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REVIEWS OF Sodalicious IN Utah

Trevor Silvester

Best Italian soda shop there is.

Jake Wynn

This sodalicious is my favorite one! I love the music they play, I love the staff here they are so chill and friendly. They have outdoor seating and it's well lit and there's a grassy area. It's a small little shop that just works for them. If you haven't gone I recommend going and asking for something you're craving and they can mix it up for you any way you want it.

Gordon Barlow

Good bargain great variety

Tiffany A

The boy scout(roasted marmellow with root beer) is my favorite thing!! I go weekly for it. The butter beer is good too as well as the persephone. Go try it now!! They have so many options!!

Bridget Fleming

so cute, so good, such nice staff. love the sugar cookies.

Abby Smith

There is no place or company I love more than Sodalicious! They are friendly and speedy and provide caffeine. What more can you ask for

Jordan Baker

Always great. I suggest the flaming ginger.

Myan Weaver

You guys should fix the hole in your drive thru.

Tanner Faragher

Sodalicious is the best place to get sodas and cookies! They get you your order quickly and accurately. They know how to manage their drive thrus in order to help make the customer experience better. And, their inside shops (like The Village and North Provo in Utah) are a lot cleaner, more modern, and comfortable than other soda shops. They have an awesome app now that helps you track your points you can earn by buying drinks and sweets, which you can redeem for free drinks! Best place ever!

Tommy Loomis

Easily has the most creative names and recipes of any soda shop I've been to so far

Shylo Bautista

I like the choices here and the price is not bad

Emily Sargent

The workers at this sodalicious are extra nice ❤️❤️

Laura McDonald

Very quick service

Angelina Alexander

I've never had a long or bad experience here

Kari Bitter

Coke is always flat. What in the world?! If this is a shop that specializes in soda drinks, why would it be flat?? And I mean REALLY flat. Gave it 3 tries and it was flat every time. The only reason I gave them 3 stars is because some of their cookies are delicious. Definitely the best is the oatmeal raisin with the cream cheese frosting.

matthew otis

Soda was good..a little overpriced.. the drive through had pot holes all over..

Sarah Johnson

I use to be a loyal customer at the Orem location. The staff was friendly and my order was always correct. Now the employees are more interested in the conversations going on in the shack than they are in helping customers. One day, we had two drinks made incorrectly and had to go back. That was after getting the wrong drink earlier in the same week. I emailed the owner and they said they’d make it right, but I started going to a competitor most of the time because their service is much better. I decided to stop at Sodalicious the other day and was the only car in line. I had to tell the girl at the window my order five times and she still gave me the wrong cookie. Why work at a drive thru if you’re not going to pay attention to your customers?

tw199y 88

My husband and I love this place! Great customer service and the employees always have great combo suggeations that aren't on the menu!

T 801

Tons and tons of yummy drinks! The young girl there was helpful telling us about different drinks.

Kelsi Jade

Very good experience. Super quick getting our order in and recieving our drinks and food. The quality of the baked goods is really, and the items taste homemade. I would definitely recommend this place if you're in the neighborhood!

Katie Scott

One of the best places to get a jazzed up soda in Utah! They have so many options, which can be a bit overwhelming at first, however they categorize them nicely under each base soda to make it easier to choose from. My favorite drink here is JoJo's Mojo and is definitely worth trying! Also, their cookies are delicious!

Kaci Whitby

Lissen. That coke with peach and cream is life! I love this place. They line be blocking the street though, need to get that figured out.

Niki Covington

Tried their hot chocolate... please don't make my mistake. It tastes like nothing but watered down powder. Cookies taste basically like saturated sugar, or at least that is all I tasted. This sugar-in-everything recipe maybe simply normal for our time.

Cherise Elliott

The workers here are always friendly and helpful. Always a positive experience coming here.

Nate Somsen

Date of Visit: 6/29/2019 OVERVIEW - 4.8 I came here with my family as I tried the other Sodadilicious the day before in American Fork, and wanted them to experience it as well. LOCATION - 4 They have a pretty good location there on Center Street, but to be honest if you're not looking for it you could easily miss it. It really looks like a small shack. PRICE - 5 The price of their drinks is what sold me. I bought a 44 ouncer for only $2.00. I found it a great deal. PRODUCT/SERVICE - 5 I ordered a custom drink. I told the guy at the drive-thru, I wanted something on the sour/tart end. So he did a custom drink with Mtn Dew, lemon, and another mix with it. It was good and I enjoyed it. POINTERS/PERKS - 5 I would request less ice. They load the cups up with tons of ice. I don't know if it is allowed or not, but when I go back, I will request less ice. Also, this location has no dine-in, it is drive thru only. EMPLOYEES - 5 The guy at the drive thru was rather nice and patient, especially we had caused quite a few cars to build up behind us with our questions.

maggie mecham

I usually go to the Springville one on 400 s. Much better, didn't overfill, mixed well.

Drew Klayman

When they put the correct amount of flavoring it tastes amazing. However, sometimes they over-do it. It is also very good pricing.

Joey Joe Joe Shabadoo

They have lots of great choice or you can make your own for a fun treat! Also the pink frosted cookie is delightful!

Cody Anderson

Great Drinks and Snacks. Wife made me go one time and now I go 2 or 3 times a week.

McKay Taylor

This place is my absolute favorite! There are so many drink options here and you can customize them the way you want to! I have tried all of the mountain dew and sprite and I love them all! The cookies are way good too! Peanut butter and snickerdoodle are my favorite. NCMO is my favorite drink out of all of them and sometimes I switch out the code red with Dr. Pepper to make it more sweet.

Julie Campbell

All the sugar. All of it.

Kelli Miller

Sodalicious is the best soda place we have been to! Summer Lovin, Just Dew It and their oatmeal raisin cookies with cream cheese frosting are just a few of our favorites! I love that they have not only diet drinks but sugar free syrups too!!

Jordan Colton

Skinny AK extra dirty every time!

Andrew Dills

This is a place to get sodas mixed like hard drinks. You will pay more for the soda and wait longer than is necessary, but the result is pretty good. Not worth it in my book but cool if you like that kind of thing.

Monique C.H.

Always love Sodalicious! Their rewards card is the best and double point Tuesdays are LIFE! If you buy a cup the refills are super cheap AND you're helping the planet :) Love their sugar cookies, rice krispie treats, and chocolate chip cookies.

Chloe Lewis

Forget the soda here. The cookies are where it's at! Oatmeal Chocolate chip are best ones (they're all yummy)! Employees are lively and friendly here.

Brian Schuster

They need on of these in Saratoga Springs... Prime place for it.

Victoria Ray

Honestly best soda place around.

David Monroy

If you like Dr pepper then you will love Dr pepper southern gentleman!

Sara Allred

Best cookies ever. I don't drink soda so I can't give a review for that but my co-workers love this place for their drinks. My favorite is the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. If makes everything feel right in the world and makes us fat people happy... And skinny people. You really can't go wrong with a cookie.

Jackie McDermott

Hi I'm Jackie, and I'm a Sodalicious addict. I drive by and can't not get my favorite soda and cookie! I even started using DoorDash to get it delivered to me at work! It's a problem. Someone help me!

Alex Smith

Try the monster-in-law

Krysten Lay

Rude, inattentive and slow kids all on their phones while the line's a mile long. Our drinks weren't like they always are at ANY other Sodalicious (We are very much regulars). Won't go back to this one ever again though.

Melissa Linenberger

I can see why this is a local favorite. We'll be back! It's good that we live a couple states away. I could easily get addicted. Order your drink extra dirty!

Annie Burton

Just yes. Friendly workers, delicious drinks and treats. Workers are so willing to get your order just right. Fav drink stop hands down!

MaLesa Hone

Addicted! ❤️

pitty party

This place is absolutely ridiculous and not because of the reason that you think You see I pay for a parking spot in the back of that parking lot that is the drive-through and all of you morons that take up that spot in assume everybody's trying to but you in line there are several people that have to park back there and is a parking spot that they have paid for when calling so delicious in explaining this to them about their taking people's orders 40' back from their window in causing a backup I was hung up on and I can make this promise at any moment I can park my work truck right and for that parking lot and cone off the whole area nobody is trying to but your stupid truck or you are obnoxious minivan let us park in our spots.

Jessica S. Clinger

It is ok, they do not seem to have as many fresh fruit choices as Swig which is one of the things I really like.

Mark Johnson

Love it. The only think I don't like is having to choose from so many great choices, I want then all!

tristan m

Sodalicious is my favorite drink place ever. It's relatively cheap (although its not McDonalds any size for $1) and very worth the cost. My personal favorites are the Persephone, Butter Brew, and Just Dew It. And if you're looking for an amazing, cheap cookie, this is the place. Their peanut butter cookies are to die for.

Kate McIntosh

If you love soda and not getting out of your car this is the place for you! Everyone has always been cordial during our visits here and I have yet to have a drink I didn't like. Some are better than others but it's all dependent on your personal preferences!

John Worthington

So-da-licious. They are aptly named. Get the sugar cookie. You won't regret it, unless you get like ten and have a stomach ache, but only then.

Ba Barney

I love it! The menu seems a bit intimidating but it is really easy to order off of it. At other drink places it seems like 90% of the menu is coconut and I cant have that, so I appreciate the variety they offer at sodalicious. The staff is always very friendly, helpful, and quick! I never really drank at these places but now this is the only place I buy drinks!

Blair Wynn

I love sodalicious! I love trying the different combinations- I’ve never had a bad one

Maren Glad

I try to only go on double point Tuesday.... But it is super hard to not want to go every day! They have fantastic flavors, great service, and to die for sugar cookies :) not to mention movie theater style popcorn and best of all pebble ice!!! When I am pregnant I come and get a soda mostly so I can crunch that perfectly satisfying pebble ice!

Ryan Brown

So many drinks and flavors to choose from. If you are a drinkie like me, this is a definite YES for quenching your thirst.

Levi Brickey

I love sodalicious, much more than swig. Those chocolate chip cookies and scotcharoos are damn good! I will relapse one day and have one of you again. 10/10 would recommend a Diet Dr Pepper with Raspberry puree - extra dirty with light ice. She was good to me :'3

Kim Hyatt

My son is a great fan. He enjoys the variety of drinks that you offer.

Sarah M. Maya

Yummy drinks and I love their scotcheroos.

Angie Peterson

Super fun to try something else that you dont usually get fun for the family

Rachael Parker

Love the national park try it you will too

Joseph Jacobson

My only complaint is that most of the time the cup is overfilled and ends up spilling all over the car. Great product and great service though.

Haylie Liddell

good drinks but poor customer service. cashier was unhappy

Douglas Onnen

Love this place

Vicky Hopper

I love the extra dirty AK Special and their sugar cookies. This place is addictive.

Piel Canela

Best sugar cookies with coconut lime frost!!

Rachel Horikami

Love their soda combos and sugar cookies! This place will always be a favorite.

Cassidy Randall

I come here way too often for my own good! I’ve been to many shops like this but I can honestly say that sodalicious has the best mixes! The line is always fairly long but worth the wait. Staff has always been super friendly and helpful!

Teresa Luckau


Sean Walton

The best fountain shop! My favorite is "what she's having" despite the apparent emasculation. You get your order far faster if you skip the drive through.

Gwendolyn Fullmer

I'm not a soda drinker, but all my friends and my spouse are. I love that Sodaliscious has a delicious option for me too. Great service!

Mardi Sifuentes

Awesome flavored sodas and treats!! Their staff is great two. I’ve been to two of their locations and at both, they were friendly and seemed to really love their jobs. Quick and delicious!!!


Great concept, ingenuos idea

Tyrel Schneider

Great customer service! It always seems to appear that the staff there are enthusiastic and have a strong sense of pride in their work.

Cinthia Rodriguez

Love me a 2nd Wife! This place is always a great way to quench any craving.

Zerox WR

We love Sodalicous, but we always order extra dirty and they never give it to us. So it would be better if they were more on top of it.

Dominick Anderson

Jared is effing amazing. Honestly he makes the experience a million times better. He's always super friendly and you can tell he enjoys his job. #GiveJaredARaise

Afton Young

Sodalicious is soooooo good i wish we had one in Washington but, I'm still glad they exist.

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