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REVIEWS OF Integrity Sport & Spine Chiropractic Center IN Delaware

Marilyn McNeill

I, luckily, have previously experienced chiropractic therapy and know that it is the best care that your body needs. In May of 2000 I was diagnosed with Chronic Sarcoidosis and given approximately one year to live. My pulmonologist stated that I had the worst case of Sarcoidosis he had ever seen. This disease causes debilitating pain throughout your body because it attacks the tissues and organs of the body. Because there is no cure and this rare disease masks itself as other diseases, it's hard to diagnose. There is very little research being done to find a cure, and still the majority of the medical community have no knowledge about the disease nor how to treat it. I experience, at least, five members of my Sarcoidosis family to die because of being diagnosed too late or lack of knowledge in the medical community. Out of all of the Specialist that are treating me for Chronic Sarcoidosis, Dr. Rinow was the only one to provide me with hope and relief. Now my whole family are experiencing the healthy holistic approach to healthcare and it's all because of my experience with Dr. Rinow. Thank you to Sherry and Dr. Rinow for there warm and caring approach to help me fight this deadly and still rare disease Sarcoidosis.

Jasmine B. Creative

The main reason I am writing this review is not only for the experience but the healing. I recently began coming here a few weeks back off of a recommendation from 2 co-workers that love this place. Let me start by saying the overall experience is wonderful and unlike any other medical setting. The staff is very welcoming and informative always ensuring your comfortability. The reason I came was due to severe back pain cause by a bad bed and 2 previous rear-end accidents. I suffered from mind-splitting migraines every other day for nearly 2 years due to the accidents and never received treatment (stubborn, I know). I told Dr. Rinow about this just as a side note as I didn't think anything would be able to fix the migraines. It has now been 2 weeks since I began going and the migraines I used to get nearly every day have disappeared. This may sound cheesy but they've given me a new lease on life! I can now go to concerts, be in the sun without shade and not have to depends on medication or sleeping-it-off to feel better. I cannot honestly say enough great things about this place and the INTEGRITY of his practice. I almost forgot, they remember you by name and your story all without having to pull a file; feels very personable. All of these other reviews gave 5 stars as I did and all for good merit. This is the real deal chiropractic experience! But don't just take my word for it, go get your healing! :)

Hunter Warnick


Dr. Rinow and Sherry are the real deal. .They are very personable, knowledgeable, and, strive to make the Chiropractic experience easy, comfortable, and, personal. After only about 6-9 visits, my lower back pain has been significantly reduced to the point of almost being nonexistent. He has been simultaneously working on my neck and my upper spine, again, with positive results. I cannot say enough about their encouraging "can do" attitudes. Kudos to Sherry for broadening her repertoire by going for her X-Ray Technician Certification. I am so pleased that my Wife contacted them, told me how happy SHE was with them, and recommended them to me! Fred Hedrick

Trish Keith

Hands down best doctors visit EVER! Beginning with the first call in with their receptionist to the visit with a very knowledgeable Dr who quickly put me at ease with his great " bed side" manner. I left there today in a great mood and I'm looking forward to working with them. Highly recommended!

Randy Barksdale

When you walk into Integrity Sport & Spine Chiropractic Center, you feel like family. The staff shows an exponential amount of compassion and empathy to your unique situation. Nevertheless, they have very professional and courteous staff. Scheduling is flexible for working professionals. I can’t believe I didn’t come here sooner. They know every single patient by name and your circumstances without even pulling your file. It’s amazing. Thank you, Dr. Rinow, Sherry and Matt for all you have done for Jermaine and I.

Latroy Mitchell

Awesome place, great care and services! Very attentive to all your needs no matter how big or small. It is definitely worth a trip if your having any back your neck issues. Also its a fun atmosphere.

Damion Velasquez

Always a great experience!!! Everyone here are complete professionals!!! They take the time to not just get to know your ailments but you as well. I would recommend them to other chiropractors so they could see how it should be done.

Nicky Silvers

I first met Dr. Rinow when he was with a different center. When he left I did not know what to do. I was so happy when Dr. Rinow opened his own center - Integrity Sport & Spine- because he is absolutely the B-E-S-T! He understands the body, breaks it down, has an individualized plan to meet your need, respects your comfort level, asks what is working and not working, and overall supportive and encouraging. Sherry is also thorough, friendly, and attentive. My spine and I look forward to my appointments and the massage chair and table are a big treat! I highly recommend them!

Naomi Q

Integrity Sport and Spine lives up to their name. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly; the office is conveniently located and clean; Dr. Rinow and Sherry are compassionate and kind. The care you receive here is exceptional from the moment you walk through their door. They take the time to listen, address concerns, and answer questions. Simultaneously, they value their patients' time and ensure each experience is as effortless and quick for the patient as possible. I am grateful I found their practice and excited to be on my way to feeling 100% again!

Dawn O'Hanlon

Best doctor and office staff I have ever been to!! Dr. Rinow and Cheri have changed my life. My migraines are debilitating. I can function now, because my migraines are gone!! No pills, no botox injections, just an adjustment and ice therapy. I'm also a dance instructor at a local and sometimes my ankles feel as though the need to be "cracked" or "popped back into place" and Dr. Rinow takes care of that as well!! Change your way of living and call Integrity Sport and Spine now!!

Smart Marketing Group

Aramis Rivera

Rebecca Cox

I had given up on chiropractics but decided to see Dr. Rinow and give it one last try. Best decision I could have made!!! He has been wonderful and caring, and his staff is amazing!

Cassandra Blair

If you are looking for chiropractic care, Dr. Rinow is an amazing provider. You will absolutely see results and you will not be disappointed! I highly recommend his services. The office staff are fantastic as well and are extremely accommodating.

Ivelisse Robles

He is very knowledgeable, professional, and attentive with patients.

Reva Brabson

Was referred here by a friend at work, found out multiple co workers go to this place for pain. I went and fell in love with this place. The staff and doctor are so friendly and knowledgeable. You can tell they care about their staff. I referred my best friend here and she loves it. I tell anyone who is in pain to come here. They are the best!

Mike Mullin

Could not be more thankful for a friend recommending me to Dr Rinow’s practice. Staff is amazing, atmosphere is unbeatable, but most importantly they put your well being first. Dr Rinow is not a one size fits all and takes a custom approach to your needs and issues. There is always a personalized gameplan and it has worked wonders!


My experience has been great thus far!!! Dr. Rinow has been treating me for about 7 or 8 years now. He's the best! Sheri is a real nice person and gives awesome customer service, upon you entering their place. I would recommend this place to anyone, for their chiropractic needs! I don't plan on going anywhere, for as long as I need the treatment, I will be going here.

David Blume

I hurt my back in the gym and had never been to a chiropractor before, but Dr Rinow is very knowledgeable and made it easy to start course correcting for my pain so that I could get back to functioning at a higher level.

Isaac Hannah

Very friendly atmosphere and great company. I trust them 100% with my body and have never felt better.

Emily Taylor

Started going here with a Groupon deal and love it so much I decided to continue with a standing appointment every two weeks. Small, intimate atmosphere that makes the whole experience feel personal and individualized. Especially liked the voltage tester thingy that tells you where/how much tension you have along the spine. Also the massage chairs are TO DIE FOR. Highly recommend!

Ms. Powell

Jacob Oakes

Fantastic experience so far. They have already helped with the pain & are continuing to help make sure it never returns. Wholesome staff makes it feel much less like an appointment you have to make but one you want to.

Nicole O'Neal

My daughter and I were in a car accident in July and I picked Integrity because it was close to our home. What a great choice! The care that we receive is so personal (they all know your name and greet you as you walk in the door), the care is individualized and changed as needed plus they do x-rays on-site. I cannot recommend Integrity more. My 6 year old daughter looks forward to going in twice a week.

Theodore Davis III

I dislocated my shoulder a while back and as a result I was having problems moving it and I was also experiencing a great deal of pain as well. I talked to my doctor recommended that I go to a physical therapist. I went to physical therapy for 10 weeks and they were able to get rid of the pain but I was still not able to comfortably move my arm above my head. As a last ditch effort I figured I would try a chiropractor to see if they could help. The staff at Integrity Sport & Spine was very friendly and knowledgeable when I talked to them on the phone so I figured this would be a good place to try out. After only 3 weeks my range of motion has improved by about 70-75% and I am sure that it will not be much longer until I am back to normal, which I honestly did not think was possible. I really appreciate the fact that the appointments are really quick. I am in and out in about 20 minutes where for physical therapy I was there for at least an hour. I highly recommend Integrity Sport & Spine to anyone that is looking to rehab from an injury because I can definitely testify that they know what they are doing.

Mark Gimbl

The best Chiropractic service in Delaware!! Been going for 2 years now. Made an appointment quickly for severe lower back pain, was X-rayed and discussed my treatment options next day, and within 5 days, I was pain free and able to walk with no pain! Super friendly office staff and environment!! You will not be disappointed!!

Bobbie Jackson

Dr. Rinow and Sherri are the best! Always greet you with a smile. The flexibility to schedule appointments and quick attention you get in the office is outstanding! No long wait times. Dr. Rinow gives you treatment options and wants to help you to achieve goals over a period of time! Definitely the best chiropractor around!

Amanda Bailey

I developed a pinched nerve in my neck and needed to find a chiropractor. After having a not so great experience with a previous chiropractor I did a lot of research before finding Integrity Sport & Spine. I’m so glad I gave chiropractic medicine a chance again! I love this place! My husband and I come her two to three times a week to get adjusted and relax after work. We bring our 14 month old son to get adjusted as well. Dr. Rinow is so great and gentle with him that our son has never once cried nor been upset after an adjustment. Their office hours are wonderful for our work schedules and we’ve now been coming here for over seven months. Needless to say I no longer have that pinched nerve and even though I have three titanium rods in my back I don't have any back pain. I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Rinow, Sherri, & Tyler!

W. H. Horner

In just a couple of short months, Dr. Rinow had made a big difference in my quality of life. My back and neck feel much better, and my range of motion has improved. I'm also not having add many migraine headaches!

Kelly Meade

jimmie crypts

Having CP I have been adjusted by Doctors in the industry from all over the world. Truly it's up to how your body accepts the adjustments given. In order for the treatments to your body to be successful the Chiropractor must also change his, or her style/technique for your body to accept the adjustment given. Dr.Rinow puts forth solid effort, and superior care towards his and your goals when it comes to your complete care, and well being.

Kathy Norris

Dr. Rinow is awesome! His personable approach makes you feel comfortable ,especially when Chiropractic appointments are new to you!

Brenda Yannuzzi

Dr. Shaun is the BEST! When I dislocated my shoulder he gave me regular adjustments which enabled me to recover MUCH faster, avoid painful nerve testing and I regained 100% feeling in my hand. The Orthopaedic surgeon said I might lose feeling and never get it back. Since I have been coming to Integrity Sport & Spine I am in far less pain from general aging and arthritis, and I can now get out of bed without stooping or shuffling for the first only 6 weeks. I believe in chiropractic so much that I took one of my elderly dogs to an animal chiropractor for several years. Give Dr. Shaun a try...u won't regret it.

Rodney Clemment

I had a awesome experience I means from The doctor rinow was great! Sherri and mat were so helpful and I just really enjoyed my experience there

Joseph Ritter

Excellent practice, Dr. Shaun Rinow helped my family feel much better overall, naturally. This is a very unique, customer service centered and professional practice. Dr. Rinow is an expert in his field, read his reviews they speak for themselves. His entire staff is excellent!

Jack Battles

Shaun and Sheri have taken care of me every time I've visited - answered all my questions, followed up, adjusted me so I leave feeling 2" taller - with warmth and a smile to boot.

Dawn Reedy

Integrity Sport & Spine Chiropractic is the ultimate chiropractic experience. Dr. Rinow and Sherry are warm and welcoming and truly care about your total well being. They provide so much more than chiropractic adjustments. The office is clean with an open concept and have a variety of therapeutic machines like a roller table, whole body vibration, massage chair, electric stimulation, laser treatments and other therapy items. You also get periodic reviews of your progress and they can do x-rays right on site. Their office has a very relaxed atmosphere. Give them a try - tell them I sent you!

Brie Tulowitzky

GO to Dr. Rinow and team at Integrity Sport & Spine they are great!! Friendly, compassionate, and helpful!! One of the best decisions I have made!

Beth King

If you're looking for the best chiropractor in Delaware, go to Dr. Rinow! He really cares about his patients. His new office is very convenient to get to and it looks great! His office manager Sherri always greets everyone with a big smile and I enjoy going to my appointments. I highly recommend going to see Dr. Rinow, especially if you're in pain!

scott kalman

Great staff and very helpful.


Dr. Shaun Rinow helped me get my life back after suffering with severe migraines for a year. Dr. Rinow and his staff are extremely friendly and professional. I felt that I was visiting with family every time I came for an adjustment. They always take the time to listen and explain any concerns you may have. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, Dr. Rinow is your guy! Thank you for helping me get my life back. I rarely have a migraine anymore(once every few months now) after having them almost every day for a year.

Amy Herrmann

Terry Grey

Vicki Dixon

I had been seeing the same chiropractor for over 20 years and had been satisfied but when I met Dr. Rinow and heard him speak of his new practice I had to give him a try. And I'm glad that I did. He is honest, sincere and explains his treatment plan thoroughly. I trust him. He and Sherri make every effort to accommodate my scheduling needs. I enjoy the relaxed feeling of the office layout but most of all I feel so much better. I'm glad I made the switch.

Michael Adams

Doctor Rinow is very knowledgeable and seems to always know how to work on whatever my random complaint is. He has taken care of my wife for a very long time and before I went she always had great things to say. I’ve found after many visits I look forward to interacting with the staff as much as the treatments.

Andrew Craft

Dr. Rinow and his staff are the best! Both the friendliest and most professional medical office i have been to. If you need to see a chiropractor (or think to might need to), go to his office!

Pamela Grey

Charles Smith

What a WOW experience & how caring Dr. Rinow and staff are. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of pain relief and improved range of motion!! Their the Best! Charlie Smith


i haven't been to a chiro in 10 years and felt nickle and dimed. I went to Dr. Rinow for one visit and had honest immediate results. The pain wasn't gone form my lower back but the mobility and range of motion improved alot that evening. Sherry was super sweet and Dr. Rinow gave it to me rightist which is awesome. I am now a repeat patinet after 1 day. Awesome stuff.

Pam Collacchi

When you walk into the door everyone is greated by their first names, there’s little to no wait. Since going here, my pain level has subsided a great deal.


Joanne Hill

Dr. Rinow is awesome and so is his office staff! They make you feel at home & like you are among friends.

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