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REVIEWS OF AZ Spine Disc And Sport IN Arizona

Diana Lopez

It's true!! Ahwatukee BEST!! AZ Spine Disc and Sport is always putting their patients first -caring for their medical and sport injury needs. They are HUGE on helping the community!! Dr. Christopher and staff are professional, friendly and display AMAZING care to their patients! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -

Ron Lorenzo

Appreciate the effort to get me in on a holiday for an assessment and to schedule MRI for back. Tina is great.

Ray Biondolino

I love my doctor (Joy Wolfe) - she listens to me, understands me, and is genuinely concerned about my welfare, I never feel hurried to make room for the next patient... The staff at AZ Spine Disc and Sport is also very professional and friendly! I highly recommend AZ Spine Disc and Sport!

Kate Wall

Az Spine Disc and Sport has many things going for it. The doctors are wonderful. The chiropractic staff is fantastic. The physical therapy department has amazing people. I go here for chronic neck and upper back pain. They have told me the issues that I face honestly, and what will best help me now and in the long run. I feel like I'm in competent hands here.

R Tate

Over the past 3 years I have had excellent experiences with Dr. Christopher, Dr. Rudd, and Auden (and, of course, Cody). Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Stone for pain management, which was a very productive and helpful session. The entire team is top notch.

Bill Hughes

The staff at AZ Spine and Disk are great and knowledgeable. They have helped me in keeping my total body in tune and running smoothly as I continue to work out and strengthen. Thank you AZ Spine and Disk.

Kara Woolgar

I broke my collar bone and right ring finger over a year ago from a bike crash. After 8 months of therapy i was referred to Auden fro active release massage from a friend. I went there to prevent future issues in my right shoulder. To my surprise he was able to get more range of motion in my hand. He is a like minded athlete and the environment is very welcoming and comfortable. I am so glad I got referred to Auden and AZ spine and disc. If you belong to the monthly massage club it is only $40 a massage. Usually you get what you pay for. Not in this case. Amazing price for an amazing massage.

Garrett Stokum

It was my first time there. I’ve been to a lot of doctors that aren’t very understanding of my situation. Having a job and having to work with a lot of pain. They doctor was very nice and helpful. And the front desk girls were polite.

kevin uehara

I did a Full recovery here. One serious place. Thanks AZ Spine And Sport. This place is obviously for the Phoenix Chandler Tempe Athlete that has multiple demands for their sport bod. From message or a quick crack or chiro equipment for those who need its.

Kimberly Franchetto

Dr. Wolfe is such a pleasure to see. Too bad I have to feel ill in order to see her

Jean Moore

Awesome Staff and wonderful treatment. THANKS

Thomas Moore

I am a retired and disabled Vet who receives care at the VA also. I went here to learn more about my back pain and an episode with my knee. Dr. Ryan Rudd is just awesome! I got better attention and care from him and his staff that I've received from the VA for over 15 years. The thorough exam and diagnostics enabled him to identify and treat my pain with great results. The electro-stimulation, active release and manual adjustments have left me feeling better than I have in years and on my way to being completely pain-free, I hope. Thanks Dr. Rudd!!

Cheryl Carswell

The staff is good and Jodi who give the acupuncture treatment is awesome! I always feel better after a treatment.

Jeff Blehm

Dr. Wolfe excellent as always

Drew Coon

This is a great place to go for all of your Rehabilitation needs D physical therapist are top notch and show you what needs to be done and how to do it and helps to motivate you towards your goal without pushing you over your limits. Dr. Stone's office is usually running like clockwork I've never had to wait more than 30 minutes for an appointment and that's rare, his office staff are always Pleasant, well-mannered, respectful, and greet you with a smile, and truly care about you to remember personal details about your life and ask you at later appointments how things went. There is also a weight loss gym they do acupuncture there's a chiropractor and a masseuse all on staff here. For whatever your needs or goals are and either Rehabilitation after injury or weight loss they provide support at amazing hours their even open on Saturdays!

Sarah-Michelle Tayler

Much thanks to Dr. Brewer and his amazing staff!! I really like the continuity of care and the integrated model where you can see a Physician, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist all in the same building. They all work together and give excellent patient focused care. I received treatment from Dr. Rudd who really helped my knee and back pain. Today, I saw Auden for a wonderful and much needed massage! He was great with stretching and working out the knots and helping the tightness. Sarah-Michelle

Trudi Kayser

I see Angela Ayers for Acupuncture at AZ Spine Disc & Sport. I had attempted Acupuncture in the past and never found anyone that I connected with, and always felt weird after the sessions. With Angela, I feel amazing! We connected not only on a friendship level but have the same agenda - to get me well. I suffer from chronic pain and apparently have anxiety (didn't realize that until the scan was done). I feel confident that I am on a path to better health. I have also gotten some B-complex shots, and other services from AZ Spine Disc and Sport. Highly recommend them, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Angela A

Great group of providers! You really can't go wrong with any of the providers in this office. They are all very knowledgeable in their field and professional. Dr. Bruere and Dr. Rudd are both wonderful, patient centered doctors that are passionate about what they do and about helping people feel better. The front office staff are friendly and welcoming which makes for an overall great experience.

Ali Chrapczynski

One of the more thorough history and physical exams I've ever received and I've been/worked in the medical field for 23 years. Jody, my accupuncture provider, is not only professional and knowledgable, but kind and comforting. Highly recommend her for pre/post injury, preventative care, and many other health reasons. Love her!

Barbara Bloom

Dr Stone was the best Pain doctor I have found and Ive been looking for years. He explains everything and he really listens.

Nina Rector

The staff is amazing, and the really care about their patients

Janna Harris

Dr. Angie is knowledgeable with health as the #1 priority. Not like the other places thatb you are just a dollar sign. Impressive facility. Very reasonable pricing. Highly recommended.

Carol Wall

Jody Murrary and Ryan are both outstanding pain healers. They have a tank of water with a treadmill that has greatly helped me.

Barry Evans

knowledgeable staff, friendly front desk

Kathrynn Mckenzie

Most of the staff at AZ spine disc and sport is awesome. Geneva and Kriza in the front are always friendly even when they are busy. Vince and Dr. C are great chiropractors and I look forward to my appointments with them. Marissa and Naomi are great message therapists, willing to work with the amount of pressure I can tolerate and always having recovery in mind. Cody and Shay are always friendly and take good care of me. The only person I don't like is the new girl Mica. I feel like she is very unprofessional and has an attitude. She didn't seem to know what she was doing and would rather socialize with staff than take care of a client.

Tim Speed

I have had serious neck and back injuries for the last 13 years. I finally decided to give it another shot to get myself better. My previous experiences didn't go so well it was the same thing stretching poking me with needles and muscle simulators. Dr stone came in and immediately found out the problem ordered an mri to make certain that his assumption was correct. Came up with a great gameplan to fix my neck not just short term but long term. Super excited that my lovely wife found this place and got me to go. Can't say thank you enough and really looking forward to receiving more care. Thank you Dr stone and staff

Jana Stepp

I absolutely love Dr. Wolfe, she listens to my problems and is very receptive to my needs. I would recommend my friends and family to her.

Joy Christian

This medical office is full of genuinely kind caregivers who are highly trained, qualified & proficient. They are patient in explaining procedures & give nearly painless injections! I have benefited tremendously in the last four months of being a patient of Dr David Stone. I’m very thankful for him and forthe other staff members as well.


My range of motion and strength increase after every session with my physical therapist, Dr. Ryan Niedzielko, and technician, Mateo. The entire staff is extremely friendly and professional. This has been the best place ever to treat my injuries!

jill eskew

Great customer service! Was able to make an appointment right away! And they helped my need issue. Clean facility and excellent Dr and staff!

Adan Buelna

Awesome and friendly staff. It was my first time ever trying acupuncture and cupping and they took all the time necessary to explain everything I should know and answer all of my questions.

Steve Tew

My doctor is Dr. Love. ...and I love his attitude, attentive listening, and on - target rapid response to my needs. Formulated a short, medium, and long term plan to address my somewhat complex situation. The staff that I have dealt with are congenial and good at their jobs. The facility has the space and equipment to help with physical training, physical therapy, nutritional issues, and other stuff to make you more functional. Today the doctor gave me nerve block injections upon request during a regular appointment, knowing my history, but without having to make a special appointment... Great relief as I prepare for a critical surgery in the near future. I cannot give a more enthusiastic recommendation. I would give them 10 on the five scale!!!

JDT Honest

My family has been receiving care from Dr. Christopher for many years now as needed. Her staff is very friendly and helpful and we always know we are receiving the best care possible. We highly recommend Ahwatukee Spine and Disc Center to anyone in need of chiropractic care and/or massage therapy. Recently, a few of my family members were in a car accident and it has been nice to know we can rely on Dr. Christopher and her staff to manage their care as well as deal with the insurance paperwork. Thank you Ahwatukee Spine and Disc Center for taking care of us!

Michelle Planer-Ochoa

Dr. Rudd is AMAZING. He never makes you feel pressure into doing treatment that don't work. He will only do adjustments that you are comfortable with. Me and my two daughters were In a car accident and they worked with us and waited for payment from the Insurance and never once asked us for payment the whole time we received treatment. And Cody is also AMAZING. But don't tell him that it makes his head big.. lol. But if you need an honest, reliable chiropractor give them a try they also offer massages.

Frank Reynolds

Dr. Christopher and her staff are excellent. A very comprehensive center for treating and rehabbing my chronic back issues. They have a physician, a nurse practitioner and a highly trained physical therapy staff and a full service wellness and weight loss center. Very easy to get an appointment. They have plenty of after work and weekend appointments.

Thaivan Greenfield

They do Spine, Disc, Sport, and so much more! This location really is a comprehensive one stop shop for maintaining my health. I don't mind driving from Sedona, AZ because they make it efficient for me to handle my needs. I appreciate the approach of looking at an individual's health holistically. Women's health, thyroid support, weight loss, and general health issues are resolved here by experts in the field. Tina Tretter, NP is knowledgeable about hormone therapy and makes it easy to get in for appointments. Their front desk staff is friendly and efficient. A good variety of practitioners ensures that you'll find the solutions you're looking for.

Matt Hargrave

I've been seen as a patient here many times, and have always received great care. But today I called to try and make an appointment for an adjustment, and because of the fact that I haven't been seen in over a year(due to the great care I was given, I didn't need to be seen), I was told that I am considered a new patient again, and would need to pay another $100 new patient fee, and fill out all new paper work. I'm sorry but I simply do not feel that is fair in any way shape or form. Thanks for the great care, but I'll be headed elsewhere.

Jeremiah Green

Dr. Vicente Chavira is a fantastic chiropractor. Both my wife and I have visited AZ Spine Disc and Sport in the past month and he was very patient with diagnosing our issues and treating us. I have been to chiropractors before and they were in a rush to get us in and out. We had the complete opposite experience here. I highly recommend them.

Tina Samartinean

This is the best place for sports medicine therapy! Dr Rudd and Auden are amazing to work with, very knowledgeable understanding my pains as a runner as they are runners themselves! It helps a lot when the practitioner has that personal feel of the patient's issues! I live 35 miles from their office and I make it happen! If you are a runner or play any other sports go see Dr Rudd and Auden!

Khara Lexus

Great staff, great doc! They had me in and out and feeling better just after one visit. Highly recommended!!!

Susan Miller Madeley

I started getting chiropractic care and Active Release Therapy (massage) for a injury/fall. Recovery was slow at first and now I am surpassing my "original" body flexibility and health. I am strong enough for tough work-outs at home. At AZ everyone is friendly and it seems, like they really enjoy their jobs. When I am in massage with Auden - I tend to think I am the luckiest person on earth. Chiropractic is generally very easy to book - massage tends to fill up fast each week. I am definitely adding AZ to my health regime. Try it! You will be so amazed.

Marjan Kaykavoosi

Awesome staff and great decors and the office take most insurance which is great

Love USA

Love the service here and it has been really great

Pete Dunnington

Have been a life saver. Dr. Stone is the best!

Michelle Scott

Two different experiences today. The front desk vs the back. My check in was extremely rude. I had a few questions and needed to update a telephone number and was unable to do either. After waiting a little bit, I was informed by a more friendly staff member at the front desk it would be an hour wait for my appointment. Frustrating but what was I to do, I already was rescheduled from a few months ago. After a 75 min wait, finally got into my scheduled appointment. The back office staff was very friendly. Dr. Wolfe is such an extremely awesome doctor. I've always had amazing dealings with everyone in the medical offices, from the medical assistants to the nurse practitioner to the doctor.

Boogetti 3

They're great! Friendly staff and they helped me fix my posture!

Julie Pack

Staff is professional yet personable, Dr. Christopher especially so. I am very happy with my treatment here: my back pain has gone from ten to zero and I am learning enough to prevent pain in the future. I appreciate that Dr. Christopher is herself an athlete, and trust her completely to get me running again. Highly recommend coming here.

James Kechely

Whether you have been in an accident, have progressing pains, or just that simple back ache that just won't go away, this is the place for you. Hands down the most personal yet professional staff and environment that I have ever seen. Dr. Rudd has done wonders through my weekly visits and has helped given me an understanding of what has caused my pain and how we are on the road to getting better. I cannot thank Dr. Rudd and the friendly and knowledgeable staff enough. I'm a "lifer", that's for sure!

Jemi Mitchell

Dr. Stone is an exception in the medical “industry” and has done more to reduce my spinal pain over the two years I’ve seen him (and his great team) than all the prior docs in the past 20 years. He rocks!

Jillian Farland

I love my weekly visits with massage therapist, Auden. I have been in search of a convenient, affordable and knowledgeable person to help me tune up after the daily stress I put on my body from running/yoga/cycling/weights and AUDEN IS THE ANSWER!!! AZSD&S accepts my insurance which brings the cost down to $15/visit. Can't beat that!

Samer Madanat

The doctors are all great and they are so convenient with all kinds of doctors under one roof. Prices are very reasonable if you want to pay cash. I definitely recommend!

Maureen Mills

One stop shop. PT, Chiropractic, Massage. All great.

Beth Hagen

I’ve been getting massages from Auden for over a year. As a triathlete and a runner, I put a lot of wear and tear on my body, and massages have made such a difference in my recovery. I started getting regular massages from Auden training for Ironman, and he helped me get through the training and race injury free. Not only is Auden very knowledge about relieving tension throughout the body, but he has a great personality too. I can’t recommend him enough.

Mary Arrison

My husband and I have recently started treatment at AZ Spine Disc and Sport and have both been very pleased with this office. The staff is friendly, the doctors have been attentive and listened to what our issues are. As they are open into the evening, it's been easy to get appointments that work with our schedule too.

A Google User

I have had nothing but good experiences every time I visit the center! I enjoy the friendly and professional staff! Audan is the best massage therapist I've gone to in several years! I would recommend AS and DC to any of my friends!

Timmy Cooper

Always kind, helpful, respectful, understanding..... Would not go anywhere else

Robert Klein

Zero stars for Sports medicine. Did their work with as much uninspired mediocrity as possible. Left there feeling undignified. Find better healthcare for yourself!

Ruben Barajas

Great place very formal. Drs are very good at what they do. I would recommend to any family are friends..

Carissa Espinoza

I have never seen a chiropractor before. Honestly, the idea of adjusting my spine always freaked me out. That was until I experienced back pain so severe I could not walk, dress myself, or sleep! I was encouraged to see a chiropractor and I am so grateful I did. Dr. Rudd was amazing! He took the time to talk to me, explained the entire process, reviewed my x-ray with me, and always asked if I had any other questions. I felt completely comfortable. Now, the best part is that after my therapy I could actually move again. I was sore but that was because of the terrible shape my muscles were in. I really appreciate what Dr. Rudd and his staff did for me!

Deborah Lavinsky

I am new to the area and hurt my back moving. As a Pilates teacher and certified Rossiter Practitioner, I work with lots of clients in pain- unfortunately this time it was for me and there are no other Rossiter Coaches in Phoenix to help me! I was able to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chavira for the next day. He listened to me, explained his treatment plan, was gentle (no “back cracking”) and did not make me feel rushed. The treatment was in many ways similar to a Rossiter Workout with deep fascial stretching plus he added a guasha-type connective tissue modality. The treatment was effective because I felt much better leaving than when I arrived. I have scheduled a follow up appointment with him to continue to improve my back pain. As someone who has gone to chiropractors for over 30 years, I feel fortunate that I found someone like Dr. Chavira. AZ Spine and Disc also offers physical therapy, personal training, massage and has primary care physicians on staff- I hope to take full advantage of all of their services. So convenient having all of those services under one roof. The front desk staff could use a little help- I sat for 10 minutes once I checked in and finally went to the window to ask for my new patient paperwork. They didn’t have it ready and as a result I got a late start on my appointment.

Carl Musselman

The team at Ahwatukee Spine & Disc Center are amazing!! They are professional and care about correcting issues for good and not just masking the pain. I came into the office barely walking and I was leaning to the right because of muscles spasming due to a bulging disc. It has been a little over a month and I am walking normal, able to do some of the normal daily activities again, and have been able to start working out again! They are awesome!!

L Kauffman

I am runner that struggled the first year and a half of running seriously with all kinds of little injuries. My girlfriend was always speaking highly of Auden and urging me to see him for a sports massage. As a person that does not try too many new things (or spend the money), I waited about six months too long. I finally made an appointment and after just my first appointment, I was sold on his abilities. I immediately signed up for the membership since I knew that he was going to become a big tool in my toolbox to reach my goals. I have been going to him for months now and I have been able to run every day averaging over eight miles each day. I am now completing 70 mile weeks. Not only is he kind, he truly knows how to work the body to relieve any problems that arise. Whether you are an athlete, work a desk job, or just have the ailments that arise from getting older, give him a try. It will be worth it!

Peter Maloof

Wow, Auden really helping with my endurance and pain. Highly recommend this place.

Rick Kent

Like how you can see a Physician, Chiropractor & Physical Therapist in the same building, for record keeping/insurance. Plus, they all work together & give excellent patient focused care.


This place is amazing the people there are so friendly and are very good at their jobs and the customer service there is exquisite.

Kim Rogers

Such friendly and knowledgeable staff. They really took the time to work with me so that I understood what my bady needed and made sure I was feeling good every step of the way. Great experience!

Bruce B

Knowledgeable, friendly and they listen.

Ricci Saliba

I went here for 4 sessions for pain in my lower back and have not had pain since. Dr. Caty is excellent and makes sure you have the information you need to keep your spine in proper alignment. It was a great experience for me. Highly recommend.

John Lemke

They have a nice staff that cares and genuinely wants to help you. It took awhile to find the treatment plan that helped out my back, hips, and knees the most. I go here pretty often. Make sure to tell them if stuff works or isn't working.

Jeff Bloom

Great facility and staff. Dr. Stone is exceptional... thoughtful, friendly, and skilled. The massage therapists and physical therapy staff are excellent.

Kiley Silvetti

I have seen so many doctors in the last five years in multiple states due to Degeneative Disc Disease and post-cervical-fusion surgery pain, but no doctor has been as understanding and truly took my pain as seriously until I went to AZ Spine Disc and Sport yesterday. They made the effort to fit me in the same-day as a new patient and the care was exceptional. I am so grateful to finally have found a caring group of doctors in the valley who made me hopeful again that we can put together a plan to make my chronic pain manageable!

Joe Diaz

Thank you Dr Brewer! I haven't felt this good in years!

Zack Greenfield

I was able to take a tour of the facility last week and was blown away by how health care should look. AZSDS is about staying healthy and taking a proactive approach to your care. They offer so many services under one roof the time savings of jumping between practices is a huge value. This is the best Chiropractor in Phoenix, Ahwatukee and Tempe matched with the best general practitioner and pain management staff in the area.

Grace Curtis

I was worse after they were through with me and still am. They must have erased my first review because it is gone. Good thing I have a copy.

Sandi Salvo

I have worked with chiropractors, medical staff, physical therapists and massage therapists at AZ Spine, Disc and Sport and can say, without a doubt, they are the most professional and friendliest team of health care professionals I have ever encountered. I would highly recommend them.

Minh Tran

I'm not sure how other experience was, but my wasn't too good. The doctor is nice. But my appointment was at 6:20pm, I didn't get to see the doctor until 7:35pm. I understand that everyone does busy and a little delay is neccessary, but 1hr+ wait, just unbelievable. Everyone time is valuable and I feel like they don't value that here.

Kim Wolfe

Incredible..Auden is professional expertise and his treatments are effective....highly recommend him!!

Lola Contreras

Friendly staff! Dr. Sooner was nice very helpful and listened to me.

Veronica Dunnings

Love this place! I have been a patient here for quite a bit. Each time I have been greeted with a smile and compassion. I have been treated basically in every way there. I see the Chiropractors (Dr.Christopher & Dr. Vincente), Corrective/Physical Training, Message Therapy, and most recently Family Medicine with (Tina.,NP). Definetly recommend this place to everyone I know. Including family ie My Husband, and Grandpa. Including my good friend.

Johnnie Bananerrz

Dr Rudd is awesome and attentive! First time ever at a chiropractor due to a car accident. This office exceeded all expectations.

Ryan Gerlich

Tina is amazing. Took the time and listened to all of my concerns and genuinely cared for my well being.

Carlos Capone

Dr love is a great doctor. He has great bedside manner and he genuinely cares and wants to help his patients over come there pain. He took almost 1 hour with me and my wife too explain my condition and what I can expect moving forward. He is not a pill pusher like a lot of pain doctor's. He will breakdown all of your options including opiod management if necessary and he will leave you with enough knowledge and confidence to make a educated decision on your treatment plan. I would stronstrongly recommend dr love and AZ Spine Disc and Sport to anyone. From the minute you walk in the door you are treated with respect and like a valued customer. I am so satisfied with Az Spine Disc and Sport. I decided to make them my family care PCP. And my wife is switching over from her old doctors as well. If you are in pain and need help look no further. And ask for dr love hes a awsome doctor.

Mrs. Amy Lynn Gill

Great place, a little expensive but good

Raegon Hernandez

I have been through my fair share of chiropractors and she is great. She knows her job knows what she’s doing and attentive to what is needed for her patients. I already made an appointment for my son as well. Great place and has many services to offer. Oh and did I mention great staff as well!!

Bobb Jones

I have been using Auden Leyva for my massage therapy visits for the past 8 months. I find Auden to be very friendly and thorough while the atmosphere of the office is warm and clean. Auden takes the time to find out your specific problems before each visit and is very knowledgable on various ways to address them.

john isenberg

I have been receiving Chiropractic care for 35 years in different parts of the US. This place exceeds all expectations. AZ Spine Disc and Sport has integrative medicine with MDs, PhD Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, using a large variety of therapeutic treatments such as T-Cells, Platelet-Rich Plasma, Ultrasound, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation and much, much more. Recently, a MRI revealed a torn meniscus in my knee. Through an injection of T Cells, the doctors and therapists here were able at return me to an active life without pain or surgery. They were also able to correct another condition of compressed spinal discs that caused neuropathy and extreme pain. A neurologist looked at this disc problem as a deteriorating condition without a cure. AZSD and S resolved this condition. I now have full functionality and no pain or symptoms.

Judy W

Jody Murray, the acupuncturist there is super. I went to her when we all lived in Connecticut and continue to use her services here because she is excellent. Knows acupuncture and so much more. Not only will she do the treatment but she will also massage and work a joint if need be. Thanks Jody


Staff was very friendly and I was about to to get seen the same day I called. Dr. Love was able to listen to my concerns and assess the situation and how to move forward with care.

Todd W.

I write a lot of reviews. I believe reading a well thought out review gives others helpful and valuable information. I also believe that if you left a negative review it is your responsibility to update and correct it if the owner actually did there best to fix your issue. That is the reason for this review. I left a review over my frustration with what amounted to mostly an honest misunderstanding over scheduling. To have the owner (a doctor in this case) give you a response that is detailed and well thought out. Well I would be a jerk if I didn't show some respect. As a disabled person not a week goes by that I don't sit in some doctor office. As sad as it is this is my job. I lost the one I loved from this health issue and like it or not this is now my job. As I did earlier I apologize to the nice lady who took my first call. While I neither cursed or yelled I am sure it wasn't fun. So to Dr. Christopher I say thank you. Having someone listen to your complaint (even if I am the only one who has it) matters a lot to me and goes a long way to help the issue. It is hard. I left a glowing review for Auden on Yelp. It is hard to leave a review when you love the care you are getting from the therapist but have other issues involved. It is hard to not lump it all together and fire off a nasty response. My issue HAS NEVER and NEVER WILL BE about the care I got. Auden is amazing and while he never will cure me he does offer me an amazing amount of relief from pain that never stops. So if you asked me, would I suggest going here for a massage? YES. (Sorry I have never seen anyone else here). We have sent a number of friends his way and would do so. In fact the cost here is amazing. I have paid as much as $90 for a massage. To get a real deep tissue "sports" massage for $40 a month is amazing. If you join their plan you pay $40 a month and that gives you a "free" one and locks the cost in to $40 for every massage you have. I used to pay $250 an appointment at one doctors office, so I know well that it can be a LOT worse. I look forward to moving on.

Latasha P.

This place is AMAZING!! I came here due to a car accident and I will not go anywhere else. The staff are amazing, and the Providers "Dr. Rudd, Naomi, and Dr. Murray are the best. My Daughter and I both received treatment from here after an accident and have fell in love with the staff and treatment that we have received each time we have gone for treatment. The staff and providers have made us feel like family, they truly care about their patients.

Marissa Adcock

Dr. Bruer is one of a kind! He is smart and to the point. He has your best interest at heart. My husband has been seeing him for a while now for regular adjustments as well as other treatments. My husband is a big man and its hard to adjust him. The doctor brings the thunder and does the job every time! Hes truly a blessing.

Megan Galope

I am a long-distance runner and had been sidelined with an injury for a while. I started seeing Dr. Rudd for adjustments and Auden for massage therapy, and they've gotten me back to running relatively quickly. They are both extremely professional and their communication between each other about my care is top notch. I would highly recommend going to them for any sports-related injury!

Kevin Russell

I received acupuncture from Jody Murray to help with back/neck spasms and pain. I felt stiffer than a block of ice when I would enter, (sometimes completely locked up from anxiety) then over the course of the session, I would slowly melt into a cool relaxed puddle. Getting off the table after acupuncture is harder than rolling out of bed on a cold rainy day when I don't have to work and my favorite show is on. I would only recommend this to someone who wants to feel extremely relaxed and happy afterwards.

Dean Woodruff

AZ Spine Disc and Sport is a full service for all your medical and sport injury needs. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough. The Dr's are the best, they always put the patient first and really care about the patient. I cant say enough good things about AZ Spine Disc and Sport. I recommend them the my friends all the time.

So Mtn

This practice has served my wife and I for the last few years and has made medical care and physical therapy a positive experience. The front office staff is the best as are each of the specialists who practice at AZ Spine Disc & Sport

Tony Kolar

What was once one of the best Dr's office we've been to since moving from Chicago to Arizona. Unfortunately since Dr Stone left this Practice it's been Terrible I've been thru two other Dr's. Dr Kumar lasted 2 months then Dr Love lasted 5 months. Now under new Management I wouldn't recommend nobody. Reason being just within the last month they called my wife 2 day's before she was to make her Appointment for Medication for her monthly visit and told her if she didn't pay her balance of $900.00 they wouldn't see her. Well both of us being on Disability we had to get a car title loan because we didn't have a choice. Because she was having reconstructive pelvic surgery but it's not like we weren't making payments they took money out of her account every month. After paying that in full she gets a text saying Dr Love was leaving the practice and they were no longer doing pain Medication. Very nice of them without finding people new pain Dr's as other offices would. I called and talked to Arian Dr Love nurse who as usual was extremely rude and wouldn't even relay the message to Dr Love she basically told her if she didn't make it in within the next two days she'd be without pain medication. Her Surgian put her on bed rest and they didn't even care.... Extremely ignorant after pulling that hole making us take out a title loan witch we don't know how were going to pay off without losing are Vehicle. Personally I wouldn't recommend them to nobody because there Heartless. Sincerely Anthony Kolar

Marjan Vanleer

Love love the Chiroprtic doctors and I had a headache for over 6 weeks and was able to get rid off it on the 1st treatment of course I have to keep up with it but it has been such a blissing to be able to come here

Kate Stewart

Dr Christopher is fantastic. She takes the time to help you understand what's wrong with your body and how all the muscles and spine are connected.

Annlouise Ferguson

After thousands of dollars in tests and a six day hospital stay I was discharged without relief from a headache, dizziness and nausea. Going on the 7th day of a headache I was desperate for help. So I went to see Dr. James Pierce at AZ Spine, Disc and Sport. He examined and treated me in about 40 minutes. Afterwards my headache was gone! Relieved, I cried. I highly recommend Dr. Pierce. He respectfully listens, explains what he is doing and recommends follow up, if any is needed. He is also lighthearted. He made me laugh, the first time in about ten days!

Jeffrey Sharp

I went in yesterday with back, shoulder, and neck pain that I've been dealing with for a couple weeks. The entire staff was professional and made me feel comfortable on my first visit. The doctor took the time to fully understand my problem, and explained the treatments he was going to do. I woke up this morning feeling almost 100%...I will not be going anywhere else for chiropractic and look forward to getting a massage there soon. I highly, highly recommend!!!

Chris T

Nice place and staff. I’ve been seeing them for 2 years. Anything you need from PT, doctors and pain management. Always been treated with respect, which is hard to find these days. I rarely leave reviews, highly recommend to anyone.

Vered Jerde

The biggest mistake in my life when I decided to go to this clinic. Went there to work on my posture pain ended up with serious tailbone pain almost 2 years now. With pain almost every day. No personal attention to the patient, patients arriving every 15 min and sending to agrasive machines. I even felt that the adjustments were pretty strong, probably what couse my tailbone problem. Dr. Christopher sure talk a lot for someone how don't know what she is doing. Going to a real dr.(Orthopedist) to treat my new problem.

April Jackson

I love this office. I have been going to see them for injuries from a car accident Dr. Breure and Dr. Bikram, Dr.Rudd, Jaylen, Nate, the other team members from the front desk and techs to the back office to the front receptionist they are also All Amazing and everyone is so nice and caring. At first I thought it was to good to be true a staff that cared but as I continue to visit I saw that they genuinely cared it was not a scam nor fake they were truly Genuine and Passionate about their careers and patients and that’s hard to find sometimes you see Drs and hope you never have to go back lol. They are so AWESOME and I love them and love seeing them

Kyle McKinney

Dr. Stone is an incredible physician. Literally the best doctor I have ever had. I'm extremely thankful for the amazing random luck I encountered by taking the chance of visiting AZSDS and scheduling my initial visit/consultation with Dr. Stone several years ago when the facility was first opened. AZSDS is a one stop shop for sports medicine, and their entire staff (organized by Dr. Stone as the facility medical director) has engaged me with the utmost respect, professionalism, and kindness during the treatment of my spinal injury. Everyone is incredibly helpful and genuinely concerned with your well being and dedicated to you having a more than positive experience during the course of your appointment. Shay and Kody in PT are the absolute greatest and some of the friendliest people ever, and a few of the front desk staff (Talia and Shawan) are some of the best clerical and customer service workers in their field. Tina Tretter is a kind, compassionate NP that works in congruence with Dr. Stone and Kathy and Lindsey are fantastic and efficient MAs. Back to Dr. Stone: I really want to solidify how fantastic of a physician this man is. One of my fears - after being a patient since they practically opened - was as the facility grew in popularity (for all the right reasons), patient care would begin to decline and my experiences and treatment plan wouldn't remain personal and dedicated. It's not as easy to call in and immediately reach the medical department as it was years ago, so you have to plan for that, but I can truthfully say the entire medical team does a great job of making sure calls are answered/returned and that they file paperwork in reasonable time frames and follow up on patient requests. Dr. Stone always enters the room with a smile and he has never not taken the time to inquire about what has transpired in my life since we last met during an appointment. He cares. And that is HUGE for any patient who has encountered sub par human beings who decided to enter the medical and healthcare profession in that patients past. Dr. Stone has gone out of his way on a myriad of occasions to accommodate my life schedule and spontaneous/emergency situations and he has a vested interest in the outcome of my treatment path. You literally will not find a better doctor in the valley within his specialty, and I almost hesitated to sing both his and the staff's praises because I don't want to influence the chance of appointments being unavailable due to an uptick in traffic or see deterioration in patient care, but after knowing the AZSDS family for as long as I have I know that won't ever happen and they deserve compliments at every opportunity. Don't think twice about choosing AZSDS for whatever service you require.

Tim Berry

AZ Spine Disc and Sport is awesome! Very accommodating! They got me in for my knee injections next day and handled everything with my insurance with no hasslea My orthopedic Dr's office could take some pointers from Angie Christopher and staff!

Adina Howard

I truly appreciate their knowledge, professionalism and patient care. Truly grateful to finally have found a facility that can help me get a handle on my situation.

Jack Collier

Have seen Auden for massage therapy and Dr Rudd for chiropractic for a couple years now. Both are amazing. Would highly recommend asking for either.

Kyle Novak

Weakness: Office Staff. I never made it through the front door. Instead of trying to just get someone off the phone, perhaps take 5 minutes to verify with their insurance. The question of what are your rates/what do I pay is simple enough. I get there are different codes. Look up a typical scenario for someone. Also what I was told on the phone didn’t match what I was told on FB messenger. I was told I would find out the patient rate after I booked and used one of their services?..

Paul Massella

Such a caring and knowledgeable acupuncturist

Christopher Slaughter

The staff and the medical professionals have been very good to my wife Carol Slaughter at every visit

Jean Condon

I would highly recommend Dr. Wolfe to anyone looking for a new PCP. She listens openly and explains her thoughts and recommendations in terms you understand. She is very good at pointing you to the right specialist if there is a need. Her overall demeaner is great and she will make you feel comfortable from the initial visit.

Elizabeth Betancourt

Great experience. Staff is respectful and professional at all times. This is a sure place to go and know you are well taken care of. Doctor Stone number one in my books. He listens to his patients needs and has never let me down. Thanks for all you do! Doctor Christopher has the magic touch in chiropractic and is someone you can have confidence in treating you. Awesome doctor.

Janice Vermiglio-Smith

Wonderful concerned staff who listen to you and come up with a reasonable treatment plan.


Great place! Auden is very good at keeping my wife and I on the road running via ART therapy and sports massage. Overall, they’ve got solutions for most every type of athlete and weekend warrior. Highly recommended.


The best of the best!! AZ SPINE DISK & SPORT! Lead by Dr. David Stone, MD, is the greatest Dr. in the medical field, by far! Dr. Stone and Tina Tretter, NP-C have been my go-to for my health needs for 5 years now, their level of attention, care, and knowledge are unmatched. You can feel 100% confident making AZ SPINE DISK & SPORT you and your families Dr.! Once you visit Dr. Stone and or NP-C, Tina Tretter, you’ll emmediately know you made the right decision! No other medical team has made me feel safe, sound and secure. I love my Dr.’s!

Dave Hazak

Extremely friendly and actually take time with you. They dont just write a RX and send you on your way.

Russ Shasky

AZ Spine Disc and Sport is all about total physical wellness. I walked in on crutches with a major back muscle spasm on a Saturday morning, was examined, treated and given guidance to get through the weekend. I was examined again the next week and started an exercise physiology program. The exercise physiologist interactively identified imbalances and guided me through incremental strength, flexibility and mobility training. I am very happy with my outcome and decided to continue a long term program and relationship with AZ Spine Disc and Sport.

Shayna Elizabeth

If you are looking for a great acupuncturist, I highly recommend Jody. She is very knowledgeable and accurate with her treatment. She's caring and will provide you with the best treatment for your ailment. I had been suffering with re-occurring shin splints for over a year. After 4 treatments I am back to running pain free. I couldn’t be happier.

CJ Cowie

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Finally a place that listens and has all the proper treatments available. So STOKED that I am finally able to start feeling better with the proper treatment. The staff here is amazing which is hard to find in the medical field.

Trevor Brothers

Very rude staff

Lenna Bowman

Staff us super friendly and helpful. Dr. Vincent Chavaria is very professional, extremely knowledgeable and listens to my concerns. I have seen him for 2 different medical issues. He has helped both times. My son and husband have also seen him. I would highly recommend Dr.Vin and Az Spine

Christopher Jackson

Sometimes have small issues with scheduling because of front desk stuff but other then that, no problems.

Stephanie Washington

I started seeing Dr. Christopher over a year ago, and was so impressed with her methods, and how she integrates other beneficial therapies into her practice. I have been to so many different chiropractors and other practitioners over the past 25 years, and have never experienced such a thorough approach to health, wellness and recovery. I have struggled with chronic pain throughout my entire body since the Fall of 2000. I am also a Yoga Instructor. The holistic approach (chiro, physical therapy and massage therapy) have helped me to improve my practice, and even my own yoga teaching. I have been able to incorporate several things I have learned to help my yoga students protect their own bodies better during their yoga practice. I have referred several people here, and everyone who gives it a try is happy with their results.

Jen Davis

I have been seeing Dr. Christopher and Dr. Rudd for four years now. The office has always been very aware of patients needs and time. All of the providers are very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise, and have many ways of getting you better. I would recommend AZSDS to anyone, and have several friends who come in as well!!

Sofi Anderson

This establishment is set up as part of a pain therapy business. They have known for quite some time that the original pain management doctor was leaving; however, they chose not to bring in the right people to continue this practice. I am unable, along with many others I assume, to get the proper treatment that I had always been receiving. They have no plan to refer me to anywhere else and are canceling appointments with the small possible reality of a semidoctor being able to even help. This is absolutely unacceptable to someone in pain. Shame on this practice! I am beyond frustrated & angry. No one deserves this treatment.

H Walker

Auden (sp?) was awesome as usual and highly recommended

Tiffany Pollard

I've been going here for chiropractic and physical therapy and the entire staff is friendly and helpful!

Howard Mazzafro

Dr Angela helped relieve my severe lower back pain I have been feeling much better over since I started treatment

Ms Terry Is

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Stone, Ryan the PT, Naomi massage therapist & Chiro Dept. They are sincere, professional & helpful. The pain I had in my shoulder was lessened dramatically due to Ryan's expertise coupled with massaage therapy. I am very pleased & highly recommend this practice.

Peggy Kinner

I started seeing Dr Rudd about 7 months ago. I was in the preliminary steps of having a spinal stimulator surgically implanted in my lower back and decided to try just one more thing before giving consent to the surgery. Dr Rudd adjusted me and started decompression therapy and after about 6 weeks my daily activities were almost back to normal. I am presently on a maintenance schedule. I still don't lift anything heavy and am always conscious not to put strain on my back, but most of my days are pain-free. I'm a satisfied customer!

S Nelson

I highly recommend the acupuncture therapy with Jody. Her background in athletics and years of experience are evident, I felt better after the initial treatment! Now going for regular treatments and feeling great!

JI Logan

No one likes going to the doctor, but this place will change your mind. From the time you walk in until you walk out, they make you feel like a VIP! Front desk staff smiled, greeted me and help me with the check in. The wait was not long at all. Doctors, nurses, even the person who draws your blood were so friendly!

Kari Watson

Dr. Stone is awesome! It's very difficult these days to find a pain specialist that truly listens, shows empathy, and offers alternative treatment options. His medical assistant, Kathy, promptly follows up with my insurance company to make sure that I receive approval for my injections on time. Also, my medications are electronically sent over to my pharmacy, which is great because that's one less trip! I have also seen Tina Trettor, NP for general health issues and she is fabulous as well. The wait time has always been quick, and my time spent with Dr. Stone and Tina have never felt rushed. Everyone is personable, professional, and demonstrates a strong quality of care.

Andrea Price Ellingboe

All the best practitioners and staff have left. The front office staff (including billing) do not communicate well and whoever is answering the phones is just plain rude.

Daniel Perez

My treatment was the result of a motor vehicle accident. Dr. C and the staff took this matter very seriously, but made the sessions enjoyable. I have a great outcome and now feel better than even before the accident. I am very grateful to them for that.

Maryln Hagen

Dr Christopher does a great job with her caring and treatments. I’ve been seeing her for over 10 years and I would not feel comfortable seeing another doctor for treatments. She has my full trust in treating me.

Karen Salmon

Comforting that they are more interested in wellness than crisis intervention.

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