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REVIEWS OF Better Health Chiropractic, Juneau, Mendenhall Valley & Dunn St. IN Alaska


Lbeez Bus

They are always very friendly and have great treatments! Their flexibility in hours has always helped my schedule. I do think I have ever been turned away on a walk in or had to wait more than 2 minutes.

james ray

What more can I say than these gals are awesome! Super friendly, caring and knowledgeable. I like the fact that they took the time to explain exactly what my insurance will cover. It's nice to have all the services that I need in one office.


Awesome staff, I would recommend anyone looking to check them out. I chose Better Health Chiropractic based on reviews and they delivered!

Vernon Shoemaker

Superb service and care! I have rarely enjoyed such personalized attention and sincere caring for my health and well being as at Better Health Chiropractic. Dr. Wells, my Chiropractor, and his entire staff have been gracious, caring, and focused on providing in-depth care for my individual needs. Every issue I have expressed has been thoroughly examined and has received thoughtful diagnosis. Dr. Wells has provided me with realistic results expectations and has explained several treatment possibilities, in detail, to maximize my recovery potential and my overall well being. I highly recommend his, and his staff's, consideration for any physical or chiropractic needs.

Grant Bain

Finally found a place that can make a difference. The staff at better health was kind and professional. I have been going to different chiropractors for years so when Dr. Kuoppala used techniques I had not encountered before that really helped me I was very appreciative. I just want to say thank you and I will see them again.

Susan Trivette

I'm so glad we have Dr. Kuoppala & his great staff here in Juneau. They are professional, caring people, who are always concerned for their patient's comfort & well-being. I've had some specific changes regarding my bone health & Dr. K gave me extra time to discuss these & his plans to slightly adjust the forms of treatment to best fit my own needs. As well, he's gladly working with me as I continue to be treated by a physical therapist, who is working to strengthen my body. This isn't always easy, as sometimes chiropractic & traditional practitioners don't always feel comfortable encouraging their patients to go back & forth. Better Health is very open in this, as is my physical therapist. Their massage therapist does a great job getting all the tight spots loosened up; the EMS/ultrasound tech is great; & the receptionist is fantastic with keeping all the insurance & appointments running smoothly. Kudos & many thanks to all of you folks!!

Susie Wutzke

nice people with great doctors! contact info:

Lori Scott

I was very impressed how professional and nice Dr. Peterson and her staff were to me during my many visits to Better Health Chiropractic. I highly recommend Christina for massage therapy as she is fantastic.

Gail Clement

First time in Juneau Ak. Better Health was a great facility with a great doctor! Very personable.

Bedushasthomas Hey sorry Thomas

The staff is friendly and easy to communicate with. The facility is organized and well laid out! It is a very homey place too!

Curtis Clough

In Juneau, great people, great service and caring individuals. I am feeling better already and would recommend them to anybody who is need of pain management program for chronic symptoms or simple adjustments for better health. Take the time, it is worth it.

Sheri Ison

Rachel Webb

Doctor listened to my needs and made sure he addressed them. Very accommodating and easy to schedule/reschedule which is great being a working mom of 3 kids. They were up front with costs and different options and allowed me to make the best decision based on my situation.


Dr. Woolfenden is an excellent chiropractor! He is intelligent, intuitive and sensitive. He is completely open to the needs of patients and he genuinely wants you to feel better. His office and therapy staff are professional and friendly. I am no longer in pain and I truly believe that my back will never be in that state again. I highly recommend Dr. Woolfenden. He is an asset to Better Health and Wellness!

William Ridgeway

Better health is one of the best chiropractic clinics I have been to. From flexibility in schedule and payment options to their knowledge and variety of treatment. I have suffered from low back pain for years and have seen many professionals for it and I will definitely be using better health again in the future.

Belinda Russo

I highly recommend Dr. Kuoppala and his staff -- all provide excellent customer service and care.

Michael Leong

Better Health is amazing! I am a collegiate rugby player who came to visit Juneau during spring break. Unfortunately, upon my arrival, I was experiencing some pain from lingering injuries. I was thrilled that there was such a high caliber practice in Juneau, and even more amazed at their willingness to accommodate me in their schedule during the week that I was here. Their knowledge of my sports related pain was impressive and they knew exactly how to take care of it! I left feeling much better than I arrived thanks to the wonderful people at Better Health!

Kara Taylor

Stephanie McDermott

Dr. Kuoppala and the staff at Better Health are really wonderful! They are friendly and really caring. Dr. Kuoppala really takes time to listen and make a thpughtful plan to help with whatever the issue might be. He explains everything very thoroughly. The other staff are kind and really helpful. As a Mom of three there were times I needed to bring my kids and they were really wonderful with them. In fact, my kids were sad if they didn't get to go. Jessica at the front desk is one of their favorite people! I HIGHLY reccomend Better Health!

Rico Bautista

Awsome place to get treated, Very professional, polite and friendly staff, So stisfied to every thing they've done.

Bobby Cox

Having great experiences here at better health, great massages, great treatment all around. Thank you to the team that helps me relax and improve my game!


Visiting from Dallas and as an Ehlers Danlos patient, the the long flights including a long layover left me in quite a bit of pain. Went to see the chiropractor here and he and his staff were knowledgeable and compassionate... Helped me feel better for my 2 week stay in Juneau. Thank you!

John Dybdahl

Professional, friendly, efficient and flexible. It's been a pleasant, effective experience from day one. I highly recommend checking them out!

Heather DeLoach

I am grateful to have found Better Health. I had a back injury while on vacation and had to fly 15 hours home. By the time I got back to Alaska, my sciatic nerve was severely aggravated. Other physical rehab places required a doctor's referral and were at least 48 hours out to see me. Better Health got me in for a consultation within 18 hours. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone!

Mark Lukey

I have to say I'm impressed! From the moment I arrived, the respect and care by the staff at Better Health was exceptional. Dr. Jillian Peterson didn't rush to a diagnosis and treatment plan. Instead she carefully listened to my complaints, examined my back and reviewed my x-rays before deciding on the best course of action. For me this meant a routine of massage therapy, e-stimulation, time on the "D.R.S" system and frequent chiropractic back adjustments. During this first phase the staff taught me light stretching exercises to do both at the center and at home. These stretches intensified over time, some with the use of an exercise ball. The 2nd phase of my treatment coursed away from the e-stim and D.R.S. and focused more on strengthening my back. This was done by intensified home exercises, diathermy, and the use of the exercise equipment at the center and continued back adjustments. All of this was monitored by the wonderful staff and often Dr. Peterson herself! The rehab center is both professional, comfortable and casual. Even as I was receiving treatments, I would hear other patients laughing and talking as they interacted with the staff. It took time and work but I have the say my back feels incredible. Thumbs up to the Better Heath center! -Mark

Renee Holmes

Easy, comfortable, encouraging! and sweet staff. All I have to do is mention something isn't feeling right and Dr. Peterson applies her knowledge to my situation. So far, Better Health has determined my coverage for each visit beforehand so that I have had no unexpected costs. My time with Better Health has been beneficial with the traction machine as my favorite! I only wish I could attend more often! Thank you for making the focus be on my care and working toward my "better health."

Taylor Murphy

Awesome clinic! Dr. Kuoppala is very knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely recommend him for all your chiropractic and rehab needs!

Kristi Kookesh

That feeling you get thinking your life is over, and you're gonna be one of those people in pain all the time, but then you find Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab and meet Doctor Peterson and her team, and all those feelings go away! I am forever thankful for this place. My body has been through so much in the past 2 years, my treatment plan here worked within days / weeks. It took me less then a month to start walking better, the pain in my lower back decreased, and i am now able to walk up my stairs with very little help. I highly recommend this place. If it can help me, then it can help anyone.

Dale Mulkey

great service, they treat you like people not patients. very friendly and welcoming

Brandy Scott

I was having back pain due to a work-related injury, so I filed workers' compensation started treatment at Better Health. The staff used a combination of techniques to relieve my pain, get to the root of the problem, make adjustments, and strengthen the muscles that were weak (which was why I was in pain in the first place). All the services I received over the last two months have been thorough and I have seen a huge improvement in my health- less pain, better range of motion, and increased strength and knowledge of stretches and exercises to keep up my progress. The massage therapist is also excellent and really supported the work I was doing with the chiropractor by helping ease all those sore muscles.

Paul Kelly

Thank you for the friendly service, professional care, and taking care of my stiff neck! Dr. Kuoppala and his staff to great work.

Joseph Leong

I don’t write too many reviews but I have been so please with Better Health I feel obligated to give them a shot out. First the doctor is awesome. I have very tight shoulders and back. He takes his time to loosen them up before the treatment. He explains what he is doing and why and I never feel rushed. Additionally, I have had several massages which were awesome. The therapist is very responsive to specific requests. The receptionist is the best. She is extremely friendly and very helpful. I have a new insurance plan and she had to work diligently to get my benefits in place. They are just a great team. Thanks!

Justin Fuller

The sevice provided at the clinic was top notch. The front office receptionist was very welcoming and had a smile on her face. I waiting nearly no time at all to get in to my appointment and once inside dr. Jillian Peterson was very descriptive and helpful. We talked about what has been bothering me and then what steps to take to try to get me feeling better. I would for surely recommend dr Peterson and better health to anyone looking for chiropractic care.

James bulera

Been to alot of Chiropractors and Dr Kuoppala is one of the good ones. was able to get an initial appointment on short notice, Dr K was able to get me adjusted and gave me some new insight to my existing conditions. Definately recommend him to anyone looking for a chiro.

William Bottorf

When I first went to Better Health I was skeptical from some preconceived ideas I had about chiropractors. I had my first appointment and it was not what I expected. Dr. Woolfenden explained my issues using models and diagrams which was helpful and I did not feel rushed or like a burden for asking questions. When it comes to cost all I will say is; they work with you and genuinely care. The staff make me feel like old friends and I really have no complaints other than maybe they need a chocolate fountain in the waiting room? Just an idea.... Highly recommend!

Felicite Toney

Before I visited Better Health, I had been living with daily headaches for about 3 months. I've been headache free since my first visit with Dr. Kuoppala. I've found the service from Dr.Kuoppala and his staff to be excellent. They're all very friendly and take the time to listen to concerns and answer questions. I would highly recommend Better Health to anyone who is looking for a one stop shop for chiropractic and physical therapy needs.

DeAndre King

I absolutely feel the gains and see the improvements with each visit to Better Health for Physical Therapy. Dr. Kuoppala and Staff are wonderful! Highly Recommend!!

brian johnson

Better Health is aptly named, offering more than just quick relief, but help to get back on track to better health. They started me out with electric and ultrasound therapy, massage therapy, and adjustments, then after time into a program of physical therapy with stretching and exercises to address my specific issue. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable, and make your time there very enjoyable. I highly recommend!

Patricia Turner Custard

I would highly recommend Better Health Juneau to anyone in need of chiropractic or physical rehab. Dr. Kuoppala and his staff are kind, caring, and compassionate. Dr. Kuoppala listened to my needs and concerns and developed a treatment plan that rapidly sent me on a path of better overall health. His staff have been exceedingly competent and patient in teaching me exercises and tools to use after my treatment program ends to continue my progress. I truly cannot speak more highly of my experiences at Better Health Juneau and the professionals there.

Lorenz Zaguirre

The Betterhealth Clinic in Juneau, Alaska helped my problem with back pain. Dr. Peterson and her staff are really nice and helpful! I have recommended this clinic to a couple of my friends, and will definitely recommend to someone who is looking for a great chiropractor in town!

Tesla Cox

I would, and do, recommend Better Health Chiropractic to anyone who will listen. After years of lower back pain, multiple doctor and other chiropractic visits, I never received a solution or even a diagnosis. My first visit to Dr. Peterson's office I was greeted by a friendly staff who immediately made me feel comfortable. We did x-rays and Dr. Peterson was able to show me exactly where the problem was and developed a strategic plan to relive it. Within the first two weeks of sticking with her plan, I was feeling better then I ever had before. Dr. Peterson is caring and truly knows each of her patients. She explains what she is doing and why in a way that is easy to understand and gives you homework, so you can work on getting better at home too. Their offices combine chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage, and more to create a well rounded and full scale solution to pain management that isn't like other doctors who just want you to keep coming back forever. Thank you to Dr. Peterson & her staff for showing me the problem, developing a plan, and reaching a solution. I feel better then ever and will hike & yoga to my hearts desires! :)

Leah Haskell

I’ve had lower back pain ongoing for three years. I’ve seen other chiropractors and doctors in the past that haven’t been helpful. I decided to look elsewhere and stumbled across Better Health. Skeptical at first, I called and made an appointment. On the first day Dr. Kuoppala was able to pin point the problem and gave instant pain relief. I’ve been seeing Dr. Kuoppala for over a month and my back feel excellent. The staff are super friendly and treat you like family.

P Bell

When I found Better Health, I was having debilitating headaches on an almost daily basis. It was affecting every aspect of my life, even parts that I didn’t realize. Within my first week of treatment I noticed a difference and so did my family. After only two months, my headaches are nearly gone. They helped me so much, I will be forever grateful. All of the staff is endlessly supportive, helpful and welcoming. If ever I need treatment again, I will definitely return here and would recommend them first to anyone who asked.

Matthew Coppick

I was in agonizing pain from my disc bulging outward. Have had many years to abuse my back. Been to many chiropractors in the past and this has been by far the best experience. The doctor got me moving after two visits and by the third I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be back in the gym and out in the woods again doing what I do. He hits the issues by integrating technology, adjustments, zero gravity decompression machine, massage, and various other technology using data driven results. My sciatica pain went away and all other areas being affected. The staff was very nice and the atmosphere was very calming. Dr. Kuoppala knows his stuff from years of experience. He conducts himself with upmost professionalism and compassion. I’ll definitely be referring people.

Kelley Harvey

I was in really bad shape when I first came in. I could not stand without crawling to a chair and pulling myself up. Dr K was very honest, knew exactly what was going on (later confirmed by an MRI), and started to work. After a few weeks I was starting to feel “normal” again and I started rehab and slowly got to a place where I have no pain! I’m so thankful to Dr K for helping me and for giving me the info on what I need to do to help avoid another flare up.

Leatha Merculieff

Dr. K is great!

Merri Rosales

Long story short: I have lived with so-o-o much pain for so-o-o long and I never thought I would live any differently... I had "gotten used to" the idea and my compromised lifestyle. A few months ago, to add insult to misery, I took a terrible fall! I injured my head/neck/brain (severe inflammation) on down to my lower back (where I now have 2 compression fractures) and into my arms and hands. My knee giving out was the 1st injury as both my knees became very weak and painful especially when I have to climb my 4 flights of stairs on a daily basis in my home. My shoulder/arm and on down to my hand and fingertips were hurt, also, plus I have 2 pinched nerves in my neck. I have had sciatic nerve damage and pain into my hips since giving birth to my 5 kids, over 30 yrs. ago, and the fall aggravated this condition. One day my husband learned about this clinic from a co-worker and THIS Dr. was highly recommended to us. She was new in town and it turned out she had moved to Juneau while I was hospitalized in Seattle for a month due to complications from that fall. I was unresponsive and had to be air-evacuated to Seattle one day... They did all they could do for me there and began some PT so I could, hopefully, get around when I came home. I needed a walker to walk and was still quite ill from my whole ordeal. I was in pretty pathetic shape and NEEDED help! When I came to Dr. Jillian Peterson, the end of to be able to move again. She told me that my inflammation had "gone global" and I could tell she understood my pain. She told me we'd only do what I could handle and made a personalized treatment plan for me. The goal being to heal me and then strengthen me. She accepted my desire to do things as natural as possible, too. I was tired of medications that didn't help. TRUSTING her was easy, although at 1st I was scared of what they might DO to me there. After being ill for many months and then incapacitated, my husband had told me, one day, "I need to take you somewhere where they can stretch you and help you feel better"... Before this he didn't even believe in chiropractors... this was a BIG step for us both! I went 2-3 times a week the 1st 6 weeks and now, I have progressed to 2 times a week. Chiropractic Adjustments... Ultra Sound Treatments... Electrical Stimulation Treatments... Cervical Traction... Massage Therapy (from a woman with magic hands!) and it IS happening! Slow and steady... with constant concern over what I need/how I feel etc. and I am very grateful to her and her staff for helping me to get back to being myself, again. I started phase 2 (some exercises) that turned out to be too much for me right now... so we backed off and proceeded with what I had been doing that was working. It is ALL about what the patient needs/what I NEED. I have been to other clinics in Juneau and I ONLY received Physical Therapy. I REALLY LOVE seeing two or even three different treatment providers in one visit such as: the chiropractor, a physical therapist(s) and sometimes even a massage therapist. More treatments mean more results and ALL IN ONE PLACE! I, also, liked how she explained my issues using models and diagrams which was helpful and gave me a true visual of what was going on with me. I did not feel rushed and I had a ton of questions! They are working with me re: my portion of the costs... I feel they care MORE about me than they do my insurance and they make it work to calm MY stress :0) I actually LOOK FORWARD to my appts. because I always leave there feeling BETTER :0) I have NO doubt I will be better sooner than later... my range of motion progress has been amazing and I would recommend this clinic/Dr./staff to everyone!

John Cooper

Dr. Peterson has managed to get most of my 50 year plus injuries to calm down and play sort of nice. Much better than they used to do. Her staff is pretty good too. The masseuse has gotten rid of muscle knots that are older than she is. Great people doing good work.

Cassandra Bulard

I started going to Better Health Chiropractic when i was about 6 months pregnant. They help relieve my pain. I generally go about 1-2 times a month. The Dr and staff are always friendly and helpful and able to squeeze me in on short notice after I have decided to ignore the pain for too long.

Glenn Eduard

Collin is a great guy who really takes the tome to listen to you and if you don’t feel comfortable with a certain approach he will find another solution. He helped a lot with my neck and back pain. My headaches have decreased by 80% in frequency. Jennifer at the front desk is also lovely!

Jessica Schalkowski

I pulled a muscle in my lower back at an Insanity class at the gym. A coworker recommended this office and I went within a few days of my injury. Through therapy, adjustments and core strength training on the machines it's all healed up and hopefully won't happen again!

anara mccarthy

Dr. Peterson is amazing! After a thorough exam she was able to start treating my issues and after just a few weeks of treatment I am doing so much better. I would highly recommend Dr. Peterson to anyone looking for an excellent doctor.

courtney miconelson

Dr. Woolfenden and the staff at Better Health really know what they are doing - they helped my reverse cervical spine with all their state of the art equipment like their anti-gravity low back machine and all the strengthening equipment helped me stop thinking about my back all the time! Now I just go in for maintenance - they are great!

Sandy Irving

My lower back ached from kayaking on a trip to Alaska. I only had a day or so to spend in Juneau, but I made an appointment with this clinic. I'm not sure what I think about chiropractic in general, but my back felt better after treatment and I was very impressed with the friendly, thorough, thoughtful diagnosis and discussion I received. Learned a lot.

Mary George

I'd like to express my appreciation for Dr. Peterson and all her staff. They're a very professional and caring team. The whole office has a nice, comfortable feel. My first visit impressed me due to the amount of time Dr. Peterson spent with me. She was able to take X-rays on site, I was treated with e-stim, the DRS machine, had an initial consultation, was adjusted AND shown exercises which would help alleviate some of my symptoms. I left there virtually pain free! The second visit I had an in depth consultation along with e-stim and adjustment. She explained what was causing my pain, devised a treatment plan and showed me more things I could do for self care. Dr. Peterson is also conscious of the cost of treatment and offers a discount for those of us who are self pay. I know I can trust her not to pad my treatment plan with unnecessary expense. I am just extraordinary impressed by the amount of personalized time spent with patients and the quality of care you receive at Better Health Chiropractic. So if you are looking for a doctor and want professional, caring people that take the time to personalize your health care- I highly recommend Dr. Peterson and her team. It's wonderful to be pain free!!

Karina Briseno

I was having some back pain but had never seen a Chiropractor. I went to see Dr. Woolfenden, he ran some tests on me, explained what he was going to do, and made me feel at ease about what he would be doing.

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