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REVIEWS OF Better Health Chiropractic, Anchorage, Dimond & Old Seward IN Alaska

Jennifer Regoord

We appreciate our experience with Dr. Vito and the rest of the staff at Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab. We have been seeing Dr. Vito for two years now and have had nothing but a wonderful experience each time we are seen. Thank you!

Karen Marquis

While being treated for a lower back issue, I am really liking the multiple methods of treatment which is not limited to massage & adjustments but includes strengthening to hopefully prevent future back issues. I look forward to the continued improvement. and strength.

Stephen Menice

I had been to a foot specialist about 7 months ago and learned that I had severe plantar fasciitis in both my feet. Most likely from the work I was doing at the time without stretching. I would wake up and be unable to walk becaus of the swelling and pain. The specialist told me that surgery was needed but they could try injections first. I decided to look for other options and thank God I did. Better health set me up with a visit a few times a week for about a month doing adjustments and massaging the effected areas and by the time I have two visits under my belt I was doing better with no swelling and pain went way down. I'm so grateful as my wife and I just took a trip to Seattle and walked long miles to explore the city and woke up the next day with zero pain. They didn't just help me avoid surgery which would have hurt me financially but they also help my feet heal. The staff is very friendly, small but professional. I'd recommend them to anyone who's in need of relief or prevention.

Cyndy Miller

The Dr and staff are wonderful. They truly care about getting to know their patients and their individual needs.

Justin Time-For-Dinner

I have been following a regular schedule of 2-3 days a week with better health chiropractic south Anchorage location for about 3 months now and the results I've gotten from these visits have made a big difference for me. I've been burdened with chronic back pain for years and recently began having some issues with my rotator cuff. They have done alot for me and even though I was a little unsure at first that any of it would work, I no longer suffer from the feeling that my rotator cuff is about to completely tear with every movementI make. If you've ever experienced that pain then you know how much it meens to reach a full recovery from it. The girls are very nice, very genuine and very professional in what they do. They are very flexible with whatever your financial situation may be which is most important to those who are seeking medical attention of any type. Doctor McCarty is a super nice guy. He definitely knows his practice well and what calls to make when recommending certain treatments for whichever physical ailments you want to improve. The whole staff is a fun bunch to be around. I greatly enjoy the atmosphere they work to provide for their patients. I highly recommend them to anybody that is seeking chiropractic care.

Lance Sweet

Absolutely the very best experience. I was referred to Dr. McCarty and the rest of the staff for physical therapy and have not been disappointed. Everyone in the office is outstanding, friendly, fun, knowledgeable, and of course focused on making me healthier. I strongly recommend Dr. McCarty and Better Health Chiropractic to anyone for their rehab or chiropractic needs.

Ramsey chew

People are friendly and the best Chiropractic massage

Maria Hass

I was not well informed of my insurance coverage from the onset, and they did not verify my benefits or eligibility fast enough over a three month time period. No surprise when I stopped going because I wasn't improving that they sent me a bill for everything the insurance didn't cover. That's about $2800 and I had already paid $470 out of my own good will. I'm under employed because the chronic pain that took me to this clinic never improved. They sued me for $3300 and then proceeded to levy my bank account for everything in there up to $3600 without notice. Although I have no proof, I can't help but feel that Dr. Vito did not adhere to the Hippocratic oath when it came to my care after these events happened. So maybe you have wonderful finances and insurance and this kind of action would not affect you at all. But if you are like me and you can't survive having your bank account wiped clean, I would've liked to have known from the onset. At least you will have been warned with my personal opinion of this experience.

stephen nelson

Dr. Vito is phenomenal! After several months of physical therapy from a skiing accident, a friend recommeded that I go to Better Health Chiropractic and see Dr. Vito. Dr. Vito took the time to explain what was causing my pain and after a few visits had me feeling like I was 20 again. I cannot rave about Dr. Vito and the staff enough.

Jonathan Newman

After over-involvement with athletic activities coupled with not paying attention to cervical spine health, as well as poor computer/iPhone posture, I injured my neck. Dr. Vito et. al. were instrumental in helping me convalesce with efficiency, quality, integrity and great support. I am confident how I would not feel as good as I do today if not for the massage, ultrasound, adjustment, traction and electrical stimulation afforded me by Dr. Vito and his colleagues. This is an excellent operation all-around- I highly recommend it! BetterHealth chiropractors and their assistants also imbue one with strengthening and stretching skills to also proactively avoid injuring oneself again. Kudos- and financially very straightforward and honest as well, which was very appreciated.

Mtb AKtion

Friendly, Knowledgeable, and helpful staff, clean and modern facility, overall very pleased with the care I've received from Better Health!

Brande McGovern

I never thought Id be writing a review for Chiropractic Therapy, yet here I am perched on the highest of mountains raving of my care/recovery I have received from the hands of Better Health Chiropractic Therapy!! Massive daily headaches from a car accident left me at my whits end and screaming with my insurance company who prompted me to search out the care of a Chiropractor. Honesty here, I laughed and even smirked with such a suggestion, yet Googled for help! By the second visit Jonathan Vito and his staff released my headache that lasted through the night, allowing me to have my first nights sleep since my accident on December 6th, 2014. I'm not going to attempt to convince you or state that I understand the hows or whys nor going to tell you I love the "neck adjusting" (cracking and popping) however the procedures being done to me are indeed allowing me to get back to running daily and sleeping through the night and smiling! I think I have come to the revelation that I might not have been fair prior in my judgement of this type of care and look for the positive in all aspects of my world, if good came out of my car accident it is surely that I have found Better Health Chiropractic and am now a believer! If you have an ache, a head ache, a pain or just a desire to have some guy named "Vito" cracked you neck, I feel confident to tell you to try them! You'll most likely been in goods hands!!! Brande McGovern

Jarek Halat

Great care when it's needed most!

Danielle Smithp

I’ve been having some back pains for a year now and my primary Dr couldn’t figure out what it is. My wife found Better Health and set me up with an appt. The entire staff is very friendly and Dr McCarty is very knowledgeable and extremely personable. Last time I went to a Chiropractor was when I was 14 and I recall the Dr doing messages and minor therapy prior to working on my back. Love that they do the same here. They also have great business hours so I don’t have to miss work. I highly recommend if you need any therapy or chiropractic work.

Jennifer Atkins

The staff at Better Health are great! They create a warm, comfortable atmosphere and provide personalized and professional care. I wouldn't ever go anywhere else!

Dean Rampy

I hurt my lower back several weeks ago and was in a great deal of pain. I could not tie my shoes without bringing tears to my eyes. The clinic was able to get me an appointment the day I called. They diagnosed the problem and gave me a rehabilitation plan the next day. Within a week I could bend over and tie my shoes with no tears (it still hurt, but the pain level was greatly diminished). The staff have been great. They are professional, friendly and show genuine concern for my recovery. There have been no issues with billing both my primary and secondary insurance companies. Highly recommended.

Bedushasthomas Hey sorry Thomas

I love the personnel in the south side office. They all are friendly, professional and always welcoming. The office is always personable. And when I get off my two week rotation, I always return to this office because I feel like family.

Mechelle Thaman

Very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr Vito and his staff have helped my back pain. DRS machine is pretty awesome. I would highly recommend Better Health Chiropractic

Curtis Clough

In Juneau, great people, great service and caring individuals. I am feeling better already after two weeks and would recommend them to anybody who is need of pain management program for chronic symptoms or simple adjustments for better health. Take the time, it is worth it.

Carri Tonnemacher

Do not go to this Chiropractor. I went for a basic evaluation and only spent less than an hour in their office before they gave me a treatment plan. I kept asking about costs and was being put off and told to speak to the billing clerk. I finally called to see just how much my initial visit cost me. They charged my insurance $1065 and whipped out my health savings account. I have reported them to the Fraud department at Blue Shield Blue Cross.

Mica Nelson

Everyone is super friendly. Dr. McCarty makes sure to customize the experience to what is needed at the time. The rehab staff make the exercises enjoyable. Always walk out feeling better. 10/10 recommend

Daniel Castro

Caring and helpful staff members that really give the best experience

Kiley Westgard

I was referred to Dr. McCarty and Better Health Chiropractic by my Occupational Therapist for shoulder pain and soreness. I was good as new within a couple of visits! Rosa has an amazing touch with massage and the staff is always so friendly and helpful!! Highly recommended!!

Kayli Thompson

As a person with avid headaches, I have been to many chiropractors here in the great state of Alaska, but not one has compared to the wonderful care at Better Health & Wellness by the one and only Dr. Vito. HIGHLY recommended.

Jenna Hooley

A knee injury that lead to other alignment issues brought me to Dr. Vito. He wrote a treatment plan for me including therapeutic massage, ultrasounds, heat therapy, adjustments and later on physical rehab. After a month or so I'm feeling a lot stronger with no pain in my knee. He is very personable and cares about his patients. The rest of the staff is welcoming, friendly, and professional as well. I highly recommend this office!

Lucas Claus

I sustained my lower back injury from work in the military. I heard and knew next to nothing about chiropractors before receiving treatment from them. 1. The staff is very kind and up front about your condition and treatments to heal you and or chronic pain management. 2. The Patient Care Coordinator is very flexible and knowledgeable about their tasks and your obligations to move appointments while still meeting the needs of your care weekly. 3. The Therapy Aide is extremely motivated and stretches and exercises along with you; definitely ensures the stretches and physical therapy is done to meet the intent of the doctor to get you back to work. 4. The Chiropractor, Dr McCarty, is well-informed about his field, enthusiastic to serve his patients, and forthcoming about ways to best heal you. Every time I was done with a treatment I felt like a little better to the point where I returned to normal work within months. The staff at all levels understand their roles and appear willing to serve their patients to the best of their ability.


I was treated by Dr. Samuel Woolfenden in the Juneau office. Dr. Sam is awesome. He is a very intelligent, intuitive, and sensitive provider. Not only is he a great doctor, his office staff are friendly and professional. When I walked into the office I was in so much pain. He developed a treatment plan for me that not only got me out of pain but also built up and strengthened my muscles so that the chances of a reoccurrence are greatly minimized. I would highly recommend Dr. Woolfenden and he is a great asset to Better Health and Wellness.

Renee' Kendall

Better Health and Wellness has been a life-saver for me and my husband. My husband could hardly walk and I couldn't turn my neck. Dr. Vito and his staff are amazing and got us back to normal. Not just any chiropractic office. They put forth their best each and every time that we go, and they are truly concerned for us, not only as a patient, but as a person. Very professional, knowledgeable, caring, understanding and amazing at what they do. From an adjustment, to physical therapy to massage. Just AWESOME!

Lea Lyday

The staff and quality of care at Better Health is some of the best I’ve had over the years. They take the time to get to know you as a person and work with you to create a treatment program that works for you.

Lisa Bishop

Better health has made my day to day life enjoyable again. I have had neck and back pain for years. I have to say I haven't felt this good in years or have had this kind of mobility in years. Dr. Vito is amazing. Dr. Vito and the staff are knowledgeable and professional. They really made be feel very comfortable and cared for. I have had Other chiropractic for the past few years but better heath has a totally different approach in improving my condition rather then just managing it. The insurance and payment was great as well. If you are looking for first time care, new care or are just hesitant on chiropractic I would say give better health a try you wont regret it.

Diane Benning

Before going to Better Health chiropractic, I was in so much pain, I did not want to move. I couldn't sleep the pain was so bad. After making my first appointment, I felt so much better in just one day. I have decided to continue treatment with the staff at the Juneau location.They are helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable in all areas of my care. I am more that pleased with the staff and service I have and continue to receive to this day. Thank You Better Health Chiropractic, for giving me back my mobility.

Sadrial Firesky

I love all the staff here! Everyone is very personable and makes you feel as though you are a part of the family. On top of that they will really work with you and your insurance on payment plans.

Fab on Fords

Longtime happy customer! Been to many places before I could find this one, and oh my god they are good, from the second you step foot in the door you feel like a celebrity almost, never experienced that level of care and customer service, and Dr Nick is just so professional, good and precise at what he does, a quick chat and he know what to do, very subtle and only applies the minimum necessary pressure on the right spots, I know that as long as these guys are open I know i will never have to look elsewhere. FANTASTIC

Brian Carey

My back has been hurting for a few years, mostly from weed wacking on my property. But after going to see Dr. Vito I feel so much better. I can weed wack all I need to now and not be in any discomfort. Definitely recommend Dr. Vito and his crew!

steve Taylor

Going in my thoughts were skeptical at best, wanting to not believe I played along. As my first treatment started I began to notice the professional care that was given almost emeditly. As the weeks went on the pain was receding and by the end of my visit I was now working in a better mood and sleeping through the nights. They were incredible and well worth my time.

Heather DeLoach

I am grateful to have found Better Health. I had a back injury while on vacation and had to fly 15 hours home on some mild pain killers. By the time I got back to Alaska, my sciatic nerve was severely aggravated. Other physical rehab places required a doctor's referral and were at least 48 hours out to see me. Better Health got me in for a consultation the next day. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone!

Mackenzie McQueen

My husband started to see Better Health Chiropractoric & said I should go to them, so I did....the whole office is fantastic! I saw Dr. McCarty; he is full of knowledge, has got me on a plan that has worked with my issue & also has helped me on a payment plan. He truly listens to me. Also, they help you get an Uber if you need one, go out of there way to assist you if you have a baby. Physical therapist, massage therapist, front office & billing staff are all so friendly, EVERYONE goes out of there way to help! I would give them more stars if I could


Great place to come very friendly staff, Dr. Vito is awsome the DRS is great, kept me out of surgery I would highly recommend.

Dana Odom

I've been coming to Better Health and Wellness now for about 3 years. If you're looking for a chiropractor, I super highly recommend this place! I originally came here for treatment of whiplash from a car accident, but I continue to come back every month for maintenance adjustments. The staff is super friendly and helpful!

Aimee Sims

Better Health, Thank you for helping me with my neck, shoulder and arm pain! Such a relief to know I am getting better day by day! I was so frustrated with taking the pain pills prescribed by another doctor. I kinda felt better, but was in a fog and completely useless! With the help from Better Health’s great staff and a few natural things I am doing at home, I finally feel I am on the road to recovery! Thank you!

Alex Kismarton

Staff are courteous and down to earth; always very accommodating and friendly. Would definitely recommend to others!

Joseph Butcher

Listening to a good Dr. is a learned skill, Listening to my body is a learned skill, when the two meet in search of health and/or recovery it makes sense. With a fractured neck and a domed to fuse low back hemorrhage, I have listened to my Dr. and to my body and Better Health is still standing next to me for the next move. Thank you to Better Health and Dr. Wells and His associates and referrals to a little known place, Heath Quest, for keeping me off Drugs and managing my pain. I am stronger and healthier for it....... With gratitude of heart and best wishes. Owner of INTERVAL Expedite and Transit for Anchorag Joseph Allan Butcher

Mark Thaman

Dr Vito and his staff are genuinely interested in getting you better. Will be going to them for all of my chiropractic care! Go see them!


I was expierencing daily headaches and I had migraines about three + times a month. I honestly never thought going to a chiropractor/physical therapist would help me. My boyfriend constantly nagged me to at least try it out and let me tell you, I’m so happy I did! I’ve been in treatment for a little over a month but my headaches are virtually gone and I have not had a migraine since. The staff at the south location are great and compassionate and definitely want to see their patients succeed. I highly recommend them. Only regret is that I didn’t go sooner!

Jordan Taylor

Highly recommend this place for anyone who needs chiropractic care. Dr. McCarty and his staff are the best! Allison and Anna always greet you with a smile and Rosa has the hands of a god. Dr. McCarty not only is a great chiropractor but he takes the time to invest in his patients and actually gets to know them. So thankful I found these guys!

Mike Hoshall

I have always been treated very well and it’s obvious to me that the staff and the doctor care about me as a patient. Very friendly and also very professional as well. And I have gotten great results from the treatments and by following the advice as well. Top notch care in a warm, friendly environment. Highly recommend.

Melissa Conti

Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Therapy has been a great solution to my neck and back pain. Dr. Vito is very friendly and knowledgable and makes a treatment plan that works for you, not just the cookie cutter adjustments I have had in the past. The physical therapist Melissa really knows what she is doing and always suggests different things to try at home to manage pain. Bree is an amazing massage therapist. She can locate and work out knots in a short focused time, but is more effective than long massages! Whitney at the front desk is always friendly and though billing is confusing, she always takes the time to explain things and get the paperwork you need. Everyone works well together and it is the most innovative approach to pain management I have found in Alaska.

Joseph Leong

Thanks Better Health! First the doctor is awesome and after just a few treatments loosened my very tight shoulders and back. He takes his time to warm them up before the treatment. He explains what he is doing and why and I never feel rushed. Additionally, I have had several massages which were just as great. The receptionist is extremely friendly and very helpful. I have a new insurance plan and she had to work diligently to get my benefits in place.

Tina Brown

Better Health Chiropractic and Physical Rehab is a full service chiropractic therapy combined with physical rehab care that Juneau has never seen before. Dr. Jillian Peterson's knowledge of chiropractic and physical rehab therapy provides a thorough evaluation of the patient needs, including on site x-rays to see the damaged areas, which then allows the Doctor to create an individualized care plan, using advanced chiropractic care and the most technologically advanced treatments including the DRS System which removes pressure from the disc and joints in the lower back, a system that provides traction to stretch and relax muscles for neck, ultra sound deep heat systems, and physical rehab exercises that strengthen your troubled areas, to provide support to maintain your new straight tall body. Oh yes the staff is very friendly and don't forget you never wait more that 10 minutes. Love this combined chiropractic and physical rehab care, it really makes sense and its what I have been looking for!

Ryan Westgard

Highly recommend! My wife and I both go here on a regular basis. After a few months of treatment working on my lower back I feel amazing. Dr. McCarty and his team are the best there is. Wouldn’t go anywhere else with the experiences from Better Health!

Sasha Smith

I have always had great experiences here. I've been treated for neck and back injuries after two different car accidents, and I always feel welcome and well cared for! Dr. Vito and his staff are great!

Dave Mackiewicz

Donald Ritchie

This is a team of dedicated personnel that from the moment you enter their clinic, make the effort to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable, while giving you sound scenarios for your rehabilitation that suit your needs! I highly recommend this group to exceed your every need with cheerful attitude, and down home hospitality

Somnuck Thammavongsa

My wife talked me into going to see Dr. Vito & at first I was hesitant but I’m happy she did. Dr. Vito & his staff are great & make each visit fun! Allison makes scheduling appointments & making payments easy. Dr. Vito has worked his magic on my back & I feel much better than before I started seeing him. Rosa & Anna have helped greatly in making sure I stay comfortable & ensure I get the right combination of massage & physical therapy.Awesome staff

christina afonin

Super friendly and empathetic staff who understand that not only do I need some help with my body after an accident but have accommodated my two toddlers and kept them busy while I get treated! This is the kind of service that will not only keep my business but gain business from referrals/word of mouth. Thank you for all your effort!

Allen Childs

A great office and staff. The doctors and assistants are very helpful and everyone in the office treats you with respect. I would highly suggest to anyone looking for a chiropractor to stop by Better Health.

Meecook oppa미국오빠

I have been in here few months for my low back and whiplashed neck treatment. Everybody in this facility are really nice, polite, and professional. After few months treatment, my back is in perfect condition like there was nothing happened to my back. I would give them 10+ more stars if I can give them a star rating. They will give you more than just body injury treatment, they will bring you happiness too. Thank you so much, you guys are really awesome.

Dillon Trimble

They have the best service in state. The staff is the friendly, caring, and super personal. Even if you go once, you will have an everlasting bond with this wonderful staff!

Sarah La Belle

Wonderful experience with south side location. Dr Vito is great and all the technicians there are super nice. Plus best customer service out of any doctors office I've ever been to- they worked with my insurance to make sure I got the help I needed and when my insurance was billing me incorrectly they made sure that it was corrected.

Mansour Ghanem

Glad I chose to receive my treatment here, Dr. Vito and his staff are really nice people and do everything they can to make sure patients are getting treated right.

P Bell

When I found Better Health, I was having debilitating headaches on an almost daily basis. It was affecting every aspect of my life, even parts that I didn’t realize. Within my first week of treatment I noticed a difference and so did my family. After only two months, my headaches are nearly gone. They helped me so much, I will be forever grateful. All of the staff is endlessly supportive, helpful and welcoming. If ever I need treatment again, I will definitely return here and would recommend them first to anyone who asked.

Mariah DeJesus-Remaklus

After experiencing a few months of back pain, I was recommended by a coworker of someone I work with to check out Better Health. Setting up an appointment was really easy and my first visit was comfortable and pleasant. Everyone was super nice and welcoming and after leaving, I already felt like I was going to get better and feel better soon. I was educated about what my issues were and my multiple visits every week were usually something I ended up looking forward to, particularly because they always made me feel more relaxed and like I wasn't in such bad shape. I had easy conversations with Dr. Vito and staff, which is something I believe to be important between patients and those who work there. They've also been very flexible with scheduling visits and even rescheduling them when I had other things to deal with and that was honestly such a relief! No one should have to stress about appointments that are supposed to make them feel the opposite. I'm still visiting every few weeks for adjustments and I'm glad that I am. I definitely feel a lot better than I did 6 months ago and I can't imagine where my body would be now if I hadn't decided to look into the pain I was experiencing. If anyone asks me for suggestions on places to go for back issues, I know I'd definitely tell them about Better Health, hands down :)

Jonathan Jarnot

Awesome service. Excellent help with my neck issue. Even gave me exercises to do at home or at stop lights. 5 out of 5.

Julie Aloysius

My lower back went out and I had heard great things about Better Health & Wellness so I called them. From the very beginning they were so helpful. The office manager worked me in the same day I called. The whole staff is amazing. They make you feel very comfortable and genuinely want to help you. I was impressed with the privacy. After my first visit I already felt better. Dr. McCarty explained the process of treatment and the massage therapist and physical therapist are great! I have been to many chiropractic offices and this is by far the best experience I have had!

Paul Sculley

Got an adjustment and felt refreshed and relaxed afterwards. I can go on with my daily life without any pains. They did a great job taking care of me.

Peter Maus

They do a great job in all areas of their practice from my experience. They make sure your not waiting too long in the lobby, they promptly serve you as you move through your appointment, they take an interest in learning about what might be causing your spinal issues and where you feeling pain, and they make sure treatments are suited for your condition and pain tolerance, like the massage treatments and personalized exercise treatments. I've been very happy with Better Health since 2008 and they are my preferred choice. Last year, I encouraged my eldest son to see Better Health when he had an issue and he told me he was surprised at how good of an experience he had after visiting Better Health. He now calls Better Health his Chiropractic preference as well. If they have anything they could improve on, it would be consistency with appointment reminder calls. But, I put mine into my phone right away so I really don't need the reminder call anyway.

Danilo Samonte

Piper Eskridge

Doctor Nicholas and his staff are beyond incredible. They make going to the doctors office fun and you’ll never dread coming to an appointment–in fact it’s my favorite days of the week. I have gained much more range of motion back into my neck and my pain is slowly, but surely, diminishing. I highly recommend coming here for any of your chiropractic needs.

Filipo Apulu

Friendly staff and great environment. Visited after a car accident and my back feels better since the accident.

Ryan Sweet

Dr. Vito has been amazing to both myself and my wife. She has been going to Better Health for a few years now and started just over a month ago. My back had been hurting because I work at a desk and have played contact sports my entire life. Since I have been going to Dr. Vito my neck and back pain has definitely decreased between the adjustments and the massages. The staff are all amazing and it is definitely a very fun atmosphere, I look forward to my appointments and always leave feeling very relaxed. I definitely have already recommended Dr. Vito to friends and family and will continue to do so.

Donna Haugan

Feeling great now and the staff is Awesome at the South location.

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