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REVIEWS OF Imagine Wellness Chiropractic Center IN Arizona

Monika Smith

Could not be happier. I have had a lot of traumatic injuries in a very short 23 years. I showed up to Dr. Zamora's office with very noticeable lumbar lordosis, a reverse curve in my cervical vertebrae, my spine was crooked because my hip was messed up, and my knees and shoulders were messed up, complete with phase 2 spinal degeneration, and overall the body of a 50 year old. After just 8 of my 36 outlined appointments, I have better movement in my whole body, and less tension in my upper back and shoulders. I can't wait to see the next set of x-rays to see the progress!

Peggy Walcott

I have never met a more personal, caring, dedicated doctor!!!!! If you're looking for wellness (in all aspects) THIS IS THE PLACE!!! Dr. Zamora really cares about your health and your families health. I have gone great distances to find good doctors, only to discover there was one in my neighborhood. Once I went to see Dr. Zamora, I HAD TOO tell everyone how great she is! I am telling people at work, and sending my husband, AND my grandchildren (5 years and 3 years old) and anyone who takes their health seriously. This is NOT YOUR AVERAGE CHIROPRACTOR! She looks at the whole picture and has a beautiful deliverance about her. If you're looking for better heath from a good hearted doctor who is willing to listen and do the best she can do....this is the place. Can not recommend enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K Verde

Always cheerful, caring, and professional. Highly recommend.

Alan Lott

Dr. Zamora has freed up my neck and restored 23 degrees of flex as well as enabled me to get off the medication for my acid reflux. My lower back degenerative arthritis is also much better with no pain. Thanks Dr. Zamora.

ika service

I've been visiting Imagine Wellness for several years. Dr. Zamora has been very helpful and understanding. I will keep having adjustments for the rest of my life. I certainly recomend her as being the BEST!!! Irene Aldana

Marquita Johnson

Best chiropractor I have ever had.

NCHH Hale-Helton

Aaliyah de Florias

I have visited numerous Chiropractors since my first adjustments 35 years ago. Dr. Zamora is one of the best that I have experienced. In addition to adjustments she recommended supplements and tailored a program of stretches specifically for me. I recovered from the devastating pain I was experiencing. I highly recommend Dr. Zamora.

Genny Hartman

We love Dr. Z. I have seen great improvement in my neck and lower back, a back that has been abused by car accidents, poor posture, child birth, and kids in general. After potty training seemed to plateau, my 2 yo (now 3yr) and my 4 yr got adjustment and they are doing incredibly well. I love how Imagine Wellness is a mix of holistic remedies, physical therapy and chiropractic care.

Miranda Murphy

Dr.Zamora is an amazing Chiropractor and understands and educates the importance of living a Healthy Lifestyle. I started my treatment last month and already feeling positive results. The tingling sensations in my left arm and palm have been relieved, the constant tiredness has reduced. I have more energy and able to walk for longer periods of time. I am able to play basketball and wake up feeling rejuvnated from a goodnights rest. Everything has been great so far! Thank you Dr.Zamora and their amazing staff!

Ashley Irons

I have the luxury of working next to this office and getting adjustments everyday. She is on the forefront of holistic health care. They offer many events and seminars to help you lead a healthy and balanced life including eliminating pharmaceuticals and essential oils. Dr. Z always remembers details about my life and makes me feel welcome. Is there an extra star?

Tracey Judd

Alyssa and Amanda at the front desk are super friendly and helpful and remembered my name and I've only been there twice! Dr. Zamora is very knowledgeable and easy going. She strives to solve the root of your problem to heal you, not just crack your back and tell you to come back forever. I'm very happy to have a treatment plan and look forward to my next visit!

Bill Mayhall

The level of care from Dr. Zamora is unparalleled. She takes the necessary time to listen, and I feel like my overall level of health is improving with each visit.

Donna Fay

This is an awesome chiropractice office. I bring my father in law here and he cant speak highly enough about all the staff. He loves doctor Zamora and his his neck pain has decreased significantly. We would recommend this office to everyone. Donna

Velia Delic

My three girls and I received amazing care. Dr Z is very knowledgeable and goes far beyond to help us. My neck and back have never felt better!

Candy Lu

My Journey to Wellness May 16 2018 I came here about 4 months ago with my lower back hurting. It was bad. Even standing while cooking was a pain. Before this happened I was exercising 3 times a week. My last chiropractic care was done abroad more than 15 years ago. The discomfort/rubbing pain wasn’t an usual muscle spasm like I thought it was. Tylenol and Advil was a temporary relief. I realized then that I needed to see a chiropractor. I was choosing between coming here or going to my mother-in-law’s chiropractor in Desert Ridge. I did go to Desert Ridge just to check it out but injections for the pain were part of the program they presented to me. And I definitely didn’t like that option. The environment wasn’t relaxing at all. Too much noise. I was looking for an ambience that was more zen-like rather than an upbeat environment. When I entered this clinic there wasn’t any loud music , no loud chatting . The place is clean and smells good. Thank goodness! So here comes Dr Roxane Zamora who was referred to me by my USPS friend. When I first met Dr Roxane, my first impression was, “I’ll be in good hands” . Worry not. Her calmness is so reassuring that everything will be fine. A lot of positive vibes ! During our consultation, Dr Roxane explained everything to me from A-Z . The X-ray showed that my condition required a corrective care program because apparently my spine and neck problem was between Phase 2 and Phase 3, the latter being the worst case. Honestly, I was worried but I have in faith in God and Dr. Roxane. My goal was to get well and be pain free. Fast forward, three months of corrective care paid off. Hallelujah! I followed the program schedule and did the exercise therapies religiously. In the beginning of my adjustments, my body was fighting it and taking the 303 Formula helped during the process. It is a natural plant based for muscle spasms. This will be your “best friend” during your adjustments. April 18, 2019 Looking back, I realized that I’m glad that I came here. I’m glad that I made that decision to go through a corrective care program. I don’t think one will get the best results by just going once a week or “whenever you feel the pain or discomfort” kind of attitude. If the condition is bad and needs corrective care, this would be the best investment of your life. I’m happy that I made this investment for the healing of my body. It was worth every penny spent! Right now, I am done with the program and I am pain free. No more getting up from the bed like a robot or rolling over like a dog . Gone are those days!! My before and after X-ray result is a proof that I made the right decision. At present, I am enrolled in the post wellness program because I want to make sure that my spine will always be in the best of health. I can’t thank Dr Roxane enough for helping me get better...but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I believe that you are blessed with great expertise and with healing hands.

Melissa Bard

My 9 year old son has recently started on a wellness plan with Dr. Zamora and he loves it! He feels better already and has taken a responsibility in following his plan himself. He feels so comfortable at the office and so do I as a parent. Sometimes you feel uncertain about what is the right decision to help your child and I felt comfortable and all my questions were answered. We love Imagine Wellness!

Jesse Stegen

Mariah Rhymes

Dr. Zamora adjusted me regularly when I used to work for her. She is AMAZING! Anytime I would come into work with a headache or allergies she would adjust me with essential oils and it would help tremendously. She truly cares about each and every patient and would spend over an hour on one patient exam to make sure all of their needs were heard. She also takes the time to explain your x-rays to you so you know if you have any subluxation. She always has a recommendations for supplements instead of prescriptions, encouraging all patients to allow their bodies to heal naturally with chiropractic, healthy eating, exercise, and supplements. She is not just a chiropractor, she is an expert in wellness!

Gina N

Dr Zamora and her staff are fabulous. After my first few visits I quickly realized my 2 daughters would benefit as well and we are all better for it! Her approach is amazing and she gives you the tools necessary for attaining better total health. I originally went in for really bad neck pain and not only did she help w that, my shoulder (torn rotator cuff) is much improved. Bonus!! Another bonus is that I have been able to reduce dosage of some of the many meds I am on for my multiple sclerosis. Yay!! I feel better because of her expertise and because working w her empowers my sense of self-care. Problem resolution to prevent pain is so much better than taking drugs which masks symptoms. Thank you Dr Zamora

Ryan Naylor

What a great chiropractor in Phoenix! Thank you Dr Zamora for the chiropractic help. You've been so great!

Quintin Henderson

She has been very helpful, And informative, with a great beside manner!!!

Vivian Flores

After the chiropractor that I had been going to retired, I was left with finding a new one! Dr. Zamora was referred to me and from the beginning I knew I had found my chiropractor! Her office and staff are welcoming! Dr. Zamora treated my problems and has helped me so much! In fact, my husband and daughters are also her patients! I highly recommend Dr. Roxanne Zamora! ❤️

Amanda Frazier

Gina Niedzwiecki

We are so happy we found Dr Zamora and the staff at Imagine Wellness Chiropractic. The front office is well run by Matt & Amanda giving Dr Zamora the time & support she needs to help her patients. She always gives great adjustments and advice for better health and I truly believe that her affordable wellness plans have kept us at our best.

Aya Hicks

I highly recommend Dr. Zamora to anyone seeking natural treatment. My neck has started to flex better already, with only two weeks of treatment. My three little children get adjusted too, and they say they feel better every time. Very kids friendly office.

Matt Kinsinger

Dr. Roxanne has created a wonderfully calm and relaxing environment in her chiropractic office. I always feel as though my body alignment, range of motion, and level of comfort with my back and neck is better after getting a correction from her. With Dr. Roxanne I receive consistent results that I believe stems from her large amount of experience and that she truly believes in her ability to improve your life through her chiropractic care. As a concrete example of how her care has changed me I used to always lean towards the driver side door while driving my car. This felt more natural to me than sitting straight up. When I first had an exam with Dr. Roxanne she took an x-ray and saw that my upper spine was tilted to the left. After completing her recommended treatment plan I now sit up straight in my car and my body stays there. It feels natural again! I make sure to get regular corrections twice a month because I think it is worth it.

Grace Wins

Dr. Zamora and all the staff at Imagine Wellness do an amazing job of setting patients fears and anxiety at ease. Dr. Zamora’s ability to explain her suggested plan back to wellness for each patient makes the road to wellness that much easier for new patients such as myself. After just a couple of weeks into my recovery plan I am already seeing the benefits as my sleep patterns have shifted and I feel more energized throughout the day. I did not come to Imagine Wellness for any specific injury, other than knowing that I needed to start focusing more on my health holistically and this is a great start that I am sure will continue to pay dividends long after I stop seeing Dr. Zamora. If you are even considering seeing a chiropractor do yourself a huge favor and stop into Imagine Wellness, there are a variety of options available for financing and Dr. Zamora truly cares about each patient as an individual and not just another file.

D. Rae

Most of the time, I usually get 1 or the other from a provider's office: either the staff are incredible And the provider is a pain, or you really love the provider and staff is foreign to good customer service. Here I absolutely love both. My first introduction was over the phone with Amanda the office manager who was so thorough, understanding, informative and personal. I went on to meet the receptionist (for the life of me I can't remember both of their names!) But they're both super sweet and nice. I've been to chiropractors in the past but never have I met a provider like Dr. Zamora. she's always so warm and welcoming. She puts a nice plan together for you according to your ailments and what she finds on the X-ray and in only 2 weeks of treatment 3 times a week I am definitely feeling the difference. I'm sleeping better and am already a lot more flexible. She also educates on a range of different essential oils and supplements that aid in the healing process. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a chiropractor.

Lee Trigg

I am still very happy to be going to Imagine Welliness Chiropractic Center. I started going after being in a hit and run car accident March 2016. I was very lucky to happen to call them. Dr. Is very pleasant and caring! I was having many problems at the time of the accident. Trying to move and working as well as finishing college. I was having headaches, neck, back, knee and hip pain. I was also having digestive and stomach issues. I stared seeing results with in a few weeks. I would recommend everyone to her. I was doing great after being released. I had stopped for about a year do to moving, transportation problems and financial situations. I started having neck and shoulder pain so decided it was time to go back. It was like going back and seeing family! Such caring people and again seeing improvements just after a few weeks. If you are having pain I highly recommend scheduling an appointment ASAP. You will find it worth your time and money.

L Guir

Was very satisfied with Dr Zamora's work on my back. Would highly reccomend.

Kelley Densham

I have been going to Dr. Z for a while. I first met her when she presented wellness seminars at my work. I was always very impressed with her information and decided to go see her. I found out that I had a reverse curve in my neck and immediately began treatment. During the course of my treatment she has been able to reverse that and I continue maintenance visits. On my last visit I asked her to take a look at my shoulder that had plagued me with pain for years. She examined it and made adjustments and I have immediately felt the difference!!! I plan to keep going to Dr. Z for adjustments and maintenance so that I can continue my wellness journey. I love Dr. Z’s philosophy and attitude towards health and wellness and recommend her to anyone whether they think they need chiropractic care or not.

J Long

Thank you. After wrestling, boxing and working out daily, I finally found a routine with Dr. Zamora that releases the tension in my lower back. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a great chiropractor.


Dr Zamora truly cares about her patients health! Highly recommend!

Sandy Stegen

I grew up around chiropractic care, but became disenchanted when chiropractors gave me the same quick standard adjustment and told me to come back in a week. I found Dr. Zamora to be different. She provides individual care to each patient. There is additional therapies she provides, both in and out of the office that are aiding in the recovery of my spine issues. She listens to me and all of her patients, and prescribes individual treatments. I have been seeing Dr. Zamora for awhile, and I have received different adjustments and therapies every visit - according to what I need that day. I look forward to having Dr. Zamora as my chiropractic physician moving forward toward optimum health.

Bridget Clark-Cooper

Dr. Zamora and her staff are truly exceptional! I am so impressed with the care I am receiving from the Dr. who took xrays and created a treatment plan even before she adjusted me the first time! I really appreciate her knowledge, which she shares freely and in multiple formats, and her caring presence. This chiropractor and her office are truly one-of-a-kind and I highly recommend them to all!

srg writer

It's not easy to find a good chiropractor, but my wife found a great one here! She's tried others, but Dr. Z is the only one she will visit now. Even though we've moved up north, we've decided it's worth it for her to make the trip down when she needs adjusted.

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