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Scott Chong

After two hip surgeries, one knee, and a partial achilles, I've seen a lot of orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and sports chiropractors. As a health care professional, I'm the worst type of patient - I know just enough to get myself into trouble. On the recommendation of my friends who are professional MMA instructors and personal trainer/professional athletes, I went to see Dr. Nejad after a prolonged relapse of my twice-repaired hip. I was living life on anti-inflammatories and icing my way at lunch and after work just to get through the week. Having been on physical therapy off/on for three years, I was more than frustrated that I just couldn't be a normal person and be a father to my girls. Within a few weeks, Dr. Nejad had me off pain meds and back to daily activities. I used to have to pick and choose whether I'd go grocery shopping or cook; if I spent more than 15-20 minutes on my feet, my hip would flare up. A couple of weeks ago, I was able to shop/cook for hours to prepare a birthday dinner for my dad. I'm back to lifting weights and can do leg exercises every day. Whatever your experience or perception of sports chiropractors might be, I'd encourage you to give Dr. Nejad a try. He's more than just a chiropractor. He incorporates re-alignment, electric stim, ultrasound, laser therapy, deep tissue release, massage therapy, stretching, physical therapy, and kinesio taping. He has gone above and beyond getting me back together again. Besides re-aligning me and releasing my spasming muscles to take away the source of my pain, he's offered guidance on how I can make myself stronger to prevent a recurrence. He went as far as to help me adjust my home tens and ultrasound units so that I could help treat myself at home, including providing me with batteries. Sometimes, the doctor is excellent, but the office experience is lacking. As an orthodontist, this is something that I'm acutely aware of because it hits close to home. In this case, his entire staff is excellent. The massage therapist, Mike, is quietly competent and gentle. His assistant Emily is cheerful, friendly, and efficiently capable. Up front, Christina is a sweetheart and does a great job of working with your schedule to get you taken care of. Needless to say, I highly recommend Dr. Nejad and ChirosportsUSA.

Ashish Khanna

P A I N T B A L L is L I F E


Daniel Greathouse

Lilit Minasyan

Doctor Nejad is the best.I am a fitness professional , so having this really bad pain in my lower back was not only making me miserable it was also affecting my job. I Couldn't walk sit ,sleep and teach my classes. After the first session I immediately felt better. after two more sessions I am almost free of pain. The cream that doctor recommended worked like magic, it decreased the pain right away. the massage that i got from Mike was just amazing. My upper back always stiff so he gave me 30 min massage and after that i felt like this weight came out of my shoulders. I really recommend ChiroSports to everybody even if you are not in pain right know you always can use some adjustment , treatment and massage. Thank you Doctor Nejad!

mitul parekh

Very unprofessional people. I took my appointment 2 weeks ahead and they called me at the last moment to let me know that they are going to cancel my appointment to accommodate someone else. These people deserve zero star for being unprofessional.

Parthina Donson

Always a pleasure!

Colleen Speed


Where do I begin? I got injured at the job and was not getting anywhere with pain pills. I seriously thought my back, neck, and shoulder would never get better until I met Dr. Abdollah Nejad. This doctor and his staff are angels! The staff are very compassionate for their patients. They are very friendly and would always get me started one hour early for treatment! Once Dr. Abdollah adjusted me, the pain stopped! I feel more positive, loose, and happy knowing I'm not feeling any pain! I can't describe the happiness I feel right now! I highly recommend this doctor! Dr. Abdollah is on my primary care doctor's list for anyone else who gets injured! Thank you all so much for healing me! God bless you all!

Rose Chai

Alfredo S

Shafi ulla

Alexander Lin

Doctor give you good analysis of your problem and give all the treatment you need. Massage therapist is doing great job that make the result of the each visit better, a must have in the place.

David ZHAO

I had sciatica pain on my left side and tried a lot of exercise at home and tried other chiropractor and doctors, but no lasting fix until I was here. Dr Nejad explained the cause of the issue to me very clearly using videos after a test and exam. The bone issue caused piriformis muscle issue and then muscle caused nerve pain. It was very clear and makes a lot sense. My pain reduced half after first week and I don’t feel it anymore after 2 to 3 weeks. The clinic is super clean and the wait time is almost close to 0 thanks to Christina for all the precise appointment schedule. Also be sure to get the massage from Mike. He is amazing!

Christina Lopez

Andrea Collins

The staff and Dr. are amazing! Kind,HELPFUL and great at relieving my foot pain!!! A foot adjustment and ROCKTAPE save the day!!!

Geralyn Joy Marcelino

I have been seeing Dr. Nejad and the Massage Therapist, Mike for almost 10 years now, since they were at their previous building on Whipple. It’s been a joy to see them grow and expand out to Plesanton. I was referred to them from a friend who also had a sports related injury. I immediately felt like apart of a family and in a safe space to recover. I always feel welcomed and the positive energy to get better when I’m at their clinic. I first started seeing Dr. Nejad after a knee injury. Their various treatment made my injury bearable and improved my range of motion. They made sure I took the right steps to get an MRI, and with their help and support, I was able to get two knee surgeries, an ACL reconstruction and Meniscectomy. In addition to physical therapy, I was also being seen at Chiro Sports to help speed up the recovery. I went from not walking, to being a professional cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers. Dance is my passion, and I could not have been back to dancing without the help of Dr. Nejad and his team. Recently I felt some pain in my hip/ upper leg after dancing, running and training intensely. I went to see Dr. Nejad and we pinpointed it to a groin strain. We did a number to treatments to help heal the area including, stem, Rock Tape, ice, stretching, laser, adjustments and cryothreapy. I rested it from about a month until I was back to working out and training. I was surprised to see how quickly I healed especially after one laser treatment. I was back to dancing in no time, and was able to audition for two NBA teams back to back last weekend without any pain. I’m so thankful for Chiro Sports, and know I’m always welcomed there. I appreciate the sports related knowledge of Dr. Nejad and his assistants. They understand where I’m coming from as an athlete and share the same desire for me to heal as soon as possible. Mike is hands down the best massage therapist I’ve ever worked with. It can be tough to get appointments, so one needs to book early. Christina the receptionist does try to call me when there is an opening which is very thoughtful. Mike also really understands movement and massage well, therefore his treatments are very beneficial to healing injuries. His style is like no other, helpful, comfortable, yet firm and relaxing. If I could, I would love to get a massage by Mike every week! If you’re thinking about seeing a Chiropractor, massage therapist, or needing to heal from an injury, I would highly recommend Chiro Sports USA.

Rahimulah Rahimi

Great initial visit. Clean and welcoming office. Friendly staff and the doctor so far seems nice.

Mohamad Balaly

I went in because my back went out few days ago and I'd been in excruciating pain ever since. I mean, I've been literally chair/bed bound for 3 days. Whatever had happened to my back was no joke and my body wasn't taking it lightly. So, I went to see Dr. Good with high hopes I truly enjoy my visits to Dr. Nejad. His adjustment is thorough. And, he easily handles anything you ask him. He gets to the problem, explains what is out of sync, puts you back into alignment and gets you back on your way. And get this - never once did he try to sell me on anything. He told me that he prefers helping patients so that they need to see him as little as possible, instead of the usual "let's set you up on a treatment plan - want to buy a package?" that you'd hear from most doctors. That says a lot about his integrity and honesty.

Roberto Ortega

Very nice place and friendly staff I highly recommend this place

GlobalTown Marketing

Abdollah Nejad

ChiroSports USA is a great facility for athletes who get injured. The level of treatment and care is far above what get at my primary Doctor's office. I love the treatments, the sports conditioning and the rehabilitation that I receive here. - Theodore H., Tri-athlete with severe shoulder injury This is the best experience with a chiropractor that I've had so far. I received an initial chiropractic consultation and follow-up chiropractic treatments. What Dr. Nejad did for me, no one else was able to do. I could definitely tell that Dr. Nejad knows what he's doing, also cares as well. Sincerely the best! -Eric L., Severe low back pain after motorcycle accident Very personalized chiropractic services and you definitely feel "at home." - Olivia S., Tennis player experienced neck & shoulder pain I started going to ChiroSports USA about a year and a half ago, and I have been receiving chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, and sports physicals. I'm very physically active and I like the fact that Dr. Nejad can speak to me about the sports I'm interested in. My wife has had headaches and backaches for the longest time. I brought her in to see Dr. Nejad. His treatment gave her a lot of relief and that night she had so much energy she didn't go to bed until 1 am, whereas she's usually out by 10:30pm. -Jeremy M., MMA fighter experienced low back pain & shoulder injury Very professional. The combination of chiropractic therapy with physical therapy (rehabilitation) has helped my shoulder injury immensely in the past couple of months. -Johan S., Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor with shoulder injury Chirosports USA provides great chiropractic care. I always feel better after treatments are provided: chiropractic care, massage therapy, and sports conditioning. I always look forward to treating any of the injuries I have. -Jessica Y., MMA fighter & instructor Thanks for the great chiropractic services. I love all of you. -Michelle T., Massage therapist with low back pain & disc pain I feel like family when I'm here receiving chiropractic treatment and massage therapy. Dr. Nejad is Great! He has great knowledge of chiropractic care and the body. I would strongly recommend him to anyone. -Mickey L., MMA fighter with low back injury Everyone is very nice and professional. I received chiropractic treatment, massage therapy and rehabilitation for car accident injuries. -Berta M., Car accident The first time I was referred to Dr. Nejad, I came in with a severe sciatic nerve pain. After a few weeks of magic therapy: chiropractic treatment, the pain was gone completely and I went back to my running routine. -Carmen C., Marathon Runner I received an initial chiropractic consultation and then chiropractic treatments for my lower back pain. I would gladly recommend Chirosports USA to anyone that needs it; it is very good and the people (staff) are wonderful. -James S. experienced low back pain I received chiropractic treatments and massage therapy to treat my lower back and neck pain. Overall, I had great experience with Chirosports USA services. -Mark P. experienced low back and neck pain I received chiropractic treatment and orthotics for my mid-back pain. I felt very welcomed at Chirosports USA. Also, anytime I had questions for the staff, I knew they would always be answered! -Kaitlin W., experienced mid back pain I received chiropractic treatment with Chirosports USA and felt a big difference. I feel awesome and sleep better. I have less pain all day; I can get more done in less time. -Kristina B., Avid runner with low back & knee pain I received initial chiropractic consultation, chiropractic treatment and massage therapy at Chirosports USA. I would like to Thank you for accommodating our young children. We would gladly recommend you to others. -Phuong D., Home-maker/mother of 2 with severe low back pain


The chiro is okay, customer service is decent. About half the time you are watching videos about how chiro is important. This is a waste of time and is not related to treatment. About 25% is the actual adjustments and the last 25% is the machines/stretching. They don’t honor their promotions unfortunately. A little bit sketch.

Terence Zhao

Lots of fitness activities

Cassandra Sailes

Josh Wood

ChiroSports USA is an excellent practice with great staff. Not only do they do good work but they support the local community. Highly recommended.

Bob Rothstein

Summer A

Just scheduled another visit... I actually try to come in 2x a month. ChiroSports is my health care provider for life :)

Joey Alan Le

ChiroSports certainly has all the bells and whistles. They carry all sorts of equipment, ice and heat packs, muscle relaxant electric machines, cooling sprays, massage tables, etc. The doctor’s chiropractic analysis of my problem was impressive. He sent me pictures and a medical explanation for each problem for my own reading. But, when it finally came down to the actual adjustment, I felt like I was given generic treatment. Twist the back left, twist the back right, stretch the back out vertically, bump the shoulders back, and that’s basically it. It wasn’t targeted to the actual vertebrae that I was having problems at. It felt like everybody got the same routine, so I didn’t feel like I got specialized treatment. It felt good, sure. But I think I’d rather go to another doctor who would pinpoint my exact problem and give me the exact treatment I needed without rushing to get the next patient.

Doug Stringer

The staff at ChiroSports USA is top-notch and helped me on my path to recovery from a muscular shoulder injury that froze up my shoulder. From a correct diagnosis at the onset of my treatment to a careful and methodical recovery process, I am now close to 100% pain free and have regained my range of motion in my shoulder. Highly recommend this group for any daily life, work or sports injuries that require physical therapy and chiropractic attention.

Darlene Godfrey


Mark Serrato

Union City is so lucky to have a sports based chiropractor like this. This is not your standard crack your back and send you on your way place, but rather a place with a team that considers your overall rehabilitation and strength building needs. From my experience their model is far more suitable for people who have more comprehensive wellness goals or athletic performance building needs. In particular, I have been coming here for the last 4 months while training for my first full marathon. There is no way I would have reached my goal with standard doctors and chiropractors. When I arrived I literally could barely walk due to overtraining and a pretty aggravated lower back injury. What I received here was comprehensive and essential to giving me the knowledge to better manage my own body. When I first arrived I was greeted warmly by a friendly team. I then discussed my particular issues and goals with my doctor. After my first appointment I was given a customized and comprehensive exercise and stretch routine for my issues. It included web based video links to every exercise, which was essential to making sure I was doing things properly. They let me know that visits alone were not going to get me rehabbed in the way I wanted. I needed to do my homework too. And they were right. I got my body right and I also gained the tools through my ongoing visits and conversations with the team here so that I could be proactive in the management of my health. I came in totally broken 4 months ago and since then I’ve regained my health and doubled the mileage I can run. By contrast, when I went to my regular MD with my first running injury his only advice was “then don’t run.” Neither helpful nor good advice for my overall health at all. By contrast, the team here has given me the knowledge base to understand how to run safely. For my purposes and really for anyone looking for a partner in their health I can’t recommend the team here highly enough. What they’ve created blows mom and pop chiro shops away and it’s far more thoughtful than so many traditional doctors. Very thankful to have found them!

Corinne Lincoln-Pinheiro

I’ve been to several chiropractors since 1995 - from San Carlos to Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward, Seattle, Texas, the Caribbean, and back to Union City - and though they’re all been good in their own way, the therapy regime at ChiroSports USA is the best all-round holistic care I’ve ever had. Dr. Nejad’s methods make all the difference with my chronic migraines and overall health, and he genuinely cares about his patients. I’ve been going there for close to a year and a half now and they treat you like family. Plus, if you’re looking for an epic massage - ask for Mike or Angelia. You will not regret investing in your health with ChiroSports USA. Just ask for Christina and she’ll take care of the rest. She too works wonders at the front desk.

Isak Saad

Michelle Thompson

Dr najad is the best chiropractor Ever.Always taking excellent care of all his patient's family and friends

Kelly Davis

I feel very lucky to have found ChiroSports USA when I first moved to the area. I am very active, and Dr. Nejad and his wonderful staff have been instrumental in my health through various aches and pains. Their knowledge and care is top rate, and they make their patients feel like family. I recommend them to anyone looking for a chiropractor.

Chris Paradis

This place is fantastic for both spine maintenance work and also as a recovery center for injured athletes. My severely injured ankle has been just as strong if not stronger years later still as a result of coming here, and Dr. Nejad also correctly assed and treated why I was having knee pain while exercising when other doctors failed. Cannot recommend more!

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