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REVIEWS OF Absolute Health Chiropractic IN Delaware

Melinda Scherer

Kalitha Rose

Rebecca Moody

I've been going to Dr. Vincent for many years and have referred many friends and family to him. We are all in agreement...he is the best! Consult with him before making a doctor or a surgeon appt.

Lynne Schwab Schaefer

Dr. Joe and his wife are both professional and caring. They don't over schedule you and fit you in asap when you need it.

James Sack

Dr. Vincent is very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. I would recommend Dr. Vincent to anyone looking for a great chiropractor. You will not be disappointed.

Chris Salsman

Dr. Joe not only fixes my aches and pains, he helps my infant daughter stay healthy as well. Whether she is teething, battling day care germs, or constipated, Dr. Joe's adjustments help ease her pain, get her healthy, and keep her regular. I never knew how powerful chiropratic care could be for young children until I had a consultation with Dr. Joe. The results he produces are truly amazing.

Kevin Mitten

Dr. Vincent is a miracle worker. I'm very active which leads to me occasionally injuring myself. The first time I visited Dr. Vincent my shoulder had been bothering me for a couple months. I visited him, he needled different trigger points, and the next day all pain was gone. Second visit was yesterday. I pulled a muscle in my back during a box jump and could hardly move it hurt so bad. Again he needled the various trigger points, adjusted my back, and this morning there is no pain. They are also very friendly and prompt. Highly recommend!

Horacio Garcia-Korosec

I highly recommend the office for dry needling and chiropractic needs. The dry needling helped with my lower back pain. I did not need to undergo any treatment from my doctor.

Mark Hoffman

If you’re looking for attentive and friendly care from your chiropractor, Absolute Health (Dr. Vincent) is the place to go. I have been in law enforcement for 10+ years and had horrible lower back pain as a result of wearing heavy gear, protective vest, and riding in a patrol car for 12 or more hours a day. Having been to two other chiropractors before Dr. Vincent, I was not completely sold when he told me he could alleviate my pain. After all, the other two I visited seemed to perform a “generic” adjustment on me that would get me out the door for the next patient. During my 1st visit, Dr. Vincent took the time to explain how all of the factors from my career contributed to my back issues over a period of time. Not only did he explain each issue, but he also took the time to physically point them out on my body, triggering areas I had no idea were even bothering me, then showing me on a model spine exactly what the issues were. Within a handful of visits, I was sleeping better and experiencing significantly less discomfort when I was working. I have since continued seeing him for an injury I sustained when a drunk driver crashed into my car, with positive results. Despite a lengthy process, Dr. Vincent has successfully been able to minimize my discomfort from the injury with regular visits. Not only have I seen him, but my family has as well. My wife was adjusted during two pregnancies to aid in back and hip pain with much success. Both of my youngest children were adjusted by Dr. Vincent after they were born and also to aid in digestive issues they had. Both children showed significant improvement after their adjustments. I had no idea a child so young could benefit so greatly from a delicate adjustment, but Dr. Vincent once again took the time to explain the process, how it works, why the issue existed, and even to demonstrate it on us parents first so we were comfortable with his work. I highly recommend this local, family-owned/operated business to anyone attempting chiropractic care for their 1st time or after unsuccessful experiences with other practices. You won’t be disappointed.

Brittany Salaz

For my 1st time ever. He was awesome!! Made my back feel 100 percent already and i just left maybe and hour ago. Definitely recommend him!!!

Keven Staley

Absolute Heath has been a lifesaver for me! Dr Vincent is a true professional and a master of his craft. I was so comfortable with his care, that I now have my children seeing him too! Thank you!

Todd Stonesifer

I went to see Dr. Joe Vincent for pain in my hip and then again for pain in my shoulder. He is not specific to the back and spine and he fixed me. I strongly recommend him for any sports injuries whether they are bone or muscle related and no matter where the injury is located.

Joe Retkowski

Today I came to see Dr. Joe for the first time. My back went 'out' the day before and I was in terrible pain. I called and spoke with Dr. Joe's wife - she was very helpful and organized, and made an immediate appoint for me. Long story short he fixed me up and I felt much better right away! Dr. Joe took his time, and was extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Joe and his staff. His facility and equipment is also top notch!!

Running Comes From The Heart Samuels

Came in first time was super friendly. I had a running issue with my ankle. Came in he fixed it I felt immediate relief and my ankle has been 100 times better since. I highly recommend this place.

Sarah Duncan

Dr Joe is fantastic! I refer him to everyone I know. His knowledge and professionalism makes you feel that you are in good hands.

Kerry Davies

bill hanna

Matthew Schmal

I had tried a different chiropractor for six visits without any relief. Dr. Vincent had me feeling better after my first visit.

Tiffany Rubin

I've never been adjusted and wasn't looking forward to it but my pain was getting worse and worse over 6 years. Dr. Joe is really knowledgeable, took the time to explain everything and I thought I was going to have to pay way more! I'll be going regularly now because nothing else works and it's completely affordable.

Kristin Stonesifer

Joe explains everything. Office is super clean. Highly recommend this office.

Ashley Santana

I started to see Dr. Vincent last year after experiencing severe headaches linked to pain in my back from stress. Within a few weeks of working with Dr. Vincent I had no pain and no headaches and I continue to have monthly adjustments. Absolutely the best chiropractor in Delaware! I have received other services such as the cryolypolysis that helps with stubborn fat as well as consultation with the nutritionist that works with Absolute Chiropractic who is also absolutely amazing and encouraging in getting your diet where it needs to be. Definitely worth looking into for any health related issues!

Stephen Moseder

The best!!!

Clarissa Brown

I have been seeing Dr. Vincent for about 5/6 months and he has done an amazing job on my back/neck injury. I love that as soon as you walk into Absolute Health you are welcomed by him or his wife who genuinely care about thier patients and treat you like family. I will recommend this practice to anyone and everyone!

Danielle Sampson

My 5 week old son has been restless at night and not sleeping well. Dr. Joe adjusted him and I could tell right away that my baby was relieved. It was written all over his face and he was knocked right out after. Thank you so much. He has been sleeping better all week and counting!

John Berry

Diana Ruddy

I recently experienced dry needling a procedure Dr. J.Vincent does to help me with muscles that are just so tight. He's extremely knowledgeable and professional. Within 24 hrs I felt relief. If you haven't tried this yet, give his office a call today.

Kat Furta

Do not go here if using insurance from an auto accident! Trust me!

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