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REVIEWS OF Baker's Crust Virginia Beach IN Virginia

Daniel Fornicola,

The food is out freaking standing. The orders sometimes have small mistakes. Well worth the time and money. Tuna poke bowl is addictive.

Sarah Bauder

I used Baker's Crust breakfast catering services twice this week. The breakfast I had catered was for meetings with clients where I wanted to bring a little something extra to the table rather than the same bagels and pastries we've all had 1,000 times from Panera. Baker's Crust did not disappoint!!! From placing the order up until delivery, everything was a smooth and painless process for me. While placing the order, all of my questions were answered efficiently and I was helped with making the right order and picking the correct quantities. Heather the Catering Manager helped me on the phone when I confirmed both orders the day(s) before. She arrived on time to both locations, with the correct order packaged nicely. The hot food was hot and the cold food was cold, the order was accurate and nothing was missing. She was friendly and pleasant to deal with and in my opinion the prices are very reasonable for what you get. My clients loved the food and were pleased that it was something different. I will DEFINITELY be using Baker's Crust for future catering needs. Thank you, Heather!!!!!

Anna Przebinda

My partner and I go to this place way too much - it’s so good. The burger with the over easy egg and the pepperoni pizza are simply delicious. Love love love this place!

Jordan Dear

Food and drinks are delicious! I also love their specials! Great place

Donald Boecker

One of my favorite restaurants in VA Beach. Delicious food and great atmosphere!

Chris Hall

Menu options, atmosphere, and excellent tasting food easily contribute to a 5 star review. Slow and slightly lacking service brought it down to a 4 star. Certainly worth a try, just give yourself a little extra time and patience. I recommend the Swanky Benedict.

Melinda Coley

I've enjoyed everything I ever ordered from Baker's Crust. I especially like the chicken salad and shoestring fries. Atmosphere is wonderful; staff is friendly; always a favorite!

Troy Gamez

We have been here several times now. The servers are great, the orders are always accurate, and the food is delicious. They make great drinks, too.


Taste great. fresh food. friendly service.

Jeni Ober

Best brunch I've had. Reasonably priced for how delicious and creative the ingredients are. I had the pork belly eggs Benedict with sweet potato biscuit and asked for grilled avocado to be added. They did so with no additional cost! Wonderful service, wonderful food, wonderful atmosphere.

Julie Piskin

Get the fries with Chipotle aioli, you'll thank me later (:

Ivica Olujic

Ono of the best places for coffe and cakes. Clean and pleasant.

Brian Perkins

Don't let the bad reviews fool you, this place is on point! First time here, (Lunch on a Monday) the waitress instantly picked up that we were new in town and first time visitors. She quietly informed the manager, and he sent out parmesan chips and a soup sampler to welcome us! Ordered the Chicken Avacado sandwich and Jalapeno Cheddar Club sandwich. My child had a macaroni and cheese bowl. No complaints at all. Best service I've had in at least the past year. Management was visibly active ensuring quality of both food and service and staff took pleasure in doing an amazing job. Food was well priced and clearly above average quality. Don't let the bad reviews and food snobs deter you from this amazing restraunt. While I didn't order any alcohol from the bar, it was refreshing to see ciders other than Angry Orchard available and on tap.

Jeff Hoyt

5 stars doesn't mean perfection, merely that every trip I've made to Baker's Crust has been pleasant and met my expectations.

Bella B

Super delicious! I ate there for the first time last night. I'm someone that lovvvves melted cheese and they have these chips with Parmesan sprinkled all over them and melted mozzarella cheese and bacon which is to die for! For my entree I got the bakers club sandwich which was HUGE but also cut into pieces to make eating it easier. The side came with the chips with Parmesan sprinkled all over. I could only eat half so I got two meals out of one entree. The waiters are attentive but not annoyingly attentive. The perfect amount of attentive. All in all I will definitely eat there again!

Jennifer Griffitts

The Baker's Crust has absolutley delicious food. We had a girls night last night and it was our first time going there. The service we received was great. We all can't wait to go back again to try something new b/c everything looks amazing.

Mick Kuhaneck

The food was delicious. Many "traditional" dishes offered with a twist. I had their eggs Benedict version which substituted a sweet potatoe muffin vice English muffin, honey ham instead of ham steak and their own take on hollandaise sauce. The wait staff were courteous and prompt. The manager came by to check on our party and was very polite as well. I'll definitely go back.

Ben Foster

Went for lunch today with a party of 5. The GM greeted us at the front door and he told me about the newly designed location and how it is the pilot store for maybe doing the other location. The new design was amazing with all the new craft beers. Great selection of signature drinks and craft beers. We all ate from the breakfast menu and the food came out hot and was tasted great. We willl definitely go back. Hopefully one day they will build one out in Suffolk to not have to travel so far.

Suzanne Waltrip

Very loud like a cafeteria I had the Jersey grinder very little meat the tomatoes slices very thin it had no flavor all you taste is bread. waitress was ditzy who brings a salad out with the meal?? Not impressed with this place. My husband had a burger said it was good..


The food is AMAZING. Shout out to Sergio for being the best server I’ve ever had in all of my life. He’s so full of energy and happiness. He’s cool. Tip him well, he’s a hard worker and deserves it.

Olivia Birmingham

Great food, busy atmosphere and wonderful service!

Paul Jennings

Sad sad sad. The wife and i stopped in for lunch and had an avocado with mozzarella salad and avocado toast. The avocado toast was more like guacamole toast with it being pureed instead of chunky. Adding to this, the single slice of toast had the look and taste of wonder bread. The worst though was the avocado salad. All of the avocado was HARD and needed a knife to cut! It seemed like it was both under ripe and over ripe at the same time. I don’t see how anyone could cut up an avocado though and not notice that it obviously wasn’t ripe. For a restaurant that seems to claim this is locally sourced and fresh, it seemed like they locally sourced everything from Harris Teeter.

Mel D

I've never had a bad meal here. Today was probably the best crab omelet I've ever had. The breakfast bowls are fantastic too. Bloody Mary's and mimosas are delicious. This place never disappoints.

Mona Fergeson

My mother's salad had more brown lettuce than anything else. We should have sent it back. 10.00 for brown lettuce.

Jonathan Frisby

Fantastic food and service

Poseidon Watersports Jet Ski Rental

This place has great food ! Service is top shelf and the the atmosphere is very comfortable! We go here often and on a Spurr of the moment decision I even decided to propose here with a ring atop of the cookie dessert!

Angela Sims

Chelsea our bartender/server was great!


The food was good. Service was pretty good as well; all the staff was very friendly. I was however disappointed that this location didn’t have there desserts in a display case, as I typically select my desserts visually! They did have a few gnats on the wall as well which also contributed to the 4 star review.

cindy todd

Had a wonderful lunch. Service was fast and friendly.

jacquie mcclure

Nice looking place. Slow service considering quantity of patrons vs staff. Waffles were light and fluffy. Chicken, tender and tasteless.

Meghan Iannucci

An absolute favorite dining spot of my when I lived in the area. I used to frequent it when I had friends visiting from out of town. Their menu has a wide selection of items to order from and I was never disappointed in either their sweet or their savory options. I would absolutely eat here again if visiting the area!

G Mail

The calamari and House burger was good, service was ok. The prosciutto & goat cheese bruschetta was amazing.

Linda Peterson

Lively place for delicious food for lunch. Wait staff is competent and friendly. Food is fresh and always delicious.

Keri Markiewicz

Consistent local place...great skinny fries, tasty wood oven pizza, fabulous sandwiches, wide range of salads!

Daniel Bowers

Delicious food with great service. The new customer surprise is a very nice touch. Best tomato soup I have ever had and excellent wood fired pizza.


The Sesame crusted ahi tuna salad is fantastic! I ask for the tuna on the side, & then I have a salad & tuna entree, which is delicious! Baker's Crust is one of my top-two all-time favorite places in the world to get ahi tuna. They have fantastic desserts, too, & no-one, no-where, no-how can beat their white-chocolate coconut mousse... It's absolutely, out-of-this-world, knock-your-socks-off delicious! My Husband loves their coconut mousse & the banana crepes!

Matthew Libertini

Wonderful fresh bread, and nice soup. Made for a great sandwich and chowder with great savory flavors.

Little M Green

Great food. Nice waitstaff

alphonso williams

Love this place wonderful staff great management beautiful decor definitely coming back

Jessica Thornton


Blank Johnson

Excellent food and the worst service. We used to come at Bakers crust twice a week last year. But lately waiter staff has become awfully rude and aggressive. Especially one waitress with black hair (don’t know her name. She didn’t introduce herself) she messed up bringing drinks twice and even though we were polite and not mad about that she was pissed off with no reason. She said no words while serve us. No one word!! And just threw our check on the table. And few days after when we came for lunch and she was there only one waitress. She refused serve us so bartender served us even though we were sitting in a booth.

Aesthetic Productions

Me and my significant other just went there to use a gift card and just have some simple food, but it was just wayyyy better than we expected. The pizza is BRILLIANT and the burger we shared is just beyond amazing. Will definitely be coming back!

Casey Guinand

Wonderful place to eat. I have been here over ten times and have only had a few minor issues with dining or food. Everything is always delicious, and the staff is friendly and professional.

Jenn McClain

The service is always wonderful and perfect, the food is amazing, I particularly liked it when the manager came by and asked how I was doing. A wonderful place to eat.

J David Hillery

An overdue update and upgrade after two solid visits over the past six months. Over the Summer I had brunch on a weekday on the patio. I had the Bakers Breakfast that consisted of eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. The service was excellent too! The patio was clean. Fast forward to late Fall I dined in for dinner on a Saturday afternoon around 330. The hostess immediately seated our party of 5 and waitress was responsive with menus and drinks orders. Since some of our party had never dined with them they brought a plate of house made Parmesan chips with dip. Yum! The dining room was less than half full. From what I could see everything was clean. The restrooms are in the rear and unisex. I found my room clean with proper supplies. The order was a pepperoni, sausage & portobello pizza, daughter chicken fingers & fries, my wife roasted chicken grinder. Our family enjoyed as well as our guest. Our waitress Amber stayed on top of clearing plates which I adored. Also she kept drinks filled. The manager Adam checked on us which elevated the review to a 4. A very good visit and I definitely need to put Bakers Crust in a regular rotation. Thank you to the staff that made the early dinner such a pleasure.

Roy Biondi

Nice breakfast . Perfect eggs

Maria Bernat

2/17/19 @ 930amish...Wonderful experience from the time we sat down to the time we left

Brenda Sabo

Toast was hard as a rock, they only gave us two Pat's of butter for 4 slices of toast, the omelette was very bland. Definitely won't be back

David Cerulli

I have went here about eight times all the food is pretty good the wait staff is wonderful the only one thing I probably would not purchase again would be the pizza

Wilson P

We love BC and we come here every year after our kids Shamrock run for lunch. But after getting our table and verifying at the front if we can use our Shamrock free kids meal coupon, we were told that we can only get dinner entrees to get the free kids meal. Note some lunch menus are more expensive than the dinner entrees. It’s a shame experience for a simple kids coupon. It takes all the fun from an our annual Shamrock run! Just make it clear on your coupon that dinner entree is required to avoid confusion.

Rob T

Good food,nice atmosphere.

Nikki Alfred

Well this was my first time here started off great place looks nice very noisy. We got a free sample since it was our first time there so I thought awesome tomato soup delicious. Well here's were it went downhill I was eating my sandwich which was the bakers club first piece yummy 2nd piece take a bite only to see a bug just chilling on my bread yikes. Our waitress no were to be found so my fiance had to grab a waiter from another table. My waitress comes out and says oh I'm so sorry we will make you a fresh one by that time I'm not even hungry anymore she never refilled drinks the manager brings me my food and also apologized. I know things happen but damn they never even took off anything for the bill. So as we are finishing up my fiance goes to the bathroom finds a butter knife in the stall they use to open the toilet paper rolls which will be back in the kitchen later gross. He did bring to the managers attention as well. So food over all good but beware of lettuce bugs which makes me think the may not wash there veggies very well. I hate not being able to give great reviews but I can only be honest about my personal experience.

Cindy Hoots

Bartender suggested the potato chip appetizer, which I was not a fan. He did offer and replaced my order with a cheese pizza.

Jay VB

I love the food here. I just don't like the loud atmosphere. There is absolutely no adequate spacing between tables. I understand trying to accommodate more people, but not when it feels like eating in a school cafeteria. Would be nice to see them add more booth seating and separation between their tables.

The Great Aeps Show

My family has come here on many occasions and always had a good experience. Last visit we had everyone was extra polite and full of smiles. Topped only by the great food. Wanted to take a Minute and share my experience. If anyone if thinking about stopping in. I would definitely recommend it!

Carolyn Rhodes

Ordered a brunch omelet, which was way overcooked to the point it was brown on the outside.. Potatoes were cold and hard...just a gross meal all around.

Caroline daoud

Very good food. Nice ambiance. Plenty of food for the price. They have "Happy Hour" and a bar!

Steven Campbell

Great place

Jackeline Cardenas Douglas

Never disappointed with this place. Food is always good. Didn't like the calamari much, it was just bland but everything else is delicious!

Adriana Valverde

Yesterday me and a coworker had amazing service!! I can't remember rhe servers name but she had two nose rings. She was super chipper, positive during lunch rush and came to check on us not too much, not to little! Never let the glass go more than half full. Hands down LOVE HER!! Hope you find her and let her know

Coco Ames

Pretty good food. Great atmosphere. Prices are moderate. Nice staff.

Nikki Comber

Refurbished interior gives it a classy earthy tone. Food was good, although on the smaller side for portions.

marcus bell

I came to try a new breakfast but found a new home. The food is excellent and service on point!! Brick oven pizza, large bar area and a multitude of food options. Great prices!!

Suneila Sterling

The food was great and the customer service was exceptional. I will be returning and If you're thinking about eating here i would definitely recommend you go.

Uliana Kolinko

Full of flavor, delicious food. We had vegetable soup and sandwiches for lunch - superb! Crepes are amazing also!

Dymond Creole

The Maryland Omelette was quite tasty! We lived it! We had an ample serving of crab meat! Very impressed! I could barely finish it!!

sophia george

Great Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners. You will not be disappointed and service is great.

Ali Shaikh

Excellent food and service. Everything we ordered tasted delicious and service was top-notch. A must try brunch location.

Margo Manfredi

I'm not sure what was better, food or service! Chelsea and Adam made the first visit an absolutely amazing experience! A draw back was the noise level; being a Monday evening I didn't expect it to be as busy as it was, but obviously this place does not disappoint. $7 steak on Monday, and they donate proceeds to a charity or foundation!?! The poblanos burger was so juicy delicious and cooked exactly how I ordered. I also had a Moscow Mule that was mixed to perfection! My only critique on food would be for the mozzarella and tomato appetizer, there could've been more balsamic. A huge plus is that your leftovers are packed in plastic containers, not styrofoam; good for the environment, great tasting food, and amazing service = worth the noise!

the glitzy girl

This was so good great service ❤️

Matthew Wainscott

Great service, food tastes good, but portions were disappointing. I got steak tacos and got 2 tacos with about a half ounce of steak and the smallest slivers of avocado on each taco. Had to order a soup after dinner. I'm sure if I got a pizza or a burger, I would have enjoyed it more.

Scarlett J Villarreal

The pizza is good, but not much else. My waiter raced by constantly being pulled in several directions. I had the tuna tacos and it was pretty much a lot of sour onions and some strips of tuna, very tangy. Very busy and not personable, my waiter barely smiled. The laugh was when I ordered an espresso at the end of my meal and got a liquor glass instead cause they were out of espresso cups, I thought this was retarded, if your going to charge high prices at least have some presentation, smh.

Michele Derwent

Never disappoints.

Evelyn Maglone

Very tasty

Kathy Land

Food was good

EZ Jose

Food is good. Service sometimes is very slow especially when there is not many customers around.

Helen Kim

Was denied service. They said there were no tables when clearly there were. Front of the house got a signal from the bar. Not sure if it’s because we were Asian or because we had kids with us or both. Never will we come to this place again whether it be in Virginia Beach or their other locations. Good news is that we ended up at Butchers Son and WOW. Not only was the front very welcoming the food was out of this world. The steak just melted in your mouth. Bad situation turned out awesome. Everything happens for a reason.

Mike M

Great food, SLOW service. Our server told us what was “gross” at Baker’s Crust and then recommended the Italian restaurant that she works at, at night. Not professional.

Wesley Holmes

Grits.......seems so simple. Best grits I've had in my 43yrs. Keep it up .

Richard Spitler

Baker's Crust never disappoints with its trendy menu, cozy atmosphere, and attentive, helpful servers. I had the Atlantic salmon dish, which was well priced and well sized.

Mary Herrera

Mixed feeling about this place. The food is very good. Service is spotty. Sometimes it takes them 15+ minutes after they sit you down to actually get a menu or meet your server, and sometimes it’s spot on. The thia shrimp tacos were very very good.

Dilia Torres

I just spent over 30 minutes waiting for our food. My sisters and I placed an order at the bar to go. When we went to ask the bartender (with blue hair) how much longer it will take she proceeded to tell us that our food was put in wrong and that all she had to offer us was soup. Soup?! It’s 80 degrees outside!! She was very nonchalant and shouldn’t be behind the bar if she can’t do a simple task in putting an order in. This is the first Bakers Crust I have received terrible service from.

Denise Wilsun

Wow... I must say great atmosphere, cool people, but the qaulity of the food is a disappointment to say the least. I went tonight by myself whereas my last visit 8 months ago was with 5 other family members. The first visit was okay, I ordered a salad with shrimp and appetizers. My fam are all heavy meat eaters so they order entrees in which they were unsatisfied and was offered free dessert and a portion of the meal to be covered. That was something we didnt expect but was appreciated. I remember the dessert was amazing and that was why I wanted to go tonight. I had actually planned on eating elsewhere and just getting dessert from them but decided to give it another try. In a nut shell its not all of that, I spent $44 bucks on a Ceaser salad and a bowl of soup with 4 shrimp. Lol. I know there isnt much to a salad but geez more green leaf to support the $10 price you pay for it. My server Brittany was cool and friendly and accommodating. She tried her best. I asked for a bread roll for my soup and I was given two slices of HARD sesame bread that was actually turning yellow on the outside for lack of moisture. I was not cool with that at all but I am easy going so I duly noted that. Now lets get to this dessert. Smh smh SMH. not even what I remembered. They gave me a piece of carrot cake with all icing and no damn cake!!!. The crumpets of cake I did mange to taste was delicious but smothered in icing.... dis appointed. That was what I really wanted. The cookies... I ordered three to go for family and tasted a piece of one and decided I didnt want them. It was not worth it. I am no chef but I can tell that someone did not swift the flour well with the batter and the salt/baking powered ratio is off or non exsisting and too much egg because the cookie itself was stiff.. not to mention someone was heavy handed with the chocolate chips... in a nutshell that was a meal not worth the currency I exchange for it. That was a $20 meal. The salad and soup was not nasty but it was nothing to write home about... Just blog about

Ray Minarcik

The food and service were absolutely exceptional. Raven was our server and she was attentive, pleasant and polite, and very on top of her game. In short, Raving abound Raven! Everything we had was delicious, including the margarita pizza, tavern chips, and of course the bread pudding. Overall, a great experience for us and we’ll definitely come back soon!

Sean Gahan

Good food with friends.

Kailey Martinez Zdankiewicz

Thursday is Pizza & Pints Night. $6 pizzas & $3 pints are a great deal!

Jaime Smith

Sooooo good! I got the Asiago chicken and it was amazing!

DoesWork Denny

Consistently top notch for years.

Jaclyn C

Great atmosphere, delicious food, prepared quickly, skillet cookie was delightful, good service, classy bathroms.

David Hartzog

Great food and drink

Paul Regal

Delicious salads great desserts always over the top customer service.

Colleen Cannon

It was possibly my worst restaurant experience ever. The server, while friendly, was completely oblivious to everything that was going on. It took us 20 minutes to get even water. Another 30 minutes past and then we got the manager. Obviously the server had never turned in the order. When the food finally did arrive it was bland and uneventful. They did comp the entire meal but even with that I will never go back there

Martin Ton

We have been coming here for years now, and it seems that the last several months things have gone downhill. The service is spotty. It can be good, or it can be slow. Never know. The food quality is usually good. On the last few visits, we have had problems with slow service. The waitstaff turnover is high, so there are usually lots of new people serving you. On the last visit, they got one of our orders wrong. But it took so long, that we did not send it back. What was the remedy, they made sure to charge us only for what they did serve us, ie the wrong item, and not the one we had ordered. Wow, great. One of the bathrooms was out of service. Nice line of people waiting. The other one, no functioning paper towel dispenser. Every one came out wiping their hands on their clothes. Nice. But it happens, I understand. Informed the hostess of that and went to eat. At the end of the meal, same bathroom, no paper towels. Okay, that's why we have pants, emergency towel rack. I hope they improve things.

GoKayak! Paddle with a Porpoise

Awesome place to grab lunch. Really good soups and salads. Very lively modern atmosphere. The crepes are my favorite for desert. They have daily specials and a great sandwich selection. Always a good place to check out for a quick lunch. Fast efficient service and very consistent.

Deborah Smith

this place was great. food is well proved and tastes great. they have a great drink menu and specials as well. server was pleasant. I love bloody Mary's and they had a very good basic bloody mary

Jason Craig

Outstanding sandwiches and great beer selection.

John Martin

The food was great and so was the service. Excellent variety of beer and ale. Quiet casual atmosphere.

Tanya Danna

Love this place thier pizza is awesome on Thursday they have 6$ pizzas

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