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REVIEWS OF Carabasi Chiropractic Center IN Delaware

Ray McAvaddy

Dr. Carabasi is fantastic! He has helped me through both neck and lower back pain on two separate occasions. Seeing progress after each visit keeps me working toward my goals. His staff is great and they gladly work around my schedule to ensure I never have to miss an appointment.

Denise Roskey

I have been coming to Dr. Carabasi for over 10 years at least 2 times a month. Pretty much from the 1st visit, Dr. Carabasi not only knew my name on sight, but also specifics about my particular needs without continually having to reference back to my file. Visits are not time consuming, yet Dr. C will take extra time to answer questions if needed. He is professional and clearly a well-respected expert in the chiropractic field, but MOST of all someone who sincerely cares about your well-being. For example, if you have an emergency, Dr. Carabasi will treat you even on a weekend. He always goes above and beyond to look out for your total well-being, whether it be nutritional suggestions or even the best pillow to use to prevent problems! I personally have learned so much from him and never hesitate to ask for his advice. Finally, he always has a smile or a joke to make your time in his office as pleasant as possible. I can honestly say going to him has been life-changing, for the better. :)


Dr. Carabasi does great work. No matter your age, if you suffer from back pain, he'll gladly help you get back to normal and feeling great. He also is knowledgeable and can help in other aspects of general well being, such as diet, exercise and so on. I highly recommend Dr. Carabasi to anyone seeking treatment for back pain.

Eric Weber

Dr. Carabasi is by far the best Chiropractor in the area. He explains treatments clearly and helps you understand the symptom vs the cause of pain or discomfort. The entire staff is warm and accommodating, providing brilliant service. Thank you Carabasi Chiropractic Center!

Tom Overton

Dr. Carabasi changes lives. He changed mine by correcting some spinal issues in my neck. Before I went to him my posture was horrible and I struggled to turn my head. Driving was a painful experience. With just a few visits I was standing straighter and enjoying driving like I did when I was a teenager. The office staff is outstanding. They treat you like you are family. I would recommend Dr. Carabasi to everyone.

Paula Mullen

Dr. Carabasi is great!!! Not only did he help with my back pain he also helped with my posture. The right side of my lower back was so severely painful I could barely move. I’m so thankful my daughter introduced me to him. I wasn’t sure about chiropractors it was scary to me to have someone mess with my spine. I was in so much pain and discomfort my daughter said just try. It was the best thing I did I feel better and I have so much more energy. Thank you Sharon and Dr. Carabasi Dr. Carabasi’s staff is fantastic also!!!!

N Gager

Have had lots of experience with chiropractics and came here after speaking to the doc. He is excellent. Efficient, knowledgeable, relatable, addresses concerns and offers many additional services. I highly recommend. You won't find better.

Rylan Ray

I started seeing Dr. Carabasi in the fall of 2014 and have been continuing treatment ever since. A couple years ago, my neck was bothering me more than ever. I could barely touch my chin to my chest. When I woke up in the morning I could not sit up, I had to roll off of my bed because my back and neck were so stiff. I thought, as I always did before, "I just slept funny" or "I woke up with a stiff neck". I never realized truly how much pain I was in until I decided to see Dr. Carabasi and he made me realize that the pain I was experiencing is not normal! Minor things that had happened in my life many years ago were affecting my everyday life and I was glad to be doing something about it. Dr. Carabasi took X-Rays of my neck and back, told me exactly what my issues were and began treatment right away. As soon as I started to feel better, my husband decided to see him too and he now feels great as well! I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Carabasi. I've even been able to run two half marathons virtually pain-free because of Dr. C!!!!

Sharon Hanscom

I have been going to Dr. Carabasi for chiropratic care for 20+ years! He has helped me with neck and back issues over the years and has given me pain free results! Our entire family goes to him on a regular basis to ensure we are getting optimum results. I highly recommend Dr. Carabasi - 5 Stars!! His staff are friendly and will accommodate your schedule.

Michelle Kelly

After suffering for over a year, getting progressively worse I went to see Dr. C. In a few short months, the pain is basically gone and I feel like a new person!! The staff is FANTASTIC, and Dr. C is the warmest most down-to-earth doctor I have ever been to see!! LOVE this office, staff and Dr. Carabasi. Don't mess around when it comes to pain...Just call him!!

Leslie Jones

I must say I have been very pleased with the services provided by Dr. Carabasi, having a herniated disk in my lower back since 2008, I was in a great deal of pain. I am now mostly pain free. Dr. Carabasi is a caring and very knowledgeable in his field. He helped me with migraine headaches as well as back and neck issues. Also, he is helpful with nutrition and has loads of great supplements that have been helpful to my overall health.

Keith Gordon

An honest and reliable doctor with a focus on results for you, Dr. Carabasi and his amazing staff also respect your time and are among the most reliable team of caregivers I've ever experienced.

deann pisarski

Doctor takes COMPLETE history. You'd be surprised how many doctors don't take the time. Asks questions that you'd not thought of to determine the source of the complaint. Lots of "Oh yea!";s from me! Staff is unbelievable - greet you by name the moment you walk in with a mention of "Thank-you for being early / on-time DeAnn". Never had to wait a minute - arriving a little early usually gets you in a little early. Never have seen that in my life! Honors requests to change appointments with no issue. Doctor is very clear educating specifically what is happening and how he intends to fix it. He is incredibly personable and makes each patient feel like they are his focus. Best decision I've made for my health.

Bill Rowe

Dr. Carabasi is tremendous. His approach is total body health through chiropractic treatment along with fitness and nutrition. He has helped me with my back and changed my diet for the better. His team is friendly and very helpful.

Dana Garronm

Dr. Carabasi gave me my life back. I was having awful neck and arm pain that was misdiagnosed by an orthopedist and another chiropractor for months. I finally decided to get another opinion and Dr. Carabasi knew immediately what the issue was. After a few weeks of working with him I was completely pain free, which I was beginning to think was not possible. I am so thankful I found him! Dr. Carabasi is professional, friendly and honest. The whole office staff really is just so kind. Do yourself a favor especially if you are having neck issues and book a consult. Highly recommend!!

Beverly Mack

I love the office staff the are always smiling and super friendly. That is a plus in my book to me that mean that the doctor is friendly and caring. I was very impressed when I came to see him because I was in extreme pain he was very gentle and understanding. He explains everything and answers all questions that is ask. It don't hurt that he has a good sense of humor that is a sign that he guininue care about the welfare of his patients.

Glen Grulke

Nice staff the Dr explains your treatment and answers any questions you may have. Appt times run true


I went to Dr. Carabasi with severe neck pain. It was so bad I couldnt look to the right to change lanes on the highway. After my initial consultation, Dr. Carabasi explained the treatment plan. During treatment, I never spent more than 5 mins in the waiting room and I was usually early for my appointments. The entire staff would greet me by name, and I would be out of there in no time. I never saw a doctor's office run so efficiently. And the best part? No neck pain. So what does it all add up to? A pleasurable experience with knowledgeable staff and I feel 100% better. Highly recommended.

nicole chamberlin

This place is amazing. Dr Carabasi and his staff are so welcoming and friendly. I’m always greeted by name... I don’t know how they learn everyone’s names do fast! Dr Carabasi does a full evaluation including x-rays prior to any adjustments. Then he will explain any issues and the game plan for treatment. It’s nice that he wants to know the full picture rather than just cracking people and sending you on your way. He will always take the time to listen and answer questions. He took more x-rays after a few months and showed me the difference. It’s amazing how crooked I was compared to now. I’m aligned properly and most of my aches and pains are gone and I feel so much better! Thank you Dr Carabasi!!

Andrea Peterson

I've had back pain for years, and just chalked it up to my weight and the fact that I was getting older. After a long bus trip, I was very uncomfortable and starting looking for ways to ease the pain. After a google search, I found Carabasi's information and scheduled a consultation. One of the better decisions I've made! His staff is super friendly and accommodating to my work schedule. But better than that, Dr. Carabasi worked his magic and within a few sessions, I could see improvement in things I didn't even realize were an issue.

Donald Hicks

In June 2014 I was having severe pain in my back, neck & hips. I work a job where I walk on a cement floor all day. Dr. Carabasi gave me a complete exam and x-rays and determined my problem. I started treatment immediately and within a few weeks I was feeling a lot better. Within 2 months I felt really good. I still go every 2 weeks to maintain good health. Dr. Carabasi and his staff are fantastic. Going to this office was one of the best decision I have made.

Jann Bradshaw

Dr. Carabasi is highly knowledgeable, professional and caring! He starts by diagnosing your specific issues, then addresses them in a customized care plan. He is available almost 24/7 to his patients - wanting to make sure that any major discomfort is taken care of with immediacy! His impressive staff is super organized, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend considering Dr. Carabasi for your chiropractic care. I have been receiving chiropractic care for 45 years and I can say that Dr. Carabasi is one of the best!

David Tortu

Dr. Carabasi is an excellent Chiropractor for anyone too see. I have been getting worked on for about three months and the results were just about instantaneous, my overall mobility improved tremendously with all the while no back pain. The staff are very welcoming and work around your schedule. Dr. Carabasi has over 28 years of experience and takes a serious approach for every patient who is experiencing discomfort, which is what makes him one of the best Chiropractors in South Jersey, would recommend him to anyone.

Bonnie Holz

Excellent chiropractic care center! Exceptionally friendly & helpful staff. Been under their care for 3 months & Dr. Carabasi has helped me tremendously. Had chiropractic care in past, but his technique & care has helped me far better than others. Fairly new to area so I did FB post looking for recommendations...Carabasi Chiropractic was recommended by many people. I decided to give them a try & so glad I did! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Ralph Zonies

I first started with Dr Carabasi around 6 weeks ago presenting with fairly severe lower back and left leg pain. After 6 weeks of treatment I am happy to say my pain has subsided significantly. I had been to accupuncture and physical therapy with no results. I am really happy with the care I have received, Dr C's table side manner, the friendly staff and promptness of my appointments. I have never had to wait as Dr C is always on time. I would highly reccommend Dr Carabasi if you are looking for a holistic approach to a better and healthier lifestyle, free of pain!

christopher rudolph

I was having neck, back and hip pain that was affecting my sleep. After meeting Dr. C for the first time I knew I was going to get help. He had a great plan and explained everything in detail. Any questions I had were answered. A month after starting my treatment plan I saw drastic results. I can sleep again and my pain is almost gone. Also Dr. C gave me diet tips while meeting with him. After changing some things I no longer take a stomach medicine I have been taking for 7 years and have now lost about 25 pounds in a month and a half. I would recommend Dr. C to anyone having any type of health issues.

Priya Patel

When I went to Dr. Carabasi I was in terrible shape. I was in pain, I had horrible headaches all the time and I was still healing from two car accidents. He created a plan that would work with my schedule and my experience with this practice center has been wonderful. The staff is very friendly and Dr. Carabasi is an amazing chiropractor! I would highly recommend this practice!

Denise Worrell

I have chronic back issues and Chas keeps me fully operational. His staff works with my (constantly) changing schedule, and he's always worked with me financially. A genuinely good guy, and--according to my back--an excellent chiropractor.

Goode Kim

The staff is great, and my pain is gone.

George K

After 2 injections and 2 surgeons suggesting lower back surgery, I found Dr Carabasi, who I call Doc. Well I now have full functionality and I am heading out west for ski trip I thought I would not be taking this year. A well though out program that keys in on getting you back to normal and improving your overall health. And to top it off, the the staff was awesome, so I have highly recommending the Doc.

Allison Maddock

Dr Carabasi and his entire staff are wonderful. Dr. Carabasi takes good care of you and is very informative. The front desk staff are polite and kind and very nice. Thank you

Lori Kaluhiokalani

Dr. Carabasi has made a difference in my life by advising me how to continue to work out,, which I need to do to help keep my neck, back and hips. He has also helped me to do my most favorite sport Dragon Boat Racing. The Dragon Boat Racing means everything to me and he has helped me to achieve the enjoyment that I need to get from this boating season with his expertise and adjustments. The massage table that I do in the beginning is amazing and I would like to have one for my home! LOL! Thanks Doc, you have made all the difference in the life to do the sport I LOVE!

Jen Carbone

I am so grateful to have Dr. Carabasi in my health routine. I began going for adjustments in my mid 20's due to chronic lower back pain. I was too young to have that degree of discomfort. I completed corrective care and have been going for maintenance care ever since - I am now 44. I had no back pain throughout a pregnancy years ago. I see Dr. C for adjustments between appointments to help with sinus congestion, strained muscles, digestive issues - anything that comes up chiropractic care can relieve. I've attended his healthy eating workshops and referred friends over the years. I recommend him to anyone who I come across who is having back issues. My monthly or bimonthly appointments are now part of my preventive health routine. See what he can do for you, you won't be disappointed.

Jim Schuhl III

Great Staff and friendly environment. Very accommodating with my work schedule. Dr. Carabasi doesn't just see you once an month a crack your back like other places I have been. He really finds the source of your issues and plans accordingly. I feel great

Melissa Ralston

Dr Carabasi is an excellent chiropractor who has helped eliminate my migraines! I was living with daily neck pain and chronic migraines, and after only 2 months of seeing him and getting adjusted I am pain free! I am thrilled to say I havent touched my prescription migraine medicine since I began treatment. It feels wonderful to finally feel like I am healing my body instead of just putting a band aid over my pain. His staff is super friendly and very accommodating to my schedule, too! If you have pain and are on the fence about chiropractic care, don’t wait-go see Dr. Carabasi today!!

Zachary Bernard

I’ve been going to Dr. Chas since I was 10 weeks old, and it was the best decision that my parents made for my physical health. Anything from neck pain from sleeping wrong or something more serious like a baseball injury he’s always putting forth 100% of his effort to help his patients get better. He has a great team and staff that will always help out when needed, and I plan to be going to Dr. Carabasi for as long as I can.

Dana Horner

I’ve been going to Dr. Carabasi for 4 years. He helped me get through a very difficult pregnancy that caused me a great deal of back pain, sciatica and sleepless nights. After just a few visits I was 100% pain free! My entire family sees Dr. C - my mother, father, sister, husband and I will be taking my son to be adjusted too! Before my pregnancy, Dr. Carabasi helped me resolve kidney and migraine pain. To be able to resolve severe pain without pharmaceutical medication is just astounding. He truly helps the body heal itself. Chiropractic with Dr. C and his team will always be our first line of defense against illness and pain. If you are even considering chiropractic, look no further. He is simply the best.

rodica clark

I am a patient of Dr. Carabasi for 1 year now and all I can say is that my experience is excellent. I am not only improved, but I am pain free at this time. Dr Carabasi is dedicated to his clients and treats everyone with respect. Also it is no waiting line in his office. The scheduling is flowing well and his staff is wonderful. The girls are making sure the clients keep their schedule appropriately and give feed back when necessary. I have been to other chiropractors before and this is the best so far. I am here to stay.

Kate Bradshaw

I have been going to chiropractors quite literally since I was an infant, and I have never had the success and relief that I’ve now received from Dr Carabasi. He takes the time to get to know your body and find the root of any issues so that you can gain relief long term. Go figure, a doctor that wants to heal you so you DONT have to come back as often. He creates personalized, specific treatment plans for each of his patients, he implements physical therapy, stretching, and K Laser (seriously, a miracle for anyone with chronic pain, like myself). The staff are absolutely amazing and treat you like family. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment. It was life changing for me, and everyone should have the hope he has given me!

Joseph DiBlasio

Had fallen a few years ago. Had terrible neck pain, back pain, arm pain, headaches,hip pain and years of wear and tear.had mri and was diagnosed with bulging disc, ddd,arthritis.had accupuncture and it didn't help.researched correctional care chiropracter and up popped dr carabasi. Loved his site and how it read! Awesome reviews.called and made an appt. With a compassionate, caring young lady.dr. carabasi is kind,compassionate, caring and funny.the girls at the desk are friendly,kind and compassionate.dr carabasi and staff are angels sent from heaven.i am 80% free from pain.coming up to 3 months time. Went twice a week. So thankful to dr carabasi and staff! They get you right only regret is that i didnt find him sooner.god bless and thank you! This review is from delia diblasio

Sean Chow

Searched on the web for a chiropractor and found Dr. Carabasi. Well worth it. In the last year he has helped me alleviate migraines and pain. His staff is incredible and treats you right. The are nice and helps you in any way possible. If you are looking for a great chiropractor that ares for you... this is the place.

Melissa Acquavella-Lightfoot

Dr. Carabasi is very knowledgeable, professional and kind. I have been in maintenance treatment with him for a few years for chronic back issues due to scoliosis. My treatment with him has been very successful. His staff have always been professional and nice as well. Also, his knowledge and guidance regarding food and supplements has been extremely helpful to me and my family. I would highly recommend Dr. Carabasi!

Roman Lupan

Didn't think that ANYTHING could help my migraines.... Boy, was I wrong! Dr. C has made me a firm believer in the power of what good chiropractic care can do for your general health and well being. Can't imagine life without chiropractic any more. Lifetime convert here!

Greg Cieslik

I have been working with Dr Carabasi for the last several years and have had great results. I had previous neck and back problems which he was able to diagnose and put a treatment plan together for. This previously kept me from participating in marathon's and Ironman competitions which I now can compete in thanks to Dr Carabasi's help. On an ongoing basis he now helps keep me properly aligned which helps prevent all of the nagging injuries that come with the rigorous training I do on a daily basis. I would recommend to a friend or family member and know many of his patients who share a similar experience.

Jeff T

Carabasi Chiropractic is the best office/practice I have ever been to. The staff is welcoming and always calls you by name. Charles Carabasi cares about his patients care, and their time. He is efficient, friendly, and always professional. I highly recommend him.

Jmf Taylor

I️ came here having at least one headache every day. After being evaluated and having X-rays taken Dr. Carabasi came up with a great treatment plan to get me back to living without pain. I’m happy to say that even just half way through my treatment I’m almost 100% free of headaches, my posture is better, hips are aligning well and I️ feel amazing. The staff here knows you by name, treat you like family and are very knowledgeable. I recommend this place to everybody that has back, neck or joint pain. Thank you guys for helping me get back to being the active person I️ once was and am again.

Theresa Bruder

I would recommend this to anyone who may need a chiropractor. The staff is always nice and the doctor explains everything in great detail that is very helpful when getting the help needed. My pain has reduced a lot since I have been going in the last 2 months.

Sandi Keenan

Dr. Carabasi is the best. He knew I was a little afraid of some of the adjustments and he made me feel comfortable. The staff is amazing, always pleasant and always smiling. I’ve seen a big improvement since starting chiropractic care at Carabasi Chiropractic Center. Thank you Dr. Carabasi and staff!

Martin Arnold

I was suffering back and leg pain, and my two surgeries were unsuccesful. I am back on the golf course and traveling around after he treated me. This guy is a genius when it comes to pain relief.

Courtney Dercqu

I wanted to leave a 5 star review after my first consultation (and that was before my treatment even started!) The entire staff is absolutely amazing. They know everyone by their name, are friendly, organized, and knowledgeable. They are happy to accommodate any situation at the drop of a hat. Not to mention how kind and sweet they all are! Dr, Carabassi is the best doctor I’ve ever had. I came in to his office with severe pain that so many other doctors have told me to just deal with. Upon our first session he pointed out what was wrong and devised a plan for me to get better. Even being half way through my treatment my pain has decreased over 60%. I used to have severe leg pain since I was four and since seeing him, have had zero. It’s a night and day difference. You’re in and out of treatment, which is great and unlike so many other offices where you’re there for hours. His office runs like a well oiled machine and takes care of you promptly so you can carry on with your day. He’s so nice, friendly and he knows what he’s doing. I can’t say enough about this practice! Go see him! A+++++ all around.

James Duff

I have had Crohnes disease for 18+ years and have had little to no relief, from stomach issues, joint pain, massive weight loss and gain, sleepless nights anymore. But now after seeing Dr. C over the last three years I am feeling healthy once again. He has helped me adjust my diet, exercise and of course my body. Now I am healthy and feeling well. My family has also benefited from Dr. C's care as well. From my wife's pregnancies going smooth because of adjustments to hips, neck and back. To helping my kids sleep through the night and relief from allergies with adjustments. His staff is excellent and on top of things. They are pleasant on the phone and they can help you with text reminders of appointments and making sure you stay healthy with a routine set up just for you. They are so pleasant to work with. Billing is easy and affordable thanks to all the people we don't see that work behind the scenes. Dr. C. Has put the right team together to serve and help my family over the years and I am very grateful for the passion he has for my families health. Start to take your health serious and visit Dr. Carabasi and team, it will be the best step to taking control of your health.

Barbara Kinder

Dr. Carabasi is a very thorough and caring healer. He has renewed my faith in chiropractic healing as well as in the bodies own ability to heal its self. His facility is state of the art and his staff are friendly and efficient. I have already recommended Dr. Carabasi to several people whom I feel he can help to feel better. Tom K.

Taylor Santiago

Dr. Carabasi's work has had such a positive impact on my overall health and my life as well! As a doctor, Dr. Carabasi truly works to connect with his patients while also being a skilled practitioner. The rest of the employees are also equally charming, kind, and helpful and the atmosphere at the center is friendly and welcoming.

Connor Priest

I've been going to Dr. Carabasi for about 2 months now. When I had first gone to him I had arthritis in both my lower back and neck, which was throwing off my posture and my body's functionality. In an effort to treat my pain, he set up an adjustment schedule for me. Upon my first check up, which was only after 15 visits in the span of 1 month, I had made huge progress. The tilt in my neck was gone, my legs returned to equal lengths, my posture improved drastically, and most importantly, my pain was gone only after 1 month. Though I have more adjustments to go, I am now able to work on my feet for hours and perform manual labor with no pain. I feel like a new man, and Dr. Carabasi and his extremely kind/helpful staff are the ones to the thank. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Julia Brown

I’m going to be honest, I was beyond scared to go see a chiropractor and actually find out what has been going on for years. Meeting Dr. Carabasi at my first visit showed me how much he truly does care about his job and helping others. He was very thorough with going through my exam with me and gave me the realistic view of it all, but most importantly, he truly gave me hope. I never thought there would be a future without daily excruciating pain and constant numbness. I’ve been going here for awhile now and I truly am a new person! The excruciating pain is no longer here! I am not 100% better yet, but I will be one day. It takes time to get there but I will say that he has changed my life in many ways. I am able to sleep better, my energy levels are much higher, no longer in pain and its amazing how much this all will give you a more positive daily mindset. I truly do recommend Dr. Carabasi to all my friends, family, and everyone I talk to because he really is the most genuine and positive chiropractor. He is willing to do anything he can to help his patients figure out the answers together, even if it is something outside of correcting your spine, such as other medical issues. He really does care so much he wants to help get everyone to living a healthier, pain free, and stress free life. His office really is an awesome group, who care just as much as he does in helping everyone and they are the most understanding people out there! They are always willing to change appointments even if it is last minute and willing to get you in as soon as they can, if you ever need to. I really am beyond thankful to have come across Dr. Carabasi and to giving me a new positive life!

Lenny Ginchereau jr.

Highly Recommend Dr. Carabasi and his awesome staff. The practice is extremely well run, very flexible with scheduling, personable staff, personalized treatment plan..all this and almost never a wait to go back. Treatments are effective and my pain has been has been reduced with Dr. Carabasi's help.

Ed Begos

Fast results. ..knowledgeable staff and on premises x-rays. Excellent care and Chas has helped many patients improve their overall health.

Joseph Grille

I highly recommend Dr. Carabasi and his team for all of your chiropractic needs. From my first appointment, I felt comfort in knowing I was in good hands. Dr. Carabasi was very personable, professional and knowledgeable. You could tell instantly that he enjoyed his occupation and took pride in helping his patients. He took the time to listen, examine and explain in depth, what my issues were and how he planned to tackle my pain. After, he developed a treatment plan and I was offered an array of payment options. If you like sitting in a waiting room 15 minutes past your appointment time, go somewhere else. The team at Carabasi Chiropractic are very organized and punctual. Seldom do you need to wait to be called on for your appointment time. I've had a great experience and have recommended Dr. Carabasi's services to family and friends. Thanks to Dr. Carabasi, I am completely pain free and on my way to overall wellness.

Gail Ernst

I have been seeing Dr. Carabasi for over 2 years and have been absolutely pleased and happy with my progress. It's good to know that when my back 'goes out' or feels really bad, I can call, usually get an appointment the same day and feel at least 95% better when I leave the office! (The other 5% comes around when I get home :) Both Dr. C. and his staff friendly and helpful and know their 'stuff''. I won't change chiropractors for the world!!

Suzanne Butz

Before seeking out Dr. Carabasi I had horrible neck pain that would turn into a migraine, knocking me out for 3-5 days. I was extremely sceptable as this has been my life for many years. Within a few weeks of seeing him, I could tell he was helping me. My neck pain and knock out migraines became less frequent and less intense. Now after a few months, I rarely have a migraine lasting more than a day. I’ve even gone into his office with a migraine and within a few hours of being treated, felt much better. I’m forever grateful for a friend who recommend Dr. Carabasi, he’s made a huge improvement in the pain I was having on a daily basis.

Franklin McNew

I have been seeing Dr. Carabasi for about 3 months for treatment of lower back and hip pain. I am 80 years old . He is very attentive,patient,and so far the treatments have been very successful! His office staff should be highly commended for their help and courteous attitudes. The waiting time is NIL ....I never have to wait for my treatments!

Mark Thornton

There's so much to like here. The practice is extremely well run and it shows... Very flexible with scheduling, personable staff, highly personalized treatment plan..all this and almost never a wait to go back, even when it's busy. Treatment is very effective if you stick to your plan; my pain, balance, and general well being are very well managed with Dr. Carabasi's help. I recently "threw out" my back after overextending myself..this would normally have kept me in bed for 5 days. A call to Dr. Carabasi and shortly after I was on my feet. The next day I was able to stay on my feet all with my kids, hiking in the woods. Outstanding!

James Petty

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Carabasi for few months. When I came to him I was suffering from severe neck pain, to the point that I could not turn my head without sharp pain. My overall mobility was poor as well as my balance. Dr. Carabasi did not just treat my pain, he took the time to explain exactly what was happening and set a goal of getting my body as close to 100% as possible. After the first few sessions the pain was almost nonexistent, my mobility was much improved and I felt balanced. Each week is better than the week before and now I am pain free. Also, the entire staff is great, the friendly and professional atmosphere is just a bonus to the service they provide.

Jennifer Dougherty

Wonderful team! Dr Carabasi eliminated my neck and shoulder pain in a short period of time. He's professional, friendly and he fully educated me on my treatment plan before we started (kept me updated as we progressed). The office staff is extremely friendly and worked with my schedule as needed. I strongly recommend this practice for short and long term care.

Amanda E

After dealing with pain and discomfort in my neck, shoulders and back for 16+ years I fortunately found Dr. Carabasi. In just a few sessions I found relief and health! It truly is amazing how far I’ve come in my recovery thanks to him and his amazing staff! They truly are incredibly sweet and accommodating! If you haven’t tried chiropractic yet I highly suggest you call to make an appointment!

Tj Greaney

Have back pain! Dr. Carabsi is the guy to see. he is very knowledgeable in his practice. He also goes out of his way to inform you whats wrong and the steps hes going to use to fix it.

Alicia Roselli

Dr. Carabasi is the kind of doctor you always hope for, and do not always get. He evaluated my pain in relation to my lifestyle, habits, and could always sense and adjust my pain. I had difficulties with insurance, in which they did not cover my treatment, and he and his team worked tireless with me to find a solution so that way I could get the care I need and still afford it. Great help is here, and I have been very satisfied with my treatment.

Jessica Burns

Dr. Carabasi helped my son with his colic issues. With a little adjustment to his atlas bone we saw huge improvement! My son was only about 3 months old when we took him. He is also helping me with my TMJ and back pain. The relief I have is absolutely amazing. I haven't felt this good in a long time! There is never a wait in the office, the staff is very friendly and care about each of their patients. It shocked me that they know everyone by first name and even remember things you talk about with them! I highly recommend Dr. Carabasi.

Matt F

I was having mid-back spasms that I couldn't deal with any longer. Within the first minute he diagnosed the issue then followed up with x-rays to confirm. After that he started me on a treatment plan that has been the best medical decision I've ever made for myself. The issue has gone away and so have several other aches and pains that I attributed to previous injuries or being a construction worker. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Brittany Collins

Dr. Carabasi and his staff are fantastic! Great with scheduling and I feel better than ever!

Ronald Ciuffetelli

I have been a patient for almost 10 years and my posture has improved and I feel great. The staff is warm and friendly and Dr. Chas is always willing to get involved in what you need and are trying to accomplish. I am a senior and this is one of the best things I have done for myself.

Steven Grille

Dr Carabasi and his staff are top notch! They are kind, courteous and knowledgeable! Dr Carabasi explains everything he is doing and you never feel rushed during an appointment! I would recommend him to my mother!!

Sam Chamberlain

I'v been going to Dr. Carabasi for almost 2 1/2 yrs. I couldn't ask for a better chiropractor . After trying multiple Chiropractic Dr's with no success I was loosing hope . Surgery was my next option but i decided to try one more time in finding a Dr. that could help me .I was reading South Jersey magazine that had Dr. Carabasi featured as a Top Doc . So I made the appointment and his exam was more thorough then all of the other Dr's combined . Within two visits he had me feeling like a human being again . Finally after a couple of months the surgery I was facing was no longer an option . I can't thank him enough for the care that I received . Sam C........

Isac Santiago

The staff is wonderful! I've changed my schedule a lot and they have been very accommodating. Dr. Carabasi is great! I have noticed the change since i have been going to him. He is always willing to help!

Helena De Prince

Dr. Carabasi and his Staff are highly efficient, professional, courteous and personable. In speaking with some of his many patients, as well as my own experience, I have found that we all are very confident in Dr. Carabasi's treatment and care. His expertise with adjustments, advisements {also for out of the office} etc. work expediently in the healing process. Would definitely recommend. Many thanks to Dr. Carabasi and Staff.

Pranay Patel

Dr. Carabasi is awesome. He is very knowledgable and his staff is just incredible. Very friendly environment and I would recommend this group to anyone that has been troubled with back and neck pain.

Michael R Benko

Great office. The people are really nice and will help you as best as they can really clean and friendly doctors office.

Kaltrina Osmani

Wonderful place, staff and doctor! Dr. Carabasi helped me with my severe back pain greatly! Without him I don't know if I could feel this great!!! Really the best in the business !

Maria Destefano

Dr.carabasi is a very knowledgeable and knows how to describe what is wrong with the body to make it easy to understand. The staff is very kind and make things work with your busy schedule.Couldn't have chosen a better chiropractor.

Jeanne Rivenbark

Chronic neck pain, lower back pain, and being told I would need spinal surgery led me to seek out alternative care. I heard Dr Carabasi speak at an event and was very interested in what he had to say. I went for a free evaluation and was extremely impressed from the time I walked in the door. He spoke to me in terms I could understand and explained what he could do to help me. I have been going to see him since September and I already feel 80% better. The migraine type neck spasms are gone. The uneven shoulders and hips are now even. I can walk longer than I've been able to in years...even grocery shopping is easier!! I absolutely recommend Dr Carabasi for your chiropractic care! You will love it here!!

Joanne Van Sciver

I came to Carabasi Chiropractic Center with severe back pain where I could hardly move. I started seeing improvements after only a few treatments. Because I was in so much pain I was very apprehensive about anyone touching my back, but Dr. C was very reassuring, patient, gentle and kind. The girls in his staff are always pleasant and helpful with scheduling and changing of appointments. His practice is very organized and efficient. I never have to wait (which is unheard of whenever visiting a doctor's office). I love that they offer the K-Laser treatments as well. They have really helped my back to heal along with my regular adjustments. I would highly recommend Carabasi Chiropractic Center to anyone. They are amazing!!!

Michelle Santiago

Dr. Carabasi is an excellent chiropractor! He has made a huge positive difference in how I feel physically and mentally. My headaches, stiff neck and chronic back pain are virtually gone after going through treatment! I have recommended him to anyone who has complained of any kind of pain! His staff is also excellent! They are always so friendly, helpful and accommodating. My husband and two daughters also go to him and we all feel happy and healthier because of his care!

Tom Shine

Dr. Carabasi has incredible knowledge and passion for helping his clients. And, his approach for all of his patients is very personal. His ability to diagnose issues and provide long term solutions/relief is unmatched in his field. It is with great pleasure that i give Dr. Chaz Carabasi my highest recommendation. He has truly changed my life!!!


There are no Words to describe the way Dr Carabasi treats his patients you just have to experience it, His dedication to get you better is his main goal, for me actions speak louder and his staff is always on point, Danniel and the girls are amazing.

Dana Bradley

Fabulous Chiropractic Experience! I noticed immediate relief with my neck and back issues. Dr. Carabasi and his staff are wonderful to deal with and are very accommodating with appointment scheduling. Highly recommend this practice for first time patients because the atmosphere is very relaxed and calming.

Sharon Yampell

When I first started to go to Dr. C., I had very little quality of life due to numerous health issues. I still have those health issues but am able to handle them so much better now, thanks to Dr. C. He and his staff are so compassionate and they genuinely care about you. I thoroughly love having Dr. C. as a member of my health care team. Whenever something comes up and I want a truly honest and unbiased answer, I know I can ask Dr. C. and he will give me the answer in terms that I will understand. Thank you to all of you for giving me part of my life back!!

Meme J

Dr. Carabasi is a efficient Chiropractor with effective techniques. The staff is excellent and are very accommodating to children. I came in with years of constant lower back pain and sciatica related to 2 herniated disc and can honestly say after weeks of therapy and exercise I feel a lot better. I highly recommend Dr. Carabasi’s services.

Anthony Martino

I came to see Dr. Carabisi when I was experiencing dizziness, headaches, and tingling in my hands and feet. He came highly recommended by and friend and after countless appointments with my primary I was at a loss. I had a consult Dr. Carabasi and we put together a plan to get me back to 100%. He and his staff are excellent. The only regret I have is not going to see him sooner. I feel great - Thanks Dr. C.

Shaun Henderson

After being hit by a car somewhere between 2009-2010, I started seeing Dr. Carabasi, and I've never regretted it. I was completely pain free for about 5 years until bad habits made my back hurt again. I'm currently seeing him again, and within a month of visits, I was feeling 80% better. He has a light touch, but also not too gentle which is important to me; can't stand when you don't feel like they did anything at all hahaha. I definitely would recommend anybody with bodily pain to see Dr. Carabasi, he can help.

kg Mccammon

Dr. Carabasi is by far the best! Dr. has expertise in not only restoring body to correct alignment and pain relief but also nutrition = both myself and husband are treated by him. We find Dr. to be extremely pleasant and gives us sense of being in good hands - which we are. We have been to several other Chiropractors in past years - none even comes close to care of Dr. Carabasi

Anthony Gray

My first time to a chiropractor I was nervous at first but everyone there is so friendly and the Dr.Carabasi helped me out a lot no more headaches back pains or neck pains I am Able to enjoy what I love more and The help that I received from help aloud me to become more active .. Thank you

Frank Marro

As soon as I walked into Dr. Carabasi's office, he was able to diagnose what ailments I was dealing with. Over the course of the past few months, he has been able to correct my hip and lower back pain. This is the best I've felt in a long time!

Elisa Houseman

Fantastic place, doctor, and staff! I've had terrible lower back pain ever since having my first son 3 years ago. Tried physical therapy, expensive elastic bands, etc. and nothing seemed to work. After seeing Dr. Carabasi for 3-4 weeks, my lower back pain was completely gone. The office staff is SUPER nice and accommodating. When I have to bring my kids with me, they are so welcoming and helpful. They have a lot of cool equipment and obviously know what they are doing because everything that's been recommended for me has worked so far! Always in and out quickly with my scheduled appt time and they're always flexible when scheduling my appts around my busy schedule. I would definitely recommend. Thanks Carabasi Chiropractic Center! :)

Matt Wiesenecker

Dr. C and his staff are great! Went in with back pain and had x-rays done on site. Dr.C explained in great detail exactly what was wrong and how we could fix it. After a couple visits I was already feeling 10x better. This is one of the best decisions I've made in a while.

Crystal Snow

Dr Carabasi’s care has really helped to save my career. I’m a dental professional which requires a lot of leaning over patients and awkward neck posture. Before coming for routine chiropractic care I had frequent irritating back, hip and leg pain. Now I’m able to work pain free even when I perform long procedures. It’s even rid me of nagging carpal tunnel pain in my wrists. I love the office, the friendly staff and the awesome supplements as well!

Maria Little

Dr. Carabasi takes genuine interest and care in the well-being of his patients. He is holistic in his approach to my treatment from spinal health to whole self. His staff is very helpful and also invested in my care. Truly a great experience!

Bridget George

I had suffered from chronic lower back pain for years. I had seen multiple chiropractors and did years of P.T. Then I met Dr.C. I have been a client for 14 years now. I feel like there are no obstacles to my activities anymore. Dr. C treats the "whole person", not just the symptoms. He genuinely wants you to feel the best you can and will go above and beyond to make that happen. Who knew chiropractic care could not only alleviate your neck, back, hip, knee, etc.... pain, but also lesson the effects of allergies, the common cold, and even fever???? When my son gets sick, before medicating, we are off the see Dr.C first. The staff is kind, courteous and professional. They are always willing to work with you. I have never waited more than 15 minutes to see the doctor. I owe so much in regards to my mobility and overall enjoyment of life to Dr. C. I can never thank you enough!!!!!!

John Kline

I have been going to Dr. Carabasi for 15+ years. He and his staff are always friendly and accommodate my busy schedule. They maintain a punctual schedule and work well as a team. The care I receive is top notch and I am able to maintain my good health and flexibility through my regular visits. I highly recommend Dr. Carabasi and his team.

Sandy Cipollone

Just started treatment with Dr. Carabasi. So far he has been extremely thorough by explaining all of the treatments, appointments are on time, and Dr. Carabasi is extremely gentle and caring. I would highly recommend Dr. Carabasi to everyone that I know.

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