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REVIEWS OF FareStart IN Washington

David Ormsby

It is a great place to learn and start over again. Plus, everyone there is just so kind.

Kim Mercier

Great concept. Had a wonderful school reunion there

Becca Campbell

FareStart is an incredible restaurant and social service program.

Melissa Chu

I love the ambiance and decor of this place. The tall ceilings combined with glass windows all around at this corner location opens up the place in a unique yet private way. Just to top that off, the food here is delicious. Every dish I ordered came just right as described. The dishes themselves are very common American dishes, but you can see and taste the detailed work that went into each plate.

Darrell John

I graduated from this program early 2015, great place to get yourself back on your feet!

Nellis Parker

Learn a lots of stuff

Keegan Charles

The caesar salad w/ blackened salmon was superb. Some of the best salmon I've had in recent memory. Would reccomend.

Thomas Perchlik

This is an amazing place. The food is good and they are making the world a better place. The wait for food was way too long.

Yeon Woo Kim

Impossible burger is impressive.

Larry Hansen

Really great place to enjoy fine dining and super a great cause

James Peace

This is great ordination. Great price for the meal. We were there volunteering our time to support. Had a great time. If can go eat there or even your time.

Matthew Strax-Haber

This is one of my favorite places in Seattle. My only complaint is that I wish they were open every day for dinner too!

Carri Urbanski

The field roast Rueben FTW!!

kshitij prasad

Good food and really liked how they are helping out the community.

John Bravenec

Pretty good food. Usually attentive service.

Ken McDonald

Amazing food! Awesome public service!

Richard Sutton

great food

Charles Baker

I am a Graduate of Farestart. If it was not for being in this Culinary Arts Program, I would probably be back in my home town doing drugs for the next 25 years. Farestart helped me get a job. Taught me several things about the food industry. And, most importantly, changed my life around. I owe everything that I have now: Bank Account, A place to live, 3 cars, My Job, People that I can rely on; to the Farestart Staff like Chef Dan, Chef Paige, Chef Bret, Chef Danny the main chef, Chef Michelle, Chef Carrie Ann, and all the others. One more Chef to bring up. He stated that if I can become a chef, anybody can. He is such a down to earth person. His name is Chef Gary. I will remember him, always. Other staff members are Angela Chin and my E.S. Miss Fields. This Farestart Culinary Arts Program do more than just teach one to cook foods of all kind. Farestart helped me to be alive, again. I give my heart felt, sincere THANKS, to the Farestart Community and everything they do. Better stop for now before I end up writing a book. Now I am crying because I owe them for so much.

Shawn Shopteese

They got a bomb sixteen week program if your interested. I wouldn't recommend for the faint of heart.

Tyler Vaughn

Decent chow - get the gumbo if they have it that month

Amy Robinson

Make sure you check out their Guest Chef night every Thursday. The food is great. The service in the evening is all volunteers, so it's not always the smoothest, but it gives you the chance to support a good cause and try interesting dishes.

Gaurav Saboo

Good selection, great ambience and nice service

Edward Hall

If you ever want some delicious food that not only serves you but the community as well check out Farestart

Jack E Graham Jr

I just filled out the application today. My interview on Thursday the 18th of July. Looking forward to expanding my kitchen know how and skills.

Crystal Canapo Bueno

Amazing program that can and will change ur life if you let it. Its changing my life.....

Trisha Mercer

Great food, great charity

Fangyi Zhu

Super tasty steaks at very good price!


Perfect! The food was tasty, the waitress was very nice and we didn't have to wait forever to get seated or get the perfectly medium cooked steak.

devlin ziegler

This place has helped me get my life back together after a very severe drug addiction and mental health issue. Im almost a graduate of the retraining program. Im very grateful for all the care and attention i have received

rob Chandler

It was my graduation dinner. Farestart is an excellent organization

Stephanie Thomas

This program helps people get back on their feet. Caring staff. Produce good food out of their kitchens.

Marvin Jared Lemmon

I have only had the burger, with fries. It was medium well and not bad. The atmosphere was busy and normal restaurant volume.

Maha Alhugail

Loved the experience and the steak was delicious

Shawn Dannar

Great food and great people

Eli Briard

Friendly people who make you feel at home.

por-shi-a green

My school I love it here it is all free a good training good food I see that now and I think if you live here and trying to be sober clear minded living homeless please try it at least I think you will love it

Peter Tauer

This is an amazing program that helps people to develop personal and professional skills. It certainly has helped me.

Aaron White

Awesome concept only bested by better food. Don't forget to grab a quick reservation and enjoy the food while supporting a great cause.

Jerry Liebermann

Went to a wonderful event here. Great space.

Tony De Jesus

Always good for that free graduate meal!

Eduardo Ramirez

Great food options. Good cause. Convenient location (for me).

Bob E

I go here as often as possible. Food is very good, staff is friendly, and restaurant serves a good purpose.

Amit Karmakar

Great service. The farestart beef burger is awesome.

Roy Stillwell

Great Program. You can get a 5 star meal for 40 bucks. Their guest chef program is well worth the money. Plus if you take the time to volunteer you can get it for free and have a great time helping others.

Josh Viles

This place just doesn't have great food. It is an amazing place to learn and be at!

Ashish Trivedi

Very tasty sandwiches. Heard that this place is a place which gives opportunities to people who had lost their way earlier in their life, felt very fulfilling eating here.

Cami Nearhoff

Great food and wonderful program.. they are open for public dining.

Stephanie Grimm

Thursday night Guest Chef dinner has become a monthly (or more) treat for us. Three amazing courses at a steal of a price. Inviting atmosphere. All the servers are volunteers from local companies or organizations...we've been on the waiting list to serve for months!

Rachel Wille

5 stars because of what this place stands for. Giving others a chance for a fresh start and second chance..I love it! The food was also very excellent. I had the fish & chips. The fish was very flaky and fresh it was probably the best I have had in a while. Not overly breaded. My husband had the clam chowder and salmon sandwich which he also enjoyed very much.

KG Tannenbaum

Food and service were both excellent and it's good for the employees.

Dwade Abuan

I love it at Fare start because I love cooking and the restaurant industry.

David Rorabaugh

Open for lunch daily and guest chef night on Thursdays. This place is great, it serves as the center of a non profit job training program. The 16 week program helps people with barriers to employment learn valuable skills both in the kitchen and in life. It's an organization full of people who have a common goal to help others and give back to those who need help. Meals in the restaurant are prepared by students who have graduated to the final phase of training and the food is delicious!

Miçk Hale

They try real hard, they do well


The food was really good and tasted great! If you are getting the soup choose the tomato basil over soup of the day. It's amazing

Massimo Bardetti

Amazing food. One of the best in SLU

David Minear

I was here for a volunteer opportunity and have not eaten at the fine dining restaurant. They did serve lunch to the volunteers and it was fantastic. And their mission is exemplary. I already signed up for more volunteer shifts.

Alice Louie

Volunteers are amazing. So are the guest chefs. Most Thursday nights. Good cause, great food! Open during weekdays too.

Vivek Agrawal

Great initiative but food is not that great

James Maloney

This is the most amazing and life changing place on the west coast

Steve Estabrook

Great place to learn I'm am so blessed to be a part of this program

David Gabrielson

The practice of mass compelence is illiegal by both national and international law.

Qori Todd

This program only teaches you how to be a dishwasher and a prep cook. It's not accredited and only hires for Seattle restaurants or those affiliated with the program. While in the program, they only want you to be dependent on them-- you can't have a job, they bounce you from shelter to shelter, they give $20 vouchers for the Goodwill and bus tickets and not an ORCA card. It's a messed up program.


This is a wonderful way to support people in need by dining out with friends and family.


I volunteered here feeding the homeless and people in the shelter. What a fabulous service and wonderful food they offer. Staff are really friendly and caring people providing hospitality training for people in need of work.

Isaac Simmons

This place makes amazing food, it is run by amazing people, and I love there mission and what they do for the community. One of my favorite places to go for lunch when I'm in the area.

Callen Mascarenhas

Great steak frites. Steak size has reduced over time. And price has increased. But food is still tasty.

Akshay Subramaniam

The steak frites and farestart burger are very good!

Kavitha Lingamoorthy

I was pleasantly surprised with the recent menu and presentation. I have been coming here since they opened. Food has always been good, service friendly and ambience comfy. But his time the plates were impressive both in terms of visual pleasure and taste. Next time, got to try those cocktails.

Justen Britain

I love what they are doing here, it's a great program. The food is really good, but 5 stars has to be reserved for the things that really stand out. The food is good, a tad on the salty side and the ribeye was a bit bland. The fish and chips is fantastic. Has a very pleasant open atmosphere.

Beth Davis

Great experience! Great food!

Philip Ermish

Nothing mind blowing but good food with a great cause! The fish and chips is pretty good! Oh and the fires with carrot-tomato sauce is awesome!

Kevin Hagen

Love this place even if they sold out for the corporate experience, guess you have to keep up with the Jones in this boom town USA. Make er Great again.

Abhishek Pradhan

FareStart is great, I would always go here for lunch. They have great lunch options is convenient to step out for lunch if you work around the area. The place is unique in that it is actually a non profit organization that helps the homeless obtain job skills through work in their kitchen. The menu features simple straightforward food such as soups, salads, sandwiches and burgers to which I have never been disappointed.

Lis Reis

We have lunch at FareStart and the food was great! Good quality ingredients, careful preparation, beautiful presentation resulted in great sandwichs. We also wanna support the fight against homelessness that FareStart is part of. We hope it gets bigger each day. We sure recommend you have lunch there!

Jen H.

Nice restaurant for lunch. Food presentation is good. Supporting the cause is more of a reason for me to try this place. Come with a little bit more patience as staff are still training and learning.

Bartis Hawley-Wall

Well prepared dishes, a great location, and they develop their staff into great leaders as well!

Barbara Porter

A jewel of an opportunity for young people to rehabilitate and move into restaurant jobs for life. At the same time the restaurant offers lovely food on a regular basis. On special nights a guest chef provides a special and altruistic volunteers work as servers to raise money for future trained. Truly a win/win/win operation.

Jermaine Jenkins

It's a Great place to have lunch. And what they are doing with the student's and community is Awesome!

Tyler C

Food is always good. Usually no wait. Prices are amazing with no entree above $20 to my knowledge. Eating there is also for a good cause and donates to fare start.

Christopher Blodgett

Love the idea of this restaurant, but the crutons we're extremely hard and food was meh.


I didn't know what kind of restaurant it was when I first stepped in this restaurant. Anyway it proved that it doesn' matter how the quality of food is. The person there wsa very nice and kind. I was sure the food must be good too. I reserced two seats at 7: 30 today evening. I am expecting tasty yummy food this evening. Nice people always serve nice food. I am sure.

Nitin Jamadagni

Nice sandwiches, good atmosphere. The homemade carrot saice is awesome. If I were around I would go again and again.

Raghu A

We went here on a guest chef night. They have a 3 course meal and I must say the food was amazing. Even though our first impression about the dishes from their names was average, but when the food came in, it tasted really good. Will definitely go again.

Akshay Rao

Good service and food. Ideal place fora quick luncheon meeting.

Skye Dawn Taylor

The food was amazing! Love their mission. Will support them again.

P Gary

The carrot ketchup was a wonderfully unusual delight with my fries!

Xiao Li

It's a decent place to have a decent business meal with a decent price. Alaskan wild caught salmon is tender, somewhat juicy, simply grilled and seasoned with a bit of charcoal after taste. Accompanied grilled vegetables are well executed but a bit oily for me. The sauce is about right amount and not overwhelming. I would like the dish for the price, a good deal for a business lunch.

Angel Duncan

Wonderful restaurant with delicious food and a mission. Close to Amazon points of interest. Part of a mission to offer individuals a fresh start in life. While serving delicious food to the community.

Maine Maine

Wonderful program and staff. Great opportunity for youth and adults. Great food and service! The name says it all!!!

Jackie Ivy

I love everything about FareStart. Yes the food is delicious (perfect for grab n' go, but also lovely if you want to have sit down dining). I love their mission and the work they are doing in the community. We need more businesses like FareStart (Great Food, Greater Cause)

Lav Blu

Phenomenal experience. Highly recommend. The food is amazing and the community involvement and service is exceptional.


The community support from here improves lives.

Brian Taylor

I had a great lunch here. Really enjoyed the pork chop sandwich. Make reservations, people were getting turned away as we left.

brian valdes

What a great concept! We went during a graduation ceremony for some of the workers and it was very cool. Also, the food was amazing!

Ben Kesseler

Food was fine, slightly pricy, but service was good.

Cameron Lowell

The "restaurant with a purpose" concept is really cool. Glad to support a good cause while also getting something in return. Food is decent quality at a reasonable price.

Jerry Lohr

Had lunch with a small group. Efficient service, good meal. Very happy with the experience.

Starla Newcomb

Love this place. We need it in Las Vegas.

Mark Bezemer

Very good charitable organization/restaurant, which helps people in need to get useful work experience. Also opportunity to do charitable activities, including preparing, getting and delivering food. On a regular basis, there are high quality guest chefs working in the kitchen. Good initiative. For all of this, please refer to their website.

Asser Moustafa

Great decor, atmosphere, service, and food. Everything was great. I had the wild caught salmon sandwich with fries and it tasted excellent. Can get really busy during lunch time so show up early or prepare to wait a bit for a table.

Bud Cashatt

First, the food is amazing and very well priced. Second, the cause and training this place provides is is outstanding. Every time I come here the rotating menu has something new and fresh, it's always cooked with innovative and fun ways. The service is great and you can actually see the staff being taught and learning as they are working, in a very positive way. I love coming here for lunch as much as possible.

Brittney Thornton

Amazing place. Help hard working people get back on their feet while enjoying a GREAT meal. Not just good, really great food! They take volunteers all the time to help prepare food to be delivered to shelters, schools,etc., which was also a really great experience.

Nils Thompson

Great food, friendly service and I love their mission statement. Into this place!

Edward Creed

I know guys who are participants in the Farestart program. It's a great way for people to get a fresh start in life. Those I've seen graduate from the program come out with a new self confidence.

Misty Champlin

The food was fantastic and the service was excellent!!


Good food, large portions, good prices, friendly staff, would go back if in the neighborhood. Went for a business lunch. It was busy but able to easily have a conversation. It is a good place to bring clients and the place has a great story.

Daniela Bailey

The labor behind this restaurant is so noble. The fact that this nonprofit is behind changing the life of men and women who have come out of jail or such is just priceless. Please go to Farestart for a great meal and I can almost guarantee you'll leave with a smile on your face knowing you contribute a little bit towards the success of people not so privileged.s

Charles Becker

Great food great people closes early but worth getting lunch there.

David Carson

Appetizers are amazingly good. Great place for lunch if you are not in a hurry.

Jason Park

Pretty good in terms of food and service. We've eaten here multiple times, and had catering done by them. I like their mission, and their service is pretty good. I'm a fan!

Chris Lew

Great place and purpose. It is loud in the main dining area making it tough for business lunches.

sam jan

In a word, exploitative. They use vulnerable people out of prison who have fewer choices to staff their operation. These workers are required to work a solid 6 week program and are NOT paid a single penny during this duration. Can you imagine surviving without a paycheck for a month and a half? They do however get a free bus pass to make sure they get there, otherwise without money FareStart knows no one could show up. They also have access to drivel counseling. FareStart saves, profits, pockets over $3,600 dollars per worker. As a non profit they are also tax exempt. Because the workers had a month and a half tied up in this outfit they leave completely broke. Someone I know who just finished this program was literally picking up pennies on the streets afterwards. Nice. FreeStaff ingenious.

David Trick

I go here quite often, not just because the food is good (Great Fish and Chips!), but also because they support a school which teaches culinary arts to people trying to restart after serving time in prison. They add a service charge already as a part of the check and anything added is a donation to the school. Good food, good purpose.

Josh Sun

If you want your day to be fair, you should definitely start here. They serve delicious fare at a fair fare here, with a personal predilection for the fish and chips - it's light and crispy, and the portion size is also fairly large.

Greg Bulmash

Great service, good food, reasonable prices, and you get the bonus of helping a good cause.

Rachele Kelly

I have only been here once, but the interior is incredibly comfortable and was a larger space than I expected. The food was pretty good too!

C George

Burritos there are Soo Good

Natalie Chun

Great organization that is taking a sustainable approach to helping people out that have fallen on hard times. The food on the guest chef night can be a mixed bag, but the price is reasonable and you cannot beat the cause.

Pooja Vaid

Great initiative to support homelessness and poverty. Food was nice, the chickpea fries with carrot ketchup were fantastic. Note that they don't serve alcohol during lunch service, only dinner.

Jane Lu

This place makes wonderful food. I had the steak frites, hamburger, fish and chips, and a salad here during my lunches. They were all wonderfully cooked. They also sell a great impossible burger. Both my vegetarian friends and carnivorous friends couldn't believe it and they loved their impossible burger. They also sell other vegetarian meat alternative options that are very meat-like. My vegetarian friend had to ask the waitress to confirm it was not meat. Really great place. They also have guest chefs. The restaurant is part of a nonprofit organization, so you're also doing good by going here!

Brad Paz

Great place to work and eat


Food wasn't quite there. Salmon was cooked well but the dish lacked a sauce or creamy component so it was very dry and salty. Some of the vegetables were cooked well and others close to raw - very mixed bag. Fries were crispy but had a strong oil taste and the carrot ketchup wasn't good. Service was great, nice atmosphere.

KJ Davis

I had grilled salmon on the day I visited and it was overcooked. The service was good, though.

Gus Chan

Quality food with decent price in this part of town. Good to go with small and large group. Support the business model behind

Timothy Russell-Wagner

Service was absolutely awful, both the hostess and waitress were rude and the waitress was very slow. Gratuity being included by default no matter your party size likely plays a role in this. Food was tasty but very expensive. Ended up paying nearly 20$ for simple cod and chips after waiting half an hour for a seat and an inordinately long time for the food.

Tavishi Dewan

The servers are very sweet and efficient. The green chicken wrap was a wonderful treat.

uhuh mcgee

Farestart is such an amazing non-profit that changes lives and builds a better community all through delicious food.

Mark Rosenberg

I both volunteer here and eat here as a customer. Both experiences are fantastic because both help a great cause. I don't give out five-star reviews that much, but this is worth it. The Thursday night meals are fantastic. I got to see graduation and it brought a heartfelt tear to my eye. Volunteering on Sundays with growing students is a wonderful experience.

Nicole Iorio

Love the mission. Went here for a special event and the service/drinks were great!

Christopher Sweeney

They gave me an opportunity in life I could not obtain without being discriminated against. Every one here can relate with one another on one subject or another and it creates a real comfortable atmosphere for progressing life skills. They have people in the right positions with the right skills to help you address anything you need. If you struggle even a little pay them some hommage, they will teach and feed those who need basic living skills and requirements.

Elyse Stemmler

We had our wedding last August in the Panoramic Room at Pacific Tower with FareStart. We loved the fact that some of the money we were putting into our wedding was going to a non-profit to help train others that are having a difficult time. FareStart was wonderful and accommodating through our wedding planning process and on the day of the event. There were minor things that came up through the process, which is to be expected with planning such a large event. FareStart was great at working through any issues, understanding our needs and working diligently to come to a solution. The Panoramic Room made for a spectacular venue with breathtaking views. Last but not least, the food was amazing. Great variety of dishes and very accommodating for dietary needs. We would highly recommend the Panoramic Room and FareStart catering for your next event!

Hannah Angel

A wonderful place to eat. Nice setting and friendly people. The students and the chefs work very hard and it shows in the quality of the food.

Steve Harrell

Great food with an even better cause.

Alyssa Young

Was invited here for a friends wedding reception. It’s a beautiful space with delicious food! Highly recommend for those reasons. Also, highly recommend due to their main cause/the fact they give back!

El ChipO

Stranger Burger... RIDICULOUSLY delicioso or should that be DeliciosA??? Who care what you call it?!? Best $6.61 I've spent (Plus TIP) on a hamburger this side of the Mississippi!!!

John Laplante

Great place with a great mission. Food and service are always excellent.

Asutosh Patra

Nice view from the place. Amazing service as needed. Great food with great options. Vld definitely recommend.

Jessica Trotter

I love farestart I go to class everyday here and couldn't be happier or luckier....thanks to everyone who make this possible for me and all of the students who get to attend!!!!!

Curtis Farrow

Best Place you could ever go for food and great feels

Todd Plociniak

Had a great lunch here, blackened salmon and parmesan truffle fries. Great tasting food, very cool atmosphere and a great mission, highly recommend this place

Raj T

Gave a to go order of salmon sandwich at this place and got it under 10 min. Food was packed well and salmon was just perfect! Highly recommend.

Ben Cope

I've now both dined and volunteered on Guest Chef Night and the food is outstanding. Remember on Guest Chef Night your servers are volunteering. So be patient this isn't what they do every day.

Amber Umble

FareStart is a wonderful place doing amazing things to change the lives of those that need a fresh start. The food is amazing and the cause even better. A very charming and comfortable place that gives off a warm hearted feeling. I highly recommend sharing a dinner with friends and family at FareStart.

Ulises Cuevas Berrueco

This place is solid. It's not outstanding food but it is consistent. Good service, friendly staff. I've been coming here for a long time now since my work is couple blocks away. I think they can improve the quality of the food but overall it's ok. You're not missing out if you don't stop by but if you're looking for a standard meal and you're hungry, it's okay to stop by.

Sherree Yochum

Went to guest chef night. Food was excellent

Sindhuja S

I love the concept of the restaurant! The food is great and the added bonus of doing something for the greater good! This place satisfies both karma and the belly!

Ryan McLean

I LOVE Fare Start!

Matthew Shea

Food is phenomenal, service is outstanding. Pricing is reasonable. Add the charity and community work this place does on top and it's a great place to have.

Narek Dshkhunyan

Really delicious sandwiches, the spicy Nashville one was a favorite. Probably on the expensive side, but certainly worth contributing to their cause. In a nice area close to all Amazon buildings and beautiful Seattle downtown.

Tameka Pierce

Great food and great people

chadd hudson


Darrel Fish

The food is great the people are better

Erika Duke

Great food and a wonderful cause. Worth supporting and having a terrific meal.

Natallia Dzenisenka

I had grilled salmon here, it was pretty good!

Abhinand K Ravikumar

Decent food. Not amazing, but pretty good.

Colin Parker

Such a fantastic spot. Great people, great mission, and really solid food.

Jeff Smith

Overall a great place to get lunch! The tomato basil soup and blackened salmon sandwich were both really good. Also, I thought the prices were very reasonable for a sit down restaurant. Definitely recommend!

Paula Chavez

Love what they do and what they stand for.

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