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REVIEWS OF Roth Family Chiropractic IN Connecticut

Sheila Cyr

I began going to Dr Roth in January 2019. I was diagnosed with 16 sublaxations which I had neck, shoulder,poor posture and sinus issues After a few adjustments my posture began to improve with also my ambulation. Just recently after an adjustment I was leaving the office I wanted to take off for a run .I am not a runner in general !!! Great feeling to have that energy. Sinus issues and neck have improved.Last week I wasn't feeling guite right when I got to Dr Roth's office he said my neck had locked.He had fixed it right away. On my first visit to Dr Roth he asked me if I was going to get healthy.My response was Im thinking about it. Now I am working on getting healthy with all the good results you have too . The staff there are friendly and great atmosphere. Thank you !!!!

Michelle Mazzotta, Realtor

Dr. Roth and his friendly personable staff are always a dose of fresh air. Roth Family Chiropractic is the true definition of "Family Chiropractic" Not only does he adjust me, he has adjusted my 5lb. yorkie. I was highly recommended by a family friend and I am so grateful; so now here I am, highly recommending Dr. Roth to my extended google family. ;)

Siria Guzzo

For 20 plus years, I suffered from tightness and pain on the left side of my neck which got progressively worse to the point that I could not sleep at night. At times I had to take pain killers to alleviate the pain. I tried different things to see if anything would alleviate my symptoms. I got massages on my neck but the pain continued. I exercised which gave some relief, but the symptoms would return. For one year, I faithfully went for chiropractic adjustments three times a week with hopes that my neck would get better, but the tightness and pain continued. As a result, I stopped going to the chiropractor and thought that maybe I had arthritis on my neck and it was here to stay. Then on one of my annual visits with Dr. Ann Aresco, she recommended Dr. Roth. I told her that I had already been to the chiropractor and it did not work. However, Dr. Aresco said that Dr. Roth was a cervical chiropractor and will be the difference I needed. Even though I very skeptical and everything else failed, I decided to have hope and give it a try. I am happy to say that about 6 months of chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Roth, my neck felt pain free. As I continued treatment, the pain and tightness further alleviated even more. In addition, Dr. Roth provided us with stretches to do for spinal health. I would definitely highly recommend Dr. Roth because he along with being very skilled at what he does, he cares very much for his patients and is always ready to answer questions. I am happy to say that 1 1/2 later, I feel like I have a brand new neck thanks to Dr Roth!!! Siria G.

Abbey Poleshaj

Thanks to Dr. Roth, my neck is pain-free and I’m sleeping comfortably through the night. (So, basically, I’m a much better person!) As someone who seeks holistic healthcare options, I’m so happy to have added chiropractic care to my plan. Dr. Roth holds free classes about chiropractic medicine which includes tips and tricks to get the most out of your care between visits. I highly recommend signing up for one if you’re interested in how chiropractic can help you.

Jacki Smith

If you're looking for a chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr Roth at Roth Family Chiropractic. I met Dr Roth in January 2013 and began treatment shortly after for debilitating migraines. Dr Roth straightened out my spine, from c1 on down. My migraines are gone, my recurring knee and hip pain is gone because my legs are now even, and what was diagnosed as metatarsal tunnel syndrome in my left foot is also gone. Dr Roth got me back on my feet, doing what I love: Running! Without pain! Something my ortho told me years ago I'd never do again. Dr Roth has also made a significant difference in the lives of several other people I care about. Needless to say, I'm beyond thankful for Dr Roth and those who work with him in his office.

David Clement

I started to see Dr. Roth in February after being diagnosed with arthritis in my spine and all fingers. I couldn't lift my arm above shoulder height, turn my head to the left or stand up from a seated position without using my arms to pull myself up. All other doctors I went to just suggested drugs for the rest of my life and surgery in the future. I had given up on living life doing my normal daily exercise routines due to the pain and stiffness. I thought I would have to retire now as I couldn't perform my occupation without pain. I got relief within a very short time of receiving treatment. I was able to stop taking medication shortly after my first few treatments. My activities are back to normal and I have even started doing new things that I never could do before. Due to this I also lost 20 pounds and am in better shape than I had been in the last 12 years. I would like to thank Roth family chiropractic for giving me the opportunity to get my life back. Thanks!!!

Jennifer Sawyer

Roth Family Chiropractic is great from the warm relaxing feel of the office and its staff to the care Dr. Roth provides you. I started coming several months ago because of everyday headaches and neck pain. After a month or so of 3 adjustments a week my headaches and pain have been few and far between. I highly recommend Dr.Roth!

Ericaa Baraglia

In 2014 i was in a car accident, I had continuous headaches, uncontrollably neck pain, and very bad back pain. I began to see Dr. Roth 3 times a week for over a year. He has helped me so much since then. I can do a lot more things now, as well as live my life without pain. He is very caring, friendly and understanding. Whenever i was in pain he would fit me in his schedule, and the days he didn't see patients, he would come in just to adjust me so i would not be in pain for the weekend. His staff is very friendly, and they make you feel welcomed. I would recommend Dr Roth to anyone that needs chiropractic care! One of the best Chiropractors i've seen!

Melissa McCarthy

Maggie Jaksina

For anyone reading this review wondering if they should pick up the phone and schedule an appointment, allow me to be that little voice who says, “yes”. I have been coming to see Dr. Roth for the past few months to assist with chronic low back pain, ankle discomfort and sciatica. I can honestly say my discomfort is nearly gone. Dr. Roth and his friendly staff are the real deal. They assist with finding a solution to your pain and provide information, stretches, etc. Upon an examination and x-rays, I was informed I had nearly 6 subluxations in my L5-L3 discs, as well as my upper neck (news to me). With a strategic plan, of coming to the office 3x a week for 3 months, my pain is acute at best. The atmosphere and energy is friendly, engaging and supportive. They truly take the time to get to know their patients on a personal level and work on tailoring a plan that works best for you.

S. Piqueira

Dr. Roth is an exceptional upper cervical chiropractor with advanced training who came highly recommended to me. Since my starting with him almost a year ago, I've sent several others to him and all have been very happy with his expertise and help. I'm so grateful I made the decision to become one of his many lucky patients!

A Milla

Roth is AMAZING!!!! I have been to several chiropractors, and although I have never had a bad incident or experience with any of them, Roth has made me feel better then I have in years! I had a neck issue that was causing numbing in face and certain back issues that were plaguing me for years. Roth has made me feel like a million $$$. I recommend him to everyone and anyone!

Naomi Stein

I was referred to Roth Family Chiropractic for a 14 year old whiplash injury from a car accident. After years of not having it looked at it progressively worsened. My neck was stiff and continually achy with limited ability to move it around. My back would also ache making sitting, standing or movement in general slow and limiting. After 6 months of adjustments my neck no longer aches and can move it around freely. I've also had improvements in sitting, standing, squatting and just moving is easier. There is a bike path near my home that I can now walk at a brisk pace without needing to taking any breaks. Maybe a hiking trail is a realistic endeavor in my future. :) It's not just the encouraging results I've had from the adjustments that I write this review, but the kind of care I receive at Roth Family Chiropractic. Dr Roth spends time going over the x-rays showing the current condition of the spine and how it should be working. He explains the treatment plan and answers any questions. Being protective of my neck I was uncertain about the adjustments at first; Dr Roth explains what to expect as he does the adjustments. This has put me at ease and made me more comfortable with them. Sydney and Chrissy are also great. They are always welcoming when you arrive and available to answer questions as well. Scheduling appointments is never difficult. They have many patients, but never have trouble fitting you in that works with your schedule. Dr Roth, Sydney and Chrissy at Roth Family Chiropractic truly cares about their patients' health. If I could I would give them more than 5 stars.

Susan C

I have been seeing Dr. Roth for Migraines and Vertigo. I have gone from daily occurrences of pain and dizziness to almost never. If I do have a symptom it is very minimal to what it was. Dr. Roth is a Cervical Chiropractor which is NOT the same as a "Chiropractor". Dr. Roth will cure you and not put a band-aid on your issues. I knew the minute I heard about the technique used and the first time he did the technique on me that this was something really, really good for me. I felt great from the first adjustment and every time I go I get better and better. The outcome is going to last for a lifetime. I look better than I have in years. I had chronic neck tension along with my other conditions and now I realize it is not normal to feel that way. Migraines are not normal and all the doctors I saw before Dr. Roth sent me down months and years of wasted pursuits, drugs that had many side effects and not to mention the time and money you waste trying to figure out why you have these conditions. Dr. Roth is a class act and is professional and caring. He will explain to you why you are having whatever symptoms and how a cervical chiropractor can help. I was just about giving up and tired of not being able to plan anything for fear I would not feel well. A co-worker noticed me slumped at my desk in major pain when she told me about her condition. I am so grateful I listened to her and met with Dr. Roth. Had I not done that, I know I would not be in a good place. My life has completely changed for the better. I have my life back and for that I am sincerely grateful for what Dr. Roth did for me. Thank you, Dr. Roth.

Thomas Bieszad

Dr Roth has been helping relieve back pain and curvature to helping to eliminate migraines. But the biggest blessing has been the elimination of anxiety caused by the upper neck bones being out of alignment..Thank you Dr Roth ...Linda Bieszad. There are many issues that conventional allopathic medicine does address properly, and the solution is to treat with pharmaceuticals. Having read an account by a cardiologist who was also a chiropractic doctor, who was able to alleviate patients issues that drugs would not address, I decided to give Dr Roth a try. It only makes sense that there are many issues that can be addressed by adjusting the spine so as to take pressure off the nerves and allow them to function properly. My experience has been extremely positive: fewer headaches, increased flexibility and range of motion, greater sense of relaxation and well being. So much more. Thomas Bieszad

Charly Vaichus

The treatment and results for my wife and I have been so good that now my daughter and sons go to Dr. Roth as well. We have also recommended him to several friends - who are also pleased with the medical treatment that they have received. When you find something this good - you naturally want to tell someone else.

Ken French

Very pleasant and amazingly knowledgeable about the internal human system. It's nice to know people who have your interest at the forefront, not just looking for a payment!!

Alan Gasuk

I am usually a man of few words, but excuse me while I explode. Honestly I can’t let another day go by without acknowledging the difference you made in my life. If my letter appears a bit detailed, it’s because I am hoping that you will share it with existing and future patients. I was recommended to Dr. Roth because I was seeking a second opinion on the cause of numbness in my thumb, pointer and middle finger; as well my arms and hands were so painful I could not sleep. As a result, I could not pick up or hold items and my wife had to even button my shirts for me. As my body began to tighten and deteriorate, I experienced shooting pain in my feet when I golfed which left me with no choice, but to give up my golf membership at Wethersfield Country Club. If that wasn’t enough pain, I began to notice that my back was becoming stiff and I could not turn side to side which made it very difficult to drive. The original doctor had quickly determined, just by hearing details of my condition, that I should have an operation for Carpal Tunnel in both wrists. Dr. Roth, on the other hand, took X-rays and said my problem came from my axis bones . . . the top 6 vertebrae. Within a few months I started noticing changes and I was truly feeling better. Now!!!! A year and a half later: I can walk 18 holes of golf with no pain, I can swing a golf club without pain in my hands and wrists and I can actually pick up a dime off the floor and button my own shirt. Dr. Roth . . . your expertise, knowledge and experience has been a miracle for me. You have changed my life! Dr. Roth gave me back the quality of life I so dearly missed and took away my fear of losing my ability to age gracefully. 2016, because of Dr. Roth, will be a year of celebration for me. At 69 years old, I have rejoined the Wethersfield Country Club and the Men’s Club Thursday Golf League. I will be taking a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado to celebrate my son's birthday on the ski slopes. My wife and I will be celebrating our 42nd Wedding Anniversary in Jamaica swimming and golfing and living life without restriction. The frosting on the cake is that I will have the most wonderful summer with my grandchildren because I can move, be active and be pain free to enjoy life. Thank you Dr. Roth!

E Sheehan

Dr. Roth is an amazing upper cervical chiropractor! I see him regularly for back and neck pain. Super friendly staff

Greg Labadia

I have had a wonderful experience. Dr Roth is professional and very experienced in the chiropractic field. I am very happy with the results I have gotten from Dr Roth.

Phil Higgins

I have suffered back pain for past 8 months without relief from conventional treatment. Very impressed by the process used for my assessment....questionnaire, physical exams, xrays. Just based upon the explanation of what going on with was appreciated. Received a layman explanation of problems and treatment. Looking forward to the treatment that will hopefully provide some relief that conventional treatment has not provided. I 've waited to try chiropractic treatment. Heard nothing but great things from friends and coworkers. Looking forward to getting treated at Roth.

MyWheelLife Kristina D

What can I say about Dr.Roth. He took me on as a patient knowing a bit about my extensive medical history and Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bones) without a second thought. He is helping me find a solution to manage my back and rib pain. He takes the time to listen and is very thorough. I feel very comfortable with him treating me and makes me feel like I’m top priority when I’m in his care. He and his staff are very accommodating and his office is wheelchair friendly which is an added bonus for me. For wheelchair uses...the bathroom is very spacious and accessible which is a huge plus in my book. I highly recommend Dr. Roth. He knows what he is talking about!! I give him 10 stars!

Ally Gaglione

I’m only 23 but have had pretty bad upper back pain for a few years now. After years of not seeing a chiropractor, I figured I would finally make an appointment with Dr. Roth after hearing great things about him. I’ve been going to him for about two months now and I have already seen so much improvement in both my back pain and my quality of sleep! Also, the staff is extremely friendly and they are very flexible with scheduling appointments! Definitely recommend :)

Megan Bienkowski

Dr. Roth and his team are amazing!! I have been struggling with back and neck issues for a while and I can say he has completely fixed me!!! The atmosphere is clam and relaxing. Your greeted with a smile when you first walk in. Dr. Roth is gentle and quick and you alway feel like a million buck when you leave! Highly recommend if your looking for a great chiropractor for you or your kids.

John Volpe

As a former rugby player I've had my long list of injuries. Dr. Roth has helped me along the way. When I first went to see him I had severe left ankle pain and dysfunction. After receiving chiropractic care from him I knew I had made the right decision! Thank you Dr. Roth for you expertise and attention!

Staroselsky Daniela

In May of 2015, my 3 year old daughter Sophia fell and broke her clavicle. She was put into a sling for 6 weeks and the bone healed well; we never thought this injury could instigate other issues for her. However, a few months later she started having digestion issues, mostly problems with dairy. This wasn’t a huge shock for us considering I had the same issues as a child. Once winter came she had ear infection after ear infection, basically once a month for 4 months. Her hearing was declining and she wasn’t passing her hearing tests. We were referred to an ENT by the audiologist and as soon as she looked at Sophia, she started talking about putting tubes in her ears. I knew a little bit about this procedure and didn’t feel it was the right choice. The same day we visited the ENT I was telling a coworker about my worries about the tubes and she suggested seeing a chiropractor. She had a similar experience with her son and was working for a chiropractor at the same time. Her son started getting adjustments and his ear infections stopped. She recommended Dr. Roth and the moment we walked into his office, my motherly instinct told me we had made the right choice! After about a month of getting adjustments twice a week I noticed a huge difference in her hearing and with her digestion issues. She no longer takes lactaid tablets and I don’t have to stand right in front of her so she can hear me. Her hearing was so poor she needed me to turn the volume way up in the car so she could hear the music and the same for when she watched T.V. Now she can hear at a much more reasonable volume. Everyone in this office is so pleasant and professional. I always tell everyone about the wonderful experience we have had here and would recommend Dr. Roth in a heartbeat.

Christian Pedersen

I first sought treatment with Dr. Roth on the advice of my daughter who is also a chiropractor (but in the state of Maine so unfortunately not close enough for me to see on a regular basis). I have had my fair share of health concerns in the past, but most recently I was struggling with debilitating lower back pain. I have also had two spinal surgeries in my neck within the past three years, so my daughter said that I would need a chiropractor that is experienced in dealing with more difficult cases, and Dr. Roth specializes in upper cervical chiropractic. What I loved most about my initial meeting with Dr. Roth was that he truly cared and listened to me. One of the most impressive things he did was ask me what my goals are for care, and he tailored my care plan to be able to meet those goals. His adjustments have proven to be effective, helpful, and extremely beneficial. My very first upper cervical adjustment not only helped my chronic pain, but I found myself having more energy and felt more balanced instantly. In addition to a physical adjustment, it truly was an attitude adjustment! I look forward to my adjustments every week and the staff is kind, courteous, welcoming, and knowledgeable. I’m so thankful to have begun my care at Roth Family Chiropractic, and I am excited to continue with my care plan to meet all my goals!

Amy Irene

I have been suffering from neck pain for 15 + years and decided I had enough. I couldn't play with my girls or even pick them up. I had done chiropractic care in my 20s and really benefited from it. Dr. Roth specializes in upper cervical care which is what I was in desperate need of. Dr. Roth was very informative and explains things very well. He discovered 7 subluxations in my cervical spine and my neck had lost its natural curve. After going through only 3 months of chiropractic care with Dr. Roth, the subluxations have gone down to 2 and the curve has returned to my neck. I also have better posture and range of motion. My neck pain has also disappeared! I no longer get headaches and was able to stop taking allergy medicine. I highly recommend Dr. Roth to anyone who has neck or back pain. He works wonders!

Krystal Ouellette

Dr. Roth is helping my Daughter by relieving a long time issue of chronic pain she has been dealing with. After sitting down w/him a few times in the beginning and hearing what he had to say and what he was going to do, I strongly knew he can help her. If it wasn't for my insurance not being so great I would be going to him in a heart beat to help me to avoid spinal & neck surgery. I strongly and highly recommend Dr. Roth and so shouldn't many hospitals... Honestly deserves more then 5 stars for sure!!!

Alex Han

Diana Sarkosi

I was referred to Dr. Roth, a Cervical Specialist Chiropractor after a riding accident in February 2010. I had a mild concussion and had injured my neck pretty severely. I had been going to my regular chiropractor for five weeks after the accident and I was not getting any better. Luckily my chiropractor realized it must be my cervical spine and she referred me to Dr. Roth. Before treating me, Dr. Roth ordered x-rays of my neck that showed my C-1 vertebrae, also known as the Atlas vertebrae was shifted out of alignment. It was sitting at an angle of 31 degrees, where it should have been 8-10 degrees. This had been causing severe migraine headaches that were keeping me out of work for four days at a time, severe neck pain, and an inability to sleep due to the discomfort. I was miserable and getting pretty depressed from dealing with all the pain. Once Dr. Roth was able to review the x-rays and nerve scans he was able to do an adjustment. That very evening I was able to finally move my neck without pain and I slept like a baby. I have been in treatment with Dr. Roth for over a month now and I have barely had any headaches. I have not missed a day of work and I have been sleeping almost the entire night consistently. Before coming to see Dr. Roth I was unaware of the specialty of cervical adjustments and how important it is for certain injuries. I had been under the care of my other chiropractor for over ten years and had never heard of a cervical chiropractor. Had I not been referred to Dr. Roth I would have lost countless days at work, been in constant pain and be spending money on treatments that wouldn’t have helped me. Since being in the care of Dr. Roth I have done research on all the different diseases that can be caused from having your cervical vertebrae out of alignment. It has been an eye-opening experience for sure. I am most impressed with how fibromyalgia and MS can be treated through non-invasive chiropractic care instead of toxic prescription drugs and unnecessary surgeries. I wish more people would realize that so many health problems we have can be healed through chiropractic care and lifestyle changes. I look forward to continuing my treatments with Dr. Roth knowing that I am now on the road to recovery and can see a light at the end of the tunnel. My mood has completely changed since my neck has been getting better and my body has been able to start healing itself. - Diana S.

Andrew Classen

This was my first time at a chiropractor, so I was a little unsure of what to expect or if it was going to be successful. After three years of on and off chronic headaches, I can safely say they are going away at a rapid pace thanks to Dr. Roth. This is the only kind of medical care that actually helped me feel better and I would recommend this place/kind of care to those who aren’t getting results in other places or to begin with as a safe option. Besides my personal problem being solved, this place has a lot more positive things to be said about it. Dr. Roth’s office has very nice staff, a calm environment, an in-depth plan made for you specifically before you begin treatment, a system to keep track of how the treatments are affecting you, very flexible and open scheduling for appointments, and fast and helpful appointments. To those of you on the edge about seeing a chiropractor, chiropractic care and methods can be scary at first glance and may not seem as effective as conventional methods, but Dr. Roth has changed my perspective entirely. I felt unsure and nervous when I first came in, but I can safely say I’ve only had improvements and positive results with him. Chiropractic methods also help treat all kinds of health issues so even if you think yours doesn’t fall under the category, you should still come in and see him. Dr. Roth is more than just a doctor, he is a life saver. Thank you to everyone who works there!

Spiro Mavredakis

I've been coming for about 5 months now. Can't begin to descibe the original discomfort and pain I was in. Pain levels have gone from a consistent 6 or 7 / 10 down to a 1 to 2. Dr Roth and everyone in his office have been fantastic from the very beginning. I would recommend them to anyone who'd listen!

Juan Rivera

I am glad that I was introduced to Dr. Roth, my headaches are gone, I sleep better and I have my balance back.

Courtney Johnson

I have been seeing Dr. Roth for almost a year now. He has helped me with my back and hips problems to the point where I function most days without pain for the first time in years. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Roth!

Julie Pabon

I was in a car accident in 2015, after the accident I started having bad headaches every other day , unbearable neck pain that made it impossible for me to go to sleep or even lay in bed for more than an hour, and very bad shoulder pain. I began to see Dr. Roth and after my first adjustment I can honestly say that I have not had a headache in over a week! Which is amazing because I had horrible headaches almost everyday.It is also easier for me to fall asleep and lay in bed for over an hour and not have any pain. I have seen other chiropractors before but none of them were able to better my neck pain or headaches. I'm very impressed and happy with my results so far I cannot wait to keep improving with the help of Dr.Roth, he is truly one of the best Chiropractors I have seen!

Theresa McAloon

What a difference in my alignment! After years of poor posture and several accidents, I have so much more mobility and no longer need muscle relaxers. Dr. Roth’s gentle long term approach to healing has made a huge difference not only to my alignment but to my overall outlook.

Beth Wilke

April 13th, 2010, I went to see Dr. Justin Roth after being referred by my naturopath for constant migraines. Upon arrival, all the doctors, not just Dr. Roth, introduced themselves and explained the philosophy of chiropractic. The atmosphere was very welcoming and peaceful, and made me feel at ease. Before treatment, Dr. Roth gave my mother and myself an interactive lesson in order to help us understand what a subluxation is, how it is diagnosed, and how it is treated. After one treatment, all my symptoms went away – including my headaches, dizziness, and nausea. I also saw improvement in symptoms that I had suffered from for five years due to an undiagnosed illness unrelated to my migraines; these symptoms included severe swelling of my hands, feet, and face after consuming more than 500 mg of sodium. I was confused, but Dr. Roth explained that the spinal cord is responsible for ensuring proper communication between the brain and the body, and that a subluxation compromises this communication; resulting in a variety of illnesses that can be improved after chiropractic treatment. A full patient recovery relies on the patient’s deep understanding of their original illness – all the doctors, not just your own, promote this full recovery not just through treatment, but also teaching. Although the doctors are too humble to admit it, insisting that the human body is the true miracle worker, my mother and I believe the doctors of chiropractic are miracle workers. I would recommend Chiropractic to anyone – with or without symptoms.

keith Burns

I was referred to Dr. Justin Roth by my primary care physician. I had been having trouble with plantar fasciitis in my right heel. I was an avid runner and found myself unable to get past this injury. I had seen the podiatrist and was given 4 cortisone shots with little to no long term relief; weeks of physical therapy did little to alleviate the pain I encountered. Long story short, I had run out of options. I was not very optimistic that chiropractic visits would get my heel condition back on track. I looked at it more as to rule out spinal alignment issues as a source of the heel pain I encountered daily. I did have a back injury 25 years ago, requiring lower laminectomy procedure. Prior to that surgery I had chiropractic treatments but the results were limited. After the first adjustment Dr. Roth did (atlas vertebrae) I experience some unexpected results. First, I used to get debilitating sinus headaches (migraine) when seasons changed. I no longer have such sinus pain when weather is changing. Secondly, I have more feeling in the entire left side of my body. This was the side most impacted by my back injury so long ago. Lastly, and probably the most impressive was that my hearing improved. I could actually hear better than ever before. It is almost as though the parts of my body started working in harmony. There is one other important aspect that I learned from my experience under the care of Dr. Roth. I attended an informational presentation that he gives. In it, there is valuable information of how Chiropractic Care is part of a collection of natural balanced healing discipline(s). If you follow the recommendations, you will find ways to help your body heal itself. Lately, my adjustments have been lasting and I see Dr. Roth for wellness visits. And, I no longer have heel pain.

The Global Shift

I've been a patient there now over 2 years. I suffer from two full ruptures in my neck. C4/5 and C6/7 when I started seeing Justin I could not move, was in massive pain and heading for fusion surgery. Glad I didn't have surgery. Justin is amazing and is keeping me pain free and off the surgery table. Amazing!

Sue Berreth

This is my first time using a chiropractor so I very much appreciate the time that Dr. Roth took to explain my situation and his plan to help me. I am hopeful that my current pain will be reduced. Everyone in the office was very friendly and accommodating with scheduling.

Joe Labbadia

Started seeing Dr. Roth for some minor issues and also a way to improve my health as I look forward to staying active and healthier as I get closer to retirement age within the next decade. Many weeks in my past I regularly would take over the counter pills for body aches, pains and over use as well as headaches! Not to mention allergies, colds and flus . The one thing worst than having a cold in the winter is to have one during the summer. That's what happened the last week of June 2018; I ended up catching a cold. Of course I went to the typical pills and so forth to cure myself. But with the help of a committed plan to come in every week to get adjusted. Using some natural Essential Oils everyday.July 4th 2018 was I can honestly say the last day I have taken a PILL of any kind !! That's going on over EIGHT months now! Talk about Independence day, and with the help of Dr. Roth and his plan, my body, liver and mind, Thank You. Sincerely, Joe Labbadia

Jenna L.

Having been to multiple chiropractors, I can say that Dr. Roth and his staff are the very best. From the first day I got there, his staff happily introduced themselves, and Dr. Roth spent over an hour with me going through my medical history, getting x-rays, and making sure I understood all there was to know about my spine and how it is related to my health. Roth Family Chiropractic has great flexibility in scheduling appointments, is never running late, and takes the time to treat one's individual needs and concerns. Not only is Dr. Roth very knowledgeable in his practice, but he and his staff are some of the most kind and caring people you will meet.

chris fitny

Dr. Roth is in a league of his own. His approach to any condition or discomfort I am feeling at that very moment, is very unique. I love the explanation and education he provides as a patient, and I strongly recommend him!

Kat O

The staff is great very helpful! Dr.Roth was my last resort and has been working with me to make me pain free and found my problem after 2 orthopedic spine doctors couldn't! Dr. Roth is very patient and is super committed to helping his patients. Overall, Best doctor ever!!!!!!!

Dan Aresco

Dr. Roth is a fantastic chiropractor! Im an electrician and like any trade its is hard on your back. He has been able to dramatically reduce pain and discomfort i had become accustomed to.

Kristine Hoffman

I have been a patient for over a year now with Roth Family Chiropractic. It has been a good experience. They are truly like a family. The office is friendly, efficient and professional. Dr Roth is highly skilled and easy to talk to. He has also helped my husband through many serious problems with his neck and back. We are grateful to have found him. We appreciate all he’s done for us.

Lynn Baccaro

I have been a patient of Dr. Roth's for almost 9 months. I was referred by my friend Helene. I have chronic neck stiffness with limited range of motions issues and back soreness. This is age related wear and tear that has resulted in arthritis. I have been to 3 other chiropractors in my life. In comparing all techniques I feel that Dr. Roth's gentle form of adjustments has worked well for me. I feel very safe in his care. With several months of treatment I have gained better movement in my neck and more of a spinal curve. I look forward to the adjustments and enjoy the "stapler treatment" along with the adjustable tables. Katlyn and Chrissy greet you at every appointment with smiles and anecdotal humor. Any bad mood disappears once you enter the office. I am now on weekly maintenance which helps me to look forward to Mondays.

Ashley Taylor

Mercedes Caez

Dr. Justin Roth is not only a great doctor, but an awesome human being his compassion, understanding, and care immediatley made me feel relax and comfortable, that alone, made a difference in my mind and spirit. He is a humble Doctor very much concern for the welfare of his patients. Dr. Roth and his staff are a jewell in Berlin, connecticut. Thank you Dr.Roth!!! God bless you and your wonderful staff. ❤️ ,

Sydney Neubieser

I started seeing Dr. Roth after throwing my back out twice in the span of three weeks. I’m only 25 - much too young to be experiencing these types of back issues. I also experienced migraines on a regular basis (3-4x per week) and anxiety attacks at least once a week - but never thought a chiropractor would be able to help with ailments such as these. I am happy to say that since working with Dr. Roth I have not had a single panic attack, I am down to maybe one migraine a month, and I haven’t experienced any low back issues other then the occasional ache here and there. I would (and have) recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor who is experienced, professional, and truly cares for his patients. Thank you Dr.Roth! I will be a lifelong patient!


David Gove

"I started treatment with Dr. Roth during the end of June, 2009. I initially came into the office for a sudden onset of lower back pain, but also had problems with pre-existing neck, back and shoulder pain stemming from a motor vehicle accident. I was treated by another local chiropractor for almost two years, three times a week, and never saw any long term improvement. I would feel better for a short while after the treatment, but fell back to feeling the same pain shortly thereafter. In addition, my job requires me to carry 25 pounds of gear every day and the work conditions are less than ergonomically correct. Dr. Roth took x-rays to see how my spine looked and found all sorts of issues, including problems with my very top vertebrae, mid and low back. Dr. Roth has used many techniques to pinpoint and treat my problems and they have greatly improved. Since my treatment began, my neck pain is dramatically better. Since the improvement of my neck, other issues have been falling into place. The muscle tension in my shoulders is decreased and has been virtually eliminated. Frequently I would have days where I could not raise my arms above my shoulders and now that is rarely a problem. My lower back pain is far less frequent and more manageable. We have been able to adapt my treatment to my progress and I continue to improve. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Roth. I highly recommend his services to anyone."

Johnna Cohan

Dr. Roth came highly recommended by several of my friends. I was experiencing overall body aches and pains since January. After multiple doctor's visits and tests I finally decided to see Dr. Roth and I'm so happy that I did. He took Xrays and explained exactly what was going on and the reasons that I was feeling the way I was. I've been going for about a month and not only did my back pain go away, but my overall body aches as well. Also since having the adjustments I have been able to lower my thyroid medication twice. My daughter also goes to Dr. Roth now. She fell down the stairs this past winter and was experiencing neck and back pain. He is so good with his patients, no matter what age. Dr. Roth's goal is to truly heal the body and not just put a bandaid on the issue. I highly recommend Dr. Roth for your overall health and wellness!

Stefanie Junker

I have been a patient of Dr. Roth since 2011 when his office shared a space with Kensington Naturopathic. At first I was looking for relief from general neck and shoulder discomfort, but over the years I have had other injuries that bring me back to Dr. Roth's practice. Dr. Roth always takes the time to explain the problem, the treatment, and the prognosis. He uses the information he gathers from x-rays, scans, and listening to the patient to make informed treatment decisions. He helps patients to achieve their health goals by recommending specific exercise and daily habits. I believe my recovery from injury was quicker than expected because treatment included prescribed exercises as well as office adjustments. I trust Dr. Roth's expertise and highly recommend Roth Family Chiropractic to everyone I know who has neck or back pain.

Jennifer Gawlak

In the beginning of the year my back hurt so much I was only getting a few hours of sleep a night. My back was so stiff I was unable to keep form during workouts. After treatment from Dr. Roth I can sleep, sit, move and workout without pain. After trying a variety of things to straighten my neck it now feels better then it has in years.

Kristen Werblow

It is with gratitude and confidence in Dr. Roth that I write this testimonial. I met Dr. Roth almost 10 years ago when after becoming a new mother, I began to suffer from slight numbness in the right side of my face as well as tingling in my arms and legs. I had numerous suggested diagnoses such as “maybe Multiple Sclerosis” or even “a slight stroke.” One can only imagine the kind of stress, worry, and fear that would arise from such suggested conclusions. Dr. Roth gave me a profession examination, took proper x-rays, and found that the upper cervical vertebras in my neck were not properly aligned. He then explained in very understandable language what could be causing my symptoms and came up with a plan for the realignment of the vertebras. After only one or two adjustments with Dr. Roth, my symptoms completely resolved and have not returned since. The results were astounding! I recently found myself back in his office with consistent headaches. And again, with less than a month of treatment, I am headache free! Dr. Roth is such an amazing doctor on many different levels. His expertise in his field along with his sincere desire to assist others in healing without drugs makes him one of a kind. I would highly recommend anyone dealing with discomfort in the physical body to see Dr. Roth. It may heal your life as well. Thank you, Dr. Roth!!!!

Wholesale Frame Company

Hand down Dr. Roth is the very best there is!

Nathan Gaudreau

When I was 18 years old I went cliff diving. I jumped off a cliff about 40 feet in the air and landed on a rock about 2 feet below the water surface. I seriously injured my right side lower back. I went to a back specialist and he told me my back was spasming. He gave me muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs. I went to rehab and recieved electric sim and did special stretches. At the time I was running and exercising a lot and had to stop completely. Nothing seem to work and I gave up trying to fix my problem. I am now 35 and have be so lucky to have Dr. Roth take me on as a patient. After only 2 ajustments I could feel a tremendous difference. It is impossible to articulate the amount of relief I have felt from my adjustments . I am running and playing tennis again. Everyday I am feeling less pain. I am frustrated it took so long for me to find Dr. Roth, but am so grateful I did.

Aura Recuero

After so much pain manangment appointment and medication and no result a family member recommended dr Roth is the best decision made his time and effort their is no word that can describe my gratitude to Dr Roth and staff

Joseph Brown

I am a taekwando instructor and rely on my physical capabilities to earn a living. One day i woke up and couldnt even turn my head let alone teach a class. I went to Dr. Roth and he took some xrays, was very thorough and figured out exactly what was wrong. After a few adjustments I was already turning my neck better. Within the next day i was back to instructing my class like i didnt miss a beat. I want to thank Dr. Roth for getting me back to my students quick and efficiently. Super happy with the results!

Cait mb

Dr. Roth has been fantastic, I feel very fortunate to have been receiving chiropractic care from him. Dr Roth explains a clear plan of what to expect and I have noticed big improvements over time. His staff is always super friendly and helpful. I recommend Roth chiropractic to anyone looking to see results!!!

Monica Belyea

I've had nerve pain in my right leg for years. I had to stop running because my foot was going numb. Some intensive work with Dr. Roth has me back to walking without pain. I never thought I would run again but now I think I will. And I echo what others have said about convenience and super friendly staff. It's a pleasure to go for my appointments.

Matthew Downes

Mary Stewart

If there were a 6 out of 5 star option, I'd give Roth Family Chiropractic 6 stars. In every square inch of the office, you can sense Dr. Roth's professionalism, expertise, and - most importantly - how much he cares about his patients and his practice. I'm not kidding, even the bathroom is pristine. What makes Roth Family Chiropractic unique amongst chiropractors is the sense of empowerment that you feel as a patient. Dr. Roth doesn't merely treat you, he takes the time to educate you so that you understand your treatment and so that you can advocate for yourself. He will sit you down and walk you through your X-rays so that you understand where you are starting from and what steps need to be taken to get you where you want to be. I initially started going to Dr. Roth earlier this year for frequent headaches along with dizziness when laying down. Not only have my headaches been greatly reduced, but my health has improved in other, unexpected ways. During my initial visit, Dr. Roth felt my lower back could tell from just that brief exam that I was having painful, irregular periods (I wouldn't have thought to tell him this). Ever since I've begun treatment, I've had less painful, more regular periods. I didn't expect this, but I am grateful for it. My advice would be: tell Dr. Roth about any ailments you have, even if you don't think they're related to your spine. Turns out practically everything can be improved with better spinal health! Needless to say, my quality of life has greatly improved since going to Roth Family Chiropractic. Less headaches means more time that I can spend awake and active. I'm also taking FAR fewer medications (ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen, name it). I'm sure that my body will benefit from this in the long run! Lastly, I couldn't write this review without acknowledging the lovely ladies that work in this office! Katlynn and Chrissy are exceptional at their jobs. They are so friendly, kind, and not to mention hilarious. They make strong personal connections with all patients. They're accommodating and understanding...even if you call 30 minutes before an appointment and say you can't come (guilty!). (Roth Family Chiropractic is lucky to have you ladies! Love you!)

Cinda Lautenschlegar

I have been receiving adjustments from Dr. Roth since 2009. Prior to then, I suffered from severe allergy and asthma symptoms and took multiple prescription medications such as steroids, inhalers, allergy meds, and nasal spray. I no longer take any of those medications except for ProAir for about two to three weeks a year during peak pollen season. I'm enjoying much better health and breathe easier thanks to Dr. Roth.

Janet Petroycki

My experience with Roth Family Chiropractic has been nothing but positive! My circulation has improved, along with my sleep and blood pressure. My pain is almost gone. I'm thrilled!

Martha Stewart

My 16-year-old daughter saw Dr. Roth for headaches, vision problems, and hearing problems in the spring of 2010. They were all relieved with just chiropractic. The amazing thing was that the swelling of her face and extremities which had plagued her since middle school also disappeared. I myself had had some unnerving popping in my neck for four years, so I thought I would give chiropractic a try. After my first adjustment, my popping went away. Over the next two to three weeks, the chronic tension in my right neck slowly began to fade away. I also noticed that turning my head to the side while driving became easier. I had viewed these latter two things as a permanent and progressive part of aging; not a problem or something that needed to, (or could,) be fixed. Lastly, I had had some trouble with my blood sugar getting low in the mornings if I did not eat sufficient breakfast. This seems to be improving. To sum it all up, not only did the adjustments eliminate the problems which caused my daughter and I to seek initial treatment, but they also cured other ailments that we did not expect could be cured! I believe that chiropractic should become a regular part of preventative health care just as dental cleanings, mammograms, etc. Hopefully, this will happen and more people will be able to enjoy better health. Thank you so much Dr. Roth you gave me my life back! Martha S.

James Osborne

I suffered a lower back injury was in a great deal of pain and unable to walk. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was skeptical of the treatment. Within two sessions I had increased mobility and had a huge reduction in pain. By the end of my sessions I was pain free and able to walk even run if I wanted. I cannot say enough about the professional, caring and supportive staff that assist Dr. Roth. His abilities to clearly explain what he was doing and to provide manipulations and treatment were amazing. He also provided excellent instruction on how to do physical exercises to support his work. He also assisted in empowering me to evaluate my lifestyle and make healthier choices. I highly recommend him and his services..

Cassandra Tellarini

Dr. Roth had me feeling better in no time and he makes the process as fast and convenient as possible. And as an added bonus, he and his staff are beyond friendly!!

Anna Bartoszkiewicz

I showed up at the doctor's Roth office as a miserable person in pain. Basically my problem was neck ,which was effecting my whole body. Almost every day I would wake up with migraine headaches,had problems concentrating , sitting at the computer, driving, doing house chores, my mood was terrible. I wouldn't leave my house without pain meds, horrible !!! I decided to made an appointment with Dr. Roth. He took my x Rays, examined my condition and made a personal plan for me . Miracle didn't happen over night, took few adjustments before I felt any changes . His caring attitude was very noticeable, made me feel that I was in the right hands (plus his wonderful staff ) . Now I feel like a new me , no pain ,no stiff neck, no pain killers , only occasional headaches , my mood and energy are anbelivable . To add more details to my successful story , recently Dr. Roth invited his patient's dogs to be profecionally adjusted, of course my dog participated.He loved it !!! I'm really greatful and happy that I choose Dr.Roth. I also try , not to miss any appointments to keep up with the progress of getting even better. Anna B.

emil blaze

Dr. Roth took time to explain the situation and my treatment plan. He genuinely seams to care about your well being. Time will tell, but I'm very optimistic about my treatment plan.

Terry Binder

At 18, I had fallen down a flight of stairs, hitting my neck every 3rd step. At 43 , I was putting my hair up, when suddenly i could not move my head. I received therapy to regain movement. Since that day I have experienced constant neck pain. limited range of motion and the sound of grinding bones. At 58 my pain issues only increased with time. Constant pain of my knee, where I wore a knee brace every day, and shoulder pain which restricted many aspects of my life. I do not believe in surgery. On my daughter's recommendation, She suggested Dr Roth. I was skeptical at best. I was so very wrong. I have been going regularly since Oct 1, 2018. I have followed Dr Roth's instructions to the letter. From the first session I experienced minor relief. As time progressed, every pained area has improved . I am less stiff each morning, I no longer need the knee brace daily. I can walk up and down a flight of stairs again without pain. I have a better outlook on life. I never realized the pain I had experienced had made every aspect of life a real chore. Thank You Dr Roth !

Joe Sena

I have been going to Dr. Roth for over three years and always feel confident that I will feel better after being adjusted. I recently had a minor accident and got a slight whiplash which became chronic. Dr. Roth identified the issue immediately and I'm now back to playing golf. I highly recommend Justin Roth if you want to maintain an active and health lifestyle!


After less than 4 months with Dr. Roth, I can make it through a 12 hour shift at the hospital without complaining of back pain. My incidence of headaches has decreased significantly, my sleep has improved, and my overall comfort is leaps and bounds from what it was before I started getting regular adjustments. Thank you Dr. Roth and the girls!!

Kim Donahue

I am so blessed that Dr. Roth had an ad on Facebook the day I could not stand, sit, walk, or turn without crying. I called his office and the receptionist got me in immediately. My very first visit was painless and extremely helpful. I have been going for a few weeks now and I have never felt this good. I am 58 years old and assumed i would have aches and pains with age. Dr. Roth has me feeling better than I have felt in years. His staff is friendly and accommodating and his office is bright and inviting. Thank you all.

Tiare Kahana Bourget

My name is Teri "Tiare Kahana" Bourget. I have been a chiropractic patient for over 30 years due to having a "negative" cervical spinal curve. Originally from California, I saw my first chiropractor and since moving to Connecticut in 1987, I have seen several others, off and on, over the years. I had been off of chiropractic care and in 2011, my initiation with fibromyalgia began. It started with various, unrelated medical issues strung out over the course of five years from Meniere’s-like symptoms, followed by TMD, carpal tunnel and tennis elbow pain, unrelenting back pain, migraines and then finally my entire body would be in pain, in different intensities, different times of the day, from day to day. I had no energy, I felt as if I had the flu all of the time and I went into depression, isolated myself, rarely left the house and my bedroom became my haven and cocoon. (I am normally a very active and outgoing person.) Before seeing Dr. Roth, I had gone the typical route of seeing one medical specialist after another, who would not be able to diagnose me, but instead, would write out a prescription for medication. Between pain relievers, muscle relaxers, migraine, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and a variety of fibromyalgia medications with all of their side body became chemically toxic and I was miserable. I literally felt like a zombie. It was horrible. When the neck pain and migraines worsened, I decided to see Dr. Roth, who has a very good reputation as a highly skilled chiropractor and for being the best chiropractor in the state in Connecticut! Patients come from out of state to be treated by him. The fact that he is very handsome is just a bonus! LoL I think that I am one of Dr. Roth's most "difficult" patients because with fibromyalgia, I am always in some sort of pain, so I always have something to whine about whenever I go to see him. I have always been amazed with Dr. Roth's intuitiveness with his hands and being able to point out exactly where my “pain of the day” would be, without me even having to point it out! I have been under Dr. Roth's “pharmaceutical-free” treatment since 2015, starting out at 3 days per week for 3 months; and now I see him once per week. With Dr. Roth's successful treatments of correcting several of my subluxations, I rarely have migraines, dizziness or TMJ pain and the carpal tunnel & tennis elbow pain has subsided substantially. For other patients with fibromyalgia, if you do not already know this, it “takes a village” to treat fibromyalgia and Dr. Roth is definitely the chiropractor that you want in your "your village". Stress triggers and worsens fibromyalgia flare-ups and for the first few years, I was constantly stressed out, frustrated, worried and confused about the symptoms that no other doctor could clearly diagnose or treat (I thought that I was losing my mind!)-so, I was in the worst pain ever. But since "accepting" that I have this chronic illness, I have also accepted that I had to make life-changing adjustments to my lifestyle, know my physical limitations, learn how to pace myself and to perform daily household tasks ergonomically (or not do them at all! LoL) In addition to the “good hands” of Dr. Roth, being weaned off medications, taking herbs and supplements, the rest of “my village” includes a physical therapist, therapeutic yoga classes and a psychotherapist (to deal with the impact fibromyalgia has made on my life). Its been 7 years since the initial onset of fibro. I own a dance company and am dancer, performing and teaching artist. I had taken a short hiatus from performing, and downsized my dance company to perform solo. I eventually regained energy, ambition, and motivation, and trained to become a yoga teacher, so that I can teach therapeutic yoga to others with chronic pain; which is the perfect career adjustment for me. Dr. Roth had told me in the beginning, that I will eventually have my energy, drive and determination back, and he was right!

Barbara Lynch

There truly needs to be 10! stars!! ⭐️ Dr. Roth has changed my entire life. I have been living with horrible, body wide chronic pain for decades. Headaches? DAILY! Since miraculously finding this genius, kind, skilled beyond belief Doctor ....Who TRULY cares! quality of life has been returned. It’s a process and a commitment on the part of anyone needing have to show up..and wait for the miracle! His staff (Sydney and Christy) are BEYOND helpful, and! AWESOME as well!! My advice: it gets no better than Dr. Roth so “run” don’t walk... you will be SO relieved!!! if you do!!

Denise Natale

Dr Roth's staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Always a pleasant greeting asking how you are which really helps especially if you're in any kind of discomfort. Dr Roth himself is a real professional and always a greeting smile on his face. All in all I've just started my journey and hopefully at the end of it I will have many many more good things to say about Dr Roth and the girls.

Sara Ballou

I've been seeing Dr. Roth for nerve damage and partial paralysis from a surgery. I have increased range of motion and decreased pain. Dr Roth is easy to talk to and great to work with. The office staff are wonderful. Great atmosphere.

Megan Grocki

I started to go to Dr. Roth after being diagnosed with scoliosis. Most other treatments will only prevent the curvature from getting worse, without correcting it. Under his care, the curvature in my spine has actually improved. I highly recommend Roth Family Chiropractic!

Nancy Bienkowski

In January of 2018 my left arm and hand went numb. Thinking I was having a stroke I took myself to the hospital where I was diagnosed with 6 pinched nerves in my cervical spine. Not a stroke!! I started physical therapy which did nothing to alleviate my pain and numbness. My daughter strongly urged me to try Dr. Roth. She insisted he could help. With PT not working and my only other option being pain meds in my spine, I made an appointment with Dr. Roth. After his initial exam he asked me to commit to see him 3 times a week for 4 months and guaranteed me if I did he would correct the alignment of my spine and alleviate my pain and numbness. I was skeptical but had nothing to loose. Who guarantees anything now a days? After the first week my pain was almost gone but still had residual numbness. We worked through the next few months and on my last ex-rays 5 out of the 6 cervical discs were back in alignment. I am pain free and every now and then have some numbness in a few fingers. I can live with that. I go once a week now still working to free up that last disc. I trusted Dr. Roth and he didn't let me down. His office is friendly and inviting and he has an amazing personality that puts you at ease. If you are in pain give Dr. Roth a try you will not be disappointed. Nancy

Mike Giannini

Very good experience, I’ve noticed improvements beyond what I even went in for! Staff and the Dr are all very friendly as well.

Rose Fox

I have had issues with my upper cervical discs and muscles for such a long time. When I first heard there was a chiropractor that specialized in that area, I jumped at the chance to try to see if it would be beneficial for me. Well, I have had a medical partnership been with Dr Roth since the first year he began in Berlin. He has a gentle nature,good sense of humor and really puts you at ease. Dr, Roth really understood my medical difficulties, reduced my pain, gave me exercises to help myself. Even when another part of my body wants to compete with my back and neck, Dr. Roth makes adjustments there also. I have come to understand that being active means that,in my case,i need monthly chiropractic adjustments. In addition to Dr Roth the staff is so friendly and helpful too. Give them a try!!!

Kari Steadman

I’ve been treating with Dr. Roth for two months. I have experienced many of the injuries that plague a runner and felt that I wouldn’t be able to continue running at all. He helped me achieve my goal of running my first half marathon this past weekend! I was so excited to finally complete this challenge and so grateful to Dr. Roth for his help!!

Diane Dornfried

I began seeing Dr. Roth with neck problems; I had dislocated my neck as a child and had ongoing problems. At first I was very nervous about having my neck adjusted, but Dr. Roth put me at ease. As time went on, I was experiencing pain in my back which at times was debilitating. Dr. Roth's adjustments provided immediate relief. I now make sure that I go in for regular adjustments just to avoid any problems. Not only is Dr. Roth very knowledgeable, he is kind and cares about his patients - and the same can be said for his staff, Krissy and Sydney. I highly recommend Roth Family Chiropractic.

Diane Wowk

I have found Dr Roth to be a lifesaver for me. He has stabilized me so I dont have chronic pain. I see him every week and his pleasant personality and sense of humor always make my visit an excellent experience. I must also say his staff is the best! When I have a bad flare up, they always try to accommodate me as soon as possible. Wonderful people.

Renee Lamore Benito

Dr. Roth is most definitely a chiropractor that I would recommend! For over 4 years I've dealt with pain, crippling fatigue,horrible migraines, and a number of other annoying symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I had just about lost all hope in feeling better after seeing (many,many times) my primary care doctor, rheumatologist, and neurologis, all of which would continue to push medications that didn't help. I had been to a few chiropractors when I was younger for neck and back pain from a couple car accidents, I wasn't the biggest fan. Needless to say chiropractic care wasn't on my mind, at all, to help me with the fibro symptoms. I knew that Justin was a successful chiropractor, we've known each other since junior high school, and I followed him on Facebook. I saw a post of his, about a patient with fibromyalgia that is doing much better after being in his care. I really had nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain by putting my trust in him and asking for help. Four months later, I'm feeling so much better on a daily basis!! My pain is manageable, but the most improved symptoms are the fatigue and migraines. I would literally have to rest, or nap before and/or after social events, taking my kids anywhere, cleaning house, even grocery shopping! I have so much more energy most of the time now, that I can push through when the fatigue comes on and make it through the days without that rest or nap. And the migraines went from about 8 or 9 a month, way down to about 2 a month, if that!! THAT in itself is amazing to me because I've struggled with them for about 12 years. I am very hopeful that my symptoms will continue to improve while I stay in the care of Dr. Roth. I'm so extremely thankful for Dr. Roth and his love for what he does, his expertise, knowledge, professionalism, instinct, and obvious genuine care for all of his patients. An added benefit to Roth Family Chiropractic is the wonderful woman that run the office, Chrissy and Sydney, they're always very pleasant and helpful. Thank You for giving me my hope back Roth Family Chiropractic!!

Barbara Giangreco

I have always been an advocate of chiropractic care and when I experienced a case of whiplash in September, 2010, I immediately went to the chiropractor I had been seeing for several years to help sort out the tight, uncomfortable muscles and the limited range of motion in my left arm. In May, 2011, a friend told me about Dr. Justin Roth and how he had basically “cured” her of her chronic and very debilitating migraines. She recommended that I contact him to see if he could help with my neck/shoulder/arm issues. I didn’t hesitate. I phoned the office and was immediately scheduled for the “Roth Series” of x-rays of my cervical spine. These x-rays were different from the traditional cervical spine x-rays that were administered initially, so I knew that this approach would help to identify the “cause”. Dr. Roth immediately identified the problem. My C1 & C2 (Atlas & Axis) cervical discs were out of alignment causing disruption in the normal neurological process. FINALLY, an answer, this made sense. Dr. Roth was extremely empathic to my process and explained in detail the mechanics of the cervical spine. He helped me to understand how everything is connected and the importance of the positioning of the Atlas and the Axis and their role in the “everyday functioning” of the body. I intuitively knew that my body was in a traumatized state, but was at a loss as to how I could help it to resume its natural balance. The nerve pain that I was experiencing for 8 months was gone after 1 adjustment with Dr. Roth. It was “magic.” I continued to see him 3 times a week to monitor my adjustments and then to 2 times a week and then to once a week to monitor how my adjustments are “holding”. I continue to progress in my healing. Due to the extended period of time that my Atlas & Axis were out of alignment, (due to improper diagnosis) nerve disruption and muscle atrophy occurred causing me to continue to struggle with “everyday movement in both my shoulders. Dr. Roth has referred me to an exercise physiologist who is helping to strengthen my muscles in my shoulders and arms and every day a little progress is made. I am on the path to regaining my very active lifestyle. This entire experience has been very humbling; it has taught me many things. I have also learned that traditional medical practitioners, although well intended, may not have all the answers. I still struggle to “blow dry” my hair, however, I am sleeping through the night, I no longer have to rely on pain medication to get me through the day, and I know that soon, I will be swinging a golf club, practicing yoga, and focusing on life, not pain. Dr. (Magic) Roth has been a blessing and I will forever be grateful! Barbara G


When I started going to Dr. Roth, my neck was so kinked it would randomly lock up my shoulders. Since then, I not only have zero pain associated with my neck, but I am back to my previous levels of flexibility. Thank you Dr. Roth.

Ethan Berube

I am a 27 year old that went to Dr Roth with limited mobility and stiffness in my neck and after just a month of sessions was feeling more limber and pain free. I would recommend anyone with back or neck issues to check him out it has made a world of difference.

Lisa Roberge

Dr. Roth and his staff are fantastic! I came initially because I could barely turn my head (which affected my driving), my shoulders would ache and the left side of my body would tingle and go numb at night, I had difficulty with doing my daily chores. Not much of a life for a 30-something year old. I can’t say exactly when, but within the first month or so of getting adjustments, I was no longer in as much pain and the numbness and tingling stopped. Today, I can now turn my head and get through my weeks with minimal to no discomfort. I still have a ways to go, but I’ll do whatever it takes not to go back to square one! I recommend this practice to any of my friends and family who actually want to start feeing better!!

Helene Santana

"I am a 50 year old hairdresser who felt like I was in a 70 year old’s body. I was schedule for a corpectomy surgery before I met Dr. Roth. My orthopedic surgeon wanted to remove not only my C5 and C6 discs in my neck but the vertebrae in between as well because they were putting pressure on my spinal cord. Not only was I experiencing tingling and numbness in my right arm, hand and had a loss of balance, I could also feel the pressure in my neck from the stenosis. I was down to one semi-comfortable sleeping position. A long day of cutting hair would create tension in my neck and shoulder area that wouldn’t quit. I was told without surgery, I would eventually not be able to work; not something you want to hear when you’re trying to raise 3 kids! The surgery itself is nasty business, six weeks or more recovery time and being self-employed that means no pay for me as well as no driving in that time frame. In my business, I come in contact with a lot of people who had a lot of opinions about fusion surgery and chiropractic treatment. I know there are good and bad chiropractors but I didn’t like the odds of surgery being that most fusion patients end up back for more surgery and I didn’t want that to be me so I stayed hopeful. I was finally recommended by my 81-year-old client Dorothy whom I respect very much raved about Dr. Roth saving her from shoulder surgery that I should schedule an appointment with Dr. Roth. Scared and skeptical I went to his website (which was very educational) and had a glimmer of hope that this could possibly work. First of all, his office girls Katlynn and Chrissy have the most upbeat, sweetest dispositions and really make you feel welcome. Dr. Roth was very patient, took his time and answered all my questions. He is very confident and knowledgeable about his craft and truly believes in what he does. I found out how and why this happened and what could be done to fix it. The how and why was something my orthopedic just chalked up to age and heredity conditions. It’s now been 5 months since cancelling the surgery and opting for treatment with Dr. Roth. I forgot how feeling well was supposed to feel like. My movements are more fluent, my sleeping is back to normal and there is a host of other improvements I didn’t expect such as better concentration and the ability to keep up with my children and yes, they’re seeing Dr. Roth as well. Very grateful to Dr. Roth and his amazing staff!"

Lucia Santiago

Dr Roth came highly recommended to me by several different people. Before then, I had gone to a different Chiropractor who treated my symptoms but never took time to figure out and treat the cause. I had also visited several doctors that all told me my only option would be surgery when I got older. Dr. Roth started with X-rays on the first visit, and showed me where all my issues were in my spine, not just the one I was complaining about, and how long they had been there based on the X-ray readings. I immediately felt some relief on my sciatic pain after the first few adjustments, and over time, the pain was lessening as my flexibility and mobility was increasing because my spine was loosening up and each individual vertebra was moving freely again. As an added bonus, my scoliosis curvature has been reduced and continues to improve with each adjustment. I was initially placed on restrictive activity to allow my spine a chance to heal, and today I can participate fully in my martial arts classes pain free. I'm so grateful to my friends for recommending me to Dr. Roth, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who has a spine issue. Thank you Dr. Roth!!!

Morgan Neubieser

I went to Dr. Roth with chronic back problems I didn’t think I would ever go away. Once going through my treatment plan I was amazed with the results. I can finally move without constant pain and I owe it all to Dr. Roth.

Beth Jolley

Before coming to Dr. Roth I was told I would have to have spinal surgery due to a herniated disk in my neck. That would involve going through the front of my throat, past my vocal cords, and into my spinal cord. The herniated disk would've been removed and replaced with bone matter that would've been taken from my hip. In addition I would've had screws to help operate my neck properly to make up for the lack of movement. There was no guarantee given that this would fix the problem. It would've been at least a 2 week recovery time and an expensive, risky surgery. There would've been permanent damage to my spine that, in my opinion, would've have a domino effect on the rest of my vertebrae over time, causing more problems. This started in January 2016 and continued to get worse until the end of March, when I finally saw Dr. Roth. I was in a lot of pain everyday all the time. I was having trouble sleeping, driving, and just sitting. I started to loose feeling in my thumb and experienced numbness down my right arm. In that time I was going to physical therapy, getting X Ray's and an MRI to try and figure out what was going on. The physical therapy was making it worse and I was starting to think I would never feel back to normal again. It was very upsetting because I had not had any accidents or traumatic situations to cause this problem - I just woke up with the overwhelming pain one morning. After being told I would need surgery to hopefully fix the problem, I decided to get one last opinion from Dr. Roth. The orthopedic doctor had told me that a chiropractor wouldn't be able to help but I had to at least try! After reviewing my X Ray's, MRI, and initial exam Dr. Roth assured me that he could help me and that my body would heal with the right adjustments, time, and exercises. After seeing him for just a month 3x a week, I started getting feeling back into my hand and arm! That pain I was experiencing was almost all gone and I could sleep, drive, and move around 100x better than before. Now that I've been seeing Dr. Roth going on 5 months, I would say my neck is 95% better. The pain and numbness in my hand and arm have never returned and I don't expect it to. I know that as I continue seeing him I will see 100% improvement! Not only is my neck better but I also learned a lot about the importance of taking care of your body, especially your spine. It's connected to everything and have a huge effect on how your body functions. Dr. Roth has also worked on adjusting my hips and shoulder which I didn't even realize were a problem until I felt the difference after adjustments! I am so glad that I didn't listen to the other doctor and that I was recommended to Dr. Roth. Coming to him has definitely changed my life because I know if I had gone through with surgery I would've had negative effects forever. Dr. Roth is an excellent, trust worthy doctor & person that I would recommend to anyone without hesitation. I am forever grateful for his help!


Great place and great guy

Patrick Lour

Dr. Roth is amazing. Been seeing him for a little over 1 month and have seen significant results. Best decision I made was to come see him.

Carlo Ruscito

I experienced pain in my neck, shoulder, arm and hands to the point where my fingers would start tingling as a result of a weekend warrior injury. I saw an orthopedic surgeon who had referred me to a physical therapist. While the therapy helped relieve some of the pain and the tingling, the symptoms continued returning. Despite my hesitation regarding the chiropractic profession, I decided to give it a try since nothing short of surgery had worked. Dr. Roth had identified and pinpointed the exact cause of the problem. And after attending only two months of sessions with Dr. Roth, the symptoms went away and I have been pain and tingle free for over 2 years. Thank you Dr. Roth!

Kimberly Miller Nadwairski

I was referred to Dr.Roth by my Holistic care physician at Pro Natural Health Group. I was in such pain...I had never experienced as much pain. My shoulder was locked up, my neck and clavicle were killing me with stabbing pains, and I was having electric sensations in my hands. I hadn’t seen my former chiropractor in 4 years. I stopped going because I just didn’t like my neck being manipulated, and that there were never any x-rays taken. Dr. Roth is thorough, holistic, kind, personable, professional and educational. His staff are as well. I got such great results and I am feeling almost perfect after 3 months of intense treatment. Now I am in the maintenance phase, and I won’t make the mistake again, of neglecting my spinal health. It effects everything! Thank you Dr. Roth!

Steve Peronace

Helene Sandquist

Dr. Roth has been treating me for 5 years plus. My work is very physical and I need maintenance on a regular basis to keep my spine healthy and having regular adjustments allows me to continue to do what I do on a daily basis pain free. Not only is Dr. Roth very knowledgeable, he's also very caring when it comes to his patients. I was always a little apprehensive to receive Chiropractic care however Dr.Roth isn't super aggressive and is mindful of any fears one may have about chiropractic care. His techniques are unique and very effective. I highly recommend Dr. Roth to my clients, family and friends who may benefit from his care. He is a God send. Helene S.

Sheila Gasuk

Posting for Alan Gasuk Rocky Hill I am usually a man of few words, but excuse me while I explode. Honestly I can’t let another day go by without acknowledging the difference you made in my life. If my letter appears a bit detailed, it’s because I am hoping that you will share it with existing and future patients. I was recommended to Dr. Roth because I was seeking a second opinion on the cause of numbness in my thumb, pointer and middle finger; as well my arms and hands were so painful I could not sleep. As a result, I could not pick up or hold items and my wife had to even button my shirts for me. As my body began to tighten and deteriorate, I experienced shooting pain in my feet when I golfed which left me with no choice, but to give up my golf membership at Wethersfield Country Club. If that wasn’t enough pain, I began to notice that my back was becoming stiff and I could not turn side to side which made it very difficult to drive. The original doctor had quickly determined, just by hearing details of my condition, that I should have an operation for Carpal Tunnel in both wrists. Dr. Roth, on the other hand, took X-rays and said my problem came from my axis bones . . . the top 6 vertebrae. Within a few months I started noticing changes and I was truly feeling better. Now!!!! A year and a half later: I can walk 18 holes of golf with no pain, I can swing a golf club without pain in my hands and wrists and I can actually pick up a dime off the floor and button my own shirt. Dr. Roth . . . your expertise, knowledge and experience has been a miracle for me. You have changed my life! Dr. Roth gave me back the quality of life I so dearly missed and took away my fear of losing my ability to age gracefully. Because of Dr. Roth, this will be a year of celebration for me. At 70 years old, I have rejoined the Wethersfield Country Club and the Men’s Club Thursday Golf League. I will be taking a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado to celebrate my son's birthday on the ski slopes. My wife and I will be celebrating our 42nd Wedding Anniversary in Jamaica swimming and golfing and living life without restriction. The frosting on the cake is that I will have the most wonderful summer with my grandchildren because I can move, be active and be pain free to enjoy life. Thank you Dr. Roth! Alan Gasuk

Christina Bukowski

Ive been coming to see Dr. Roth for two months now. I sought out chiropractic treatment for upper back and neck pain that had persisted for months. In the short time I've been coming here i have noticed a tremendous amount of improvement. The pain has diminished significantly and I'm able to do more things that I enjoy without being in pain and I'm actually able to get a comfortable nights rest which is something I definitely needed. The staff are SUPER friendly and flexible with appts. I would highly recommend Dr. Roth and his team.

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