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REVIEWS OF Machine Shed Restaurant Appleton IN Wisconsin

danny lee

Excellent food and service

Theresa Porto

Best Sunday brunch in town.

Pat Neumeier

I was at the machine shed last nite for their barb.ribs and they were to die for!! Nice & juicy sauce was great and REAL MASHED POT. with awesone rich brown gravy! Will definitely be back!

Richard Hale

plenty of good food, and service was good. did the family breakfast, and it was the best value for breakfast.

cindy schmitt

Staff was efficient, polite, and friendly.. the food is delicious,. My husband had the catfish, he was in heaven. " It just melts on his tongue ", he told me with a smile. I had chicken tenders they were tender and moist, delicious.

Joan Woolf

Above a Denny's. Coffee shop quality. Nothing bad, just nothing special.


Definitely recommend!

Jill Anderson

Greg was very helpful with a large group of 16 and did a great job getting all the food out quickly, our orders and bills were all correct!

Jahansooz Jomehri

Nice place. All American food. The staff were helpful, polite and courteous. I had the chicken breast, which was done perfectly. The Fries were delicious.

Aaron Seiser

Good food, quick service

Rick Slikkers

Food was delicious had the meatloaf and the chicken

Mark Terrill

Breakfast was great, especially the cinnamon rolls

Maurice Wade

Great place..been to two of their locations. Both were really good

Cindy Lind

Typically a very good restaurant, today the staff just didnt have their stuff together

Skip Spencer

There's not much to choose from for breakfast in Appleton, the Machine Shed is usually pretty good.

Brian Clausen

Clean and inviting, the Machine Shed offers a good selection of American fare from pork chops to chicken and steak and potatoes. Served hot, the she's are generous and delicious. They even serve 'fixins' of coleslaw, cottage cheese and muffins before your meal. I highly recommend this affordable restaurant!

jessica kruszka

Could have been better

Peggy Ward

Greg was wonderful and very helpful and greated us with a beautiful smile. (And with a table full of 16 ladies.....) Thank you for the good food and great service! Keep up the Great work!!!

Chris Stock

First time visitor. A friend I was with suggested it so I gave it a try. . Our waitress was very friendly and helpful. At first I was not sure I would find anything l liked but I was very hungry and chose the Beef Pot Roast sandwich. It has probably been 20 years since I had home style pot roast and did not know what I would get. Boy was I in for a surprise. This was the best meal I've had in some time. Everything tasted out of this world. The gravy was just right and the potatoes were fantastic. I've never been served cottage cheese with a meal before and they gave us both enough for a small army. The buns were also great. I wolfed mine down in no time. I will visit again and try other things. This isn't cheap value menu stuff so you'll pay a fair price. Highly recommended.

LaDonna Jo Neill

They have a Gluten free menu the Cedar plank salmon was delicious the service was great overall it was a very nice experience I will definitely go back and highly recommend the restaurant

Dungxuan Lam

Food tastes good, especially their fried chicken. Our server was happy, helpful, to our family of five.

jon sahotsky

excellent service good food

Nicole St. Clair

Shrimp appetizer was very tasty and perfectly cooked. 1/2# burger was a bit overcooked but good flavor and the French fries were great. The cauliflower appetizer was just ok... kind of dry, blah flavor and a little crunchy with tiny crumbles of cauliflower with a few larger pieces. We love how the dinners come with cottage cheese and coleslaw! We'll be back to try more delicious foods!

Theresa Miller

Great food and excellent customer service.

Randy Kitzman

I sometimes work nights and like to have a nice filling brinner/ breakfast for dinner. I also don't like to sit and eat alone at a restaurant so I order take out. In all the times I've ordered, I've never had less than stellar service or food. Always friendly and helpful, food is top notch. I could always stop at a fast food place but would rather pay a couple dollars extra. I will most definitely be going back.

Skip Guernsey

The baked potato soup was delicious.

Arturo Jimenez

For a Hearty and Great quality Restaurant, The Machine Shed is the BEST Breakfast restaurant I have been too dining in!!. I have gone to the location in Rockford, IL as well and was Just a great in Consistency. I was @ this location due to having an job interview in St Paul/Minneapolis, MN from Chicago, IL where I used to live. The Pancakes are Fresh just like how I remembered them 5 years ago. As a matter of fact all of the food was Fresh tasting and did not feel like it was Frozen and ready to cook the next day such as the Eggs and Smoked Country Sausage. I ordered on the menu the "Hungry Man's Breakfast" which was best I had. I have to say for the price and the quantity as well as the quality you get your money's worth of satisfaction for breakfast. Even the orange juice tasted fresh (Not Frozen). I also recently discovered that there is now that I am working and living in Victoria, MN that there is a Machine Shed Restaurant in Lake Elmo, MN. I am excited to try that one too and hope it follows the same consistency like here. My only disappointment was they used to see "Minced meat" or "Shepard's Pie" long ago. I hope they still do sell it. I never had "Minced Meat" Pie. I wish the Chicago Suburbs had this breakfast Franchise since it is committed to the Farmer is the motto. Anyways, Keep up the good work here for a dine in for Breakfast.

Amy Diederich

The atmosphere was cozy. The staff were all awesome! The food was good, like home cooked.

Mike bonjean

Good food and service

Mary Lynne Rasmussen

I'm gluten free you let me have breakfast at noon love your bacon

Joseph Peters

Poor. Service steak tough

its ski

Friendly service. Amazing warms ya right up.

Jody Jensen

friendly staff, great food, buffet, prices, and souvenirs

Nicole Chaltry

This restuarant is one of the best restaurants I've EVER been to. The rustic barn theme is so cute and it makes the place feel cozy, it just looks like a big house inside. I LOVED how we were served water in Mason jars, and how we just had a pitcher of water on the table for whenever we wanted more.. I definitely feel like this is a thing that more restaurants should do. Our waiter was very friendly, he made conversation with us and was very accommodating. It's a shame I can't remember his name. And of course the food was amazing! Another thing that really made our visit better was the fact that you are served bowls of coleslaw and cottage cheese before the meal comes! Lastly, the prices are very reasonable. This is a lovely family restuarant and I will be returning!!

Owen B

We went to fish fry at The Machine Shed last Friday night. Lisa ordered the Fried Lake Perch Meal. The fish was really poor it was mostly breading and the fish was really over fried and hard. There was only a little bit of fish hidden inside the stick. I had all you can eat cod the baked was really overcooked also, but the fried was good and tender and moist it tasted good. The manager asked us if everything was ok? Lisa returned her fried lake perch which I question if it was not tilapia. He took the perch off the bill and sold her the best pork ribs. The rib full rack was generous and delicious. The cottage cheese, carrots, rolls, cake, coleslaw, and deserts were excellent also. We want to thank the manager and waitress for their quick reaction to Lisa's complaint. We were glad she was given a very fine alternative. The staff is very well trained and treat customers with dignity and respect. I would encourage the kitchen staff not to overcook fish. I know they have to follow guidelines for food safety but the food they are serving also should be palatable. I encourage owners to remove the fried tilapia which is called lake perch from the menu. It is extremely processed and extremely expensive for low quality fish sticks. We saw several other customers who were ordering the Fried Lake Perch but not eating it. Some folks don't speak up and discuss problems with a meal. For the price we paid we decided we had to. The staff reacted quickly and solved our problem with a palatable alternative. Thank you I will return. Nice big portions! I love to eat a lot when I spend the money to eat out. We were satisfied and left happy.

Douglas Creamer

Tasty food in a cozy atmosphere. Nice friendly staff. What more could you ask for?

Tim Olley

Always great food!

Matt Lee

Do not order the all you can eat ribs. They came out burnt With a beef jerky like consistency. Have been to this restaurant a couple times before and always had a good experience with the food and staff but the ribs are not good. You're better off staying with the pork chop or the prime rib.

Jill Krueger

Asome food and lot of jon deer theamd stuf

John Hensley

Very good food, breakfast or lunch. The Sunday brunch looked good but didn't try it.

Andrew Thielke

Always great. Nice and quiet with great food.

Libbie Jo Woods

Great food and friendly service

mike rhoades

Great for breakfast but get there early on the weekends.

J VanHermsen

I ordered the apple bourbon glazed salmon and really enjoyed it. My husband had the all you can eat beer battered cod and liked it. Overall, I thought the meal was very good. This restaurant is very neat and clean, and our server was friendly and attentive.

Dennis Roitt

Farm themed with cool stuff. Good food. Friendly people.

Cindy Rosenbaum

Large breakfast, I took half home for another meal.

Rick McLimans

The food and our waitress were excellent. But it took a long time to get our breakfast. Very worth the wait though!

Erica Suzda

My initial thoughts walking into Machine Shed was that it was a cute restaurant - you walk into a country themed (and quite adorable) gift shop where you find the host stand and are seated. The booth sizes are incredible generous (the polite way to say a bigger person won't feel like they're in a sardine can in the booth!). Unfortunately, our visit was less than impressive. 1) The cost of soda is basically highway robbery. I have NEVER seen soda prices that high ($3.29 a person at my 3/2/19 visit) 2) It took us a bit to order (we had never been there before) and our waitress seemed to be getting impatient waiting for us to decide what to have (we had a difficult time deciding because of the prices! A chicken strip dinner was $15! And that was a LOW price there!) 3) I ordered a slice of pie instead of a meal, because of the price, I was only able to take 2 bites of the pie before I got a unpleasant film in my mouth. The whip cream they use tasted like Redi-Whip (canned whip cream), and the pie itself lacked flavor. We ended up sending the pie back, since none of us at the table wanted to eat it. 4) After sending the pie back, the waitress was incredible rude. She brought us the checks right away - even though everyone else at the table wasn't even half way done with their food. She didn't check on the rest of the party either, but did come right away once we got our cards out. Although this is a really cute restaurant, we will NOT be returning because of having such a poor experience. There are a lot of other restaurants in this immediate area and any one of them sounds like a more pleasant choice than vising Machine Shed again in the future.

Amanda Cooper

Didnt actually get to eat here which was a super disappointment. Was excited about their extensive menu and salad bar, especially after a 3 hour drive. Walked in and there was a family waiting. After 10 mins a host finally came out and told us that it would be a half hour wait. There were only 2 tables eating at the time. So i was confused. I asked if we could sit at the bar and wait, she said there was no bartender (6pm on a sunday) . So i waited a min and 2 more families came in and they told them half hour also. I asked if they had the salad bar, just to make sure, and she said they decided not to have one that day. So that was my finaly decision to leave. If it was a half hour when there were only 2 tables in this massive place i was scared to see how long the food would take. I feel for the staff cause i believe the reasoning was being severely understaffed

Jason Wichmann

Some of the best chicken fried steak i have had and i have chicken fried steak all over the country( texas included)

Chad Carey Martin

On 5/19/19 - Early morning I reached out to Phil, one of the managers, regarding donating food to have for some of the Firefighters attending the funeral for the Fallen Appleton Firefighter (during the visitation on 5/20). Without hesitation Phil responded with "Call me this afternoon & we will help". With just over 24 hours notice, before the event, Phil made it happen to feed well over the 50 people that I quoted to him. On Monday, May 21st I went to Machine Shed & picked up the food. Another manager, Michael, along with other staff, greeted me with a smile & helped put it in my car. Without the Machine Shed, Phil + additional smiling staff this donation wouldn't have happened. I'm so very thankful for everything as well are many uniformed men & women who were able to eat during the long & tearful day. Thanks again!

Mary Golden

Sunday brunch is usually reallly good, my first time was last Sunday. So I came back this Sunday, December 16th, and it wasn't quite the same. Some items, chicken and waffles were not a good experience at all. I was really surprised at that. I love this place overall. Thanks

elaine miller

Really cute decor, the food is average.

Karen Edwards

It was just ok. Nothing remarkable about it to make me want to return. The buffet had no healthy options.

Tom Bamke

Great food and service

Frosty Life

Always fantastic food here. Our server was exceptional.

Anna Ulman

Great staff, great food for great price!) Can't wait to go again, reminded me of cabin up north, great atmosphere!)

Ben Sorrell

Cinnamon rolls...get them hot. Yum

Zack Berten

Great themed restaurant. Friendly staff and adorable glasses for both drinks and condiments


Had eggs Benedict the muffin was hard the hash Browns tasted terrible and the service was quite slow

Gary Skinner

Great meal, good service

Lesley Sharp

Rubbery luke warm eggs Everything on buffet was just warm. Sausages were unpleasant grey and undercooked. However off the menu skillet was lovely

Julie Cameron

Love the breakfasts, good service

Kristin Kopshinsky

Food was absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection (try the pot roast, it is AMAZING)!! Staff is very friendly! Our food also came out fairly quickly, too, which was a huge bonus. The prices are great here and are fairly priced. We will definitely go back!

Nancy Orr

It was a good place to get a meal. Kind of eclectic

Misses D

2nd time disappointed. No wait for a table. Place not even busy. Waitress was yakkety with customers (maybe why food was cold- at best lukewarm??) Will be a while b4 we come back.

David McCormick

Mother's day brunch, excellent except bacon was not done enough ( I don't know how you can cook that much either)

Lynn Vanwelsenaers

Good home cooked food! Enjoyed our wait staff. GF options.

Samantha Fafnis

Greg at the Appleton location was an amazing waiter and the food was also delicious!! Huge portions.

Connie Mitchler

Very nice staff. Good food

Brad Bosar

I always like this place, brought my kids when they were little. They are now adults , we brought them again. We had a new server but she was very friendly. Food was good

Tammy Powell

Got there just as they opened on a Sunday so we were to early for the brunch buffet so we ordered of the menu. The food arrived fast, hot & delicious! Also had a great server, thanks!

Tee Pridemore

Always a good place to eat their pork sandwich very delicious

Barbara Sparpana

Good food, nice store.

Courtney Mayard

We visited here after EAA fly in convention because their food at the convention was very fresh and consistent. The actual restaurant was much more disappointing. The appetizer we got tasted like it was fried in month old oil and the shrimp I got to go with my steak tasted horrid and had a very sour cheese on it. The potatoes were okay, but the corn side dish was just bland out of the can corn. Add on to that, I burned my hand on the little cast iron dish that is highly unnecessary for the food in it. Sarah was a great waitress, but the food was awful and your money is better spent elsewhere.

Jorgiann Krause

Nothing special but cool decorations and the food is still great

Tully Hodgkinson

Food is of good quality. My family likes to come here for the brunch buffet, which has a good variety. Service is always nice, and there's even a small gift shop if you're into that.

Belinda Boggess

Service was good and food was amazing. Omg the coconut cream pie melted in my mouth! My potroadt was very tender and I snuck a bite of my girlfriends meatloaf and it was delicious! Great job yall!!

Randy Schroeder

This place is amazing!! If you go you absolutely have to try their bacon. It is unquestionably the BEST bacon I have ever had!! Greg is an amazing waiter. Very friendly and accommodating.

Michelle Johnson

Sandy was an awesome server! Great food too!

Lisa Krause

They were very accommodating on a busy Father's Day. The brunch was excellent.

Cara Elliott

Service can be a little slow sometimes but the food is ALWAYS worth the wait. Homestyle comfort food that sticks to your ribs, great selection, something for everyone. Baked potato soup, pot roast, and the chicken pot pie are my favorites! Come hungry!

Lance Vandyke

Went here for mother's day my fiance and I. Took are mother's out. Very nice place the mother's day meal was a amazing Buffet. Brisket was so good! There was so much to chose from. Pricey yes. But I didn't mind because it was a very good meal. I don't mind paying for it. Because we got what we paid for. I'll definitely be back !


I forgot about this place... It honestly was a restaurant that was open during a power outage and was EXCELLENT!Mouthwatering food, My son loved it (He's super picky!) and the atmosphere was fun!

brian guyette

If you leave here not feeling over stuffed...its your fault!

Cheryl Dean

Food had good taste. Everything was cold.

Jim Simons

Tried to call in during a series of blackouts to see if a table was available. Was,placed on hild fpr 15 minutes, and no know ever came back. As every table was ordering the breakfast buffet, that means the servers actually have fairly light workload. To then simply ignore a customer like that is unacceptable.

Lisa Dawson

You get lots of good food for the money. Waitress was awesome

Dawn Altenburg

Great food, great service, perfect for families I highly recommend this place

henry mckenna

If you leave there hungry it's your own fault staff was great food was outstanding

Becky Clisch

Loved it! Great soup and cherry

Donna Hoffman

Says a nice name for a bun on a small Hamb bun with ery little eef in the sandwitch bar b ques ..and french frys small porsion . We're hot...Luke warm .very disappointed .the server was nice but rather complain to him we took it home for the dog .mix in with dog food . Years ago this was a great place to eat..I was not impressed with a lousy hamurher cheap bun..paying $10.something for that little lousy sandwitch..they throw a little Barb que sauce in very little tough meat hard to chew. I was totally disappointed....most places searve on big nice rolls from bakery.and not make it sound when you read it like it's good you won't hear me bragging on that place..not impressed at all a jip joint . Like I said nice white boy was our waiter.. you also I noticed a nice waiter who was place .on table ahead of us very nice in exaining thing bad the food is a lie in your order book..not see a good message come out of my mouth Donald's and your place should get together .but they ate cheaper ..I feel I'm ripped off and I'm telling you the God's truth..not a good beef sandwich should be . For the money..I hope your Hamb ate better!!!!!

John Maruszczak

Great food good service. Good people

Jordan Sherfey

Solid place for a good hearty breakfast. BEWARE THE CINNAMON ROLL. Very good, but very large. You could eat one yourself, but I wouldn't recommend it ;) Usually go here every other Saturday to meet with a group of guys from church.

Brian Plog

Amazing food and good prices

Cass P

Great family environment. The Sunday Brunch is delicious.

Connie Hansen

Very good food. More than enough to eat. You won't go away hungry.

In Christo

Food is really good. I know, it's probably just me, but the name is a bit off putting. That doesn't really matter, but the food and service is good.

Neala Rickert

Great food and exceptional service from our waiter, Greg. We were part of a very large, very needy, and diverse group and he was on top of everything! Thanks, Greg!

Michaela Krebs

One of a kind, unique food and award winning bbq sauce! My kids loved the theme and we loved the food. Small tractors available to keep little hands busy while you wait for food, excellent staff and a friendly atmosphere! Cant wait to head back

Bernie Revels

Great place to eat. Very friendly and not a long what for your food.

John Jacobson

Good servers, broad menu, reasonable prices.

kevin dahl

Good food.

Lynae Ratzell

Went for weekend brunch. All you can eat buffet. Fried chicken is awesome! The rest of the brunch food is normal and not mind blowing. Has a pastry section which seems like pastries that are store bought. Has a chocolate fountain with fruits and other items. Has strawberry wafer cookies that are stale! Coffee is normal diner coffee. Staff is very nice.

Sam Neeley

Not as good as I remember!

Mark Gidlof

Good food good service very satisfied

Janee Doee

I live in Utah but I absolutely LOVED this place and friendly atmosphere until this morning. I use to tell EVERYONE back home that The Machine Shed had the best bacon ever! I got back into town last night and even though I was hungry I decided to wait until y’all opened. The bacon was so thin and small (nothing like the thick bacon I’m use to being served when I come here) The management was rude and made a remark about it and said “it’s the same bacon, sorry if it’s not shaped the way you’d like it” I was so embarrassed and left (without eating) 11/10/18 @ 8:30 am

Joseph Jones

If you're looking for some home cook meals, this is a place to go. Large portions good service grateful. I do recommend this one

Sherry Ottery

Awesome restaurant, food, drinks, atmosphere and gift store.

Spooky Kat

Our server, Greg, was amazing! One of the nicest people I've met and very helpful.

Colby Fitzgerald

30 minute wait so far and was told 15 minutes. This side has over 15 tables empty and waiting area packed. Other side of the restaurant is the same. Was told 5 minutes ago table is being setup now, but we are still waiting. The last time I tried to come here had the exact same situation at lunch time, so this will be our last time ever coming here.

Cathy Lins

Portions were generous. Taste was just okay. Staff were friendly. The turning point was about an hour later. I was so sick after eating there. We had the fish and potatoes with mushroom appetizer. Something just didn't agree with my system.

Praetor Solaris

The service was amazing. Food to match service. An all around enjoyable experience.

Jason Francis

Fantastic food and usual!!

Todd Schwartz

I went to the Machine Shed in Appleton on Friday. We were hungry for a fish fry but haven't been able to find a good fish dinner for quite some time. The Machine Shed had a great all you can eat Cod dinner with Cole slaw, cottage cheese, baked baby carrots, choice of potato and 2 types of bread. All for under $14.00. My wife and I really liked it.

Colin Hill

I have been meaning to check this place out for a while. Finally did this past Saturday around 8AM. There was no wait when we arrived and were sat quickly. We had a toddler with us so we loved the toy tractors that he could play with. After we were sat we were told about their family style all you can eat which was awesome. You get your choice of an item it each category an egg dish (scrambled eggs, Machine shed eggs, or eggs with ham and cheese), potato dish (hash browns, breakfast potatoes, or hash brown casserole), 2 meats (bacon, sausage patties, sausage links, or ham) , a bread dish (pancakes, toast, etc). It's all served family style and its a lot of food. You can also switch up what you order when getting a refill meaning you can get pancakes instead of toast or sausage patties instead of links. Its really nice and the food comes out pretty quickly. Food- The food is pretty delicious. The pancakes and cinnamon roll were awesome. The hashbrown casserole was good but missing something but not sure what. Overall its one of the better breakfasts in the area. Drinks- Coffee was hot and refilled whenever our mugs got low. Service- Service was great. Everyone was friendly and we never had to wait too long for anything. I live in Oshkosh but would come here again just for breakfast. It would be worth the drive. If you havent checked out this place yet you should at least try it once to see how you like it.

Jennifer Baribeau

Our server was fantastic. Food was good as well. Pork medallions were a little over cooked.

Lexi Krueger

The food was beyond amazing, every single person in my group of 6 enjoyed their food. Awesome service, everyone is so sweet and the food came quickly and they are very efficient. I will definitely be coming back here in the future.

Jen Michaels

Awesome food. Love the gift shop!

Kim Kafura

Had never had a bad meal here until this visit. Ordered the prime rib; my wife the chicken strips. Waited longer than usual for our food to arrive. When it did, what a disappointment. My prime rib was cold and raw in the middle; barely able to cut it. The tallow/fat was still hard meaning it hadn't been on the grill long enough to melt it (BTW: ordered it medium). Sent it back for a new one. That one was OK but my appetite was somewhat gone by then. My wife's chicken strips were bland with thick coating. Even salt and pepper didn't help. Manager gave us each a slice of free pie to compensate. Don't think we'll be back for quite some time.

Cody Heidorn

Always love going to this place for breakfast or brunch. Nice staff and the buffet is the best in the valley!!


Amazing food and one outstanding waitress a great experience

L Roehrig

A very sad experience with this restaurant. We ordered breakfast and waited. Waited a long time. Other tables after us ordered and given their food while we waited. Server finally brings my 'easy over eggs' which looked anemic and I think they must have quickly thrown them together. The eggs looed like they hit the pan briefly and then slid on the plate. When I turned the eggs over, the yolks were cold and the whites were still clear. Definitely not a good experience.

Jim Van Handel

Eggs Benedict w Beef Brisket! Tasty!

Staci M

Best place in Appleton with delicious food & awesome customer service!!

Julie Dickrell

I was very disappointed at my visit here. Some of the food had no taste especially the slaw, buns weren't warm and we're hard. Our food was just warm we had steak, didn't finish at all. My bf got sick right after we left, I didn't feel well either. I guess we should have went back in to complain. Service was good though.

MR BOB's Odds & Ends

This place was just right for a good breakfast meal. Very farmhouse style type atmosphere. I enjoyed their availability of chicken fried chicken instead of a steak for breakfast and their cheesy hash browns are a knockout. Their service it top notch and I will be back here when I come back to visit.

Felicia Granados

Fish fry was delicious and affordable. Server very nice.

Donna Lewis

Food is Amazing and Customer service is Awesome.

Tammy Vandecorput

Our waiter Sandy was awesome!!

S SchelfMeister

The Service was great, the portions where large.. The Liver was like shoe leather. Two out of three.

Brad Kaiser

Love this place. Nice friendly comfortable surroundings. Steak was Awesome.

kimberly joyner

Excellent service,great tood and value.

Robbin Freeman

The portions are huge, and the food is good. A very welcoming place for casual friends and family dining. Excellent prices and friendly staff too!

Tamara Miller

In Late August 2018 My family and I were visiting family in Wisconsin because my Grandmother had passed away. We were staying at the humble little Hotel across from this restaurant. I love local restaurants and convinced my husband to give it a try. My three children, Husband and I were seated at our booth and I believe it was dinner time. The restaurant was busy. After being seated someone took our order for drinks and never came back. We waited a very long time just for our drinks. It must have been almost 40 minutes when we decided to just leave. 40 minutes is a long time to wait with two hungry grown ups and three hungry children.

Michael Silverstein

Excellent food excellent service! The amount of food you get for the price is great highly recommend this place

Emilio Wilson

The wait is long today due to father's day. The business is open on Sunday from 9am to 130pm...maybe next time I come I will try it

Steve Vignali

We ate here for Father's day. Very busy and we had to wait a while, but worth it. All the food they offered on the buffet was excellent. They know how to do meat. We have been here previously and like many of their regular menu items. You will not be disappointed.

Dave Hesprich

on prior visits thought the restaurant was the place for a visit, and talked a lot about prior visits till breakfast on 3/1/19. HORRIBLE the breakfast I has was burnt, toast, bacon, hash browns, my wife said omelet was the worst she had with burnt sausage...waitress put our meal down and we did not see her again. Had a burnt taste in mouth for about 2 hours. This was the worst and I mean absolute worst breakfast of any restaurant I have ever encountered. Will not recommend this place at tall and we were planning on other visits of trying the lunch and dinner but this place is now off the list. No credit given, just a sorry and we look forward to your nest visit? Wow....not good. Service was very below par and no justice for a disgusting breakfast.

Lori Gilbertson

Good food and great service!

Elizabeth Laux

Good food. Flavorful. Good portions.

Manuel Vivas

Cool and delicious place with plenty of seating. Along with this, our service was excellent and I felt that the prices were fair with the large portions. I understand the aesthetic, but I wish the water cups were larger. I ordered the Reuben sandwich and highly recommend it!

Edward Perry

The staff were very friendly. The food was excellent and very tasty. Would definitely recommend them to friends.

Gabrielle Domena

Gregg was an amazing waiter and took care of us so well!! We didn't want for anything because he was so on top of things!! The food was great but the service was best!

Elizabeth Luecht

Great food and friendly staff!

Riaan Bodenstein

Very friendly service. Great atmosphere. Food was perfectly cooked and tasted great and the portions are huge. Great value for money.

Gabriela Betancourt

Portions were huge and comfort food was tasty. The service was slow and it took a pretty long time for us to be seated though the restaurant was largely empty. Maybe they were trying to not overwhelm the wait staff but they seemed pretty overwhelmed anyways. The dessert was okay, the dumpling was a bit too mushy for me, but overall the food was decent for the price.

Bernie Kempen

Good food. Lots to choose from

Gunnar Winchell

Good reuben. Unique atmosphere was just right. A little bit more would have been too much lol.

Gordon Duer

Stopped for breakfast, had the all you could eat breakfast 10.59 included cinnamon roll scrambled eggs with cheese and ham. Link sausage, bacon toast, and sheesy hashbrowns. Food was good. Bacon excellent. Restaurant was clean. Waiter was pleasant and professional. Bathroom was clean.


Excellent food and great customer service. Highly recommend!

Gracie Lueken

Greg in Appleton was the best server we had a party of 16 no mistake food was served fast and hot. Coming back for Greg

Jessie Cain

My friend and I went out to dinner at The Machine Shed before she went to India. The food is similar to home cooked meals. Unfortunately, they didn't cook my friend's steak properly. She ordered it medium and it came to the table very rare. She also had the coleslaw and said it tasted terrible. She was disappointed and said it's normally very good at this location. They gave her a free dessert to compensate for it. I ordered the onion strings as an appetizer and the country fried steak for an entree. I also got the apple cider mimosa. I have no complaints about any part of my meal, and the mimosa was delicious! The only complaint I do have is our waitress talked too much. She was overly friendly, but I don't hold it against her. It would have been nice if she had left us alone so I could talk with my friend though. We weren't going to see each other for 6+ weeks, so I wanted to make the most of our time together. We left the waitress a good tip, but we'll probably pick a different place next time to avoid having a waitress hovering as we eat.

Tania Huycke-Phillips

I was disappointed. We went for breakfast on a Saturday morning, and no surprise, there was a bit of a wait. We were quoted 15-20 minutes but it ended up over 30 minutes. Waitress was okay, food was okay, place was okay. Side of fruit was the usual chunks of musk melon with two other pieces of fruit. The menu wasn't very exciting and I had a hard time picking something. Bacon was good. Eggs were a little under done. The little store in the front had a lot of cute and fun items but prices were more than I thought they were worth.

Rachel Caulkins

This is a great family restaurant. I like that the food is locally sourced and that there is a good variety on their menu. Our meals were great and our server was very friendly and attentive.

Elizabeth Hokamp

This is a unique place. They gave great food and atmosphere. Great place for group dinning! I've not been there for brunch yet, but I've heard it's delicious! Will definitely go back!!

Chris Marquardt

Nice atmosphere and good food

Jeff Allen

I love this place. Good wholesome food, awesome pie, and you never leave hungry.

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