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REVIEWS OF United Chiropractic Health Center IN California

Susan Altman

I first started going to United Chiropractic Health Center because I had carpal tunnel in both wrists. I got deep tissue massages first before my adjustments. This combo worked wonders for me. I am currently pain free! Dr. Fantasia is very trustworthy. He really cares about his patients and wants us all to be our best. I can't thank him enough for all he has done for me!

Linda Vanessa Leyva

I can't even say how amazing Dr Fantasia is! He's treated me for some bulging disk and bad neck and back after a 2nd accident within one year. Never would of thought I would of made this kind of progress. He not only makes sure my spine is aligning correctly and any pain is corrected but he cares for any issues that may be affected because of my injuries. He is so knowledgable and extremely precise with his adjusting. TOTALLY a great doctor!!

Sarah Ann Long

I recently moved to the area from out of state. I searched for a chiropractor who was Gonstead trained and Dr. Fantasia's name appeared. I have been under his care for several months now and he has lessened my pain, given me helpful information about my condition and enabled me to maintain a normal life. He is always cheerful and takes time with his patients. His staff is also positive and very helpful. I whole heartedly endorse United Chiropractic Health Center.

Lyle Burkhart

Very friendly staff and work with you on insurance issues when needed.

phyllis luckett

I have been going to Dr Fantasia for over 20 years He is the kindest best dr. All of the office staff are caring and helpful . He helped me get through some terrible pain and the treatments always helped . I would highly recommend him .

Valorie Rosales

Best Chiropractor, take my whole family including my baby boy.

Charlie Gonzalez

rafael betancourt

This chiropractor is the best! I visited 4 others and was on the verge of losing hope. The pain from my lower back and sciatic nerve were almost unbearable. Only after 2 visits, Brandon eliminated 95% of my pain. The relief of my pain was impressive. I would recommend anyone to go see Brandon before any other chiropractor! He's a true and dedicated practitioner.

Thuy Kultran

My dad is the patient, and so far he's been happy with his treatments. Thanks to the friendly staff.

Mariana Hevia-Cockrell

Dr. Fantasia always makes sure that our chiropractic needs are met. He is attentive and a professional. His staff is always very pleasant and helpful, from scheduling to the office visit.

Marti Miller

I walked in unable to stand up straight because my back had seized up from when I fell a few weeks earlier. Dr. Fantasia did 3 adjustments on my first visit and I immediately felt relief. I've seen improvement on each visit and, after 2 weeks, the pain is gone. I highly recommend Dr. Fantasia and his staff.

Teri McKown

Dr. Fantasia has been a life saver for me, literally! I saw Dr. Fantasia in 1993 after a major rollover (4 times) on the freeway and was unable to revieve real help or pain relief from traditional medicine. I had severe whiplash, bulging disc (L4-5), and suffered a mild brain injury that has had permanent effects. I recieved outstanding care from his office (massage, adjustments, receptionist, referrals etc.). As an example, I kept hearing a dripping sort of noise in my one ear. Physicians I had seen, checked my ear and could not find anything. I mentioned it to Dr. Fantasia and he checked it and discovered glass that had shattered in the accident was penitrating my ear drum. He referred me to an ENT who had to suction it out. No more dripping sound. Also, no other physician recommended massage treatments or prescribed anything for my extreme pain. I found help, relief and healing support as his patient. I subsequently moved away from S. Calif and continued with chiropractic care. Over time, my neck became the center point of severe pain and got worse over the years. I began to have severe head pain (not headache or migraine) but head pain that radiated up from the nerves in my neck. I found chiropractic care, HOWEVER, no other chiropractor that I have ever been to, utilized the precise technique and tools that Dr. Fantasia was trained. The method he uses, bar none, takes the quess work out of locating and pinpointing the exact location of the pain source. I was not able to find a chiropractor that was trained in the same techniques. Although, I still was able to gain some healing and pain relief over the years with chiropractic treatments, I began to get worse. The last style of care I had was with a Cranial-Cervical chiropractor. This again, helped for a while. I moved back to S. Calif in 2016 and was thrilled that Dr. Fantasia was still in practice. I saw him again in January and February. After reviewing my long history since 1994 and my set of new X-rays, he felt I needed to be referred to a neurosurgeon for a consult for possible disc fusion. I consulted Dr. Disney at the Inland Neurosurgey Center at Casa Colina. Subsequently, I had surgery mid- April of 2016. I am finally free of the head pain that I suffered for years and that had progressively worsened to the point that pain meds/nothing worked. I am appreciative beyond words for Dr. Fantasia's care, expertise, professionalism, understanding and referral to Dr. Disney when I truly needed it. I highly recommend Dr. Fantasia to anyone needing pain relief from any trauma sustained within the spine. Gratefully....

Joe Van Driesen

I've been a customer of United Chiropractic Health Center since 1996, they have always been up front with everything they had to do for me. In my book they are great.

Xavier Ortiz

I have witnessed how people get better under both Fantasia doctors. They are Master Gonstead Chiripractors with years of experience. They also have massage, spinal decompression and Erin the accupuncturist doctor is very skillfull. The atmosphere there is great and they are really interested in making you fell well.

Faith Garcia

Great customer service, clean and extremely professional. Fantasia is with out a doubt knowledgeable in this field, I prefer this over modern medicine anytime. Been to a chiropractor before and I can say this office is my favorite choice for now on.

Lisa R

I have ALWAYS been pleased and helped at each visit. I have recommended many friends and family to United Chiropractic and will continue to recommend anyone who needs help. Dr. Fantasia is the best chiropractor I have ever visited - I will be a patient for life!

Dan Whiteker

Dr. Fantasia and his staff have treated me with a very high level of competence and professionalism. From the day after my car accident they began the process of restoring me to being able to function with a very low level of pain in less than 3 months. I am very thankful for there work and their approach to the needs of their patients.

Jillian Fanning

Nick Gutzmann

nancy dunlap

I was involved in a car accident and was referred to Dr. Fantasia. I came with a long history of previous injuries to the neck. I once was treated by a chiropractor for 2+ years twice a week for an injury and I was still left with chronic, neck, back, shoulder pain. When I came to Dr. Fantasia he provided massage therapy as part of my treatment, which is RARELY an option at other chiropractic offices without an ADDITIONAL fee. The massage therapist specializes in physical injuries (most if not all massage therapists do not have this training). I have been living with chronic muscle spasms for years. I felt a HUGE improvement within weeks after my treatment began. In addition Dr. Fantasia used specific tools to locate the 'hot spots' in my body that were causing me trouble. He METICUOUSLY assessed me every time I arrived prior to adjusting me. MOST chiropractors will do the same readjustment to the same areas without using any type of tools or modalities to locate and target the area of origin that is creating symptoms elsewhere in the body. Dr. Fantasia always explained to me why he was changing his area of adjustment; educating me on the progression of my treatment and changes to my treatment. I did not want to have neck surgery nor did I want to continue having chronic muscle spasms and taking 800 mg. ibuprofen daily just to sleep at night. I had been doing this for 8yrs. After seeing Dr. Fantasia, I rarely have to take ibuprofen, I was given exercises (for the first time that work) and I have not had to return for regular readjustments for the first time in 8yrs (as required by treatment with other chiropractors). If you are looking for someone who is going to CUSTOMIZE your treatment plan, listen to your concerns, and educate you on what he can do and what you can do to optimize your recovery, fitness and health, I would highly recommend Dr. Fantasia.

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