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REVIEWS OF Chiro-Plus Chiropractic IN California


Nicole Ponomaroff

Quality massages at decent prices.

yurong lin


Very friendly staff and excellent doctor and clean facility. I would highly recommend this place to everyone. They also have a special plan which is very cheap compared to other office and they've helped me alot with my condition. Also they have a decompression machine which works believe it or not.

Hans Hunt

Awesome Doc and staff! Great place for Veterans! I have been going to Dr. Bryant for over a year now on a referral from the Veterans Administration. They went the distance to take care of my needs. I now have my son coming to see Doc Bryant and we both now are getting the great care we need. Chiro-Plus is a must! LTC (Ret) Hans Hunt

Jane Roh

Anthony Mayfield

Paula Johnson

Very professional and thorough. Can't wait to go back for my next appointment.

victor blas

Wonderful experience, what they did in one session the VA couldn't do in years. They know more about back pain then Any and all VA or ARMY doctors combined.

Lakshmy Menon Sooraj

Febe E. Maese

Roy Wu

This place is highly recommended, when you are looking for a Chiropractor. It is not just fully equipped, also Dr. Bryant is professional, full with knowledge for how to help you recovered from pain. I was recovered from a neck / shoulder pain by Dr. Bryant's chiropractic skill. He is truly amazing. Thanks Bryant!

Todd Anderson

Awesome, professional service! He has taken tremendous care of my wife and kids!

j. thomas

Office staff and Dr. Bryant always courteous and cheerful. My back ajustments make my day!

Barbara Armstrong

I have only had a great experience at Chiro Plus. Dr. Bryant answers all my questions and is efficient and respectful of my time. Oh, also my chronic pain went away.

Richard Miller

lee campbell

Great people. Effective care. Easy to make appointments. Accepted my insurance.

Angela Ramos

Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and caring. I feel great after every treatment.

Alfredo Villanueva

Corey griffo

Had a great experience here. Dr and staff are great! Would recommend this place to anyone who needs a great adjustment!

Darren r

I have been going to his chiropractor for many years and love there work ! they do a great job and love helping people! Friendly staff and a great atmosphere !!

John Schoonover

Best chiropractor in the LA area! They are truely there for Healthcare not sick care. Their spinetics puts your whole body on the path to better health with no drugs, no silly little physical therapy. All of their processes work.

Mr. Johnson

Excellent Chiropractor and facility. I highly recommend Chiro-plus

Brent Rose

Charles Oh

So... this is gonna sound weird and anomalous but my experience here has not been like these other reviews. If you don't want to read a whole lot, I basically felt like it was cold, impersonal, and that they just wanted my insurance payment. If you care for the deets, here they are: I had ominous signs from the beginning. When I called to schedule my consultation, the male receptionist said I would receive a text with a link for online intake forms to complete. That never came. I called the day of my appointment to make sure that was ok, and Dr. Bryant himself answered and said I could go to their website and fill them out there. I did, but there was some weird issue where it wouldn't let me input my phone number or move on to the next page because my phone number was required. It turns out you have to enter it a certain way, and it's not like a simple, common way. Anyway, when I went in for my first visit, the second ominous sign was that the chairs they have in the waiting room are not good for people with back problems. They're like super soft and squishy. I just sat there thinking how can this be for a chiro office. Anyway, I promise you I kept an open mind and positive attitude because I've been in daily pain for a few months now. So when I saw the doctor, he asked me the same questions that were on the online forms but very quickly and with less detail. Fine, whatever. He did x-rays and reviewed them with me. I asked him for some tips or advice and he said he would get into that the next session. Hmmm.. what? Why? I also asked him for a note I could provide to my employer with some recommendations or just a prognosis and he said he would. He didn't. I had to email him after my second visit and ask him again and then he did. Another curious thing was that my prognosis stated I had hypolordosis. From my x-rays and what he explained, it appears I have hypERlordosis, which is like... the opposite. I looked it up. Aside from that, each visit including my first, the doctor gave me a quick adjustment, then led me to the back area where he or one of his office team strapped me into a decompression machine that is supposed to gently stretch out your spine. I'll be honest with you, it doesn't feel like it does anything. After 10 minutes of laying there, the machine beeps and it's up to you to figure out that it's done. Then you have to unstrap yourself and make your way around with no direction given because no one comes to get you. I'm not even sure that I got a fresh napkin on the pillow or if it was used by the dude on the machine previously. Gross. So I wander to the front and I don't know if my session is done because I wasn't told anything and all the doctors have left to lunch for 2 and a half hours. This is how all four of my visits have been. The office manager Gina is professional enough, but there is another young dude with a beard there who has no customer service skills and runs around like he's in a high school hallway, not a medical office. I promise you I kept an open mind, enough to go 4 times, but after this last visit, I'll be looking for another chiro. Each time I went(with an appointment), I waited 15 to 20 minutes in those god awful chairs, and my last visit had me waiting for 30 minutes. They appear to double-book or overbook, as people were walking in and being seen by the doctor 10 minutes past my appointment time. My experience here wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good either. After 4 visits, my issue has not improved at all. Maybe I need to keep doing them, and I will-- just not here. The main reason I won't be coming back is because of how cold and impersonal it felt, even after 4 visits. They really just made me feel like all they wanted was my insurance payment. I know it's different than the other reviews here, but this is how my experience was.

Freddy Tha Fox

This is by far the best Chiropractors office I’ve been to. The Doctor is GREAT, all staff are beyond nice and welcoming along with having a clean and nice facility! I would recommend this chiropractor and his facility 10 out of 10 times.

Tim Shaw

I really appreciate the great care I receive at Chiro-Plus Chiropractic. Dr. Bryant and his staff are very caring and efficient. I highly recommend Chiro-Plus Chiropractic.


Dr. Bryant and Staff are WONDERFUL!! The Chiropractic care that I received here was so good that I have been able to avoid surgery!! It doesn't get any better than that!!!

neil beightol

front desk girl very nice. dr bryant explains things well and treated me with repect and helped me relive some of my pain. recommend highly

Markus W

Very happy with the high quality treatment both my wife and I have received at Chiro-Plus. I had a sore neck which was really starting to bother me, Dr Bryant helped me significantly on the first visit to a fast and full recovery.

Andrew Hung

Mark Stebbins

I have been here for both chiropractic treatment and acupuncture. Dr. Bryant is incredibly knowledgeable and know how to fix your back. Not just make you feel better (he does that too), but actually FIX your back problems. Dr. Wu is an amazing needle wizard who know how to really get your chi back on track.

Samantha Bryant

I had a great experience at Chiro Plus as always! I received my first massage from Paris, and she did an excellent job, very professional!

debbie treadwell

I've been coming to this facility for many years. I've liked both chiropractors. Dr Bryant is the only chiropractor currently. The facility is clean. No long waiting. Everyone that works there is polite and willing to help. Some exercise equipment to loosen muscles. There is an acupuncturist and massage therapist at the facility also. I've had a massage before, but it's been awhile now. It's been ok. I mainly come for the chiropractor treatments. I usually come once a week. I have asthma, sinus and pain issues. Even w/ the many of years that I have been coming to get adjusted, it still amazes me how well I feel after the adjustment. Especially when I feel incredibly bad, like today. Helped my migraine of 2 days go away, pain is less, ringing in the ears is less and the facial pain is gone. Going to a chiropractor is well worth the effort. I do a mixture of western medical and alternative medical and most of the time, this keeps me functioning. I like that I use less pain meds after I get adjusted.

pankaj padia

My mom shows signs of improvement if she gets cured I will repost again.

Armand R.

Good and friendly place to go for any circumstances, personal or car accidents.

Arlene Bartlett

Jerry Pearman

Excellent Chiropractic care and service. I have been pain-free now for 10 months.


Wonderful service and care!

Stephen James

Steve Pitchford

Dr. Bryan has treated me for back and bursitis pain due to an old football injury. Over the course of the treatment in the last several weeks the pain has gradually diminished. The treatment has helped me recover more quickly that physical therapy has taken in the past. I'm now back in the pool and at full strength. Gina and the office staff are also very kind and helpful. I highly recommend this chiropractic practice.

B Owens

Edgar G

Chiro- Plus Me and my wife before going to Chiro Plus were have alot of back problems. We would go to diffrent chiropractors and the result was ok. Not until we were explained what the problem was and how to appraoch it with spinetics, the results have been great ever since. Now we can enjoy more rigorous activity without the concern of having back pain. Bryant i would recommend highly. Not to mention his fee is a reasonable fee. Thanks, Chiro Plus

JOHN Velasco

Had my first chiropractic experience at Chiro Plus. I was skeptical and nervous, but the doctor and his staff were great. Definitely recommend this place!

Peter Lara

The minute I walked in I was greeted by the receptionist with a smile and very positive attitude. My Chiropractor was very helpful and very understanding of how I was feeling. He was very professional, respectful and attentive. All personal make you feel very important and really take their job very serious. Great job and keep it up.

Marlene Alvarado

excellent customer service

Kristin Bryant

The doctor is so kind and knowledgeable. Beautiful office!

Cheyanne Shaffer

Rob Tennyson

Everyone at Chiro-Plus has been great. Very knowledgeable and personable people. My back feels better than it ever has.

Monica Gutierrez

Very helpful & friendly! I came to the office literally not being able to walk from lower back muscle spasms and after 3 sessions, I am able to walk and start the recovery process. Highly recommend!!!

Yeba Ruchi

Got the Groupon massage for 30 bucks. Did not get the real massage I wanted with my sciatica and tight leg. It was more relaxation, lathering, and did not really relax me because the therapist was talking to me the whole time. Something I will expect from spa places not from a massage therapist from a chiropractor.

Lawrence Winzenread

Dr. Bryant is the best! He listens and offers multiple solutions and approaches to not only pain management, but body management.

Douglas Love

Went with an extremely stiff neck to Dr Bryant and Dr. Woo (accunpucturist) and got the genuine care needed to help restore me. They listen (no computer in sight while in exam room!), the ask good questions and they tell you what they are going to do and why they are doing it! After a very few visits, my neck is loosened up and I'm living life large again! Thanks so much!

Diana Dimitruk

The best decompression therapy around! Great office staff!!

Shawna Trimmell

Dr. Bryant is great at what he does. He has treated myself and several of my children for various problems and we always feel so much better afterwards. His staff is kind and courteous and the office is always clean and presentable. We love coming here!

Michelle Murphy

Ivania Perez

Chiro-Plus is very unique. The different options for treatment are unlike anything I've ever heard of and experienced. Dr. Bryant definitelt knows what he is talking about. I would highly recommend Chiro-Plus to anyone.

Richard Nakawatase

my old chiropractor moved to Hawaii. So this was my first visit. Very professional and I felt great after my adjustment.

martha blas

Awesome experience. Dr took some ex rays of my back and was able to tell me the cause of my pain. The entire experience was very good. The sessions I had for treatment were very helpful.

Anna Millar

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