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REVIEWS OF Northwest Chiropractic & Rehab IN Arkansas

Elizabeth Kirkendall

Thoroughly impressed and pleased with my experience. I've gone from having multiple headaches a week and neck pain that would negatively effect my lifestyle and work to being pain free! I'm so thankful for the entire team at Northwest Chiropractic & Rehab. They are a fantastic team that always makes me feel welcome and valued. I've highly recommended to friends in the area.

Mark Raucstadt

Dr Wagner only wanted one thing from me, $$$$. He told me he would get an MRI referral if I did not improve and demanded the $100 plus payment for each visit up front even though I had insurance. I went 2 times a week for several weeks and decided to cease treatments. Nathan even convinced me to enroll in a rehab deal for over $2000. He called me personally and said that I needed to continue treatments after I resisted because I was not improving and told him to give me a referral for the MRI, which he finally did after a few weeks. I had a spinal fusion surgery after the results after having an MRI and doing rehab for insurance. I wanted my money refunded but the finance guy refused and totally hurassed my insurance company. I was paid up in full but the money he was waiting on was mine. -1000000 stars for this place...

Denise Lomas

Sonja Wood

Heather Gomez

I feel so much better after years of being in pain and its all thanks to Dr Wagner and staff i give them 5 stars because they take the time to figure out whats causing the problem with x rays and exams to help fix the problem for a life time instead of just in and out service that i and i am sure many have gone threw so if you want to feel better and really fix the problem call and set up an appointment today with Dr Wagner and team at Northwest Chiropractic and Rehab

Tammy Seibel

Takes time to explain what's going on as well as shows you. Never hurries you in and out. Feeling much better now.

Sandy Haley

I can't express the gratitude to Dr. Wagner and his staff for the excellent service they provide. The pain in my legs is completely gone and my neck and lower back continue feeling better and better with each treatment. I would encourage anyone with constant pain to make an appointment with Dr. Wagner now. He can and will help you.

Cristina Schmoker

The best chiropractic clinic I have been to. I suffered from lower back pain and had visited several chiropractors and never really felt comfortable until I came to NW Chiropractic & Rehab. Both Dr. Wagner and the staff are super friendly and caring. I have been able to return to my normal activities with zero pain and feel amazing, even when I was pregnant I never suffered any kind of back pain thanks to Dr. Wagner.

Pineapple Rodeo

I really love this place they have helped me get so much relief from my back! Also they are all so nice, me and Uriel the office manger alway talk about movies and I always have a pleasant time going to the Chiropractor!

Catherine Julius

I went to Dr. Wagner because I was suffering from shoulder pain, hip pain, sciatic nerve issues, and limited mobility. I was very frustrated. My frustration was met with immediate diagnosis, with x-rays and examination to support the diagnosis, and a treatment plan. I was skeptical because my issues seem to be so disconnected. Within the first three treatments my shoulder pain was gone and my mobility had improved enough that I could return to my workouts without pain. My hip/back/neck issues were a bit more of a challenge but because of Dr. Wagner's treatment plan, I am constantly improving and my life has not be limited in any way. I am able to continue my aggressive workout schedule without pain and am equipped with exercises for home that support treatment in the office. I am confident I will continue to get stronger and heal. I highly recommend Dr. Wagner, enough that I have sent my son to see him.

Shank 06

jim ashcraft

A very friendly and welcoming place Everyone Is very nice And Has helped me a great deal I would recommend This group to anyone. Five stars guys !

maci Scott

After years of shoulder pain that was looking like only surgery could fix, Dr. Nathan Wagner fixed me!!! I know it’s unrealistic to expect change in one appointment but for that’s all it was! Thanks for immediate relief!

Paula Parker

I initially went in to see Dr. Wagner for an Crossfit related elbow issue, but ended up getting treatment not only for that, but also for my scoliosis. I had been told by other Chiropractors that because I was over 40, there was no real treatment for my scoliosis. Dr. Wagner used his techniques to help issues I was having due to my condition, as well as with my spine being straighter and me being taller. I am thankful for his expertise in this are!! His staff is very friendly and helpful as well.

Vicki Rancier

Very friendly. The doctor has helped me tremendously.

Heather David

Very helpful and caring staff and Doctor.

Jeannie Robinson

I was recommended by a friend to come try out Northwest Chiropractic & Rehab for my neck and back problems I have been fighting for a long time. I have only just started and so far just sore from the adjustments, but I'm excited to work with this friendly and amazing staff.

Darla DeLucca

The Wandering Wylie's

Great atmosphere and I was feeling better after the first adjustment. Thank you.

Julian Bland

The team here is awesome. Really helped get me walking again.

Vickie Bicknell

I honestly thought the pain I was living with was just going to be a part of me for the rest of my life. I am so thankful to Dr. Wagner for the first time in years the pain in my hip, leg and heel is almost gone. And on some days not there at all. Dr. Wagner and his staff are wonderful.

Cameron Alexander

I have be n seeing Dr. Wagner for almost 5 years now. He is the best that I have been to and his team is great. He knows what he is doing and his team is very friendly. I always look forward to my visits. He really does a good job listening to the issues you are having and helping the various pains go away. I definitely would recommend going here

Kim Duncan

I am very impressed with Dr. Wagner and his whole staff. I have had two bad experiences with chiropractors in the past and was not thrilled about trying again. I am truly getting better and see how the treatment plan is working on me and for me. I would recommend The NW Chiropractic and Rehab to everyone and already have.

Crystal Streater Paparazzi Independent Consultant

I'm a flights attendant and had an overnight in the area, so what better chance to stop by and get adjusted. The staff was awesome and Dr Wagner was amazing. I'm very satisfied with my outcome, the warmness of the office and staff and kindness towards each patient that was there. I'm so happy with my outcome and I will most definitely be back when I'm in town.

Hannah Hollaway

Dr. Wagner is fantastic! I've been going to another chiropractor for over two years without any answers. Dr. Wagner found the problem on the first visit and I'm finally receiving the proper treatment and on the path towards healing.

Zoe Gastineau

Awesome place, people, and experience

Kathy Crego

The people here are so nice and welcoming and Dr. Wagner is the BEST! I went in without much expectation since I was in pretty bad neck, mid back and lower back pain and after one treatment I feel amazing! I cannot express how happy I am from my initial consult with Dr. Wagner who took his time with me explaining how everything was going to work, to my next visit when he went over my preliminary exam and showed me how much out of alignment I was through my xrays to doing my first adjustment and how great I felt afterwards even into the next day. I've been to other chiropractors but none have been so in depth with how my treatment plan was going to go. I am so very grateful to Dr. Wagner and his staff. You will not be disappointed if you feel you are in need of chiropractic care and choose this location as your place to get relief and feel welcomed.

Mary Jane Watson

I've been a satisfied patient of Dr. Wagners for several months now and my health continues to improve every single day. I was heavier, slumped forward with poor posture, and in a lot of pain caused by my multiple spinal conditions. On a pain scale of 1-10, I was averaging a 7 in those problematic areas. Every area of pain is now at a 2 or better, and at this rate, I'm excited that I can be completely pain-free in the near future! After just a few non-invasive adjustments and other small, yet highly effective procedures by Dr. Wagner, I felt incredible. My entire torso, from top to bottom, loosened up from the frigid brick wall it had become, making my walks and workouts more effective again. I've lost over 15 lbs and counting and I've tried everything to pass those first five before. Bathing, walking my dog, and every task in between is a breeze to tackle, and not such a self- esteem crushing challenge anymore. I have Dr. Wagner and his highly skilled staff to thank for cutting those heavy chains off my body and giving me room to breathe, live, and stand tall once again. Going to Northwest Chiropractic & Rehab is the best thing I've ever done for my well-being and I've signed on for another year!!

Mickey Mcnair

I was,nervous about going to a chiropractor but they,make it relaxing and comfortable thank you guys

Stephanie Jouett

Finally found a Chiropractic office and staff that actually cares about helping you to feel better. They helped created a plan to get me out of pain not only short term but for long term. For once I have hope that it won't always be a life in pain for me. Thank you guys!!!

Roxane Hartley

I love everyone at Dr. Wagner's office because they care about me and my progress. I was in two car accidents and my right leg was numb all the time. Now after treatment, I am much better!


They are awesome! Not only are they super friendly, but they will work with your schedule if needed. They are very informative and go over every detail with you. Also, Dr. Wagner is first doctor to crack my neck without scaring me and able to crack upper back. I would recommend them to anyone.

Kara Beth Cole

Dr Wagner is great! Since visiting his office for the first time my neck pain has significantly improved. I love his approach to long term care, aiming to get me pain free but stay that way with a very detailed recovery plan. He thoroughly studied my x-rays and exam notes, sharing copies of everything with me, as well as explaining what was going on with my spine in a very concise and easy to understand way. His support staff is also extremely kind and caring and very accommodating with my schedule since I have young children. I would highly recommend Dr Wagner and his staff, they have been wonderful!

Jeanette A GIideon

I am feeling so much better with weekly adjustments. Dr Wagner is so good at what he does! The office staff is kind, friendly, and personable! I fell last December and severed my quadriceps muscle from my kneecap. Not only has my back become stronger and less painful but the knees are too, and they are much stronger! My knees were so painful, I could barely sit and stand repeatedly. I'm a Private Duty RN, and my job requires it. My right knee was the injured one, but the the left knée actually got weaker thank n the right, to asit the right. My kneeds are stoner aND thepain.

Kristen Vick

Christina Wilson

Tim Kenyon

Excellent! When I first went to Dr. Nate I couldn't walk across the parking lot without have extreme pain in my lower back. After two visits I was walking almost pain free.

ashley mauldin

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