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REVIEWS OF True North Chiropractic IN Colorado

Andrew Franko

True North Chiropractic provides great chiropractic care in a positive, warm, and inviting atmosphere. People are great, service is great. I highly recommend True North Chiropractic.

Ali Sparkes

This office is truly a gift to Colorado Springs. They are compassionate, knowledgable and always willing to spend the extra time to answer your questions. I cannot thank the people who are involved in this practice enough for the amount of relief I have received from their dedicated work.

Gabby Jones

This is such a fun and uplifting center. It is the first chiropractic center I have been to that works towards a solution rather than just weekly adjustments. They are intentional and design effective plans personal to you.

Emyrald Sinclaire

A wonderful chiropractor! The team really really really really care about you and your health. Always a smile on everyone's faces, I feel welcomed whenever I enter the door. Not only that, I'm sleeping better, I FEEL better and my body is responding well to adjustments. I also love that they 'scan' your back so you can see what is 'out of whack' even though you might not even be feeling it! Thanks guys. ;)

Karen Kimbell

Sherry Harris

Love coming here the staff is always friendly. The doctors are nice and gentle. I used to have pain between my shoulder blades, but that is pretty much gone!

Rae Scarlett

Could I give it less than a star? Not a great place to be cared for.

Jeff Walker

Drs. Taylor and Josh and their neurologically-based approach to chiropractic are amazing. After only a handful of weeks, the data shows I feel much better - and it's right! Less pain and discomfort and greatly improved quality of life. True North rocks!

Mary Burtschi

joanie lang

Friendly and truly caring staff. I was skeptical going in, but now realize how effective the adjustments are to my overall well-being. They are now an integral part of my pain management. I'm sold on this wonderful team of doctors and support staff, and emphatically recommend them to everyone.

Linda Cox

My spine from top to bottom is in pretty bad shape. If I was able to get a total of four hours sleep a night, that was a good night. I’ve only been going there a short time but I am already seeing the results. There are still those nights were sleeping is difficult but they are less frequent now. I can actually lay down to sleep at 11 and not wake up till the alarm goes off. It’s been a very long time since that has happened. The doctors and all of the staff are friendly and extremely nice. I would recommend this office to anyone.

john logan

Wow!! Thank you Dr. Josh for alleviating my head pressure and migraines. I can honestly say I am sleeping like a baby now!! I highly recommend a visit to Dr. Josh and Dr. Taylor at True North Chiropractic!!

Tim McEachron

Great place for adjustments at an affordable price. Had a plan built for my family and it came with prices much more affordable than other chiropractic offices in town. Stay is friendly.

Michael Anthony

Drs. Josh and Taylor are some of the most compassionate and caring medical providers you’ll ever find in the city. I highly recommend them!

Rachel B.

My results since starting treatment with True North have been wonderful. When I started I was struggling with pain in my workouts, but most of all a constant nearly debilitating pain from a host of spine/hip issues [that started over 10 years ago]. I've been on all sorts of medications [muscle relaxers etc. in the past to try and lessen my pain] and I was over it, so I took a shot with True North, and stopped my usual workout regimens in the hope of boosting my progress. After a few months of intense treatment, I started back up with my usual workouts to see if there was any change. I can't tell you how happy my heart and body were, when I made it through that first workout back without any pain whatsoever. I actually did better than I did before the break! I have so much gratitude for both Dr. Taylor's and their team. Words can't begin to express how wonderful things have been with my pain so greatly diminished! Thank you!!

Gabriel Meidl

There aren’t enough stars on these reviews to give Dr. Josh and Dr. Taylor. I was told I had SEVERE sleep apnea about a year ago. With their help, my patience, and trusting their work, I hardly have to use my C-pap machine anymore. I have full confidence that soon I will no longer need to use it at all! Usually you just think of neck or back pain when it comes to chiropractic but do yourself a favor and go in for a consultation and learn that there is a lot more to it than that. I am a true testament to that fact. Thank you Dr. Josh and Dr. Taylor!

Sheena Konas

I was under the care of Dr Josh and Dr Taylor in Florida. I was very sad to see them go. They helped me immensely with multiple issues including low back pain and headaches. I recommend anyone in the Colorado Springs area to check them out!

Christie Moore

True North has been a very pleasant and helpful experience for me. I came in seeking help for severe back pain, and a month later I am already remarkably improved. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Josh are skilled, knowledgeable, and provide fantastic care. The True North office staff are kind and friendly, and the office is very open and pleasant. I am very thankful to have been referred here by a friend, and to have found great long term care for my back.

Mike E

Dr. Josh, Dr. Taylor, and the entire team at True North are AMAZING! I approached them with my health issues, but was very skeptical of chiropractic care. I'm about 6 weeks in and the results have been amazing! Now I've introduced my wife to the team and she has seem dramatic improvement in her neck and back pain! We are very grateful for the True North team and highly recommend them to anyone!

Tina Lewis

Great friendly place to go and get a healthy body?

Sarabi Jo

The staff is wonderful, so friendly and caring. Dr. Taylor is amazing! I've been dealing with pain from scoliosis my whole life. After a few sessions, my headaches are gone, my sciatic pain is a thing of the past, and I have so much more energy! And I'm not even half way through treatment. I can't say enough good things about True North! Thank you for all you've done for me!!

Danica Donnelly

I love True North! Dr Taylor add Dr Josh are such genuine and caring people. Their whole staff is so welcoming and friendly. They are such a family friendly office and my kids literally cheer when I tell them we are going to the chiropractor! Love this place and highly recommend!

Nichol Welty

Drs. Taylor and Josh and their staff are the best! They are passionate about healing. Their chiropractic care helped me get back to my usual active self after dealing with a hip injury for almost a year. Bonus: I sleep better and haven’t hardly been sick. If you’re curious about whether or not it can help you, check out True North.

Dana Rose

I am astounded at how successful my treatment has been at True North! I have had severe chronic pain and illness all of my life, all spinal related and the work that's been done on my back, neck, jaw and pelvis at True North has allowed me to finally experience what it's like to feel normal! I had no idea what that felt like until Taylor and Joshua started aligning my body. I had tried pills, massage therapy, been to the ER, specialists, you name it... and this is the first time anything TRULY has worked for me. I swear by this team, they are highly gifted and disciplined in their practice.

Curtis Benson

I love everything about this office. The staff are all fantastic and make me feel welcome at every appointment. The doctors know their stuff, and they are very good at making sure that you understand what treatment will help you and why you need it. If you’re looking for chiropractic care, True North is the place to go!

Tarin Alberson

They are the first doctors we've seen to really care about our concerns. They passionate to help. They are driven and personable and very knowledgeable. They use state of the art technology so that there's no guessing. Their entire presence there is welcoming and professional.

Jamie Houck

The drs and staff at true north are amazing! They are always so friendly and helpful and they have worked miracles on my neck and shoulder pain

Kathleen Holcombe Stevens

I had Spine surgery to replace a disc in my neck in January and it was supposed to go in for my Loback to be fused but with chiropractic care with Dr. Josh and Dr. Taylor, We are keeping aggressive treatment at bay and I am able to hike, cycle, dance, workout at the Airforce Academy in their bootcamp, and swim. I love their process!

Cynthia Halverson

Just walking into True North Chiropractic you feel the positive energy that can only be exuberated from a team that has a passion for true health! Treating your body to regular chiropractic visits is just good health practice. You will find yourself feeling better all over. Prevention and good choices are the keys to a long and healthy life! You will find yourself in great hands at True North Chiropractic!

Rob Figueira

Stephen Moore

Not enough good things to say about True North. The front desk staff is super friendly, Dr. Josh is very knowledgeable and an all around great guy, and the care they provide truly works wonders. I miss appointments all the time because I’m forgetful and have a crazy work schedule, but they’re always kind and accommodating. I consider them not only care providers but also my friends, which is rare for a business and something that is truly special about this place.

David Jones

Before finding True North Chiropractic I had a constant pain in my neck and tingling down my left arm. It was very difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep. I couldn't even sit or drive for long periods of time. After only 7 sessions I feel so much better and can fall and stay asleep at night and drive without pain. Dr Taylor and Dr Josh are a godsend. I"m so glad I found them at Blues Under the Bridge and would recommend them to anyone who needs relief from pain. Thank you True North and God bless you.

A Shep

Great place to get your body adjusted. Lots of new technologies and a laid back atmosphere. True north chairopratic really helped my ankle not hurt and I can not thank them enough... my body is adjusting to many changes very well and thanks to true north my body is on the path to healing.

Tyson Liese

This place is the friendliest and most accommodating chiropractic office you will go to. Dr. Josh always makes sure to educate you in what procedures they are doing and how you are progressing. They have turned my visits into a highlight of my week!

Dieter Drake

Excellent people and care. I spent years with chronic and acute back and neck pain until visiting True North. Pain no more!!!

Olivia Mason

Growing up under chiropractic care heavily influenced my life. However, upon attending college my visits were less frequent being away from home and my regular chiropractor. I was a competitive cheerleader and suffered many injuries including several very serious concussions. While I did see a chiropractor in the area my visits were not regular and I noticed a drastic change in my health from no longer being under consistent care. I began experiencing daily headaches/migraines, neck and back soreness, dizziness, loss of energy in practice and my every day life, severe menstruation pains that almost always left me throwing up and unable to leave my home due to the amount of pain that I was in, and high levels of anxiety. True North Chiropractic has changed that. After only a few months of being under care my anxiety is gone, I have increased energy and motivation, very few headaches - if any, less menstrual pain and relief from my back and neck pain. I am so thankful for both Dr. Taylor and Dr. Josh for helping me get back my health and being a constant testimony of how important consistent chiropractic care is to your health!

Joshua Slattery

Dr. Josh and Dr. Taylor at True North Chiropractic have genuinely achieved the unimaginable! Following a parachute malfunction, while conducting airborne operations with the military, I sustained a significant back injury. After years of physical therapy, prescription drugs, and questionable procedures, I underwent back surgery. For the last few years, I have seen multiple physical therapists, pain management specialists, and taken countless prescription and over the counter drugs. After one month at True North Chiropractic, I stopped using all forms of pain relievers. I became physically active again and gained a new lease on life. It is truly amazing, that a recovery that seemed so daunting and impossible could be reversed. True North Chiropractic achieves results where others have failed.

Melinda Brown

Dr Josh and Dr Taylor and their staff are amazing. They are always warm and welcoming and are flexible with schedules as well. I went in for lower back pain and I can say I'm doing tremendously better after their services, not only did they address the back pain but Dr Josh aimed to help with another trouble area which was my neck, through their work I've had less problems with my ears and I will actually say I feel that I can hear better than before ( my car radio sounds ridiculously loud when I turn it up all the way which is how I used to have it ) I even had someone recently refer to me as having "rabbit ears" because I heard the quietest sound. I really appreciate this practice and vouch for their good work and their enthusiasm and care for what they do. They are also accepting of real life situations and I won't hesitate to go back in the future if I have any further issues.

Joseph Beggs

Charlene Brum

True North Chiropractic is a wonderful place to heal. The staff treat you like family, and the doctors are so very kind, gentle and understanding. I highly recommend this office to anyone seeking assistance with their health and well being. :-)

Timothy Weaver

We love True North Chiropractic! From the time you walk in the front door you feel like family, where you are loved and appreciated. We highly recommend them for the smallest member of your family all the way up to the oldest! The staff is kind, courteous and caring. They will walk you through each part of the process with grace and clarity. No harsh cracking here…unless it's jokes!

Arcana CTD

Julia Salazar

Darth Telum

Fantastic place. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly often greeting you by name when you come in. My back pain has been significantly helped by treatment here.

Michelle Anthony

I really cannot adequately express what a gift True North has been to me and my health. After neck fusion surgery in 2011 I have been on a steady decline of mobility and increased pain. By the time I walked into True North a month ago, I couldn’t sleep, could barely move and was crying out of pain on a regular basis. Dr. Josh and his amazing team were so kind and made understanding my health so easy. They created a treatment plan that was doable and affordable. In only one month, I am moving in ways that I haven’t in years, am sleeping through the night and have been off all pain killers. I cannot recommend True North enough. I tell everyone I meet to go get an assessment. My husband has now been going as well and we are on a new path for a new way of living. I’m so grateful that my life is being brought back to me step by step.


Everyone at True North are truly amazing! We have 3 generations receiving chiropractor care with Dr. Taylor and Dr. Josh. So great! They care so much about your quality of life and have helped my family out so much from Arthritis (pretty non-existent at this point!), Vertigo and Lupus. I can't thank Dr. Taylor, Dr. Josh and their team enough!

Derek Place

Everyone at True North have been very helpful. I am new to visiting chiropractors but I would highly recommend them. Both Dr Josh and Dr Taylor have been awesome and the entire staff are amazing!!

Kim Logan

Dr Joshua Logan performs miracles! I could hardly walk after doing yard work over the weekend and the pain was getting worse. Dr Logan decided to take a new x-ray of my lower back and found an issue with my L3, which was causing the sciatic nerve pain. He adjusted me and the pain subsided tremendously. He had me come in again the next day and worked on the L3 areas and I was able to walk better with less pain. Thank you Dr Logan!

Jon Inman

Doctors Josh & Taylor are extremely knowledgeable, humble and kind. Look out Colorado Springs Chiropractors! True North Chiropractic is changing the game. I've never felt more comfortable and welcomed by a Chiropractor.

Ryan Menath

Phenomenal chiropractors! I've never felt better, and both Dr. Josh and Dr. Taylor are top-notch. I highly, highly recommend True North. Gonstead chiropractors are a cut above, and True North is the best of the best. If you are serious about your health, taking care of your body, and feeling great, then True North is an absolute requirement.

Sarah Edsall

My primary goal when beginning care at True North was to improve some of my digestive issues. I was having frequent intestinal pain that was also causing a lot of fatigue. Not only has my digestive discomfort improved greatly since getting regular adjustments for the last 4 months, but I have notice many other positive changes in my body and mind. It’s obvious that the True North team really cares about each one of their practice members! I will be a patient for life!

Sarah Myers

Drs. Taylor and Josh and the rest of the True North staff are truly wonderful people and care about their patients health and well-being. Everyone is very knowledgeable and explains every step of the process. I suffered from chronic migraines for over 4 years now. Having about 15 migraine days a month, I was miserable and on medications that didn't really help. Now, I actually don't remember the last time I had a true migraine- it's been weeks and I'm off of my daily medication, and take my 'as needed' medication very seldomly! I cannot thank True North and their staff enough. As a healthcare professional myself, patient care is always my number 1 priority and the staff at True North knock it out of the park every time, I am truly wowed by the love they have for their patients. Only thing I would love to see is them branching out with more insurance coverage, as chiropractics can become quite expensive when self-paying.

ryan bennett

My first visit to True North Chiropractic I knew I would be a member for life. Dr Josh and Dr Taylor have not only helped change my life but have become great friends of mine too. When you walk in the door you are greeted with genuine smiles and if you’re lucky, the newest member of the Logan family! I’ve been to several chiropractors in the past but never have I been cared for so well before. They take the time to learn your needs and what you would like to accomplish in your everyday living situation. I have struggled with extreme shoulder pain for about 7 years now. In my initial visit Dr Josh and Dr Taylor made a point to make it ther goal to help with my pain and range of motion. I haven’t been able to lift my right arm above my waist line to scratch my back in about 5 years. I am happy to say in 2 months of care with them I can now reach the middle of my back. I can’t thank Dr Josh and Dr Taylor enough for everything they have done for me.

LA Dabler

This is the most family-friendly practice I've ever been to. My children love this place, and so do I. My initial reasons for coming were my kids' spinal health (one constantly held her head at an angle) and my own (chronic pain, hormonal imbalances). My children are totally normal now, and my own health is improving. They're also remarkably on-time while maintaining superb personal rapport. Fantastic practice.

Laurie MacKenzie

I am grateful to the staff and doctors at True North! They are always extremely considerate and helpful and are patient with my busy, ever changing schedule. The care I receive has been beneficial as I struggle with migraines. Thank you so much!

Christina Kelsay

The entire team at True North Chiropractic has been amazing from day one. I met Dr. Taylor one weekend while shuffling through a small business fair downtown. She was so approachable, listened to my issues, and gave a simple exam on the spot. I scheduled to come into the office for a full evaluation and from the moment I walked through the door I knew I was in the right place. I'll be honest and I'm sure Dr. Josh can attest, I can be a bit of a a difficult patent at times and the two of them are extremely accomadating to me and my needs. They are both so personable, I believe they truly care about their patients and helping them achieve a better quality of life through chiropractic.

Courtney Thompson

I have only had a few adjustments so far at True North Chiropractic and already I am SO pleased with how I am feeling. The staff are all so friendly and amazing! They also explain everything in such depth that I hardly had any questions! And when I do have questions they are answered in a way that makes sense to me. I have had chiropractic care that has helped in the past, but the care with this team feels like an entire life change. I highly recommend them already and I cannot wait to see (feel) changes after 6 months of adjustments! I really needed this!

Jade Baranski

The most legit Dr’s and team in all of chiropractic! I had a major sacrum injury that was 100% cleared up after staying on track with my treatment plan here. They complete an intial exam, survey, scan AND x-ray. Super detailed and measurable results are my new favorite

Alyssa Carey

Josh and Taylor have been life savers! I have had severe back pain since I was a child. After going to them for over a year my pain is gone and I can do things I haven't been able to do in a long time!

Rick Murphy

100% Absolutely a great chiropractor! Not only is a staff super super friendly but they also use a great calendar application to help make sure you always make your appointment! Personal care, precision adjustments with a detailed recovery plan and continued maintenance...!!! Thanks for being a cut above!!!

Shawn Wiebers

Drs. Josh & Taylor are simply the best, most compassionate, and well informed Chiropractors that I have been under. I highly recommend them and their office.

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