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REVIEWS OF SoVita Chiropractic Center (Formerly Capitol Chiropractic) IN Connecticut

Kenneth Tonnesen

Awesome! Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

Will Eggers

Initially skeptical, I came in for a well visit, showing no symptoms. After only a month, my flexibility and movement have improved dramatically, helping me be more efficient with my workouts and effective in my sports. The people are consistently cheerful and helpful.

Tammie Streeter

The staff are all very friendly. I look forward to seeing them. They pay attention to all details with you and your plan of becoming healthy. I have been going here for over a year and I feel so good. No more pain in my neck, back and legs.

Robert Faircloth

Capitol Chiropractic Center is great in so many ways! Convenient location, flexible scheduling options and the staff there is outstanding, they make you feel welcomed, greet you by name and are just pleasant to speak to! I look forward to each of my scheduled adjustments.

Esterlyn C

Chiropractic refined my hope in being physically healthy after suffering from many accidental injuries and ignoring painful symptoms for some time. Sovita Chiropractic is Chiropractic done the right way!! Care and affection is well maintained throughout the staff; from the experienced Doctors to Alicia, the awesome and beautiful front desk coordinator. Truly I tell you, I'm able to move better, walk better, feel more energized and sleep comfortably. I don't feel like I'm in the body of an old retired construction worker anymore and I'm beyong grateful to Kelsey and the amazibg Doctors at Sovita Chiropractic. Try it and remember to thank me later!

tracey peyton

Since I've been coming to Sovita its been a life saver for me! I have not felt extreme relief in my lower back for years now and my overall sleep has been much better. I can't thank them enough for all they've done for me. The staff is wonderful and always smiling! I recommend this place to everyone!

Brandon Forrester

Capitol Chiropractic Center has been nothing but a great blessing in my life!!! I have been going for the past 6 months and I won't lie I was pretty skeptical to start when my girlfriend ran to me telling me how great everything was but she wasn't lying at all! The staff is beyond amazing and my lower back pain is completely gone I can play basketball for hours now and not worry about being in pain afterwards. I recommend anyone seeking the help of a chiropractor to give Capitol Chiropractic Center a chance and I'm 100% positive they won't let you down.

Mo Blake

Initially I was skeptical about what chiropractic care could do for me... One of their staff members had set up a booth at my place of employment illustrating the benefits of care vs. down falls of having an unhealthy spine. I was intrigued. There was even a test administered to see if my back was misaligned. At the time, I had already figured out something was out of whack, so I took the test to see if the results would align with what I thought was going on with my body...and it did. Since then I've been in care at Capitol Chiropractic Center. They have a wonderful staff and really cater to your needs, physically, and as far as your schedule is concerned. The issues I had were corrected over time and I felt great until I was injured in a car accident in October 2014. The doctors worked dilligently to get my spine back to how it was before the accident occurred. This practice turned me into a believer.

Christopher Sanchez

When I went to college I had stopped going to chiropractic. Once I set an appointment and saw the explanation for my back and neck pain, I knew I needed treatment. The staff at Capitol Chiropractic were helpful, friendly, and caring. After my initial treatment I could definitely feel the difference. even when I had my car accident I knew that I had to go to the chiropractic office even though I didn't feel anything initially. The doctors knew what was wrong and worked with me and my insurance to work out the paperwork and set up a treatment schedule. Chiropractic just makes sense and I recommend everyone to come over to see these guys. They are amazing.

Brittany W

I recently started under Capital Chiropractic care about 2 months ago. I came in with terrible neck pain, lower back aches and was unable to sleep. I have been attending my appointments regularly and have seen a drastic change. I am pain free, and sleeping incredibly. I look forward to my weekly appointments to maintain my health. The entire staff is knowledgeable, welcoming and most importantly caring about YOU. I would more than highly recommend!

Brianna Sullivan

worst experience , I never worked at a place that treated me so badly . I never thought I would ever write a negative review about a place but it is so necessary . I do not reccommend working here . I never felt so discriminated in my life . As far as disgusting this place is , ladies please be careful with the gowns they do not wash them !!! If you are trying to grow in an office and be treated fairly do not apply here . I had issues with my checks and the manager did not care . I had to constantly email my boss about my problems and never got a reply . The boss did not care until I brought up calling the labor department . Shouldn't have to be that way . They asked me to do some training on my free time , which is illegal !!! Did some over time and I had to bother my boss to pay me for those hours . Please do not apply here !!! Never worked at a place that made me feel so uncomfortable , felt so unwelcomed and unwanted because of the way I looked .

Jonathan Jacques

I am proud to have been a patient at capitol chiropractic for many years now, and I can't say enough about the excellent service, atmosphere, and improvement in my health that I've experienced thanks to Dr. B, Dr. Jerry, Dr. Loretta and their welcoming staff. Before I came to Capitol Chiropractic, I experienced daily back and neck pain along with chronic migraines due to a concussion. I had tried all different orthopedic and neurological specialists with little relief. I reluctantly came in to see about this chiropractor my parents were raving about. From that first visit, I gained not only relief from migraines but have treated the root cause. Nothing else gave me freedom from multiple daily migraines. I really appreciate that they also educated me on my health and how my spine is a crucial key to overall health. Recently a back injury brought me back to their doors, and I think I will stay on a wellness plan to maintain the level of health I've attained thanks Capitol Chiropractic.

Diane Drakes

Capital Chiropractic is a class act! Upon entering the door you are greeted and feel extremely welcome in the office. The entire staff has been educated about the importance of chiropractic care, and will even give you information and little fun quizzes to make sure you understand your body and the care plan. In the past, I have experienced people that have been in the business for all the wrong reasons, and you felt it in every way! Since becoming a patient, I have slept better (like a baby:), had increased clarity of thought, and experienced less headaches. This is a definite consistent 5 star experience. You deserve the best, and it doesn't get better than Capital Chiropractic! they even

Monika Acharya

I my loving the way I feel with just 12 sessions done. It's wonderful when you can enjoy ur work, baby, family, sleep and waking back up as fresh everyday. Being happy and feeling good after a few adjustments don't know how good I will be once the treatment is done! It is true that the treatment transforms you into a brand new person. What adds is the welcome and attention each person working there gives you even after soo many patients visit them everyday. Love it and highly recommended!

Kyle O'Connor

The best!

Danielle Guy

I would love to share my experience! By far the absolute best choice I have made in my life to come here with a huge nudge by my amazing cousin who have expressed her concerns with my health/chronic pains. I had been in car accidents within the years of 2006 & 2008 that led up to having surgery on my left shoulder in 2009. During that course of 4 years with being in so much pains that practically limited doctors with not being able to perform an MRI due to my cochlear implants, my daily routines, driving and/or doing activities with my precious kids. Had daily constant pains with my neck being (slightly swollen) mind you it was to the point where I wanted to cry! With my 2009 surgery things started to look up, high five to Dr. Anbari, he was my lifesaver, but it wasn't just complete yet, then boom, another incident. In March of 2013 while working inside the home of a resident (mentally disabled) I've worked with for 6 years deliberately attacked me that led up to having severe neck spasm. I did the norms as everyone does of doing physical therapies from 2xs a week to 5xs a week which there was no signs of any improvements with my pains. I've lost significant amount of weight, passing out and throwing up, because of it the pains that my body couldn't handle, I was on several medications none was helping me, had a severe reactions to one medication, mind you again it was horrible ordeal that I don't wish on no one to have adhere through! Once again, boom, another incident involving another car accident on July of 2013, I seriously cannot cannot catch a break right!?? My car was totaled, my body going through the same cycle, and to a point where I gave up hope! The amazing cousin of mine step in giving me insight of hope and that chiropractor would be the best route to give it a try. If it wasn't for my cousin, the amazing staffs, and the outstanding doctors who have worked closely to educate me about my body equals am BLESSED! They took their time regardless of how busy they are, not like any doctors would do to rush you in and your out with no hope! Without them I wouldn't know what to do! With that being said I've feel significant improvements overall with my body, just recently I had to cancelled my appointments last week and this week. I have never felt so GULITY in my life! I was so miserable! Yesterday I was thrilled to get adjusted! Amazing that each adjustments never failed to ceases me on what a difference it made! YOU GUYS ROCK! You have been a blessing to me and I THANK YOU for all you guys do!!

nausher din

SoVita is absolutely great! I was in terrible pain for the last two years. I couldn’t sit on my desk even for 1 hour. My right hand was in so much pain that it used to become sore. Finally I went to SoVita and started my sessions with Dr Jerry and Dr Matthew. I started my sessions from August 2019 and I am in really good condition. Now I can sit on my desk and focus on work. I Highly Recommend SoVita!


After two months of adjustments, two decades of lower back pain are gone!! I can sit and sleep with comfort and turn my head easier. My back feels great and I've developed what feels like new mobility. My feet used to throb at the end of the day, this has ceased also. Several members of my family are being adjusted by Sovita and all with excellent results. I've been to other chiropractors in the greater Hartford area, Sovita's has absolutely been the best and the most effective. Highly recommend to everyone.

mike m

On Chiropratic I’m smart. I talk about complicated things, with other people, who are also smart. It’s not an arrogant assertion either; I’m just smart with some things. I ask a lot of questions to other smart people as well. I also talk about complicated things to people who aren’t as smart as I am on the topic, in a way they can understand. This is what I don’t understand about medicine. The mark of a smart person is the ability to explain a complicated thought in simple terms because they truly grasp the concept. Then why is it that such highly educated individuals can rarely explain in simple terms what causes and corrects my ailments? I concede that we’ll never know all there is to know about the human body, but it’s nothing short of disturbing when a remedy is discovered that’s been hidden in plain view. From chronically sore joints to on-set asthma, I feel like I have a “normal” health history. The only reason it feels normal is because everyone else feels the same way I do, and no one says anything. I’ve learned over the past few weeks that there is nothing normal about my health at all, and that I am the one who is truly responsible for my poor quality of care. I’m currently undergoing treatment at Capitol Chiropractic in Hartford, Connecticut, and I cannot believe the incredible results I’ve been experiencing. Between breathing easier, sleeping better, being more coherent, and that sharp pain in my lower back all but disappearing, I really can’t help but feel duped by the colloquially understood “traditional medicine”, that has done literally nothing up to this point except waste my time and take my money. I used to feel like a widget produced by a factory when I would visit a doctor for something other than a broken bone or a large gash. I felt disheartened by leaving the office more confused than I was going in. In all honesty and in one hundred percent truth, it made me feel dumb. Chiropractic does not claim to have all of the answers, it’s not a snake-oil pitch, but it does offer reasonable logic and practical solutions. I believe in further writings I might address why I believe I wasn’t referred to a chiropractor by a health professional at any point over the years, as well as why on earth a medical professional would choose treating over curing. One of my favorite observations is that “Lack of evidence of existence, is not evidence of non-existence”. Chiropractic whole heartedly embraces this notion and warns that feeling healthy is not necessarily being healthy. I, for one, am too happy with the results I’ve gotten to have any room for the gripping angst I’ve built up for the traditional health machine, and what it’s done.

Jennifer Bourret

I was a skeptic about chiropractic care in the beginning. I believe in natural medicine, so I gave it a try and am very happy with the results. I found relief from pain associated with vulvar vestibulitis that I lived with for 10 years. It is unbelievable how many issues can be traced to specific nerves and vertebrate! I also feel chiropractic care has improved my overall health. I used to get a common cold frequently, but have had only one since starting chiropractic care two years ago. Capital Chiropractic is also extremely convenient for me since I work in downtown Hartford. I recommend Capital Chiropractic.

Pete W

Great Doctors and support staff! I feel better every-time I go there. Doctor Jerry is great, and Kelsey and girls at the desk are friendly.

Zachariah Zannoni

This office is so much more than a typical chiropractic care center. The staff is truly invested in the overall health of each client. SoVita Chiropractic focus is on improving the quality of life for every individual they meet. All staff members consistently engage with and support each client. The model of care utilized at SoVita Chiropractic should be encouraged at all types of healthcare facilities. Clients' health is the top priority, and SoVita Chiropractic is committed to helping each client overcome many health challenges and barriers that create limitations in life. I know my life is forever changed by the care I received and still receive from SoVita Chiropractic. This is the best healthcare I have experienced, and I could never imagine discontinuing care from SoVita Chiropractic.

luis rebutti

Sovita is a warm welcoming place, where you are treated like family.Ever since I began my treatmemt with sovita I have felt the change in my body and the pain and I have been carrying for years have subsided.The Doctors and the staff are just wonderful and they are always ready to answer your concerns and to work with you around your schedule.They also provide information by scheduling classes of wellness and how to tackle problems that you have.I would recommend them any time and I have already done so to my friends and familyand I hope to continue my treatment to recovery for a long time.Thank you Sovita.

Sarah DeMerchant

I've been going there for the past two months and I feel great! The office staff are a bonus to each visit! Super friendly and professional! So happy I made the decision to go.

Rich Hanratty

Doctors Schmitt and Spadaro are amazing healers. I admit I was skeptical at first, but after almost 50 adjustments I can honestly say I am much better than when I first came in for treatment of chronic back pain. As an aging athlete, my approach had been to ignore various aches and pains and hope they would just go away. The doctors and staff at SoVita have proven to me that a proactive approach to maintaining spinal and overall health is much more effective. I feel very lucky to have found such caring and talented health care professionals.

Awe Write

Never felt better!!! Awesome staff and awesome chiropractic care!!!!

William Payne

First and formost the staff is very professional and knowledgeable on all areas of chriopractic treatments and services. All staff is very friendly polite and always smiling. Since i have attended these adjustments these two months my back has gotten so much better and most recently my ankle has gotten bettee.

Nicci G

I was referred to Capitol Chiropractic a little over a month ago because I was experiencing lower back pain. I will admit that I was a little leery at first, but after weeks of readjustments from Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Wade I feel more at ease. My back pain has dramatically improved. I cannot say enough about how absolutely friendly the ENTIRE staff is!!! It really is a great experience from the time you walk through their doors, until the time you leave.

Thomas Cummings

I had lower back problems for years but since being in treatment this year, back is really improving. The doctors and staff are very professional: Their customer service is also first class. Tom Cummings

Olivia Henry

Staff very friendly and professional. Doctors are great and know what they are doing. I came in i could not bend or stand for too long. Had very bad headaches and could not turn my head properly which was a problem while driving. In 3 months I have seen significant changes in all these areas. If this is something you need to get better I suggest to try their treatment money well spent ignore the naysayers it works with the right people and these doctors are the right people.

Divina Montebon

Very friendly staff...compassionate and caring doctors...I came in with nerve pains..knee pain..digestive problems...headaches..insomnia. even with my first visit I recognized immediate relief from all my pains. My overall health has improved and feeling stronger everyday...starting to feel like myself again...positive and happy! Thank you for the wonderful things you do!

Kelsey Boyce

Kirst Dawkins

It never fails to amaze me how welcoming the staff are EVERY time I have an appointment. They all handle the patients with such care and attention. On top of this, all of my pain has been relieved and my all-around bodily functions have heightened. I thought my pain would last forever but SoVita proved to me otherwise through education and application. Thank you SoVita.

Rochelle Byrdsong

Sovita Chiropractic has been a great experience for me this far. Only a few months in and I have noticed a significant change. As a child I suffered bad headaches and as an adult migraines have consumed most of my days. Since getting treatment my migraines have gone away completely.The staff is very friendly and easygoing with setting appointments. The doctors are very kind and knowledgeable and they offer sessions to learn about the care given and why it is so important to care for your spine and body health. I would definately recommend coming to Sovita.

Livia bruce

I've been to several chiropractors just to leave with the same issues but not at Capital chiropractic! I swear by the doctors and I'm a totally different person after my adjustments. I went from having pain on a daily basis to being pain free for years. If you're considering getting an adjustment this is the place you need to be.

Danielle DeVaul

I 've had shoulder trouble since 2007 with pain and numbness. I was taking 4 Motrin anytime I wanted to play volleyball or softball and would wake up in the middle of the night with pain from numbness. As fate would have it I met someone from capital chiropractic and figured after spending over $1,000 on failed tests and physical therapy, it was worth a try. No more numbness overnight, no post sport/workout pain and no longer needing to take Motrin. You feel like family at capital chiropractic and I recommend everyone to go whether you have symptoms or not!

Giovanni Whitman

The doctors and staff are friendly and awesome. I recommend

Bryan Nelson

I've been coming to CCC for about two months now. I was referred by a co-worker from my job who told me I would love it and feel a lot better. I did not have any aches or pains or any serious medical issues but I thought I'd give it a try. After my first adjustment, I immediately noticed that my sleep was more restful and I was not as tired throughout the day. I sometimes work very long days that can be stressful and the chiropractic care that I've been receiving definitely allows me to do that. I highly recommend everyone to come to Capital Chiropractic Center and start a chiropractic program. The doctors and desk staff are amazing and truly care about your health and making you a better individual. Even if you have no pains or medical problems, go get an evaluation and see where you stand. Go today!!! Don' Wait!!!

Robert Forrest

Best chiropractic experience I have ever had. I feel great. Very highly recommended


They perform their craft with care. Healthy spine, healthy body, healthy mind. Cheers.

Gregory Covington

I've had and is still having a wonderful experience at Capitol Chiropractic, I've been having problems with my back for quit awhile, coming here has really helped me in my daily ventures. The staff are wonderful as well. Thanks guys.

Tara Louise

Wonderful place! I was initially skeptical of getting chiropractic treatmets, however with some encouragement from my family and after seeing how much my spine was out of alignment (subluxation) and even seeing beginning stages of degenerative disc disease in my cervical spine by way of the x-rays and exams, I decided to give it a try. Some treatments later I began to REALLY see some positive changes. Prior to this I always felt like I needed massages to relieve tension and pain. The need for massages has significantly diminished as the root cause has been addressed here at SoVita. I also noticed better range of motion. One of the things I love most about this place is that when I walked in the staff is always willing to educate you. For someone who is mostly on top of my health and constantly asking doctors questions and making sure they are on point and that I understand recommendations, I was really happy to see a health center that is actually in alignment (no pun intended lol) with my core values. Education, Education, Education is so important and I recommend ALL patients, clients, etc dealing with any medical/wellness establishment to take that same route.

Keturah Jazmyné

Frank Berrian

Since day 1 I have noticed a difference in neck mobility. But beyond that, I have asthma, and also since day 1 my use of my inhaler has reduced considerably. Short answer this works.


Super friendly and engaging staff from the moment you walk in. Rarely will you find the level of service, assistance and attention to your well being than you do at Capitol Chiropractic Center. From a clinical results standpoint, 1 month into my treatments I'm already noticing nice progress with an issue that's been ailing me for 6 months. I strongly recommend paying a visit to the folks at CCC if you are having issues that require Chiropractic care!

Emilio Sanchez-Kendrick

First off, I have to say I wish there were more stars to click because this place is worth more than 5 stars! Everyone is extremely kind, knowledgeable on the human body, and "they can turn the sun on when you first walk in".

Chris Cardella

The staff is wicked nice, the doctors are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive of your care. The office is clean, modern and welcoming.

Frank Salas

Crystal Gatcomb

I have been going here for over 10 years! I used to have constant headaches, back aches...but no more! I feel stronger and healthier having been a regular customer. I can't imagine not going!

Lola Bud

I have struggled with severe headache and back ache until my very first adjustment with Dr Jerry at Capitol Chriopractor. I was able to laugh and not feel like my head was gonna explode, with each adjustment the tightness in my neck and shoulders gradually gets better . I never knew I would be able to get good posture and be on my way on becoming totally pain free . Capitol Chriopractor Doctors and staff are wonderful ..Highly recommended .

Michelle Photographer

I have been going to Capitol Chiropractic Center for a few months now and I can NOT believe the change in my pain relief AND my overall health. I love their approach to healthcare and life in general. The ENTIRE staff is amazing, upbeat and welcoming. I am so very glad I took the first step in turning my power on and making sure that my health and well being will be in a much better place now. I have not had ANY neck and shoulder pain since probably my 5th visit there and it's amazing! I thought I was going to have to live with that pain for the rest of my life. NOPE! I can not recommend this place more! My entire family is now going there and we're all reaping the benefits of better overall health and pain relief! I wish I could tell the world about it!

Katharine Loughlin

Wonderful place, talented Dr's and super friendly/helpful staff. I was dubious about how effective chiropractic could be for me, but it's been amazing. After my first adjustment I was able to turn my head all they way over my shoulder for the first time in 10 years. I've experience pain reduction, better mobility, and improved sleep. It's been such a positive experience I have stuck with it for 2 years, driving in from Meriden CT. Totally worth it!

Kevin Siroid

Great place....

Nancy Mendez

My family and I feel better than ever! Thank YOU! Love the staff, First Class Care!!

Diana Williams

I'd spent the last three plus years battling with long-term illness and the traditional doctors were clueless despite numerous visits and tests. I suffered from rapid palpitations, severe digestive issues, breathing issues and exhaustion. When I walked into Capitol Chiropractor about a month ago I was desperate and felt hopeless. I left feeling some hope that someone finally understood and that I could be helped. There is so much love in this place and you can feel it the moment you walk in. The huge smiles, warm greetings that almost feel like you are being hugged by invisible arms. The front office staff is sensational and the doctors are exceptional! One month later I am feeling so much better. I am now able to add back foods to my diet that previously I could no longer eat, I have more energy and I am able to sit up for as long as I want, my sleep is better and I am becoming the morning person again that I truly am and my appetite has increased too! This is the best I am feeling in a long while. Lastly, thank you Kelsey for encouraging me and making it easier for me to do this! Diana W

Cristian Gogu

Very friendly and professional staff and excellent medical services. They help you keep your spine in place and put a smile upon your face!

Tia M

Great staff! Greater results!!! Very informative crew!

Travis Samuels

As an athlete, I developed knee, lower back and neck pains. It was difficult to continue playing sports and/or work out. Capitol chiropractic was able to find misalignment in my spine that caused the pain. After a few session, the pains started to decrease! Thanks to them, I am a stronger athlete and healthier man

Lance McDougald

Great staff everyone's so friendly, great results everytime i come in and get adjusted, everyone's really informative, I would highly recommend to anyone.

Francisco Acevedo

After developing a severe pain in my lower back from work related stress I sought out treatment at SoVita. Since then they have been able to identify the cause and address the source of the pain. Thankfully after a few visits the pain was gone and I could function better at work. I highly recommend for quality chiropractic care. They have a great staff and amazing knowledgeable doctors that truly understand the practice. I can walk in every time feeling comfortable and knowing each visit is well worth it.

Megan Wert

A great place. I've been going there for seven years now. And they are great. I play a lot of sports, so I bang up my body and back from falls and collisions almost every weekend from playing Soccer and Basketball and running. Capitol Chiropratic keeps my back in shape to make sure that my power is on and I'm able to continue to play my sports without having to worried about being injure

Elizabeth Burke

I am so grateful to Capitol Chiropractic for helping me to understand how to get to having better health and a better life! When I first came to CCC, I was in so much pain and could not take any pain medication because of chronic kidney disease. They helped me to understand how poorly my body was operating due to subluxations and educated me on how to improve my health. As a result, my pain is gone, I'm stress free, sleeping better, functioning better in my life and work. I thank God that they are here for me and making each day a better feeling day!

Shanda Williams

I really love this place, it's like a family! Formerly known as Capital Chiropractic, it's a new name, but the same great services! I can count on their faces to be smiling every time I walk through the door. The follow-up for consistent care is wonderful, and I love the fact that this facility also educates their patients about maintaining the care! I recommend this place to everyone I know. I've been feeling great since the first adjustment. :)

Akhil Gaur

Alvin James

I highly recommend this place to everyone. It was recommended to me and I'm glad I listened and came in. I've been going for almost a year now and I have no inkling of stopping. The doctors are superb and the staff is exceptional.

Gully Foyle

I am facing the world again. Most significant to me my depression lifted after my first visit. I was virtually pain free for the first time in years. I had forgotten what living w/o pain was like. I was being dragged down needlessly for so long. After my second adjustment I feIt I was walking normally for the first time in memory; No limp or hitch. I had a bounce in my step again. It was incredibly liberating. I walked in off the street, told them I was in town for a week and needed help. Ms. Carriero processed me quickly and Dr. McNicholas saw me right away. I got a comprehensive exam w/ X-rays and the doctor pushed through my results in consideration of my timeline to see me again later that same day for my first adjustment. They accomodated my schedule and saw me for five adjustments in as many days. I am me again. I can work, work out, look forward to getting on my bike, an activity I thought I could never enjoy again. I was sliding down the slope at too young an age. I’d resigned myself to the pain, limited mobility, and life. I’m walking back up that slope now to start enjoying life again.

JP Jordan

From the friendly and welcoming admins to the knowledgeable and effective doctors, I'd wholeheartedly recommend SoVita to those looking for chiropractic care.

Tamara Highsmith

Taylor Spear

Great people, great atmosphere. Very informative about the chiropractic practice. Very flexible scheduling. All around awesome experience. :-)

Sidney Hale

Worst experience ever. First time my wife comes in alone the office girl tries to convince her to sign up for 3 treatments a week for 2 months, 2 treatments a month for 2 months, and then 1 treatment a month for 2 months for both of us to be paid for all up front for a grand total of $1,400. When my wife said we didn't have that much money and thought that was excessive, she tried tto pressure my wife into putting the total on a credit card. Now, 2 months later, I decide to try them again, and the office stafc wanted me to start the whole process all over again. All of the paperwork, all the testing, so they can rebill my insurance. The doctors do not believe in therapeutic massage. One pretty much told me that was quackery. Do not believe the paid for testamonials you see here. Do not come to this scam artists business.


Before Chiropractic care I could stand for about 15 min and moving was difficult. Bending to pick up items was a challenge to not move the wrong way and further aggravate already tense and painful muscles. Since starting Chiropractic care at CCC I am now pain free, I can move as needed without suffering, and for the first time since I was a child I can sit on the floor and roll back to a laying position without any discomfort or pain and actually enjoy being able to walk long distances and work out. The work they do is a true blessing! They are wonderful people, lively, understanding, and helpful, with hours that work with any schedule.

Tina Tyson

I have been going to SoVita for about 3 months now. I suffer from bursitis and had many restless nights. Since my ongoing treatments, I've been able to sleep through the night with minimal tossing and turning. The staff is super friendly and like the sitcom "Cheers" its nice to go to an office where everybody knows your name. I love it!

Dalton Hughes

Dr. Jerry and the rest of the staff are very warm and welcoming and they treat you like family. The obvious care about chiropractic care and they want to help people.

Milon Coachman

They are the most professional. ..awesome. ..staff imaginable

Honora Torto

Valerie Santos

I’ve been getting adjusted for several years and I truly believe it has enhanced my overall well-being. I’m in my 50s and do not have to take any prescriptions. The doctors are very personable and genuinely care about you and your health.

Alicia Burgess

The chiropractic care I receive at Capitol Chiropractic Center has significantly improved my quality of life. For over three years, I've suffered from severe headaches that I would wake up with mostly daily. I began having to set my alarm an hour prior to having to get up in the morning so that I could eat something, take 600 MG of ibuprofen and lay back down, praying I would hear my alarm to start my day. Today I am excited to say that I haven't awaken with a headache in 29 days straight, I'm sleeping better than ever and my overall health has improved. The positive environment of the office, and TLC from the staff makes this a one-of-a-kind wellness experience. Thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart, CCCH!! I look forward to chiropractic care for life!

Venice Nelson

After being out of work for two weeks and was unable to function. I was able to return to to work after only two weeks of adjustments and is completely pain free. Who knew the importance of chiropractic care to your health and well being. I totally recomend it.

Spartan African

Great chiropractors, very nice staff. I'm thankful for all the help I have gotten. This has changed my life. Better health, better me. Thank you Dr Jerry,

Brenda Machado

It's an outstanding feeling to walk into this office and walk out feeling so energetic relief and pain free without opening a bottle of meds!!! All I want for valentines is a well adjusted spine and I know where to get that!!! #capitolchiropractors #hartford

Jaime O'Connor

I was referred to Capitol Chiropractic by a friend a few months ago, and it's been great! Everyone is so friendly and my pretty severe lower back pain is basically completely gone!! I highly recommend them :)

Mark Masterful

The entire staff at Sovita makes a positive impact on my day with each and every appointment. The chiropractic process has had a positive impact on my entire life.

Meghan Argenta

I have being going to Sovita Chiropractic for 3 to 4 years, each time for a different injury. Dr. Jerry has been a fantastic help throughout my journey. The staff are amazing, personable and accommodating. Their hours are flexible. There's not much else you could ask for. If you are thinking about having chiropractic care the initial exam and adjustment are free. Flexible payment plans as well.

Jay Vee

I love it here. I didn't know how bad my spine could have been before CCC. Since day one, I've receieved step by step instructions about my potential issue and how to prevent it even outside the office. The top notch customer service by the lovely team of ladies at the front desk make every trip a pleasent one. But of course, the reliable, professional doctors ready and willing to plan out steps to my success in health and wellness were enough to convince me to put my back in their hands. Four years later, I haven't regretted that decision once. Thanks CCC!!

Norkecha Battle

I have been going to Capital Chiropractor Center since 2009 and when I started I had some challenges with making simple movements like bending, standing, sitting and walking. Since I have been keeping up with my regular appointments and stretching my conditions have improved 100% and now I continue to receive chiropractic care to maintain optimal health.

Gianni Castaldo

Capitol chiropractic is the best! I came here with allergies and lower back pain- Dr. Jerry and Dr. Boghosian are both amazing and skilled. I have no lower back pain, can breath better and have a lot more energy at the gym - I only recommend friends and family to Capitol Chiropractic! Thank you doctors and staff!

Tiffany C

I few yrs ago, I started taking my son to Chiropractic. I notice the change in him. I recently decided to take my son back to Capitol Chiropractic Center when he informed me he was getting back pain and his jaw was in pain from a previous accident. Since then I have schedule wellness program through Capitol Chiropractic for the entire family. Before, I couldn't clean my 5 bdrm house all in one day because I myself was getting aches on my lower back, I had no energy and almost always felt tired. Since Chiropractic I no longer have back pains, and my migraines are getting better as I continue treatment. I recommend Capitol Chiropractic to everyone. They have great customer services. They make you feel important, they work with you, they are friendly, the place is clean and everyone there is very professional. I give them a 5 star for all their hard work.

Anthony Wayne

I first started coming here in 2016 and I was consistently coming for a year and I felt great! Then life caught up to me and I didn’t come back for a year which was a mistake because I started to feel pain again, once I came back which it’s been a month now I feel so much better, positive vibes, great people and of course great adjustments! Dr. Jerry thank you!!

Sushant Paricharak

My experience was very excellent, ssuch a nice family we got, always cheering n smiling faces. A. Lots of learning about our internal energy...and dr jerry wow a man with hard work,positivity and expertise.


Capitol Chiropractic is amazing. Staff is friendly and accommodating and the doctors are all very knowledgeable. I cannot recommend highly enough.

Nataki Pelage

The staff is excellent, knowledgeable and welcoming. I have been coming here for almost two years and I have been pain free ever since. Will recommend this place to any and everyone!!!

Hailey Machado

I LOVE this place! My boyfriend and I have been coming here since September and we look forward to our visits every time. I absolutely love the chiropractors and everyone who works here. The genuine compassion and positive energy radiates from everyone and I find myself always leaving with a smile. I recommend them to anyone and everyone. Ask my friends ;) seriously, my back and neck pains I used to experience regularly are now nowhere to be found. I can't say enough good about this office. Please come see Dr Jerry and Wade. They are phenomenal. I definitely feel like part of the chiropractic family now... I have been to other chiropractors in the past and was never educated properly about any of the things I have learned at each visit at Capitol Chiropractic. I have truly learned so much about the importance of a healthy spine and its contribution to overall health and wellness. Jerry is the kindest and most caring health professional I have ever encountered. It is obvious he simply loves what he does. Again, cannot express how grateful I am to have found this office and to have made it part of my regular routine! Ten stars.

Matt Noyes

Capitol Chiropractic has been an amazing blessing to my family (me, my wife, and two children). In 2006 I was new to the area and was experiencing significant pain and problems with my lower back and a co-worker recommended that I call Capitol Chiropractic...It was great advice and I'm so glad that I did. Dr. Boghosian took the time to examine my situation and put together a plan that would not only help my lower back issue, but would also improve my overall health. I followed the plan and the results have been great. The low back issues that were once a constant problem are almost non-existent and my overall health has improved, I'm hardly ever sick. My family has great experiences as well. My wife got regular adjustments when she was pregnant and her labor was only 18 minutes! We attribute that to the adjustments and keeping her hips, pelvis, and spine in proper alignment. When my son was born his head would tilt to one side. Dr. B examined him and corrected the situation. He is now 8 years old, is extremely healthy, and has no spine or neck problems - all thanks to Capitol Chiropractic. The staff is amazing as well. Whenever I got into the office I feel like they're glad to see me and that I'm part of the family. Capitol Chiropractic in Hartford, Connecticut has transformed our lives in a positive way and we are forever grateful.


I've been coming here since I was 15 years old. My headaches were absolutely horrible! My pediatrician prescribed me 200mg of Ibeuprofen, which did NOT WORK! Once I was adjusted, my headache was non-existent for the rest of that day :) Ever since then, I've come back for relief of my headaches. I also, when my body is sore (usually from working out), I make sure to come get adjusted. It also works for my colds or if my lymph nodes get swollen (I kid you not!) Chropractic care is my go-to. I hate taking medicine. Aside from Jesus, proper dieting, exercise and Chiropractic care is all you need :) Great staff! They're bundles of joy!

Darrell Collins

The staff there are very kind and care about their patients. The reception staff are inspiring and help make sure you understand the importance of chiropractic care and the doctors are very enthusiastic about their patients health and they drive home its importance. I've been going for over a year and I've noticed the difference between my body before being adjusted and afterward. Unbelievable improvements in overall health.

John Stonoha

On a whim I had a screening completed and needed therapy. After three months my back has never felt better. My spine is in alignment and the supporting muscles are flexible again. I cannot believe the improvement. Well worth the time and money.

Iman Del Sol

I have felt tremendously better since I started receiving chiropractic care from SoVita. Not only have I been able to move better, I have also experienced an increase in energy, mental clarity and focus!

Axel Ost

Friendly staff , nice office , excellent doctors.

Mary Pat Campbell

Have been going regularly since 2013. I have degenerate disc disease in my neck, and I was looking for non-drug relief -- I have gotten awesome results. Yes, I do still have pain from time to time, but the improvement from my prior chronic pain situation has been enormous. Very convenient location to where I work, and I'm never left waiting long. Very professional staff.


I love the team here. Dr. Jerry is very thorough and always helps with any questions. Their plan for me was exactly what I needed to get me aligned and has helped me with my pain tremendously. I no longer need anything for my pain and feel great. I owe it all to Dr. Jerry!

Paid International

Well this is going to be easy because it's all the truth. I met a person named Joe at the CVS Pharmacy in East Hartford I just had a regular cold. He told me thats the best time to go to the Chiropractor. I went in for a visit because I've had a bad back all my life since a car accident earlier in my childhood. Once I went in for my consultation, I seen my X-rays and they were way out of wack. I had a free adjustment that day I felt great. After just month of visits I saw another x-ray and my back has made major improvements. From severe to all normal. I was in complete shock. I'm just gonna keep this short and sweet. I've been doing my exercises twice daily and feel completely renewed. It's been such a blessing, I would say. Blessed, Godly hands shaping me back into place. But what can I say, it says it right there in the Bible, we were all made in his image. I really appreciate the staff and how I feel day to day. I feel great. Thank you, Sincerely, Julian H. a.k.a Big Jewelz

Jacqueline Moore

I only had 2 visits to the office. One for the x-ray, and one for the assessment and adjustment. The Chiropractor I met was great, kind and very helpful. The Secretary/Admin was not amazing. It was mentally painful being told to read off paragraphs of information and when we got to the money part I felt pressured to create a plan and spend money that I didn't have or want to spend.

Deb K

I have used the services of the SoVita Chiropractic Center for more than 5 years. The staff is knowledgeable and caring, especially Dr. Schmitt whom I have worked with the most. I had some painful issues as a result of sciatica and a serious fall that injured my right hip. Today I am feeling great as a direct result of the care I received at the Center. I highly recommend their natural medicine approach that works as well as pharmaceuticals without the side effects! This Center will be part of my wellness plan going forward. I hope you also will consider it whether you are in pain or not. They will move you toward greater health in either case.

Linda K.

I started going to Capitol Chiropractic some time ago for chronic neck pain that had become intolerable. Right from the first adjustment, I experienced significant relief, and regular appointments have definitely helped keep the pain under control. The doctors are wonderful; very friendly and caring, and the office staff has been great in accommodating my often crazy schedule. At this point, I look forward to my visits to maintain the relief that I have found.

B. Layton

Excellent Chiropractors and office staff who care about your health. I regularly get adjustments from Dr. Boghosian and Dr. Jerry Schmitt, both are excellent. I'm just one one of their success stories. I've been a regular patient since 2007 or earlier, I've lost track of time. I came to Dr. Boghosian with lack of movement in my neck and my hip bother me on the elliptical machine. He first examined me and took xrays before making any adjustments. I came back a few days later, for a follow up visit, and after review of xrays, noted I had spinal Subluxations in my neck and back,and he could help me. My first adjustment on my neck, which only could move 45 degrees to the right, after my first adjustment I could now move my neck almost 80-90 degrees to the right now. I was amazed, my neck had been tight for years. My back felt better too, after the first adjustments, my hip didn't bother me on the elliptical machine that same evening. I was hooked, I continued the initial 6 mo adjustment plan for maximum results, My spine was in really in good shape after 6 mo. and I was feeling great. Its important to do stretching exercises they give you, for maximum results, the more flexible your spine is, the better the adjustments. I believe the problems I had at the first visit, were from a fall off my roof years before, at that time, the emergency room sent me home and said take aspirin. I continue to come for periodic adjustments to maintain my spinal health. I had dramatic improvements in the first 6 months from adjustments, feeling much better. A few years back, I over did it, pulling a window ac out and threw out my L5, again after xrays, they revised adjustments, and I was was feeling great after some weeks of regular adjustments. The past four weekends I've been out snow blowing, shoveling and roof raking an average 2 hrs straight, and with stretching before hand, my back has been holding up great. I've been an active road bicyclists since 2008 and my back and neck are holding up well with regular stretching, exercise and adjustments. I can't give enough praise for these folks for keeping me feeling physically young,. The office staff is friendly and great too.

Jocelyn Ricketts

I started going to get adjusted in late July. I was referred by my spouse. After my second adjustment I could already feel a difference. I could rock my baby on our ottoman without an excruciating headache when ever I looked down to admire my sleeping daughter. I have now had 7 adjustment in total and can say my daily headaches are gone. I can stand up from a sitting or Laying position without having to sit back down due to dizziness or the onset of a headache. As a mother of 2 I can truly say it has been a God sent. Without the referral from my husband I would have never found out the cause behind my recurrent head aches and dizzy spells. Definitely worth the time to check these guys out. The staff is phonaminal and will take care of you starting from your first call.

Tracy V. Allen

SoVita Chiropractic Center is a warm, friendly and professional practice where they are invested in the overall well-being of their patients. The doctors are knowledgeable and always willing to lend an ear and answer any questions that you may have about the things that you’re feeling physically and emotionally as you go through the process of realignment and getting your body back to a more normal state. My weekly sessions have definitely made getting through my workday a lot more bearable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to take a more natural route to reducing pain.

Kate Lucas

After months of typical treatments for my back injury, I finally tried chiropractic. The staff at SoVita cares about their patients and educating them about the importance of a healthy spine and the treatments they receive. I feel AMAZING!! My energy has greatly improved, I'm able to work out again, and can get back to living like a normal college student. I would recommend SoVita to anyone, injured or uninjured - spine health is critical for everyone.

Peggy Schoedler

I never knew just how much pain a car accident could cause until I got hit while at a red light. Eight weeks of SoVita Chiropractic care has alleviated all my pain from my neck and back. Thank you SoVita!!!

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