they couldn't solve the issue, even got a ultra sound on my back and no one could figure it out. This year (late February early March 2017) I was told about this place, met with the doctor and he said he could fix my on going issue with 2-3 time a week treatment for a few weeks. I've noticed a dramatic change after only the 2 week! Now that spot on my back is pain free! I highly recommend to anyone who has back issues to come here!!!! Worth every penny!

Lori Antolik

Dr. Roscioli is one of the best Chiropractors I've ever seen. His methods of rehabilitation are what keeps me going back. I'm an avid outdoor enthusiast, no matter what injuries I inflict upon myself I know he will be there to undo the damage I have done. He listens to your personal needs and creates a wellness plan that will fit your needs and schedule. He always has the best advice of how to keep from injuring myself in the future; he is very caring and a true healer.

Shannon McLaughlin

Stewart Hoffman

This Chiropractor is amazing. From the cleanliness of the office to the friendliness of the staff. My experience thus far has been nothing short of one of the best. I highly recommend them to anyone with any kind of chiropractic needs or rehab needs.

George Maragelis

Melissa Selig

My first experience was awesome! Dr. Paul is great and you can tell he really cares about his patients!

Debbie Bjorklund

Love Dr Paul and his staff, Dr Paul has helped me terminally

Alexandria Kachurak

I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Roscioli for about a month for lower back and neck issues, and I am so pleased with the care he has provided. During the first week of care, he took X-rays of my problem areas and explained in great detail his diagnosis and suggested treatment plan. He is very patient, and answers all questions or concerns that I have. He spends about 20 minutes with me each appointment, ensuring I am being treated properly and that I continue to progress. He has shown me various exercises to help strengthen the muscles in my back and neck. I feel 100 times better since beginning treatment with him. The office is very welcoming; not only are the staff friendly and nice, but the rooms are very put together and clean. I cannot recommend Dr. Roscioli and the Rehab2Wellness staff enough!

Penny Williams

Rehab 2 Wellness always gets the job done. The staff always greets you with a smile and are wonderful. Dr Mike, is the very best. He's exceptional at diagnosing the problem and then knowing what is necessary to do to get you on the road to recovery. I highly recommend this practice for all chiropractic needs. They are a powerhouse of help.

Matthew Isselmann

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Paul on the renovation of his new office. I had been dealing with migraine headaches for many years and had seen many specialist with no results so when I noticed on Dr. Paul's brochure that they treat migraines, I inquired. Dr. Paul explained his approach for treatment and in just a few weeks I noticed a decline in the headaches. Dr. Paul was very motivated to help solve the route of my migraines rather then just mask the symptoms with a prescription. I wish more people knew about this type of holistic healing for headaches among other things. I can't say enough about Dr. Paul and his staff. Thank you, Matt Isselmann

Steven Snyder

Dr. Paul has a very calm pleasant manor about him. He works hard for his patients. He is definitely someone worth going to if you're looking for good results. He helped keep me involved and pain free with my running, lifting, and martial arts. He was able to document and show my progress through the treatments which was very reassuring.

Keith Miller

Dr. Paul has a very nice modern office, with great staff and short wait times. The staff helped me with my insurance, and took care of my referral problems I was having with my primary. His exam was complete, he explained everything, and didn't try talking me into a ridiculous care plan. In fact his entire recommendation for my problems was for only 3 office visits, and I was out of there in that amount of time as he said. hard to find a great Chiropractor that's fast, effective and affordable. Two thumbs up! Thanks guys!


I feel great , Tks doc

Josephine Curran

Always feel great when I leave there. No waiting. Taken right away. Very compassionate.

Steven Vanosten

Dr. Paul and his staff are very friendly and always accommodating. Wait times are at a minimum and his care is nothing short of amazing. Very knowledgeable and professional but he does not make you feel uncomfortable as some doctors may.

Sam W

This is the best chiropractor around! I went to two others in the area who were ok, but Paul is awesome! Front desk is super friendly. Dr. Paul is the only Chiropractor I have seen that takes a well rounded approach. He not only uses adjustments and stim, he also incorporates muscle release techniques as well as stretching and exercise to strengthen the muscles in the affected area. The office is very nice and has new equipment including a physical therapy area. Highly recommended!

Chanel Jackson

One in a million! Great technique. Helped me a lot with the pain I was having in my lower back and neck. I would recommend him to anyone in any type of pain.

Nichole Collins

I had a great experience with Dr. Roscioli. It was my time going to a chiropractor, so I was nervous about my appointment. It was a very welcoming experience! The doctor was not intimidating at all! He was able to explain what I needed todo since I am a long time migraine sufferer. The doctor was able to draft up a plan that was affordable and flexible with my schedule. I highly recommend this chiropractor

Julie Bowman


Matt Goudreault

I have known Dr. Paul Roscioli for many years , Most recently I visited him to discuss some neck pain I was having due to my work as a chef. He is very detailed in his evaluation and treatment.

Pat Foley

Great!!! Awesome staff, I love this place!!!

Vincent Basile

I went to see Dr. Paul Roscioli because my back was seriously injured to the extent that I was unable to work. I was so impressed with the treatment I received at Dr.Roscioli's office. After each visit, I noticed a significant difference. He had me back to work and back to feeling 100% after only a few visits. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone.

Matt Devoe

I originally went to Dr. Paul for relief from my sciatic pain after many other treatment options failed. Not only was he able to completely fix my hip problem, he also helped me with the headaches that I had been having! I highly recommend him.

RejuvaNew You Spa

Excellent care, friendly environment, & convenient scheduling.

Anahit Hakobyan

The doctor was very unprofessional,I went for free consultation and usually what other normal chiropractors do on consultation they check your problems,with hands they tell you what’s wrong with your back and what is your problem because of why you have a pain,so all this clinics chiropractor did he asked me where I had pain,I said I have pain in my lower back,knees and middle back,and he asked me if I think this pain are connected,he is a doctor supposedly he should know the simple thing that I know better then him,that’s yes lower and everything is connected,he has 0 knowledge,he can’t help you,he wasted my time and asked me to come another time to diagnose my problem,he can’t do nothing,he uses only machines,and he was asking about 189$ for just a diagnose,when everybody else just say your problem for free,if your professional enough you should be able to find out without any machine.I hated this place because I went with back pain,and he seem careless doctor he wouldn’t do nothing to help me.Eather you pay him eather you don’t he still wouldn’t help you,unless you have extra money to give away and time to waste you can go to him.Horribel place wouldn’t recommend to nobody.

Effie Kyria

The office is very convenient with parking. The staff is very professional. Very welcoming office, and state of the art environment. The staff is very accommodating and professional. The doctor is very thorough, pays attention to your wants and needs. The treatments that were recommended and performed provided me the pain relief I was hoping and seeking to obtain. Very satisfied with the treatment and the facility .

Wayne's Garage

Great people an very professional

Nick Constantino

I went to Rehab 2 Wellness seeking relief and results. Not only did I find both, but Dr Roscioli also worked with me to develop a strategy for longtime wellness. I no longer wait to be in pain to seek treatment. Through a series of preemptive treatments and a few short home exercises that Dr Paul advised I now live my very active lifestyle pain free. I highly recommend visiting Rehab 2 Wellness for your chiropractic care.

Charles Berardi

Having an amamzing experience, in relief and feeling so much bettter.Some of the best staff and amamzing environment

Katy Hartigan

Dr. Paul Roscioli has an extremely clean and modern office space. The staff is great with scheduling and I never had long wait times. The staff helped me with my insurance issues as well. Dr. Paul examined me, took X-rays and showed me my care plan to get better. He truly showed he cared about my health. He explained everything, and I saw immediate results over the course of the care plan. I believe in the past it was hard to find a great Chiropractor that's caring, efficient and affordable until now! Thank you Dr. Paul and rehab 2 wellness!

Shawn Huey

received an adjustment and had good results and the doctor explained what i could do to help prevent the problem from coming back in the future if I have any other problems I know where I will be going

Steve Roscioli

I've been treated by Dr. Paul for a variety of ailments over the past few years. He's treated me for neck and shoulder pain; spinal adjustments, and post surgery rehabilitation. His new office and staff compliment each other perfectly. I actually look forward to my appointments. Thanks, guys!

Shannon Gross

Staff is super friendly! They go above and beyond. My pain has decreased significantly since starting treatment

Kevin Daly

Great experience! I had suffered with lower back pain that became a constant discomfort and at its worst was debilitating. I decided to finally address the situation when I started to also experience neck and upper back pain as well. I couldn’t be happier for choosing Rehab2Wellness. Dr. Paul throughly evaluated every issue I was having and came up with a personalized rehabilitation program. I am very happy to say that after following through with his plan, I am pain free! He also is helping me with my shoulder, which partially dislocates occasionally from an old accident. It will be a long road, but I can feel it getting stronger and more secure. Which leads me to why I like Dr. Paul’s approach so much. He combines chiropractic with physical therapy. His treatment is designed to relieve the pain and keep you pain free long term. The staff is wonderful! They care about your wellbeing and it shows. The office is very clean and all their equipment is modern and new. I highly recommend Rehab2Wellness!

Jack Welsh

Jonathan Rose

Dr. Roscioli is the best at what he does. He is very knowledgeable about his techniques and excited about his practice. He knows how to treat his clients and enjoys helping each one to the best of his ability. He is very professional and honest. I messed up my back while serving in the military and dealt with pain in my lower back for several years before heading to Dr. Roscioli, based on a friend’s recommendation. My first consultation consisted of talking about my medical history, how I hurt myself, where the pain is, and how long I should expect my treatment to be. It has been about a month since I've first received treatment, and I am in minimal to no pain! I also appreciated Dr Roscioli's communication throughout the appointment. He always lets me know what he was finding and how/when he was going to do the adjustment. I can't wait for my next appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Roscioli!

Brian Swierk

Liz Meischeid

Cheyenne Zaremba

Staff are friendly enough, but the Dr. was very direct and did not seem willing to listen to patient experience when deciding paths for treatment. I conveyed that I was on a student budget and couldn't afford to come in frequently and still felt I would be pressured into a plan to do so. Very sterile, medical feel. Not a relaxing environment.

Elizabeth Norman

I have been a patient at this practice for a few months. Dr. Roscioli is terrific. He is friendly and an excellent listener. He is very caring and I have made unbelievable progress with his help and expertise. His staff is super — efficient, sensitive, accommodating and very kind. Please give this practice a try for any of your chiropractic problems - it’s not just for a bad back!

Dr. Amir Majidi

Rehab 2 Wellness has surpassed all my expectations for rehab. When I fly to Philadelphia for work, this is my go to centre for any of my pain management

Tre Stephens

Christopher Amalfitano

Dr Paul and Chanel are a great team. They've been providing myself and my wife great care over the past 9 months. I would recommend Rehab 2 Wellness to anyone that needs Chiropractic care

jared raben

I recently visited Dr. Roscioli, he was very welcoming and greeted me with a smile. He kept asking me questions to better understand my issue. I wasn't sure what to think at first but after a short period of time, I felt that he was really looking out for my welfare. I thought he was very warm and knowledgeable. I have seen many specialist before Dr. Roscioli but I feel that his adjustment was very gentle and effective. i would really recommend him to anyone who wants a chiropractor to really care about them which in all honesty so many of them don't.

Jill Robinson

Feeling great and everyone is so nice. Perfect for all aches and pains. They'll be gone before you know it.

Ty Jackson

Dr. Paul is the best, ever since I have injured my back years ago I have been to countless chiropractors. They would do nothing for me. Then I went to Dr. Paul and he changed my life, I can finally say that my back is fixed. This guy is a miracle man and a class act!


Kristy Constantino

Dr. Paul is always my go-to! He is so professional and takes the time to diagnose the condition and treat it specifically. I leave feeling much more functional!!

Irene Vamos

Dr. Roscioli helped me get out of pain quickly and back to my normal life following a car accident. As soon as you walk in the office you are greeted by his friendly staff in a very modern office. Dr. Roscioli was very knowledgeable, caring, and professional. I never felt rushed during my treatments and he always fully listened to my concerns and gave me good feedback. The doctor was well informed of new techniques and was willing to work with me on the best treatment plan. Rehab 2 Wellness is the only place I will go if I am in pain and need an excellent chiropractor. In the future.

Dennis Miller

Great place for chiropractic and therapeutic care. The office is clean and smells good. Dr. Paul and his staff is amazing. He listened to my issues and found a resolution.

Devin Coyne

One of the best experiences i’ve had with a chiropractor. Scheduling appointments is so easy and everyone is very helpful.

Chick Hatton

Dr.Paul is Great and the staff is nothing short of fantastic!

Mandy Morrison

I've been going to Dr. Paul for close to a year now. As my first experience with a chiropractor I couldn't be happier. He has helped me tremendously. He and his staff couldn't be more friendly or caring when you're feeling your worst!

Hometown Spine & Sport

Dr. Paul is the best chiropractor in town! I would highly recommend Rehab 2 Wellness Chiropractic to all of my family and friends. He really knows how to pound out a good treatment

chris morrison

Great place good people

Steve Harris

Very professional, great staff, treatment tailored to my needs and overall great experience.

Cindy Nicholson

Over the past 7 years, I have searched for a chiropractor that suited me. All were good but nothing compared to Dr. Paul. He is very professional, skilled, and highly talented. He has truly been a blessing in managing my back pain. I highly recommend him and his very accommodating staff members at Rehab 2 Wellness. I've had nothing but a great experience, thank you!

Diana Roscioli

Dr. Roscioli helped me with a range of motion issue in my neck, which was very painful when I moved my head from side to side. Within three treatments, I was not only pain free, but had a greater range of motion than I had in many years. I did not realize how I was accomodating to less than I should have for so long. I would highly recommend him for how well he listens and applies his dynamic skills to a problem.. I would definitely go back in the future.

erin smiley

I'm a Barber and I stand on my feet a lot. I definitely suggest Dr. Roscioli and his friendly staff, it was easy to schedule and find his location. Dr. Roscioli helped me tremendously by recommending me orthotic shoe inserts. The inserts made a world of a difference, I no longer feel fatigued mid way through my shift. Dr. Roscioli also indicated a weekly adjustment program, which I have kept up with to help keep my body like a well oiled machine. It has worked out great.

Corey Warner

I first visited Dr.Paul after experiencing on-going lower neck pain. Initial impressions: The office is very nice, clean and modern. Dr. Paul was quick to see me. I immediately felt comfortable talking with Dr Paul. He was very thorough and showed he had a genuine interest in resolving my neck pain. Results have been nothing short of AMAZING ! I would recommend Rehab 2 Wellness to everyone! Thanks Dr. Paul Roscioli!

Ms Thing

Great place for chiropractor and therapy

Instructor Tony P

Doctor Roscioli is very knowledgeable and professional. His office runs like a well oiled machine. 5 stars!

Nga Ting Chan

Dr Paul R is the Best and most friendly and nicest chiropractor that I know so far. I could say he is the Best in Havertown. I been going to him for a few weeks now, and my condition gets better, but my condition is really bad, it will take a little bit longer to get better. Dr Paul still stays positive and keep treating me, never give up. He is the second person who I know how to adjust (I call crack my back) my spine right without hurting me. I would love to go to his office just for him to adjust my spine. I'm extremely love going to his office because by listening to the music that he plays at his office, I feel like im at the coffee shop, so relaxing. I m always feel so happy going to his office. I would recommend anybody go to him for any problems. Thanks again Dr Paul R. Seriously, could u teach me how to say Roscioli please????? Thanks U r always my favorite chiropractor.

Zach Green

I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Paul for a couple months now and I got to say they he is a miracle worker! I used to get extreme pain in my neck from an ongoing sports related injury and after a couple adjustments I felt brand new! I've seen other Chiropractors before and they don't even compare to the level of treatment I have received here. He sat down and spent time with me to educate me on what was going on with my body and I really appreciated that! I was shown ways to strengthen weak areas of my body to feel good again and to prevent re-injuring myself. If you are in pain and want to feel good again I would definitely recommend coming here!

Michael Shafer

Best chiropractic experience I've ever had.

Trainer Kev

As an athlete and fitness professional, Dr. Paul has helped me greatly with a myriad of issues. Being someone that uses my body a lot, I need a lot of therapy for sports related injuries from martial arts training. I need my body for my profession. Dr. Paul has helped keep me working and training. Dr. Paul has given me great relief from rotator cuff issues. He has helped me with rib issues, joint sprains, muscle strains and even a sprained SI joint. He has helped me the most with migraine headaches. Rehab 2 Wellness is an excellent Chiropractic office!

Michelle Zubatch

Daniel Marino

My experience with Dr. Roscioli and his staff was great! Before my visits, I had leg pain that started in my upper calf and ran up to my mid/lower back. Dr. Roscioli identified the issue, aligned my pelvis, and explained to me what I can do to prevent it from happening again.

Margaret Hager

Hilary Cohen

I have been treated in the past by many other chiropractors, but none of them were able to keep my back and hip pain away like Dr. Roscioli. His treatment style, enthusiasm, and simple home exercises have helped me to achieve the pain free lifestyle I have been looking for!

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