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REVIEWS OF Eulo Chiropractic Center IN Delaware

Mary Ann Scott

I started seeing Dr. Eulo following an automobile accident I had in August. Going to see him was always a pleasant experience, and I feel I was helped so much. I would recommend his practice to anyone.

Morgan C

Alorah Green

I have been going to Dr Eulo since January and yesterday was my last appointment! When i first walked in i could barely turn my head side to side or look up and down, now i have full motion in my neck and shoulder and i am no longer in any pain. They are very flexible with scheduling appointments, and i also missed a few appointments by accident and they are very forgiving and get you right back in to make up any lost time. I was honestly blessed to have been referred to Dr Eulo. Thank you for taking care of me!

Milahn Cooke

I have been seeing Dr. Eulo for a few months now. He is one of the nicest doctors I have ever met! He is very personable, caring, and understanding! After I got in my car accident with my 13 year old brother, Dr. Eulo was there every step of the way getting the both of us to better health. I appreciate him and his team of people so much!

Brian Startare

Went in on a Monday suffering through the most excruciating back pain from a sports related injury. Couldn't stand straight, could barely move. Dr. Eulo went to work with a variety of treatments and by Wednesday the orange size mass of twisted muscle was gone and I was backing feeling almost 100%. He got me back on my feet and was the best Chirpractor I've ever seen. I just did what he told me to do and let him work his magic.You have back pain? Not feeling well? See Dr. Eulo. You can thank me later.

Tom Burton

Dr. Eulo truly takes your health personally, im a younger guy and his combination of adjustments and physical therapy really got me back were i needed to be physically in order accomplish the many things i plan on doing with this one body that i am givin. Couldn't thank him enough, if i ever have any troubles in the future be sure that he is the first guy i call.

Carlton Smith

Dr Christopher eulo is wonderful. A year ago I was involved in a serious accident I had continuous Back pain in my lower back. My doctor recommended me to Dr. Christopher eulo , and from then eulo had put me on a great rehab program in his office. Within 1 month of his rehabs and work outs I noticed my pain stated to decline. He did a great job with adjusting my back and his work outs helped strengthen the muscles in my lower back. If it wasn’t for eulo I’d probably be doing back injections and still suffering with back pain. Dr eulo is very nice warm and welcoming he takes very good care of his patients and makes sure you get the proper care you need 10/10 recommend

Carly Johnson

I have had chronic migraines for years and with only 3 adjustments I’ve had so much relief. My rescue medication has sat untouched for the first time in years. I’m so happy with the work Dr. Eulo has done so far. He is so upbeat and positive about getting his patient’s bodies back on the right track, and his office is relaxing. I would highly recommend anyone experiencing pain to make an appointment, especially those with migraines or back pain!

Chante Hitchens

Clean environment and nice staff. Dr.Eulo is literally the best chiropractor!!

mike clay

Highly recommend Dr. Eulo for all your chiropractor needs.

Christopher May

Jon Arch

Wonderful place to come. Doc has me in and out, feels like home and always gives me the best care! Thanks for everything doc!

Beverly Carr

I was referred to Dr Eulo after a car accident 2 years ago. He is tops in his field and has worked closely with me in the rehabilitation of my body. He works on the total body and has all the equipment conveniently in his office.He's a generally nice man with an awesome personality and I have definitely benefitted from being in his excellent care. I still go to him occasionally for "tune-ups" and his personalized chiropractic services.

Daniel Goeggel

Dr. Eulo is an amazing chiropractor and you will feel right at home when visiting his office. His staff is very friendly and it's easy to make and change appointments. The adjustments are skilled, safe and painless. He recommended and provided custom insoles for my shoes that have greatly reduced strain on my back and I refuse to wear any shoes without them. I highly recommend his practice to anyone.

Katie Cerrito

I was in a bad car accident about a year ago and dr eulo was suggested to me. I seriously could not have asked for a better chiro. Him and his wife are so welcoming and really focused on getting you back to your normal self. Very easy to talk to and laid back. Helps with a lot more then just back/neck pain. If you need a chiro and your in the area, this is your guy!

William Bekeshka

dr eulo is the best chiropractor,period. i was in car accident in febuary and doc had me feeling better in no time. i would recommend anyone to go see doc if they are in need of chiropractic care. thank again doc you are the best.

It’s the Brenta Show

I was in a car accident and suffered from back, neck and shoulder pains. Within my first 3 visits my back, neck and shoulder pains reduced and I was seeing results. Dr. Eulo is such a nice guy and his hours are flexible. He caters to his clients and wants them to feel comfortable. Highly recommended ! ! !

AJ Greenblatt


Heather Gerhardt

After a bad car accident I was referred to Dr. Eulo and I am so thankful for him! Super cool, down to earth guy and his wife is so sweet and helpful. I was able to get back to my self quickly with his treatments. I felt like Doc Eulo really cared about my health and wellness all around. Highly highly recommend!

Andrea Battiloro

Dr. Eulo is the absolute best chiropractor around. I have been in his care for the past five months and he truly has helped me recover from an auto accident. His staff is super accommodating and friendly. I HIGHLY recommend his office.

KellySue Fitzharris

Dr. Eulo's treatments for my neck and back pain have been super helpful. He gives a thorough adjustment of neck, back and all joints and follows it up by a nice, relaxing massage bed. I leave the office feeling restored and like my body is back in it's best working condition. The office is neat and professional and Dr. Eulo is very down to earth, spends time with me and truly cares about my overall health. I've been to many chiropractors over many years, so I know a good chiropractor when I see him! Good vibes there - give it a try! :)

Bree Amanda

I have been a patient here for about a year and a half. Each time I have always left feeling amazing. The lobby and rooms are always clean. The wait time is very reasonable, and you can even be seen in an emergency without any appointment. They always try and work with your schedule too which is great because I work during the day so most places are usually closed by the time I get off work. The staff is always professional, courteous and make you feel comfortable. Dr. Eulo truly cares about each and every patient. I've never felt better!

Keenan Haynes

Great Doctor! Great staff! Very accommodating with those of us with busy schedules. Dr. E will fix you up right.

Jindu Morsindi

Dr Eulo will have you back to 100% in no time. He knows what hes doing and is very serious about the treatment. His results will appear sooner than you think. Thanks doc your amazing at what you do.

Jack Buscemi

The Good Dr. is the best there is.

Ema Urbanski

I'm a married, 34 yr old Mom of two young children who was involved in a car accident earlier this year. I saw "Doc" within 1 week of my accident via a recommendation and it was the best thing I did. When I saw him, I was pretty banged up and could barely move my neck, and my back injury was very limiting to my daily activities. With 2 young children at home and my work as a nurse practitioner in a busy ICU, I was determined to get back to "normal" ASAP. 6 months in, having followed all of his suggestions for recovery with respect to frequency of visits, exercises to do at home in between visits, and working out in the office on the equipment provided ,Doc's treatment has me pretty much back to normal. If you're looking for a personable, honest and professional chiropractor, visit this office. You will not only get great care, but work with a chiropractor who truly has his patient's best interest at heart.

Lisa Fanz

Treated my husband for years. My husband works in law enforcement and is a former NPC bodybuilder that has been training consistently for over 25 years. Dr Eulo has helped him through all his injuries and still routinely treats my husband on a ongoing basis to further prevent any more injuries. A Godsend and a true friend!!

Farukh Ahmad

My first ever visit to chiropractic for my pain in the back and spinal cord was at Dr. Eulo's office. I have to be honest when i say that it was an amazing experience as he fixed my back only in that one visit. I felt warmth in the positive and welcoming atmosphere. I would highly recommend anyone with back or neck pain to go see him. He is the best chiropractor in the Sewell area and through Jersey!!!!

Ronald Waltermeyer

My wife and I have been going to Dr. Eulo for 2 years now. Back in 2014 my wife had a slip and fall accident and hurt her shoulder and hip. The pain management doctor that my wife went to see recommended Dr. Eulo to us to help her with the pain. After the first session with Dr. Eulo she had less discomfort in her hip and shoulder and more range of motion. After physical therapy along with her normal chiropractic adjustments she showed great improvement with in the first two weeks. We continue to go to Dr. Eulo on a regular basis. He has helped us both with weight loss as well with the Standard Process products and programs he offers. I lost 30lbs and my wife lost 20lbs with the 21day program and we continue to use the products. My wife and I both have very physical jobs and wouldn't be able to perform our jobs to the best of our abilities without Dr. Eulo's help. I would highly recommend Dr. Eulo to anyone in need of a chiropractic adjustment or help with weight loss. He's done wonders for us!

Mya Jones

Dr. Eulo always makes sure he asks how you are doing and shows a great interest in anything new you have going on. I feel very comfortable and welcome in his office!

Amanda T

Dr. Eulo is such an awesome doctor and person. I've previously seen other doctors before I seen Dr. Eulo and none of them compare. I've been seeing him now since 2012 for neck and back injuries that I have suffered due to an accident. Dr. Eulo is very personable, efficient, knowledgeable, and you can tell he truly cares. I can't thank him enough for everything he has done to help me feel better. Best Chiropractor, hands down.


Dr Eulo's support and excellent chiropractic care have made such an impact in my son's life that I thought I should share our story. In 5th grade, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and celiac disease. Shortly thereafter, he started with daily headaches. After MRIs, neurology consults, er visits, numerous medications, psychiatrist and psychologist visits--he was still having headaches. When we decided enough and stopped all medications and went to Dr Eulo--the headaches went away. Seven years later he goes to Dr Eulo himself after a rough ice hockey game or whenever he feels he needs to. As he gets ready to start his freshman year in college, I cannot imagine where he would be without Dr. Eulo's encouragement and help. Thanks for all you do!

Theresa Costello

If you are looking for a chiropractor who cares about his patients , look no further!!!! I have been going to Dr Eulo for many years and now that I live in Florida I make it a point to visit him when I am back home because I have not found anyone who cares for their patients more. He takes the time to understand your needs and concerns and then he works on helping you towards the healing process!! Without him I would have never gotten through the horrible pain I had to endure. Definitely number One in my book!!

Jude Misko

Dr. Eulo is the best around and helped me recover from my sports injury. He's a great guy and highly recommend him if you have back pain.

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