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REVIEWS OF Better Life Chiropractic IN Connecticut

Gary Pio

less then a month and i feel sooo much better !!

Mary Biekert

I have been going to Better Life Chiropractic since 2008 and have loved the care that I have received from both Ken and Kim. I usually see Ken, who is upbeat, caring, funny and outgoing. He is a great person to talk to and learn from. Kim has a very calming, gentle energy and really is an expert in healing. I love them both and that's why I have been coming here over the years. They both are experts in their fields and really take the time to keep learning about and up to date on chiropractic care. They are more than conventional chiropractors however, their chiropractic techniques are very advanced and really aim to get to the root of your problems - they will always do what's best for your body. My posture, which was HORRIBLE to begin with has improved immensely and when I am seeing them on a regular basis, I feel more energetic, joyful and in less discomfort and pain. Every time I walk out of their office, I feel awesome! I refuse to see any other chiropractor honestly, even when I have been living in different parts of the world. I only trust them. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for any sort of improvement in their lives.

Theresa Jordan

I am a breast cancer survivor who had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments that resulted in my developing frozen shoulder in both my right and left sides. Physical therapy resolved one. The second had to be surgically manipulated. I never got full range of motion back until I began treatment with Dr. Kim, and Dr. Ken, through their practice of "unwinding," technically known as Advanced BioStructural Correction, or ABC. Although I had trepidation about "chiropractors," I quickly recognized that I could trust both, and was able to "relax into each treatment." The result, I have full range of motion, and the chronic pain in my shoulders and neck is gone. In addition, chronic knee pain, having nothing to do with why I began my treatments, is also gone! I also attribute their practice to clearing up a bout I had with ringing in my ears! It only took one treatment to resolve. I have regained my flexibility, I sleep well, and I tell Dr. Kim, at every visit, that she has changed my life!

Jeremy Beebe

Hands down the best chiropractic adjustment I have ever received. I feel revived and refreshed after every adjustment. The postural difference in me is so pronounced that I am standing straighter and with better balance than any time in the past decade. I strongly recommend getting a consultation.

Michael G Whitehouse

I had a serious sciatica problem that another chiropractor was not able to do anything for. I went for that and they helped, and I kept going because they keep helping with my posture, energy and health.

Kim Peterson

Lavanya Shubhakar

Dr. Kim is an excellent doctor and an amazing person! She really knows what she’s doing and is very good at it! Her focus is not just on fixing the immediate problem, but to help the entire body get healthy! The office has a very warm, welcoming and comforting environment! Highly recommended!!

Roberta Lewis

Dr. Ken and Dr. Kim are the most caring professionals you will ever work with. No one is doing the kind of corrections they are doing! Please ask about an evaluation and explanation of their specialized care. It has changed my posture permanently and is helping a family member after a fall with a broken back injury to stand straight and be pain free! Everyone at any age can benefit from this method. And we can all enjoy the way they do it with kindness and gentleness.

David Blair

I had suffered with back pain for many years. I have gone to several chiropractors without getting any long term results. Finding Dr. Kim has been a game changer! I STRONGLY recommend Better Life Chiropractic to everyone!!

Joe Gennaro

I grew up with chiropractic care. All through out my teen years I received chiropractic care all over Connecticut. That being said the adjustments that Doctor Ken gave me were not only a relief but totally changed how I walked, and held myself. Also, as far as long term recovery/results this is the only Chiropractor I've had that actually made a difference. The adjustments can be intense but they are incredible.

Allegra Brelsford

Just giving an update: I'm still going for ABC with Dr. Kim, and there are benefits I never would have expected. Liking walking comfortably in NYC all day with no problems. At 58, I have no aches and pains, how is that! My yoga teachers love how well my back and spine functions. The chronic foot and ankle problems just keep getting better and better. Dr. Kim told me I only need to come every other week now and I didn't believe her until suddenly I realized, oh yeah, I really don't need to come so often, so she's very honest about how much of this you need or not, and it shows me that there is an end point, that the results are permanent, not temporary. This has absolutely changed my life, I'm so happy! Old review: I've been using chiropractors for years, and due to several moves, often have to find new ones. This time it was something new from the usual old neck and shoulder injury - my lower back was flaring up. I wasn't too sure about Advanced Bio-structural Correction, but I understood it to be a step up from the usual chiropractic technique, and wow! I'm so glad I took a chance! I've grown a half inch back in the past four months, and old nagging aches and pains that used to come and go are disappearing, one by one. I feel more relaxed and physically able than I have in years. I'm not even wearing orthotics or arch supports anymore, which I had to for many years because of bad feet and ankles; I never would have expected that! I am on a path to PERMANENT healing, and feel blessed that this practice is so devoted and committed to getting me well. Thank you Dr. Kim!

LaNae Atkinson

I have been seeing Dr. Kim Peterson for about 1 1/2 years. I go in only once a week to keep my body in alignment. When I first came to Better Life I had chronic pain in my low back and today it is virtually non-existent! I love Dr. Kims energy, she is a very caring and nurturing person. She truly cares about your well-being! I am so glad I found Better Life Chiropractic, it has truly given me a "better life". LaNae Atkinson

Jeanne P

Dr Ken has been terrific in helping relieve the pain in my neck and back. After trying the service based on a recommendation from a family member I feel soooooo much better. I have more flexibility and much less pain. I highly recommend Better Life Chiropractic, Thank you Dr. Ken and Dr. Kim Peterson!

Edgar Rodriguez


Amazing and doc Ken is so nice

Joe Mason

My name is Joe Mason I am from Ga..l came to Groton to be with my daughter, and shortly after my wife started hurting with her back she had to have emergency surgery about 2 years ago , but still had a lot of pain. We called around and some how we found Dr. Kim and Dr. Ken of BETTER LIFE CHIROPRACTIC. THE first time we met them they made us feel so welcomed. I'm am sooooo happy with the treatment that they have given, my wife is doing so much better, she is doing things she has not been able to do in years.l think we take them back with us.. (haha) So if you are in pain and want help give them a holler,tell them Joe sent me... haha

Sandi Gold

The kind of chiropractic care that Kim offers is both amazing and quite unique. She certainly was a big help to me and I do stand much straighter and taller.

ducy samos

Jan Allen

Never felt better!

Kenneth Cupples

New name but same excellent care. Both Dr. Kim and Dr. Ken have helped me tremendously with both physical healing and body education. They patiently guided me through the process of unwinding even though at times it was very difficult for me. They gave me the faith and understanding to help me see the long term end goal. Today I feel like the person I should be and at the same time know more about how to listen to my own body. Thank you both so much for that lesson.

Elizabeth Chappell

The decision to see Drs Kim and Ken has been life-changing for me! I came because of chronic neck pain and numbness and tingling in my hand. I’ve been to other chiropractors who used massage and frightening neck adjustments with to long term results. The method they use at Better Life hasn’t involved any adjustments to my neck. I’ve been coming for a year now, and I am amazed at the results! Not only is my neck better, but my posture is better, I sleep better, and my arthritis pain has been significantly reduced!

Heather Pearson

I look forward to going for my visits weekly. I have noticed a change in my posture, and have more energy since I started my adjustments.

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