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REVIEWS OF Arbor Vitae Chiropractic IN Arkansas

Darrell Boyd

Dr Tom is extremely knowledgeable and in 20+ years of seeing a chiropractor he is the best. I’ve never felt better or been in better health. The staff is as nice they come and very helpful. Such an amazing place and environment. Thank you Dr Tom and staff!

Adrian Cabal

Dr. Tom is a really cool guy. Staff are always friendly and cheerful.

Matthew Martin

Great place. Great staff. Great atmosphere. Recommend for all ages.

Casen Largent

Dr. Tom Great!!!! I had a horrible pain in my neck that had been going on for about a month. After the first adjustment I wasn't in pain. After about a month my sleep and focus improved. If your looking for a chiropractor, you should come here. Best Place in NWA!!! Plus they treat you like family!


Dr. Tom and his team are highly educated and knowledgeable in all things chiropractic. I saw Dr. Tom throughout my pregnancy, which allowed me to have not only an easier pregnancy, but a fast/natural birth. His team was even able to assist me in finding a chiropractor closer to my area when I relocated to ensure both myself, my child, and my husband were able to all remain under consistent care. I'm so thankful to say my sweet toddler is extremely healthy and teething has been a breeze due to consistent adjustments. The thing I love absolutely most about this practice is that they aren't just there for when you have back pain, but there to prevent it as well. I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about this incredible team of people!

Autumn Galvan

By far one of the best practices I have been to! They try to make a relationship with you and your family so they make your experience more down to Earth

Maxie Carpenter

They've got client relation building figured out!

Prarthna Hazarika

Very happy that I chose Arbor Vitae! The best chiropractic experience so far for me. I could feel the healing very soon.

Haley Smith

Shannon Sterling

This had totally changed my life & giving me hope again that I won't be in pain the rest of my life!!!

Kimberly Mead

Arbor Vitae is amazing! I’ve started going in regularly and have noticed a huge difference in my health. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for incredible physical healing, help reaching their health goals, and an amazing team who cares about each person who walks through the doors!!

Wade Bishop

A truly awesome staff which provides first rate compassionate care!

Caleb Burky

Dr. Tom and his team are incredible professionals. Their technique and approach is top notch and my health as well as my wife’s has greatly improved. Sarah & Shelby as well as all the other Chiropractic assistant are the best in all of NWA

Sara Green

Wonderful staff and great treatment outcomes!

Zach Wellesley

I have to say I’ve never been to a chiropractor before because I was always scared of getting something out of place but they have treated use with great care and I enjoy less pain now. Best place ever!

Deb Helms

I have had back issues since I was a teenager. I was even told I had affixation of 3 joints of my spine, in between the shoulder blades. This would cause a host of problems. Dr. Tom has managed to get those to move and without causing the extensive pain that I normally would be in before. Excited to see my body work better and better as time goes on.

Ben Neeriemer

Deanna Ratcliffe

Love Dr. Tom and his staff. I am feeling the best I have in several years. I highly recommend stopping by for a visit.

Angela Angel

Madi Parker

The staff is so nice and loving. The results are amazing and my pain has improved very much.

Stella Myers

On the road to great things, the improvements my husband has seen are amazing. Dr Tom is awesome and very active in your healing process. Definitely feel like a family member

Jay Masonhall

Best chiropractic care! Awesome place with awesome staff

Stephanie Neckels

Dr. Tom and his staff are amazing! Very friendly and helpful! I’ve been going since June of this year and have seen amazing results in my migraines! I use to get 3-5 a week! Right now I couldn’t tell you the last migraine every since I started see Dr. Tom!

sabrina solis

I have been seeing Dr. Tom for almost a year. He has helped minimize my back pain, and completely eliminated my insomnia, depression, and anxiety. I highly recommend giving him a chance!

Rebecca Pryer

I have been going for over a year and my hip, knee, and back pain are gone. Dr. Tom does a great job! The staff are very sweet and caring, and always lift my spirits when I'm there.

Chris Hill

If you're searching for a chiropractic office, this is the place to be! The staff here is so loving and caring which makes for an incredible atmosphere. I can't say enough about Dr. Tom and Brooke, they truly are a gift to the Bentonville region.

Jared Hood

This is unlike any other chiropractor I've been to. I have been seeing chiropractor's for several decades and the way Dr Tom achieves results is unique. Please stop by and visit with him and the team to see for yourself. You'll be happy you did!

Abbie Hewkin

Such a positive, welcoming environment! They're very knowledgeable and thorough with their education. I know my family is in good hands with Dr. Tom and his team. We've never felt better than we do under care!

Jared J

Best chiropractor I have been to period.


Awesome place and friendly staff

Lauren Lamarche

Great place, great staff deff the place to go in NWA.

Alisha Boyd

Dr. Tom, Brooke, and their staff are fantastic! So thankful my husband and I have found them. They care so much about each person at their practice and serve us all with excellence.

Alli Morelli

What a blessing Dr. Tom and Brooke are to their community! I enjoy how much they educate you in chiropractic and the process of their office. They're different than many chiropractors I've met with how they approach the whole body and realign so specifically. Also, their office is so beautiful, not a stuck in the Stone Age type practice. I highly recommend Arbor Vitae!!

Kim Souza

I am very happy with service I am getting from Dr. Tom and has staff. The tension in my neck and shoulders has greatly improved in the past month. I recommend their services.

Dustin Corey

My wife and I have been coming to Dr. Tom and his crew for the past year and could not be happier with the experience! Not only have we both seen serious improvements in our bodies, but we have also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the staff. They are friendly, caring, fun, and don’t just treat you like another patient. Arbor Vitae is by far the best chiropractic experience I’ve ever had!

wilmer cortez

Finally found a great place where I can start healing and feel like people really care about they’re patients

Nakia Brener

I get adjusted here as well as my 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter. I'm pregnant with our 3rd and so glad Dr. Tom uses the Webster technique. I'm looking forward to a smooth pregnancy and delivery, and already my previous neck pain is gone. I highly recommend him for all ages and stages of life

Scott Sisemore

Absolutely the best chiropractic team anywhere! Go see them, your life will be better.

Samuel Blankenship

I’ve seen my health transformed since coming to Abor Vitae! Dr. Tom and team are always friendly, welcoming and intentional about treatment and improving your health.

Alex Rowan

I love coming here! They are always so nice and friendly!

Kristi Kroona

Awesome care!

Mom of musketeers

Dr.Tom helped me with my back pain and I'm feel lot better than I was when I started 4 months back....he is very approachable and always answers your questions. Very Friendly staff...

Stephanie Jambresic

Very friendly staff and a doctor who actually takes time to explain the process.

Tony Miller

Highly Recommend Dr. Tom. They have an incredible office that is not your "average" chiropractic office. He offers very specific and gentle care to help health challenges! I would trust Dr. Tom with the care of my entire family.


I went here about 6 months total and paid around $1400 for all my visits. I wasn't getting any better but unfortunately I fell for all that was being said and kept going hoping they were right and it would get better but as I look back on it now it was just a way to keep me there and collect money(my opinion). I truly wanted to believe in the Integrator, the small instrument that was being used. I was told since I had been dealing with my issues for many years it was going to take time. Well, 6 months is a lot of time for me with very little results so I did finally leave and decided to go to Better Back Co. The first visit I did get relief. I felt so disgusted with myself that I was out so much time and money before. Honestly, I know I should not have stayed as long as I did but I feel I was misled and I allowed it to continue to happen. I now see how niave I was. It won't happen again with any business like that. The staff was always very friendly coming and going. Dr. Tom was always friendly. This is why I will give a 2 star. The office manager wasn't always friendly. We live and learn. I should have known better but again I just had hope. I am sharing my story hoping no one else goes through this and is out a lot of time and money.

Exploding Devil

Awesome place

Mackenzie Corey

Before Arbor Vitae I had never been to a chiropractor, and it showed! Dr. Tom and his team have been great in helping my body overcome headaches, allergies, and just function better overall. I’m so thankful for Arbor Vitae! The staff is amazing and always make me and my husband feel so welcome and at home. They treat us, and we see them like family!

lko Wiley

I like that the chiropractor takes x-rays prior to conducting services and initially tries to show people there are different ways of healing. However, the way the practice is managed does not facilitate the intelligence of patients. The chiropractor spends approximately 5 minutes with patients. At first, that seems nice. Then, you realize his "corrective" approach turns into the "maintenance" approach which he says he doesn't support. I'd like to remind him that any doctor of any kind does NOT heal the patient. The patients heals themselves. The doctors can be a helpful tool to facilitate quicker healing, but spending 5 minutes with a patient based on x-rays you took a year ago is maintenance. Healing for longevity takes place when you stop doing what caused the problem in the first place. There are other chiropractors in the vicinity that offer a mixture of maintenance and corrective chiropractic care; these people will seek to educate you! Chiropractic care should consist of addressing immediate issues as well as showing the patient how to reverse and heal things themselves. With proper diet and movement of the body, chiropractic care would rarely be needed. If the parents are healthy, the children will enter the world healthy( I say this because he mentioned how stressful birth is on a baby. Well, the baby is meant to come that way and with healthy people, it will be a healthier experience). One more thing, the chiropractor seems intimidated by others seeking knowledge such as himself. We are all meant to know these things. There's no reason for a god-complex.

Garrett Troup

What are the prices here? I know some chiropractors charge and I am in a very tight spot. I have major swelling in my back and in desperate need of a chiropractor. Any good idea how much it is per session?

Lee Nielsen

So far so good still in the program. Friendly people.

Michael Gitz

Seen a lot of chiropractors. The team there is really making a difference in my quality of life. They are a great group of people.

Bobby Jones

Whitney Pearson

I feel so genuinely cared for by Dr. Tom and his staff! Every visit I am greeted happily no matter how busy the office is and told to "Have a great day!" as I leave. Their office is run extremely efficiently, but I always feel as if there is plenty of time for my questions to be answered and concerns heard. I've even received phone calls from Dr. Tom himself on several occasions being sure I am still happy with my chiropractic care! They are extremely flexible with scheduling and feel as if my quality of life has increased significantly since beginning my chiropractic care journey!

Farris Bergant

Just started, but already feeling a difference in my back and sleeping more soundly

Judy Swadley

This is Ronnie Swadley, i have been seeing Dr Tom about 6 months, most back pain is gone. Also thought i was headed for rotator cuff surgery, Dr Tom worked on my shoulder one time and 80% of the pain was gone. Great staff too.

angela jones

I have been plagued with migraines my whole adult life. Dr. Tom has been able to significantly reduce the occurrence of my migraines. I am so thankful to have found some relief. Thanks Dr. Tom.

Kevin LaMarche

Fantastic attention to detail in a very professional, personal approach. I can highly recommend Dr. Tom and his wonderful staff for all your chiropractic needs. Dr. Tom has personally called me several times to see how my back was fairing after adjustments and during a particularly difficult time consulted with a number of his colleagues to better be able to serve my needs. Arbor Vitae is the very best chiropractic service I have ever experienced! Do your back a favor and make an appointment with Dr. Tom.

Cathy Byrum

Very knowledgeable, I have been in their care for over 2 years. They are good at what they do and enjoy it too!

Gwenna Brooks

Absolutely love! It’s the most pain free I’ve been in years. You definitely can’t beat the staff either. They make you feel welcomed as soon as you walk in.

William Adkins

Really helping Deborah Adkins she is walking so much better

Jessica Raney

Love this place! Really amazing staff and expert care based on thorough research and a healthy and sustainable lifestyle perspective. Give it a shot!

Holly Dungan

Love being greeted with smiles and fantastic music! Dr. Tom is so personal and friendly! We love the staff and I feel so much better in so many ways. I’m a diehard fan!

Kimlyn Powers

Have been taking my family to Arbor Vitae for over a year! My kids love Dr. Tom and the gentle manner he has with them is remarkable. The staff is super friendly and make a real effort to get to know you! Highly recommend this chiropractic clinic!

Lisa Merutka

Dr Tom is friendly and knowledgeable and has help me so much. His staff is the best!

Stephanie Wilson

Hannah Cole

Friendly staff, great service, tender care

Greg Lee

Friendly Front Staff but TERRIBLE Chiropractic Service! I had a coupon for a "free" consultation. I walked into office having awful lower back pain. All I got for "free" was a sales pitch on how I probably need constant chiropractic service. X-Ray was $40. No initial adjustment included??? I agreed to pay another $45 for an "adjustment" that same day. Chiropractor didn't adjust my back at all.....all he did was tap my back 3 times with some small instrument. Did not help at all :-(. This biz reels people in using a classic bait- n-switch technique. Nothing free.....they simply want to talk you into attending a 1+ hour meeting on WHY U NEED CONSTANT CHIRO CARE! Anyways after 1.5 hours still in pain I went across the street to BETTER BACK COMPANY. I talked to their Chiropractor & he actually took the pain away! Praise The Lord. Now I called Arbor Vitae back & told them I was VERY UNSATISFIED with their service & wanted a partial refund or anything. Yes they are all nice & play Christian music. But Office Manager was not able to compensate me at all & rude. At the end of our conversation she said......Sir I've got lots of customers & I'm busy. If it makes you feel better U CAN PRAY FOR US & THEN SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!! If you want relief go across the street to BETTER BACK COMPANY. I went their twice & now pain free!

Kerri Christensen

Waited a bit to write a review to see what this company is all about. I've been going to Dr. Tom for about two months. The whole staff is just wonderfully upbeat. He is very receptive in listening. I've had pain since 2009. Nothing has gave me any relief until now. I've went to several snap, crackle, pop chiropractors. If you're looking for a chiropractor that does the snap, crackle, and's best you move on because that's not what Dr. Tom does. The process focuses on your nerves and spine. Looking for any kind of sublaxation which is a dysfunction in a joint or motion segment in which alignment, movement integrity and/or physiological function are altered which may influence biomechanical signals to the brain. At first I was like eh..because I sat through an evaluation & tour..and an early morning this is us and what we do class..but I listened and watched and waited. My job is physically hardcore manual labor. I wouldn't be able to go to work without Dr. Tom and his alternative chiropractic techniques. So just be patient. I'm only at 2 months right now and can't wait to see what 12 months does for me!!! attitude and can do attitude also has changed for the better.

Ashlee Neeriemer

These guys are the best! Highly recommend!

John Geisler

Burgundy Wellesley

We absolutely love going to Arbor Vitae! All of the staff are so delightful and friendly. They take their time to explain everything and answer all questions. They always remember who we are and what is going on in our lives. We highly recommend them!

Doug Cheryl

Great place and seeing fantastic results!!! Highly recommend this office to anyone.

Asa Poteete

Sarah Jennings

My entire family gets adjusted by Dr. Tom. We would never go elsewhere for chiropractic care. Dr. Tom knows what he's doing and does it extremely well. My kids love going to see him and his friendly staff, too!

Crystal Beshears

Wonderful and caring staff!

C Breeden

Tex Barnett

Rachel Hardesty

Great experience for me and my daughter. Friendly, efficient, educational, client-focused.

Jocelyn Lampkin

I was able to stop taking my migraine medicine within two months of being seen! Amazing staff and amazing work! Highly recommend!

Juanita Groomer

So thankful for Dr. Tom and his team. Love the environment, the genuine care and concern for my overall health. Highly recommend this place!

Brittany Burky

Dr. Tom and his team are incredible professionals. Their technique and approach is top notch and my health has improved dramatically in 4 months - I can't wait to see my results in 1 year! I would highly recommend Arbor Vitae.

Eric McCalla

This group is just plain amazing! Passionate about what they do and always happy to see you. My pain level has drastically reduced since starting to come here and I find myself caring so much more about my overall health and Arbor Vitae is a huge part of that.

Brandon Charles

You won't find another place that will treat you with such hospitality and true genuineness. A wonderful Christian atmosphere that you will love. This is much more than just a chiropractic facility.

Bethanne Adams

I usually experience horrible allergies in spring, since coming to Arbor Vitae I have seen a noticeable difference!

Tyler Schwanz

Dr. Tom was an athlete, has advanced studies regarding athletes, and I'd trust him to take care of my son/daughter student athlete and have a complete picture of what they need from a chiropractor to be the best they can be. 5 stars!

Kay Whorton

They are the best around


They do such great is the most calming and relaxing place! So knowledgeable!

Andrea Leichner

Everyone is always so positive and happy. Love the environment. And already experiencing great changes in just a few visits!

Wade Bryant

Dr. Tom and his incredible staff not only provide excellent care, but they do it all with joy, warmth, integrity, and a heart that seeks to serve. I have gone from having daily migraines to having them maybe once every few weeks. I can not say enough positive about this place. If you are looking for great wholistic care, this is your place.

Rachael Stamps

Happy to have found such a wonderful place! Highly recommended!!

Rebekah Spann

Billy Hardesty

My family has been using Arbor Vitae for the past year. Great service and results!

Greg Whiting

Awsome place the people here are sooo nice and caring Dr Tom is the best this chiro clinic uses a better option than cracking you he uses an adjustment tool that really works I am proof of that I started in pain and now I am not. I had rotator cuff shoulder surgery and my recovery was cut down considerably by more than three times. I can not say enough about this place Give it a go you will be pleased you did. GOD bless.

Sarah Pianalto-McClellan

Arbor vitae's staff is welcoming, kind, and knowledgeable. Our whole family is now under Dr. Tom's care and we have been experiencing less and less pain.

Jonathan Michaels

Have been going here for a year it is really helped a lot

George Vera

I've been to several chiropractors and Dr Tom is one of the best ones. I came in because I have numbness on my thigh. Through careful testing found out I have other issues going on. Overall it's helping a lot. Some of the numbness has gone away. Treatment is working. Also their scheduling is super flexible. The staff is amazing too! I highly recommend Dr. Tom!!!

Walt Kaminski

Wonderful staff they really care about each person they see

Erika Mendoza

I absolutely love this place. They are friendly honest and very thorough in explaining any issues or concerns.

Alex Villar

Super awesome staff and it’s been exactly the help that I needed. My back and neck are feeling soooooooo much better. Highly recommend!

maggie stamps

The bautista/stamps family have been going for a few months and we love it. The staff is great help and makes us feel welcomed!

Tabi Eliasen

Great staff, always willing to answer any questions and explain what they do along the way. Great experience during pregnancy and with my 1 year old as well.

Kinjalk Saikia

Have had an amazing experience so far with Dr. Tom and his team. Very professional and friendly staff. Made good progress within a short time.

Mindy Harris

They have an amazing staff and are very flexible with my crazy schedule if I have to change an appointment time. I am seeing some positive relief, but haven't going long enough for complete relief.

Andy Tatum

Awesome staff and always take time to explain treatment. Highly recommended

Mary Charlie Guelle

Amazing staff. Amazing results!

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