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REVIEWS OF Barbecue Company Grill and Catering IN Wisconsin

Greg Aroni

Poor (no) customer service. Menu is overpriced. Taste is just OK, nothing I would drive out of the way to. I was taken aback when Grandpa Centipede went scooting across the floor. Way poor marketing skills. Reading other reviews, my opinion is he should just close up and spend more time cutting his lawn and spending family time. KCBJ, and have tasted much better. Wish I would have kept driving past. After reviewing your response and all your excuses why your never in the wrong. I stand by my post. I drive by your place quite often and rarely see a car(customer). And all the experience I have in Judging is quite extensive but am prepared to offer this compliment. Your food is little better than the gas station across the street!

Ghislain Schneider

Gary Johnson

Great pulled pork sandwiches.

Clay Fields

Best Barbecue, Period. And quick! You ask for you order, give them a few minute and done. Never dry too.

david heebsh

Small town bbq place food is excellent and the owner was awesome. My first visit I've never tried the food and he gave me samples of everything I wanted to try. I will be coming back as much as possible

Casey Cockerham

This was a gem to find. This place has amazing food ... seriously amazing. The apple pie baked beans should be canned and sold and I was totally converted with the bleu cheese slaw. Can't pick a favorite meat ... Lawd, they were just too good. All of them! Great customer service. Very small and simple place. The focus is on fantastic food, not impressive dining ware. We will be back .... and we're bringing friends. Thanks BBQ Company!!!

Richard Hagemann

Brian Habeth

We ordered brisket and chicken for my daughters graduation party of 85 people. Our guests loved the food and asked where we ordered it from. You guys went out of your way to fill our order even though you were extremely busy with the US Open in town. Thank you for your hard work and extra effort, we've recommended you to others. We'll be back. Thank you.

Mr. Suhr

It was Okay. I ordered a half rack of St. Louis ribs, with good flavor, but tougher than they should be, for 15 bucks. I wanted to try it because it's on my way home from work, but I probably won't go back. I'll drive the extra few miles to Hoggin' It BBQ, and get the half rack for 11 bucks for fall of the bone St. Louis Ribs with great flavor.

Jenni Ludwig

Excellent brisket and pulled pork! We had the Mac n cheese and cheesy taters as sides those were delicious as well, but I will not be ordering the corn bread again, just not my style, it was undercooked and tasted funky, and at 4 dollars I was a little disappointed... But that's go for bbq for a great meat and that's what it was!!!

steve faust

Steve Tidyman

Positively Amazing!!!! I'd share pics but I ate all before hand...


Stellar barbeque! Thus is the REAL DEAL! Cooked low and slow. The pulled pork is TOTAL DELICIOUSNESS! Great sides too! Chipotle mac, red tater salad and Apple pie baked beans are terrific!

Brenda Weiss

Ordered take out that was awesome

dylan grgich

Best bbq I've had in the state of wi. Prices were on par for the quality of food. Had a pulled pork sandwich and it was out of this world. I've had bbq from all over the country and this by far is number 1. Would highly recommend going here.

Chris Dorzok

Barbecue at this place is out of this world!


Simple bbq joint and catering. They have the best bbq in Wisconsin hands down

Core52 Rivas

Awesome bbq

Ted Noble

Eric Sommer

Great food

Nathaniel Boos

Natasha John

Arlene Bero

Patty Schlosser

We stumbled upon this bbq on the way home from holy hill flea mkt. Hubby was craving bbq,wanted ribs ,staff honest stating he couldnt keep up demand for them.We shared a burger and pulled pork, both DELICIOUS!! Love the choice of sauces too. Will be back.

Ron Stortz

Brent Johnson

Gary Herman

Not friendly small portions over priced food was a 4 out of 10 never will go back

Zach Castor

Not only was the food incredible, Andy and Al were very friendly and considerate! Made sure you were happy with what you got ! Will definitely be going back! Great food and service!!

Dillon Peterson

Excellent food, good prices, friendly owner. The 3 meat plater was definitely filling! Highly recommend.

Jacobi Paquette


Jon Baier

Steve Husanu

Amazing food, good variety.

Nicole Kafkas

Sue Newton

Haunted Minnie

Had the smoked beef brisket with seasoned red potatoes. The brisket, (which was 4 slices of thick cut beef was really good) was served on a french roll. The red potatoes were pretty awesome. The proportions were just right for me. I thought the serving of potatoes was small when I was served, but to be honest, I wouldn't have been able to finish if it had been any bigger. The place is small/quaint with 4 seating areas. The people were super friendly and I'd go back in a heartbeat!

John Hiemenz

Susan Sieger

Love the place. When you want authentic bbq it's the Place!

William Robarge

Good food by what seems like a nice family business. I went hog wild and got the 3 meat sampler. I thought it was a touch pricey at $30 but got to try what I feel are BBQ staples. I'd go again but would skip the sampler and try something else.

Kari Roehl

First time visiting this gem of a place. We actually almost drove right past since it shares a parking lot with another business but we eventually saw the huge flag! Small, intimate seating but also the option of outside seating was welcomed since we had our pups along. We ordered right at the counter from a very friendly server who answered our questions. Our shared order of the Slider Trio with pulled pork, beef brisket and adobe chicken was filled immediately. It included a small side of which we chose the Bleu Cheese Coleslaw. Other sides came in different sizes. We opted for medium of the Country Potato salad and the Spicy Scrap Meat beans. We ended up taking home most of the sides since the sliders themselves were plenty of food. There was a good variety of sauces on the counter to choose from. Everything was scrumptious. We will definitely return!

Jim Roche

This is an excellent place for ribs and other barbecue. It's a small place but they have fantastic meat and side dishes.

Dimitris Angelopoulos

Really good food

Mike M

michael reichhart

Good food

Amy S

Ribs were tough and over cooked. Cornbread was undercooked and just terrible tasting. Group of 5 and everyones lunch was either bad or mediocre. Not worth the high prices. Bathroom was absolutely disgusting.

David Kieckhaefer

Good food but congratulations, your service is terrible

Jeff Tolliver

Decided to stop in after reading a specific review that I thought was funny. Boss was out of town, but our experience was fantastic. The food was very good and the employees treated my wife and I like old friends. Amazing job guys!!!!

Rodd Hall

Food is good. Service is spotty. Owner doesn't seem to enjoy being there. Here is the stream of consciousness response I received from the owner. Make your own decision whether his business is worth your time. "Response from the owner 2 days ago Rodd how could you make a remark like that when you have know idea how my day or week was! I have owned this business for 35 years and currently I ma working over 90 hours this week with how busy we are! You called on the phone make a to go order for two items and I simply told you to come in and we will prepare them fresh in a few minutes! My air conditioning wasn't working worth a darn and i have really bad nerve pain in my arm as a result of what I do! I never mentioned my enjoyment of the day and at age 58 my body somedays doesn't enjoy what I do but my love for what I do has never changed! So until you walk a mile in my shoes i would ask you to refrain from a comment like this! Do you love every moment of what you do and who would ever make a comment in a review if you did or didn't!" As I said in my initial review the food is good, but based on this angry response to a reasonable review I will never darken his doors again.

jon roberts

We Ordered the brisket and beans as a side. The brisket had good flavor and was tender. It was late in the evening (meaning it had been warming for a while) but I was impressed. I will try it during prime time to see if it has a flavorful bark. The owner spent time time talking about the Q world. He was kind enough to provide samples of smoked pork a chicken. Refreshing to be sure. Being a BBQ snob, it has me wanting to try more menu items. My reviews are primarily of BBQ joints throughout the country. When I find one... I shout it loud.

Chuck Reed

Elizabeth Asc

Mark & Kitty Kielisch

Excellent ribs, brisket and pulled pork sandwiches. A variety of other items, and very tasty sides.


Very disappointing. The brisket sandwich was cold and expensive at $12. Described at 1/2 lb, but looked skimpy for 1/2 lb and not like to photo. I also could not taste any smoke or see any smoke ring. The mac & cheese was not edible, tasted like it was way too old to be served. The ribs were ok, but not better than other local bbq and were also too expensive at $25 with no sides. For these prices, you would expect higher quality. And I know bbq is not cheap, but this is a double negative of disappointing quality and high price. I have lived in Memphis and in Georgia and I have experienced famous bbq joints and the amazing shacks on the side of the road. I did not expect that same quality, but come on man for the love of bbq the quality needs to be upped. Hey owner. How about listening to your customers rather that attacking them? No one asked us, "how is everything?" and the guy there did not seem helpful as he did not greet us or say anything until we started to order. And I am too old to be a millennial. And why write a review? To let others know what to expect. I wish I had been warned off this place before I spent $50 to be disappointed. I am glad your catering is successful and has good reviews. But being in the middle of the countryside and being busy with catering is no excuse to not have good food at your store location! If you are too busy with catering to produce quality food and service at your store front then shut it down or at the very least stop attacking your store customers who did not have a positive experience.

Robert Kunert

Great barbecue and service

Jeff Rauser

Small seating area but food was really good. All sides were yummy. Definitely worth the trip.

mary gibbons

The Barbecue Company has the best smoked brisket, pork and sides. The smoked chicken is also delicious. Helpful staff & they will give samples. They sell by the pound or have sandwiches. Great place! If you like barbecue you've got to stop.

Stratous _kid

Must stop best bbq I ever had

Brian Fritsch

Had pulled pork sandwich & blue cheese cole slaw and a side of chipotle mac 'n cheese. They have a good variety of BBQ sauces along with a custom style mustard. Next time I'll bring my family!

Pete Schaumberg

Ive had REAL Tennessee BBQ. Barbecue Co.Grill is as GOOD without actually being in Tennessee!

Todd Kraus

Awesome !!! Ordered full slab meal. Love me some ribs !! ( half slab to take home), spicey beans, green chili muffin, mac and cheese,,. Prices are reasonable. So many people do not realize that ribs are labor intensive..Great service, great taste. Keep doing what you are doing here !!! Thank you !!

Mike Post

Great food. Prolly the best bbq around. BBQ and sides equally as !! Smaller portions, larger price.

Patrick Hennecke

Havent had a bad meal yet

Tom Van Beckum

David Hilgendorf

Good meats. Better for takeout, not really a dining establishment. Stop by if you're in the area.

Jake Coz

Great meat, great sauces as well

Fire Breather

Excellent gem out here in Hartford. I've driven by dozens of times and never went in. Wife got me food this fathers day from there....amazing! Best bbq anywhere for miles.

james folts

Andy Wassmann

Excellent BBQ chicken......I was blown away- would have never expected with thinking a BBQ place is primarily Pork- glad I ventured out!!

Karl Gunst

Probably the best BBQ in the entire state.

Kristin Thurloff

Good food

William Alexander

Literally in the middle of nowhere! Worth the drive because this is some damn good BBQ!!!!! WAM approves.

bigjuv bankroll

LoganPlayz L

Andrew Turek

Always good service and food

Carol Lange

Good BBQ, a bit pricey - try the Apple Pie Beans - delicious! LOTS of meat in the Spicy Beans! Brisket was tender, mostly lean. Cute interior dining area, big variety of sauces and an appealing outdoor picnic tables area under a shady tent.

Russ Wendt

Great food and service. Ask for the new customer tour...

alex coyle

The smell says it all!

Gloria Blackmon

While at the pumpkin farm my family ordered 2 burgers and they were pink in the middle, when I went back the person I guess was the owner had a attitude and instead of new burgers he would put them back on the grill. I didn't mind that it was the way I was treated. I will not ever spend my hard earned money with them again. The owner did give me new burgers only after he saw I was writing a review. Also every other restaurant that sells burgers besides McDonald's and burger king has ask pink or no pink. I think the owner and the staff need a lesson in customer service and accountability.

John Brandstatter

Jean Hollmann

Had rave reviews at my catered dinner on the brisket, sweet tai grilled chicken, Mac and cheese and great corn bread.

John Newton

Mary Berendt

Craig WI Weber

I'm glad I stopped. Prices and servings are very reasonable for a enjoyable meal. I had the brisket sandwich and chef choice potatoes. Andy gave me some history on his BBQ and I will definitely make it here again.

Kristi George

Best food! We have eaten here several times and even had an event catered. So many compliments. Friendly staff too!

Elizabeth K

THE BEST BARBECUE IN WISCONSIN!!!! OPEN IN THE WINTER THIS YEAR!!! My husband and I have been thinking of trying this place for a while so today we took a drive to Hartford. Let me tell you, I would drive 3 hours for this barbecue. Al was excellent!! So nice and knowledgeable and treated us like we were regulars. What a fantastic experience—our whole family will be back!!

Geri Leiske

Awesome food!!!

Marmy B

My husband and I stopped here for lunch while roaming the country roads. I was quite surprised at the exceptional quality of the BBQ. The flavor was amazing and I didn't find one piece of fat in my delicious pork sandwich. The chipotle bacon mac and cheese was very tasty! We did love that there are 5 -6 different sauces to choose from. The only thing I would improve on is to tidy up the restroom a bit. The owner was a very friendly, down home personable man who loves what he does and is very good at it. Thanks for a delicious meal!

william beverung

Jay S.

Posted hours for Sunday are 11-6 pm. We arrived at 2:10 pm after driving approx 20 miles one way. We were greeted with, "Sorry guys, I'm shutting down. I have things to do." Previously had enjoyed this place and even recommended it to others but will think twice about returning and recommending it moving forward. After reading the owner's response below, I would suggest changing your posted hours of operation or hire staff to accommodate the hours that you post. I would caution anyone traveling to your establishment as you may close whenever you deem necessary to "do normal things like laundry or cut your lawn and spend time with your family". Don't reprimand a customer for your lack of service. Now that you've revealed yourself as the owner, I'm all the more appalled. Your caustic response has confirmed for me that I will never return.

Rebecca Lansing

The food was great! Awesome unique flavors, and the sandwichs are huge!The owner, staff and customers were all friendly! I'll definitely be going back soon!

Clay Olson

Penny Barnes

Food was good. A little different type of BBQ than what I had in Texas, but was still good. The guy working the counter had some issues with what he needed to do, but someone else took up the slack for him.

Debra Mlyniec

All I will say is I handed my son money to pay for our food, and the counter person handed incorrect change back to my son. When I went back to the counter and asked for correct change, he handed me the exact change to me without a word. He seemed nervous. He tried to short change and was caught. I do not patronize cheats. Honest mistakes, no problem. This guy tried to steal from my son. Beware.

Marvin Harris

Wow Fantastic BBQ

Ross Connell

Jayce Commo

Amazing. If you love real bbq, this place is a must. Can't believe how good the chicken was.

Randall Gulley

Michael Tyborski

For thirty-five years, the owner of Barbecue Company has prepared delicious meals. His cooks and crew know how to please your palette. (See their food photos on Google Maps.) Dine in, take out, or invest in catering. Yes, they can cater wedding receptions. Book soon. Give your guests time to enjoy the meal.

Samuel Freitag

Fantastic BBQ, amazing, warm homemade cookies and a really nice owner!

Tracy Simpson

Trevor Annen

Christine Schnitzka

Awesome and super delicious food!!!

Peter Kilburn

Simply amazing! This was a great find on the way home from Holy Hill. I posted a pic of an empty plate.....because I simply LOVED IT!

Destiny Wallen

Noel Talluto

Customer service lacking is an understatement. I tried to place a catering order with this restaurant. I had my order/list prepared based on the menu available online and my guest count. I called on Saturday at 11am. My call was answered and I was able to get through about 1/2 of the order, then the person on the phone said he was too busy to complete my order then and could he call me back. Sure, no problem. Unfortunately, I never received a call back. Then, I called again on Monday, arguably a slower day for them. Left a message, never received a call back. Today, I called again (I REALLY wanted to cater BBQ!) and the same person answered the phone. I was able to make it through half of the order again at which time, when I was ordering the sides I wanted based on the online menu's suggestion for how many people each side feeds, the person on the phone interrupted me. The person told me I should order 3 - 5 times as many sides as compared to what the online menu suggested and that certain sides were not available in the 1 pound option as was shown on the online menu. I stated my confusion at the difference between the online menu recommendations/portion sizes and what the person was telling me. At that point, the person on the phone said never mind, I don't want to deal with this, that I should order from someone else and he hung up on me. Not a great way to run a business in my opinion. Maybe the food is great....I'll never know.

Mike Ehrlich

Very small place but really good smoked ribs, sandwiches and beans.

Oh Scar

Really great BBQ Definitely on competition for the best in Wisconsin. I will more likely be back, and if i could say any bad about this place i have would say if you could lower your prices just a little bit id most deffentily visit more and I'm sure more people would too. Thank You Guys for the great Service and that chipotle bacon mac and cheese is to die for!

Kimberly Lepak

Found by accident.... Awesome BBQ

Amanda Avrit

Awesome food!

kindred dahl

The best

Eric Kroll

James Sims

Best pulled pork ever had

Tony K

Baby back ribs are not my favorite. In fact, not sure why anyone would waste good wood on them. As expected, a little dry and surprised to see the membrane left on them. Smoker skills are admirable, but get some St. Louis going. Sides are small but decent, price is a little high especially for BB's.

Michele Jackett

Best bbq around!

Joseph Udelhofen

Great brisket, and fast service.

Robbi Deits

My husband suggested this small homesy folksy place while we were busy packing to move. I was sorry that I didn't find this restaurant until we were leaving the area. The cook was honest about his best meals and loaded us up with tasty, tender gobs of perfectly cooked chicken and pork. There is a variety of sauces to try, my favorite being a mustardy sauce. The price was extremely affordable, and I will go back whenever we are in the neighborhood.

Jeff Petersen

If you are in the area a must go for great BBQ, if you are not in the area.....make the drive itis worth it. Right when you step inside the smell alone tells you great BBQ served here

william steele

Greg Kellerman

Mediocre BBQ and way overpriced. Kinda bland and overcooked Mac n cheese. Guy behind the counter was rude and looked like we were inconveniencing him. Had the catering before and was much better. Avoid the walk-in restaurant.

Charles Wenthur

Fabulous Brisket

Aaron Brown

Delicious, very welcoming atmosphere, owner was cheerful and helpful. Will for sure come back again.

Bridget Baehring

Really friendly owner and bbq brisquet was amazing! I used to only get bbq pork sandwich when I am in the area which is a nice treat but the brisquet takes the cake!

ThatGuy 1420

Food was delicious. Ordered more food to go home for the rest of my family. Will recommend to other hungry people

linda davis

Dan Hawk

What a great place with excellent service. The Adobo Chicken is amazing!

Diane Roxbury

Great ribs

Jason Perrine

Eli S

Was hoping for good food, but got racist attitude instead. It's a shame to still see people in Wisconsin so closed minded.

Debbie Meeks

Good bbq

Colleen Chianese

Wasn't expecting to stumble on such deliciousness! We shared some pulled pork and ribs with sides of bacon Mac n cheese and potatoes. All perfect. Jalepeno corn muffin was a nice touch too.

Ruben C

The vedict... the Barbecue Company is amazing! I got the trio brisket, Turkey and pulled pork with a side of blue cheese coleslaw, however the owner Andy threw in a handful of sides to sample including sweet baked beans, spicy scrap beans, chipotle bacon Mac and cheese, and seasoned red potatoes... amazing! The sweet beans had a hint of Apple pie and just wow! This is by far in my top 2 and after talking to Andy who is a BBQ competition veteran from Arizona and has been featured on several food network shows back in the day I can see why this is one of the best cue's around. The price reflects the quality but we'll worth it. If you haven't tried it you must... just saying.

Richie Richards

1 person in front of me and it took over 30 minutes to get my order. They took orders behind me and filled them first. Also over priced.

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