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5790 Magnolia Ave Ste104, Riverside, CA 92506, United States

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REVIEWS OF Dr. Majed Nagoulat Chiropractor IN California

moe mal

The best I’ve ever been to a chiropractor, thanks Dr majed .. highly recommended this place

Leslie Rodriguez

doctors work very professionally and are very friendly , my aunt definitely walked out feeling happy & better

maggie Hernandez

I felt very relaxed with Dr. Nagoulat since I have anxiety. My treatment with the doctor has been an amazing experience. I am here on my third visit I am feeling 70 percent better. I was very skeptical

Ashur Dawood

I went there for 8 sessions, and the Doctor Nagoulat did an amazing job with my scoliosis and I really feel way better than before staff are super friendly as well.

Brian Ruiz

Knowledgeable and charismatic doctor definitely went the extra mile to make sure I knew exactly what happened to my hand. A doctor at arrowhead hospital told me I had scar tissue forming but I knew it was more. Dr.Majed pointed out my hand was dislocated and now I’m using the same hand that was in excruciating pain to type this message. I definitely recommend him. My girlfriend also enjoyed his masseuse 5 stars as well.

louie salloum

I came into Dr. Nagoulat’s office about a month ago with a strained lower back and a stiff shoulder. I would say the pain was at around a 7.5 to 8 (10 being the worst) on my lower back and around a 6 on my shoulder. After 2 sessions with Dr. Majed Nagoulat, I can happily say that my pain on both my lower back and shoulder is less than a 1. The treatments, the staff, and Dr. Majed himself could not have done a better job on treating my pain and I would definitely go back if needed. Highly recommend this great chiropractor

Brian Molina

I came here to see Dr. Majed for my left shoulder. Not knowing exactly what to expect, he made it a good first experience at a chiropractor! Dr. Majed is extremely knowledgeable and knows things just by looking at you. It only took 3 sessions for him to adjust my scapular instability. It was really bad to the point where I could not feel the left side of my back when I did workouts and it caused major stability issues on my shoulder. After adjusting he told me I needed to do a 4 minute stretch daily and strengthen my rhomboid muscles for good posture. I feel amazing and can return to the gym now. Thank you for everything and you will definitely be seeing me again! God bless! See you in December!

Brianna Knight

This was my first massage, and they made it such an awesome experience! I went in with upper and lower back pain, but left feeling relaxed and loose. Definitely coming back here soon.

Richard Ortega

This is the first chiropractor I have ever been to with that being said I was a little nervous but once I got to meet and conversate with Dr. Majed I was very comfortable and trusted him. I had come in With some sholder blade pains and within the first session I felt a huge difference and no more pain. Another thing is they are open until 9 which is a bonus!!

M Joffee

Very friendly honest and Knowledgeable

Jason Kaye

I was looking for a massage and came across a deal on Groupon, which led me here. I didn't know there were different types of massages, figured they were all just stress relief and relaxation. Well, based on the price that I paid, I wasn't expecting much... I was pleasantly surprised, receiving an awesome therapeutic massage. Dr. Nagoulat and his staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this place for massages and based on what I've seen, the Chiropractic stuff has to be top notch as well.

winter dia

Had the best prenatal chiropractic done! The doctor was amazing and very nice! I've been searching everywhere for a prenatal chiropractor and really glad I found this place! Will definitely be coming back for another.

Sonia Zapata

My husband visited lady week with severe lower back pain. He could hardly walk, sit or even lie down. I called same day and was accommodated immediately for an appt at 8p. The front office clerk was amazing! But more amazing was the treatment and the results. The doctor advised that my husband had damaged his SI joint. I couldn't believe that the next day he felt so much better. By the weekend he was doing even much better.

Hugo Garcia

I like this Doctor. He doesn’t not push me to buy chiropractor packages or other things. He is straight to the point and doesn’t waste my time or pocket money. We did a consultation and he told me that I will be 60-80% by the first session. Here I am doing 100% better in my sciatica and lower back pain. Thank you Doctor Nagoulat. I will be referring my family to you in the future.


I had a great introduction to sports therapy/therapeutic massage by Dr. Nagoulat. Before coming in I felt tense in my back but after I'm feeling way relaxed and loose. Will come back for a more in depth session. I recommend for anyone who has back problems to check it out and see if its the right fit!

Peter H

I saw hundreds of reviews of Dr. Nagoulat and was so skeptical about them, so I had to admit it. He worth everyone of them. I initially came to see Dr. Nagoulat after he helped my brother with his rotator cuff tear. I am done with my 3th visit and let me tell you, " My pinched nerve in my neck is already 100% better." I figured out that I wasted my time going to my medical doctor. Moving forward I ll go directly to my chiropractor (Dr. Nagoulat) on the next time I get any sort of pain. My medical doctor didn't know what to do. Hands down. Dr. Nagoulat is the best chiropractor in Riverside.

eliziel Cornejo

All I can say is WOW. Dr. Majed you have magic hands.I took my wife because she couldn't look up or the left and you "fixed" her like it was nothing.Great service, great staff, amazing results. there is not enough stars to rate how satisfied I was with our first time here. I will recommend this place to all my friends and family. Thank you so much. and to that one person who left the ONLY one bad review, sucks for you I guess. there will always be that one negative person....SO EVERYONE PLEASE IGNORE THAT REVIEW. its not true.

Alex A

Great place! Takes good care of you and pays attention to you and what you need. Had really bad pain in the middle of back. He put my ribs back in place. Had reoccurring headaches and ever since I started going haven't had them since! Strongly recommend coming here!

delia zapien

Feel the difference right away! Can’t wait to come back! Convenient hours. Opens late makes it easy to schedule appointments!

Humberto Heredia

Great Doctor! Dr. Majed takes his time with you and is very knowledgeable. You can tell he cares about his job and fixing you. I like that its not just an adjustment, he will put you on a machine and relax your body before the adjustment so you feel 100% leaving his office. Open Tuesday - Saturday afternoon till 9pm.... I mean this is what brought me here.

Gina Arana

my boyfriend has been coming here for three months! he loves it and his back feels better. He has not been complaining as much as he used to!

DAVID gueiterrz

The best experience ever , Dr Majed is the best . I’ve been looking for a chiropractor for awhile and finally I got the best !!! Highly recommended

Andrew Williams

I have had the wonderful experience of being able to do my Massage Therapy internship hours with Dr. Nagoulat. He is an amazing chiropractor with a lot of knowledge and cares deeply for every person who walks through his doors. Dr. Nagoulat doesn't just do a quick adjustment and send you along your way but takes his time with each client to ensure the best results. Dr. Nagoulats takes a lot of pride in keeping his office and all of his equipment clean. I have been able to experience a variety of different tools that Dr. Nagoulat uses for his clients that I personally have not seen at other chiropractors.

Odeh Sayegh

My favorite spot, never more then a 10 mins before I’m getting worked on and the work done is fantastic and I walk out of there feeling 100%

Vanessa Tepezano

Amazing! Dr. Nougalat is one of a kind, I highly recommend him! He is genuinely interested in the well being of his clients, brought my mother here limping, barely able to walk... he got her knee fixed like new! Thank you soo much!

Dominic Arzapalo

Dr. Nagoulat and his staff are such a great team. It’s my 2nd time here and my back feeling 95% better. Best chiropractor in Riverside. There hours are very convenient too.


My wife has had constant chronic back and shoulder pain that would bring her to tears. After seeing the Dr on her 1st visit pain went from a 9/10 to a solid 0/10! Will definitly keep coming back. Great and professional staff very friendly !


Dr majed is very knowledgeable and dedicated to his craft. He’s very careful and tentative to his patients and you can tell he enjoys his work. I felt relief after my first visit with him and have been coming back since. They even open til 8 which works great for my schedule

Naser Milbes

Low back pain was always my worse pain for 5 years. I saw dr. Nagoulat for I was at 9 out of 10 pain. I have done back traction machine and he did some unique muscle techniques that lead me to no more pain. I can't get any happier with Dr. Nagoulat. He is very straight forward and get results in no time. Best chiropractic medical center in Riverside.

Lavina Blossom

I had recurring shoulder pain, mostly when I reached back and down, although other movements could also be very painful. After some deep work on that shoulder, I felt it was about 85% improved, and after a second visit, 95% improved. I recommend him highly. I'll be returning for work on my back.

Carolyn Dixon

Hands down! Top chiropractic services and excellent result in Riverside.

TheRealTshirt XL

I really enjoy my appointments here, clean comfortable and relaxing settings, good equipment, very nice staff, and they stay open good hours to work with my schedule. Best chiropractor in town.

waseem rabih

This amazing doctor completed helped me feel more energized and more stress free. Took my headaches away. His techniques are just amazing. I highly recommend him.

Denine Stamps

Left hip severe pain for 6 months,ths but no more after the 4th session with Dr. Nagoulat. No more pain killers

johnathan Juarez

Just left the office of D.r. Nagoulet i went in not knowing what to expect, i came out feeling 75 percent better. The staff was very helpful this is the place to go If you're looking for a life changing experience

Monique Perez

Great Doctor that is very understanding and knows how to treat you, great service, I came in with leg pain and with 3 sessions I feel 100% better! I also love that his office is open until 8 pm so it works with my schedule. Thank you !

Grace Williams

I pulled my back during weight training last month and had problems sitting and standing for long periods of time. Sleeping was uncomfortable and felt pain and had difficulty breathing when I sat or laid down in certain positions. I did three massage sessions which helped a little but sitting and sleeping positions were still uncomfortable with some pain. I have never been to a chiropractor in my life and was very nervous about seeing one but I knew I needed help. In my research I found Dr. Nagoulat and scheduled an appointment two weeks ago. I was extremely nervous about my first visit and the Doctor saw it. He eased my concerns and after my first adjustment I slept like a baby. I went into my second appointment last week and was feeling 85 percent better. Today was my third visit and feeling 100 percent better. No pain or discomfort and ready to work out again. I highly recommend Dr. Nagoulat, especially to the first timers who have thought about seeing a chiropractor but too scared or nervous to do so. This is the office for you! Two thumbs way up!!!

yRchris Sttott

It was the best experience. I went there last night and he went right to the pain (I did not realize how much pain I was enduring) I was able to walk better and I felt good and slept good. He has such a nice personality and he listened to me and gave my concerns validity. He also spent time going over the treatment program and he actually read my chart and asked questions about systems i reported without rushing through. This was my first time ever going to a Chiropractor and I will continue going to see him only. I highly recommend Dr Majed

Moana Fiji

Very professional and educational experience. He knew what he was doing and what he was talking about. He makes you feel comfortable and is well informative on what he’s about to do and why he is doing it. I highly recommend him as a chiropractor

Wajdi Haddad

Excellent service from the staff to the Doctor Dr majed take good care of his patients by lisinng to his patients so he can give his patients the Care they need so again Dr majed thanks a million

Ismael Deniz

I visited Dr Majed a year ago a bit skeptical since I had never been to a chiropractor. I hurt my back 8 years ago weightlifting and ever since I've had reoccurring back pain, last year I severely hurt my back weightlifting again and needed help. I found Dr Majed...after two sessions I went from severe pain to practically none. He's helped me with my first year being pain free in a long time and I am very grateful, he's definitely worth a visit!

Brit D

Sports Therapy and Chiropractic Treatment is the best here, waiting time was less then 10mins. Even with one single visit I already feel different; much better! I highly recommend this place! Thanks!

Manuel Martinez

Hands down! best chiropractor in Riverside. I am so amazed A+

Alejandra Gutierrez

Dr. Nagoulat did such an amazing job on my husband who’s being have back pain for years and after working on my husband, he feels a lot better now.

Jeanette Perez

I have lived with back pain for the past three years. I do not know what caused it. But it never went away. After getting an MRI done, an X-ray, physical therapy, and seeing other chiropractors, I only had temporary or little relief. Bending at the hip would hurt, sitting for long periods of time would hurt( watching TV, driving, reading a book, etc). When I coughed or sneezed it would hurt. I adjusted my life style and learned to live with the pain. That is, until I met Dr. Nagoulat. I came across his Yelp page by some miracle. After reading ALL his 5 star reviews I was convinced and hopeful again. I saw a 50% improvement after just my first visit. I can stand after sitting for a long period of time, without pain or without bracing myself for the pain to come. I can sneeze and cough pain free. I can bend at the hip with no pain. It’s unbelievable to see how I took these simple tasks for granted. I have had 3 sessions now with Dr. Nagoulat and I continue to see results. Miracles do happen!

George Saigh

I have received several Chiropractic medical treatments in Chicago for my sciatica in the past years, yet Dr Nagoulat's results are by far the best. He cares about the quality. He did not push to sell packages like other physicians .


I had scoliosis since I was 10 years old. I wasn’t able to lay on my tommy for long hours. Always had pain when i drive my car with the seat laid back. Horrible headache and unfortunately have unleveled shoulders and hips. I went to couple MDs but they all blamed it on tight muscles but that’s about it. With Dr. Nagoulat it’s been a game changer for me. ❤️ love his honesty and he is straight forward. I am now 98% better overall.

Michael DeWees

The massage program here is outstanding! I've been a devotee of massage for 30+ years & "Moose" has a range of touch unlike any practitioner I've ever experienced. He located a trigger point in my left shoulder that had been bothering me for months, despite receiving therapy on several occasions elsewhere, & using his highly skilled hands & verbal feedback from me he was able to eliminate the problem completely & I have been pain free for 3+ months. Today he focussed on my neck after Dr. Nagoulet noticed my discomfort while having a simple discussion. Again, I walked away pain free. Much respect for Moose as a practitioner & person.

Byron Brooks

Caring, specific, trustworthy, and diligent.

Reena Dhawan

Dr. Majed was very personable and made my visit a pleasurable one. I went in for a 45-min full body massage per a Groupon deal, he started with heat wraps on my body (which made me fall asleep), then, was put on a bed which fixed the curvature of the spine along with vibrations, after, he finished with aligning my legs and using a deep-tissue massage tool. I will go in once a month as I feel lighter than air. My experience there was wonderful and I have no reason not to go back. This is a NEW type of massage but worth the experience.

Melissa Lemus

Excellent chiropractor. Really good service very friendly. My husband came in feeling so much pain and he walked out with no pain and feeling 80% better. I so recommend you this place I will never regret coming here. It’s a must try

Gabe Kasbar

Best care ever! I can’t describe it any better

Pervaiz Sial

Very professional and knowledgeable. Their one treatment was good enough to take away my 6 month old pain.

Lori Tyler

Wont go anywhere else. Very knowledgeable and cares for patients. Works to well instead of repeat visits.

alberto villalobos

Great chiropractor does great work came in with alot of back pain and after just 2 visits felt like new with no pain at all..! Really recommend him if in any pain he does amazing job...

Ana Garcia

Dr. Nagoulat is the first chiropractor I see, I was always scared/skeptical of getting cracked and wether this would actually fix my back/neck issues--but he did fixed them!! So it all started with neck pain and back. I was cracking my neck multiple times a day to relieve a pinch and cracking my back at work all the time. I even went to my PCP to request a referral for physical therapy and after many PT visits, my neck felt like it was getting worse. Then I was recommended to go see a chiropractor which happened to be Dr. Nagoulat and my insurance (anthem blue cross) has him in my network so I only pay a $10 copay. Even if you don't have insurance, he's reasonably priced. Today is only my 3rd visit and I feel such a big improvement, my neck won't crack anymore even if I want it to and my back cracking has also stopped! Dr. Nagoulat is blunt, friendly and very knowledgeable--if you're in pain or any type of discomfort, give him a try! He's punctual with his appointments and they last about 45 minutes. Also, they're open late which helps with my crazy work and school schedules (full-time employee/full-time grad student). His office is not the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but that shouldn't matter if you're in pain... Overall, my quality of life has improved and I'm a now a believer in chiropractors! My mom and brother (football player in high school) come see him, too!

Dang Nguyen

Adjustments are helping with my posture and mobility. The massages they offer is helping with stiffness and range of motion... happy camper here so far..

Edmond Smith

Dr. Nagoulat is great. He is open until 9pm so I have no trouble seeing him late. He treats me like family. I feel better after only one treatment. My pain level has reduced significantly since starting treatment. Thanks Dr. Nagoulat for your healing touch

Lidia Deniz

Don't make the mistakes I did call now to book your appointment! I had severe hip pain, I could not sit on the floor, drive for more than an hour, sneeze, sleep, bend or reach across without pain. I had heard about Dr. Nagoulat about a year ago but thought I would need constant visits and wanted to go someone near me. I saw doctors got pain medication, got put into physical therapy that was not helping at all. I tried different chiropractors that made the pain worse! I finally got over the distance and booked the appointment. He is great! Very professional, knowledgeable, friendly has awesome staff and very clean office. Right after the appointment he asked me to bend and touch my toes, I was hesistant because I was so used to the pain that my body wouldnt let me bend that way anymore but I WAS able to do it without the pain that I had hoped to get better over a year ago. A week later I had a second appointment but my my pain was NINETY percent better after the first visit! I am so excited that the pain is gone and can finally enjoy doing everything as I used too

Kerry Rosenblum

There are not enough wonderful things I can say about Dr Nagoulat! I'm a fibromyalgia patient and came to Dr Nagoulat in severe pain. I suffered on a daily basis to the point that I often couldn't even get out of bed. Dr Nagoulat has been the first chiropractor I've seen that I really put my trust into and I have seen serious results!!! It's so great to have seen a decrease in my pain to the point that I am not constantly uncomfortable and using very heavy pain medication. Dr Nagoulat and his team are awesome! You are greeted by his assistant Christianne with a smile and she always asks how you are feeling. She is also a lot of fun to talk to while you wait. Then you are seen by the doctor who always addresses your current pain and situation because(at least for me) it changes weekly and then treated properly! I couldn't believe that after just a few sessions with Dr Nagoulat I was feeling better and more comfortable than I could imagine! I would highly recommend that you put your trust in him and he will lead you to a pain free life! As he says....."Pain is not a lifestyle"! I truly appreciate everything he has done for me and will continue to do for me! His care and compassion are so far beyond what I've ever seen in a doctor! Thank you so much to Dr Nagoulat for helping me live my life in more comfort on a daily basis! I'm so grateful!

Derek Hamilton

I was in tremendous pain from a chronic low back problem that I aggravated on a business trip, so immediately upon return I went to urgent care for pain relief. Unfortunately that only stopped the muscle spasms, and didn’t take away the pain so I went looking for help on Yelp since it was Saturday my usual chiropractor was closed. Not only was I lucky to find a chiropractor open on a Saturday evening, finding one with Dr. Nagoulat’s awesome Yelp reviews was a blessing beyond any expectations. The doctor’s office was able to squeeze me in with an appointment for 8pm, an hour before he closed. After arriving I found he was very busy taking care of other patients that had run longer than expected but that didn’t bother me since I was just grateful to be seen. The doctor brought me into a treatment room around 8:30 and started therapy to help loosen up my low back prior to adjusting me. After 15 minutes of this particular machine, he started heat and electronic muscle stimulation which was cranked up in increased intervals until my back finally started to loosen up. He started adjusting me, but then had to begin using a heavy duty massager that felt like a giant meat tenderizer, before finally able to get the adjustments I needed. Long story short, he worked on me for almost an hour and forty five minutes until the constant pain I’d been in for five days was finally gone! What other doctor cares enough about a patient in pain, especially a new patient, that he stays almost ninety minutes past closing to take care of them? Needless to say, this man has my overwhelming thanks and the highest recommendation I can give, so go see him!

Luis E. Rivera

My wife and I went for the first time to get an adjustment due to back problems. He was able to take us in last minute due to a cancellation on a Saturday evening. We we surprised to know that he was open that late. when we got there we came in about our back problems . We liked that he took his time on both of us and knew exactly what was bothering our backs. With this being our first time going to a chiropractor, he immediate provided a sense of release from our back pain, my wife only needed 2 adjustments and immediate she felt 80% better on her first visit. since my back required more work i had to do more visits but felt better each time i saw him. i look forward to seeing Dr. Nagoulat and enjoy getting adjusted by him.

Sammy Hernandez

Wow the only problem is I can't give him 10 stars.. I've been dealing with right shoulder pain for over a year. Wasting money on massages for them not to work only tease and make me mad. Dr. Majed worked on my shoulder for 3 consecutive days. I walked in crying with pain and after the first day I had a loss for words. Pain level at constant 9 and now after the 3 days other than soreness I would have to say pain level is at 2. I would tell everyone I know with pain issues to give him a call. Dr Majed is most definitely my miracle doctor... Let him be yours

William Fernandez

This place is an amazing place to get sports therapy, trust me! I currently play football at a large high school and I have messed up muscles and crazy knots on my back etc but this place is very great because they have amazing deals and you get way more then what glen ivy offers for the fraction of the price! DEFIANTLY WORTH IT!! Coming back again very soon!!!!

Hector Perez

Great Doctor and I will be referring my family here. Thank you

Jozelle Wong Yu

I’m so glad that I found this place, and I am definitely coming back! I must thank Dr. Majed Nagoulat for a wonderful and professional sports massage. He is very skilled, knowledgeable, and a good listener. He can target specific issues very well. I would recommend this service 100% Also, the staff is amazing! I called several times before scheduling an appointment, and they kindly answered all my questions and concerns. Overall, I had an excellent experience!

Wendy Milam

I was referred to Dr. Nagoulat after being involved in an auto accident. After only 2 months my condition improved significantly. The entire team is very attentive and caring. Dr. Nagoulat is extremely knowledgeable and an expert in his field. Highly recommended!

Gerald Ferencz

Great place to come for pain relief. Time and attention spent with me and my family. He has many tools at his disposal to help you. He is the top chiropractor in riverside no doubt about it.

Jennifer Morgan

I came in very tight and left feeling amazing! Their procedures are explained to you beforehand and they do a great job at putting your comfort first. Such friendly staff. I highly recommend Sam for your visit!

Cindy Ramirez

Dr. Nagoulat is wonderful! I am currently 6 months pregnant and have had reoccurring back pain for 10 years. I did lots of research on Yelp and Google to try and find the best chiro in the area. With just 1 session I felt a HUGE difference and so much relief I couldn’t believe it. As a result, I’m sleeping better and am much more mobile than I have been in years. He is patient, kind, and not to mention hilarious! Thanks, Dr N. I’ll see you next week

Schlagen Schlag

Amazing and professional, had some back pain and Dr. Majed fixed it in no time.Highly recommend to anyone with similar issues- Manuel

Cipriano Corral Jr

Amazing chiropractor! He takes you into full consideration and gets to the bottom of your problem. After a car accident and several sessions with a previous chiropractor I sought to seek the best care even if it meant paying out of pocket, health is the real wealth. I walked in with lower back pain and sciatica. After about 3 sessions I felt way better than when I walked in, with sciatica sensation fully gone. He truly cares for his patients both in the office and outside; he recommended me certain stretches that help with my rehabilitation and to help with my posture. Dr. Majed has my highest recommendation. Quiropráctico increíble! Él lo toma en consideración completa y llega al fondo de sus problemas. Después de un accidente automovilístico y varias sesiones con un quiropráctico anterior, traté de buscar la mejor atención, incluso si eso significaba pagar de mi bolsillo, la salud es la verdadera riqueza. Entré con dolor lumbar y ciática. Después de aproximadamente 3 sesiones, me sentí mucho mejor que cuando entré, con la sensación de ciática desaparecida por completo. Él realmente se preocupa por sus pacientes tanto en la oficina como en el exterior; el me recomendó ciertos estiramientos que me ayudan con mi rehabilitación y que me ayudan con mi postura. El Dr. Majed tiene mi más alta recomendación.

Anthony Garcia

What a great experience. This was my first time at a chiropractor, so I can’t compare it to any other visit. I googled and researched for chiropractors in my area and Dr. Majed was the only one with so many positive reviews. I am a delivery truck driver, so along with having to drive long distances I also have to touch and deliver the heavy merchandise in the truck to various locations. By the end of my 14 plus hour day and throughout the week I feel like I have tension throughout all of my back. I visited Dr. Majed’s office and explained my situation. He proceeded to reassure and guide me through the process. By the end of it all my body felt like it has never felt that pain or discomfort before. It just feels great. I will definitely be visiting and scheduling future appointments with him.

John Paul De Vera

Dr. Nagoulat is a miracle worker. He was the only chiropractor who really seemed to care. Other chiropractors I would go in, get adjusted, feel fine for a couple of weeks and go right back. He was the only one who really spent time with me and my many body pains (lower back, hip [due to a basketball injury], and plantar fasciitis). He helped me understand where my pain was coming from and was the only one who told me to keep stretching. It’s not rocket science guys, but sometimes we just need an awesome person to tell us to take care of ourselves, and Dr. Nagoulat is that guy. I wish I would’ve went to him first before going anywhere else. Totally recommend, stop googling for any other chiropractor in riverside or Southern California, go to him.. promise!

Colin Kane

Moderate scoliosis runs in my family and began developing for me when I was a child. Many previous care providers had told me 'let's wait and see if the scoliosis pain gets worse, then we will treat it'. This completely invalidated the daily pain I was living in, and after watching other members of my family not receive treatment and their curves and daily pain only got worse, I didn't think I should wait. I checked Yelp to see who had the best local reviews, and of the three I called, this office was the only one that returned my call. The office staff actually answer the phone with a real human being (not automated answer), and if not, they return calls very quickly. They can give accurate quotes ahead of time (which I liked, as someone who is paying out of pocket, not having to commit unless I knew at least a ballpark price, but I'm sure this is helpful for those using insurance too). The office staff is exceptional and this is what initially drew me to this office over others. Dr. Nagoulat is friendly and straightforward about what he does, which helped relieve my first-time-to-a-chiropractor anxiety. I appreciate the "there is always something that can be done, let's treat the pain NOW" attitude shared by all the staff here. Typically, he will only see one patient at a time and gives you the full hour of treatment. They encourage you participate in your own health, but also do listen if you say something is just too much. They also listen if you bring up specific symptoms you would like to directly address. After 3 sessions, I am already experiencing massive decrease in my pain level and increase in my mobility. This is a fantastic practice and I am very glad I came here. PAIN IS NOT A LIFESTYLE!

Salim Kassis

Hands down! I have been to so many chiropractic offices, but this one is with different approach. Amazing results in just one session. He didn’t push me for any sales or chiropractic packages. Dr. Majed Nagoulat is the best in Riverside.

Jay Ronald

This Doctor is AMAZING. He loves what he do. I came with 9/10 pain level and left here with 1/10 pain level. He did the stretching one on one with me. He is a true “spine whisper”. He did some tests on me to confirm my problem. He took one hour to fix me up. No need for Ibuprofen anymore :)

Mj Chagnon

I was suffering from neck and back pain from a sports injury and tried other chiropractors without much success, but after seeing Dr. Nagoulat just two times I feel so much better and my pain level has significantly decreased. He really believes his motto of "Pain is not a lifestyle" and said I would only need four visits to get to my goal. This is way different than other chiropractors I've seen who never set a goal and will adjust you for the rest of your life if you allow it, but not Dr. Majed Nagoulat! I feel I'm on my way to a complete recovery and cannot say enough good things about his professionalism, knowledge and techniques, in a word...Amazing!!!

brenda martin

I felt great after just one session.

VivaLaVintage AK

Waiting time is less than 10 minutes and I love the front desk lady. The equipment I've seen at this office I haven't seen at any other office. I recommend this place.

Leah Cox

My biggest regret is not finding Dr. Nagoulat sooner. I use my hands daily for my work (I own a handmade creative business) and with time the overuse had gotten to me. I woke up one morning with severe pain in my wrist. I could not move it or use it at all without being in complete tears. I was miserable and knew I needed to do something. The first chiropractor I saw tried cold laser therapy but didn't really dig deeper and figure out what was going on. I then saw an M.D., who immediately immobilized my arm, prescribed pain meds and referred me to surgery. I left there feeling hopeless, unsatisfied, still in pain and without answers. That is when I started my research to find someone who could help me. When I came across Dr. Nagoulat, I knew immediately that I liked his approach to Chiropractics and I knew this could be the start to my recovery. Making an appointment was so easy. The office manager, Christiana, is very personable and helpful. I had a few questions for her to make sure this was a place that could help. She answered them immediately and even sent me a text message with the address and appointment confirmation! My first session with Dr. Nagoulat was so emotional. I went in feeling hopeless and in so much pain. He examined my wrist and felt around in my arm (the two doctors before did not even touch my arm). Immediately he was able to make a diagnosis and explain his style of treatment. I was diagnosed with De Quervains Tenosynovitis due to Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow. Dr. Nagoulat was confident that he could fix me, I was ecstatic-things were looking up! I am so glad I found Dr. Nagoulat. After just a few sessions, I am feeling so much better and without the constant pain that was getting in the way of my work, life and family. He takes his time with you each session and is extremely knowledgeable and willing to explain everything he is doing. He makes sure you are comfortable throughout the entire session! I just want to shout from the rooftop, because I am so incredibly thankful for what he was able to do for me. If you have any hint of pain in your body, and I highly recommend that you see Dr. Nagoulat.

James Cervantes

Dr. Nagoulat is great. Had bad lower back pain very limited mobility. After one visit I was 50 percent better. Great staff. I Highly recommend. Thanks Doc.

Helen Marlene Cepeda Fernández

This place changed my life. On my first visit I came with a lot of back pain. Pain that had been constant for 3 years. Sometimes the pain was so bad I couldn't walk. After my first visit I had instant relief and NO pain. Also I hadn't had a migraine since and was able to breathe better. Dr Nagoulat is the BEST there is, also really great and friendly staff. <3

Shahram Moradi

This chiropractor is genuinely hard working doctor. The results I got are un believable. The place is super clean compared to other chiropractic offices. The front office manager is super AAA+

Yvette Rasso

I've only had two visits so far but after the first one the pain in my neck and shoulder improved by 30%. The doctor and his assistant are very kind and professional people. The treatment room is so relaxing you'll find yourself taking a quick nap. Another thing i love is how easy it is to make an appointment. I've been dealing with other doctors and a lawyer for a car accident and this office has been the easiest to deal with by far. No miscommunication or problems to deal with here, just healing. Thank you!

Elaine Nasser

Dr. Majid is the best. He’s professional, smart, efficient, knows what he’s doing, and his massage therapist is super awesome! Very good positive vibes when you walk in, too. I had a great visit here and I would definitely recommend to my friends and family. I’m super blessed to have gone here today. Thank you so much!


Had a great experience, forsure will be coming back again. My lower spine was in pain but thanks to the Dr. for helpin me with my discomfort.

Corinta Loera

This review comes 1 year late. I am here with my husband hoping that just as Dr. Nagoulat fixed me he is able to fix my husband. Last year I lifted a barbell and pulled my sciatic nerve. Dr. Nagoulat was referred to me. I made an appointment and was seen and treated the same day. I was able to walk the following day with ease. I went in one more time and I was fixed. I never felt so good to be able to walk free of pain! So now I’m here again waiting for Dr. Nagoulat to perform his miracle on my husband’s tennis elbow. He listens and treats with patience. I couldn’t be more grateful!

Leslie Ulloa

Great experience! Back pain gone! And they stay open until 9pm!

Jessica Martinez

My boyfriend Marc gets these severe back pains, to the point were he literally can not walk. He called his chiropractor but she was closed on Saturdays. She told him she could see him on Monday but he couldnt wait until Monday. The pain that he was experiencing needed attention ASAP. I Googled chiropractor opens on Saturday and Dr. Majed Nagoulat came up. Not only was he open on Saturdays he also closes at 9pm. So I called to see if we could make an appointment and they made us a same day appointment. The staff was very helpful and polite. Dr. Nagoulat was awesome. He took his time with Marc, put him in all kinds of positions, and made him feel comfortable as possible. His pain scale when we arrived was a 10+, and when we left it was at a 2 or maybe 1. Then we made a follow up appointment for three days later. Marc’s back was pain free and was able to stand tall and walk confidently again. Marc and I give Dr. Nagoulat five stars plus five more. Very happy patient and girlfriend!

River Leon

As an athlete and someone who lives a very active lifestyle, I put a lot of wear and tear on my body. Recently, I was feeling a chronic pain in 5 points of my body. So, I decided I needed to go see someone. Dr. Majed was very friendly, professional, and after our session my pain had disappeared. I was able to move freely and felt relieved. I recommend his services highly.

Ahlam Sayegh

Dr. Nagoulat was very professional, his equipment is very high tech and advanced in comparison to most other chiropractor offices. Scheduling an appointment was easy, the wait time was very minimal and the office is open later than most, which is convenient. My sons flat feet are finally better with his custom made orthotics.

Adriana Manzo

The friendliest chiropractor and person I have ever met. He treats my parents and myself. He really focuses on trying to make you feel better. He takes his time with you and tries to get to the root of the pain. Definitely will continue to go to him for my chiropractic care.

karissa robinson

This place is fabulous. I love the spot I love the staff. Dr. Majed Nagoulat is amazing in making mericals real. Love you guys.

Luis Velázquez

I like the fact that Doctor Majed is going back to school to learn spanish.

Carlos Delgado

I like the staff they are very nice and they have flexible hours.

Essa Rabadi

Best chiropractor on the west coast. I been going to him for 3 years and I can’t tell how much he’s helped me with my back pain. I never thought I would be able to be normal until I came here. Thank you for all your help.

Marilyn Martinez

I saw my Md Drs for my pains no results.I came to Dr.Nagoulat, after 3 sessions my pain is gone.My low back thighs legs feet.Im 100% better.Thank you Dr.Nagoulat.

Ben and Alex pro games on XBOX 1 cool games

Great experience! I work out a lot and needed a place where I could get a great massage & relax. Staff was very knowledgeable and professional. Definitely will refer friends. Will be coming back. Awesome find in Riverside!

Johnny Word

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Majed Nagoulat for a while, I was having some issues with my neck. I can honestly say his work has made a substantial difference in alleviating my pain. He’s honest and thorough. Recommend!!

ziad chalabi

Best results i ever got from a chiropractor. Saw Dr. Nagoulat 3 times and back to 99% perfect performance, unlike others who just wanted you to keep coming back. Trust this Doctor with my eyes closed. I 'll send you my friend soon

Christopher Mihalochick

My boyfriend has had issues with his back for months, so we decided after trying many other treatments a chiropractor was a good thing to try especially since so many things before were not helping what so ever. After searching through google we stumbled upon Nagoulat chiropractic establishment, and after one session his upper, and lower back as well as neck felt so much better. He informed us about mineral oils that would help his neck, and what was causing his pains in his back which made us feel well informed. As well as very comfortable with what treatments were going on during his sessions. I completely recommend this chiropractor, and I appreciate the information, the service, and most importantly the relief from the back and neck pain he received in such a short time.

Neil Gamboa

I have had knee pain for the past 5/6 years and for the last 3 years it has gotten worse. I went to my regular doctor he gave knee brace, went back to my dr. he sent me to PT and that didn’t help either, went back to my dr. ask for a cortisone shot. That help for a while and yup you guessed it pain came back. Went to acupuncture, that didn’t help. Desperate for pain relief I ask a friend if he ever been to a chiropractor? He recommended Dr. Nagoulat. Without making this a long story what a relief I left his office after my 1st feeling 90% better and after my second visit 98%. He recommended a couple of things to help for the future and I am super exciting to get back to being active again. Best patient care I have every experience in my 45 years on the planet he has made me a believer. Thanks Dr. Nagoulat.

Arnaldo Pabon

I recommend him. Dr. Nagoulat care about his patients, I had a problem with my shoulder from an old work out injury and he was able to adjust me and back in the gym in no time.

Kinda Salloum

Amazing experience! It is great that this office stays open until 9 p.m, so it makes it convenient to schedule appointments around our busy work. All the staff makes you feel like you are part of their family. The office is very cozy and educational with the latest technology. Highly recommend this Chiropractor!!!

Nicholas Cabal

Very nice place. It’s a nice office in a quiet area. Everyone here is great

Chris Rahal

Dr. Nagoulat was referred to me by a family friend and I've never been happier. After a crazy car accident he's been helping with my physical rehabilitation. As soon as you walk in and sign in you'll be seen within no more than 5-10 minutes.

Shaun Jas

Very caring and great with children. Our 9 year old was treated for possible shoulder dislocation. After diagnosis, it was determined to be less severe. We certainly recommend Dr. Majed. Thank you for helping.

Juliana M.

My mom has been getting treated here and she feels much better!

eddy talavera

I recommend you Dr. Majed Nagoulat 100%. I've bin having back problems for about more then a year now and Dr. Nagoulat helped me get rid of my back problems.

Elias Maida

Top chiropractor in riverside by far. Great results in no time


I was in need of a chiropractor due to an automotive accident but many chiropractors in my area Were not accommodating to my schedule. Dr Nagoulat is really flexible with my work schedule!

Maria Fregoso

Everyone here is so friendly and professional. Received GREAT care and reasonable prices.

Mona Nyheim-Canales

I felt so much better after my first session, I had tons of pain in my lower back for the longest time and it was nearly all taken care of in one session. It helped me sleep better and walk better in general, amazing service.

Ibum Obu

Dr Majed is absolutely awesome! He really knows his stuff. I went to Dr Majed because I have been living with knee pain for over a year, and today, after just two sessions!! Im almost pain free! It feels surreal. Thank you Dr Majed!

Afsaneh Fallah

Found this amazing office through a Groupon and I am glad I did. For many years my back has been out of alignment. Dr. Majed straightened me out in several appointments. I see him once a month now. One word that comes to mind when thinking about Dr. Majed is professional. His main focus is seeing me pain free. I very much appreciate the way he takes care of me. His office staff is friendly and always helpful. I will recommend to others!

Paul Goodin

I work in the film industry and constantly have issues with neck and back from the heavy equipment. I recently moved and needed to find a new chiropractor. Searching for the highest reviewed one, I saw Dr Nagoulat had many positive reviews. After seeing him once I realized why all the good reviews. He sat with me and listed to what I do and what issues i'm having. He knew exactly where the pain was and performed an adjustment instantly reliving some of the tension. He is very thorough and gentle. I personally highly recommend him to anyone.

Cima Glass

I hurt my back at work I Crawled into DR.Nagoulat office and it was very clean.! super friendly environment and this goes out to all fellow UPS workers if you hurt your back at work THIS IS THE MAN TO SEE..

Dale Dillon

First time at this chiropractor. Came in for a massage. Dr. Majed Nagoulat was very professional and courteous. After consultation, we decided to go with heat and machine massage instead of deep tissue massage due to issue with my neck and upper back. He was very informative and went into detail of everything he was going to do. I did not get a chiropractic adjustment, but if he is as detailed and informative as he was with the massage, I would defiantly feel good with an adjustment as I am with the massage I received. I would highly recommend him if you need any chiropractic work or if you need a massage.

Ida Hamood

What a great Doctor ! I love his honesty and he is very straightforward. You guys need to check him out. I gained my mobility back.

Carlos Guerrero

This is a good experience I had,I recommend this place for sure


Just had the therapeutic massage. It was really nice and relaxing. It consisted of heat, deep tissue, and vibration.

Dawn Mondry

He's a great doctor and does everything you can to fix you and make you feel better. He really listens to you and tries to you. He is very caring.

Evelyn Williams

Excellent service. I feel I can go dancing again, I have able to dance for 3 months, but now I can

Mary Aragon

Great prices, I was attended to as soon as I walked in, didn't have to wait. I got sport therapy that was great. I left feeling 10 times better. Thanks doc.

kassandra salloum

Awesome sport therapies by Dr. Nagoulat. I have been to several chiropractors in the past, but Dr. Nagoulat is the Chiropractor that you need to seek for your aches and pains. If he can’t fix you I don’t know then who can. A+++

cynthia cagnolatti

Today I escorted my 88 year old client to see the chiropractor his rotor was not allowing him to lift his right arm after spending about 40 minutes with Dr.Majed he could not only lift his arm over his head but could and did walk up right the doctors whole demeanor and attitude was fantastic very caring and the staff A+ one of the no I’m sorry the best doctors visit in a long time and I’m a caregiver so I’m in doctors offices all the time. Thanks so much for a wonderful visit

nicole alcantar

Dr. Majed A Nagoulat is so amazing at what he does I have no words to explain how satisfied I am with the sports therapy massage I just received. I came into the office feeling stressed and tense from being involved in sports however, after my heat and vibration deep tissue massage I feel like a complete new person. I will definitely be returning back to his office for another session. This was my first time getting a professional sports therapy massage and I plan to continue coming here for now on. It was such a great first time expensive I'm very satisfied. Don't waste your time any where else this is your Go-To place for a satisfying sports therapy massage.

Perla Arias

Dr. Nagoulat is an amazing person and really cares for me. I came in with knee and elbow pain. I couldn’t sleep for 4 days. In 2 visits I was 90% better. I am so thankful for you. Best chiropractor in riverside

Evan Wanis

I’ve been bringing my mom to Dr. Majed for a little over a year now. My mom has fibromyalgia. I have yet to find another chiropractor as great as he is for her. We just moved to Burbank (almost an hour & a half away) but I am still making the drive here. He truly cares for his patients & makes sure she leaves fixed & relaxed. Appreciate all he does. Recommend 100% A+

Moneer Abdelqader

The best chiropractor ever help me a lot god bless him

Hector Almejo

Dr. Nagoulat has been very friendly and caring during our visit. I’d recommended him to anyone who needs to see a chiropractor. Felt very welcomed and comfortable during my vist. Dr. Nagoulat will be the only chiropractor I will see from now on. One of the best, if not the best in this area. Very happy with my vist.

Dj Frank Lopez

Where can I start from the time I walked into the clinic i was very impressed how clean it was and Dr Majed was very professional with all the questions I had also using the best type of medical equipment in the Inland Empire hands down! I will return to his clinic no questions asked! Also will recommend all my friends and co-workers to visit his clinic. Thanks Dr. Majed for your help my back is feeling great again!

vivian gutierrez

This place is amazing, not only is it amazing its open until 9pm

Charlie Lainez

It's awesome how Dr. Majed Nagoulat came back to college and is taking Spanish Courses to improve his Spanish.

Erica Gibson

Took my fiance in because he had constant lower back pain, which would get worse with sitting or walking for long periods of time. Dr talked to him and was able to explain the pain he was feeling. Took him in earlier than expected and my fiance walked out able to touch his toes and walk much better. Amazing work and friendly. I would recommend going if you are experiencing a lot of pain.

Peter Cardenas

Amazing experience.


came in with my big toe hurting me for months . TODAY and after four visits i have no more pain. I will defintely recomend doctor nagoulat.

Aj Ortiz

Hi to anyone that is reading this, I had been going to a chiropractor for the past 9 months and it did not help me at all. I recently went to Dr. Nagoulat and after my first session I felt incredibly different in my neck and shoulders, he made me feel so relieved less tense and not just by his words but also his incredible treatment session. I will continue to go back there to further the improvement that I am seeing in just 2 visits. As well as recommended other friends and family member because I have gone through so many chiropractors and have not felt this good In such a long time. And therefor anyone that is reading this you take this great opportuniry and go check out Dr. Nagoulat

Geovanni Perez

I'm done with my 3rd session feeling pretty great! Will be back next week for my upper shoulder issues. Looking forward to it. Techniques are great here.

Annika Mccoy

I’ve been going to many different chiropractors regularly for 20 years. I recently had severe lower back pain and could barely move for a week. My chiropractor did not have an opening so I called this office and was squeezed in same day. They spent almost an hour working on my back and by the next day it was 50% better. I returned that 2nd day and after that visit by following morning I was 100%. I will not return to my old chiropractor. This place is amazing and take the time to make sure you truly feel better after each visit.

Lily Sayah

I complain of knee pain for years. In 4 sessions my 9/10 pain went down to 0/10 pain. His vision is to get me better in less than 5 sessions. My low back pain is also down by 85%. I love this doc. He says the truth up front with out hidding in the bush. What I liked about his treatments is that he tells you what you need to focus on as far diet and stretching too. I can’t thank him enough. God bless

michael martinez

My personal experience was interesting! I had never been to a chiropractor, and I was feeling such bad lower back pain that I needed to do something about it. I searched for offices around me at the time and no one was open after 3pm. I found doctor Majed’s office on yelp and found out he was the only office open till 7pm. I called the day of asking to please be seen and they squeezed me in their schedule! First opinion was medium size office but great vibe, I got treated and felt the pain gone, It felt like the pain was vacuumed away! Slight soreness after, but is completely normal. I’m now on my 3rd treatment and I feel great! Thanks to my new friend, Dr. Majed! MUCH RECOMMENDED!

Peter Vourakis

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge through this review the office of Dr. Nagoulat. Before I found his office, I was seeing a Chiropractor that I was not happy with the demeanor, approach, and treatment plan. I never felt comfortable. That all I changed when I decided to find someone else and found Dr. Nagoulat. I am so glad that I made the decision. Very refreshing discovery of his practice. I have been going to Dr. Nagoulat for over a month now. His wonderful receptionist Christiane, welcomes the patient with a warm smile. She is personable, caring, and professional. She always asks me how have I been doing since my last appointment. When I initially saw Dr. Nagoulat, I was using a cane, shortly thereafter progressing to requiring the use of a walker. He gave me ample opportunity to explain my history. He has a personable, warm demeanor, allowing the patient to feel at-ease in conversation, and takes the time to listen to what the patient has to say. Empathetic and patient, I feel he truly has the patients best interest at heart. He is very good at explaining the treatment before initiating it. Dr. Nagoulats strongly knowledgable background and experience is evidenced in his care. He implements effective hands-on therapies. The PSOAS release technique and hip and thigh release technique have been included in my treatment. Dr. Nagoulat uses a broad-based treatment approach for example including massage therapy and acupuncture referrals. After over 4 weeks of using the aforementioned walker, I presently have not needed the use of it for over a week now. I am strongly confident Dr. Nagoulats treatment plan has contributed to my significant improvement. One should strongly consider the services of Dr. Majed Nagoulat.

Mark Dunham

This doctor knows exactly where the pain is and why. He helped my pinched nerve in my C 5 6 & 7 vertebrae.

Sam Pina

Very comfortable environment he made me feel at ease and hes very funny :) out of all the places I had to go talk to people NO one makes you feel great like doc here. He knows what hes doing very professional and listens what's wrong and what he will and could do for you to make you walk out with 0 pain. Definitely recommend for everyone one!!! Thank you again will be back next month :D

Shayna Golbaf

I love this place. You have toGive him a chance to treat you at least three times and you'll be amazed with the phenomenal results.

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