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The kimchi cocktail is a winner in my book along with all the food on the menu. Very ecletic menu that seems to really work. My complements to the chef. I will definitely come back next time I roll through Jackson.

Reed Welch

The food was much better than we expected. Soup of the day was a salmon pork belly chowder, we rolled our eyes, and reluctantly agreed to try a sample. It was amazingly good. Also enjoyed the unconventional pork buns. Great service!

Matt Banchek

I visited Gather twice in three nights during a visit to Jackson Hole. I ordered their Salmon both times and it was excellent. The bar staff and service was great.

Alex Scolavino

First time here, and the advice as well as food was beyond exceptional. I suggest getting the Fried Chicken as it is out of this world and absolutely delicious.

Jason Scott

Extraordinary food! Prompt and attentive service.

Jason Hanold

Gather is among the first place we recommend to our guests visiting Jackson Hole. The mixologists have developed outstanding cocktails with a local flare, and the wine list is extensive. They use fresh ingredients and the food is consistently superb. Your little ones will find something healthy to eat, even for those with finicky taste buds. Lots of choice across food genres, and they are great about segmenting fir those with food allergies. We eat here at least once per week, and Gather has never disappointed.

Jeff Ingram

Good light food but a nice selection. Nice staff and pleasant environment. Not badly priced for Jackson Hole.

Andy Nick

This is a potential gem, but not without its flaws. The decor is modern and cool, yet still cozy. The kitchen, too, is promising and inventive. Among other things, the pork shank is exquisite, the Brussels sprouts are sublime, and the Caesar salad is brilliant, with full morsels of boquerones. Nevertheless, Gather is definitely a work in progress - there was zero hint of marrow in the bone marrow starter, and there were just a few bites of that delicious meat in the pork shank. In sum, the food offers nice highs mixed with disappointing lows. The service, on the other hand is inexcusably poor. A recent Saturday was amateur hour: one bartender reacted with an incomprehending stare when I ordered a beer listed on the drink menu; our server disappeared for thirty minutes at a stretch and staggered our course delivery at baffling intervals; and the bus-boy snatched away the last third of a fantastic (and pricey) Odell IPA without even asking! If Gather's can tighten up its exciting kitchen concept and hire a professional wait staff, it will be a beloved addition to the culinary landscape.

YaWen Hsu

A very cute restaurant in Jackson! Everything we ordered were tasty. Service was very good and the atmosphere was relaxing. It’s a perfect place to be after hiking in snow for 4 hours!!

Jay F

I guess I'm not a fan of the restaurants in touristy towns. We checked Yelp for recommendations, since we were traveling on a budget. When I see ($$) vs ($$$) I assumed the prices are reasonable.....apparently not so. $30 a plate for tiny portions....would not recommend.

emma cramer

When we arrived at Gather, 10 minutes early for our 6:00 PM reservation, the host said ‘sure, earlier is usually good!’ The hostess, after what seemed to be a debate with the host about whether or not to seat us at a certain table (as discussed by number), led us into the only section of this restaurant that has doors that obviously close to separate the space. Within this area were two parties of 10+ people at long tables, with one small two person table at the very end in the back corner of this room. We had a reservation, we were early, and there were plenty of other tables available, so we went back to the host stand and asked for a different table. He then proceeded to grumble about other tables and where we couldn’t sit and the reasons why, and then told us we could sit at a certain table but we need to be done by 8:00 for the next reservation to be seated. It was all highly unprofessional, unwarranted, and honestly just disappointing. There are many other great restaurants in downtown Jackson, just avoid this one. If you ask locals as well they’ll generally say pass on Gather, so that is what we shall do in the future. Hi Graeme, Thanks for your response. I understand that it is challenging to hear what I have written and not take it as a direct personal offense but I was just being honest in the experience that I had. I apologize for saying pass on gather and it was not a statement of vindictiveness or meant to take down your restaurant. I was just trying to give an open and realistic review of the experience that I had there, and that does not invalidate the other great reviews on Yelp, Trip Advisor etc. which you have mentioned. I do have knowledge of how restaurant reservation systems work, and how seating can effect the flow of a night, which is why I was concerned by this. My review did not come from a need to “maliciously” slander the good reputation of your restaurant, but I did not have a pleasant experience with the host so I exercised my voice in the form of a review. It would be incorrect to say I wrote this review simply because we did not get the table we wanted, that is not the truth. As I tried to express in the original post, I felt that the host did not handle it in a way that was welcoming or accommodating. I know you have mentioned that is is an honor to sit in the back room, but perhaps the two large tables already occupying it that night made the one table for two behind them not as pleasant! I am sure with other arrangements it is a great room for dining. However, I believe this particular setup is why there was a discussion between the host and hostess about that table number before we were led back there. We offered to sit at the bar to wait for a table at a more convenient time for the host based on the system, and that was not received well, which is when he mentioned the needing to finish our meal by 8:00 PM. If he had been a bit kinder about it and honestly looked at us and said “I’m sorry that’s really the only place we could seat you tonight” we would have felt differently. But that was not the case. I apologize for offending you and for saying what has been taken as a shot across the bow at your family operation. That was not my intent, I just wanted to be honest about my experience, which unfortunately in the digital sharing age can be difficult, but none if it was meant to bring your restaurant down. It was not about the table choice, it was about the treatment, and that felt worth saying something. Sincerely, Emma Cramer

Samuel Gregory

The food was great and the staff was very considerate, but the service was slow and the restaurant was very loud. The picture is of the delicioious fried chicken and pancakes.

Kristina S

Our appetizer was quite tasty. Unfortunately our server was a little too aggressive in attempting to up sell us on everything. Very disappointed in my main entree. The plate that came out didn’t include everything that was promised on the menu.


Amazing burger one of the best I have had!!! And they had an award winning beer that was really good too.

Hans uecker

Great food and service!

Eric Otten

The ribs are the bomb!! Same with the rack of Lamb

Leanne Wren

This place is awesome! Friendly staff. Order the Carter Country Meats -- NY Strip. I will return for more one day!

Tom M

it's awesome, period. Everyone cleared off their plates at my table and surrounding tables. The Charcuterie (order the big plate) was incredible, the Burrata was a fantastic creation. The salmon was perfect, the Pork Shank was great. The Duck Drumsticks I never even got to try as the others at my table went nuts over them. Great place. Won't last this high level of food probably - so go now before they change chefs :(.

chad wilson

Had a great experience last night, design and decor of restaurant was top notch, only to be outdone by the staff and the food! Will be going back tonight for round two! Had Brussels sprouts, pork buns, Teton mule, salmon, dessert. Each one was on point

Jay Tee

Excellent dining experience

Geoff MCNaughton

Great service and food, but everything was cold.

Justin Hatcher

Dessert was awesome. Great service and atmosphere. Even let us stay after closing to finish. Felt like being at a friend's house.

Seth Edwards

Waiter was sassy. Food was mediocre. Overall, I'm disappointed.

Luke L

Good food and atmosphere.

Nick Harrington

Had a great dinner here while on vacation. Was fortunate enough to meet our chef Matt. He was very personable and professional couldn’t be happier with this meal wall balanced beautiful and delicious. Spot on. Thank you for a memeorable experience.

Sinéad King

Nice restaurant. Although the service was a little slow, the wait staff were very pleasant and genuinely interested in ensuring you had a great experience. Lovely food with a great presentation. As always, the brussel sprouts are a must!

nerve zero

Excellent food, and the service by the staff was unparalleled. Highly recommended.

Michael Harris

Great place and atmosphere. The pork buns are just fabulous and and the mains are equally good. Good service and an excellent selection of local beers as well. Would come back tomorrow night if I was in town. Not cheap but you get what you pay for.

Joann Drake

If I had the ability to give this place more stars, it would get ALL THE STARS!!! Screw Disneyland, this place is the happiest place on earth!!! Madison is a glorious unicorn and was the absolute best waitress my husband and I have ever had EVER! She was very informative about the whole menu and we took her recommendations and were not disappointed!! The Brussels were scrumptious, we died and went to heaven with the Pork shank, and had several mouthgasams with the bison!! We had some cocktails and at that point were madly in love with Madison and asked her to just bring us whatever she made and a dessert... *INSERT DROOLING FACE AND SEX SOUNDS* she brought us a lemon meringue drink that I can't even believe existed and shouldn't be legal, the apple margarita thing that makes 10000% sense why it's popular, and a flourless cake that just made me dance like a fat kid! We're from Salt Lake and will be driving 5 hours just for dinner again very soon!!! Seriously, when you go (you better go!) Ask for Madison and just tell her to bring you food and drinks and don't ask any questions!!!!

Thomas Hallén

Modern metro bar/restaurant. Could be in any city in the US. But good service and nice desserts


Food was great and the wait staff was on point!

Cassandra Wilder

Some of the best food I’ve ever had. The lamb was so tender and juicy. The Moscow mule was excellent. The brussel sprouts appetizer was amazing. Definitely a new favorite here in JH!

Chris Adams

Loved the food and ambiance. The pork shank was to die for. The carrot purée with lentils underneath was equally as great. Our server was Anya from Hawaii and she was very nice. Highly recommend this place.

Rob Gebhard

Everything was very good!

Bravo Leader

My 5 stars is for the great music, food, atmosphere, and server. They should stock up more on the soup of the day, but I won’t hold it against them ;) Really though, high end great restaurant, perfect place to end the day.

A Rich

Best experience while in Jackson by far!! Truffle Pasta was amazing! Brussel Sprouts and Barrata also. Great service.

Anthony Guido

Great meal. Special shout out to Shawn who made sure i enjoyes my experience

James Biskey

Fabulous small plates and great atmosphere combined with friendly service made for a wonderful evening. Our server Justin was fun and engaging, I would recommend the trout and the beignets.

Kim Antelo

The food was great, the service awful. Risotto, Brussels, chicken, lamb, beignets were all great. The service was so bad I was ready to get my drinks from the bar. We asked for out check twice and the third time we just handed our card. We asked to sub sides and was told it was fine but then had an $11 charge. The owner tried to make it right and gave us a $50 gift card to come back.

Riley Bronaugh

Great happy hour! Get there right at 5 though cause it fills up quickly and it ends at 6. $5 dollar mixed drinks, Moscow mule, margarita, Tom Collins, and more. Plus certain wines and beer. Service was friendly.

Jay Graham

The food is 5 star. Amazing flavors, perfectly cooked. Great ambiance and location. Some of the staff came up short is the only reason for 4 stars. Place is highly recommended.

Jon Mccarthy

Great service and phenomenal food! The brussell sprouts were amazing and the duck was a 10! I'll be a returning customer!

Daniel Lucy

Excellent food. A bit on the spend side for what I was looking for, but it is Jackson Hole.

Steve Shibuya

Good food and service. Similar to most restaurants in Jackson, they cram you into what space they have and it is noisy. This not the place to go if you want a quite dinner. Prices on par with the other eateries. If you are staying in town, it is within easy walking distance.

Liz Maravilla

Every bite was amazing! Best meal in Jackson.

Matt Swafford

Great food and service!

Caleb Daniels

Good selection if unique dishes in Jackson.

Oleg Umanskiy

I did enjoy the pork buns app and my burger. But I think the TINY portion size of the steak and potatoes dish are ridiculous. I understand that fancy food tends to have smaller portions - but those few tiny pieces sitting among the mountain of string fries are really not enough to call a real meal. My wife's chicken sandwich also just didn't make sense - ratio of chicken, how crispy they made, random toppings.

Brenda Davis-Matz

Friendly staff, good food.

Erin Mckalip

Fabulous meal. Oh man the truffle pasta, rich and decadent. The Brussels sprouts also amazing. Nice wine list and great ambiance. Pretty reasonably priced for the quality and JH as well. Would love to return!

Jason Irvine

Super awesome food with a classy upscale dining environment. Make sure to try the pork belly wraps, AMAZING!!! Great service too! Keep it up:)

Krittika Kriss Mahasing

Nice staffs and delicious food

Emily Geremia

So happy we found Gather! Amazing food and great service- the menu is really inventive and the servers are happy to answer all questions. We had the mac and cheese croquettes, pork buns and brussel sprouts for starters, all were delicious, but if I had to pick one, the pork buns were awesome! Definitely order a cocktail, really good! The decor is also really nice, modern and mountainy at the same time. I will absolutely come back here!

kaye brandenburg

Great food and service!

Wayne Noffsinger

Progressive place to dine in a subdued setting on the main drag of Jackson Hole, WY. Moderate to expensive in cost but WILL NOT disappoint. Friendly service, great bar and fabulous food. Well behaved children are always welcome.

ron harrison

Good food alittle to pricey

Laura Rios

Let me say, it's a gastro bistro type of spot, which made me a little nervous since I'm a picky eater, but it was Outstanding! Try the pork buns, the burgers, and wash it down with a saketini! And, Marco was an awesome waiter, which made the restaurant experience even better. This is stop is a must!

Richard Breunich

Great food, excellent staff, delightful meal !

John C. Hwang

This restaurant is highly rated and is one of the most popular place in Jackson Hole, WY. Went with my artists and her husband there for dinner and we were the first and only table for a meal. The waitress recommended pig knuckle, saying it was the most popular dish at the restaurant. A total let down. The chef over fried the knuckle and the skin was so hard and dry, it is not edible. The meat had no taste and was dry. I did not finish the dish but the picture of the dish looked good.

Vlad Hrybok

Very sophisticated flavors for very digestible price

Blackqball Blackqball

Came here for dinner and food was amazing. My wife had the braised pork shank, my daughter had the Elk Bolognese, and I had the Korean marinated Rib Eye.... We also shared a side of the truffle noodles. My wife and daughter loved their dishes. My Korean rib eye was one of the best steaks I've had and I'm from California. I've had amazing steaks from Mastro's, Ruth's Chris, Fleming's, Morton's, Lawry's, Del Frisco's in Las Vegas, and Cut in Beverly hills. Honestly the Korean marinated Rib Eye from Gather comes 3rd only to Del Frisco's aged Tomahawk and Cut's Wagyu Rib eye.... It's that good. If you're in Jackson and want a delicious meal I highly recommend Gather.....

Octavia Felis

Stopped in based on Yelp reviews and we were not disappointed. The pork buns were a big hit. The chicken drummettes were also excellent. The bone marrow was not a savoury spread as I expected but rather cooked into something more like a sasuage... it was good, but not what i was hoping for. My husband's elk bolognese had most of the sauce and meat chunks hiding in the middle and at the bottom. Dessert redeemed the night... A banana bread bananas foster in a jar... with a sauce covered in rum and set on fire, of course! I was also a huge fan of the specialty cocktails... some very creative concoctions! Service was excellent and I had a nice convo with who I'm assuming was the owner after inquiring about a piece of art hanging. The cheque came between the pages of a tiny book... such a cute idea! All in all, a very pleasant night out.

Lauren Schreffler

So good we ate here twice while we were in Jackson Hole. The pork buns were absolutely delicious. The lamb, pork shank, and salmon were also excellent. Great cocktails. Highly recommend.

Jack Pain

BOOM. Love this place. Makes my loins tingle when I think about that pork shank. These folks always do me good n proper. Do yourself a favor and order big, live a little. Knock back a few cocktails with some unparalleled apps and wait to get rocked by the main course. Don't forget about desert, but don't save room either cuz there's always a little extra space down there to wrap things up right.

Stuart Holden

Nice, comfortable and cozy option for dining. Located just off the town square. The Korean ribs are highly suggested!

Josh Bank

Delicious food. Great wait staff. Best restaurant I've eaten at in Jackson Hole

Isaac Aznoe

Good food and good desert.

Joshua Murray

Most inventive food in Jackson. Always delicious.

Angie legg

Great happy hour. Drinks super good. Friendly bartender. Brussel sprouts are a must!


Excellent food, outstanding service. Several visits. Really appreciated! Thank you to the Chef/s and Zach I., our Server.

Brandon Burnham

Madison was very pleasant, had a great understanding of the menu, made superb recommendations and gave us a great dining experience. We will gather at Gather again soon!

Marti Smith

Not all that it’s cracked up to be. Visiting from out of town, we knew this had to be one of our restaurants we had to go to. The truffle noodles were so salty I couldn’t even taste the truffle. And the egg, that was supposed to be just a raw yolk, it was a raw egg completely, and totally transparent. There was onion skin on the burger and the fries and bread were so over done you could taste the smell of the burn. The waiter was on his phone for 10+ minutes before taking our order, and the worst part is we could see him across the room and were already waiting 10 minutes prior to that. Very disappointed and a poor waste of time and money for a night out for a supposedly fantastic dinner.

JoAnne Tucker Walsh

My new favorite Jackson Hole meal! The atmosphere and service were awesome. Friendly and welcoming...the food is great. I highly recommend Gather.

Yura 4o

a great place. I traveled with my wife and decided to have lunch here. And it was incredibly delicious, it's hard for us to find something similar in Chicago. Very friendly counselor.

Kylie Tucker

My boyfriend and I didn't actually get to eat here, the only reason this review is getting any stars is because it is required for posting. After 3 days of traveling from NC and camping in our car, we arrive in Jackson ready to eat a delicious, hot meal. We were looking up restaurants on the way into town and decided on Gather, the menu looked incredible. It says the restaurant closes at 10pm online so we walk in at about 9:15pm, the bartender looks at us and says "sorry we're actually closed." I don't know why, maybe it was the confused look on our faces, but the bartender came outside to explain that the website should really say "10ish" and when they are slow they will just go ahead and close down. Meanwhile, there are people that we can clearly see dining inside. The bartender was nice enough to direct us to some other restaurants whose kitchens were still open, which is the least he could do after making us feel so unwelcome in front of all the other customers sitting at the bar. Maybe you should take his advice and change the closing time to "10ish" so future customers that just want to spend money at your restaurant won't have to experience such confusion.

Adrian Donlan

Really great food. The pork buns for starters were excellent and the entrees of the wagyu beef and pork were really good. I would definitely recommend that you book as they are super busy.

Brian Carpani

Rating based on sitting at bar and having drinks only. Bar staff were very friendly and attentive. The caliente wey with jalapeno infused vodka is a must try.

Raul Espinoza

This place is amazing, and one of the friendliest staff in all of Jackson Hole. We love going here for date night when we get a sitter for the kids, and a great place for a business lunch. You can't go wrong with this restaurant.

Fernando Cardenas

One of the most memorable meals in recent history. The Brussels sprouts were some of the best I’ve ever had. My kids even liked them (but they are fledgling foodies - but still a first for them). BBQ ribs were Korean style and good. The fried chicken was incredible. More like a country fried chicken without the gravy and with some tasty noodles and red sauce. Sounds strange but was amazing. Then the house made pasta with truffles was tasty, if you like truffles. Highly recommended.

Sharee Moser

Delicious, friendly, fun! We love Gather for dinner for 2 or private parties at a great price!

Kathy Drinkman

Food was great and so was the service

Valana Kezhaya

Not what I expected. We are visiting for the first time and love great restaurants. My sons and I are foodies and love to cook, so we specifically seek out good food. Frankly, we were all disappointed in Gather. There were 6 grown adults so we ordered a menagerie of plates, octopus appetizer, salads, beef, pork... it seemed they were trying to be creative in their sauces and preparations but just missed the mark in our book.

Martin Michael

Try the Molten chocolate lava cake

Ken Ewing

One of our all time favorite places in Jackson Wyoming

Nina Huntemann

Best meal we had in Jackson. Elk bolognese is the dish to get, as most reviews will tell you.

Michelle Montalvo

Food was fantastic and the ambiance was really cool. However, the service was horrible and really slow to the point we had to get there manager involved.

Franklin Mcdaniel

Everything was so good. Nice atmosphere also

Carmen Anglin

Good food and nice place to have dinnee

Meagan Mills

Super friendly and knowledgeable wait staff. Unique options for food and cocktails. All four in my party loved their orders.

S. P.

This place is awesome! Great food, great service, great ambiance. A nice mix of people--from families to dates to small groups of younger and older people.

Justin Schultz

Best food I've had in a long time.

John Smith

Unique, refined take on classic flavors and dishes. Came here based on reviews online. Great flavor! Portion sizes are small.

Greg Doornink

Phenomenal meal. Chef Trey aka Kylo Ren and Co are crushin it in the kitchen! Appetizers - brussels n chicken drumettes were my fav. For entree I had the Pork Shank it was BOMB! Pork so juicy, outside so crispy. I definitely mopped up the carrot puree and tequila jalapeno jam from the plate - awesome stuff. Every plate was a work of art, great presentation. Prolly in the top 5 meal/dining experience I've had. Keep it going Gather.

Anthony Farone

Great food

Andrew McDougall

Had the Buffalo with sweet potatoes smothered in cheese fondue with broccolini. It was delicious. Also had the Wyoming caesar with a smoked trout dressing. Had a red wine with dinner had to chill was too warm. Service was great and atmosphere is nice. I would go again to try some of the other dishes.

Greg Justice

$45 steak had nice taste, but was undercooked and served like it had been sitting a while. Not hot or warm, more cool.

Rich B

Great place to eat, good food and good service.

Jenn Goe

Love the Brussel Sprouts! The staff is always so friendly and fantastic! All around great atmosphere for dinner!

Jamie Gormley

The best Beal that I've had in a very long time!

Brian Markiel

Sooooo fancy

Andy Wiener

Great happy hour. Jessica and Carina are excellent bartenders.

Elain Wu

Had some surprisingly good food and service. Not bad in this area.

Sturg E

Great atmosphere. Service was excellent. Food wasn't amazing, but no real specific complaints.

Maxwell Blanchard

Both appetizers- duck & goat tacos & the salmon entre were excellent. Service was very good.

Mike Cundiff

Watermelon salad, pork buns, pork shank. All were fantastic. Drinks were also very good. One of the best dinning experiences I've had In a while.

Bryan Blazie

The wait staff was unattractive and rude. Food was fair

Ben Fiedler

Friendly service, but only one waiter assigned to (13) people makes for a not quite there experience. Delicious food.

Elena Milo

Gather its a place where you can’t expect to have a food like some other places.. if you Go there be ready to try something different! They do have a great cocktail list!!! I try few and loved them(ill be back for the cocktails). Asian poutine fries Interesting dish, Lots of flavors! Baby Back Ribs to Die for it❤️!!!! And unfortunately i was sad about the Goat Tacos, ugh Mr Chef! Those tacos a saltyyyy the salt killed the flavor.i did not feel the hibiscus goat cream. The cilantro tortilla its a great idea.. but i did not taste anything except salt..May be if they put more from the cream or less salt it would be better.

Bruce Dow

My wife and I went to Gather for our last night in Jackson. We were greeted by our server (Madison) who did a great job of introducing us to the restaurant, the menu and all of the offerings. She was very nice - and really made our visit about more than just the great food. And the food was great- we got a bunch of small plates and loved them all and left stuffed. Fun night.

Yes It Is

Visited tonight. Ordered the pork buns, came out like tacos, not what I expected but were good. Server asked if we wanted a fourth (2 for each of us) which was a thoughtful touch. I ordered the steak given the reviews that I read. The steak was ok, it was not warm, which seemed odd - so by the end it was simply near to cold and lacked flavor. The dish was ok, I expected a lot more. Here are the two things that bothered me (beyond the mediocre steak) - the server asked if we wanted to hear about the desserts (before my colleague was finished with her entree) - I mistakenly said yes. I've never been to a top restaurant that offered to discuss in detail the dessert lineup before the entrees were finished - could the server been more interested in us wrapping up ! I asked for a beer - I requested a Grand Teton - the server said they had the IPA. I thought they had 3 in bottles but ok, they have one. So a glass comes out with a dark beer - apparently an Grand Teton amber ... two problems here, its not the beer that I ordered and its a bottle beer, it should come out in the bottle with a glass accompanying it. It's my choice whether I want to drink it from the bottle or have it in a glass. This seemed to be lost on the server, both points concerning the beer.

Billy Bob

It is a good dinner restaurant that is good

Sean Powers

Look, I know I may be a little drunk, but the fried chicken was hands down the best meal of my life. With crepes, cranberry sauce, and bacon -freaking unbelievable!

Drew Colwell

The elk bolognese was one of the best dishes I've ever had. However, the beignets we not as good as we hoped, not as sweet or soft as beignets I've had elsewhere. Still giving 5 stars because the dinner was that good.

Becky Buddenbohm

Very upscale, unique food. We had the elk steak and it was cooked just right. I had the blue cheese risotto and it was full of blue cheese flavor. I can't wait to go back!!

Laramie Borders

best place ever

Kurt Freischlag

Had wonderful service there. The manager, I believe his name was Steve was very cordial and made sure we ordered the right meals to fit our tastes. Hence the buffalo octopus and pork buns as well as the bison were a great fit. We capped it off with the chocolate cake. Scrumptious.


Party of 10, everyone loved their food!!! The carrot purée was INSANELY tasty.

Sandy Hughes

Great, attentive, and friendly service, which we have found to be a rare thing in Jackson Hole. Yummy and filling food, even though the portions appear small. Good drinks, ok dessert We got : Naan (superb!), salmon, watermelon salad with chicken, chocolate torte, old fashioned, and some huckleberry drink

Brittany Hall


kelly suiter

Really enjoyed our meal went back again the next day we only had 4 days in Jackson hole it was that good!!

Danyelle ORourke

We sat at the bar and shared several dishes. Everything was delicious, the standout was the bison with a boursin cheese fondue sauce. We will come back just for this dish.

Victor Dwyer

Great food, fantastic service, and great overall environment

Baillie Linden

Best meal we had in Jackson Hole. Fantastic!

Don Dobrenski

Superior food and excellent staff, it's hard to do any better in Jackson Hole.

lisajane Romer

Delicious food. Wonderful selections. Octopus, tongue, elk ravioli are amazing.

Din Mac

Pricey but good food

Tania Briceno

The food is good- meat tastes fresh and ingredients are top notch and culinary art is definitely part of the mix... but the young hostess was rude and that overtook the whole experience. We were completely unacknowledged when we entered and felt unwelcomed once we were, in spite of the place being empty. Maybe they were turned off by us having a toddler. We were not sat down and were moved a couple of times when we sat ourselves. Our beers were served a couple of inches below the rim. Maybe it was circumstancial or maybe you have to have a certain look to be treated well there.

Mike Malloy

Bartender is da bomb

Shawn Fenstermacher

Menu was unique but soup was cold.

Robert Fleming

Very creative menu and excellent staff.

David Mackey

Friendly but not Dog friendly. No patio or way to accommodate a traveler with a pet!

John Walding

Awesome bartenders and great food. Tried the Brussels and fried rice, 5 stars for sure! Will be back next trip.

Yu Fang

Hi Graeme, thanks for your reply. The food from Gather was good - i ordered a burger and it was fantastic, definitely deserves a four star or above. I gave it a three star because of efficiency of the restaurant. I waited for about an hour to get seated and another hour to finish up food. We noticed that after we got seated, it took the restaurant ~15 min to effectively seat a table (customers were waiting at the door already and the table was empty). Hope Gather can be more efficient in serving.

Josh Hill

Great food! Interesting cocktails. The Wyoming burger was great!

Kenton Yates

The service was terrible, after being seated our server came to poor us some water and literally didn't say a word to us- and walked away! He came back about 5 minutes later for our order and forgot to ask is if we wanted any drinks. The food was... okay. Tasted good but not really worth the price. We didn't bother trying the dessert, went somewhere else for that.

Ke Xiao

Food is good. Had bad experience waiting for a table on peak season.

Wayne Sleight

The food was ok. I'd probably give it two stars...maybe two and a half. I got the trout and my wife got a steak. What made me give Gather a one star is because of the service. We went in the middle of the week and had our 3 year old daughter with us. We sat down at 6:50pm. We didn't get our entrees until 8:25pm! Our waiter blamed it on the cooks for being new (which is something you want to hear) but another table that was a larger party than us sat down just before 8:00pm and they received their entrees before us! Suffice to say that we will not recommend Gather. There are many other fine dining restaurants in Jackson so don't waste your time and money on Gather.

Mary Jo Lau

We were in JH for 4 days and dined at The Gather twice. Great food, person service, good vibe..I don't think you will be disappointed.

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