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REVIEWS OF Emerald City Catering and Events IN Wisconsin

Lynn Kruse

Ryan Williamson

This place is amazing! You definitely need to check out their fish fry!

Brandy M. H.

Unless it's deep fried... don't order it. The buggers are the same gray cafeteria hamburger from grade school with some extras (mine was cold as ever). I've had better berger from burger King for the same price. The fish isn't bad though... like I said, stick to the deep fried foods.

November Scorpio

Nothing Special.

Dominic Giuffre

My favorite fish fry in Milwaukee! Happy to see they moved out of South Milwaukee, into a fullsized restaurant on 13th St. Family style fish and chicken fry on Friday night! You WONT be disappointed.

Clarissa Morales

Good was really good. Service was wonderful. Very welcoming staff.

Maryjane Schimdt

Great fish fry and friendly staff

Amy Phillips

The corned beef dinner was delicious. It was lean. The cabbage and carrots were just like my Grandmas. Keep up the great cooking Oz and team.

Sandy Schneider

David Dayton

We had a wonderful time at the new location. They still have great food we had the all you can eat family style meal . the staff are great the food came out fresh and hot . they made sure we have been taken care of and we left happy . We will be coming back and telling our family and friend

Peggy Karczewski

Loni Fitzgerald Sumner

Mike Hauglie

Ok so the fried fish is fanominal I drive 36miles one way to get it. We decided to eat in and first glasses are dirty as can be(gross) no apologies for it. Rye bread was old and stale.... haven't gotten food yet...hope it's worth the dine in. Fish was good patatoe pancakes cold and bland. Bottom line great fish buy it and take home by the bucket...

Tim Fullington

Wasn't happy at all. My dad had the walleye and said the fish was good but small, only got "a fork full of coleslaw, and 3 tater tots". Wife had shrimp and mashed potatoes which "only had a teaspoon of gravy and didn't like the cocktail sauce.

Bob Graves

Great place

Norberto Sandoval

Garrett Huyler

Oz has catered a couple parties and has been amazing each time, he's very responsive, great BBQ, and the perfect addition to our party, we'll continue to go back year after year!!!

margy harder

Busy place on Friday is is too small for the business...guess that is why they are moving to new location after Easter...will miss them here but will still be close enough to frequent


Let me preface this by saying that Oz was a very pleasant, nice guy to work with. He was always prompt with responding and very accommodating, but on the day of the wedding, when it actually mattered, and nearly 5k in the hole later - none of that mattered. We let Oz know how important it was to have a vegetarian and vegan entrees available for the wedding. No, I'm not talking about just preparing a few on the side for a couple of vegetarians, I'm talking about entrees. We did a tasting of the stuffed eggplant, and it was delicious! Oz would also whip up a few vegan entrees for the vegan guests. What we got: No grilled stuffed eggplant at all. Vegetarians were forced to eat salad and bread for their dinner. He made an 'executive decision' not to make the entrees we paid for last minute and instead served sliced pieces of raw, cold eggplant. We paid extra for Oz's staff to serve the meal from the buffet line, give out water for water service, slice the pies and hand out to people, and pour the champagne toast: What we got: - Guests had to serve themselves. - No water service, there weren't even glasses for water as we discussed. - Pies were ordered to be whole so that we could stick a flag in them to let guests know what they were eating - no, they were placed on the wrong table (they were supposed to be under a table that had a pennant banner reading 'TRY SOME PIE'), pre-sliced without ANY signage, and also without forks!! Guests had to eat mystery slices of pie with their hands. - Any banquet server knows that you should have a tray when passing out a champagne toast to guests. In this case, there was no tray, and Oz's 2-person staff passed out champagne glasses 1-2 people at a time, and delayed the toasts by nearly half an hour. A fed up guest that works in the restaurant business had to jump up and help them out. We let Oz know we wanted baked macaroni and cheese, not the regular mac and cheese, as we had sampled it before and didn't like it. What we got: The regular mac and cheese. Other strange things: - The food was ice-cold; and guests let me know. - The beef brisket was nothing like we had tasted - the cut of meat was all fat and people did not eat it. I know no wedding is perfect, but you'd think after missing out on an entrée we paid for (plus the vegan entrée!) the complete absence of service that we tipped out while signing our contract, bad food, and general oversights for almost everything we paid for, we'd at least have some sort of reimbursement, right? It's very obviously a disaster. No, we got $200 back. That doesn't even cover what we tipped for his staff's 'service.' Heed my warning now, folks! We overpaid and weren't really even sure what we were paying for in some cases, and we didn't get delivery on half of it. Treat your guests and your pocketbook well - steer clear.

Haley Zylka

Noel Martinez

Whitney Howard

The staff here is amazing.

Ron Zielinski

Sunday brunch was venue but none the less very well done!

Michael Macafee

Very Nice facility...Spacious and Warm!! Steve is very knowledgeable and accommodating!! He Really ENJOYS what he's doing!!!

Luke Barthel

Emerald City catered our wedding, and in my opinion you won't find better food, a better price, or better people. Oz was fantastic throughout our planning process and especially on the day itself. Hands-down the most responsive caterer out there; every time I'd send him a message he responded in no time, often within the hour. He also coordinated our chair rental and was just genuinely helpful through every possible stage. He made everything so much easier and took so much off of our shoulders that it made our wedding day much less stressful than it would have otherwise been. The only complaint I have is that I was looking forward to sampling other caterers before we made our decision. His food is SOOOOOO good that we stopped searching after our first tasting with him. The maple-walnut chicken...seriously, trust me.

Kirk Simonis

Good fish fry awesome chicken

Concepcion Gutierrez

I knew this place in the old days so,I can compare now .You did a Great job remodeling it is comfortable the food was delicious especially the pork Thank you for acomandating for handicaps .

Jared Strike

Great venue. Friendly staff. Clean and fresh looking.

Pam Peters

Kelly Pinter

Went after a funeral service. The buffet was good and perfect for our small group.

Karin Conway

Great space for a party of any size! Skilled chefs create masterpieces to delight your guests.

Daniel Wichman

Food is very good.

Josue Ordaz

When it comes to grabbing something to eat on Friday you can't go wrong with the "

Ellen Serdynski

Not that good.

Joan Lang

The service and food was excellent, especially the fried chicken.

Joseph Haasch

Bob Long

Allison Young

Tina McNamara

Great food at a great price!

Nicole Guza

melanie white

We have gotten food from Emerald City more times than I can count over the last few years. The service is always friendly and the food is consistently delicious. The ham on Sunday is very high quality and the rolls are freshly baked. Insider tip, try a chicken tender dipped in Oz's original BBQ sauce on a fresh baked roll next Sunday, yum!!

Joan Faulkner

Robin Bermudez

Sofia Dollinger

The establishment has fantastic food, and I was incredibly satisfied with their customer service and the taste of the food. My friend and I went here on a whim, and the burger I got was delicious. Additionally, the cheese curds we got (labeled cheddar nuggets) were lovely and not greasy. I felt content and incredibly satisfied after my experience here. Literally, my only complaint is that I wish the beef party on the burger was a bit bigger. But that's not even a big deal because everything was so incredibly tasty.

VL Rydberg

There's no place like the Emerald City. From the ruby red shoes to the Cowardly Lion with positive messages out front you will enjoy this trip to Oz. The chef behind the curtain is fantastic. The food has a variety of textures and flavors that will tickle your taste buds. This is a lovely family restaurant were you can enjoy your meal and here everybody's conversation at the table. This is a perfect restaurant for people you need to use hearing aids because you don't have to turn them off to hear the conversation at the table. The tables are wide enough and long enough to fit the food on without feeling claustrophobic. This is truly a restaurant of the community as they contribute on a Sunday buffet on the first Sunday of every month you are able whatever you can afford and all the proceeds that day get donated to the hunger task force of Milwaukee. They are well known for they're excellent catering outside the restaurant itself For Weddings, corporate,fiesta de quince años, and celebration of life occasions. Large parking lot for ease of coming and going it is located on 13th Street in the 3800 block across from the st. Albert Cemetery. There is a full-service bar that is separate from the restaurant . Really cool feature is a gazebo for wedding pictures and other pictures for fun and making memories. Hannah is a fantastic waitress she make sure your needs are met but she's not interrupting your conversations. If you ask Hannah do you think I could have.... she will go back behind the curtain and see if Oz has that available and there it is and wink of an eye on the table. if you like broasted chicken this is the place for you there's more than enough food on your plate and it's the perfect blend of crispy yet it doesn't cut the roof of your mouth. The potato pancakes are served with everybody's Heritage in mine there's toppings of maple syrup or applesauce. But what is so lovely about them is that it has a texture of crispy and soft plus there are real chives in them, not dried out from a jar. But everybody Raves about the fish I can't tell you about it other than my friends ate every last thing on their plate as I am allergic to fish and they paid attention to that and made sure that my food was not in any contact this is something that most restaurants will not do or pay attention to. So if your allergy-prone this is the place for you!! So take some time away from Kansas and spend a little time at the Emerald City.

Laurie Buss

Outstanding fish fry. Our waitress was very sweet. A nice variety of food. Give it a try!

John Whiting

Was very impressed food was excellent service was extraordinary highly recommend this place they're moving to new digs after Easter look for them it will be worth your while.

Kenny Lovas

1st time trying it WILL go back again

Zeller Daniel

Went there for a funeral the food was pretty good I was surprised I don't know what it costed but the food was good

Diane Mier

5 stars. Great owner.


Great meals to go! Chicken and fish on Fridays are excellent!

Linda Crary

Jason Czeshinski

Kevin Kintop

Great food at a great price. The Sunday ham is that best

Michael Landre

KerBear Linn

My favorite place for a fish fry and cheesecake!!!

Nick Spinelli Jr


Jackie Bordak

Great space for groups.

Alexandr Milbrandt

Some of the worst food I've eaten.

Kat Malcz

They are moving quite a distance from current spot. Cannot verify they will be as good as where they are now so somewhat neutral.

Michael Liebig

Food is pretty good

Shelly R

Jake Borchadt

Must Try! Do or Do not!


Tim Johnson

Great food as always. The Friday night all you can eat fish fry is the showcase. Baked and fried cod, chicken, fries, baked beans, potato pancakes, coleslaw, applesauce all served family style for just $14.95 per person. Oz has perfected his craft over the years and you will not be disappointed.

Julie Barnett

Love the pay as you may

Andrew Budziszek

Attended a wedding where I was part of the wedding party We were the first ones to get food - the salads were okay. We found out that some tables didn't get enough salad to go around which started the disappointment. It just got worse from there. When the main course arrived, chicken and pasta, it was ice cold. The pasta was not done, the sauce was cold, the chicken was a sad little thigh or a breast of a newly born chick. The other tables, which were to be served family style pasta and protein, took FOREVER to get their food. When they got their food it was ice cold. I could never recommend Emerald City catering with a good conscious. I was very disappointed in the meal served by this catering company and so was most of the attendees of the wedding.

Steve Kunda

They are mainly a catering business but have an all-you-can-eat Friday fish fry that is AWESOME! Great friend or baked fish, fries, potato pancakes, even friend chicken! And all the sides, too! A full bar makes it the complete Friday night party experience!

Chacha Villarreal

James Hall

I've read some of these reviews. Mostly good, a few bad. Please do NOT let a few bad reviews sway your opinion here. One month ago, we had them cater our wedding. The apps and salads were amazing. I didn't get to have any personally because we were off doing photos, but Oz went ahead and set aside some meatballs for me that I personally picked out for the wedding. I was looking forward to them all day and they were even better than I remember from the tasting. The main course was amazing as well. Everything was set up family style so you could have a little of everything. Every single guest I spoke to had nothing but good things to say about the food. And how professional the staff was. Oz himself is also worth reviewing. He always goes above and beyond for his customers. No matter if it's a wedding, a catered event, a take out order or a pay as you may buffet. He wants the best for everyone. He's that type of person. Wonderful inside and out. If you do happen to be in the very minority of people who have a problem with something, speak up right away. Say something to him or his staff personally and give them a chance to correct the issue. Waiting days or weeks after to leave a bad review doesn't help anyone. You didn't get any resolved and now you may be giving other's a bad impression about a wonderful place.

Gina Guzlecki

Amazing fish fry and homemade potato pancakes! Worth the wait! Call ahead.

Kelly Huyler

I have used Oz three times for my annual event at home. His slogan is "you dream it we make it happen". This is completely true. I'm from Maryland originally and Oz has hosted a MD Crab Feast for me along with his amazing BBQ. The guests love it, and the food always goes fast (especially his ribs). I highly recommend if you're looking for someone to cater your event that you pick Oz. He has a great personality, and his onsite attention to detail is always appreciated. You won't go wrong.

Laura Verthein

James Kopps

Diane Larsen

Was there funeral....great buffett..lots of good food....people picking up dishes...all I expected.....nice event...

Carl Carby

Patricia Hassel

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