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REVIEWS OF Robert Shaw, DC IN Connecticut

Kevin Thomas

Great environment very professional. Does great work

William McEvoy

Dr Rob is a highly skilled chiropractor. Just as important, he is a great person and gives you a sense of hope and confidence while your body is healing. I love the fact that no appointments are needed and when you walk-in you can be seen in just a few minutes. It makes it very convenient. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, Dr. Rob is the best around.

Heather Gates

I had tweaked my back between shoveling and kickboxing. Nothing I was doing was working - had trouble walking, sitting, driving. I mentioned it to my sister, and she had recommended Dr. Shaw. I was able to schedule an appointment for the next day, and when I went in, he did a full check of a my spine and found that I had several things that were not aligned (including my lower back that was giving me issues). After the appointment, I felt great! I was able to work out that weekend, and have been back since then. He was so great, and informative with everything that was mis-aligned and everything he was doing. He is definitely a hidden gem!

Paul Lessard


I made an account just to review Dr. Shaw as I had told him I would but didn't have a google account. I always have varying degree's of back and neck pain but didn't necessarily subscribe to the whole "Chiropractic world" as I had gone a few times and ultimately was unable to tell if it were helping or not. I had started getting worse back and neck issues than normal that resulted in getting a headache about every other day for a month. I was reluctant to go to the Chiropractor as 1 visit and I am assaulted with e-mails, texts, phone calls, mailed flyers etc to come in 2 times a week... It became evident I may need one however but instead of playing darts with the phone book I asked around for recommendations. Dr. Robert Shaw was recommended to me and I gave it a shot. Dr. Shaw was very friendly with me and several patients I saw come in for an adjustment while I filled out new patient form. He saw me quickly and explained the adjustment I was given, the whole thing took 10 minutes. I didn't have a single headache again for months. I also didn't receive a single solicitation to come back, Robert just said pop in any time during business hours. Fast forward about 5 months later, I started getting tight again so I popped in for adjustment. I was in and out on my lunch break from work in 10 minutes and feeling great again. Going again reminded me I was going to write this review when I was amazed I had no headaches in 3+ months. I will continue to go see Dr. Shaw when I'm having neck/back issues and recommend anyone else give it a try if you don't love your current chiropractor!!!


Great Coming Here

Nick Stepski

Dr. Rob is awesome. I like being able to just pop in anytime I need a adjustment without the hassle of appointments.

Brian Nardi

Chelsie Schreppel

great environment! Dr. Shaw is thorough, friendly, and knowledgable. In and out very quickly

Amanda Kent

Dr.Rob is amazing! I go in weekly because when I first got my intake I found out my body was not in good shape. So he made a game plan with me and really showed me and explained to me what was going on and how we were going o fix it! He's a very nice, genuine person. Every time I walk into see him, no matter if I'm sad or mad or happy, he always puts a smile on my face! It's definitely a place that you feel comfortable in. I would recommend- no I have recommended my friends and family to him! Like I said he's amazing!

Aaron Howard

I always feel better after leaving Dr. Shaw!

Thomas Hallaway

I’ve been seeing Dr, Shaw for about a month now, and he’s changing my life. Over 10 years ago, I had two spinal surgeries in my low back over a year and a half period. In that same timeframe, at age 25, I contracted mono and had two other strep throat infections, leading to my tonsils being removed. I’d never been the same since. I’ve suffered from chronic widespread pain, shaking, anxiety, depression, and all around poor health habits since. I’d been in a couple bad car accidents and had on and off neck issues as well. This past winter I began awakening daily to nausea, acid reflux, and restlessness. I was getting very little to no quality sleep. Years of drifting away from my friends and family. I never wanted to commit to activities because I was worried I’d get tired. or be in pain, or irritable. My social life and life in general was hitting rock bottom. I had no positive outlook for tomorrow, let alone the future. Every day felt like nothing more than survival. Since being failed by so-called “modern medicine” at seemingly every turn, I began to investigate chiropractic. I’d seen a “chiropractor” as a teen for a back injury and never really even considered it for rehabbing my back as an option to PT and surgery. What I didn’t know was that the “chiropractic” that I was familiar with wasn’t really chiropractic care at all. It was the same stuff I was getting through PT (ultrasound, TENS therapy, some massage/trigger point therapy, As I began to understand what chirpracruc care was really all about, I then embarked on finding a doctor that I would feel comfortable working with, and for someone that adjusted the spine for OVERALL HEALTH, not just manipulation for specific pain and discomfort. Luckily, a friend referred me to Dr. Shaw. The first thing you need to know is that Dr. Shaw is one of if not the only doctor in the area to utilize the “Zone Healing Technique”, which is based on the principle that all the body’s systems and zones need to be working properly for you to experience what should be your body’s natural state - HEATH. The second is that unlike all medical offices, after your first appointment, you just come in on a walk in basis during normal office hours. Usually, you are taken directly back to the care area and adjusted - typically I’m in and out within 6-7 minutes and I’ve never had to wait more than 5 mins or so to be billing or insurance department, no medical assistants or nurses.... it’s just Dr. Shaw in the office. And this slimmed down operation allows him to concentrate so much on just his patients. Since beginning treatment, I’ve been making pretty steady improvement. I just spent 4 hours this past Sunday walking around a car show and experienced little to no back or neck pain the entire time. I’m able to exercise again and can feel myself getting stronger and stronger, both physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m able to relax when appropriate. If all I was getting from my treatment with Dr. Shaw was a sense of hope, that would be enough. However, it’s so much more than that. I was someone that was on his way to a fibromyalgia diagnosis, Parkinson’s disease, or some other horrifying condition. I’m sure of it! Little by little, day by day, week by week, my body is reclaiming what belongs to it - health. Please, if you are suffering, in pain, and/or just know that you can feel better than you do, contact Dr. Shaw and set up an appointment! There are no hard-sells on adjustment frequency, although he’d like to see you at least once a week to start (compared to some who push you to see them a number of times weekly). He’s not pushing supplements or other ancillary products to pad the bottom line. All he’s doing is practicing good, simple, chiropractic care. As a final note. Dr, Shaw has been doing chiropractic for almost 25 years, and yet he’s still as excited and enthusiastic as could be. I suspect that has to do with the fact that he probably sees “miracles” like me on a daily basis, due to his skill and knowledge. Thank you, Dr. Shaw!

Katerina Amberg

Dr. Shaw brought me hope again at a time chronic pain seemed like my death sentence. He is uniquely valuable because he isn't hesitant to explain what he is doing, he shares the knowledge, and makes each visit feel like teamwork, not authoritative. The adjustments themselves, I thought were a bit aggressive but I shortly realized he just really knows what he's doing.

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