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REVIEWS OF Eagle Chiropractic IN Delaware


Everyone is so kind and it was an amazing experience! Definitely recommend it!

Timothy Russell

Great staff, always friendly. My adjustments feel greatn

Daniella Kurland

LOVE Eagle Chiropractic! Dr. Gottlieb and his staff are so friendly and informative! I used to suffer with migraines and stomach pain, and Dr. Gottlieb has helped me overcome those issues, as well as help me realize and treat other body parts that were not functioning properly. I am now aware of my full physical potential - my body feels better, and I feel healthier and more balanced! :)

Roxane Althouse

yu dong


I've been dealing with lower left back pain and sciatica for the past year and a half. Before my incident I was very active, I ran every morning, use to ride my bike everyday, lift weights easy, go to karate with no issues and one morning I woke up and the pain began Dealt with physical therapist, had the shots in the back, took muscle and pain pills, all seemed to be a temporary relief. this went on for over a year. I went back to my primary doctor who then recommended me to Eagle Chiropractic. Dr. Gottlieb and his staff were extremely polite and professional. He then put me on a 90 day treatment plan. With in only 12 visits I feel 25% better. There is still more time for my treatment but as of now this treatment is the only thing that feels like it is going to heal me back to the original me. Once again Thank you Dr. Gottlieb and your staff for giving me hope of being pain free.

Scott H

A warm, friendly atmosphere where Leslie and Sarah are extremely personable and helpful. They've got a great check-in system and Dr. Gotlieb is terrific at what he does. I started seeing drastic improvement after a few appointments!

Brandon George

Eagle Chiropractic is voted #1 in Chester County for a reason...they truly care about the way you feel. I've seen many Chiropractors over the years, Dr. Gottlieb is by far the best. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me!

Jeff Carman

Everyone is always friendly and professional. The care, both chiropractic and massage is excellent. I always leave feeling better. I am pleased with the spirit and service at Eagle Chiropractic.

Sarah Thompson

Dr. G and Staff are the absolute best in the area! I've been seeing Dr. G for over a year and have never felt better. Definetly have recommended him and Dr. Glendening to friends and family.

Kevin Van Elswyk

You expect professional and competent care from your doctors, but Dr. Cynthia and the rest of the office staff at Eagle Chiropractic go over and above to provide caring concerned support. It's like coming home to walk into the office and greet everyone. And on top of it my husband and I are getting stronger and finding relief. Thanks Eagle Chiro!!!

Debra Robison

Was experiencing neck/back pain after being in a car accident. Had been through PT, tried cortisone shots and still no relief. As a last resort I went to see Dr. Gottlieb - best decision I've ever made! After several visits my neck pain went away and I have been able to do things that I thought I would never be able to do again. Thanks Dr. Gottlieb!

Susan Shannon McCreadie

I've been a patient of Drs. Gottlieb and Glendenning for over 15 years. I credit their care with a stronger immune system and my overall good health. Along with excellent chiropractic care, I've received a great amount of knowledge about health and well-being from them. They are caring people and their staff is helpful and kind.

Vasudevan V

John Newswanger

I have been going to Dr. Gottlieb for about 3 months. Let me say, going in, I was skeptical of chiropractors. No real reason, just what I'd heard over and over. Don't listen to the lemmings, Dr. Gottlieb is as legit as they come. In September '18, my back issues became unbearable. My doctor recommended Eagle Chiropractic (she is a patient, as well). Dr. Gottlieb gave me a clear plan as to how I'd be treated and a timeline when I'd be feeling better. 3 months later, I'm pain free and back to all my normal activities. I play hockey twice a week and am back to regular running at an 8:30/mile pace. I was at 10:00 before I started being treated. Now, you have to put in some work. I'm stretching more, rolling my I-band and hammies, and walking backwards daily. Sounds weird, but it works. But, you don't have to live in pain anymore!!! PS - the girls in the office are awesome, too!!

Jeffery Williams

Great care from great people!

John W

When I first came to Eagle Chiropractic I was in so much pain I could barely walk. I now feel great and it's thanks to Dr. Gottlieb

Dana Mieras

I go there every two weeks for maintenance and it has saved my back!

Crysta Mcclellan

Andrew Bush

Both Dr. Gottlieb & Dr. Glendening are fantastic! They have me feeling great.

Stacey N

I am very pleased with Eagle Chiropractic. Dr. Fernholz and all of the staff are amazing. Everyone cares about your health and well being. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who’s looking for a great chiropractor in town.

kimberly foraker

15 years ago I had a cheerleading accident where I fell off a very high lift straight on my back onto the hardwood gym floor. I was in pain ever since my parents took me to doctors and they would just say the same thing "it's just the muscles on your back" and they would give me pain meds... They didn't help.... I was getting frustrated I wasn't getting anywhere my back pain was still there. So I gave up!! Then my back pain keep getting worse and worse til I couldn't take it anymore. I had to find a way! So I contacted my insurance I explained the issue and they referred me to Eagle Chiropractic. I thought "great a place that may give me more pain meds and tell nothing is wrong with my back"... I was wrong!!! From the moment they answered the phone til we were finish making my phone call they were so helpful and polite and assured me that they will do everything to figure out what's wrong with my back!!! I felt some comfort but still a little worried. My first visit they talked to me about how the spine works with your body then they did some text see how my posture is and just like that they could tell something was wrong I was so amazed ... The final test was a graph. When I saw the results I was in shocked. The chiropractor told me there's a lot of work we need to do... Finally after my 15 years of search someone tells me I'm not making this up there is something really wrong with my back.. when he asked me what type of meds I'm taking he was shocked a little annoyed that these doctors never referred a chiropractor to me just meds... He told me that the meds I was taking were hurting my body not helping it... Before I left he went into action he did a few assessment on me as I got up from the bed WOW a major change... The next day I could not believe it my back was in barely any pain. The fallowing weeks i was so happy I've notice a major change I can do many things I couldn't do I'm much happier I can move more I feel refreshed. It's been a month now since my first visit and I can't tell you how much I appreciate Eagle Chiropractic for everything I extremely recommend anyone at any age even children infant and all to come and make an appointment you'll never regret it... The staff are great very polite and helpful!!! They also offer massages as well and you need to try their oils they are the best when you make the call ask about the oils they help and smell so good!!!

Naomi Campbell

My whole family comes here. We are very happy with the services and the staff. ❤️

Jeff Loose

Great care giving and friendly staff. Long time patient for good reason

Regan Falk

Staff is beyond friendly! Since going to Dr. Gottlieb my headaches are practically gone, I'm sleeping better and all around feel so much better. I highly recommend!

Lonny Fish

"Leroy Rob"'s review is nowhere near reality. I've been treated by over 10 chiropractors in my life and Dr. Gottlieb is at the top of the list. He is highly skilled and organized. I would urge all to ignore that review.

Rick Toler

The regular maintenance performed by Dr G (either Dr G) eliminated my recurring headaches and enriched my quality of life.

Alli Burdick

I was hesitant to go to a chiropractor, but I feel extremely with Dr. Gottlieb and the whole team at Eagle Chiropractic. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor!

Jen Bibi

I have been receiving care for almost 10 years now! I didn't know what to expect at first, but now I know I will always feel better 100% of the time after adjustments. Thanks to the adjustments and encouragements/suggestions for living a healthier lifestyle, I was able to come off of my medicines. The staff are amazing and everyone is like family! I recommend them to everyone I know!

P Daniele

Awesome staff, friendly environment! Always time.

Farid Ighemat

Went in with pain on in my lower back and walked out feeling much better. The difference, even after the first visit, was significant. Great people!

Brian McCreadie

Best chiropractor I have ever been to!

tawanda mberi

This is my first time seeing a chiropractor, and my only concern is... why did I wait so long! Dr. Gottlieb is a great chiropractor. He is a true professional and his adjustments are very smooth. I am amazed by the results! The staff at Eagle Chiropractic are incredibly friendly and accommodating. It's always a good experience. I highly recommend this office.

Maria Carter

Paul Lambert

My experience at Eagle Chiropractic has been great. When I first visited Dr Gottlieb, I was in constant back/neck pain with reduced mobility. Following his recommended treatment plan, I saw a steady improvement to where I am today - which is pain free. The team at Eagle Chiropractic cares about the well being of their patients, and does its very best to make you feel welcome and as though you are in good hands! Thank you guys :)

Cari K.

Drs. Gottlieb and Glendening have helped me avoid neck surgery and improve my general health by personalized care and caring. Thank you Eagle Chiropractic!

Rosanne Carmean

Matt Helms

I have been coming to Eagle Chiropractic for over 10 years now, and will continue to as long as they are around. Dr. Gottlieb and Dr. Glendening are both wonderful at what they do, and Leslie and Patty are both amazing! I am a massage therapist and I do not hesitate to send my clients to Eagle Chiropractic for chiropractic care.

Anna Cunningham

I took my 8 year old son to Eagle chiropractic because he was suffering from severe tics . The movements would cause pain in his shoulders and neck in the evenings. His pediatrician's only solution was medications. I took him to see Dr. Gottlieb to work his magic! My son was adjusted weekly for about 8 weeks, in this time we saw the tics first decrease in size of movement, then frequency. This week he has no sign of any irregular movements and his anxiety has decreased. Amazing!!

kim colman

I've been going to Dr. Gottlieb for about a month and a half now. I started going to see if he could help me with a torn rotator cuff. I'm trying to avoid surgery. My shoulder feels better then it has in along time. I did PT for 2 months and had no relief. I feel positive that I can avoid surgery.

Sarah Peeler

I've been seeing Dr. Gottlieb since November 2018 for tingling hands, a history of bulging disc in lower back, and neck issues. Three years ago, I had 3 medical professionals attribute my tingling hands to carpal tunnel syndrome and I gave up on finding a solution, thinking it was something I just had to live with. After one treatment on my forearms, the tingling in my hands was significantly reduced and about 2 months later, it was virtually gone! It wasn't carpal tunnel after all. I no longer wake up multiple times a night from burning, tingling hands and sleep so much better! It has been a life changer. Now, 7 months after starting chiropractic care, my lower back feels stronger than it has in 13 years...and to my surprise, I'm running now. Don't continue to suffer and live with pain! My only regret is that I didn't come to Eagle Chiropractic sooner. The staff is wonderful and friendly and Sarah's massages have supported my healing. This is the best I've felt in years. I highly recommend Eagle Chiropractic.

Cindy Egner

I have been going to Dr. Gotlieb for years, and have recommended him to many friends in need of chiropractic adjustments. I have come to know both he and Dr. Glendening over these years, have gone to a few of their seminars, and have learned much about overall health and well being. I have lost weight through recommended programs (Medifast), learned and put into practice aromatherapy using essential oils (Doterra is the best), and shared many life experiences with them. I have never gone into the office without being greeted with a smile by everyone, and never walked away without an awesome adjustment. Before going to Eagle Chiropractic (many years ago), I had been through several practices, and Dr. Gotlieb is by far the best!!

Julia Driscoll

I had pulled a muscle in my back months ago and the pain and discomfort just would not go away. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but thought it was a good option to explore. Dr. Gottlieb, Dr. Glendening and the staff took the time to really understand what was going on and explain how the treatments would work. 6 weeks later I am 95% better. Thank you!

Alka Dighe

Before I went to Dr. Gottlieb, I had visited another chiropractic, however I was disillusioned with their approach. Then I saw Dr. Gottlieb's name on the search site and that he was good. My first visit with him and I was impressed. His emphasis on "lets get you better and feeling good then we will talk about money" won me over. He is very good at explaining the tests and results in way you will understand. I am very happy with the results I got after treatment with him. He is honest and upfront with you about all the aspects of treatment. His staff - well it will be inadequate however I praise them. I also happened to meet his wife Dr. Cynthia who was always a smiling face. I never felt like I was in doctors office when I went for treatment, it felt like meeting place. I very highly recommend him as chiropractic for pain management and spinal adjustment. I am very happy with him.

anonymous anonymous

I have been seeing Dr. Gottlieb for 12 years and he has saved my back! I used to throw it out regularly and be completely out of commission. Now I go for regular maintenance every two weeks and can't remember the last time I threw it out!

Page B

Dr. Gottlieb combines his expertise in chiropractic care with an individualized approach to wellness that not only promotes healing but also restores hope. I recommend his practice to virtually anyone looking to feel better, inside and out.

Christina Puff

I highly recommend this chiropractor, not only is Dr. Gottlieb amazing at his practice but he's got a great sense of humor. Leslie is an amazing and friendly associate and Sarah gives the best massages! Very holistic and welcoming staff. I live 25 mins away and eagle chiropractic will always be my first choice for my body's needs.

Daniel Blessing

I started going here because of miserable back pain. I couldn't walk without limping. Fast forward a few weeks worth of treatments and my back feels awesome! Very friendly service and I appreciate that Dr. Gottlieb gives a thorough explanation of his treatment plan. You get an education while you heal. Best Chiropractic experience I've ever had!

leroy Rob

Crock They act nice but will charge your insurance for things you didn't do that day. Like the stretcher for your spine. There were plenty days I did not use that and i/my insurance was charged I owed a little over a hundred dollars Was sent to collections after 5 months Leslie and I have been in touch the whole time Since the matter. So fake Acts like she cares but does not Of course she remains professional but unessesary. Also ignores your calls. I called over and over when they were open No answer If they don't like you You are treated like Sh**t I always pay my bills The Dr will milk you the first day talking about how bad you are, you don't stand right , he needs x rays your shoulders are off, your eye brows are uneven and that's all related to your spine . Of course it's related He will make you feel like (wow I am messed up.) And he will try and get you to come three days a week . Go there Be a new patient And see if this lays out. Probably will change his methods after reading this review. Hope I saved everyone some grief There are chiropractors everywhere ! Was not treated like a human being And was looked down on I was laid off And kept communication Nope nothing but collection And they can still receive the payment and notify the collections agency that THEY use that it was paid Thank god I have emails to show the credit Burroughs

Korey M

I was in a auto accident shortly after I stopped eating and sleeping for over a month. I had large tremors all over my body with a whole slew of other issues. I went into the hospital multiple times and they had no idea what was going on. I was referred to eagle chiropractic from my insurance and within two adjustments my tremors stopped by the third adjustment I was back to sleeping and eating some here and there. Eagle chiropractic honestly saved my life. I would highly suggest everyone take some time to visit. They do some holistic medicine as well as messages in house. Very professional and attentive to all the small details. If i could give this place 10 stars I would. Extremely family friendly as well.

George Hemcher

A great place to rehabilitate a tired back! The staff does a great job. Dr. Gottlieb has made a difference in some old back issues of mine. Thanks!

Aubrey Levasseur

When I was 13 I had a very bad experience at a chiropractor. I left with extreme neck and shoulder pain and chronic daily headaches. I am 20 now, and unable to deal with the pain anymore I finally decided to give it another try at Eagle Chiropractic, after hearing such great things about them. I went in very nervous due to my past bad experience, but was instantly reassured by Dr. Gottlieb. After just the first visit, my headaches were less intense and I could actually turn my head without excruciating pain. It has been a few weeks now and my pain is almost completely gone! I never thought it would be possible for me to go even one day without a headache, and now I'm going days without one. It will only get better from here! Thank you Eagle Chiropractic!

Acha Joke

Friendliest staff! Dr. Gottlieb's expert care has allowed me to resume normal daily activities, especially my golf game! Thank you!

divyanathan george

Eagle chiropractic this place my friends recommend to me excellent service from the doctor!!! He is very friendly and treat me like a respectable!!!! And they co workers two of them amazing treat me like a family member taken care of me very well!!!!! I had a treatment here one month its made me feel comfortable!!!! Thank you so much and top of it they given discount for me!!! Thanks once again doctor and Leslie!!!! And Sarah!! I strongly recommend this place!!!!!!

Shannon N.

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! I love their holistic approach to wellness to.

Angela Sacks

Brad Trout

Nearly 6 years ago I came to Dr. Gottleib with severe sciatica and could barely walk. Within a short period of time I was back to normal. With the family care plan, I and my wife were able to come regularly for the past 6 years. The office is friendly, easy to work with, easy to schedule, and very flexible. Highly recommended!

Stephanie Lichowid

Dr. G and his staff are amazing. I have been going to this practice for almost 3 years now on and off for all my adjustment needs. I recently began bringing my son 6 six year old son for just for health awareness and wellness and he loves it. Every Thursday morning he reminds not to be late picking him up to get him to his appointment.

Eseul Jung

Dr. Gottlieb and the ladies at the front desk are really nice. Going to the chiropractor helped my nerve pain a lot. I learned a lot about spinal posture and how much it affects your body.

Mike Judge

Great place! I have never felt better! Very professional and knowledgeable. Leslie and Sarah are great and welcome you right when you walk in the door. Doctor Gottlieb is funny and I feel better every time I walk out the door! Thank you Eagle Chiropractic for making me feel great again!

Lisa Morrow-Baker

Michael Nagle

Eagle Chiropractic has significantly helped me with my back and feet issues. They also assisted me with home treatments (stretching, use of foam roller...etc) to engage the healing and wellness process. And as equally impressive is the warm and professional air for which Dr. Gottlieb and team engage you. Its like a bunch of friends getting together except for you as the patient experience top notch medical care with their philosophy, chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises. Fantastic. Highly recommend this practice.

Lauren Robison

Dr. Gottlieb is truly a miracle worker! No longer experiencing headaches or neck pain. Highly recommended!


My 1year old was having issues with walking and was dragging her right foot. We noticed a huge difference in 2 sessions. Dr. Glendening is awesome!

will w

Dr G & the other Dr G are the best thing in the area. I been going there a good time now and they are like my second family. Leslie, Patty & both Dr G's make a winning combination. Excellent chiropractic care

GopiKishor Maddi

Intelligent treatment you will get it here. Definitely you will come to normal position & will get relaxation in few weeks..

Terri Lynch My Life

Dr. Gottlieb and his staff are very friendly and informative. They go above and beyond Chiropractic care in my previous experience. They go out of their way to give you information about taking care of your overall health and well being as well. When I go to my visits, I feel as if I am visiting my extended family. Everyone seems to truly care about me.

Princess Tez

My chiropractor is amazing. Hes funny,and does his job right. Always fixes the issues I have THAT day and his receptionist are suoer nice and welcoming. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Gottlieb.

Terry Boswell

I've been seeing chiropractors since the late 70's and Dr. Glendening has done more to relieve my pain than any other. I especially love how she has worked with me energetically to help me move beyond many of the emotional components that have been holding me back from achieving a healthier state of living. She truly cares about working with the whole body.

Karen Meinersmann

My husband and I have been using Eagle Chiropractic for ten years. Obviously we know that works for our back problems. The doctors and staff are competent and friendly as well as efficient. I would and have recommended them.

Anthony Traini

Josh Padgett

Great place, great folks, great results

Marie C

I was in severe back pain when I first came in to see Dr. Gottlieb, and could barely walk. Within a few weeks I was pain free and able to resume normal activities. I came in as a skeptic about chiropractic care, but I am a firm believer now. I only wish I had gone in to see him sooner. Recently my back was stiff and sore from shoveling snow, and after an adjustment I felt 100% better. Chiropractic works, and Dr. Gottlieb is just wonderful! Leslie is the nicest receptionist/office manager you can imagine. I highly recommend Eagle Chiropractic.

paul jorgensen

Staff at eagle chiropractic are awesome wouldn’t go anywhere else

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