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REVIEWS OF Haggard Chiropractic IN Arizona

Norma Mansker

Dr. Haggard is the best. After my accident I was hardly able to move. Dr. Haggard was able to get me back mobile again. He is very informative and always polite. I'd highly recommend his services.

Esmeralda Prieto

I've been in two serious accidents and I've been to a different chiropractor with no results. I had no faith that going to a chiropractor would make any real difference. But Dr. Haggard has definitely restored my faith! He's very passionate about he's patients recovery. And I can honestly say I feel and see an improvement in myself. I definitely recommend it!

Nico Reyes

As a personal trainer, it's important for me to keep my body finely tuned in all facets, and Doctor Haggard helps me do just that. I refer all my clients, from the average Joe to professional athletes I train, to enrich their lives with mobility abd to relieve pain. The staff genuinely cares, and that's why my loyalty resides with them.

Jose Woods

Dr.Haggard is great! very friendly, professional atmosphere. He really helped me heal from my car accident and i feel so much better.

Eduardo Castro

Had a great experience all though out my therapy. I would definitely recommend them to anyone experiencing any type of physical pain.

OrGretta Wilson

Been getting adjustments for about two weeks now! I've enjoyed every moment of it! Had chiro services many years ago and remembered how much it helps with inflammation & other health challenges. Decided to locate a chiropractor here in Arizona & have enjoyed every single moment here @ Haggard Chiropractic!! The staff is very nice, knowledgeable & kind!! I 'm LOVING this!! These services also relieve the stress of a hard day's work!!! I am extremely grateful for finding this place which is near my home!! A nice ending to a long challenging day!!! I could do this for a lifetime!! I'm one happy camper!! ❣️


michael ortiz

Aaron Navarrete

I been going to Dr haggard for 4 years and he's always helped me get back on my feet. I highly recommend him thanks Dr Haggard

anthony mcgee

I've had lower back issues for a very long time due to past surgeries and being a competitive soccer player.....dr. haggard introduced me to a decompression machine and decompressed my lower spine ...after about 3 months of being (pulled) I was able to lay down without any pain's been about 3 years now and my back still feels great....i recommend seeing doctor haggard for any ailments that you may have...he's pays attention to detail and listens to what concerns you ...DEFINITELY SEE DR. HAGGARD I wouldn't trust anyone else with my back and you shouldn't either :)

Blanca Pineda

Good chiropractic

Tom Burge

I've seen over a dozen Chiropractors in my lifetime with limited relief, so after complaing about back and neck pain to my Sister she took me to her Chiropractor Dr Haggard over 15 years ago and after the first adjustment and the spinal stretch. I knew immediately Dr Haggard was far ahead of other Chiropractors and I've had no interest in going to any other Chiropractor. I now bring my Wife and Son for regular weekly adjustments. Dr Haggard also offers a wide range of treatment therapies and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly and we love the massage beds

Kathy Hayes

In November 2016, I came to Dr. Haggard with severe neck and back pain. Since then with treatment, I have made amazing progress. I so appreciate his professionalism and kindness. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

Magaly Lopez

Ever since I started this program, I've felt tremondous relief. I kept dealing with random tremors, but lately haven't felt anything, and more like myself. Truly thankful for this experience.

Patricia Navarro

Dr Haggard and staff are the best. Very informative and very gentle when doing adjustments. I highly recommend this office for adjustments and allergy problems. Conveniently located in a gym!

John Hernandez

I was in a car accident and only in 3 days i started to feel much better, very friendly and professional!

Timandra S. Voker

Is there any chiropractic place better? They made me feel like family. I wasn't just only treated, I also learned a lot of tips to keep me going.. Thanks guys!

Brian Martin

Stephanie Hupe

Dr. Haggard is PHENOMENAL!! I've always had lower back problems and during my pregnancy it worsened. Dr. Haggard treated me throughout my pregnancy and I swear it made my all natural home birth so much easier. His vast knowledge on the human body is beyond amazing. I bring my infant son to be adjusted as well. "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree." The ladies at the front are very friendly and welcoming.

Justin Haggard

These guys are awesome!

Drema Grollo

I've been coming to Dr Haggard for 15 years. I would not go to any other chiropractor.. Dr Haggard really cares about his patients.. Best in the valley!!!

Elsa Miranda

Great experience, Dr Haggard is awesome ... Great customer service

Anthony Ruan

I was recommended to Dr Haggard from one of his clients . He has taken care of me a few times with my neck problems and definitely helped to ease my pain. I will continue to get treated by Dr Haggard and recommend him , he is great just like all his friendly staff !

Chris Cooper

Excellent Work, Professional help, and one of the few chiropractors that care about each of their patients. Its really awesome that they not only do chiropractic work but also massage therapy and the have an x-ray machine on site so you don't have to go to another medical facility to know what is going on. I highly recommend them!!!

francisco ortega

I fell good. Comfortable. Help me a lot in my therapy. I was in car accident

Lynna Joyce

Dr. Haggard is a phenomenal doctor. He doesn't rush through his adjustments and stays with you as long as it takes to help you feel better. He is also very personable and gets to know each of his patients to better allow him to take care of them. I HIGHLY recommend him.

Jonathan Guerra

I was in a car accident and Dr. Haggard made me feel so much better! Thanks Dr. HAGGARD!

Jane Nelsen

I was having problems with numbness and tingling in my arms and hands. Having had back surgery before I thought I would try chiropractic care in order to avoid anymore surgeries. After seeing Dr. Haggard for 24 visits I have made significant progress and my symptoms have greatly improved. I am very pleased with the results and treatments. I feel really good about my decision to seek out chiropractic care and would highly recommend Dr. Haggard and his staff.

Italy C

Best chiropractor ! They treat everyone with such warmth and kindness ❤ They are so considerate and they treat you like family. Every visit was filled with laughter & good music. Treatment is A1 10/10 !

Marali Zavala

I was in a car accident about a year ago and the experience was great and felt so much better after each visit. Dr. Haggard makes sure you are feeling better each visit and takes his time with each patient.

Anthony Porter

Truly amazing! I was seriously skeptical, but thought I would give it shot. Allergies to certain foods, avocado in particular was a sad issue for me. I grew up eating avocado's and for 20 some odd years, I could not. That's no longer a problem for me

Cynthia Sanchez

Hes really greatt .. would definitely come back to him again

Jose Avina

The best chiropractor

Pat Purcell

Suffered with tennis elbow for nearly a year. Tried cortisone injection and physical therapy will little long-term success. Dr Haggard treated my elbow using a high dosage laser - five treatments and the pain has nearly disappeared Highly recommend this treatment.

Carlos Pedroza

The best chiropractic in town highly recommend

Javier Alvarado

Dustin Lametti

Haggard Chiropractic saved me from having to take high blood pressure meds!! I was exercising and taking herbs and really confused as to why my blood pressure was riding the 140/100 line often at age 33. I really didn’t want to go on medication, but one night when my pressure spiked I went to Urgent Care and they told me that some people just have high blood pressure and would have to go on meds. I didn’t want to believe it, and randomly googled “chiropractor” and “blood pressure” on a last resort and learned about the atlas vertebrae, which can have an impact on blood pressure. April at Haggard Chiropractic responded immediately to an online inquiry. 3 adjustments later, my blood pressure readings were back to normal levels! They are thorough, knowledgeable, and I highly recommend them!

Lindsay Vandever

I came to him after double mastectomy and 4 reconstructive surgeries later my body had enough. He put my spine and neck back in better shape than before surgeries. Can't thank him enough.

Sonja Ramirez

I have been going to Dr. Haggard for many years. Not only is he great at what he does but he truly cares about your wellness. He is family oriented and takes his time to educate his patients on chiropractic effectivness. His team is also amazing. I highly recommend him. :)

Gabriel Trujillo

I appreciate the work you perform and the way you treat us and all of your patients. You work doesn't go unnoticed. I would recommend your services to anyone! Thanks again.

Theresa Lee

I could barely walk after throwing out my back when I first walked into Dr. Haggard's office 3 weeks ago, now I can pick up my 4 month old with no problem! Not only did he see me on an emergency basis on a Saturday morning when I could barely get out of bed, but his complete approach to fixing all of the root cause of the issues in the spine is rare among chiropractor's these days. Dr. Haggard really cares. Highly recommended!!

shorty figueroa

I was in an accident and came to see dr.haggard, and I am feeling much much better. He does miracles. I would definitely recommend him to anyone, he is great.

Heather Ogburn

Dr. Haggard is an AMAZING Chiropractor! He's very passionate about helping others! I would highly recommend him to ALL of my family and friends!

Dallas Andrews

I was experiencing some sharp neck and back pain for a period of time. One of my friends recommended me to go see Dr. Haggard so he can have a look at what the issue may be. He was very professional and seemed extremely knowledgeable when it came to my health and well being. He was able to shoot some x-rays of my neck and spine, and after a few adjustments, I noticed the pain subsided. I was very pleased with the diligence and integrity Dr. Haggard and his staff showed me during my visits. I absolutely recommend Haggard Chiropractic!

Vicente facio Facio

Danny Peru

Im an MMA fighter and I get all my adjustment work done here! Great customer service! Little to no wait time! Awesome staff! Definitely recommend it to anybody

Melissa Tejeda

First time at a chiropractor and they are amazing. Really friendly and very helpful. I have been coming to this place for a couple months and my body feels 100% better! Thank you Dr. Haggard!

Timothy Foster

The most awesome chiropractor I know! I fell so much better after a terrible accident. Thanks Dr. Haggard!

Rene Flores

Dr. Haggard is the best chiropractor I've been too. Friendly awesome staff An very family oriented. You Won't be disappointed.

Janett Alvarez

I was in a car accident on May 8 they recommended me to go to the chiropractor and Doctor Haggard is the best chiropractor in AZ highly recommended hes the best.Just finish my treatment and i feel great definitely coming back for adjustments.

Gaby Uriostegui

The staff is always friendly and make you feel welcome every time you're there, they exceed my expectations every single time. Totally recommend!!!

BMO Hunts

I have been seeing DR haggard for over 20 years!! He has been instrumental in keeping me in top shape for my profession and I honestly don't know what i would do without him. I try to see him at least 3-4 times a month and if I didn't live 45 minutes away I would be in here twice a week!!

Levi Hintz

After my wreck I felt so beat up. My body felt like I had been through a fight with a bull, Dr. Haggard and his staff did such a great job not only with the service but Dr haggard is a magician with his hands, after 2 weeks I was able to get back to work and not only that I felt more energized and slept better as well. I'd think twice before going anywhere else

Leticia Garcia

Very flexible with scheduling. I come in a little early or late and it's never a problem. Dr. Haggard has helped me get pain free and has also given me tools to use at home to prevent lower back pain. Staff is great!

Perez George

Best Chiropractor ever!

Aleah Chilleen

Today was my first visit with dr haggard, and I was so impressed! He was very knowledgable and was able to pin point why I was having such pains! I highly recommend him.

Meghan Butler

Dr. Haggard is amazing!!!! He knows what he is talking about and always has a smile on his face! I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks for all your hard work!

Maricarmen ValGas

Brandon De Alejandro

Greatest chiropractor I've ever been to I recommend anyone to come in and visit for yourself!

Yariza Sanchez

Dr. Haggard is a great chiropractor! I been living with bad back pain all my life and after going through a plan for 3 months I feel soooo much better. Thanks Dr. Haggard!!

Danny Bojorquez

Dr Haggard is a professional with a great team

Bethanie F

Most amazing chiro eves

yesenia valdez

Ive been in two car accidents and both times I've gone to see Dr. Haggard. Both times I've had a great experience. Very friendly staff and great chiropractor. Thx Dr Haggard

Cynthia De La Huerta

Haggard is amazing he is a professional and knows what he's doing .He communicates well with his patients and really takes time with getting you feeling great! Bottom line he cares!!!!His staff is helpful and very friendly never once had any kind of issues always a pleasant experience.

Daniel Buchak

Dr Haggard know exactly how to fix you. I was having lower back spasms from any kind of strain on my lower back and within a month of working with Dr Haggard I was completely better

Sam Rocha

Been here a few weeks and results have been great! Quickly healing ! Awesome chiropractic !

Walt Capodicasa

I had a very hard time and painful, moving my neck.Dr. Haggard was very helpful with this issue.

F Mata

Friendly service and always feel great after my adjustment. Stretches, roller table and adjustments. You can't miss out.

Roberto Oliveros

After a car accident my wife and I were in so much pain until we get a referral to be treated with Dr. Haggard at his quiropráctic clinic, things so great that I will recommend dr. Haggard to everybody, thanks Dr. Haggard Roberto.

samira khan

Best chiropractic I've ever been too! Truly cares about how you are doing and what he can do to better help you. Absolutely would recommend him to anyone! Also just the most positive person you'll know.

Marcos Alvarez

Great patient service and always a pleasure every visit

Elizabeth Jones

Dr. Haggard and his staff are awesome!

Kelly Robertson

Dr Justin gives a great adjustment. Wow, he worked my whole spine, and arms and legs too! I felt almost like a new person. I've been to lots of chiropractors, and he has a really fantastic touch. I like the open feel to the office. The staff is friendly knowledgeable. I'll be back as often as I can.

Josh R

One of the nicest people I've ever met! Let a lone the service they provide here is awesome! I've had very bad allergy problems my whole life. I remember in my early 20's I developed an allergy to dairy foods. So milk, cheese, and ice cream was deleted out of me life for a while, until I met Dr. Haggard and he explained to me how these allergies I have can be reverse. He explained it can be corrected in my nervous system and he was right! After a few sessions, I am now able to enjoy dairy food products again with out throwing up or breaking out in hives! :) I am going to visit Dr. Haggard again soon for my cat and dog allergy. If you have an allergic reaction to anything, seek out Dr. Haggard for his diagnosis. I hope this review was helpful. :)

Sue Williams

Dr. Haggard is great. Staff is good, and LOVE the massage machines, but what really helped me is the laser treatment. I had a disc problem with pain down my leg and after a month of combined stretching, laser and adjustments, it is gone. I was in traditional PT for 2 months prior to that with no relief. He also found I have pretty severe scoliosis, and has been treating me with foam forms I can do at home as well as adjustments and treatment in the office. For the first time in 10 years I am standing straight and walking without a limp 80% of the time. Soooo glad I went. The laser was expensive, but worth every red cent. What is more important than living without pain?

NadiaJustin Vlogs

My experience here was wonderful! I went in with so much back pain, & neck pain. After 25 visit with Dr. Haggard, the pain was gone. Got out feeling better than ever

gerald jones

Awesome place, Awesome staff. I've been to a few places before coming here and by far he is the best I've had. No need to look any father. Come join us

Ignacio Villeda

Dr. Haggard really nice person he is doing Great job in my Fiscal therapy because I was in a car accident I have very bad pain in my neck and back, he always check on me now I'm doing a lot better thak's Dr.Haggrd.

Bobby Holcomb

My 12 year old son has been playing tackle football and basketball since he was 5 for his teams. Recently he had been experiencing some asthma like symptoms. After one basketball game he had a horrible asthma attack, luckily his coach saved him with an emergency inhaler or he might have been hospitalized that day. All of the coaches and people suggested to me I should take him to a medical doctor and get him an inhaler for his symptoms. It didn't feel right to me because he never had asmtha before and neither had I. I started researching natural methods for my son, I found dr haggard and the art of chiropractic to heal the nervous system. Now Bobby is barely two weeks into treatment and he can breathe so much better it's amazing. Don't make the mistake of going to a regular doctor and getting a prescription for pharmaceuticals, they are poisons and don't actually heal you, just make these companies rich. Go the natural route watever your ailment is and go see Mr haggard and heal your body naturally instead of buying prescriptions for the rest of your life and still not getting any better

Armandco Guerrero

Ive been to other chiropractors for automobile accidents but none compare to Dr Haggard. I would recommend him to anyone. He is the best in the industry.

Ken Skehan

Absolutely wonderful experience very clean I'm so glad I found them! The do everything here!

Randy Langenhuizen

I have been coming to Haggard Chiropractic for 20 year now and just love it.

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