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REVIEWS OF Coastal Chiropractic & Wellness IN Connecticut

Jane Riggio

If you ever have a tweaked back, be sure to get your adjustment ASAP. You won't be sorry! Saved my weekend.

Leonard Conway

Janie Umbricht

Kelly Adrian

The pain I had before I went was awful!! Thanks to the amazing Doctors I can finally live life pain free! Best decision ever!!

Robyn Klaskin

Everyone at Coastal Chiropractic & Wellness is Amazing! They have greatly improved my neck and back pain as well as helped with my vertigo and TMJ. I would highly reccommend them!

Sadie Booth

Most helpful & productive doctor of any kind that i’ve been to. Doctors were very straight forward and clear with the treatment plan and really followed through with it. I’ve been to multiple orthopedic specialists and other chiropractors for my shoulder and they all told me that that’s just how my body would be. Dr. Morrison helped me see improvement on pain i’ve had for years in less than a month. Receptions are also super friendly and sweet, you’re greeted with a smile everyday and they learn your name impressively fast. Overall very good experience!

Kevin Wyman

Dr. Keith is the best of the best. He did a very detailed consultation before we got started and it really paid off. After just a few sessions, I am now back to playing b-ball with my kids and have never felt better!

Ryan R

When I first started going to Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness I had sever headaches and lower back pain from my job. It's been a few months now and I barely get headaches and my back feels a lot better. They've helped me out a lot and everyone there is very nice and truly cares.

Kathy Paseltiner

Lisa Bibbiani

Dr Keith Mirante and his staff are the absolute best. They are very professional, they are always on time. Your visits are beneficial and I've been a patient for over 6 years, he is the only Dr that has made my vertigo stay away for year. All of my family go for various reasons, and are very satisfied with their results and so will you.

TJ Gagne

Have had a great experience with Dr. Mirante and the Coastal Chiropractic Team. I have used Chiropractic care for years to help with chronic pain. The plan of care they suggested has helped me get beyond just coping. for the first time in a long time I can say I feel Great! Visits to the office are always quick and easy, something I could never say about other doctors offices I have waited in.

Nicole Conti

Wonderful Doctors & staff. They have helped me tremendously with my severe headaches. I highly recommend them!!!!

elizabeth viglione

The entire staff at Coastal Chiropractic & Wellness are absolutely amazing! They have a flexible schedule to make it work for just about anyone. Dr. Mirante isn't just knowledgeable on Chiropractic health he is passionate about it and you see that not only through him but his entire staff.

Jeff Signore

Dr. Keith and his staff are amazing! They are extremely knowledgeable and kind. Dr. Keith spends the time to find the root of the problem and corrects it. I would highly recommend him! Jeff S.

Robin Keegan

LOVE the team at Coastal Chiropractic! I have always felt in good hands with the team at Coastal Chiropractic. The doctors are knowledgeable and go above and beyond to make sure I am ok, that I understand, and that they have met my expectations for that day! The results of being a patient there have been outstanding in that I feel physically better than I have in years. They also have taught me how to manage day-to-day stresses with exercises that aren't just for show but really work. Their holistic approach makes every visit seem whole! The entire team is approachable and friendly-- from when you walk in the door, to warming up, to seeing the doctor! I would have no problem recommending them.

Jan Hamilton-Sherwonit

Before being introduced to these amazing doctors, I was suffering from worsening sciatica and neck pain. I was on the verge of investing in a cane at the "tender" age of 63. At my first adjustment, my neck improved. A couple of weeks later, I was able to walk and climb stairs without pain! Two weeks later, I'm back to being able to sit cross-legged, something I hadn't been able to do for 30 years!! This is my first experience with chiropractor treatment, and I couldn't be more pleased. They have created a completely positive environment with a staff that is knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant. What are you waiting for??!!

Rachel Eaton

I have been a patient of Dr. Keith's for over 4 years now. What started as a posture correction issue, has become a way of life! Dr. Keith keeps me aligned and healthy! He always pinpoints trouble areas that stem from heavy workout days or strange sleeping habits. I feel better every time I leave his office. His staff is very helpful and caring - you could not ask for a better overall experience!

Donna Farrell

I was a bit skeptical in the beginning because I have been to alot of chiropractors. Dr. Mirante and Morrison are not just chiropractors, but they care deeply about you as an individual. My neck and shoulder pain from years has finally subsided. 5 Stars for these doctors and their trememdous staff. You are the best Joey and Stephanie.

Kathy Gauthier

Dr M and his staff are the best. I was introduced to this awesome place by a friend 2 yrs ago and it has changed my life. I have always struggled with sciatica and now I do not. They are genuinely concerned about my health and wellness. I owe everyone there a big thank you for making me live a quality life and taking care of ME!!!! Do yourself a favor and visit them you will never regret it.

Lainey Frey

Can't recommend enough!! What a wonderful team of staff who are knowledgeable and beyond helpful. Within a short period of time, my hip and lower back pain was greatly reduced. I appreciate that they set you up with a stretching program, in addition to the adjustments, to set you up for long term maintenance. The practice is set up so efficiently and they are very flexible if you need. Greatly appreciate the work that this team does!

Brittany Moore

Laurie Slater

Our Therapists as well as many of our clients have been treated at Coastal Chiropractic over the years, and we can't speak highly enough of the quality of care! Dr. Mirante & his team are top notch, and always 100% focused on the patient and their experience! We would refer Coastal Chiropractic with total confidence to any of our clients seeking chiropractic care!

Lauren Masotti

I was referred to Dr. Mirante from an employer and could not be happier! From the first time I walked into Coastal Chiropractic I have felt like part of a family! Stephanie has been amazing in helping me and keeping my daughter distracted while I got adjusted! And Joey has been awesome in keeping my spirits up and showing me how to do my exercises! Both Dr. Mirante and Dr. Morrison are incredible! They are truly amazing at what they do and have helped me beyond what I expected! I had terrible back pain and neck issues when I first saw them in July 2016 and by October 2016 I have almost zero back pain and my neck is feeling so much better! Dr. Mirante has not only helped relieve my back and neck pain but has taken the time to inform me of nutritional changes I can make to improve my results as well. His overall knowledge of health is incredible and he has changed my life in so many ways! Everyone at Coastal Chiropractic is always so helpful, caring and understanding!

Julia Kamburi

I’m so happy I found this office! They’re are super knowledgeable, caring, and flexible. And more importantly the treatment plan I am on is working! I drive a half hour to come here. So worth it.

Jeffrey Behuniak

All the staff here are great and knowledgable. Never any surprises just solutions.

Bill O'Donnell

I have been to a few other chiropractic offices, and truly none of them compare to Dr. Mirante's office. I have been a patient for more than two months and visit the practice several times a week after work for an adjustment. Each person in the office makes me feel like a valued patient, they are welcoming, engaging, and professional. It is very clear to me Dr. Mirante, and the staff genuinely care deeply about the patients. Also, it is extremely easy to be a patient with regards to the appointment process and its flexibility. They are great assisting with insurance company payment management as well. This office is high-tech with modern electronic tools that make a difference. I find it fascinating that they take x-rays to determine the exact root cause of the issue and determine a correction regimen to fix the issues without guesswork. Dr. Mirante reviews your x-rays with you and shares his diagnosis. The X-rays really made a difference for me and the review with him. You can actually see how far you are out of alignment you are and that you really do need assistance. As a result, I feel so much better and now, and understand the need for frequent visits to train the body back into a normal position. I look forward to seeing them each week and wholeheartedly recommend you see them for a consult. I trust this office with my children and wife who are also patients. Also, the woman up front are fantastic!

Skyren Todd

My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Mirante for over three years. Dr. Mirante has given our backs flexibility and put vitality back in our lives. Recently, I tweaked my back and was in terrible pain. Dr. Mirante was able to alleviate the pain immediately and in two weeks I was back on the tennis court. Dr. Mirante sincerely cares about his patients. One of the truly unique aspects of his practice is that your appointment time is movable. You can go earlier or later as long as you arrive during the office hours. Additionally, if you don't have a scheduled appointment and need to see him, just go. No one can top his care and this convenience.

Billj.wj1978& Bill1978

Jason Smith

Dr. Mirante and his team are life changers. For years I've dealt with back issues and numbness in my hands and feet. Coastal Chiropractic was recommended to me by a co-worker. Dr. Mirate knew precisely what was ailing me, and after a thorough consultation, I was ready to start my treatment. After the first adjustment, the relief was immediate, and after two weeks, there was no more numbness or back pain. I also started to feel a vast improvement in my well-being. I am two months into treatment, and I feel 20 years younger. Keith and his team are professional and extremely accommodating. I highly recommend Coastal Chiropractic!

Diane Earl

Doctors, coach, and staff are so much more than I expected. Their professionalism is Coastal Chiropractic's "Hallmark." The thorough examination, diagnosis, adjustments, exercise coaching and convenience of scheduling are exemplary. I recommend Coastal Chiropractic to everyone.

Nancy Shemrah Fallon

Lumbar curvature corrected by 60% in 3 mo's. Cervical subluxation corrected by 100%. Top notch, wellness-focused practice. Don't wait to get straight and feel great!

Nick Merullo

As a former Division 1 college athlete, I dealt with severe lower back pain for years. After years of dealing with pain management, I met the team at Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness and it has changed my life! They took the time to pinpoint my injury and develop an individualized plan to help improve my condition. In a matter of months, my back felt infinitely better and I’m even breathing better after a lifetime of sinus and allergy issues! Dr. Mirante and his staff are incredibly kind, friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about improving their patients’ quality of life. I look forward to each visit at Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness.

Jen Wright

I came to Coastal Chiropractics in June 2019 due to some lower back pain that I began having after giving birth to my son. My PCP had referred me to a physical therapist but unfortunately they couldn’t pinpoint what was causing my pain. I came across an ad for Coastal Chiropractics online and decided to call. After my initial consultation, Dr. Mirante immediately identified the problem and provided a treatment plan to correct it. Within 2-3 weeks, I had already seen a change and continue to 3 months later. All staff and doctors are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and personable. They are very accommodating with appointment changes which has been extremely helpful as my schedule is somewhat challenging with an infant as well as my hour commute to my appointments after work. I have nothing but positive remarks for Coastal Chiropractics.

Emily Phillips

I am very pleased with my experience at Coastal Chiropractic. Dr. Mirante and Dr. Morrison and the entire staff are very knowledgeable and caring. I appreciate how they are able to address immediate concerns and at the same time create a plan to help with long-term goals.

Raymond Dinitto

The staff is great. I had a few time of not making it before closing and the DR would unlock and realign me. Thank you Guys

Jon Lewis

Excellent team and service provided at Coastal Chiropractic. I would recommend them to anyone looking for Chiropractic Care!

William Lane

Jean deBary

I have been to several chiropractors over the last 30 years and must say that Coastal Chiropractic outshines them all! Dr. Mirante and Dr. Morrison have successfully worked together to not only improve my original back pain but other issues I didn't even know they could treat! They are prompt, they listen and they treat you with respect. Thank you to the entire team.

Lorain Simister

I've been seeing Chiropractors since I was a baby. My Mother worked for an Osteopathic Chiropractor. I know what I need and was so glad to find Coastal chiropractic. I always feel fabulous after a visit.

Phil Williams

I went in for my weekly adjustment this morning. No real pains or issues. I walked out with an adjustment that was very productive. Movement that has not happened previously. What a great way to start of the weekend! This place knows what they are doing and they do it with care and attention to detail, as they should. Really like the results I am getting from Coastal Chiropractic.

Betsy Himmelman

Nobility Business

Ever since my first appointment with Dr. Mirante and the excellent team behind the miracles that they perform, I was absolutely astounded and blown away with the vast change in my life that they simply provided. I learned very valuable lessons about la healthy lifestyle and becoming the best version of myself. I could not be happier with the quality of the amazing work that they do. If you are looking for some inspiration in life, look no further than Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness in Madison, CT. Thanks guys! ~ Nicholai Dante Engel

Marci Martindale

I have told everyone who will listen about Keith and the great team at Coastal Chiropractic.

Faith o’donnell

Christine Teodosio

As a Senior Citizen, who has had many joint problems & much pain.... I can’t say enough about what I have learned from the education, treatment & care of my spine & the effect it has on all of my organs & physical abilities to walk run etc.. In regards to my neck injury of decades past...I was told my many orthopedic surgeons not to bounce, ride a bike, boat etc. due to the my Degenerative Arthritis, bone spurs & disc damage in my neck. I was so afraid but quickly learned that the cracking of my neck would allow me to do that and more!! I will never give up my maintenance visits!!! No matter what age...treatments are priceless

Judy Avenarius

Carmine Ciampi

I was looking for a Chiropractor that thought outside the box, someone who would be able to assist my lower back as well as my shoulder issues. Dr. Mirante and staff hit that mark and I could not be happier. They worked on me and took their time listening and doing some unorthodox treatments. I am extremely please and I even brought my daughter as their expertise is invaluable especially for a young woman who competitively plays sports. Dr. Mirante and staff even went the extra mile with me when I was struck with Bells Palsy. Their extra time and dedication without a doubt helped me heal faster with that. I am extremely pleased with the practice and look forward to continued success with them.

Sara Dickinson

This is absolutely the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. Not only do they show you what’s wrong with your neck, spine, etc. they teach you what to do in daily life so you can help yourself feel better. In addition, the staff is awesome! Everyone knows your name. Very professional and personable place!

Elaine Sabino

I am so impressed with the totally comprehensive treatment program at Coastal Chiropractic! Dr. Keith Mirante, his great staff of physicians, and the support staff work together well in providing a unique approach to health and wellness Scheduling is flexible and easy. The physicians are talented and completely knowledgeable not only in chiropractic adjustments, but also in supportive treatments, with the total wellness program including rehab exercise coaching and periodic patient educational seminars in Coastal Chiropractic's state of the art treatment facility. I have only been going to Coastal Chiropractic for a period of six weeks, but I have experienced much improvement in my symptoms from a shoulder injury and know I am on the right track! The physicians are very intuitive and on spot in evaluation and diagnosis of a patient's condition, and you can find no staff more committed to the patient's treatment and progress. Coastal Chiropractic sets the patient up for success. If you are on the fence about treatment, just go ahead and make an appointment. Stephanie and Drew are the very pleasant and efficient support staff who will set you up!

Amber DeLuca

I was referred to Dr. Keith Mirante 4 years ago by a friend. I was reluctant to go originally because I have had an unfavorable experience in the past. Dr.Keith took the time to explain chiropractic care to me and the importance of not only corrective treatment but also maintenance. Four years later and I am still just as pleased and impressed as I was that first day. My job requires a lot of physical labor and chiropractic care regularly helps me to continue to work pain free. I am truly grateful to Dr.Keith and his team for all their education and caring they provide. I recommend this office often to friends and family.

C Hart

Martha Jennings

Just walking in the door you feel welcomed and refreshed! The entire team is skilled and knowledgeable. My husband and I both benefit greatly from the chiropractic care here.

stephanie thaller

Judith Padula

I called Coastal Chiropractic to discuss severe pain in hip and lower back. After preliminary xrays etc. I met with Dr Mirante to review the issue and what could be done to make some changes and put a plan in place to get relief and improvement. After just a few visits the condition improved significantly and I am now pain free. Dr Mirante, Dr Chowaniec and Dr Morrissey are amazing and work hard to address individual needs so there is always improvement with treatment. In additional they have a full exercise program in house that is individual prescribed for your issue. I’m more than impressed with the Drs and the terrific staff. Thank you! I highly recommend their care, consult and advice!!!

Brittni Cosgrove

Keith and staff at Coastal Chiropractic are top notch. It’s clear they have passion for what they do and are highly knowledgeable. They treat each individual with personalized care and make sure you understand the process along the way. If there’s any confusion on treatment, just ask ALL the questions and they’re there to clarify and spend time helping you understand.

Kevin Looby

Hurt my back in March of 2017 and I could barely move. The staff and Dr. Mirante have been fantastic in helping me recover and fixing the problem with a plan versus a quick short term fix. Very professional, great use of technology for appointments and quick turnaround from time of entry to exit for those with other things to do because you feel so great.

Max Cordero

Dr. Kieth Maranti is great. All his associates are very friendly. They all act in a professional manner. While tailoring there services to each individual client. Wouldn't go anywhere else!!!!

Kelly Patten

I have been going to Coastal Chiropractic with Dr. Keith and his fabulous team for many years now and I am always impressed! They truly care about their patients and go the extra mile which really shows! I don’t know where I would be without this place! They continue to amaze me by always relieving my back pain and helping me heal after extremely painful flare ups. Everyone is always so helpful, positive, and encouraging! Highly recommended for everyone!

Renee Lemieux

Paula Carabetta

I have literally only been to this office three times and I can't express how amazing I feel already. I chose this chiropractic office due to their "whole body approach," which is frankly what I was looking for. Dr. Mirante and Dr. Dan were so welcoming from the moment I walked in and for the first time in a longtime, I feel like I'm being listened to. I would highly recommend this office for chiropractic services.

Dale Sweitzer

Great staff, willing to work with you to fix your problem at a price you can afford.

Scott Butler

Joey Morman

sought out chiropractic care from Dr. Mirante in 2013 for an issue with my hand going numb numerous times each night. Dr. Mirante did a full eval on my entire body and began adjusting me right away. I experienced relief within the week. I continue to get weekly adjustments because I noticed that any flare-ups of a particular chronic problem - like SI joint ache or lower back issues or chronic tennis elbow - were nipped in the bud before they got out of control. At 59 years old, I am dealing with any number of intermittent physical problems, but regular adjustments have kept most at bay or very short-lived. If I feel something nagging, I immediately make an appointment for an adjustment and find the healing period is less than 48 hours, as opposed to weeks and even months. My entire family sees Dr. Mirante regularly and I am convinced that regular adjustments have staved off many problems that otherwise would get out of control. Dr. Mirante is also my first call when my athletic teenagers complain of a brewing injury. I even call him when they are not feeling well as he has convinced me that chiropractic care hastens healing health issues as well. I’m convinced it is the key for my children to grow up healthy and stay uninjured. My experience these last 3+ years has shown me that regular chiropractic care for those of us that are growing a little less young is definitely the key to aging well. I am a true believer that chiropractic care optimizes wellness, not just treats pain.

Jennifer Lagace

Holly Eldridge

Always a great experience!! I have been a patient for 8 years and I have gone almost every week the entire time. Dr. Mirante and his colleagues have earned my respect and loyalty with the level of knowledge and professionalism that they have delivered week after week and year after year! I have referred several friends and will continue to do so. Thanks for your service!!

Andrew Meretsky

Coastal Chiropractic is the third chiropractic office I've seen since I hurt my back, and by far the best. They seem more knowledgeable, besides being more comprehensive, and concise, and for the first time I feel that there is actually feasible plan towards achieving a healthy spine once again. Dr. Mirante and his staff are extremely personable,friendly, and caring. I am just passed the 1/2 way point of my treatment plan and am excited to continue because the results are showing enormously.

Lindsay Luong

I reached out to Coastal Chiropractic when I was experiencing extreme lower back pain. They were able to see me right away, and Dr. Mirante was extremely thorough in his evaluation. Now, almost 3 months of treatments later I am in NO pain at all. I'm able to be more active overall, and have greatly reduced the amount of pain medications I was relying on. Dr. Keith, Dr. Jared, and Dr. Dan are knowledgeable, approachable and warm, and the office staff is helpful and very friendly. The time I have spent there has been invaluable to my health and I cannot recommend them enough.

John La Pan

heather Mcdonell

I starting seeing Dr. Kieth about 4 years ago. I was in pain all the time iand I had horrible sciatica pain. After my first visit I noticed a huge improvement. He has not also helped me with my back but with my neck and hiatal hernia. I no longer have headaches and I no longer take medicine for the hiatal hernia. Dr. Kieth and his staff are very accommodating and thorough. Financially, he worked with me so I could afford to see him. Dr. Kieth and Dr. Morrison keep me mobil and in good health. They have taught me a lot about nutrition too. Seeing everyone at Coastal chiropractic and wellness is a huge priority in my life and I will continue to see the amazing docs at Coastal Chiropractic.

Suzanne McCormick

The folks at Coastal Chiropractic are like a 'well oiled' machine. The staff made me feel very welcomed from the moment I walked in. You feel important and appreciated, which is rare. Everyone from the front desk to the Doctor's are professional, kind and efficient. This is the first time I've actually had a Chiropractor care enough to have me stretch and warm up prior to an adjustment and the payoff was great! I feel so much better and I"m looking forward to my next appointment. I can't say enough about their service and commitment to each patient and I'd highly recommend them to anyone. :)

Kathryn Apuzzo

If you are hesitant about chiropractic care this is the place to go! The doctors explain your plan of care in detail, make you feel comfortable, and are always willing to listen. They are not just about chiropractics but total body wellness! Staff is amazing – always pleasant and accommodating. Love everyone here!

Kyle Gregoire

The whole team - from the doctors to the support staff - are a great, caring group of people. Always willing to answer questions, listen to you, and give sound advice - they're really are looking out for you. Highly, highly recommend!

Jillian King

I am truly impressed by the level of professionalism exuded at Coastal. Several of my family members receive care here and each of us has a different plan (catered to our own needs and bodies). Keith and his staff are always ready and willing to answer questions and offer recommendations regarding chiropractic care and overall health. My headaches have decreased tremendously as well as constant neck and back pain. I am always greeted with a smile and I truly feel at home. Thank you for providing a service that I can wholeheartedly recommend to others!

Rick Bayuk

No other place offers what they do. The approach. The equipment. The attention to detail. The plan of action. All carefully coordinated from everyone on staff. Simply the best!

Emily Hopkins

The team here is, by far, the best I’ve ever been treated by. Compassionate, knowledgeable, and highly efficient office gets you in and out in a timely fashion, and that’s important to me as a working mom of Twins. I came in with severe back pain, and am already close to pain free in only 6 weeks of treatment. If your looking for a natural approach to wellness, I would highly recommend regular chiropractic care! Thanks Guys!

Leslie Jermainne

karen tedeschi

I came to Coastal w daily headaches, was on a high dose of daily maintenance meds for my migraines, took Ibuprofen almost daily as well. I am now mostly headache free, my maintenance migraine med is cut in half and i rarely need Ibuprofen! I love the staff, the doctors are compassionate and spend time teaching proper alignment while working, driving, cooking...I cannot say more about them. I have recommended them to my friends as well.

Penny P

The staff and doctors here are all amazing! Always friendly and personable! They have helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend them!

Heidi Wallace

What really impresses me about Coastal Chiropractic is that Dr. Mirante genuinely cares about his patients' health. He really listens to our concerns, and is 100% committed to improving the health of his patients. I frankly am disappointed with the care I receive by my physicians, who rarely inquire about my diet or exercise, and can only offer to write a prescription, or refer me to another specialist. I am grateful to have an alternative to the medical system rat race. I am so appreciative for the holistic comprehensive healthcare that I receive from Dr. Mirante, and have been much healthier since I started receiving treatments and nutritional/exercise guidance from his office.

Marci Prinz

A friend recommended Coastal Chiropractic & Wellness to me after she noticed the pain I was in. My hips, back, and neck were constantly hurting, I didn't feel well, and struggled to loose weight after having a baby. It took me over a year (of excuses) to finally make my appointment. I am so glad I did! After my first adjustment my middle back pain was gone. After a month, my hips and neck were feeling so much better. I was finally able to move again, and I was inspired & supported by the staff at Coastal to tweak my diet and exercise. I dropped 60lbs in 8 months. BOOM! I don't just feel good....I feel powerful. I am in control of my health! Don't wait a year to make your appointment like I did, call them today!

Jessica Chowaniec

Anne Waehner

I just am blown away by Coastal Chiropractic with only 2 visits. This is a super well run and experienced group. They care about you holistically but they are not over selling services or appointments. This is about what works for you as a patient. Everything is transparent - from patient evaluation to insurance integration to payments to the recommendations for your long term health. Dr. Mirante is amazing!

Melanie Dinicola

Dr. Mirante and his staff are extremely personable and professional. Their efficient team work allows them to address individual needs and stay on schedule. The information they provide to clients is valuable and supported. I appreciate this very much.

Tammy Sullivan

Since July of 2015 when my symptoms started, I had been treated by an orthopedic spinal surgeon, an orthopedic shoulder surgeon, an orthopedic neurosurgeon and a physiatrist. I was ready for disc replacement surgery in 2016 but decided I needed another opinion. I went through countless cortisone injections, needling procedures, physical therapy. I was relying on anti-inflammatory & prednisone drugs and Aleve daily. The pain at night was so excruciating that some nights I would only get 3-4 hours a night’s sleep. I found very little relief and the pain would eventually return and it was very depressing where I didn't want to engage in activities. I figured I would just have to live with the pain. I sought out a Rheumatologist who ordered yet another round of blood work and suggested I see a Chiropractor after he found nothing he could treat me for. After having a motion study at Coastal Chiropractic, Dr. Mirante determined where my nerve problem was coming from and I literally had relief after two visits. That was in July of 2018 and I became devoted to my healing process by visiting 3 times a week and doing the prescribed exercises. It is now December and I have gotten 95% range of motion back and have very little to no pain any longer. My weekly treatments with Chiropractic care will be a part of my life forever. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to this practice and these doctors for giving me my life back. UPDATE: October 2019: I recently had a follow-up visit where I have made significant improvement in my neck & spine health. My pain is now 100% gone! I also have lost 15 lbs. and have never felt better!

Bryan Meriam, DDS

Jennifer Levi

At Coastal you don’t just go in and have a chiropractor make your adjustments and that’s it. It’s been my experience at Coastal that I have an entire chiropractic/physical wellness team working to help me better my health! Everyone there is very dedicated to making sure you have the best visit. They’ve streamlined the process to make my visit quick and simple but at the same time I don’t feel like “just another client”. They truly do take the time to know you and help you reach any physical wellness goal you set.

Amanda Stone

Saved me ! Couldn’t sit in a car for more then 10 minutes without excruciating pain... within a couple weeks had a complete turn around. I have been coming consistently for almost 2 years now every week and couldn’t be happier ! Amazingly nice staff and facility !

Jacquelyn St. Peter

Dr. Mirante and Dr. Morrison are so knowledgeable and so wonderful with my daughter. The office staff is great. We love coming in. They truly promote health and wellness from every angle. The have a wonderful caring nature. I would highly recommend Coastal Chiropractic.

Evelyn Robinson

This is a great place for spinal health and wellness. Thank you Coastal chiropractic staff for improving my quality of life.

Mary Greaney

Faith O'Donnell

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