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REVIEWS OF Damato Chiropractic Center IN Connecticut

Adele Clark

Heidi Amato

Very nice employee's especially the massage therapist (Stephanie) that help out when I bring my son. and the mascot is cute also..

Jennie Gillespie

The D'Amato brothers changed my life. Best chiropractors ever! Gentle and effective. Very welcoming, kind staff. The massage staff is amazing as well. Go get an adjustment!

Tamara Johnson

I just switched to this location. My husband and baby were already being treated and after meeting some of the staff, I decided to join as well. Beautiful new facility with many rooms to receive treatment in. You are greeted by professional and personable staff as soon as you walk in. You receieve a warm-up massage prior to being adjusted. The doctors always try to offer treatments to try at home to get you through until next appointment. Damato also has a sports and rehab program and a separate exercise training program as well as a separate massage center. I was going to another chiropractic center and still love all the doctors and staff there as they got me through my pregnancy, however due to location it was difficult for me to continue my sessions. Damato is convenient for me and my family to attend weekly. Come visit the center and see for yourself, you wont be disappointed.

Susan Goldman

Amazing! I have been a patient for 3 years and cannot imagine not being a part of this amazing practice. The doctors and staff are all caring, sincere and professional. Great adjustments, advise, massages and rehabilitative exercise.


I got into a car accident back in December of 2017. I went to physical therapy for about a month for shoulder and back pain. After a month, my shoulder pain got a little better but nothing was helping my back pain. I had lower back pain and the middle of my back from top to lower was in constant pain. It got so bad to the point where it would radiate to my ribs. It felt like I had something wrapped around me and I felt constant pain in that area. I decided to stop physical therapy and chose Damato chiropractic because of the reviews on google. I can’t say enough great things about them. From the great doctors to their staff. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. When I started treatment I couldn’t stand or sit for too long because I would get that radiating pain. Seeing that I was a CNC machinist it was impossible not to sit or stand for long periods of time. The first couple weeks of treatment was rough. My adjustments weren’t holding and my back was very stiff every appointment. Eventually it got better and better, and towards the last month of treatment I essentially stopped having pain. It’s night and day now with my back. I rarely feel pain in my mid back and the radiating pain is gone. Thanks to Damato chiropractic I can finally get back to my normal life. I can go back to the gym and play sports without worrying. They’re absolutely amazing and I recommend them to anyone seeking chiropractic care. You will not be disappointed!

Lilli Morris

They are soon nice and helpful

Diana Perez

Hey this is Diana and I just want to say that I been coming to Dr. Nick for about a little over a month now. I started with my infant who loves getting his adjustments. He has a big smile everytime I walk into the office with him. So I know something good is being done. I now am bringing my 10 yr old son who was diagnosed with ADHD. Dr. Nick Damato was very kind to tell me that treating him would help wth his ADHD and exactly how. So I wasn't confused, instead thankful. So I thank you from my heart and I would definitely reccomend family and friends to go.

Meghan Urban

Best chiropractic center I have ever been to. Love Dr. Eric he's the best!!

Lou Blue

Office staff are friendly, they help make things convenient and easy.

Zachary Thorne

I sustained a significant shoulder injury and I live a very athletic lifestyle. Prior to coming to Damato Chiropractic I had visited an orthopedic surgeon, completed 2 rounds of physical therapy and received a cortisone injection. I continued to struggle to put a shirt on. However, I received treatment from Dr. Stephanie and sports rehab from Brian. It took hard work and pushing from both Steph and Brian but I was able to rehabilitate and become pain free again. I wish I had just gone to them in the first place. I can’t say enough about Steph and Brian, the other outstanding people that work there, the quality of the service, the personalized experience and the results of the the treatment. The fact that they have appointments that fit my schedule, everyone is super nice and there is never a wait are all bonuses!

karen hogan

Great customer service, affordable and great employees. The new location is also amazing!

Brian Clemens

Dr. Wade is great

Bennett Saltus

Damato's is the best chiropractor! Won't go anywhere else!!

Robyn Bage

Having once been skeptical of chiropractors, I can tell you that Dr.Eric Damato and his staff are magical. That is truly the best word to describe this practice. Dr.Damato is incredibly skilled. He has helped my sciatica (there had been point I could barely walk), my inner ear vertigo (on more than one occasion), and in general helps me to remain healthy. My partner has severe arthritis and his treatments have kept her walking and surgery free so far. Moreover, Dr.Damato and staff show a genuine caring and concern for their patients. I feel fortunate that my family found them. I would recommend them without reservation.

Sarah Tessier

Phenomenal care with an exceptional staff!! Would highly recommend to anyone who is in pain!

Kitty Meow

Dr. Steph comes highly recommended

Marlena O'Day

I highly recommend Damato Chiropractic Center. Very professional staff and welcoming environment. Started bringing my daughter after almost two years of no progress with drs and specialists stemming from a mv accident and decided to join myself along the way once I noticed she was needing less aspirin daily and her migraines were finally getting better under control. The entire staff is knowledgeable, friendly and cares about each person that comes through the door. Very glad our pediatrician recommended us here.

K Chims

Chiro fractured one of my ribs during treatment. I was told there is nothing that can be done and now I'm stuck with a rib that is visibly sticking out of the left side of my rib cage. I cant sleep on my side, lay on my stomach and have constant pain there all day. The kicker is I cannot even get Damatos to call me back.

Suzy Burris

All the doctors and the entire staff are very professional and family oriented. You can tell each and everyone of them value their patients and take care of your needs. I Highly recommend Damato chiropractic center.

Noel Ortiz

Sandra Roseth

I've been a patient at Damato Chiropractic for several years - always a pleasant, successful experience. Recently, my PCP completed blood work, which indicated my iron levels are extremely low and he told me to begin taking a particular formula of iron asap. I was struggling to find it - Whole Foods, Vitamin Shop, GNC, Walgreens, CVS and Amazon. No luck. Yesterday, at my chiropractic appointment I asked if they could help me... Holly, Tara, Eric and Chris all jumped in to ensure my health needs were met - even though the practice will have no monetary benefit they cared to take the time to help me. Today, I ordered the iron. The entire team at this practice is wonderful - office staff, massage therapists, trainers and chiropractors!

Cameron Desena

This place is the best they have great staff that really take care of you and make you feel at home. And eric is a wizard with his hands. Deffinatly the best chiropractic center around.

Catherine Rossini Lapierre

Damato chiropractic is an amazing buisness. If I am ever in pain I can rely on them 100% to make sure I feel better. Everyone that works there is so nice and I recommend this place to anyone in need of a chiropractic service.

Pedro Rodriguez

Best place to go ... been going here for a year and have not issue good customer service ..:

Anthony Kerz

An experienced staff helped me get past some persistent back issues with Chiropratic manipulation and related therapy

Nia Wilkes

Friendly staff that always make me feel at home and can accommodate my crazy schedule

Grace Lee

Bonnie Johnson

Going to Damato Chiropractic Center is like visiting your favorite relative. Right from the point of walking in the door, you feel part of their family circle. These people genuinely care about their patients. You can tell that they want to listen to you, help you, heal you. I'll never go anywhere else.

Jason Bristol

Katie Kerper

Dr Wade, Dr Steph and the whole staff at Damato Chiropractic are incredible! They have been seeing me at least twice a week during my pregnancy and have kept me up and mobile. They are able to work very conveniently with my work schedule and always find a way to get me in and feeling more like a human as I waddle out the door. I couldn't recommend them highly enough!

Patricia Weigle

Karen Coyne Rokosa

My entire family has been seeing Dr. Damato for several years and I am constantly referring people to their office. The entire staff has done wonderful things for me with my chronic back pain/problems when nothing else helped. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in starting chiropractic care.

Amy Gregory

I have been coming to the Damato Chiropractic Center for everything from adjustments to massage to physical therapy for over 10 years. The staff is friendly, personable, and very accommodating. Their new office is very spacious and comfortable too. If anyone ever complains of back pain I automatically recommend one of their two offices. Of course, I will always love the original in Newington the best!

Chris Cleland

Lisa Mottola

After trying everything to ease a painful and chronic pinched nerve in my neck, I let go of my reservations and went to Damato Chiropractic Center in Newington. While all staff I met have been wonderful and caring, a huge shout out to Dr. Stephanie Kahler and Tom McLellan whose help and guidance has resulted in a new pain free and transformative existence. Many many many thanks!!

Gary Liseo Jr

Came in after hurting my shoulder hiking and was able to get my shoulder feeling much improved after only 2-3 months going once or twice a week. They work well with my schedule as I am a student working multiple jobs and usually have to come in between classes or other school-related activities. Dr. Stephanie and the staff are absolute delights who help me feel better after leaving every time.

frank papa

Simply the best

Janet Catucci

I have been to many chiropractors over the years. This is by far the best and most convenient. No need for an appointment. And all the Dr's are great. Staff is friendly and the place is brand new and spotless.

Kendall Sutton

I would highly recommend this Chiropractic center to anyone. They have a staff of caring and energetic people who go above, and beyond. I've been going to their practice for a year, and the atmosphere has never been anything less than welcoming. This group of professionals will help to rid you of your back problems, and help you to improve your overall health as well.


I've only been here three times but so far it's great. Staff is very friendly and professional. Half of my neck pain was gone on day 2 (day 1, I only had x-rays done and an electric massage? on ice). Definitely worth the five stars.

Erik Johnson

Great office and even better staff

Ryan Ahern

Christine B

Aaaaaaaaaaand I love it here! Oh my, what an amazing array of doctors, massage therapists, and staff. EVERYONE whom I've encountered has be incredibly kind, thorough, and knowledgeable. All of the doctors have very distinct and wonderful personalities.....each of them adjust differently but the quality of each adjustment is outstanding! The massage therapists are sweet and my mini massage before my adjustment! Holly and Hilary at the front desk are lovely and super-accommodating. My entire family gets adjusted here! Whether it's a hug from Dr. Steph, a kind word from Dr. Green, or a belly-laugh from Dr. Wade, you simply cannot go wrong at DCC. Dr. Damato leads a wonderful and impressive team of top notch professionals who are first-rate in every way. I love DCC!!!

M Smyth

Kestrina Sala


Hands down the best Chiropractic office in the state. Great doctors and a phenomenal front desk and therapy staff. My entire family (wife & 2 kids) regularly attend here. Cannot say enough good things about Eric Damato and this group. Excellent and affordable care.

Jeff Mclain

I have been getting treated at Damato Chiropractic for 9 months and will continue to be treated there. I have had the pleasure of seeing all the doctor's and will see any one of them, they all are more than capable of relieving my soreness of the back and neck or muscles. Prior to going there I was getting injections in my neck for 6 month's with no relief. I feel much better and recommend them to anyone. Beyond the doctor's the whole staff from reception to massage therapist are friendly and helpful.

Maureen A

My family has been going to Damato Chiropractic for over 3 years. We have experienced tremendous healing through Dr. Eric and his staff. When we started 3 years ago we had a small tub of medicines that were dispensed to our 3 children each night. Through chiropractic care we no longer have to medicate our children that way. As a mom Damato Chiropractic has been life changing physically and has impacted my life in many positive ways. The care I received here and the healing I experienced changed the course of life I was on and with continued support it remains that way. The staff is genuine and caring and the patients are treated uniquely. Highly recommended.

Carmelo Pavano

Very professional and helpful. All associates and office staff are committed to help. Thanks

Denise Miranda

Staff super friendly make you feel like family

Jean Moran

Professional and approachable staff, diverse treatments including physical therapy and massage as well as chiropractic adjustments.

Steven Gagnon

I have been here a few times for both chiropractic and massage sessions. It doesn't matter who you get its always an awesome experiance. The staff makes you feel at home and pleasant. My wife goes as well and they are the first people to help her for her chronic migraines, which has been a god send to us. Highly recommended place to go.


We took our 3 month old baby boy to see a chiropractor out of pure desperation. Starting shortly after birth he has been a little bundle of terror with constant screaming and trouble sleeping. After the 1st visit we noticed improvement almost overnight and within a week our son was transformed into one happy camper! I was previously treated by Dr Eric for my back problems with a great success, so we felt comfortable with him working on our baby. The treatment for a little one is very gentle and much different than the adjustment for an adult. With each visit our boy seems to be enjoying the treatment more and more. All I can say is that this stuff works and for us it's like night and day. Try it! Big or small they fix them all :)

Son Kwak

Great new location, have not met any staff that were not friendly, a very nice environment! Have been recommending to everyone I know.

Margaret Salovski

Absolutely the best chiropractor and staff! The entire office truly cares for your well being.


Outstanding practice. They helped ease my back pain when nothing else worked. I eventually had a shoulder injury and their intervention provided immediate relief and got me going in the right direction much quicker than PT.


Rochelle Grenier

My first time visit here ... Christmas present to me :) 60 minute massage from Shari that was AMAZING. I will definitely be back as well as refer others :)

Sti Swenor

Great place. Great people. Great job.

Carriann Mulcahy

Without Damato Chiropractic, I would not have the ability to move as well as I do today. I have many medical issues that prevent me from taking medications to treat my joint disorders. Damato has helped me by coming up with a treatment plan that relieves my pain and increases my mobility. I do not have to take pain killers and muscle relaxants any longer. If it wasn't for the wonderful staff and doctors at their facility, I would not have the quality of life that I enjoy today. Thank you Damato!

Jemel Aguilar

Great service with a sweet dog.

vivian oguzie

EXCEPTIONALLY ATTENTIVE!! I would definitely recommend Damato Chiropractors.. I suffered an unknown health condition for over a year while seeing various specialists. I was immobile and thought recovering was a mirage not until till I started my adjustments in Damato with amazing Dr Eric two (2) months ago and till date its been an amazing phase of improvements. It is truly an extraordinary care center that is home to the most exceptional medical professionals with an excellent service delivery. This is one place I felt so valuable because every patient is treated important as part of the family, from the front desk, massage specialists, support staff to the doctors they are all unbelievably charming with their endless smiles, super attentive, understanding, supportive, genuinely concerned and always willing to give every piece of themselves just to make a lasting difference in my recovery process and in the life of my little companions at the beautiful DC's kiddies corner, they are just fantastic!! I would highly recommend Damato to anyone, just before you give up on your health recovery. Thank you Damato!! I value you guys.

Kevin Trager

Referred to the Damato Chiropractic Center after surgery from a motorcycle accident and traditional PT wasn't progressing like I wanted and I was still in tremendous pain. Within a few visits the pain was manageable, and we were working on a exercise therapy plan to get me healthy. I am very happy with the care of both doctors and their staff. I continue to go for maintenance adjustments and therapy. Kevin T

Sara J Sumner

Jamie Saltzman

AMAZING! I have consistently had lower back pain for as long as I can remember. This is the first chiropractor I have visited that has a holistic approach to the body and has significantly improved my back pain. The staff is unbelievably friendly and the doctors are fantastic. I would highly recommend this place to anyone struggling with any type of pain in your body. I will never go to anyone else!

Felicia Jones

Kathleen Liseo

I used to be really afraid of the chiropractor because I thought it would be too rough. But everyone there was so nice and understanding with me. Now I'm really happy to go there every week. They make it easy and comfortable. :)

Paul DeSena

The best chiropractor ever! They treat you like family. And the staff is great...

Quack Attack



They turned me back to being a functional human being again

Michael Vaughan

Quick wait, clean facility, friendly professional staff.

Adam Sobilo

This place is the best! Every time I go there I always see smiling faces, whether it's a staff member or a happy client. I've been going there for close to one year now and I am feeling much better every time I leave. The doctors and the whole staff know exactly what to do to make your day better. 5 stars from me!


Very knowledgeable, professional, and caring doctors and staff. They go above and beyond my expectations. They have helped three generations of my family to feel better and be healthier.

Freddie Morris

Started going to this location when my back made me feel like I was 72. In 48 hours I felt 62 and I'm looking forward to the results of the progress I keep seeing. Thank you Dr Wade and the rest of the staff that welcomes you from the moment you walk through the door. Their energy is contagious.

Larry Rocheleau

Very friendly team of people. They know their stuff and do a great job explaining it. They have definitely helped my daughter. We highly recommend them.

David Hogan

Amazing customer service, friendly employees and great hours. They offer a great amount of flexibility. I'm a customer for life!

Brenda Cass

Vicki Minervino

I never, ever review places but damato is just too good. I’ve been to so many other chiro places and they never took X-rays and I was always in pain regardless of my adjustment. At damato they made sure to take X-rays to figure out why I was hurting and they found it, fixed it & I feel great.

Jason Dunn

Dr. Wade, Dr. Steph and all the staff at the newington office are absolutely amazing! They are all so kind and welcoming and take the yime to get to know you as a person! Their facility is state of the art and top notch. I would highly recommend them to anyone that wants a perfect chiropractic experience!

Ellen Vessella

Beautiful facilities and wonderful staff. From adjustments to massage therapy to great personal trainers, they address your problems and work hard to make you stronger and keep you moving!

Jordana Costa

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