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REVIEWS OF Athens Chiropractic Clinic IN California

Shane Stent

shadi Kashefi-Zadeh

Stay away from this place. Specially if you have any type of chronic pain stay away from this place. I saw Mario (I can't call him doctor) on my first visit, he briefly talked about my medical history hardly went into any details of it like any doctor would, then said some one will evaluate me and after that he will see me. I asked him I don't want any type of cracking the joints on the first day and asked for just a massage and pressure point, he said he will not do any major treatment on me and it will be mainly evaluation. After the evaluation by another lady, he asked a massage therapist to massage my neck for 15 minutes, then he comes in and starts moving my joints around. Once again I told him I don't want any cracking specially my neck l, he said he will not crack me and it's more of evaluating. Then suddenly he grabs my neck and starts moving it around, I told him again don't crack it, he said he won't and then told me to take a deep breath as I took a deep breath he popped my neck with a cracking sound, it was so loud it sounded as if he broke my neck. I felt a pain in my neck for few minutes and the muscles on my face went into spasm, then he started massaging my neck and telling me my muscles were so stiff. He tried to make me feel better by icing my neck and other things but since then I've been having severe neck pain with headaches it's been so bad that the doctor told me I have to go to emergency department and at emergency they had to scan me for the cervical artery dissection since I couldn't move my neck, I had headaches and couldn't swallow food properly. After evaluation it seems I have severe neck strain from what he has done and I have to wear a neck brace for few days and do a lot more physical therapy. He didn't even bother to explain any risk to me or tell me a neck strain could happen. Stay away from this place, this place is all about cracking your body as hard as they can and it's more of a butcher shop than a Chiropractor office that really cares about your health. Update: It's been two weeks since My visit to this office, I had to go on disability because of my neck pain, can't drive because of the severe neck sprain and it seems I have nerve damage that might go away or become permanent. I just pray to God that my nerve damage is not permanent, because it's affecting my throat, eating and breathing. I told Mario (can’t call him a doctor) three times that day to not crack me on the first day. When he held my head in his hands I told him again to not crack my neck, he told me he won't and he is only evaluating the movement of my neck and still cracked it!!! These people should be out of business and not practicing. Don't go to them for your own safety.

Dave Reed

Gabriel Garibay

google hi

Mark Melbye

Very Professional and Very Effective. I was skeptical about chiropractic at first but after 7 years of Athens Chiropractic's maintenance program I am a true believer. So are all my Golf and Tennis friends that I have referred.

Vagif Zeynalov

Low rating for the customer service. Few times I was tried to make an appointment, but they rejected me because they didn't want to check if my insurance works for them. Even I was checked on my insurance company's web-site that this clinic is in-network, they still rejected my call and insisted me to call the insurance company and double check if they will cover the particular doctor.

mamta trivedi

I have had lower back issues since 2009. I have been to several doctors - physical therapists, chiropractors, tried traditional medicine etc. all gave me little to no relief. I was suffering from sciatic nerve pain for 5 months. I was miserable -could not walk, stand, sit or sleep. At one point I thought I will never be able to walk again. Then I was referred to Dr. Nicholas Athens in San Carlos. Dr. Athens took x-rays and found the problem. He adjusted my back which was rotated causing severe sciatica. In just one session I felt so much better- like an instant relief. Dr. Athens’ continuous advice with exercise, nutrition has helped me get better. It’s only because of him I am able to walk today. Dr. Athens probably does not need any review.. His work for all these years says it. This review is especially for those who are suffering from back pain and have not yet found the right doctor!! Dr. Athens and his entire team is great. They take great care of all their patients. Highly highly recommended!!

robert walker

Visited Athens Chiropractic on the recommendation for back problems. I was very sceptical about chiropractory but could barely walk and had to roll out of bed in the mornings so it was worth a try, anything to get out of the pain I was in. First session was weird to me. I had never had the experience of being snap crackle and popped before. I went for three times a week for a couple of months and it literally changed my life. Prior to this I has seriously pondered whether I would have to give up my job in construction. Thanks to Dr's Nick and Jerry I still have a job and feel pretty much pain free each day. I still go for 'tune ups' even though I live in the East Bay. I can't find anyone as close to being as good as these guys ! Highly recommended.

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