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REVIEWS OF Wallabys Smokehouse IN Utah

Bruce Gudmundson

We both grabbed the Smokehouse meals. I had brisquit with loaded smashers with Peoper Jack Mac n Cheese. I was happy with my meal as was my wife’s Smokehouse meal with pulled chicken loaded smashers and baked beans. Good eating!

Taylor Cardon

Second time, loved it. Large menu, awesome sides. The ribs are great, meat falls right off the bone. Convenient location, plenty of space.

jared hains

Loved the food. The service was great too. My daughter has celiac disease and they took great care of her. Cooked her food on separate gluten free grill. They even changed their gloves so not to cross contaminate her food.

Kelly Wilkins

Very high quality. Had the shrimp, and it was very flavorful. Very satisfied. Thank you!

Reed Allred

This place is awesome. I love their food. I would come back again.

Cassidy Crystal

Love the food, love the dinner for 2 deals they offer! Never had a bad experience!

Clyde Barton

Great BBQ and fast service!

Conrad Bolter

My family loves the food except the macaroni and cheese. The service is wonderful.

Evgeniya Chernyshova

Good BBQ. Different but tasty. Great smashers and beans. Shrimp was so so. Will eat there again.

Shar Kie

My husband loves BBQ ribs. His favorite place recently went out of business so we came here to "just check it out". While waiting for our food we enjoyed trying each bbq sauce. As we were taking our last few bites, I noticed that neither one of us used sauce on our meat. That was a first for both of us!! The ribs, brisket, pulled pork and steak were so flavorful without any sauce. We did add the honey bbq sauce to our left overs! We had a great experience and look forward to going back.....soon!!

Ryan Hales

I was served cold hard dry meat. The loaded mashed potatoes were good though.

Monica Morris

The highlight of our $100 meal were the mashed potatoes. The rest left a lot to be desired. Most of the meat we ate tasted the same, although we ordered a variety of flavors. The wings were smoked, but also burnt. The customer service was okay.

Jenna Morrison

This was my first time here and let me tell you, it was so delicious!!! I’ve had good BBQ before at mom and pop shops, but for a big BBQ business this is the place to be!

Guy Webb

Fist time of coming here it was really good nice I will go back again people that worked there nice place

Ernest Rust

Good food. Mashed potatoes (smashers) are exceptional, meat is yum, and their custom bbq is delicious.

Bonita H

The meat was awesome— tender and well flavored. The French fries are seasoned and delicious too. Service was fast and friendly.

Thomas Baylan Horrocks

I was a first timer and I was very pleased with this place. All the food was good and service was great. Very well priced and had great specials. They earned my future business today.

Taylor Adams

Tri Tip steak and baked beans were the best I’ve had.

Cherise Elliott

Always reliable, tender, tasty barbecue. The homemade rolls are warm and yummy. Brisket salad is meaty and filling.

Alyssa Peneuetahuhiggj

Ribs, brisket, and turkey are good. Tri tip wasn't great. Cucumber salad was really disappointing.

Debbie Ferry

Great service. Great food.

Louise Wilson

Excellent food. Always had fast service. We love the three meat platter. All the meats are the greatest! I LOVE the food and the assortment of sides There is enough room for friends and family too Great Food and good prices!! Spicy or Honey, both are great. Fun atmosphere and fast friendly service. Will bring the family again. Always a good meal. Service is friendly. Can be crowded on their special offers days, but service handles it well enough. Always a win win choice

Jared Platt

The service and the food were both great. I highly recommend it.

Porter Godfrey

The quality of the food is great, and they get your order out to you real quick

Darby Smith

Seriously amazing. Delicious, well priced, and the store is clean. The employees are so nice and accommodating. definitely coming here again

zachary ledbetter

Food was well prepared and delicious, definitely lived up to its reputation. I would highly recommend the ribs and the Mac and cheese.

Carson Hughes

The food was amazing and the employees we very kind!:) highly recommended!

Tifani Price

Normally I would give Wallaby's five stars but today was just bad. First I order the Tri-tip platter. The pieces were so small and there was only four of the pieces at that. I paid $11+ for the meal. Then they put the meat on paper that was so thin that when I tried to cut my meat, it cut right through and had to pick the paper off. Yes I had to cut my meat into small pieces because they were over cooked and tough. I don't mind the tray and paper, that's common at BBQ places, but make the paper thicker so it doesn't tear so easy. Once the meat sits on it for a short time it is completely soaked through. Honestly I wouldn't give a bad review, but this was over all the worst experience I've had there and that makes me sad because I really like Wallaby's....Usually.

Adam Howell

We decided that Wallaby's is the perfect place for when you want food that is better than fast food, without the restaurant waiting time.


I loved the full size ribs. They were crunchy on the outside and super tender on the inside. They were amazing! We had the Chipotle sauce and it was really good. In my opinion it was more sweet than spicy like I was hoping for but the sauce was still really yummy! My husband and I split the ribs and sides and it was more than enough for both of us. Highly recommend this place!!

Jake Dee

Great experience, great food, great customer service.

Clint Johnson

Really tasty BBQ..a little different than traditional Texas stuff... it's an Aussie slant.. Which is distinctive and a nice change of pace.. great variety of sauces.. Join their email alerts and get great specials


Amazing food as always! Not to mention the customer service is really great. Korden was super nice and helpful. Would recommend to eat here 10/10

Jay Crank

This is a great place to grab food, if you want to sit down or take out! The food is delicious and the staff is very friendly and extremely nice! My wife and I like the desserts! Berry cobbler is our favorite!!! You’ll love it here too!!!

Stu M.

Have ordered takeout a few times and each time the food was delicious. Their potato salad isn't my favorite but that is just a matter of taste. I have a friend who orders from them all the time and he is a picky eater!

Anne Klundt

Excellent quality and price. This is some of the most craveable barbecue

Eric McKell

Good food and a nice atmosphere. My kids loved the desserts.


Wallaby’s is the best BBQ I’ve had in Utah (compared to Bam Bam’s, R&R, and 5 Star). Their meats are smoky and flavorful, and their sides are fantastic. I love their wings, smoked brisket, loaded mashed potatoes, and cucumber salad. They have different options for how many meats you’ll want, and they have lots of sides to choose from. If you’re wanting a meat-filled meal, this is your stop. Overall Standing: Take It or Leave It in Provo (Area), but take it if you’re wanting barbecue

Kyler Ludwig

One of my favorite places to eat. I love the mashed potatoes... Decent BBQ. I would recommend the pulled pork.

Kandace Wallace

Amazing food great service

Oscar Islas

Felt very unwelcome here. Food was okay. Small portions. A bit pricey. The people next to us, front and behind us got treated great but none of the employees treated us the way they treated the other customers. Don’t want to say this but a little racist here.

Heather Davis

Good food. Especially the brownie sundae

Valerie Maker

The food was good. Clean location. Helpful & friendly staff.

Droned Aguin

It's okay smoked food. I didn't really care for the BBQ chicken. The brisket and pulled pork was excellent. I also had the rice and beans, whatever they put on top of it I could go without. Next time minus the BBQ chicken and cream on the rice and I'll have an excellent American smoked dinner! Just a side note the staff was super friendly.

Michael Blomquist

Friendly staff and great food. They even have daily discounts all week! The tri-tip stake was great!

Jim Urie

Good food, friendly staff, similar to other smoked meat places.

Lauren Simmons

It would be a good place for a large group to go. But sadly I don't even have anything in particular that I would recommend. Nothing was bad, but nothing made me want to come back.

Josh Price

Great Aussie BBQ! Sides are fantastic---my favorites are the loaded smashers and the mac and cheese. And the Brisket. Oh the Brisket! Staff is friendly and attentive. Tables and floor are a little greasy/sticky, but overall a great experience

Kati Bobo

I LOVED their raspberry BBQ sauce.

Seth Barton

Fast service, attentive waiters, and great food! Does cost a pretty penny though. Make sure you bring a coupon!

A man Has no name

Great food, not too bad pricing. However, the sides are portioned as tiny samplers. That being said, I come back often. So... joke’s on me?

Bryan Tincher

Freaking love the cinnamon rolls here, they’re as big as a full sized cake! The smoked turkey is my favorite. Get the three meat plate, it’s delicious!


I am just sitting down to eat and am not quite sure how to answer the question on how it was. It is happening right now! I am not a fortune teller. I will say that it will be good as how can smoked meat be wrong. Am I right!?

Donald D Gilbert

Great food! The Wild and Sweet salad (the name might be slightly different) is a must have and I'm not a salad guy. Smokey pork and smashers really round or a great meal.

Thomas Septon

This place is fantastic! They've got the most tender meat around! I think they're better than Five Star. The meat on the ribs properly comes away from the bone leaving the bone bare of meat. Probably my favorite thing about this place is their giant cinnamon rolls!

Sterling K

Had a great burger. Yummy to my tummy!

Stacie Petersen

I LOVE their ribs! Only place I will go to eat ribs!

Jonathan Reid

Great, smiling service. Food was 4 stars -- need a few more options.

Kevin Allen

I’ve eaten here twice and ordered the Melbourne Burger both times. It is so good! The portion is perfect for me. Definitely gotta come back and convince myself to try something else. I’ve heard that it’s all way good!

Gregory Fultz

One of my wife’s and I’s favorite places to go!

Dax Rich

Wallabys is absolutely phenomenal BBQ for a fair price. We tried the pulled pork and chipotle BBQ chicken, and had the load mash potatoes and pepper jack macaroni and cheese for sides, and everything was a "wow." The portions were large, the meat was tender and juicy, and everything was so good that we just couldn't stop eating our meals! It is a definite fact that we will be returning to Wallabys for our BBQ fix as it delivers exactly what your heart (and tummy) needs!

Doug Robison

Our first experience there was outstanding. The food was hot and delicious. Our second and third experience there was not as good for me. My food was not as hot--which surprised me. We are served within minutes of placing our order so I would expect things to be piping hot. I'm not sure why this is not the case but it's disappointing. At the location in South Jordan, the food was cold. I returned it and even after they reheated it in the microwave, it was only luke warm. They really could use some better quality control.

Ann Hatch

Great food and good portions sizes. Scones are nice. The house salad is made with spring greens which is so much better than iceberg lettuce.

Rebecca Jacobs

Family had dinner here tonight. We had exceptional service from Kaitlyn who took our orders & cleaned up our spill and Eli who came to our table and asked if we needed anything and assured us he would be glad to help us in any way. Delicious food!

Joay Wiscombe

Greatest place i have seen

Amanda Carroll

Good amount of food for the price, but I feel like this is one of those BBQ places that just depends too much on their sauces instead of cooking the meat so it's really tender and delicious. Also, this is a great example of why restaurants shouldn't use special lingo without explanation: poor cashiers probably get asked what taz eggs and smashers are until they're sick of it. That said, it was pretty busy, but they got us through the order line efficiently and our food came quickly, so we had a good experience.

Morgan Young

This was my first time here. I ordered the lunch special, which was pulled pork, baked beans, and cucumber salad. Everything was very tasty. The rolls here are amazing. I will certainly be visiting again.

Jeffrey Decker

Took a long time and the Mac and cheese was cold like it came out of the fridge and wasnt microwaved long enough. Beef was well done

Jackson Harrison

Such great food! I eat leftovers for days. Only down side is the price. Could be a bit cheaper

Brandon Young

This place has wonderful barbeque! We often go here for company lunch and everyone seems to be able to find something they like. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because they aren't always consistent. Sometimes the food is better than others. Today my brisket was a little lean and dry. I understand that can be difficult with barbeque, but still... I usually like their brisket and I didn't today.

Andrew Logan

The food options are very unique here. They have amazing burgers and other plate options like ribs and mashed potatoes. I have yet to try something here that I didn't like. My favorite is the Croc burger followed closely by the ribs. The mashed potatoes are pretty good and the fries are amazing. Ambiance is comfortable, lots of TVs, and clean restrooms.

Bradley Kitchen

Some of the best sides in the county to go along with exceptional meats. 8/10 would recommend to a friend.

Steven Fogamomi

The meat is really good and the BBQ sauce is freaken awesome. The food has a lot of salt in it, but that doesn’t matter to me when I am a stuffing my face with the tasty bbq and sides

Kev Nowers

I've never heard of this restaurant and was recently brought here by family. The food was quite good but wasn't great across the board. My wife wasn't a huge fan of the cucumber salad and the beans and rice I had wasn't hugely flavorful. The BBQ chicken was tasty and the rolls with butter very good. It is along the lines of a Dickey's BBQ.

Treston Morrow

Great food. Loved the sangers! Awesome cashiers and employees! Servers were excellent.

Addison Shurtz

The food is very affordable and excellent quality for BBQ. Really great service! The workers here are so awesome and the management team has it together.

Richard Heward

Clean facility. Mediocre food and overpriced. And servers don't smile cashiers don't smile.

Aspen Palmer

Awesome friendly faces with a clean environment. And the food is AMAZING! Highly recommend

Renae Rockwood

Catering: 5 stars Service: 5 stars Meat: 2 stars We loved our experience and the staff was highly accommodating for gluten free. Our meat was just so dry that neither of us really wanted to finish it.

Emanuel Vidolin

We love this place but the last few times brisket was not as good as it used to be. A little bit too dry. Still great place hopefully they ll fix the brisket!

Cindy Spencer

We love going to wallaby’s. However we do not like that you are now served on a tray with a paper on it. Go back to plates!

Adam McCune

Excellent service, food and price. The wings were an added extra bonus.

Martin Jensen

Great place...great food...great service

Nathan Bryant

As a restaurant it's good, with a fun atmosphere and good food (the loaded smashers are amazing) but as far as barbecue goes, it has a little to be desired. There are better barbecue places around, but this one is more reasonably priced, with many options as far as meat and sauce go, and a family friendly menu. I went on a very busy night, and the staff was still very helpful and friendly despite being completely swamped. Good on them!

JustPassing Through

Wallaby's smoke house never fails to please!! The pulled pork melts in your mouth. The "smashers" (mashed potatoes) are so delicious you don't WANT gravy on them..... they're at their best if you prefer them "loaded". I always get the cucumber salad as a side. The cucumbers are thinly sliced and a vinegar brine that doesn't overpower your taste buds. While you're waiting for your food, grab a spoon and sample all the delicious flavors of their original barbecue sauces that are waiting on your table. It's tough to decide which one is best... their original... peach... raspberry... zesty.... oh my!

Brian Brown

Seems we come here every few months, usually using the coupons they send out in the mail. The food is great, including the desserts, and I like the variety of barbecue sauces they offer. It also never seems to be too busy, which is another great plus.

Erik Etchenique

Came in during the middle of the day so the food was decent. I'll come back for dinner for the juicy stuff.

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