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REVIEWS OF Longevity Chiropractic IN Colorado

RobertTamara Krouse

So grateful to Dr. Krysta! She can really read my body and takes the time to make sure you are set before you go. Family environment. Blessed to be here.

Joshua Shisler

Simply the best!

Chase Watts

Derek is awesome! Great staff!

Laurie-Ann & Kyle Allen

The entire experience of ‘Longevity Chiropractic’ is second to none. Our entire family have been patients of Dr. Derek and Dr. Krysta’s for just about two years now. We have never received anything but exceptional treatment and care. They have completely transformed our well being as they have taken the time to listen and meet us where we are at. They are constantly going over and beyond to help us move forward so that we can continue to be in optimal health. In addition to our outstanding treatment, we absolutely love the family environment they have created. We feel relaxed and welcomed unlike anything we have previously experienced. Miss. Renae is THE best receptionist! She is the kindest and the most helpful person. They could not have picked a better person to complete the entire package of Longevity. We will be forever grateful for our Longevity family. We of course highly recommend them to anyone of any age!

Thomas Moore

Super frwindly

Luke Johnson

I have been coming here for sometime now and it has been hands down the best chiropractic experience I have ever had. Derek, Krysta, and Renae are some of the most patient and loving people ever. One of my favorite things is the family friendly work environment! I have been more than overjoyed with the impact they have made on my life. I would recommend Longevity to anyone who wants a nice calming environment and to be able to feel better.

Ali Walker

I have been seen by both Dr’s and they are both amazing! They are very thorough and make you feel truly comfortable.

Kenith Coffey

I love this place dr. Derek is awesome

Ron Gallegos

Prompt service and very professional

David Tye

I have suffered with back issues for over 20 years, and have seen chiropractors off and on throughout that time. Dr. Derek was different than all of my past experiences, not just interested in cracking my back and scheduling another appointment, but in truly fixing my issue and getting my body healed. After four appointments, I was 90% better and haven't needed to go back! Longevity will treat you great and do everything they can to help your body get back to normal. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed.

Blazin Blue Automotive

I was skeptical about going to the chiropractor but went at my wife's urging; I started coming in to seeing Derek a few weeks ago for some back pain, he has helped me out so much with managing my back issues. He has also been able to help me with other things I thought would never be fixable like numbness and tingling in my hands! I am now a chiropractic believer!

Steve Watson

Jett Johnson

Let me start out with that the Dr.'s are good at being chiropractors but it stops there. These people act like your "buddy" when you're there and spending hundreds of dollars with them but if you aren't there for an appointment then they cant be bothered. They change their hours all the time so they can have days off even though they barely are there 32 hours a week, they also got really upset with me when I was coming from out of town (which they knew of) and were very hesitant to let me come to my appointment because I was going to be 5 minutes late but they are perfectly fine with making me wait upwards of 20 mins because "they are a little behind", and as i waited for my appointment i decided to have a complimentary cup of coffee but as i was getting it i could feel the dirty look that their secretary was giving me while my back was turned. This is a terribly run business, one of the worst I have ever seen, and I never plan to come back even if the appointment were free.

Amanda McPherson

Dr. Derek and Dr. Krysta are great! Dr. Derek always takes the time to make sure that he understands where my pain is and that I am taken care of. He has even met me on a Saturday when I was having a lot of pain. Dr. Krysta is always willing to take the time to answer any questions. Just today she took the time to tell me about some things to try out to help with some issues I am having. Thank you to Dr. Derek and Dr. Krysta for always taking the time to help me and take care of me! I highly suggest a visit to Longevity Chiropractic!

Kathy McDowell

This is a great place to go!

Brigitta Lockman

My immediate family and I have been visiting Longevity Chiropractic for several years, and I've always enjoyed each and every visit. I do not have children, but I appreciate that their office is family friendly, and have never been bothered by children being present in the office. My chiropractic care has never been negatively affected by the office atmosphere. Several chiropractic issues have been tended to with care and dedication. The office is clean, relaxed, and I feel comfortable communicating any aches and pains I'm experiencing. I frequently suggest Longevity to friends who are looking for superior chiropractic care.

Rachel Anderson

Dr. Derek and Dr. Krysta truly care about us, I’ve been bringing my family here for a year and I can tell you they take their time during your treatment to make sure you get the best adjustment possible. I also find their philosophy on family inspiring and their office is very kid friendly which makes bringing my grandson even more enjoyable. Thank you for caring so much and making a difference in our community.

Melissa Kagey

I love this office. I don't know what I would have done without Dr. Krysta adjusting me throughout my pregnancy. We took our little girl for her first adjustment on the way home from the hospital at 3 days old. Since she was born via cesarean, Krysta did some work with her because she didn't come through the birth canal like a baby born naturally. She has helped with breastfeeding, ear infections, teething, diaper rashes, colds, falls/tumbles and just about anything that I have freaked out about as a first time mom. My daughter will grow up under Dr. Krysta's care and I am so thankful for that.

Mark Martinez

Ronnie Romero

After visiting other chiropractors, its clear how much more attentive Dr. Derek is with his clients. He and Krysta are patient and take a more thorough approach and focus on resolving your issues. Well worth the short drive to their awesome new location.

Andrea Ames

Please don't base your judgement on my review. I have several friends who swear by this place. But I personally cannot handle a bad scheduler.... especially for a place where I am taking time off work to make appointments. I gave them 3 tries. My first appt was scheduled 15 min.earlier than the receptionist told me so she called and said I was to late and they needed to reschedule. I came to the rescheduled time and she said I was 15 min early!?!?!!! After I was done I scheduled a follow-up two weeks later. Showed up and she had me nowhere in the calendar. Took her 10 minutes to find where she had out me and it would have been over 3 weeks after my initial appt and right in the middle of my vacation. So needless to say I never went to a follow-up because the scheduling was so terrible.

Brock Davies

Being a pack football player I need to keep my body in cheek and the Dr does a heart job helping me with active release and treatment. It's a busy practice but it's worth %100 #46 Brock Davies

Cindy Jaques

Dr. Krysta has helped me in so many ways. Great chiropractor but also has knowledge in many complementary areas of study for a holistic approach to healing. Thanks Dr. Krysta for everything!

jenni mihm

Krysta and Derek are amazing. They truly care about the wellness of their patients. Highly recommended you visit once and see what they can do to help improve your wellbeing.

Kevin Keilbach

In years past, I've had 3 separate arthroscopic procedures on my knees to remove loose floating pieces of cartilage that would at times get caught in the joint. More recently, I again experienced what I believed was the same frustrating condition in my right knee. After dealing with this familiar discomfort for several months, I was planning on a visit to the orthopedic surgeon. Fortunately, after adjusting my back, Dr. Derek asked me, "Is anything else bothering you?" I hesitantly described what was going on with my knee, not thinking chiropractic solutions could play any role at all. That was 3 months ago and that was the last day my knee bothered me. Thanks to Dr. Derek for always taking great care of my back, and thanks also for taking a broader approach to patient care. - Kevin Keilbach

Michelle Mather

I was lucky about 2 1/2 years ago to be at a Crossfit competition that Dr. Derek and Dr. Krysta was donating their time too. I realized then after having them adjust me and work out my soreness I had found my chiropractor. What I love about them is that they have specific techniques that help me with my workouts. If you are an athelet I highly recommend them. The other thing is that they work with getting me in when I need an adjustment because I have a crazy work schedule. The great thing is that they work on infants to adults.

Connie Medina

I like their care Derk is the best

Kyle Swanson

Great service!!! And very knowledgeable very highly recommended!

Jim Whitmire

Over the years I had developed some stiffness and discomfort in my right hip, probably as a result of some long distance commuting and prolonged sitting. Also I had some loss of flexibility and weakness in my right knee as a result of sports injuries. After a few sessions with Dr. Derek Stickler I have noticeable improvement in flexibility and less discomfort. I had been somewhat skeptical of chiropractors until Krysta and Derek made a presentation at my workplace. I was impressed with them and their total health approach. I haven't been disappointed.

Michelle Lujan

The staff is very professional. Very welcoming and have their clients health as their number one priority. Highly recommend them to anyone.

Ashley Hesslink

I love this family owned business!!!! They are always welcoming, professional, and friendly. Their daughter is the most adorable little girl and is better than most adults that I know. Krysta has helped me so much with all of my problems even if I don't listen to her every time. Renee is an amazing receptionist and always makes people feel welcomed no matter if it is your very first visit of if you are like me and go in every 2 weeks. If it weren't for these amazing people and the wonderful job they do I would always be in horrible pain.

Shawnna Clementi

My husband and I started seeing Derek and Krysta during the summer. We wanted to see a chiropractor before an out of state vacation, and they were able to get us in on very short notice. Their approach to chiropractic care is unlike anything we have experienced. Rather than putting a 'band-aid' on the problem until next time, their focus is about really fixing the problem. We feel great after being adjusted, but the more important thing is how we both feel so much better BETWEEN visits. Derek and Krysta are amazing and they really care. We are patients for life!

Sam Ingo

Just an amazing place to get your Chiropractic needs taken care of

Douglas Curran

Jessica Turano

David Hiam

I heard about Longevity Chiropractic while recovering from an auto accident. 3 months after the wreck I was still dealing with a concussion, and nothing workman's comp was doing seemed to be helping. A friend-of-a-friend recommended Derek so strongly that I took their suggestion, even though I had two horrible experiences with chiropractic care years before the accident. This was one of the best suggestions I ever took! After the second visit I felt so much lighter!! I had no idea how badly my body was wrecked, until I got relief from it. I thought only my head was traumatized. Derek listened to what I had to say, and prompted me for information that might be relevant to cause and treatment. He then explained what was happening and why, and how he could try to fix it. Under Derek's care I feel I have made leaps and bounds towards recovery, despite 3 months of my body learning how to function through impairment. We are not quite there yet, but I expect to be a little better than I was before the accident, as I have changed some bad dietary behavior and other negligent habits per conversations with, and information from, Derek through the course of treatment.

Amanda L.

I recommend this office to all my friends. Dr. Krysta takes her time with me and treats the whole patient not just a quick adjustment that I have had in the past from different offices. I love the environment and that they are a family oriented office. Having the little one there helps brighten my day and her presence and the love there as a family truly shows. That is one of the positive things about this office is that they value family ... they are all friendly and professional from reception to the Docs.

Brent Johnson

I have been a patient of Derek and Krysta for a while and absolutely love the family friendly environment and professional care. I have had nothing but friendly and efficient help by Renae at the front desk. Anytime you see a review bar graph with a clear 5 star rating majority, followed by some 1 star ratings, you simply need to read the comments to get a feel for the overall quality of the practice. Like everything in life, we have choices, it is one of the things that makes this country great. I choose Longevity and echo the numerous 5 star reviews.

Willis Gipson-Figueroa

They are great to work with! No high pressure sales type environment we can come in as we feel we need to. Dr Derek has worked some magic on this 42 year old, auto mechanic, cross fitter want to be . Thank you for all you've done for my wife Tonia and working her through her injury. We don't know what we would do with out you guys in our corner helping us stay healthy... Regards Willis and Tonia Gipson

hillary tyler

To the several people complaining about these owners having children in the office. This is honestly the best chiropractic office I have ever been to. They are always friendly, they know all of their customers by name, and their families by name as well. The fact that they have their daughter in the office frequently just makes the office that much more family friendly, and a happier atmosphere. I have been a patient of theirs for over 3 years, and my 3 year old son is also a patient of theirs, technically since before he was born, and I don't know to many 3 year old's that actually ask or get excited to go see the Doctor, yet my son asks every time he gets a bump or a bruise if we can go see Dr. Krysta. As for having children in the office making it more difficult for you to relax for your adjustment, I have several comments. 1. I personally was not able to be adjusted when it was my son crying, so I understand that it makes people tense. BUT, I was given several minutes to calm my son down and the adjustment quickly continued. 2. If you have that big of a problem with children, maybe you need to re-evaluate your outlook on life. Listen to how the kids laugh and giggle together in the office. It will greatly improve your adjustment experience. 3. If the giggles don't lighten your mood, there are also several senior living centers here in Pueblo that I'm sure you could check into that don't allow for laughter or a relaxing environment. As was stated in the reply, if you don't like the atmosphere there are always other chiropractors around for you to choose from. There are those of us who are truly blessed to have found this practice, and have no intention of leaving or taking our children to anyone else. Proud Patient!!! Hillary And if you want to complain about something at least have the nerve to do it with a name, not anonymously

Garrett Binder

I have been wanting to get on here and write a 5 star review for awhile now. My experience has been nothing short of wonderful! I am always welcomed when I walk in the door with my daughter and wife. Dr. K has performed adjustments on my daughter since she was 3 days old because she specializes in pre natal and pediatric chiropractic. I have and will always trust her and her medical knowledge for my daughters well being. Dr. D focuses more in the sports side of chiropractic and had my left side intercostal fixed up after only 2 sessions. This family owned and operated business is professional, courteous and always eager to provide a service to its customers/ patients. I am a firefighter and have recommended many of my fellow coworkers with injuries sustained on the job to go to Longevity Chiropratic. It’s a great feeling when you can refer someone like a brother on the job to a place you know will take care of them and their health. Thank you Longevity for being such a great business and providing phenomenal care to your patients.

Dr. Josh Wagner

I've been treated by many, many chiropractors and know there are different approaches and intentions in the field. Without a doubt both Dr. Krysta and Dr. Derek Stickler have their patients' best interests in mind at all times. That means getting people well and functioning back to normal as soon as possible. And often quicker than you'd even think possible! Whether it's sports injuries which Dr. Derek specializes with, pregnancy pains and issues as well as young children's needs which Dr. Krysta specializes in, or all the common conditions you'd go to a chiropractor for like neck and back pain, disc issues, nerve irritation, back strains or headache, Drs. Stickler will get you well and keep you well. I trust them fully and recommend you call them if you are suffering with a condition above. You won't be let down.

W. Scott Grinstead

Joshua Nameth

Dustin Reyes

What a great chiropractic clinic! Dr. Derek truly cares about his patients and makes it a point to get you fixed up. This was not my first time visiting a chiropractor, but the care I received for my injury was unique and nothing like I had ever experienced. I found real relief and within a month I went from years of chronic lower back pain to having very little to no pain at all. A real transformation that has truly changed my everyday life. Longevity Chiropractic is a place where you will find real results and doctors who care and listen. Thank You for providing your services here in our area.

Josh Dorsey

I first went into longevity chiropractic with lower back pain that stopped me from injoying life. After just one visit at longevity I felt like I had an 18 year old back again!!! I have returned to yard and work with a smile on my face not a pain in my back. Visit it the fantastic staff and doctors at longevity chiropractic and let there fingers do the talking!

Eric Morgan

I have suffered various back & neck problems since age 14. Two years ago I had a ruptured disc in my neck pinching nerves and disabling me for almost a year that required surgical shots to heal. I am now 35 and sometimes struggle to have pain free days or even do simple things like toss a ball around with my son. I have visited Longevity Chiropractic twice, and feel as if the plan I am on will allow me to do more than age gracefully; Dr. Derek says that my peak years are still in front of me, and I am looking forward to many years of playing like I did when I was a kid.

Noelle Daniels

Dr. Derek and Dr. Krista are amazing. Dr. Derek is working with my 14 year old son who was having severe back and stomach pain due to a football injury. My son is a thousand times better. His back is greatly improved and his stomach pain is completely gone. Dr. Krista is working with my 17 year old daughter who has scoliosis and the improvements are stunning. I have been a registered nurse for 24 years and I am impressed. These two listen to their patients and give clear and concise instructions for home care. We love their work!!!

Chelsea Hollowell

I had a bad back accident a few years ago that involved a few broken vertabrae and residual effects on my posture. Dr Derek has helped relieve some of my headaches, sore muscles and is working to improve my posture!

Rhiannon Winch

I am 17, and have many autoimmune diseases, some of which cause significant pain in my joints, muscles, and gastro system. My first chiropractic experience was not the greatest as the man who did it put me in a lot more pain than I initially was in. My older brother referred me to Dr. Krysta, and my life has changed. She knows how much I can handle on the days I am there and does not push me to do things that hurt to much. Also they are not all about adjustments but help your muscles relax and work to get your whole body well. She has taught me things to do working on my stomach and also things that will help me manage the other diseases in my life. They recommend things you can do at home physically and nutritionally as well. They genuinely care about their patients and I would recommend them to anyone and every one. They work on all ages so don't be afraid to go.

Cerilia Gandy

Longevity Chiropractic gets an A+ from me! The entire staff is very friendly and professional while still giving that warm family feeling. My son started seeing Dr. Krysta at age 2, due to vaccine reactions and symptoms of autism. Yes, even two year olds can see a chiropractor and there are many benefits! My son was completely non verbal (regressed after 18 months, losing all speech!), head banging, loss of awareness and concentration, bad sleeping schedule, gut issues, temper tantrums, sensory issues, unable to reach new milestones along with losing many skills he had already mastered, etc. Through the natural science of chiropractic therapy, my son has been almost completely healed within just a short 5 months. His speech has taken off, no more head banging, great concentration and well aware of his surroundings, sleeps 10 hours a night and naps 2 hours a day, zero gut issues, little to no tantrums, little to no sensory issues, reaching many new milestones that could not be performed before! My son was over stimulated when we first started treatment due to sensory issues. As treatment took place and his familiarity with the office and staff members grew, he learned to love the office and learned to love getting adjustments done as well. As long as you are a committed patient, I promise you will see extraordinary results. I highly recommend the Stickler family to everyone!

Kate Daneluk

I brought my teen daughter in after months of not knowing why her side was protruding. She is a serious competitive dancer and it looked like she might have to miss the National Championships. Dr. Stickler spent a good amount of time diagnosing her problems and listening and learning about the demands of her sport. After one adjustment, she felt well enough to go back to dance after over a month in bed. She continues regular treatment, but he has helped her with her skeletal muscular issues as well as digestion, nutrition, and even anxiety. And she competed and placed at Nationals. Highly recommended for sports medicine.

L. S.

Krista is amazing. My first appt, she sat down with me and reviewed all reasons for my visit. She spoke to me in terms I could understand and she was empathetic to how I was feeling. Every time I have visited Krista, she presents with a smile and walks me through what my visit will entail and why. Krista has aided with chronic issues I didn't think could ever be remedied. During treatment, Krista is gentle and always provides the rationales to why she performs different treatments or chiropractic maneuvers. I highly recommend Krista's practice for more than just chiropractic adjustments. It's a whole body experience and she is a professional in her field.

Martin Chrisman

Jessica Salazar

I truly love my visits with Dr. Krysta. She is the most caring and dedicated individual and has helped me tremendously, in such a short amount of time, with my headaches. The office atmosphere is always delightful and brings a smile to my face. I am thankful my co-workers recommended Longevity Chiropractic!

Jo McCoy

Dr. K is the best doctor for kids needing chiropractor care. Dr. D was great with my other daughter being a young athlete. Highly recommend them! Their office has a family/home vibe you just want to hang out.

dirk smith

Longevity Chiropractic is the best Chiropractic practice I have been to. I have had chronic shoulder pain for over 5 years after an injury. Derek has worked on my shoulder in addition to the normal alignments and I have been pain free for 2 months for the first time in years. I would recommend this practice to anyone that needs mobility work or any sort of chiropractic adjusting. The attention to detail and thorough diagnosis and adjustment plan is far above any other.

John VanTassel

This place is great!!! I loved the staff here and my adjustment was awesome and I could feel a huge difference. I would recommend these guys to any of my friends and family!

Linda C.

I have been struggling with multiple problems for most of my life, including ankle pain, hip pain, back pain (lower and mid), arthritis, and chronically torn/damaged ligaments. I am a difficult patient to say the least. I was at my wits end with relentless leg cramps, a hip pain that kept me awake all hours of the night and I was not able to do the very basic of day to day activities due to my limited mobility. I was so glad that I found Longevity Chiropractic; I felt a vast improvement the very first session and now, I am able to feel comfortable during the day, and sleep peacefully nights, I am very excited to see how much more I can improve as I continue treatments. Finding relief from pain can be challenging and frustrating but if you are struggling, I highly recommend making an appointment right away and talking with the chiropractors at Longevity chiropractic; Dr. Derick or Dr. Krysta. Their office is clean, their staff is welcoming, their prices are reasonable, and they are professional, there are no high pressure sales or gimmicks and their concern is genuinely about getting you better. Thanks Longevity!

Shawna Cash

Krysta helped me significantly when my son flipped breech after 39 weeks gestation. After work I went to see her, she adjusted me (which felt amazing, especially on my tired back) then went to the hospital where my provider was able to do a successful version (turn him head down). She also gave me lots of support and advice then even contacted me to check on me and my son while in the hospital. Krysta and Derek have strong family values and dynamics so their daughter was there during my adjustment, which I love and admire. Her presence did not interfere with my experience in any way except enhancing it with joy as she was very well behaved and such a cutie! Any time I have a patient needing or requesting a chiropractor I always point them to Longevity.

Denise Scholes

I adore this place. Very kind, attentive to personal needs with high quality techniques to help. I recovered so quickly with their help and now bringing my family.

Carlos Avila

Great and concern with your problems

Kathi Bishop

I took my teenage daughter to Dr. Derek when she had a sports injury, which is completely resolved following his treatment. Watching his thorough care with her, I decided to try chiropractic myself. I never imagined I would see a chiropractor (in fact I was a little scared of it), but I am now a life-long patient of Dr. Krysta. I cannot believe how much she has improved so many aspects of my life! I never knew so many issues could be improved or resolved through chiropractic care. And knowing how nervous I was, she was very patient and kind with me. Both Dr. Derek and Dr. Krysta are very thorough and genuinely care about their patients. I highly recommend Longevity Chiropractic.

WolfSage' Wolf' Bartles

a little pricey know what their doing felt should have punch card 5 get fifth free type thing

Loren Sites

I have constant back issues. Dr. Derrick has got me to a place where I can maintain and live a healthy lifestyle. They not only adjust your back, but they work with the tissue surrounding the spine to help give you lasting relief. If you are in pain don't even hesitate give them a call today. Your body will thank you!

Jules Nelson

The best chiropractic experience I've ever had. I always feel better when I leave and would never go anywhere else! Thank you Derek & Krysta for taking care of me!

Jasmine Carlson

Longevity Chiropractic has been career saving for me, I am a professional duathlete and an elite triathlete. The care that I have received at Longevity has been thorough, professional and effective. The atmosphere that is created by this family owned business is great. They really walk out what they talk! Including having their little one in the office and welcoming families and those with little ones into their space they are able to meld how you can restore your body as well as care for the little ones in your life. It is so great to see people committing to doing life differently and creating time and space that many wish they could for their family and their profession and to see that this does not diminish the quality of care in the least.

Meeling Lange

Amazing couple! Definitely a dream team! Service is not only excellent, but you get the results you expect and BEYOND.

a Siro

John Gardner

I initially came to Longevity for help with a shoulder injury. Thanks to the care I received, I recovered much more quickly and completely than I expected. I continue to be a regular patient here. Since receiving regular chiropractic care, so many aspects of my life have improved--my immune system, my joints, my Crossfit performance. I have recommended Longevity to several friends who have all had positive experiences. This is a great place for those new to chiropractic care!

Tyler Bennetto

Absolutely best treatment I have ever received! Great people providing amazing service for the community! THE BEST! TylerK

Ellen Thompson

Love this place! Love the detailed, personalized care that I receive every time. I’ve been so pleased and know so many who have as well that I was surprised to see that there are a handful of “bad” reviews. After reading them, however, it’s clear that they’re coming from a bunch of internet trolls. “My cousin went there” “My co-worker went” “my brother-in-law.” And most complaints are about childcare. That’s reaching, folks! Anyway, if you’re looking for quality, professional, individualized care from people who value family and each of their clients, try this place. I can’t imagine you’ll be disappointed.

Mallory Swanson

When I became pregnant with my second child, I noticed right away trouble with my tail bone and lower back. I went in to see Dr. Krysta when I was about 5 months pregnant and she worked with me and my pregnant body to make my pregnancy more enjoyable! She worked wonders and truly cared about making me feel better. Now pregnant with baby #3, I have been seeing her on a regular basis and am enjoying it fully! She has taken the time to get to the root of my pain problems and I would recommend any mommy to be, to see her throughout their pregnancy and after! I have also brought both of my children to her and plan on bringing my third shortly after he is born! When my second was an infant, she had a cry that was more than hunger or tiredness. She was in pain. Right away Dr. Krysta knew she was out of alignment and we worked together to help her feel better. My daughter was a different person when we walked out of the office that day. The crying of pain stopped and I can't thank Dr. Krysta enough for helping her! She continually sees both of my children and they love going to the chiropractor!!

Holly Barker

I would highly recommend Dr. Krysta. She recently worked on my 3 month old who was arching his back and crying all the time. I immediately noticed a difference in my baby. He was much calmer and relaxed. Dr. Krysta is incredibly passionate about what she does and truly cares about her patients. I would trust her with any of my little ones.

Corey Pierce

Dr Derek is very welcoming and comfortable to talk to. He took the time to get to know my background and gave me a realistic treatment plan. I've been to other chiropractors before and the team at Longevity is outstanding!

c dibagio

I travel and have had the opportunity to utilize many different chiropractors to help with chronic back and neck problems. Some good well others not so good. The team at Longevity Chiropractic is caring and compassionate and listen to you as a patient. On a technical level the skill set is great and the Doctors have a variety of technique modalities to pick from to help and individual along the healing path. I have gained increased flexibility and less pain since starting at Longevity chiropractic approximately 4 months ago and have had improved quality of life. I would highly recommend Longevity Chiropractic to anyone that is considering chiropractic care. 5 thumbs up.

Eunice Caseroo

i am not fill good for these kind of medication.

Samantha Baker

I came in needing help with sciatic pain. I have never had such a great chiropractic experience. My pain has improved tremendously and I look forward to my visit. I feel welcomed every time I come in. So thankful to have been told about them. I highly recommend longevity chiropractic for any chiropractic needs!

Sarah Liebel

I absolutely love this place! They really take the time to discuss your problems and work on you! I felt relief after just one visit! They are all so friendly as knowledgeable! I love that my son looks forward to visiting, too!

Rod Montoya

Learned don't about Longevity Chiropractic from my massage therapist. I have seen several chiropractors in my life but Dr. Derek and his wife and staff take their patient care to the next level. They personalize the experience and there is no pressure your health is just as important to them. Highly recommend Longevity Chiropractic to anyone looking for results.

Mianna Sorensen

From the moment you walk in the doors, the staff at Longevity makes you feel at home. There is no cold feeling like what you’d feel at a doctor’s office. Dr Derek and Dr Krysta are always always busy working hard to make their patients feel better. There is a reason their front door is revolving; science doesn’t lie. Both Drs are well educated & compassionate and truly care about their patients. I’ve personally changed the minds of many non believers after sending them to this office for treatment when they thought there was nothing left to help their pain....and now they receive regular chiropractic care!! We love Longevity!

Mary G

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10AM–12PM 2–7PM
8AM–12PM 2–5:30PM
10AM–12PM 2–7PM


Longevity Chiropractic en Colorado
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