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REVIEWS OF Cardinal Chiropractic IN Colorado

Jk Swartz

This small business has changed my life. Dr. Amanda and Dr. Dan have opened my eyes to the holistic benefits of Chiropractic services. Professional staff, clean office, and well organized practice. I highly recommend anyone seeking alternatives to medicated pain relief to try Cardinal Chiropractic. It will positively change your life!

Robert Boehland

Just visited Cardinal Chiropractic for the first time. Their staff was very friendly from moment my family and I walked through the doors. They took time to educate us on how our body functions and how that relates to chiropractic. We felt comfortable and welcomed the entire time. Dr. Dan and Amanda are wonderful people and look forward to having my family receive care in their office.

Earl Heinonen

The staff and doctors are always friendly, and I felt no pressure to get treatment.

K Davison

To say the staff at Cardinal Chiropractic is exceptional would be an understatement. I struggled with pain for many years, and was always unsure of the benefits of chiropractic care. Dr. Dan, Dr. Amanda and the staff put those concerns to rest by having a vested interest in me the minute I walked through the door. That interest is pure and genuine, and I greatly appreciate their care and demeanor. I would highly recommend Cardinal to anyone considering chiropractic care for either the first time or for a better practice. Thanks Dr Dan and Dr Amanda!

Courtney Riniker

Drs. Dan and Amanda are outstanding doctors! They have played a vital role in helping me reach my health goals!! Their office does an awesome job on educating people about the body! I highly recommend these doctors to anyone!!

Rose Linares

I notice a major difference already after 4 appointments!! Thank you, Dr. Jon! Lovely staff :)

Scott Hughes

I am new to chiropractic care and until a few weeks ago knew very little about it; however after my first few weeks seeing Dr. Dan and Dr. Amanda I've seen a whole new world of medical care that is available and I find it fascinating. They are both very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and run a great professional practice. I'm glad to know them and look forward to seeing them each week!

Penny Kinnison

Chloe Keenan

Gaylene Else

Dr. Dan and Dr. Amanda are wonderful people. After having seen them I am feeling so much better.

Debbie Villa Blea

Connie Bruno Gomez

So far so good. we had just our first appointment and it was great

Anthony Falzetti

It is refreshing to be at a place where the atmosphere is healing. My family and I are seeing results and we have only been coming for a few months. When they say you can trust them with your health long term, you can actually trust them.

Stacy Freeman

The folks at Cardinal Chiropractic are the best, everyone is kind and responsive. They listen and work with their patients to promote a healthy body. I love not having someone crack my back like the old days, this form of chiropractic is very gentle. I have referred many people and they love it too!

Rachel Martinez

Staff is amazing , sweet and professional and personable. Very Sales pitch tho which I really didn't like.

Cori Dobson

Cardinal has helped me work through many issues with thoracic outlet syndrome and other minor issues. They have concentrated on migraine prevention and I have seen some slight improvement. Dr. Dan and Dr. Amanda are wonderful, good hearted people and I am so happy to know them.

Tom Smiley

The most friendly, generous staff and the care is second to none! I would recommend Cardinal to any friend or family member needing to take care of themselves in a better way than just medicating a problem. They definitely focus on the long term solutions to all your health needs!

Trey Athena

If you are looking for a chiropractor this is a wonderful place! They are sweet and caring people.. I am so blessed to have them in my life and call them friends.!

Tasha Martinez

Thank you for fixing me up I have a back that makes me feel great thank you so much you really help me a lot you give us toys and make us feel good .# the staffs are awesome and nice.

Rebekah Falzetti

After a couple weeks of adjustments I have started noticing a huge improvement in my activities of daily living. Everything I do hurts less... I’ve started looking forward to the time I can go in just to feel a little better and not lose the work that’s been done, but build on it. So thankful for them. The bonus is that I can bring in my infant and toddler and they are treated well and called by name. My little guy is always asked for high fives and he loves it! I can already see a difference in my energy and my family. Highly recommend!

Janai Werth

Vanessa Kelley

We absolutely love Cardinal Chiropractic!! We originally went there for our 6 month old that was having reflux and constantly getting sick. We like Dr. Dan and Dr. Amanda so we much that our whole family now goes and have all seen great improvements!! We recommend them to all our friends.

Laura Fine

Professional staff and lovely office. They are amazing with kids!

Jackie Brock

The staff at Cardinal Chiropractic is wonderful. They don’t care just about your health, but about you and your family as people. I came in with severe headaches and neck pain and have total relief. I appreciate the method they use - it is gentle and very specific to the area of your body that needs work. Our family loves the care we receive here.

Gracie King

I have been going for a about 1 1/2 years now. I had broke my neck in 5 places and had 3 neck surgeries. I have 2 plates in my neck and am wired in the back for support. I never thought I'd be able to have Chiropractic work done on me but its amazing. I have less headaches, have more movement in my neck which allows me to sleep on my stomach now. For over 20 years I could not. I have stopped taking morphine for the pain. I had been taking it for over 15 years and since last Nov. of 2014 I have not. I'm very sure I would not have been able to do this if not for Cardinal Chiropractic care. They "love" what they do! They want to see people get "healthy" and they go the extra mile to help!

Helen Macias

I have been on the fence for awhile regarding chiropractic care. I have found the care and the results from the team at Cardinal Chiropractic to be amazing. I feel better overall , have better overall health and love Dr's Amanda and Dan.

Ryan Agustin

This visit was the first for me and my wife. Initially, I was there in support of my wife to evaluate her health and determine the cause of her unusual headaches. I am one who avoids going to the doctor's office because I think they are all just in the profession for the money and not really concerned about people's health. As soon as we walked through the door we were greeted by the staff and their dog; all very friendly and welcoming. One of the doctors asked if I wanted a free evaluation and I agreed. Upon our evaluations I was really impressed with the information they shared with us especially the significance of our nervous system. They used a small device developed by NASA that measured along the spine from the lower back to the base of the skull that showed the characteristics of the nerves at each level of the spine. Knowing that my wife has stabbing headaches on her right side with significant pressure behind her right ear, this device was on point as it showed the red flag in that area. From this point we decided to continue with their services/treatment. Overall, I really enjoyed my visit and love their positive environment. They will not pressure you into committing to their services and they are very compassionate for the community. I highly recommend everyone at least the first visit.

Gina Musso

Cardinal chiropractic is great. My headaches have decreased significantly since recieving adjustments. The staff is genuinely kind, the office is clean, appointments are always on time and flexible if needed.

Randy Hinely

From the moment you walk in the door you feel welcomed. Dr. Dan and Dr. Amanda love their jobs and it shows in how they great you, interact with you, explain the care you are going to recive and they truly care about you and your well being. My wife and I are so happy we found Dr. Dan and Dr. Amanda. Sense starting care here I have cut back on pain medication by 2/3rds, my headaches have almost vanished, I have been falling asleep faster and the shooting pains in my neck and lower back have decreased by 30%, and happen less frequently. I love Cardinal Chiropractic and you will too.

JJ Murphy

Brittany Wilcox

I've never felt more at home than when I walk into Cardinal Chiropractic. The professionalism from the friendly smiles at the front desk staff to the Dr's are great. They care for our entire family (3yo and 8mo old) and the difference we have all felt is unbelievable. Such an amazing place and I'm so grateful I found we found you guys!! The wait time is always very short even when you are running late (mom life). Thank you Cardinal Chiropractic for your care and love to our family.

Jason Alfaro

Wonderful staff, excellent service and results! Enjoy coming weekly to get my back adjusted and ready!


From the moment I first stepped into their office, I realized that something was unique about it. The friendliness of Drs. Dan and Amanda are second to none. The attention to giving me proper care and not just "cracking my back" as most chiropractors seem to do is downright amazing to me. It's a long road, but I actually am starting to feel better. I know that I am a work in progress and have a long way to go to recover fully, but going to my appointments each week are the highlight.

Jason Telitz

The Cardinal Team provides our family with the absolute top quality of service every time we come in. Beyond the incredible care we have recieved from them, we have also learned A LOT!! We feel so lucky to be educated about important health care for us and our kiddos. We look forward to our weekly visits and love how wonderful they work with children of ALL ages as well. I would highly recommend Cardinal Chiropractic to anyone who is interested in changing their health and life for the better. Thank you Dr. Dan and Dr. Amanda for serving our family. The Telitz Family

Dave H

This is written by my wife about her experience at Cardinal Chiropractic: I recently scheduled an appointment with Cardinal Chiropractic since I am 7 months pregnant and wanted to be seen by a chiropractor for the Webster technique for the last couple of months of my pregnancy. I went in planning to be worked on, only to find out that they have this whole ordeal you have to go through before they will even discuss your care with you. They scanned me with this machine (non-radiation exposure) that they claimed was 'space-age technology' and that was the end of my appointment. I imagine if you are not pregnant, they will perform an X-ray scan on you instead. I was told to come back later that week. I returned, again thinking I was going to be worked on, and was set in front of a row of chairs and given a sales pitch. Yes, a chiropractic sales pitch. (Google the term chiropractic sales pitch and you will see other people's experiences which were very similar to my own personal experience). By this time, I was irritated thinking that I was going to receive care, when in reality, I was just wasting my time. After the sales pitch took place, they took me back into a room and showed me my 'plan' of care for the next year. When I entered their office, I had specified that I only wanted a few months of care during my pregnancy, to help make birth easier. That 'plan' would cost me well over $1100 in care. I asked if they would schedule just a few appointments for me while I was pregnant and was told either I followed their care 'plan' or I would not receive care. At this point, I walked out since I was not interested in a year-long plan. It would have been nice to have known about their sales pitch and the way they operate before I wasted 3 hours of my time in their office. I imagine their care may be fine if you are someone with a lifelong condition which requires many years of chiropractic care, but if you are a person just looking for a few adjustments (like I was), look elsewhere. In addition, if you have issues with sharing a drink of water with a dog, don't drink out of their water machine at the entrance. While I was sitting there drinking my cup of water, their office dog walked up and started licking the spout at the water machine. I was thoroughly grossed out.

Andy Smolinski

We recently took our 3 week old son in for an adjustment. He was being extra fussy, gassy and regurgitating quite often ( possibly undiagnosed colic). The staff was awesome and Dr. Jon took the time to explain to us the issues he may be having. We watched Dr. Jon work his magic and it was like a wave of relief came over our son! Since his 1st visit, he hasn't been fussy, not regurgitating and not as gassy. Thank you cardinal chiropractic!


Cardinal Chiropractic is an exceptional family oriented community service based and fun loving proactive health treatment office. Each client is greeted with sincere positive interest upon arriving at each visit. Everyone is called by their first name. It's very refreshing to be part of their family and not just a number sitting in the waiting room. They are very cognitive of your time and I have NEVER been left sitting in the reception area waiting to see either Dr. Amanda or Dr. Dan. They are very punctual. They have time for everyone without making others wait. Their system is very unique but very functional and extremely user friendly. The support staff, Miss Crystal and Lindsey are very courteous, empathic, knowledgable, amiable, and flexible when working with their client's scheduling needs. Cardinal Chiropractic is based on the Palmer Method which is very a gentle approach to realignment and Torque Technique. I personally was very ill when I first saw the Doctors. I saw immediate improvements with continuing positive health benefits as we progress along the treatment course. They are always encouraging and supportive of the bodies healing process. I am so glad my family serendipitously found a competent and compassionate health care provider at Cardinal Chiropractic.


I've been going here for about a year. I've noticed a lot of improvements in my back. Dr. Jon has helped me recover from many sport related injuries. Plus The staff make an effort to get to know their clients.

Sue Bunek

Very professional office and I feel great after my adjustment. I have been going to chiropractor offices for the past 40 years and this is one of the best!

Jeff R

De. Budihas and staff are wonderful. Highly recommended.

Beth A Pettis

I've never had this experience in a Chiropractors office before, not only are they caring and concerned about your health care they are very thorough with finding out what is going on with you and how they are going to take care of you. Very pleasantly surprised! I'm looking forward to actually feeling better and not just getting a quick fix!! Thank you Dr. Jon for giving me hope in feeling good again.

Debbie Young

Very thorough, kind and knowledgeable. I was referred by a family member and have referred loved ones there too.

Lisa Petersen

Michelle Pease

Monica Henderson

Sweet Rose

I have been battling chronic pain in my neck, shoulder, and arm for years. After starting chiropractic treatment with complementary body stress release, I saw significant improvement in my condition. Medical doctors could not pinpoint the problem nor treat it adequately, but chiropractic care made great strides in reducing the pain, numbness, and tingling I was experiencing. My family saw how much better I was, and decided to join me. Now we are all seeing the health benefits in our daily lives, and enjoying the relationship we have with the team at Cardinal. They not only care about their patients like family, but about the community as a whole - every month they choose a charity or cause to support, and invite their patients to help out. This team is really making a difference in every way they can think of!

Michelle Sandoval

Dr. Budihas and his staff are amazing! I am so happy to have been introduced to them. I’ve been to numerous chiropractors and I have to say you won’t be disappointed! I’ve only been going one month and have seen improvements! Thanks Dr. Budihas :)

Cara Armstrong

Christina Parker

Cardinal Chiropractic is amazing. The staff are like family. They take real good care for their patients . My family haven't felt better. Doctors Dan and Amanda are now taking care of my pregnant daughter. And when baby arrives, he will be a patient.

Yvonne Fromm

Drs Dan and Amanda are awesome! I've been fighting Fibromyalgia and disc issues in my back and joints for years. Chiropractic care has helped in the past but being new to the area, wasn't sure who to go to. When I met them I knew they would be the ones to help me. Not only is the office clean, friendly, and inviting, they treat you like family. I've improved drastically in the last year and a half of being treated by them. Now I'm back on my bike doing 30-50 miles easily. I'm able to move around all day without my joints swelling and being painful. Thanks to them I have my active life back!

Anna Stavola

Cardinal Chiropractic has an innovative and gentle approach to treating their patients. I love to "No Crack" adjustments and find it the most effective chiropractic care I have received in the 20+ years of seeing Chiropractors. Dr. Jon is wonderful with my aging parents as well as my two girls. I would not go anywhere else for my Chiropractic needs.

Selena Chen

Dr. Jon is amazing at what he does. I’ve had chronic back pain from a couple of car wrecks over the years, and he’s the first chiropractor that has made a significant difference. I can’t say enough about the work he does. I highly recommend anyone that is looking for a solution to their chronic pain to give him a chance.

Christian Kingsley

People and experience are amazing

Beth R

Dr. Amanda and Dr. Dan provide excellent chiropractic care. Since day one of my care I have less headaches, more mobility, improved motor skills, experienced less numbness and tingling in my extremities, I am able to sleep more then 4 hours a night and feel an improvement after each adjustment. I love this facility and recommend them to everyone!

April Cruz

My family and I, ranging from 6 to adult have been going to Cardinal Chiropractic for almost 6 months. The staff is so personable and friendly. Always a pleasure to visit. I have definitely seen an improvements with headaches. I was having them almost everyday and learned to live with them. Now I rarely get them, such a great feeling to be headache free most days. Would definitely recommend to anyone!!!!

Jason Usiak

Great chiropractic care! My back issues have gotten so much better since Ive started care with Dr. Dan and Amanda!

Elizabeth H

They mislead me by offering a complimentary initial review of my spinal heath at a health fair which said it included an xray. I took time an effort to go there only to have the same scan done on me at the health fair. They said I needed to pay $100 for an xray and come back for an "orientation". I denied getting the xray and didnt go to the orientation because it all seemed like a trap to get my money. I read another review which says they do a sales pitch at the orientation and I am glad I didn't waste my time. They didnt communicate about their process and its probably on purpose to just get people in and make money on what might not need chiropractic care.

Marcy Boschee

Family oriented, clean, professional, knowledgeable, friendly and a business I would recommend to friends and family.

Kristi Jones

The office is always clean and the staff is professional and friendly. Would definitely recommend to anyone considering going here!

Derek Patterson

I had a neck pain for over 8 months and after one treatment I noticed a huge change. I tell everyone I can.

Jenna Telitz

Professional, clean, friendly, compassionate and INCREDIBLE!! My entire family goes to Cardinal and we have seen tremendous changes in our health for the past 2 years. We are so thankful to have found a chiropractor that genuinely cares about the client and the clients individual needs. All the while is VERY budget friendly for an average family!!!

Stuart Tashiro

Crystal Osborne

Dr. Jon and his staff are always willing to address your health concerns and needs. The technique is so gentle and specific. I've been to Chiropractors for the majority of my life with little relief until visiting Cardinal. The entire team is amazing! I would highly recommended Cardinal Chiropractic to others.

riley mehegan

I love how friendly everyone is in the office; from Crystal and Holly when you first walk in to Dr. Amanda and Dr. Dan as they help to improve your health and even the other patients. It is so nice that I can bring my kids with me and not feel like I am bothering everyone because they are welcome too.

Charlene Stafford

The whole chiropractic team are awesome!! I have never felt this good physically in a long time and I feel my well being has improved so much since I started going to cardinal chiropractic!! I would definitely recommend this group to all my friends and family!

Christopher Dorman

Our family has been working with Dr. Dan & Dr. Amanda for over a year. We love our visits, and we love the health benefits we've seen through chiropractic care. The kids look forward to coming every week - even our toddler. This team really cares about our family and about our health.

Ethan-Shane Isola

Staff is always has a smile and is happy. They are not afraid to talk to you on a personal level as well as a chiropractic physician. They always listen and give you options for treatment as well as the payment. The office is child friendly with their four legged professional greeter.

Kevin Getz

bonita Oldham

I started going to Dr Dan and Amanda in August for lower back pain, always holding my lower back. Within just 2 weeks I no longer was holding my lower back and still till the day don't have any lower back problems. I also have a thyroid problem, my neck used to be red and have noticed that it's going away, so I can't wait to have my thyroid checked, because I do believe it's helping as well. They all treat you like family here and wouldn't go anywhere else, I have recommend them to others because of the Best treatment I have ever received. Thank you Dr Dan and Dr Amanda. Terry

Jen Olson

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for finding Dr. Budihas. I was in such bad pain that most nights I'd cry. My Dr was talking pain meds, surgery or an epidural shot. I did NOT want to do any of that. I'd been to another chiropractor and I didn't like the crack and snap approach, but this is NOT THAT! We saw Dr. Budihas at the Adams Co fair and something drew me to check it out. So very grateful that we did!! I'm feeling WAY better now and am no longer looking at any of the options my Dr gave me. I never thought I'd be out of pain. Thankful to have found an alternative.

Aaron Rask

Dr. Dan and Amanda has helped my wife while she was pregnant with both of our kids and they do an incredible job adjusting my son who has autism. I highly recommend you not only go yourself, but have your kids be evaluated as well!

Jeff Ray

Dr Budihas and staff are wonderful. I feel tons better after starting to see Dr. Budihas.

Shaun Cranford

Feel-great customer care, beautiful facility, and medical knowledge that makes you proud to say "thank you, doctor!" This is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. They have improved my fitness, energy, and allergies - by eliminating pain at the source. Attend a welcome dinner or just drop by and see for yourself.

Elmer Bunek

They really have address my issues and my health has improved.

Aaron Thompson

Sheri Boggs

d gewecke

Professional staff, flexible scheduling, state of the art diagnostic equipment, an effective, consistent treatment and maintenance program. I’m medication free with regular chiropractic In conjunction with regular massage, I feel better at 70 than at 55.

Nikita Cruz

I highly recommend Cardinal Chiropractic to anyone with a loved one who has a speech delay. My son who is now 9 has been though so many different places that claim they specialize in speech delay. None of them helped. We found Dr.Dan and Dr.Amanda at the Adams's county fairgrounds a year ago. Got my son scanned with there unique tool to see where my son's problems were and within 3 months of my son getting adjusted I seen a huge difference in his speech!!!! You can now understand what he is saying. It's unbelievable how much this has helped. I can't thank the doctors more for what they have done to help my son with his speech. Now I'm in tears writing this because I don't know what I would have done with out them. On top of that the office staff is very friendly and the office is always clean!!!!!!!!

Lauren Mehle

Staff is always friendly and the office is always clean. I've seen real results. I would recommend to anyone!

Katrina Beard

Staff is welcoming and pleasant. I've only been going for almost a month and im already noticing results.

John Isola

Cardinal Chiropractic is a community pleasant place to do business. But more importantly the Palmer Method they use has been a great help with my health concerns. I am now on a once a week treatment plan and my health is continuing to improve.

Josh G

Wonderful people, tremendous care, A+ all the way around! Thanks Dr. Amanda and Dr. Dan!

Monte Pescador

I have been to the "snap and crack" chiropractors and they have nothing on Dan and Amanda. Dan and Amanda show you exactly what they are going to work on and then gently, visit by visit, get you back to the healthy life you should have had all along. I have degenerative arthritis and a fused neck from two blown disks and they have still managed to find me health I did not know I could have anymore. What's more, they are now also the chiropractors of our baby daughter and Freya loves them for it.

Sarah Chichirico

My kids and I enjoy the atmosphere that Drs. Dan and Amanda have created. We used to go to a chain-store chiropractor and there is really no comparison to the quality of care here!

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of North Denver

Dr. Amanda and Dr. Dan where a huge help when it came to treating my 4 month old niece for colic. Not only was her colic better after treatments, but she seemed to sleep a lot better as well. Thanks so much for the help guys!

Shawna L

Dr. Jon and his staff are great! They always make you feel comfortable when answering your questions and also when explaining the process. I’ve only just started my heath care journey with Cardinal Chiropractic but they make me feel like part of their family and that they really care. I would recommend Cardinal Chiropractic to anyone looking to take back their health.

Erin Kelly

John Frederick

Dr. John is one of the best at his craft. As a cyclist and a runner he has helped with my headaches and Runners Knee.

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