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REVIEWS OF Favorite Family Chiropractic IN Arkansas

Sandra Marshall

Dr. Favorite has made a huge difference in how my back feels. He takes the time to listen and the treatment is effective. Highly recommend!

Katheleen Cannella

Dr. Favorite is very kind and professional. I liked the chiropractic treatment I received and my back did feel much better after leaving. He knew right away what the issue was and worked on it and communicates very well!

Jennifer Whittle

I cannot stress enough how much Dr. Favorite has helped me with my MANY various back and neck issues. Since I started my treatment, I have more energy, more range of motion and all of my body aches AND migraine headaches have subsided by over 85%. The ladies that work the desk are friendly and helpful. They always greet me pleasantly by name when I arrive. Dr. Favorite has an excellent beside manner and knows his stuff. I highly recommend this practice and suggest that you try this out and see the HUGE difference it makes.

Crystal Samora

Every time I come in to see Dr. Favorite, I am met by a friendly staff, they are always friendly, professional and make sure that all my needs are met. Dr. Favorite, is an amazing chiropractor, I have not ever walked out the office sore, but have always felt revived and healthier after I leave, his techniques are gentle but effective.


Dr. Favorite and his staff are wonderful!

Mathew Wittwer

Dr. Favorite assessed my situation in a very knowledgeable and professional manner. He came up with a game plan and time line to get me back to 100%. My experience with Dr. Favorite has made me a firm believer in chiropractic care!

Celeste Wheeler

Dr. Favorite is the best most gentle chiropractor I know. I am confident I was the most afraid of any patient he has ever had. He was perfect to ease my fears and was able to let me go at my own pace. He has helped my husband's ear issues, Autistic son, and I no longer suffer with chronic headaches. He has been so helpful with my kids, husband and myself. I would recommend him for affordability too! He is very reasonable with his prices and is not one of the Chiropractors that say you should come 3 times a week for the rest of your life. He truly is wanting you to get better then to maintain your optimum health. The other great thing about his clinic is his loving, friendly and helpful staff. I feel like family with he and his staff!

Ines De La Torre

Melissa Ellzey

Dr. Favorite is excellent and truly cares about your wellbeing. Very professional and friendly!

kevin klueckman

My wife and I have used Dr. Favorite, He has always been vary professional and courteous to us. He explains his treatment procedure so you can understand the steps he will be taking through your treatment. I highly recommend him!

Bekah Rose

My family loves Dr. Favorite. We would call him that even if it weren't his name. After almost a year of being in his care, I experience significantly less pain and neck injuries from my scoliosis. My children (2 and 4) love to get adjusted. We have found Dr Favorite to be extremely knowledgeable on many other health matters beyond just the spine; he has an excellent understanding of the body's interrelated systems and is happy to answer any questions we have. His office staff is a joy. It always brightens our day to visit this office. Highly recommended.

Jason Coleman

Best Chiropractor I've ever been to! I dislocated my shoulder and had to sleep funny because of it, then my neck got all jacked up. So I went here and not only did they straighten my neck back up Dr. Favorite also helped me with my shoulder. I feel better than I did before I even hurt my shoulder. Plus this place is also super clean and professional, and open til 6 (which I really like).

Lewis Wayne

Dr. Favorite is truly amazing at what he does, I have suffered from lower back pain for the past 7 years now, I've seen countless doctors and none of them could find the slightest thing wrong with my back. Within 20 minutes my paperwork was filed, and he had me taking x-rays. The next day he knew exactly what was wrong with my back, and has been working on it since. This was almost a month ago. I haven't had any of the pain since seeing Dr. Favorite and I will continue seeing him as long as I possibly can. I am a real person and I greatly encourage you pay him a visit if you're in pain. He has made a dramatic difference in my life and I promise he can do the same for you. Thanks for reading and best of luck getting your pain taken care of!

David Burshek

Dr. Favorite and his chiropractic techniques benefited me greatly. I would not hesitate to recommend he and his practice to anyone.

Rachel W.

Rebecca Hunsperger

a few years ago I had a really bad car accident, I was not able to move my head because my neck was so sore, my daughter was also with me in the accident and was having back pain. Within just a few treatments, Dr. Favorite had my daughter walking without pain, and had me looking all around again. After a few years, a new marriage and a move out of state, I still come back to get an adjustment as often as I am able, I only wish I was able to get back more often! If you want a doctor who is compassionate, dedicated and truly caring, Dr. Favorite is the one for you! His staff is always helpful and friendly and it just doesn't get better than Dr. Favorite!!

Phillip Bendall

Very friendly staff, and Dr. Favorite was very professional and helpful. I had never been to a chiropractor before, so was understandably nervous about the process. He explained everything to me thoroughly, and the procedure went quite smoothly. I'll definitely be back!

Imre Glaser

Dr. Favorite helped me fix an excruciating hip pain. He went through all of my treatment options, and different exercises that I can do at home to speed my recovery. He sees my whole family from myself to my newborn daughter, fixing her acid reflux. Every time I see him, I am astonished at how gentle and caring he is with all of us!

Kelly Cross

At Favorite Family Chiropractic you will receive excellent care. Dr. Favorite is an amazing chiropractor.

Ryan Godsey

My wife and I have been to several chiropractors over the past 10+ years and Dr. Favorite has been one of the best. He really knows his stuff and is willing to meet patients where they are at. His staff is also very friendly. The whole office is very in tune with patient needs and preferences. Great customer service plus results - what more could you ask for?

Morgan Butcher

Dr. Favorite is the best chiropractor I've gone to. He is very practical. I went to 4 different chiropractors before I started going to him. I'd had migraines at least once a week for 2 days a piece before. He was the first chiropractor to be able to get rid of them. I can't explain how much he has helped my neck,head and back. I wouldn't go to anyone else. One of the bones in my leg will even go out of place sometimes, causing pain, and he can put it back in place for me.

Kimberly Hewitt

On our 1st visit the staff was quick and nice, Dr. Favorite was very professional but had wonderful bedside manner worked on my daughter and she absolutely loves him! Our family will be going to him and anyone else that ask.

Jody Owens

Dr Favorite helped with my skiatica nerve problem he knew just where to push

Mike Jeffcoat

Dr. Favorite is the best I have been to out of several different chiropractors. He listens to your problems and does what it takes to make you feel better. I have a long term problem and he relieves the pain and helps me get back to everyday life.

Cherie Rogers

I've been seeing him off and on for a year. Dr favorite really does care about your well being and your pain. He listens and builds a plan with you to make sure your getting the best care possible! I've had so much relief and the adjustments leave me feeling energetic and ready to take on the rest of my week!

Chris Clinton

I came in with chronic neck and lower back pain. After just a couple of treatments, I started feeling tremendously better. Dr. Favorite not only helps relieve the pain and discomfort that you are feeling, but he also is very knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns and explains the process that I was have had. He has given me alternatives to help with congestion and muscle fatigue that I was having. This has been a wonderful experience and I am more than happy to tell everyone to come and see him!

Gary DeWitt

Katherine Gaddy

luyao wang

Dr. Favorite help me with the neck and it’s getting better and better! Hopefully they could have aetna insurance!

Charles H

Our whole family loves getting our adjustments!

Jake Schafer

Dr. Favorite is great! He doesn't just adjust you. He accesses your condition, diagnoses your injury, then adjusts you accordingly in order to give you comfort. He gives you the tools needed to heal, then teaches you how to avoid reinjury and how to live a healthier lifestyle from a chiropractor's perspective. Easily the best Dr I have been to since moving to the area. The Atmosphere is outstanding, very laid back and the girls at the front counter are so kind! Would highly recommend!

tyler Dowbysh

Dr. Favorite provides excellent service, is always on time so you don't have to wait well beyond your scheduled appointment and he takes the time to explain the treatment plan and sets realistic recovery expectations.

Nicki Albright

I have had great results with my chiropractic care from Dr. Marcus Favorite. I would highly recommend!

Meredith Andersen

Dr Favorite is fantastic! He relieved my whiplash neck pain in a week, when other chiropractors and PT had worked on them for 9 months. He is great with our kids, who are all athletes, too.

Tina Fair

Best chiropractor! Went for back pain after having two children and now my back is good as new.

Aimee Cress

Dr.Favorite and his team are AMAZING! they're the most caring and compassionate doctors I've ever been to. I'm happy to have Dr. Favorite and his team helping to fix me!!!!

Kayla Lester

I have been going here since early April and this is the best my back has felt in a long time. Past back injuries and a re entry wreck had left me with an annoying constant ache and occasional terrible pain. Dr. Favorite and his staff are so amazing and friendly. I highly recommend him.

Krista Carr

Dr . Favorite is fantastic .he does a great job reducing pain and helping me maintain a pain free life . Scheduling is great and walking in is totally an option!

Ruth Westmoreland

I have been noticing results!! And the staff and Dr. Favorite are very helpful and nice. Very understanding. God bless them.

Tabitha Giardino

I had stopped going to the chiropractor for reasons that seemed to keep popping up and after it was one month, it was three and then eight. I drove long distance over a two week period which finished off what strength and comfort I had left in my lower back and made the rest of my joints from head to toe begin to complain on an hourly basis. I came back to Favorite Chiro quickly after I returned from my trip because I was hurting so badly. He did not judge or scold me for not coming in. He happily treated me and showed the faith he had when I started here in the first place... I could get help here. I was having a very hard time getting up from sitting or laying down because my lower back was so tense and stabbingly painful. Also, the injury to my left shoulder was getting worse and worse every month that went by even though I was trying to go gently with it. After a few shorts weeks of care, I was able to stand after laying down with little more than an ache and I finally felt good enough to walk around the park and do light yoga again. Because I was healing, I was able to exercise to strengthen the muscles and other soft tissues which came back around to my healing even more and the cycle continues. I am still adapting some of my actions until I get fully healed, but I finally feel like I am getting better! My activities of daily living are no longer determined by my pain. I am feeling so much better! Thank You T. G.

Haven Bailey

Wow! Look at all these great reviews! I will say that I have had chronic lower back pain for about 10 years. I got x-rayed once and the doctor found nothing, but Dr. Favorite was able to and created a specific treatment plan for me. It's only been two weeks, but I feel great every time I leave, and when I told them I couldn't afford to pay (even with my insurance, 3 visits per week = 120/week!) they helped me with a payment plan! I am very grateful and excited about my treatment.

Chris Rogers

I've been to quiet a few chiropractors in my life but this is by far the best. I highly recommend this business!!

J-Kirk 479

I don't usually give out a five rating for businesses but, this has got to be one of the best Chiropractors out there! I had some somewhat chronic upper back and neck pain for some year now. When I started seeing Dr. Favorite he immediately starting working on me after carefully looking over my x-rays. The pain in my back was gone within a few days. I now see Dr. Favorite at least once a week and since I started seeing him a couple of months ago I haven't had any pain. I highly recommend Dr. Favorite!

Jill Vanlandingham

I would recommend Dr. Favorite to any of my friends or family having back or neck pain. He and his staff care about their patients. Dr. Favorite studies and searches for the best methods to treat his patients and his office is open until 6:00. Definitely one of the best chiropractors in this area!


Dr. Favorite at Favorite Family Chiropractic is an amazing chiropractor who has helped me immensely.

Sara Stripling

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Favorite and his staff. They are respectful, courteous, helpful, and competent. Dr. Favorite listens to your needs and responds. He is also willing to work with you on payments because his biggest concern is helping you to be healthy. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my health and I can attest that I've already experienced improvement. For example, the first day I saw him, my shoulder was out of place due to joint laxity. It had been hurting for over a month, which is why I made the appointment. One adjustment and it felt better. No joke. I've experienced that with other issues as well. All this is to say that if you're looking for a good chiropractor who takes time to listen to you, who genuinely cares about your well-being, and is passionate about what he does this is the place.

Mommy Tube

Dr. Favorite, along with the sweet ladies at the front desk, have been simply amazing! I believe helping people live their best life possible is Dr. Favorite's calling in life. He and his staff truly care and are passionate about what they do. Through my ongoing treatment plan for back pain, I have complete faith in his ability to get me back to feeling like my old self again! Thank you a million times over! With much gratitude, Jennifer Goble

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