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REVIEWS OF Atlas Chiropractic: Adam Church, D.C. IN Connecticut


Amanda Zapatka

I've had serious back issues since childhood. Dr. Church is the first doctor who has made a difference! My husband and I both go...and now our baby gets adjusted with us.

Jewel Okwuosa

I love Atlas Chiropractic. The staff are very professional and friendly and their practice works. With continuous visits, I see improvements in my pain.

Laura Dominguez

Sammie Lim

Atlas Chiro gave me a treatment plan that freed me from back pain. Treatment is a long process so patience Is key. Thank you very much for helping me get back to my normal routine.

Joseph Riolino

Dr church and his staff has kept me away from surgery on my knee,and he keeps me upright so I can enjoy cycling, walking and hiking

zsoli radvanyi

Excellent care, excellent and professional treatment.

Dexter Pettaway Sr.

My experience at Atlas Chiropractor was life changing!!! The team listened to my problem(s) and was eager to help me solve them. Very very little lower back pain and they also helped me get my spine back in line. But most important, they explained everything with love. Keep up the great work Dr. Church and wonderful staff.

Adrianna Boothe

Great office great staff

Thomas Schmid

I had pain still and went in today 4-4-19 and after my adjustment the pain was relieved. They are superb at what they can do.

Shaun Coughlin

Shirley Carr

Migraines, Insomnia, Neck, Shoulder and Back pain. On my first adjustment, I knew this would be my chiropractic office till the end. Everything from the clean and comforting environment; to the warm and welcoming staff, instantly relaxes a body. Dr Church’s thorough explanation and methods; clarified so much. I hadn’t realized until I seen my x-rays; the amount of damage I had. He was and has always been, realistic about the treatments, and what to expect. If anyone would have told me years ago, that getting adjusted would stop the migraines; would stop the insomnia, all while I get back range of motion to my neck, shoulders and back. I would have never believed them. I’m a believer now. Since becoming a patient; I can honestly say, Dr Church and his amazing staff are my family now.

Andrea Pulgarin

Simply the best chiropractor here in Connecticut. I been going to Dr. Church for 3 years now and the improvement has been tremendous. Its such a satisfaction been adjusted and coming out pain free (only those that suffer from their back knows what it feels like) I would definitely recommend him. Not only that but his staff are the sweetest most friendly. Krystal is my favorite ❤️

Francisco Castillo

I started chiropractic care here a couple of months ago in order to boost productivity at work. I sit in ergonomically incorrect seats at the office for really long hours which puts me in danger of LBD connected to sitting for long periods. When I stepped into this chiropractic office, the friendliness and professionalism in this place is palpable! The staff is friendly and highly knowledgeable; the doctor designed a treatment plan for me that worked like magic! I have experienced a tremendous increase in muscle effort and disk pressure since I started my chiropractic treatment here. The doctor helped me achieve proper spinal alignment and I am not in danger of LBD – yay! I actually feel better, I highly recommend preventive chiropractic care, because it is a great alternative to taking drugs that usually leaves me feeling really groggy. When it comes to seeing my chiropractor, I NEVER miss my appointments!

Norman Dahl

I have been a patient for 16 years, still no surgery needed, which was recommended back then

Lery Álvarez-Lugo

I couldn't even get an answer for a simple question from the staff. I just wanted to know how much they charge per adjustment as I was trying to maximize the amount of adjustments I can get out of my health insurance. They were more interested in knowing who their competition is and getting me in for an exam than trying to win a new customer. Do not even bother with calling them. Edit (1-26-16): My sister health insurance changed and she had to go to a new chiropractor. She convinced me to give Atlas Chiropractic a second chance and I'm glad I did. Dr. Church is a really approachable and sensible professional. You can tell he really cares about you. Dr. Church and all his staff really work hard to make you feel like you are part of their family and you belong there. I highly recommend this practice.

Justin Lindahl

Rick Delvalle

Words cannot express what Atlas Chropractic has done for my well being I haven’t felt this good in years and along the way have made some good friends all the staff is awesome

Linda Sheehan

Been going to Atlas for 4 years. Dr. church and staff are keeping my back healthy and are also so supportive of my weight loss efforts, etc. wonderful group!

TMarieD Xox

They are the best! Dr church is extremely thorough in explaining your xrays and why you’re having pain. He really cares about coming up with a treatment plan to get his you better and back to your life. The front desk girls are amazing and sweet. I highly recommend

Beverly Cooke

Doctor Church is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. I tell everyone that has back or neck issues. The whole office staff is always cheerful and polite.

Carmine Montuori

I went to see Dr. Church back in June for an issue I have had with my neck for several years. In the past when I went to a chiropractic office it would be an adjustment and stimulation for the injured area and a short term relief of the pain. Dr. Church showed me that to take care of my problem for long term relief I needed to commit to the process of adjustments and learning exercises to strengthen my neck and correct the problem. In the time I have see him my neck feels better and I religiously go to my adjustments and work on my exercises every day. He has shown me through x rays that I am once again getting the correct curvature in my neck that was off line based on years of working hunched over a computer. I cannot express enough how much he has helped me out and I look forward to being a patient of his for years to come. I cannot recommend him enough.

Dawn Milano

Three years ago I made my first appointment with Dr Church. I was suffering from dizziness, vertigo, migraines, ulcerative colitis and I also had lower back surgery as well, several years prior to all of this. I tried different forms of treatment, from medication, injections, acupuncture with slim to no results. I had heard about Dr Church and how wonderful he was. I have to say it’s three years later, due to the spinal adjustments that I receive, I have not had one ulcerative colitis flare and with my recent colonoscopy I have absolutely no inflammation in my large intestine or colon, and without taking my ulcerative colitis medicine either for three years. My migraines have completely disappeared, I no longer suffer from dizziness or vertigo and I don’t even feel that I had lower back surgery many years ago. Dr Church has also been adjusting my teenage daughter for three years as well.It is extremely important to also take care of our children, to make sure their central nervous system functions properly and also provide them with the gift of health. Dr Church has a literally given me my life back. This man has truly been blessed with hands that heal.

Howard Abel

Been with Dr.Church since 2007. We love them so much we feel like we are apart of the family!

Hernan Carlos PIOTTI LOPEZ

Great place and people. Dr. Church is awesome!!

Greg Garbinski

I've know Dr. Adam Church / Atlas Chiropractic for "YEARS" and will testify to their attention to details and commitment to Customer Service! Yep I said "Customer Service"!!! There are still companies out there that feel and think you (the Customer) should pay a "premium" for that BASIC Business Practice or CUSTOMER SERVICE! Not at Atlas Chiropractic...they not only Provide it but it's as though it's inherent in their "DNA" for working with (not working for) a Chiropractor like Mr. AND Dr. Adam Church. With ALL MY SINCERITIES, Gregory J. Garbinski

Alec Jannotta

Nelly Crespo

Dawn Gaudio

Dr. CHURCH and his team especially Dawn ,are very caring and thorough. Dr.Church takes xrays before even touching your spine and goes over every subluxation. Dawn is right ontop of all her paperwork and appointments and always has a smile on her face. Whenever I leave after getting adjusted ,I feel so good Especially knowing I am in good hands and doing something legit to take of myself. I also take my kids to get adjusted. They love it and ask to go. Dr. CHURCH is friendly and very knowledgeable In all he does and keeps up with educating himself to better serve and care for his patients. NO OTHER chiropractor is as good and thorough as Dr.Church and his team. Thank you Dr.Church!!!

Deanne DeCrescenzo

Just love how I feel after getting my adjustment!! It makes you feel like a new person!

OPUS The Dopest

John Kennedy

I've been getting adjusted since December 2017. Back issues evaporated... Great energy from staff. Solid handshake from the doctors.

eddie demayo

Dr. CHURCH takes the time to go over everything with you so you understand completely what's going on. And sets up a plan on fixing it before starting treatment

Bettyann Sawicki

I have been going to Dr. Church for over10 years and always feel so much better when I leave his office. Dr. Church and his staff are always so professional and super cheerful when they see you. They are truly concerned about your spinal health and well being. I will never go anywhere else. BettyS

Karl Mitchell

Great staff extremely professional family oriented establishment.

Lynn Truby

I have been going to Atlas Chiropractic for many years for relief from problems and my general health. Dr. Church has helped me get relief from back pain, sciatica, chronic neck stiffness, and a shoulder issue. He has taught me exercises and lifestyle changes so I can help myself. The staff is wonderful, always friendly, helpful and organized. I look forward to my appointments at Atlas Chiropractic.

Nokubonga Mnikathi

Well it Feels warm and kind , like home and very professional ❤️❤️❤️

Hamilton Masakadga

Since 2 years ago I have been under regular chiropractic care, but it wasn’t until recently that I learned why the adjustments were so effective and why I have been a pretty healthy person all my life. Dr. Church taught me that an optimal spine gives optimal health and that the adjustments were directly affecting my nervous system. Any subluxation, or misalignment of my spine could put pressure on my nerves, and they didn’t like that. Having regular adjustments and being subluxation free has kept me healthy. I have never been really sick, no allergies, never had the flu. I have never taken any pain medications and hardly ever get even a headache. I know this is because my spine and nervous system are healthy, and my x-rays prove that!

Darlene Picagli

Dr Church and Dr Moscaro are fantastic! Very knowledgeable and so gentle. The office staff are wonderful- very friendly, helpful and always willing to help! Great practice!!

Clarissa George

Amaya Mitchell

Maria Spaduzzi

Dr. Church and staff are wonderful. They take such good care of their patients. Highly recommend

Julie Pond

Dr. Church and his whole staff really make you feel special and like a person not a number... after 2 years I am healing well and love visiting the office .

Dylan Howe

Lorrie Maiorano

Iryna Diaz

Dr. Church is the best Chiropractor in the area! I’ve been coming to this practice for different issues over last few years and all of them were taken care of. Dr. Church is very knowledgeable, always takes time to explain the issue, recommend and deliver best treatment. The staff is also very attentive and friendly to all patients. Couldn’t recommend Atlas Chiropractic enough!

Symon Nunez

The best chiropractor i ever been to hands-down I highly recommend this place to everyone

Rita Croll

anne amrose

My work as a Massage Therapist takes a toll on my body. Add to this the daily life stressors, intense physical workouts, and a few falls here and there, you have a body in need of chiropractic care. Just walking in the door at ATLAS CHIROPRACTIC, you feel at ease. When in pain, you want comfort. This starts with the front desk and continues from Day 1 to Day 60 throughout every aspect of your care...consistency is their forte. Each and every staff member is geniune, knowledgeable, highly trained, and patient. Dr. Church has been my doctor since 2004. He and his associate truly commit to their craft making YOU their priority. They invest their energy into continuing education continuously ensuring the most up-to-date equipment and follow-through to optimize each treatment. I can relax with them as I know they have been trained extensively learning their craft. TRUSTED HANDS, QUALITY CARE!


Very good behavior for all staff members and treated very professionally

Howerd Davis

In addition to my spinal health improving, I received an added wonderful benefit and I can attribute it to nothing else in my lifestyle but the adjustments. All of a sudden I was able to dispense with any medical solutions to my gastro-intestinal problems. Thank you Dr. Church and your wonderful staff.

Pamela Zamora

I suffer pack pain for a long time and after I started a treatment with Dc Church my back is so much better less pain for sure and I can do more activities outside them before without complaining , I highly recommended !! Best stff ever !!

Rachel Yates

I knew something was wrong with my spine. The x-rays showed scoliosis. It made sense. I am already walking better. Thank you!

Johnnie Singleton

Pleasant detailed informative personalized treatment


I've been getting adjusted since December 2017. Back issues evaporated... Great energy from staff. Solid handshake from the doctors.

Allie French

Jennifer Ayala

Jimmy Gonzalez

Dr. Church at Atlas Chiropractor for me has been a life saver to say the least. Being a former pro athlete my body has endured a lot and the adjustments keep me right. I am grateful for his knowledge and insight in what my body needs. My association with MLB allows for frequent traveling and I always look forward to my adjustments at Atlas Chiropractic.

Aura Truby

Dr. Church is great! Hes awesome with my toddlers and really takes the time to make sure they’re comfortable! I would highly recommend him!

Bunny Rodriguez

Pain free is the way to be. Life is a journey that is always changing, maintaining your body the best one can do helps this process become more enjoyable. Thank you to the Atlas Chiropractic family for this service available to the community. This is a way for us to use alternative health for our advantage and to learn about natural healing from the teams medical professionals. LIVE ON!

Keith M

Carlos Franco

They are very patient focus, and they really care of the health statues of their patients. I would strongly recommend attending their Get Better dinner to get to the doctors.

benjamin harrison

Dan Zapatka

Super friendly staff and great chiropractic care! Been going here for years now!

Anthony Brown

Everyone is down to earth. Very professional makes you feel at home. Really nice to my son he looks forward to going every week. I’m like new every time!!

Wincer Antonio

Jessica Cardenas

I started getting adjusted in the summer of 2016 and it has been wonderful and life changing. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable and always give off great energy. Dr Church is amazing at what he does and I always leave the office feeling awesome! I'd strongly recommend this office to anyone in search of a chiropractor.

Marc Ramirez

Great place great people. I always feel better when I leave

Linda Gayle

The only Chiropractor I trust. I drive 2 hours roun trip every other week, and it is soooo worth it. My range of motion in my neck has improved cosiderably. Thank you, Dr Church!

Daniel Del Prete

I have always had a great experience at Atlas. Not only have I come to know Dr Church, I also feel I have a personal relationship with the staff. They greet every patient by name and always ask how you are doin and talk to you. The process is always smooth and if you need anything the staff always follows through. The addition of Dr Dan has been great too, he is a perfect fit for the business. I would recommend Atlas Chiropractic and the team to anyone I know and even strangers!

Allison Green

Absolutely wonderful practice. Have helped me, my husband and my 5 year old son! I have multiple ailments and chronic pain and inflammation. Since starting at Atlas last October my symptoms are significantly improved. Everyone there has been so nice, accommodating and helpful since day 1. they truly care about every one of their patients

Robert Stewart

My experience with Atlas Chiropractic has been wonderful! I feel so much better; I recommend people go see Dr. Church! Things happen for a reason. I always do my praying and ask God to help me with my pain. Dr. Church is my Angel. Thank you!

Lisa Ja

Jennifer Hromadka

After years and several friends suggesting I try chiropractic care for my migraines I finally gave it a shot. I started going to Atlas at the end of February and I am so unbelievably impressed with the care that I have received. I have suffered from severe, debilitating migraines since I was 6 years old. I have been on several different prescription medications and have had a gamut of tests run on me all with the same outcome. I was told that there was a chance I would grow out of them but, most likely I would just have to deal with them and manage both my triggers and the pain. Since managing my triggers would mean basically not partaking in any sort of actual life, I chose the managing pain route. Before seeking care at Atlas, I was taking medication basically everyday. If I felt the twinge of a migraine I would take meds rather than have to deal with a full blown migraine that would ruin my whole day and usually effect me for several days after. Since treatment, I have, for the first time in my life, found relief WITHOUT medication. They performed pre and post treatment X-rays in the office which helped me understand exactly what was happening in my neck and allowed me to see the my progress. The doctors went over the results and the care plan thoroughly but, also took the time to break it all down in a way that was easy to understand. The front desk staff is friendly and they make you feel like family. I highly recommend Atlas Chiropractic.

Grant Laskin

Dexter Pettaway

Eric Harvey

Atlas Chiropractor Saved my Life

Carmen Negron

jill bill


Ali Marottoli

I have been a patient at Atlas Chiropractic for almost 4 year and the care always exceeds my expectations. The staff and the doctors are top notch...experts in their field. They show a genuine concern with an achievable solution for all their patients. Personally I have had problems with migraines for years. After meeting with the doc, and coming up with a plan, I am beyond happy that they have seemed to subside. I highly recommend Atlas Chiropratic!

Lawrence Merola

Friendly , Caring experienced staff , quick wait time and great adjustment every time I visit

Ramon Patison

I think the services and the staff was excellent. The music in the office is pleasing and relaxing.

Rosa Rodriguez

I'm very happy with the way they treated me. Very understanding of the pain I'm going through. Thank you

mar d


I have been going to see Dr. Church at Atlas for many years for chiropractic care. It has helped me with many back, neck and shoulder issues and his care helped me avoid knee surgery. I would highly recommend going to Dr. Church as part of a good health plan. And if you have aches, pains or injuries you will get professional help at Atlas. All the staff are great.

Nicholas Andreozzi

Fantastic people, great service

Felicia Acquino

Eduardo Lopez

I recommend Atlas 100%... They’re very nice people and take good care of you. Most of all they always making you go home feeling better!

Angel Antonino

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