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REVIEWS OF Shoreline Family Chiropractic and Wellness IN Connecticut

Stephen Caggiano

Very Talented Chiropractors Do not underestimate the expertise and professionalism of Drs. Paterna and Braglia. They are truly medical experts in their chosen field. If you've used chiropractors before, you'll immediately recognize this group's high level of aptitude; if you've never used a chiropractor and are unsure of its effectiveness...go to Shoreline and start healing.

Gary Martin

Always an enjoyable part of my day to visit and get adjusted.

Scott Machado

I’ve been coming to Shoreline Family Chiropractic for years. The team is great, and my spine is healthy!

Angel Bruno

I've been coming here for a couple of years and don't regret it one bit. Drs Paterna and Briggs are great. They care about the whole health of the patient and we clearly passionate about their profession. Staff is friendly. Atmosphere is welcoming.

Cassie Papa

UPDATE: I have been a patient for almost a year now and EVERY encounter has been positive and pleasant. I wrote a positive review already, but after today I feel as though I need to write another one. I was having pain/discomfort for two days, I finally called the office hoping that they would be able to see me today. Even though I gave them such short notice, I was told to come in at my convenience and they would be happy to see me. I arrived and Jen & Dr. CJ greeted me with a smile as usual, followed up with "are you okay?!". I waited less than 5 minutes to be seen. Dr. Paterna took the time to listen to me, my adjustment was tailored around my pain, being sure I didn't have to move more than needed or be in a position that would hurt. I walked out of the office with minimal/no pain!!!!! Compassion, respect, flexibility, empathy, smiles, professionalism and integrity are just a few of the things you will experience when you visit this office... The whole practice is just AMAZING! Dr. Paterna has changed my life!!! For about 15 years I dealt with severe back/neck pain, amongst other issues that I never knew were related to my spine and poor posture. My shoulders and neck became the new "home" for any stress I was feeling, but after just ONE visit to Shoreline Family Chiropractic I felt a huge relief and my appointments are now the highlight of my day. Everyone in the office is professional yet friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and most of all they make you feel right at home. When I decided to seek chiropractic care there were so many options in my area, but after researching and seeing the positive patient testimonials at Shoreline, I knew it was the place for me. I had such a positive experience during my first month of care I decided to start bringing my daughter for adjustments as well. I can't forget to mention; they are always very flexible and their payment plans are awesome. If you are thinking about making an appointment at Shoreline don't waste any more time, do it!!

Steve Morin

If you are looking to find a home to help you feel better, this is the place. I recently moved to the area and was looking for a chiropractor. I knew right away when I walked in that this is a place where everyone, not just the doctors, cares about you. Dr Paterna and Dr Briggs are very thoughtful and thorough, and want you to know everything that they are doing and why they are doing it. This helps in the partnership with the patient and in being on the same page for getting better and maintaining your health.

June Bosik

I have been going to Shoreline for almost a year now and just signed up for another year. Was sort of skeptical at first but when my leg pain went away after a few days I was ecstatic! They are working on another pain in my hip and I’m confident that will dissipate too! The whole doctor team is phenomenal and can’t leave out Jen! She is awesome!! Love all of you guys! Great job

Devon Taylor

Dr. Matt and everyone at Shoreline Family Chiropractic and Wellness are the Best of the best! Dr. Matt has been my Dr., colleague and friend for almost 8 years. I would recommend him and his practice to anyone and everyone. He truly has a passion for everyone's wellness and cares about his patients and community. Everyone in the office is always so friendly and welcoming! I have been going to chiropractors since I was 8 years old and Dr. Matt is definitely among the elite in the industry!

Eric Hammill

Shoreline Family Chiropractic Wellness has truly changed my health and quality of life tremendously!!!! I am a 28 year old graduate student and I am constantly looking down to read, email,or in a classroom staring sideways at a projector for 4 hours in each class. After the lack in range of motion in my neck almost caused a car accident, I doubled down on finding the best care for my pain. I found Shoreline after overwhelming suggestions from friends and locals. I made my initial consultation, and the rest is history. I entered Shoreline having a myriad of issues that I read could benefit from chiropractic adjustments, such as gallbladder surgery 2 years prior, high blood pressure, severe migraines (MRI/Prescription medication), Diverticulitis, as well as general fatigue and lack of clarity- something VITAL as a student. Yes, at just 28 I had all the above, and i'm pretty healthy. I had my initial consultation, scans and X-rays done, as well as my first adjustment. All my aches and soreness I experienced were exactly the most misaligned portions of my neck and spine. The first adjustment was when I knew I was going to be a life-long client of Shoreline- my neck was mobile without pain for the first time in 6+ months!!!! 4 months into my treatment plan, I had a diverticulitis flair-up, and wouldn't you know that my digestive vertebrae was misaligned from my moving weekend prior. After that adjustment , I felt my digestive system restart, and my discomfort began to leave. My 2 best results however have been not a single migraine since beginning treatment, and no longer on blood pressure medication! I had migraines that caused missing work, cancelling social plans, and total irritability. The fact that I get to take 2 less medications speaks volumes!! I had high blood-pressure prior, and now my readings are consistently between 115-120/70-80 (Ideal!!) Treat yourself, and bring wellness into your life. Shoreline has the nicest team you'd ever meet, Dr. CJ and Dr. Paterna are wonderful and receptive to where specific issues are, and the office is spa-type tranquil. I truly enjoy myself more and more with each visit. 5 Stars Shoreline Family Chiropractic Wellness!!!

Renae Albert

I love Dr. Cameron & Dr. Paterna & this office!!! Not only are they amazing at what they do & know but they're such warm people to have treat you! Everyone is so nice & helpful! Since 2014 on/off I suffered waking up with numb hands to sometimes up to the elbow. Over the years the numbness felt like I had clubs for hands no fingers no feeling in hands just tingling and numbness. It was only happening at night & in the morning. As a massage therapist it was worrisome for my profession so I went on a quest to figure out what was going on. After massage treatments to Orthopedic visits I wasn't satisfied with the results. I was still waking up with numb hands with the braces at the orthopedic gave me for "possible" carpal tunnel. It wasn't until I visited Dr Paterna on a groupon that I found relief! I went from a crooked spine in 3 places to no pain, numbness or tingling & a healing spine! 2 months into treatment and I see incredible progression with the nerve conduction tests they give you! The first adjustment I had improved my voice because who knew my spine was pushing pressure into my brain stem the way the bones were setting. I've learned over these past 2 months how important chiropractic care really is for your body! It makes sense your spine is your Center for your nervous control system if there's any pressure on any of those bones it stops your nerves from working the way they should. I'm so thankful I found this team and I look forward to driving the half hour that I have to drive out to every day for 3 days a week at this time for my treatment! Every day I feel stronger & healthier with this pain being gone, I sleep better & I have more energy to excercise & work more efficiently. I see these guys as pain magicians! <3 They are just the best!!

Samantha Furtak

Dr. Matt Paterna and staff are wonderful. Highly recommend this practice. Caring, compassionate,knowledgeable.

Megan Oberempt

Just had my first adjustment today after so many years. I couldn't move my neck and today I feel like a new person. I am able to move my neck!!!

Ally Abrams

I’ve been going to Dr. Matt since I was 15 and I’m 25 now. He is the best of the best and I travel about and hour each way to come see him and it is so worth it. I’ve been in two major car accidents and he’s helped me get through both of them. I would not be able to lead a productive life the way I do now, if not for Dr. Matt. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. He is a great chiropractor and just as great of a person.

Linda Brockett

Started coming here years ago because i was constantly getting headaches. Happy to say that after going for consistent adjustments the headaches went away! The staff is very friendly and accommodating! I can go for my usual appointments or just show up if in need of an adjustment! Would highly recommend this practice to anyone in need!

Jessica N

I first came to Shoreline Chiropractic and Wellness in December. When I arrived I had been experiencing months of inconsistent sleep patterns, residual effects from injuries sustained to my back when I was younger that had gone untreated, and life changes have caused me to experience some unpleasant anxiety attacks. We began adjustments right away and the difference in my body has been astounding. There is still some more work to do but over the past few weeks I can say that I have been sleeping full nights and over all I feel as though my mind is more clear. I am thankful for Dr. Paterna and Dr. Briggs for taking the time to get to know me as an individual and address my unique needs. The results have been amazing.

Brittany Leiss

The atmosphere is wonderful at Shoreline. All of the staff are friendly and accommodating for your schedule. The chiropractors are extremely knowledgeable, caring, and great listeners. The tension in my neck and shoulders has improved significantly since I’ve been going! It’s been a huge improvement in my life. I highly recommend this practice!

Daniel Resto

My wife invited me to an information session at SFCW. The information session was extremely informative, so much so that half way through the session I knew this was something I needed to improve my overall health/care. In over one month I have felt a significant difference. Dr Paterna and Dr Cameron have provided me with best care and advice, always providing education. If you are serious about making positive changes and your health is an area you want to improve, I recommend you make a visit, meet and ta k to the doctors. You will love the atmosphere and their wonderful front office staff.

Scott Peraza

Great company that do quality work. After a car accident I had intense neck and back pain. Thanks to Doctor Paterna, and the rest of the groups help, I have already had such immense pain relief in a relatively short period of time. They also have great pricing and packages available so anyone can afford their expert care and experience. I still happily attend their practice weekly. I never knew chiropractic work would be so beneficial to on my life. Update. I posted this review three months ago. MIND YOU 3 months ago from a ~1.5 year attendance rate besides a healthy diet and exercise plan and following WHAT THE DOCTORS SAID!!!! Day 1 before them. IMMENSE PAIN. I mean I literally forget how much pain I was in. We all get used to things. I took my neck and back pain as a fact of life. Any working of my lower back was ridiculous pain that crippled me to needing to sit for minutes before being able to walk. Sometimes I’d to to a meeting that took hours, sitting for and standing up made me hurt to the point of holding a table for support just to get up and brace myself for walking Now I can walk, jog and exercise to an extent I was unable to experience at the time. I AM NOT SAYING chiropractors are great. I would need much more experience and study in the subject. Honestly I only went to dr paterna with an open mind but personal thoughts it was hippy dippy nonsense. However due to my willingness to be proven wrong, I have been!! More excited than ever about that which I do not know! Do not just go to anyone with my advice. GO TO DR PATERNA. I do NOT speak for chirporactors in general. I’m not so naive. What I do speak for is the education this man and his staff have. What I do speak for is HIS integrity. His knowledge. Your bones support your body. Your body supports your brain. Your brain houses your “soul”. DO NOT SKIMP ON BODILY CARE. Come HERE if you need real answers and solutions. LOVE IT!

Boxy Brown

awesome staff, knowledgeable doctor.

Maureen Carroll

Both Dr Paterna and Dr Cameron are amazing! Highly recommend. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and was having horrible neck pain, back pain, knee/joint pain and feet pain. Since seeing them, my life has drastically improved! My pain is at an all time low. They know exactly where and how to adjust your body - love the fact that they X-ray your body and scan your back - so you can see exactly what is going on with your body - no 2 people are the same! I can not say enough about how great this practice is. Not only have both doctors helped me feel amazing and rid my pain, the rest of the staff there are always there to help in any way they can - so nice and caring!

Eric Long

Dr. Paterna is a great Doctor and will treat you right! You will be in excellent hands!


The office is friendly and welcoming, and Dr. Paterna and Dr. Cameron are both excellent. I recently had a massage by their massage therapist, Claire Rankel, LMT, and it's the best massage I have ever received! I was able to move and stretch again, and even though it was a pretty deep massage I did not wake up aching the next morning! Great staff, all around.

Scott Gardner

I am always well taken care of by the Doctors at Shoreline Chiropractic. They are the best!!

Nicole Rivera

Dr. Paterna and staff are incredibly friendly and kind. Dr. Paterna explained everything to me and my first visit was informative and beneficial. I look forward to continuing with this practice.

Minnie love

When I met Dr. Paterna in May 2015, I had been living with back pain, on & off for over 30 yrs. Over the last 10 yrs it has been almost constant back and leg pain. I got to a point where my whole body hurt and I had just about given up hope of ever living a life without pain. From the very first adjustment I felt relief!!! I could not believe it!!! The office and staff are so pleasant... It is so refreshing to enter a doctors office and feel/know they actually CARE about me! They are committed to helping me live a better quality of life... Dr. Paterna is very thorough and will not do any adjustments until he has seen the "inside" your bones.. so he can determine the best treatment for you! I highly recommend anyone to visit him and his Staff... You too can live a better quality of Life.... Thank you Dr. Paterna and Your entire Staff .... Cathy S.

Phil Hovey

I am a barber, I work by myself making sure people look and feel their best. This means I put in long hours behind the chair..opening early and closing late means my body takes on physical stress day in and day out. The corrective healing that Dr. P has provided to me in only 2 sessions is remarkable and best yet...repeatable. I have worked long hours since my initial visits without the typical pain/discomfort I am used . Dr. P has a system that HEALS people away from simply treating symptoms. He is detail minded, compassionate, skilled, and incredibly knowledgeable. Having Dr. P and his amazing staff now as resources for me provides confidence not only in the physical healing but relief from worry that the rigors of my job will prevent me from working many more years behind the chair. I recommend Shoreline to so many people out there looking to truly HEAL. SIDENOTE: the Shoreline office is clean, properly maintained, well arranged and highly "patient focused" to keep its public healthy and thriving.

Jennifer Cox

I'm so glad I came across a groupon deal for Dr. Paterna. I've had back problems for many, many years. Having limited funds and seeing the groupon, I thought it a great idea to try it out. Upon arriving I was greeted by Dr. Paterna himself at the front desk! It's such a clean and pleasant office. Dr. Paterna is very informative and patient when explaining how the spine works and what can happen when your spine isn't aligned right. My first visit was just a consulation. Dr. Paterna ended up giving me a "mini" adjustment due to the fact that i was literally in tears from the pain. Let me tell you, the difference I felt the next few days was AMAZING! I couldn't believe how little my lower back hurt afterwards. I have lots of issues that will take time to work out and I plan on continuing my care with Dr. Paterna. You should too!!

Lindy Ladutko

Love this place!! The service and the care you get from shoreline is great! My vertigo is gone. Having an adjustment to keep everything communicating in your body is great. We don't always know what's causing a particular problem until you get everything back to working right . Thank you guys !!

IvyLee Rosario

I had never been to a chiropractor before and was nervous about how it would go. Both Dr. Cameron and Dr. Cleaveland were so sweet and made me feel comfortable. They explained the entire process to me and answered all of my questions. As someone who was skeptical of if this would work for me, I can say I felt very much at ease and will definitely be going back. Highly recommend, everyone there is so nice and professional!

Megan Kuchta

I first started going to Shoreline Chiropractic about a year and a half ago. When I started going there, it was right after an injury, as a result from the injury I had neck pain as well as back pain. Before starting any kind of adjustments, I liked how Dr. Paterna explained all the reasons for having pain, including "sublaxation." He takes his time to make sure everyone understands the importance of chiropractic care. After being treated for my injury, I stated going once a week for wellness care. It was the best decision I've ever made. My back has never felt better, and all my adjustments also take care of some of my other problems like sinuses and headaches. Dr. Paterna and Dr. Briggs have always taken their time to get to know me as a person and my individual needs. I have also gotten my mother (whos always been afraid to see any chiropractors) to go see the best chiropractors around, and the results are fantastic. They take great care of her and shes feeling better then ever. I would recomend Shoreline Chiropractic to anyone. Dr. Paterna, Dr. Briggs, and the staff are always welcoming, and most important, they make you feel great when you leave the office

Harry Molyneux

This is a terrific practice with an excellent staff.

Lenny Pr

Great experience. I've been to a chiropractor in the past. Everyone was very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant. Felt very comfortable. Maid 3 follow up appts already.

Susan Rodrigues

Always knowledgeable! Always welcoming! Always inspiring! For a decade, Shoreline Chiropractic has helped support my holistic health journey!!!

Patrick Michaels

All they care about is money. They try to have you pay for the whole year in advance! There are no doctors there only CHIROPRACTORS who are not doctors. Don't fall for it. All these comments are fake because the clients get a discount for leaving positive reviews!

DJ Statyk

I knew very little about Chiropractic therapy when I first started going here. After my first three visits, I started to notice a big difference in my posture. CJ was very helpful in teaching me everything I needed to know about how Chiropractic therapy can help align the rest of your bodily functions. I was having big problems with my digestive tract and just after the first visit, that problem went away and I was able to eat a little better without complications. I also have a herniated disc between C3 and 4 and within the last month-and-a-half of going to the chiropractor, my neck pain has diminished almost entirely. It still aches as it normally would on rainy days, but with the help of the Chiropractic therapy, my days are much easier to get through! Long story short, when your spine is misaligned, it pinches nerves and messes up the signal to the particular area that the nerves are connected to from the spine. My issue was that there were nerves in the middle of the back that were being squished that weren't allowing me to digest properly because the signals weren't being transferred properly. I never thought I'd be so aware of how my body works, I always left that to the doctors, but they taught me so much about my own body that it just made me want to do better! The more you know about how something works, the better can care for it. Highly recommend!

Alex Ellison

I got a professional referral to come here. Dr. Paterna cared about my overall health and the adjustments helped very much. I love this practice. The staff are extremely friendly and the adjustments make you feel 100% better. I am sleeping better and waking up well rested. Also I no longer get frequent headaches. If someone asks me where they should I may suggest this practice.

Elene Hanahan

Wonderful caring staff.

Patrick Gorman

Dr. Paterna and Dr. Briggs are two of the best Chiropractors around. Not to mention that the staff is second to none. I had an unsettling nerve pain that would consistently re-occur after I would go to my gym. I had gotten told by my general MD to just 'take it easy' and not 'push it.' After a chiropractic evaluation, nerve scan, and a consultation I started a treatment plan that Dr.Paterna had put together for me. When I say I was surprised with the results, is an understatement. Within two weeks, I was not getting nerve pain. After a month, I was fully recovered and able to put the same weight overhead as before I had gotten injured. Having a nerve injury and treating it was something I had not put much time into before this years' happenings. Over the course of a few months of treatment, it is remarkable how much more 'in-tune' with my body I feel and able to know when something is not right. If you were to tell me today that I couldn't go to Shoreline Wellness Chiropractic again, I am not sure what I would do without it.

Kerry Johnson

Not best place to go, does not seem like the "doctor" knows what he's doing. Don't recommend at all.

Mark Berman

Roberta White

Been going to shoreline chiropractic for quite a long time now. Chiropractic is the way to stay okay! YAAYYY

Jon Lynn

Shoreline Chiropractic continues to do an excellent job for me and my family of 5. We have all witnessed the benefits from weekly Chiropractic treatment. Within the family we suffered through monthly migraines, stomach regurge and back/neck pain. These issues have all been removed with Shoreline's care. It's affordable, quick, painless and simple. They have an awesome office staff, friendly, trustworthy doctors and a convenient location with accommodating hours. I couldn't say more about these folks, We often refer our friends and acquaintances to them when we hear about their 'aches and pains'...Good people, highly recommended.

Mary Ciccone

Shoreline FAMILY truly has made me feel like I am family. The care and concern about my total care starts with being greeted with Jen’s smile. I came to Dr P and DR C with constant pain. They have been able to help me feel so much better and able to return back to my regular life style. I highly recommend to everyone to visit and have a consultation to a better living life style. I feel so much better and happier now that I’m not hurting everyday.

Kim Stratton

A friend raved about Shoreline and the family atmosphere and how much it helped himself and his children. My husband hurt his back a few months ago and nothing we tried helped so we went to see Dr.Matt and his staff. I had no intentions of seeing the doctor myself, but seeing the concern and interest and the information the Dr. and his staff gave I ended up getting an adjustment. Learning about what chiropractic therapy can do to improve our health and mobility and seeing and feeling the difference also brought me to get my son to go with us. My husbands back and mood has changed,less headaches,less to no pain/ My son walks taller and his mood has changed and he said it makes him feel better all around. And for myself I noticed an all around well being. Besides the healthier us...I feel I have also made new friends because that's how much this office shows they care about making people feel whole and strong and healthy. They work with everyone;s schedule and its always pleasant to walk into their office.I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Any and all questions are answered when asked.

KB Lifestyle

This place is awesome. ive never had to have the exprience of using chiropractic services, until recently when my back started to feel "crunchy". Of all the chiropractic referrals i had to choose from, im very glad i chose this one. The office is nice and warming, the staff are very nice and pleasant, and the DOCTORS ??! are by far the Best Doctors ive ever encountered.

Kim Zabilowski

I have been coming to Shoreline Chiropractic for many years -- it has changed my life in so many ways-- don't wait come and change your life for the better

Stephanie Santiago

I’ve seen several chiropractor’s and Dr . Paterna was the only one to explain in detail everything that was going on , why he performed specific tests , and took xrays and also explained what I was looking at when he showed me my x rays. The staff was courteous and welcoming and thorough in explaining any paperwork that needed to be completed. Dr. Paterna’s professionalism and dedication to his practice is evident as soon he welcomes you into the office. I would recommend him to anyone in search of chiropractic care.

Matt Schardan

Extremely professional, not interested in just medicating a back problem, but truly want to improve your way of life!


Wow! I can’t believe I waited so long to visit a chiropractor. I got my first alignment and wow the pressure I was carrying in my neck and shoulders was tremendous. After one session, magically gone! I have already signed up for my next session.

yvonne akiwumi

Horace Simmons

Wonderful treatment with wonderful people!

Babita Gibson

Dr. Paterna and Dr. Cameron are awesome at their profession. Since the start of my treatment I have been amazed at my progress and confidence in getting back to my normal daily life. Their staff is amazing and always makes you feel welcomed. Thank you all for participating in helping me to receive the best treatment. I highly recommend this office for any or all of your chiropractic needs.

Cam Koenig

Honestly the best choice I have made in a long time. Comfortable atmosphere and very professional. I learned more in 1 visit than I have in a year of seeing my doctor. I would recommend anybody who is on the fence about seeing a chiropractor to make an appointment immediately. I'm disappointed I waited so long myself, but I am beyond satisfied now that I finally went.

Joseph Trzaska

Shoreline Family Chiropractic is an excellent practice. They are professional, efficient, and effective. From the moment you enter the office to a light, positive scent, you are greeted with friendliness and positivity by Jen. Drs. Paterna, Cameron, & Cami (sic) continue it through you adjustment. They have been able to adjust areas on me that other practices have had difficulty treating. I highly recommend Drs. Paterna, Cameron, & Cami (sic).

Sarah Basile

Dr. Paterna allowed a new chiropractor right out of school adjust me without speaking to me about it first. She was not supervised and never even spoke to me herself. She had no bedside manner. I never wanted to be adjusted by her because I have so many back issues and prefer to have only one, trusted chiropractor adjust me. Unfortunately, this office prefers to have heavy volume so they put you in a position where you feel like you have to let whoever is working adjust you. My gut told me not to let her adjust me but I didn't follow that feeling. I asked her not to adjust my lower back and she didn't listen. The pain was agonizing the moment she pushed down on my lower spine. My back has never recovered from the adjustment that the new chiropractor gave me. (This was back in 2017) I was offered free services after that but then made me feel really uncomfortable every time I entered the office.

Chris Wheeler

The doctors are very caring and really understand your problems.and also the receptionists are very pleasent and easy to talk to

Anne Kaufmann

I am very impressed with the expertise, professionalism, and friendliness of the Doctors and staff. I am quite confident that I will get the help I need now and in the future. For anyone newly considering chiropractic care , start here !

Melanie Baptista

So glad I found Shoreline! The staff is Super Nice and very helpful. Dr. Paterna is extremely knowledgeable and took his time explaining the process. I think I have finally found the right care and I know I’m in the right hands. I would highly recommend Shoreline to anyone seeking quality and honest care.

Karina Lopez

This office is very professional and super sweet to everyone. I love them!

Kenya Nebar

I have been blessed to find Shoreline Family Chiropractic, The staff, Dr. Paterna and Dr. CJ are the Best, After three and half long years I am pain free, medication free and able to function again with family and friends, I can't say Thank You enough for the graceful hands and passion of theses doctors who truly have a heart for people and they are truly gifted with Healing hands, The atmosphere is peaceful and welcoming, you truly feel like family instead of a patient... You are truly in the Best hands in Connecticut!!! Thank You for caring truly about my well being and health... Forever Grateful!!!!!

Pham Phuoc

I live in east haven. I tried many chiropractics around my area.but i don’t mind to travel 30mins to This is the place where i love the most. Staffs are very nice. Dr Matthew is very kind doctor. Now, i am taking my mother to him to fix herniation disc on lower back. Thank you very much.

Arielle Signore

The office is a friendly and soothing environment. All of the staff remember you by and details about you personally. They are always kind when I bring my kids in. They are super accommodating and there is very little wait time when you go in. Physically, I'm am practically pain free. I've had back pain and debilitating migraines practically my whole life as well as plantar fasciitis for the better part of 6 years. I have been migraine free for almost a year since starting my chiropractic Care and have had only a handful of small headaches. Lessened pain aside, I have more endurance, balance, and flexibility. My posture has improved ten fold and I'm more in tune with my body than I've ever been. If I could give them more stars, I would. Book an appointment with them. It'll be one of the best choices you make.

Eddy George

So blessed that i found Shoreline family Chiropractic. Dr. Patterna and Dr. Briggs have truely helped improve my overal way of living through chiropractic care.

Dawn Peck

I entered Shoreline's office in October, 2017 with pain 24 hours a day, and that was after 6 months of physical therapy. Today I am ecstatic to announce that I am 99% pain free...some days I almost can't believe it myself. After an x-ray revealing the condition of my spine, I started adjustments first I was so skeptical but continued adjustments 3 times a week, BEST decision I could have ever made...not only have I fallen in love with Dr. Paterna & Dr. Cameron for saving me from a life of pain and possible unnecessary surgery, I love the girls in the office, friendly, welcoming and a pleasure to see. Thank you from the bottom of my heart❤️

Sheila Plavcan

I've been going to Shoreline Chiropractic now for 3 1/2 years and it has changed my overall physical wellness. I am quite active and have had some minor injuries over the years and felt aches and pains, and seasonal allergies continuously and thought I would just have to live with them. Since going to Dr. P, the aches are much less and my allergies minimal. My bowling has improved greatly, even bowled my 1st 300! The staff is so friendly and they are so accommodating with my schedule and always concerned if I miss an appointment. Most recently, I had an auto accident and their concern and caring to make me comfortable and get back on the road to recovery is greatly appreciated. I have referred them to numerous friends and collegues and many are now patients as well. Everyone should feel the best they can be, and Shoreline Chiropractic will help you achieve this.

James engstrom

Very profesional not just another chiropractors office! They show you the science behind what they do and how to measure your progress with very real results

Lori Levine

I have often been skeptical of Chiropractors, mainly because the ones that I've gone to didn't help at all. I paid a lot of money and felt no better than when I started, sometimes worse. But along came Shoreline. From the minute I stepped into the office I felt comfortable. From reception to office personnel, everyone was extremely nice, not too much not too little, just right. On to Drs. Paterna and Briggs. X-rays were taken and another test of the spine. I immediately felt better. Especially my neck, which has bothered me for years. I seldom wake up in pain. I feel like I can jump out of bed and get the day started. The feeling I get is the Doctors at Shoreline really want you to feel better. I won't be changing chiropractors any time soon. I recommend this office for the whole family.

Kalye jan

Dr. Matt has changed my life, i no longer suffer daily with migraines. Dr. Matt and staff treat you like a person and not just an insurance ID number. This place is the best. Love it! and I refer people all the time. When i know someone that is suffering and in pain I tell them to check out this office. I share with them the life changing results i have experienced. For years i suffered in pain daily with migraines and i went from doctor to doctor only to receive more medication rt. Within two weeks of coming to Shoreline Chiropractic i saw results. I have already told my friends about this place. Half of my family comes to this office.

Patricia Libero

My family and I love everyone at Shoreline Chiropractic and Wellness! Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful. Overall, we feel better and have experienced fewer colds, sinus infections and migraines! Give it a try! You will feel better!

Darryl Roundy

WONDERFUL Doctor, staff and office! Can't recommend them highly enough.

Ann Fernandez

I'm so glad I bought my groupon from them. I became a patient after and all the drs I been going have not helped me like Dr Cameron and Dr Paterna. Jen is always very nice and very helpful!!! They saved my life!!! I was barely able to walk with out one day of pain. I owe my life to them. Even though my fiances were not good at all they still helped me. I been telling everyone please go and see them!!!!!!! They genuinely care about you!!!!!


I moved here from out of state a few years ago and failed to continue my chiropractic care because I didn't know who was the best, until I found Shoreline. Dr. Paterna has always gone above and beyond to work out a wellness plan with me, no matter my financial situation. I've never experienced anything but kindness and professionalism going to the office, and I've noticed a complete difference in my quality of life since I started going to Shoreline. Highly recommend!

Henry Lucas

I started out at this practice because I was getting daily migraines and I had some misalignment that affected my gait, but within a week the migraines were gone, and after a few months my gait returned to normal. Now I have more energy and feel better than ever before, all thanks to the lovely staff here

Amy Stafstrom

The whole office is wonderful!! Everyone listens to what you have to say and treats you with respect. They are also so accommodating. Whenever I have a conflict with schedules, they never have an issue to reschedule. They have state of the art technology that helps you see what is going on with your spine. It was so cool to actually have a visual of what my body is actually doing and the best way to start feeling better. Jen at the front desk is always smiling and bringing sunshine to everyone! I always feel so at ease when I walk in to when I walk out. My back has never felt better!!

hasan mus

The best chiropractic the chiropractor expects nothing but the patient wellness.

Terri Moore

Dr. Matt Paterna is a great chiropractor. My 1st visit was over 10 years ago. Recently, on a visit back to Connecticut, I've been a patient again. The staff have been welcoming, friendly and helpful. I just can't say enough good things about Shoreline Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

Sasha Pena

I've had a great experience everytime I come to this establishment! The only thing I regret is not going sooner! The staff are all so nice and great, and the environment is relaxing and comfortable. They've helped me heal in so many ways and I'm grateful! I rarely have any allergy issues anymore and no more sciatica pains, it's amazing!!! I recommend them to everyone I know. If you are ready for body wellness and a happier healthier start on life then you definitely need to go to this place! I want to thank Dr.Paterna and his great staff for everything!

Jonathan Maru

Great experience and relaxing environment! Everyone is so helpful

Nicole West

This team is great! Friendly and easily accommodating! My neuropathy has greatly improved, nerve scans were amazing within a month of care. Continuous treatment has helped my chronic issues immensely. Highly recommend!

Mary Griffith

Excellent communication with staff and doctors! Everyone knows my name and I am always welcomed with a smile. I am working with true professionals my health is their first priority!! No doubt

Cindy DeJesus

5 STARS !!!

carrie bunton

Friendly, thorough and helpful.

Jason Nieves

I have been going to Shoreline Chiropractict for about 3 months. I initially went in due to pack pain and all I can say is Thank You! Back pain is gone and I've had some bonuses. My sleep pattern and anxiety hasn't been an issue. Dr.Peterna and Dr.Briggs are very thorough and actually care about your overall health. I tried the cleanse that they offer in the office with some very positive results. The team at the office is very professional and super friendly. I Highly recommend checking them out. :)

Doug Masek

Dr. Matt and Dr. Braglia have changed my life! I suffered for years with migraines and once i started having adjustments done i started to have my Life back! These Doctors truly care about patients and helping people. and the staff is kind,caring and professional! MARY COOPER

Melissa Rivera

There are no words great enough to express how grateful my family is to have found Shoreline Chiropractic! It’s not just a place where we receive the best adjustments, but overall it is a healing experience. My 2 year old looks forward to his adjustment like he’s ready to go see his most favored relative! My husband and I always leave feeling physically well and emotionally uplifted. It’s kinda like ‘Cheers’- “you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and your always glad you came...” I wish there was a way I could convince everyone my path crosses to stop in. It makes life that much better! Namaste

Shan Wilson

Dr.Paterna is the chiropractor other chiropractors go to . Absolutely the best chiropractor i ever been to.

Kristin Palmieri

Have been a patient for a while and love the staff and experience every time I go.

Noel Murphy

I was very pleased with my visit! They take the time to listen and you don't feel rushed. They go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and informed. I am looking forward to my next visit!

Chelsea Duarte

Going to Dr. Paterna has been life-changing. I have been to other chiropractors before but always on and off. Dr. Paterna explained to me why it was beneficial to commit to regular appointments. I had been suffering hip, knee and other overall pain my entire life with no significant lasting results. After xrays and diagnosis I commited to a recommended schedule of adjustments. I saw small immediate results but more importantly now, after 5 months, I am pain free and even have started dancing again. Before I came to Dr. Paterna I was fearful of my body and felt trapped by it even at age 34. I was certain I would not continue in the level of activity I enjoyed and thought possibly hip replacement would be in the future. I couldnt sleep, do a full head roll and had sciatic pain daily. All of that is gone now. Going to Shoreline Chiropractic has been life has given my life back. I will continue the chiropractic lifestyle that they teach and am thankful for their time, attention and education. ...and their office staff is beyond amazing!!

Chad Seymour

Phenomenal experience! It’s great to find a professional in the medical field that isn’t peddling the latest pill. This location actually cares about your total health and it shows!

Vincent Antezzo

Dr Paterno and his team are very caring and professional.

Kristen C

Dr. Paterna, Dr. Briggs and the entire staff at Shoreline Family Chiropractic are the best around! Almost a year ago upper back and shoulder pain led me to the practice and the great results I achieved with their help have kept me there. After raving about my experience, my husband is now going to treat his back pain as well. Dr. Paterna is thorough in his consultation, explanations and adjustments. The staff is always polite and accommodating, greeting you by name at each appointment. You will not be disappointed!

Jackeline Novoli

Started my treatment about 3 weeks ago and I have never felt better! My back pain was unbearable at some point so I called in and they got me an appointment for that very same day. Super affordable and team members are very professional and sweet. Very clean and neat place! Love it so much!! Life quality at its finest

C Droptiny

Very nice staff. Very professional. I could barely sit after my pelvic bone popped out of place. I do a maintenance plan. I am so thankful.

Chelsea Harris

10/10 I went in one day after I hurt myself kickboxing and after just three adjustments the pain was gone! I've have back issues my entire life from being an athlete and ignored prior symptoms. My stress score was over 400 on my first visit and after one month I was down to 202!!! It's amazing what Dr Paterna and his staff do here at Shoreline. I have full range of motion and my workouts have definitely benefited. I can also sleep soundly through the night, which is something I thought I would never be able to say! With just these adjustments alone my whole feels more whole. I have more energy, I sleep great, I have a more positive attitude in general and it's all thanks to the Shoreline family! I would highly recommend to anyone!!

Jennifer Navarro

I ABSOLUTELY love this place! Very professional and friendly. I've had some back problems along with ocasional neck stiffness and with a few adjustments I was feeling great again! I would recommend this place to anyone.

Erica Pontillo

I had my first visit yesterday and was extremely impressed with the great customer service they provided... especially since I work in that industry as well. Keep up the great work :)

John Fraser

Been coming for a few years. Very Professional. Adjusted my neck and helped out a problem I have with my thumbs. go figure

Melissa Longobricco Ortiz

Wonderful! The staff is so nice & helpful. I love going to this office so much we made it a family affair. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Susan Ganley

What a great group of people! Professional, friendly care givers. I highly recommend.

Sharon Ryan

This is a wonderful office full of friendly, caring people. Would highly recommend it!

Raymond Weston

A group of well experienced doctors which have helped me with my discomfort significantly, easy convenient schedule, walk in service is great, always a pleasant environment to come too, highly recommend them

Sherry Duffy

Aaaaaaahhhhhh, pain good.

Kacey Perkins

The doctors and staff create a warm, inviting environment for patients. I highly recommend Shoreline Family Chiropractic in West Haven.

Abigail Allspaugh

The Doctors there know who you are and genuinely care about your well-being! I started going after having a baby and now I go weekly. I feel so much better after leaving their office. It helps with my back, my migraines, and my sleep. Not only do I feel better but they are able to show me the change in my spine. They have great hours which make it easy to have an appointment. I'm usually only there ten minutes too.

Urban City Farm

When I was I kid I had bad back problems and shoreline helped me. 12 years later and I walked back in as if it was yesterday, greeted with the most amazing hospitality and got back into it. I feel great and these doctors work wonders! I highly recommend them.

John Correia

Great atmosphere, friendly and caring staff,best chiropractor around.

Stephanie Lombardo

The doctors and staff go the extra mile!

Alan Robbins

Excellent practice great staff.

Bark Avenue Pethouse

NONE better.

Eileen Anderton

I have been going to Shoreline for over 10 years, it has made a difference in my health. I used to get bronchitis back to back every February, I have not gotten it once since I started my adjustments. The doctors and staff are very pleasant. The doctors take the time to work on any sore spots that I have and also give me exercises to do at home to help me if needed.. I also have recovered quickly from the past surgeries that I have had. The first was about 5 years ago when I had a bunion implant put in my foot, when they took the cast off I was able to put my foot in my shoe, the nurse was shocked, I hardly had any swelling. The last surgery that I had in October of last year, I had my thyroid removed and I had very little pain afterwards. I do not get sick as much anymore, liked I used to. I have recommended this practice to my family and friends. My son and husband come. It has helped my son alot, he hardly gets bad headaches. My friend and her family come here too.

tiffany gooding

My back was going into spasm so I decided to find out what chiropractic practices were all about. Dr. Paterna did a fantastic job of identifying potential stressors and solutions to those problems. 4 star treatment from the minute I walked in the door! Professional, friendly, and very welcoming. I would highly recommend him.


Dr. Paterna and his staff are simply the best.


I've been to several chiropractors and I only felt better with Dr.Paterna.Awesome experience and the best possible chiropractic care.

Judith Keeler

I would highly recommend Shoreline Family Chiropractic & Wellness, I have been coming to them for a few years, wonderful Doctor's and great staff!

Billy Smullen

Great place would recommend anyone

Alphonse Acampora

Let me start off by saying I don't write reviews but I have to take my time out and say my experience was great . Dr Paterna and Dr Briggs were knowledgeable and made my neck and back feel better then before I injured it and not to mention the secretary was very nice and helpful . I recommend them to anybody who wants to feel better and get back to living life pain free .

Brian Stevens

I have been going to Shoreline Family Chiropractic and Wellness for a couple months. I went to them because no one could fix the problem with my tingling fingers and toes. Not only did they fix my problem but they set me up for a great vacation, 2 weeks hunting and fishing in Montana. I was able to hunt up and down all of the mountains and fish on my feet for as long as I wished. Thank you Dr. Paterno and Dr. Biggs for helping make my vacation a success.

chris giuliano

The best on the shoreline! Clean, friendly staff, gentle experience. Dr. Paterna is always smiling, diagnoses your ailment accurately and applies the correct treatment and does so in a gentle yet highly effective manner. It’s worth my drive 40 minute to see him. He never ceases to amaze me! The Captain

Marie Adams

Dr. P is the greatest

Amy Assennato

I have been going to Dr. Paterna's office for over 4 years. The atmosphere of the of the office is always very friendly and welcoming! :) Since I have been a patient of of Shoreline Chiropractic, I don't have sinus issues anymore or stress in my back and shoulders! :) I highly recommend chiropractic care at Dr. Paterna's office! :)

Dawn Gerise

I was skeptical at first, but after hearing Dr. Paterna speak at a conference, it only made sense to me to get a consultation. I never knew that most of the ailments we have, can be addressed threw the spine instead of masking the pain with more prescription drugs! I then went in for my first "adjustment". It was fast, convenient, and painless. I could note believe that that the first thing I noticed was that I could breath better! This was incredible as I suffer with migraines and sinus problems. I no longer depend on my sinus and migraine medications. The only thing I regret is not starting chiropractic care sooner! Thank you Dr. Paterna and Dr. Briggs!

Christopher Norman

I have been seeing Drs. Paterna and Briggs for over a year now and have never felt better! I'm an RN in a major regional hospital and happily refer appropriate patients to the practice of chiropractic at every opportunity. Shoreline Family Chiropractic is a terrific practice with an excellent staff. I go in consistently every 2 weeks and it's always the best part of my day!

J Bats

About a couple years ago unbeknownst to me, I found out a had a reverse curve in my neck. I received about a years worth of chiropractic care from a great practice and decided to take a break from it considering my recent move, budget, etc. Recently I had a terrible muscle spasm and was scrambling to find anyone to help me. I received some immediate help, went to an urgent care and took some pain medication that ripped up my stomach. I knew I had to change something and pain pills weren't the answer. Considering I live by the shoreline, I decided to try Dr. Matthew Paterna to help me help my body. He is extremely friendly and soft spoken and made me feel comfortable from the start. We took the stress test to see where I was misaligned and looked at X-rays that I took on the spot. Thankfully I could see the fruits of my labor from my past chiropractic care but knew I had to do a lot more work. What impressed me about the Dr. Matthew beyond his general expertise is that he spoke highly of my prior doctor and gave me a goal. I believe good doctors know other good doctors and share resources and patients as needed. The goal? The Denneroll that I bought for my neck that was vigorously used a year ago was now sitting it its box. Dr. Matthew said if I use it just 10 minutes a day for a year along with regular chiropractic care I could make major improvement in my neck. Knowing I changed a reverse curve to a 'military neck' in just one year already... what if I decide to go for it to see how my body will respond? Dr. Matthew added, "If you do it, I will". He will use his Denneroll too for me? That is grand. Since I'm all about wellness and achieving goals, I think I'm going to take him up on his plan. Possibilities are endless how the body can heal itself!

Romy Ganser Cascella

I really love the care I get from Dr. Matt, Dr. Shaun and all the staff at Shoreline Family Chiropractic. It changed my life. My one comment is that the patient traffic in the office is heavy.

Beauty Geek Mari

They were absolutely amazing from the time I scheduled the appointment to the time I left. They gave me so much information and my adjustment relieved me years of pain and aches. I definitely recommend them.


When you walk into Shoreline Chiropractic, you are immediately welcomed by Michelle's lovely smile and melodic voice. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, so you feel like you're visiting family. Dr Briggs is amazing; he is soft spoken, patient and really takes the time to listen. you never feel rushed. Shoreline Chiropractic staff is definitely there to help and support you. I give them five stars and recommend them 100%

Jayne Charlton

This is a friendly and nurturing environment. Dr. Paterna and Dr. Briggs are both dedicated to wellness. Every patient is made to feel like the most important patient of the day! I had limited mobility in my neck that had become "normal". After committing to chiropractic care, I have complete movement in my neck and back. Life is so busy and few of us can afford to slow down. Optimize your health and visit this office to commit to a healthy spine and life.

Jim Pellegrino

Shoreline Family Chiropractic and Wellness has become an important part of my life. I have seen substantial improvements overall from less anxiety to better posture to better sleep. They have even addressed a 15 year old shoulder injury through adjustment that I was previously told only surgery could fix. I highly recommend Dr. Paterna, Dr. Briggs and their friendly staff!

Karen Lovallo

I am happy to go for regular adjustments at SFC. My body feels better after every visit, and the office is very pleasant from the moment I'm greeted to when my adjustment is completed.

Bianca Morales

I've suffered with back pain for about eight years now. And this year alone, I've been involved in two car accidents that were not my fault. They have been nothing but helpful getting my now exacerbated pain resolved. I look forward to my visits and often revolve my whole day around them, including going to the beach after to unwind.

Dennis Bollier

I’ve been a strong believer in the benefits of Chiropractic throughout my adult life. I’ve lived in many states from Maine to Florida, experiencing various Chiropractic styles and methods along the way. Health benefits I’ve received at Dr. Matt’s practice far exceed all prior experiences. Even our two children want to see Dr. Matt anytime they’re in town. I recommend this practice with complete confidence. Dennis G. Bollier-Founder Employee Health Matters, LLC

Marjorie Mahoney

I've been going to see Dr. Paterna and Dr. Briggs for many years. They are very dedicated to helping people get well and stay well. The entire office staff is professional and friendly. It's a very comfortable environment.

Cherina Sparks

Love Dr Matt, but there always seems to be construction getting there.

Rebecca G

Dr. Paterna and his staff are very professional while maintaining a family practice vibe. I felt so welcome on my first visit. The staff was very helpful and have appointment times that work with any schedule. The care you receive at Shoreline Family Chiropractic is the best I have ever received and I cannot wait to continue care here.

Jill Little

Always very accommodating with my schedule. The services that I have received to help me improve my overall health have been remarkable. A very warm and inviting atmosphere. The entire staff is awesome. And I would recommend anyone who is looking for a great chiropractor to go to Shoreline Family Chiropractor and Wellness. You will be glad that you did.

Arthur Little

Excellent experience. Friendly, upbeat practice. I'm a regular now.

Andrew Kovacs

Shoreline is the best chiropractic place out there. They treat you like family!!!

Paulina Ogibowski

I’ve been extremely happy with the level of service these past few years! All of the doctors are wonderful and regular adjustments keep my aches/headaches in check- it’s what keeps me coming back.

Ralph Rodriguez

Helped me multiple times get adjusted and will be going back through the year to stay aligned. Would recommend this office to everyone.

Michelle Douglas

Awesome doctors! Regular adjustments keep me out of the ER from endometriosis pain.

Bonnie Schwartzenberg

My overall experience with Shoreline Chiropratic has been a great one. I was a patient several years ago due to a neck injury sustained in a car accident. I started getting regular adjustments to help with injury and as time went on I started to feel better. Well what comes with feeling better is the "I'm cured" attitude and I don't need to go anymore. Boy was I ever wrong about that.. Several years later which was a few months ago I found myself with extensive pain in my neck, back, terrible headaches in the back my head, low energy, and overall just not feeling myself. I walked around like that for a long time and with hopes it would go away. So as time went on I got to the point where I could barely move my neck around and I knew it was time to go back to Shoreline. Best move I ever made was walking through that door again and getting everything rechecked out. My X-rays and scan tests weren't good at all which I expected based on the way I felt. So from that day on I knew I had to be committed into turning my health around. I started seeing Dr. Paterna and Dr. Briggs 3 times a week for regular adjustments. After the first few weeks I felt like a new person! Things that hurt me and my low energy level started to go away and the difference it made getting adjustments was amazing. After two months of treatments the Dr's decided to do the rescan of the stress test and my awful score from the first time was cut in half. Not only did my body feel it was working but the tests proved it as well. I'm now down to twice a week adjustments and still committed to keeping my spine and neck healthy. I was very proud to be patient of the month and I look forward to keeping my body feeling good. Specials thanks to Dr. Paterna and Dr. Briggs for being the amazing doctors that you both are and making me stay committed to feeling better. You guys are the best ! I would without a doubt highly recommend your practice for anyone who needs it. Thank you again! Bonnie Schwatzenberg

brian tuy

This is one of the Best chiropractors around in the east coast I travel across country all the time and let me tell you I've been to a bunch of places but they was no help always pushing me away. But not Dr Paterna and his team they helped me out when noone else wanted too and got me better fast so I can travel the country again. I recently got into a car accident in December and I was in so much pain but after coming to see Dr.Paterna and his team I'm getting better fast and almost done with my treatments. and also the best thing about this place is that no matter what the situation is they’re always there to help you between my work in school Schedule they got everything situated so I don’t have to worry and stress out I don’t consider them as friends there more than that their family ...

Christine Leonard

Very nice experience. It was my first time using a chiropractor. Everyone from the front end to the doctors and assistants were extremely friendly and comforting.

Rachel Chiappa

Fabulous team that make you feel welcome and like you’re actually cared about! So helpful, got right to the point and very informative!

Kimberly Rybczak

Great place makes my back feel better every time i go. They are very friendly there. You should go because they fix your back.

Holly West

I started going here because of a Groupon offer. I kept going because they really care about their patients as individuals, everyone knows you by name, and I feel better and better every adjustment.

Joan Poirier

I am so happy to have found Shoreline Chiropractic. Dr Paterna and staff are professional, warm and friendly and always accommodating. Walking around without daily pain and headaches thanks to their wonderful care. Best Chiropractic Office I have ever visited

Tina Lopez

I recently had back pain with a multiple other symptoms and I had not been here in over 7 months and it was like coming home. Everyone was so happy to see me. they are like an extended family who really take the time to care about you.They got me right in with their professional & very efficient system, but still took time to understand and help me with my Problem. :) I am glad to be back on track with my friends at Shoreline Family Chiropractic & wellness! Please stop in and see them you will be glad you did. Tina Gunther

Khaled Abusitteh

Great first visit; friendly people and effective result by the next day.

Sally Montanez

After my first visit to him I've felt great like a total new person. Dr. Paterna is great with patients he took his time to know me and made me feel very comfortable. Also, I brought my mom there and she's hearing impaired and he is great with her taking his time and even though I interpret for her he takes his time to make sure he understands what she's trying to say to him. His staff is also great they always have a such a big smile on their face and it brightens up my day.

Scott Celentano

A fantastic establishment. Professional, knowledgeable and extremely caring. Dr. Cameron changed my life with a stretch concentrating on my hip that I have never seen before. What a amazing breakthrough for me. I’ve never felt better and couldn’t be happier!

Kaitlin Mee

Went for my first time a few days ago and can already feel a difference! Being pregnant I was nervous but they made me feel extremely welcome and comfortable looking forward to going back!

Jake Gannon

Staff is wonderful, the office is very clean. Admittedly I was skeptical of seeing a chiropractor but they have truly changed my mind. I was dealing with pain from my lower back down my leg from work, but after the first couple of weeks my pain has been alleviated. The staff takes the time to work with you and explain exactly what is going on and what the causes of pain are, along with being able to show you progress by comparing multiple scans. I have recommended this office to multiple friends and co workers.

L Tottenham

Shoreline Family Chiropractic .......seems kinda like a second home for my daughters and I. My oldest daughter has been diagnosed with RSD, Chiropractic care has saved her life.....only because when she gets hurt .....which I might add is OFTEN! She is in major pain....she is a dancer/gymnast, probably not the best idea with her having RSD. Although, Dr. Matt and Dr. Briggs fix her up like new. Sometimes in as little as one visit....I myself go often...probably just because I'm and the physical job I do. Again these Dr's and the magical hands they have get me better. My youngest daughter goes to them also. To stay healthy and because she loves these guys! We all do! Even my husband....who used to think "chiropractors" were a joke until his back hurt so bad that I made him go! 3hrs later he said to me the h*ll did he do that...take away that he goes "all by himself" lol..... It is a happy office the entire staff is AWESOME! Never a wait...we are on a walk in and out...nice and is clean. Best of all they really care about you...this I know for a fact! I tell everyone to go there! If they don't listen....well then they are just silly.

Joshua Maine

Very professional and friendly. Other businesses should take note.

Chanelle Darnell

Amazing experience! It was my first time going to a chiropractor and every staff member took care of me. I have experienced tense shoulders for most of life and after this visit, I no long suffer. Thank you for helping me be pain free and for the great customer service..I'll definitely be back!

Robert Friedman

I have been seeing Dr. Paternal and Dr. Briggs for almost a year and a half. My back feels great and I owe it all to their professionalism and skill.

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