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2607 McCain Blvd, North Little Rock, AR 72116 Located in: Lakewood Village

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REVIEWS OF The Joint Chiropractic IN Arkansas

Nathaniel Bahena

Had my first visit today and it went very well! They are very nice people and helped me understand what they were going to do. They helped me feel relaxed. Enjoyed my first visit and will be going back for another visit.

wakeelah caldwell

Dr Vic is great and listens to your concerns. Always has meaning and helpful tips to help you with your adjustments and comfortable in general. Way to go ..The Joint for allowing him to reach so many clients .

Steve K

Convenient locations, efficient service, and excellent adjustments. Dr Daniel at the Bloomington clinic location does a great job of listening to the patient and providing a quality adjustment each time. Very nice staff and service overall. Highly recommend to anyone seeking a more streamlined chiropractic experience. 18 years of being adjusted, and only recently I discovered The Joint. Certainly a game changer in the Chiropractic industry.

Shelley Murphy

Need a Chiropractor and just can't make to your appointment because ya gotta work late...yup that's my situation. I can make it there after work and no appointment needed. Dan is professional and a great personality. Makes ya want to come back and I enjoy sharing with new customers that the money is worth the experience. It may come out of your pocket with no insurance coverage... Less paperwork to worry about ah? Able to get deals of paying ahead allows a bit if a discount and one crack a week! The good crack

Kristy Duda

Dr. Vic has the Most Amazing techniques in his Adjustments for wellness & Better Health. I cannot express how Awesome I feel after he adjusts me. Try him just once & you will be Instantly hooked on his Chiropractic care. It's certainly a top Priority for me. Thank you Dr Vic and Dr S. for making me feel like a new person while under your care. You each bring your own unique Healing touch with your adjustments. Chiropractic Health is an intrical part of Wellness & needs to be well recognized as such an Art & Healing practice. Chiropractic services improve the Spine & whole body. It also greatly improves ones mood & feeling of Good wellbeing & Health. #ImprovedHealth&Wellbeing.

Drew Selnes

Dr. Daniel is amazing! He is attentive with his care and treats each patient individually. I always leave feeling great and can't wait to get my weekly adjustment from him. Dr. Daniel is the bomb!

John Hackett

A great experience Dr Vic is very insightful about practical stretches and easy to do exercises between sessions . I am a swimmer and he customized stretches for me.Friendly help staff as well

Suzie Smith

Nick Johnson

Christine Stange

You can’t beat the convenience of this setup. You get quality chiropractic care and a friendly and knowledgeable staff without the hassles! I have friends who raved about The Joint, so I was so happy to see a location near me...and I wasn’t disappointed! Give it a try, you won’t be sorry.

GreekFreak 34t

Debra Alcala

Didn't know this location was there! So happy that I don't have to travel so far to get adjusted. Dr. Daniel Sowada is gentle and quick. I was in and out and feeling lighter and able to move. I def will be back.

Bill Bloomberg

Manuel herrera

Jesse Westover

First time patient, Dr.Dan took care of my issues with care and explained everything very well. Definitely will be back.

John Nunley

James Feragen

Buck Dingler

Great price, flexible schedule and rates. Feel better with my schedule

Komal Rustagi

Dr Vic is best

Sabrina Fritz

Alexandra Reasoner

I love the Joint Chiropractic! I am impressed that they can be so fast but still give you such good attention and care. Each Chiropractor I have had has been able to offer so much help and I leave feeling a lot better and valued as a patient. I recommend The Joint to everyone!

Jessica Kruse

Abby Leonard

I love The Joint! The doctors are knowledgeable and friendly, and the fact that they're a walk-in clinic makes it easy to find time for an adjustment, even with a busy schedule. Their wellness plan is a great deal, and I definitely recommend them!


Harry Zander

Jon Dow

So far enjoying the experience. Convenient hours, no appointments needed just walk in and good to go. Not going to beat the price and convenience IMO

Jose Rodriguez

My visit was very helpful and enlightening. I highly recommend The Joint Chiropractic.

Jessie G

Both chiropractors are knowledge and made my back and knee pain disappear. I was able to walk several blocks in New York as well as navigate the subway stairs with ease. I haven't had much relief and I was so skeptical about chiropractors until coming to this clinic. The hours make treatment so convenient as I am a full time student and manager. Love this place!

Tad Ingles

Areo Comonal

Great experience!

leanna grimm

Starting coming in for some neck issues and it’s been greatly improved. I visit locations across the Midwest depending on where I’m traveling too and have always have a great experience.

Matt Allen

This place has been a constant help for me! The staff is incredibly friendly and always remembers my name :)

Patricia Lopez-pullman

Sara F

Sheri Thayer

Friendly, affordable, knowledgeable, clean, I could just keep going. Such a wonderful place. I would recommend to anyone that needs to get moving better.

gina mieszczak

Jennifer Olvera

Amazing! Have not had a chiropractor able to get movement to my low back until now!!! Love this doc

Jeff & Kendra Shelby

Awesome experience. Very thorough and I was in and out. Friendly staff.

britt rohde

kortney Tilman

Dr. LaCour is amazing. Her staff is awesome too.

Heather Elson

They are very friendly and caring. The front desk is very nice and always works hard to remember your name.

Jeannie Cruz

oojas salunke

Lexi Kindred

I love joint chiropractic in Shorewood i have had back pain for a few years since moving from Alabama and nothing helped including doctors,pain meds and physical therapy!i received a flyer in the mail for a free consultation and adjustment when i was in severe pain and all the other offices wanted thousands of dollars that i could not afford so i figured i would give them a try and check on prices and i am so glad i did because they were clean,polite,and very affordable!My back pain was has greatly improved and when i go in for adjustments it is instant relief!The chiropractic doctors here are very gentle and really know what they are doing and the office always gets me in and out with their awesome hours and days!Anyone looking for a chiropractor should definitely come here you will not be disappointed with their doctors,office,receptionist,hours and days,or price it is actually unbelievable to have all those things that work out wonderfully under one roof!

Peter Mcguinness

Every visit has been great. Friendly and attentive Dr’s and desk staff. Their adjustments have kept me going strong for over 3yrs now. Speed and convenient are just extra benefits of the great service I’ve had.

David Ortiz

Great place!!! Quick, easy, effective!! Great doctor and amazing receptionist who explains everything perfectly!!

Nannette Rivera

Great place to go. I loved it

daniel Legler

Dr. Vic an absolute legend in the game.

Gigi Radomski

Very kind staff and knowledgeable doctors, they take the time to listen and treat accordingly. I've only gone 3 times, but already feeling relief. Feeling confident my headaches will be a thing of the past!

Johanna Martinez

I love Dr. Vic he is amazing. For the first time in years my back feels normal. Aliyah receptionist is the sweetest.

West T

I’ve never felt more welcome or valued as a patient as I do when I visit The Joint Chiropractic in Glendale. Dr. Robbins has been a breath of fresh air when it comes to treating my chronic low back pain, because I’ve often felt like no one will listen to me or believe what I’m going through. Not only does Dr. Robbins take the time to explain what she is doing, but she has taught me many techniques that have turned my life around. She is a complete professional when it comes to assuring my comfort and modesty while treating me, and I truly think that the negative review below is not only false but it sounds like a malicious attempt by some entity to try to tarnish a reputation for whatever reason. Dr. Robbins’ results speak for themselves, and I would (and have) recommend her to anyone.

Ashley Samano

Awesome staff! Very helpful and friendly! Thank you for helping my journey to a better wellness!

Preston West

It was a very pleasant time and I’m looking forward to continue going here!

Maureen Cooney

Lucretia Dingler

ana martinez

Vincent Smith

I always feel like the care here is top notch.

amy vanmoer

Jamey Coen

The staff is friendly and very helpful. The treatment is very affordable. They have helped me immensely with my back pain. I have been coming here for 2 years now.

Kate Hanson

They are friendly and thorough with the trust meant but make sure to communicate the things that need to be worked on.

Connor Allison

I was having neck and upper back pain for a couple weeks. I immediately felt much better after the first visit. I highly recommend!

William lay

Always very friendly and able to help me keep moving.

Michelle Bearden

Great location, hours, staff and overall reputation. I was recommended this chiropractor. So thankful!

Paul R

I get in and out of the office there very quickly. They do a very nice job adjusting me. Help me keep my migraines down (as long as I don't wait too long between visits). Dr. Vick explains what the problem is and ways to correct it. Their price packages are very fair.


A few months ago I had terrible lower back pain. Had issues getting into/out of bed, walking and general movement. After just a few visits I had huge results and improvements in movement/comfort. After a little over a month or so of quick visits, I'm pain from and have more range of motion in my back/movements! Highly recommend!

Scott Rome

I came from another joint facility.. because I moved into the area.. Extremely happy to have met Dr Micheal..and will definitely continue coming back.. Great place!

Ammy Hinton

I was in so much pain. I was having trouble walking and having so much back and neck pain. I tried everything. The only thing left was to go to the chiropractor. So I went to the joint in broad ripple. I had the adjustment and had instant relief!! I look forward to each visit and get relief each time and I am moving much better!!. Everyone one is always nice and caring. Thanks everyone at The Joint!

Brent Dahl

Thomas Roberts

I used to go to a different chiropractor, but didn’t see much improvement. Within the first couple of visits I could feel the difference and with how good of a deal the wellness plan is, it was an easy decision to make The Joint a regular part of my life.

Sue Ferrill

Was skeptical of going to a chiropractor but after 2 visits......I don't know why I waited so long to go! Both doctors are awesome! Felt instant relief!

lil colonoscopy

I had been suffering with low back pain & sciatica for over 6 mos. I had tried everything - muscle relaxers, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories - nothing worked! I literally walked in to The Joint & roughly 25 minutes later, walked out feeling 1000% better! For the first time in 6 mos, I'm nearly pain-free! I'm no longer a skeptic...I HIGHLY recommend The Joint!

Little Southern Media

Abby Mandell

Ben Stone

Great monthly price, fast easy and I feel great thanks

John Valadez


Only 1 person at the desk and she was very nice. She took to the back for the adjustment and it literally finished by the time it had started. Very quick, which can be great for people who are in a rush; however I felt it was way to quick for the money spent. Less than 4 minutes tops. I had also felt, not only was this process very rushed, but that the over all chiropractic adjustment was NOT thorough at all. In which case would leave the body in more of a harmful state since rushed and without complete accuracy.

Linda Wright

Brad Witowski

Stacey Parker

Always have good experiences!

claudia soto

They are quick and so amazing !!! I got the wellness plan

Trisha Peterson

Intelli Classy

The front desk service is womderful. The service is quick and friendly and the doctors are friendly and knowledgeable. I saw Dr. Warren today-have seen 4 different one's so far-and she is by far my favorite.

Veronica Kozlowski

Patrick Mathews

Julia Liakhova

A great place for regular chiropractic adjustments - friendly, flexible, and affordable. Especially when you buy their 20-visit package . Dr Danny at the Bloomington office is fantastic!

Laurie Howard

Wonderful results from The Joint Chiropractic for a rib injury. I have gotten so much relief from Dr. Daniel Sowada's adjustments, the staff is so friendly and efficient and my pain is so much better. I hadn't been using Chiropractic in 30+ years and am so impressed by how well I feel from head to toe from their care.

Fatuma Mohamed

Christian Neal-Herman

Professional and comfortable experience. I'll definitely be back.

Keith Schiele


Marylou Post

I cannot say enough about the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Drs. Vic and Scardina alleviated my muscle and joint discomfort after only one visit. My quality of life has totally improved!

Joshua Miller

Michealangelo Kyle


Stefanie Pacheco

Love this place! Signed up on my first visit, the front desk is always very welcoming and Lainey was so nice helpful in getting me set up. I've seen both doctors there and love that they both have different techniques and ways to help me out! Glad they have the wellness program I can do as its helping me throughout my pregnancy!

H Blandin

Edward Hall

Kim Howard

The Joint on Keystone Ave provides wonderful service. Dr.Robins is always informative and she is very knowledgeable. I am always treated friendly and professionally. I highly recommend her

Trixsome Strantz

The team was friendly and amazingly thorough. If you are in pain, this is the place to go!

Dan Kozar

Very welcoming staff. Very professional. Chiropractors are friendly and attentive. Always enjoy coming.


Great for a fast fix/relief! The male doctor was very nice, respectful and informative. The place was clean and the wait was short. Would not stop going to my regular chiropractor but it’s a great option for last minute or “emergency” fix.

Matt Edgar

Dr. Dan is a true professional! He gets to know all patients and their individual needs, works with them to find alternative solutions to maintain proper alignment and has a great sense of humor. Hear it from a teacher that stands all day: A+!

Sydney Pittman

quinn batiste

Great customer service will recommend the business to others in the future.....Thanks very happy!

Matthew Luczak

I’ve had other chiropractors in the past and they don’t compare to either doctors at the Joint. I would have nagging back pain and shoulder pain...GONE! Since joining the wellness plan, I go once a week and I don’t wake up with pain anymore and I’m way more comfortable throughout the day. Plus, you can’t beat the price. Only $69 a month for their wellness plan!! I wouldn’t recommend any other chiropractor. These guys are great!!

Natalie Jeter

Dr.Julie is the best! My mother is a chiropractor (who has been the only person I would let touch my back) but when she moved I had to find someone else and Dr.Julie is the best! And going to a place with walk in availability instead of making an appointment is so much more convenient especially for busy people like me! The staff is so sweet and the plan for $60 a month (go about once a week) is soo worth it instead of $29 a visit! The wait is never that long I go around 2:30-4ish and I’ve only had to wait 20-25min at max!

Kristin Robertson

We got a warm welcome and great customer service! My fiance got immediate relief and even got to visit the office twice in one day! Definitely reccomend this place!

Jeff Plaza

Cam in with low back and mid back issues. Feel much better after being adjusted.

Andrea Harrell

The Joint has gotten me out of a lot of pain. They're an affordable local chiropractic health service. They're always incredibly professional and compassionate, which is important in such a hands on service. Denae Killebrew in particular has great people skills and really cares about doing right by her customers. I've been using the Joint for my chiropractic needs for years now.

Alyssa Shelton

I’ve been to many The Joint locations and had amazing experiences with all of them, this location is no different. Dr. Vic did a fantastic job adjusting my neck and hips. He even taught me how and why my problems occur. You can tell Dr. Vic is passionate about his work and really wants to help people. There are a lot of chiropractors out there but none offer the flexible, affordable and professional service like The Joint. Thank you so much Dr. Vic and The Joint you really are lifesavers ♥️

Christian Clouse

I love coming to the Joint to get my neck and back re-aligned. Dr. Grotzinger is very knowledgeable about the human anatomy and will explain exactly what he's doing and how you can help yourself when you leave. The staff here is always so nice and my wife and I will be coming here for a long time!

Allison Laurent

Fabulous experience! It was so easy and Dr. Dan took his time to explain what is was that he was doing but I was still only there for about 15 minutes. I’m defiantly going back!

Matthew Adams

Daniel has helped my back survive the trials of a stagnant corporate desk job since December. He's a great adjuster, friendly and very personable as well is the rest of the staff! I dont feel like an old man when i bend over anymore! Do your core exercises kids! ;)

Asunshun .

Dr Dan is awesome, pricing is affordable, staff is super friendly and remember my name. Highly recommend giving it a try. Was hesitant about doing a package but it has honestly been worth it.

Sarah Roberts

Came in with sciatica pain in my lower back that I had been nursing for a few days. Was able to get adjusted and some much needed relief. Nice to find a convenient chiropractor with affordable prices and extended hours.

Serena Reynolds

The best adjustments in the Midwest with fast, friendly service, convenient hours, and fantastic prices! The staff is amazingly helpful and fun! It is always a joy and the highlight of my day to visit The Joint in Shorewood! MAKE THIS YOUR CHIROPRACTIC HOME!

T-Man Tamene

I came in with pain and left without pain. That is 5 star for me.

Nick Walton

Aly Francis

Presented information very well, great and friendly staff, and I feel great! If you have a desk job please visit The Joint, I didn’t realize my back was causing so much pain until I went here.

Denae Ball

Great place! No more negative energy! All positive! Dr. Grotzinger is a great and compassionate male doctor. Very skilled. New staff members, Dr. Warren awesome, thorough down to earth female doctor. Very skilled as well. New wellness Coordinators. Warm environment. You'll be right at home. Weekly raffles. Prizes are from other local businesses as cross promotions are important while building community relationships. Check the Facebook page and IG page out!

Heidi Prawat

Dr. Robins changed my life. I have never had such a compassionate chiropractor who genuinely cared about my well being and healing process. She is kind and professional and is always thinking of the patient's needs first. Highly recommend you get seen by her.

Jeffrey Blackburn

Candy Phillips

Send you back 2 at a time no other facility in this country does that that is an invasion of privacy if you don't know the person

Hannah Bergeron

So accommodating and they really know what they’re doing. As a frequent chiropractor user, I highly recommend! I will be back. Thanks for making me feel great!

Jennifer Clark

I would highly recommend the joint. They listen to your needs and help you to recovery. Thanks to the joint I was able to get back to work sooner and have less pain. What’s great about them also, you don’t need to make appointments

Lauren Johnson

I am rating the full time chiropractor with 1 star because rating with zero stars is not an option. She was unhelpful and I had a terrible experience on each of my visits. I've been to other chiropractors and know that she could have done her job much better. She didn't give me any relief and never really worked the problem areas. Each visit I told her that I literally felt the same that I did from day 1, but she never tried any different techniques. Worst part is that she tried to make me feel like my HAIR (dreadlocks) was an issue. Each visit she made a rude comment about my hair telling me it was in her way and made her job difficult. She told me if I could just "DO SOMETHING with it" then it would make her job easier (even when I tied my hair in a bun at the top of my head).... She tried to make it seem as though my hair was the reason I was having severe neck pains! The length of my dreadlocks doesn't add any more weight to my neck My hair is neat and well maintained. Her comments were absurd. I recommend a race relations course for this chiropractor. She needs to learn how to be more sensitive towards patients from different ethnic backgrounds. The building is clean and the receptionists are friendly, knowledgable and helpful. I would recommend this clinic to others if they had other options for chiropractors.

Oscar Trevino Sr

Highly recommend this place, Dr. Vick is absolutely fantastic!!!

Darin Mathews

Great experience every time I walk in the door. Low price, never a long wait, smiling faces always. Dr. Robins is amazing! Professional, clean, and know what they are doing. Walk out every time feeling amazing! Thank you Broad Ripple location!

Robbie Greer

Great service and very friendly!

Brian Winter

Awesome staff! Great affordable chiropractic care. I strongly recommend a wellness plan!!

Rayna Bergan

Kirk Clermont

Tim Kruse

Had a 9:30 appointment, they took walk-ins, other appointments and pretty much anyone ahead of me. Waited over an hour and eventually just walked out. Absolutely no time or appointment management. It appeared the way to get seen was to be friends with someone who worked there.

Brittany Woods

I love this place it’s truly amazing when you come in one person and leave another I love it !!!! I wish I could give more stars honestly they deserve it !!!

Judy Ames

Love going to this location. Very friendly and efficient staff. I always feel better when I have had a treatment

Carolina Carnicelli-Eppards

I walked in my first day after being treated poorly at hospital ER twice in 3 days, I had severe pain due to a rotation in my hip, could barely walk, or move, today I drove myself through rush hour traffic from Downtown to Glendale for my 4th session, all the front desk staff are super nice and God bless the 3 different doctors, I am extremely thankful and will continue my treatment with them and afterwards get into regular adjustments. I strongly recommend this place.

Julia Tate

Not open during business hours listed on website.

Leah Vergara

Always professional and polite. Great hours. Gets my back problems done right! I will continue to get my adjustments from The Joint!

Talia Childs

Ingrid Deer

I’ve been to 3 different Joint locations and Dr. Robins takes her time to advice me how to take care of my self during visits. I highly recommend her and the service The Joint provides. Very clean place.

Ceramic Pro Baton Rouge

Very informative, nice and knowledgeable. Will be going back for regular visits and highly reccomend!

Steven Thompson

Excellent service and care!! Would highly recommend checking this place out, Dr. Danny is the man. He not only took the time to explain the process and what he was doing but he made sure I was comfortable and had a great experience.

Becki Hackett

Taunt Lu

Kathy Molitor

Great adjustments...Great Doctors!!!

ABreathOfFresh Eri

OMG The Chiropractor was a SUCCESS!!! I can officially move my head!!! Definitely check out The Joint Chiropractic Broadripple! They are open 7 days a week and you just walk in! And it’s $29 for your first visit!!!

Jose L Suarez

josh p

hampton graves

I just joined two weeks ago,I have been going to chiropractor,s for years,Dr. Vic and his crew rate right at the top. Enrollment was easy, ID badge sign is a snap and your greeted by your first name. My first treatment showed improvement immediately the second good also,it,s a gradual progress but we’ll get there. And prices are affordable,quite different from other experience,s . My son comes here also,Great service would highly recommend. HRG.

Jackie Elliott

Dr Vic is the best!

Joe Thalman

The joint us a great deal, especially if you opt for the 20 pack and they kick in four free adjustments during a promotion. That being said, it is,all about the professionalism of the chiropractors who adjust there. Dr. DANNY is very involved in diagnosing and treating. He shows genuine interest in his patients. He showed me a few stretches to do after workouts and also using a foam roller. He is very thorough and a talented Chirp. Dr. Lo is only in Bloomington one day a week, but he is also very thorough and does great adjustments. I had one adjustment by a fill in who was just not able to adjust me to my satisfaction and they readily gave me a credit for another, no hassle at all. I have found two great doctors at the Bloomington location and both do a great job. I have opted for the 20 pack and got the four free treatments. That is a tough deal to beat!

Kari Davies

Doctor Danny is helping me rehab my shoulder. He always takes the time to answer my questions and take care of my issues. The service at this location is friendly, professional, and always goes above and beyond what I expect.

Mary Bloswick

This place is great. Everyone is friendly, but this is all about business. They get you in, adjusted and on your way in less than the time you would be waiting at any other doctor's office. They have a number of different payment plans and options to make treatment affordable, as well as convenient. I would love more evening hours, but that's just me. They are open on weekends, which fits just fine into my busy schedule. If your back needs some love, The Joint will get you cracking, and back on your feet!

Natalia Fumero

Awesome walk-in system. The doctor was clearly qualified and very kind and the receptionist completely raised my known standards of customer care! 200% would recommend the Broad Ripple location.

mmpenn12345 .

Great staff, excellent adjustment and super affordable. Hands down best chiropractor experience. Highly recommended! Dr. Vick is very kind and thorough.

James Miles

Dr G is great! He has me feeling better already! Denae the clinic manager is very helpful and personable. Overall great experience.


Dr. Sutter did a wonderful job adjusting me and my family! I have went to both of the joint chiropractic clinics in LR and this one is by far the best! I saw Dr.Brown at the other clinic and was not impressed! Dr. Sutter on the other hand cares and ask you questions to help you get the best adjustment possible!

Sarai Alvarado

Ty May

Great place of business, the people are nice and I feel better every time I leave here!

Rebecca Dulin

Dave Carbonara

John Stiles - Bridge Realty

Holly Weinstine

Inexpensive option and so easy to swing in for a quick adjustment! And I feel great! :)

Kelly May

I'd highly recommend The Joint. Dr. Daniel is super knowledgable, friendly and provides great maintenance adjustments in a timely manner! This is a great way to stay on top of routine adjustments!! I'd highly recommend him!

Anabella Avalos

Sue O'Gara

John Pettit

Have to agree with others Dr Robins is very rude and quite frankly seems like a went there in severe pain with a pinched nerve just to be treated like nothing, maybe she was having an off day but I will never go back to that office again. Shame. Update.. and reason changed from 1 star to 4 Drove up to the Carmel location and doctors were great walked right in, respected and treated well. My pinched nerve in lower back freed up and was able to walk again. I see a chiropractor once a month however he wasn’t available on Sunday, leaving me to find an alternative. Post update. Got a call from customer service to ask about what happened told them how we were treated. Great to see they care and want to make sure everyone experiences a professional caring environment. My initial impression wasn’t great but afterwards would definitely recommend them if you need treatment.

Joseph Yogerst

Great adjustment! I'm a veteran and have back issues from my low back to my neck. I prefer this location because Dr. Danny knows how to get things moving again. My back is really stiff. He used traction on my first visit which really felt good on my low back. The side position to adjust my low back works the best with Dr. Danny because he has the knowledge and the strength to adjust it back to normal.

Ashyia Darden

Jill Woitas

Robb Quinlan

Valerie Weise

Loved my first experience at the joint! Denae at the front desk is so friendly and helpful, and Dr. Warren was an amazing listener and happy to help with all my problems.

David Miller

Becky Kingrey

Jackie Collins

Brandon Serpette

Andrew Patsch

Michael Tran

Left feeling great!!! Will be coming back for my maintenance!!!

Rachel Ramey

Awesome place would highly recommend going here! Both doctors are great and receptionists are very welcoming and friendly!

Jacob LeBeau

Always convenient and makes me feel better!

Mee Hee Smith

Appointments are thorough and quick. The doctors are great and they always check in to make sure to understand anything that needs more attention.


Dr. Robbins is an excellent chiropractor. She is a no-nonsense lady who is somewhat firm in manner, but don't let that fool you! She has the warm heart of a care-giver and is very sensitive to the needs of her patients. She is a good listener who is excellent at explaining what she's going to do, and ensuring I understand before getting my consent. I love going to her because she is unique in her approach to body work--she doesn't baby her patients, hold their hands, or try to sell them any New Age BS. AND THAT'S WHY SHE GETS RESULTS. She heals and empowers her patients, then holds them to high standards of self-care--she expects me to take as good care of myself as she does, and that's the IT factor that led me to change my habits, improve my health and change my life! In the negative review below, there are multiple suspicious comments that ring false or malicious, and do not reflect my experience there in the slightest. But what do I know? I've only been going there once a week for 6 months ;)

Ben Schmitt

I’m always in and out in 5-10 minutes. Feel good, and everyone is really helpful and nice. Not to mention it’s the least expensive chiropractic care I’ve ever seen. Great value.

Janaya Amos

Joanne Suriano

OMG, the Best Doctors ever. And the price is unbelievable. Will never ever go anywhere else.

James Banta

Came in on an whim because I had a free pass, found out was under new management but was taken care of in a timely manner. Treated very well and with the new doctor I feel refreshed.

Blake Robertson

Excellent service, they got me in quick and fixed all my neck pain!

Jenna Burke

Love this place. I am 23 and i have very weak joints and arthritis in my knee and ankle. Every week i come in and see them for a quick walk in appointment and walk out feeling great, so i can do the things i do! Thanks to them, i can keep snowboarding, biking, skiing, hiking, and skateboarding. They are the nicest people... ever. And they genuinely care about you and your wellbeing.


I love this place. I get an adjustment every week and I am able to go to any location that works for me walking in without an appointment. I feel much better!!!

Amanda London

Monday - Thursday i was treated very nicely and enjoyed my visit.. Fridays with Dr P. was not pleasant for me at all. I was just a patient ( she even called me that) popped my back standing up and sent me on my way.. i am 39 weeks pregnant and expected a hip adjustment and stretch of groin as i always get this with the other lady mon - Thurs

Sam Zeng

My chiropractor is really good, he fixes my knee even tho it still in progress!!! He told me every issues I have about my body condition! Tbh, just come and give it a shot

Akshat Khanna

Devan McCammack

Krissy Dorre

Very friendly people and always feel great coming out of there!!

Mary Villarreal

Robert Yowell

Wow, what a difference! If you have back issues I highly recommend The Joint. No appointments needed, just show up. I seriously hurt my back to the point I could hardly walk, and couldn't bend over at all. Dr. Julie spotted the problem right away and fixed it. I've been to other Chiropractors before but they are the best.

Leah Meow

1st time! Definitely recommend!

steve sampson

Angela Bucher

Paige Wallace

Lisa Clouse

casey capo

Absolutely amazing! I had such a wonderful experience my first visit at the Joint Chiropractic Place that I've been seeing Dr. Robins for almost a year now. She is very knowledgeable on chiropractic care and truly cares for her patients. I look forward to my weekly visit with Dr. Robins not only because I receive amazing adjustments but because I truly enjoy my time there. It's peaceful and quiet and Dr. Robins puts a lot of time and effort into her location to make it that way. The prices are extremely affordable and the hours are awesome. I would recommend not only The Joint to anyone but Dr. Robins as well. She is definitely the best!

Caitlyn Piacitelli

We love the receptionists and both doctors! Everyone is super knowledgeable and we love that we can just walk right in any time.

Jeff Rose

Been seeing a chiropractor for years. Moved to Louisiana and have had zero luck finding one that can fix me without using a cheat sheet(xrays), until now. If you have went to a chiropractor before, quit them and come here. If not, then come and see what heaven on earth can feel like. 5 stars all the way and will make it a weekly routine.

souley ali sambo

This is the worse place you can be with a bunch of paper work to sign .read before you sign anything else becarefull what you can get into i am posting this i had bad experience there and they got my money for the service i didn't get.

Jeremy Zinnel

Cole Money

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