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218 N 7th St, Clarksburg, WV 26301, United States

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Here you will be able to see all the reviews of people who are consuming the services and products of Gourmet Catering and Restaurant (Catering) in the state of West Virginia.

To this day this firm gets a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 and the rating has been based on 60 reviews.

As you can see it has an average rating is virtually the top, and it's based on a very high number of opinions, so we can conclude that the rating is quite faithful. If people have bothered to evaluate when they are happy with the business, is that it works.

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REVIEWS OF Gourmet Catering and Restaurant IN West Virginia

Earleen Bailey

Love the food!! Yum!!

Donna Spencer

Love the chicken feta salad!

Jamie McIntyre

Robin Spacht

Excellent food and service!!!

Mack Lamont

Great food

Ashley Keith

Great food and service!

Melissa Boyles

Great food

Brett Garris

Small and friendly. Wonderful food.

Nick Thornhill

Totally awesome, great atmosphere, service, and food!

Amanda Cagle

Crab cakes gave me a stomach ache and steak was a joke. Still hungry when we left and we are not fattys. Wont b going back

Gary Keith

This is one of my favorite places around, very good food. One of Clarksburg's best kept secrets.

John Potts

Joshua Weese

Bridgette Barker

Lori Manley

Michael Griffith

The Best!

Michael Vernon

Tim Kinsey

Nice Family Restaurant with great food!

Colton Lindsay

Best Grilled Shrimp

Ron Chandler

s3ñ0r gu4po

Great surprise for a night out. Excellent food, will go there again.

Sarah Y

So yummy!

Bryon Miller

Great restaurant both of them Bridgeport and Glen elk great Hoagies pasta nice family restaurant

Jonathan Sherman

BarkAlot 1974

I love the grilled chicken salad you can't beat their house dressing

Paula Collins

A really casual atmosphere in that one seats oneself and gets one's own drinks, etc. I had the chicken and cranberry salad and was under impressed by the lettuce (iceberg/romaine) used. The chicken came from a frozen patty....just mediocre to poor. The fries, however were great...crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle.

Terri Keller

Good food, friendly staff, nice family restaurant. good lunch stop - in and out

Casey Bowie

Excellent ribeye steak sandwich. I try to go as much as I am able.

Rachel Skinner


Kate Simmons

The steak hoagie I got from there was amazing! YUM

Erik Pulice

Great food, nice people. Haven't had anything I didn't like. Quiet comfortable feel and a great place to talk with friends.

David Hosaflook

Good food good people

Gene King

Great place for Italian food.

Michael McGougan

Nice place to have cater your events

Kent Moore

Ryan Sigmon

Good hoagies

Bart Kennedy

Lisa Moore

Always delicious and the atmosphere is always a delight. Can’t beat it!!!! You really must try it!!!

Randy Starkey

Had the French onion soup and wife had chicken parm sandwich. Both were fantastic. Hot and quick

Brenda Henderson

Lovely cozy restaurant with an extensive menu of delicious homemade food. Highly recommend.

Richard Simons


Steve Ayoob

Nice cozy atmosphere. Great food.

Phillip Green

Billie Ash

Rachel James

TBell Bell

Great food.......great owners.

Deb Biafore

Mark Richards

Wow! what a hidden gem. Excellent food and a wonderful staff.

Jon Fox

The greatest food and the greatest atmosphere and its run by the greatest people. They treat you like family.

Cindy Williams

Jason DOE

A co-worker told a couple of us about this place, so with a menu in hand a few of us set out on a stroll to find this place. We thought we were going to the wrong address b as we were walking more and more into a residential area, but low and behold there it was sitting on a corner on 7th st. Inside was nice and clean, you order at the cashier. There were several specials but two of us settled on a steak hoagie with waffle fries and a third on a fish sandwich, they both got the freshly made pineapple cake which they said was fantastic and the fish sandwich got high remarks. The steak hoagies with mixed peppers and waffle fries were excellent and filling, with perfectly baked bread and cheese. Service was excellent as well and friendly. I don't recall the hours but they were not standard so I would call them. Highly recommend.

Tracy Hebb

Great food....great family owned restaurant...their French onion soup is the best ☺

Daniel Allen

Great people

You're History

I attended an event earlier last year that was catered by Gourmet Catering. Everything smelled so good and was served hot and quick. I have to say, I loved the food and the diverse selections that were offered! These people have good flavor, taste, and I heard they had very reasonable prices for everything, too. Highly recommend.

Keith Leemasterd

Tony Audia

Homemade style meals that are delicately prepared and never disappoint.

Sierra Miller

Ester Johnson

Food is awesome. Clean restaurant. Love it.

Teo Oet

Jason Jackson's review is correct! This was our first time there and it was all good. This reminded me of another sandwich shop that received very positive reviews from its rather snooty, selective, and very competitive restaurant area called the Carving Board Cafe Inc, in Charlottesville, VA. I did have the fish sandwich and the pineapple cake. I base this review off those two items because Jason Jackson covered all the peripheral yet still semi-important aspects of an eat-in place. Fish sandwiches can go any which way depending on the quality of the fish, type or fish, factory produced, or freshly battered. Another factor that is distinguishable is the type of batter and sometimes breading used. The last factor is the oil. If the oil is old and has already cooked other fried items, at the incorrect temperature, longevity in the oil of the item you are cooking, all these can have quite disastrous effects on the dish ranging from heart burn, to having to ask for extra napkin to sop up the grease. Either one of those is a LOSE / LOSE in my book. Lastly, the bread and the way the sandwich is dressed come into play with the bread having a supporting roll while the dressings can sometimes be distracting in the form of having to worry about your tomato sliding out of the sandwich and so on, there are other things that should be synonymous to the main part of the sandwich such as in a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A. Would you recognize the uniqueness of the chicken there without the Chick-fil-A sauce? I cannot yet say that about this fish sandwich's sauce but did have to argue a bit with the tomato :-) . The fish did not appear to be hand battered but I could be wrong. In any case, the quality was top notch of the fish. The portion was generous. The amount of frying was precise. The best part of the fish patty itself was the first bite hanging out of the side of the sandwich. No dressings, no bread, nothing. The color was golden to perfection and the moment you bite into this fish, your teeth know they are about to penetrate the golden fried shell of the casket which holds the gems of this sandwich and in an instant, you are gastronomically transported to a place of sounds of fog horns, ocean buoy bells ringing, albatross and seagulls cawing, and a fresh ocean breeze of saltwater. Now for the bad. The sandwich came with a bag of potato chips. I personally do not think a fish sandwich should EVER be served with potato chips.....ALWAYS fries. But thats just me. The pineapple cake: I almost want to tell you that IT WAS THE WORST PINEAPPLE CAKE I EVER to ensure its there next time we go back. But I would be a liar if I said that. I would need a blog to post my comments on this cake as it was possibly the best pineapple cake I ever had in my life and I have traveled the world and know many foods in many countries and love desserts. I will sum it up....Moist ✓, Sweet but not overly sweet ✓, fresh ✓, appearance ✓. The only thing that could be done to make this a good desert to a great desert is to use fresh pineapple and make the sweetness out of pineapple juice condensed from a fresh fruit.

Candy Thompson

One of my favorite places to visit when I'm in the area. Excellent food and service.

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