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1103 E Boxelder Rd Bldg A Suite 1, Gillette, WY 82718

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REVIEWS OF Quiznos IN Wyoming

Joshua Havron

Was impressed with the quality if the food. Clean dining area. It's right in the corner of a strip mall across the street from Old Chicago.

Jason Tanner

Very helpful staff!

Google Name

Once again they are closed at 7:05 when the sign says 7:30. Don't believe me check the picture I just uploaded. Do not accuse me the customer of lying. Your door says 7:30. PERIOD.

Shaunie Blanchard

I visited quiznos yesterday and I just love quiznos the best soup and sandwich around and great service such a great lil shop.

Hayley Taylor

The food is delicious, good quality ingredients! Katy is very friendly and knowledgeable and the store is very clean! I miss having Quiznos in Oregon so this was a great experience, while getting my sandwich fix!

Melissa Stroup

Ordered 2 subs which were great hence the 2 stars, however, that was the poorest customer service I have ever received. The girl who took our order was rude, so I thought maybe she was having a bad day, so I made a joke to try and make her smile and nothing. She turned her back to me and wouldn't even look at me. Another guy just walking around the working station playing on his phone. At the end, we were given our sub's but not bagged. I asked the young girl for them to be bagged. She proceeds to hand me a bag. I had to bag my own food. This is my first time ever writing a bad review, but if I am going to pay $17 for 2 sub's, I at least deserve some better quality customer service.

Cameron Shurtz

Quiznos is awesome and this is one of the good ones. Great service. Clean. Food was great. The chicken carbonara is great. Highly recommend this place.

Krystal King

Jodi Morgan

Catherine is GREAT!!!

Lexie Marchant

Andrea Keaton

Rachel Conner

(Translated by Google) Ehhh ... (Original) Ehhh...

Jesse Bell

Quality of food not the greatest, but service and price bring it into the running

Barry Hurlbut

Tom W

As it's in a travel plaza they have a limited menu, but the quality of the food was as good as usual.

Shanna Corson

valerie Bridwell

Bill Morgan

Best subs in town.

Cecil Tuiel

There Great

Jacqueline Richardson

Norma Vice

Toy Buell

Annabelle Johnson

Melody Royal

Sally Saturday

I really loved my meal tonight! 2 Youngins with brown hair made my husband Jim and Is food tonight, I had the Chicken Carbonara and he has the Classic Italian. YUM! Great customer service, and amazing food.

Raymond Edmonds

Emilio Castanon

Crystal !

Food is good but its not good to sweep floors while people are eating, with dirt and dust flying in the air. They dont know the difference between guacamole and avocado

Mat Har

Steven Clark

Trish Murray

My husband likes their Italian sandwich. I like their salads. I would like the sandwiches if they had roast beef. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Teresa Summers

kody postenvfbg

Jeremiah Wolski

Love this place

Kayley Sanger

Closed at 730 at the time I arrived. Not suppose to close until eight. Blonde girl working was incredibly rude. Guess they just wanted to get out early instead of upholding standards of the company.

Leann Brown

I ate at Quiznos for lunch today, had a bread bowl. Best bread bowl I have had. They were very fast, moved the line quickly. It was clean and friendly, highly recommended.

Gary Kipp

Noneya Beeswax

What can I say, it was great!


Toasted subs, mmm good! Best sub shop around hands down. Love Quiznos. Fast friendly service.

Jeff Hammond

No Quiznos in Rapid City. Have to get my sandwich when I'm in Gillette.

Timothy Harber

The (DGA*) "don't give a ..." was strong with the crew this Sunday - 10/20/19. I don't expect much but, maybe, they should pay attention to making sandwiches. Instead of, ya know, playing music on their phones and sharing air pods. I'd like my sandwich in under 15 minutes. I don't care about the "funniest" country song you ever heard and want to play for your coworkers.

Amelia Larkin

Took them 15 minutes to make 2 subs. Didn't make the first sub correctly and had to ask that they remake it. Both subs were supposed to be warm and were cold. Portions were obviously ignored. I'm SURE they were not meeting service standards for a restaurant sandwich line because it was a disgusting mess with cross contamination everywhere I looked. I was able to stomach three bites of my soggy sandwich, but I'm more sickened by how little the employees seemed to care about anything. Our meals were not worth what we paid. Do not eat at the Quiznos at the Buckley travel mart.

shealynn Wolfe

Energy Addicts

Love this place!

Esteban Castro

As always exellent.

Micki DeCurtins

Great food, good service!

Trevor Thomas

Like subway but better

April Flagg

Twila Stensland

Tracy Bostick

Good food, and service.

Fun with the Family

Every time I go there though the food is really good. Also the service is really good.

Cindy Sobczak

Tuxedo Batman

The fish was good

Drek Robis

Shane Olson

Melissa Birk

Well managed sandwich restaurant. Great for lunch place.


dad mya

A great place to get a hot sub sandwich

John Bosch

I like it

Varun Maharaj

Always a great sub for a good price. My favorite stop on road trips!

jeremy churchill

The red headed step child of a quiznos. I love quiznos and will happily pay a premium to eat at that chain over subway but this location, well, is at a truck stop and blends right in. Its edible but don't expect the typical customer service, level of freshness, and selection of a typical location

Terri Baker

Judy Blauer

No lone, no waiting. I had a bit of a special request and the employees were fine with that.

Rob Tamayo

Horrible customer service and attendance from the 2 ladies at the counter. I've been on the road for 4 days and decided to ask if it was ok to bring my pet and sit him by the table with me. I definitely understood their denial, but they didn't have to treat me or my family with disrespect. Needless to say, I left the place and went across the street to Applebee's, where they actually allowed myself, family and pet come inside and sit all together at their table.

kayla Carter

Debbie Lamblin

They seem to open whenever they want. They don't get in a hurry been this way for at least 10 years. The travel plaza should replace them with a more reliable business because alot of travelers and motor coaches stop at this popular location.

Devan Granger

Very good food. Service was good. Well-mannered employees

Brittaney Caldwell

Kenny Keesler

Darrell Joey

Igor Svishevskiy

Best subs around, hands down!

Jay Rothleutner

Christina Rees

They weren’t open when they said they would be despite both Google and the travel plaza saying they were open.

Carl Delancey

Ally Walter

scott warner

Awesome sandwiches as always

Jeffrey Roberts


When I visited your store, there were 2 employees just standing there doing absolutely nothing, for the better part of 5-10 minutes. Every other minute one of them would actually look at me, but NEVER spoke or made a move to take my order. I addressed this with onsite management, who assured me he'd address this with them. I'm not going to elaborate every single second of my experience there because the manager assured me he'd handle it. MY suggestion is. . . (1) "If you hate your job, or dislike working with the public, do ALL of us a favor and find another job." Quiznos and the public would certainly appreciate it. (2) Management should be more visible in overseeing the employees. They "claimed" they didn't know where the manager was OR the phone number to the store. (3) Start offering customer service training courses and incentives, and overseeing and rewarding employees in displaying excellent customer service skills.

Shannon Jones

Always friendly great customer service. Food always good.

Mike Swaisgood

Harley Tyler

LaShay Hoblit

Caleb Culp

Mayas world

Jody Rosten

Great food and service!

Deven B

Not bad. Good sandwich

Payton Young

Joan Hartings

The travel center as a whole was a pigsty. The parking lot was nasty, the eating area floor had paper strewn about and was nasty. The garbage cans were overflowing. No ice for the drinks. We just got cups for water and the water was so chlorinated you couldn't drink it. The Quiznos itself was dirty, the area where the meat was looked like it hadn't been wiped down all day. There was only 1 person to take your order and make your sandwich and we were there about 4:45. When she asked if we wanted anything else on our sandwiches and I asked for tomatoes, I think she muttered under her breath.

Rachael Jolly

lacey kelly

Cody Jerry

Laura Michelle Cramer

Beautiful & clean, fast efficient service, friendly & knowledgeable staff. Kathy is so nice!! I would give this place 10 stars if I could. Prices are reasonable & fair. The food is so yummy!! Thanks!

Taren White

Nicole Collazo

David King

Marten Martens

Gave me the wrong There were 3 of us in line! Offered to remake, but I was in a hurry.. an hour later I was running to the toilet along with my co workers...

Kaleb Beck

james sch

Samantha King

Jessie-lauren Foster

Tom Orr

Refused customers. Says they open at 10am, and are still closed at 11:46am on a Friday. They stated they do not open for another hour or so....??


foods 7 out of 10, 3 star because of price.. was about 6 dollars to expensive. 2, 8in sandwiches and a 1 med drink 16.28.......ya

Justin Penning

Caroline Coulter

Great friendly service. Food was delicious.

Angie Windland

Andrew Anderson

Food was good and quick, however, the bathroom door lock is easily unlocked from the outside. I was using the restroom and another person opened it while it was locked. If this issue is addressed, I'd easily rate this a 5 star.

Sidney Hannah

I used to love Quiznos. But the one in Gillette is TERRIBLE. The old lady was very rude. The blond one was mouthy I’m pretty sure it was the owner. No tables were clean seats were dirty, the trashes were full, overflowing full and the price was outrageous. Definitely do NOT recommend going there!!!!

Jason Christmas

Jerry Olson

Roberto Bahamondes

Wednesday Oct 2nd. 4:25 on. Serviced by Kristin. Terrible cust service. No courtesy, cashier was not capable to smile or say thank you. Very poor body presence, we waited for ever for our food, other staff in the back was not helping her.

Resolute Blood

Yummy but very expensive

Crystal Beach

Stopped here the signed said they open at 11:00 am employee's walking around like we weren't even their. Then finally a employee comes to the cash register and said are cashier has not showed up yet so where not open. Great job quiznos sounds like yall need to cross train your employees. We took are business to sbarro next door. Should have been 0 stars.


They open till 7pm... guy was rude arlt 6:22pm saying sorry we just closed 5min ago... They shy you closing 45min earlier? (See picture)

J Masters

shelbi morrison

Shelbi Morrison

Great place. Good food.

M Wonderzz

Tim Bessette

Tony Becker

Always fresh bread and plenty of meat on the sandwich, I'm addicted to their cinnamon sugar cookie as well.

Kathy Paxton

Food was okay but cashier was rude

Richard Gaffield

Jessica Hanten

Arnold Flores

Arun Job

Tammy Paynter

We just stopped there it is 7:58 now we stopped 5 minutes ago. We drove all the way from Morgantown WV and after looking this up and seeing that you were open till 9 decided that's where we are going to stop. They are closed. Really Quiznos? Me and 12 other people had to get pizza instead. You could have made a lot of money.


Better then subway?

Brian Mclaughlin

Donwales Scicere

Michael Jervis

Every single time we have gone through this service plaza it has been closed. This is a service plaza, therefore it should have longer if not at least normal hours. Every Quiznos I have gone to in the “real” world had at least a 9pm close time NOT 7pm.

Jason Porter


Have always loved their "sammies," soups, and make a special trip when the lobster subs are going on (usually around winter time)

Brandon Morgan

Tristan Sandquist

Krista Wigner

This place is always delicious, and my favorite thing about it, is it is always clean!!

Behsat Özdal

Good service

Doug Theone



Mariah J

Awesome service and great sandwich!

Jamie Vass

Awesome food

John Guernsey

Andrew Michaud

Legend K

Horrible service!!! Rude and pissed of workers. Sandwiches has half of the ingredients need it . Worst mistake to go here !

Kendall Holthaus

Great sandwiches

Jonathan Erwin

Michael Carr

Delicious food wonderful prices! Most of all wonderful food people and a good place to hang out.

Zachary Kleman

Toni Vornhagen

This place is AWESOME!! Always clean and the staff is always so friendly and the food if fresh and delicious!! I go there all the time and have NEVER seen it not clean!! The blond lady “Sandy” is super nice!

Trevor Kay

Great sandwiches

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