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1205 US-40, Vernal, UT 84078

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REVIEWS OF Cafe Rio Mexican Grill IN Utah

Joshua R

Great food. Service can be spot on or slightly slow depending on who is working that day. My only complaint is make sure you ask if what they are offering you is part of your meal. They can nickle and dime you to death with extras

Dawn Kocha

Delish and fresh every time!

Beth Townsend

The food is fresh and tasty! A good option for a quick meal. I love their drink bar with the Mexican inspired limeade drinks and horchata. Homemade tortillas are always delicious!

Shelly Ward

Used to be pretty good but the place is really dirty. Seems to be going down hill.

Alexi Molden

This was a good dining experience, we had a veggie enchilada.

Richard McCoy

Great food. Nice service.

Will James Hicken

Cafe Rio never disappoints. Even when you throw off their groove and ask for tomatoes only. Or when they give you cups with the Subway logo on them they stole from down the block, Cafe Rio is really good food. I'll definitely be eating there again.

Taylor McDaniel

Was unpleasantly surprised when I took a bite of my pork nachos. Pork was sweet. Tasted like barbeque pork not carnitas. Im from Texas so maybe they have a taste for that up here but I couldn't eat it. Disgusting.

Connie George

Always a great salad!!

Kristen Zitting

I've been to quite a few Cafe Rio locations and I was quite impressed with this one. Very clean and their menu signs have been redone so they're more intuitive. Not the fastest or most organized staff I've seen but they got the job done. They added plenty of meat and other ingredients so the food turned out really good. However, not a fan of the corn Tortilla with the tostada. I wish I'd gotten a flour Tortilla.

Jessica Steen

We love Cafe Rio! This particular one is clean and well kept. Bathrooms are always clean and nice. Food has been amazing. They do have a staff member or two that are ready to get you through the line and on your way, but for the most part, it's a good eating experience.

Amber Cozad

This is one of my favorite places to eat. I go often and I know that some of the staff has been working there for years, so they are good at what they do. Often times, they recognize us and even remember what we usually order. It sometimes gets a little sloppy when the place is slammed, but seeing as how I have worked in restaurants or kitchens my entire adult life, I understand and choose not to judge harshly. I always have a good experience and am treated with respect by staff, especially when I give it to them.

Amanda Jenne

Sometimes the food is really good and fresh and other times it's not fresh and all that great. It's a hit and miss!

Tina Ulrich

Love Thursdays 1.99 tacos

Amanda Tacke

Good food at decent prices and large portions

Jane Wylie

One of the best restaurants in sweetwater county fresh food and very good service!!

Matt Nielson

Good food and good service

Stefan Jacobsen

Great food. Love the grilled chicken and pork salads as well as the pork burritos. Great meat Portions if you are from south of the border. After seeing this myself over a dozen times in the orem store I can't go back.

Karen Wegner

Food is always great. Staff is usually great, but have run into a couple who must really not be happy in their work

Jeff Shada

Great fast food/ sit-down Mexican

River Water

The food was great but the customer service was terrible... They asked if i wanted cheese and i said no and they said "ok, whatever" and laughed at me.. Honestly broke my heart, why the hell would someone laugh at another person who can't have dairy!

Shawna Dutra

Always great food. Everything is fresh

Tia McAndrew

Great employees they were all super nice and they were able to get everyone through quickly.

Alison Thompson

Awesome food, friendly staff.

Ivy Blessed Gold

The reason I like coasta vida more is because they have veggie options for us vegans and cafe rio doesn’t. It’s just lettuce rice and beans. They need to look into having more options for people that are vegan.

Dakota Durham

I've eaten at this Cafe Rio more times than I can count! Absolutely great each and every time!

Charlotte Solorio

The tacos and the tostadas are amazingly fresh tasting! The food is like really good homemade served in Mexican homes! This is my favorite eatery in Vernal!!! You really need to try it!

Vance Norton

Tasty Tuesday is where it's at, great prices, food and service

Rebecca Kalina

I love this place. The food is always great and the staff and they do a great military discount which is greatly appreciated.

julia erickson

As always, food was outstanding. Staff members awesome. One even contributed cash as i had misplaced my debit card and did not have enough cash to cover my meal. Consistent food and service in 3 locations that are not close to each other


The food isn't bad but after ordering online or over the phone i have been charged for 4oz Tamatillo dressing (which i ordered) but have received one, maybe 1 out of 20 times. Never order online. They will never give you what you actually order. 1 out of 20 stars.

TeriLyn Porritt

Went at 10:30 in the morning. You would think everything would be clean at that time. Both restrooms were dirty and out of toilet paper. Filthy garbage cans with spills all over. Tables not cleaned. If everything is so dirty, I question the food and those hands preparing it.

Alan Iorg

Excellent service with Dino Deliveries

Suitable Dinosaur

Sometimes have bad wait but really good service

Laura Ruiz

Clean, fresh, good!

Elise Uili

Great food fast services love the customer services

Donna Maynard

Just paid 11 dollars for a burrito with barely anything in it or on it it was ridiculously tiny what a joke

Jeff Goodell

Best place to eat in WYO.

Allen Jordan

Fast and great quality. They are a bit spendy but decent food. House sauce is a hidden gem. Recommend on everything.


Food is usually good. If you come at noon or at dinner-time prepare to wait in line though. Occasionally I'll get a soggy piece of lettuce in my salads but other than that they're pulled pork is wonderful and the pricing is pretty good for what you get

mk galli

Best cafe rio in Utah! Super fresh! And service was attentive and thorough! :)

Haboob AZ

Tasty food and a little different variety than Chipotle.

Kiko Estrada

Only stopped here to use the restroom but they seemed very nice and very clean facility and the food smelled so great

Greta Clark

The food was fabulous. Staff was great. Loved the daily special. Portions were fulfilling.

Paul Percival

Food and in store service was great. Tried to call in order, new call center has 45 minutes to pickup, this is unacceptable. I went into store ordered, and picked it up in less time. This has happened two weeks in a row. I used to order and by the time I drove there it would be ready.

Mallorie Hamel

The food is always amazing. Sometimes the peoples attitudes are not very good But I love the food quality and how fat they are.

Tracy Bjorklund

Always quick and delicious, love the homemade tortillas!

Noah Hopkins

It's not really Mexican food, but it isn't bad in any way. Basically it's a ton of rice and beans for $10 and you wait in a line to look at the rice and beans before you eat them. Personally, I think this Rock Springs location does a better job than others I've visited. They make sure things taste great and don't just throw it together. Share the big plates with a friend. It's a ton of food.

Mia Dea d

It's a cafe Rio. Mexican food. So busy they sometimes get your food mixed up if you have multiple orders.

Dominik Lippolis

Excellent food and customer service! The prices are a little high but they have deals for every weekday. If you go on Tuesday you can get a taco for less than $2! Definitely worth the buy. They have my future business and I would recommend giving them a try if you are looking for a quick bite to eat and quality food.

Burgandy Birchell

They were a bit slow last time I visited but are usually great

Carol Ann Noland

Fresh food, great service

Ben Moore

Good food.

Jeremiah Jensen

Great food, good service. Just try to avoid the rush times. It makes it a bit difficult to order.

Claude Corthran

It going down hill since it open

Sam Favela

Just went here to snag lunch real quick. When it came time to pay, realized i left my wallet at the office. I offered to come back and pay for it, we tried Apple Pay and that didn’t work. After a few minutes the gal told me not to worry about it and have a great day. I insisted on paying but she insisted it was okay. Amazing staff and they made my day!

Rory Litster

Great food

Nicolas Vinson

Horrible service. They said they “ran out of tortillas” and had to close and then slammed the door in our face. We just wanted salads?


Great food and service

Shannon Rasmussen

Overpriced, always out of steak, getting slower. Service is hit and miss.

Julieanna D

Good vegan options, friendly employees. Love the decor in here

low life

Bad service food was bad the tables where dirty and all the employees where just standing there when they should have been cleaning tables will never go back

Aaron V

Went there for the first time the other day. Great food, they give you a lot. Friendly staff

Cheryl Miller

Its tasty and fast.

Raymond Carothers

Good but cost to much

Rabeckah Stanton

They always have such delicious food everytime I go

Matilda Turner

The burrito was made horribly, it was sloppy and fell apart when i tried to eat it would not recommend eating at this cafe rio not much effort was put in to this.

Don Harris

Good food reasonably priced


Delicious, just go on taco Tuesday and get one pork and one chicken taco with the mint lime drink, and you're in heaven. Free kids quesadilla!


best hand rolled tacos ive ever had

Michael Herrada

First visit we were visiting family in Lapoint brother in law took us the food was great

Makenzie Pankow

Food is great as usual but the customer service at this particular Cafe Rio is absolutely terrible. The employees were so rude and impersonable the entire time. They did not listen well when we were ordering and were not even apologetic when they messed up our orders. We came in at a time when no one was really in the restaurant (3pm) and they were obviously not doing anything, but still seemed like we were such a burden. We got many eye rolls and dirty looks throughout the process. Again we enjoyed the food and the taste, but not the people working.

Steven Deschneau

Good food. Kind of pricey.

Ruth Kriest

Very good lunch. Fast, buffet line type service. You watch them make in front of you. Was busy at lunch time but moving at fast pace.

Ww Watts

This location needs a refresher. At least its clean.

Lamar R

I'll start with saying that I haven't had a bad experience here, so that's not why I only give them 4 stars. There's a couple things that set it back in my opinion. I'm not a fan of the atmosphere. The music is usually a little louder, too loud for most normal conversions. With as busy as it usually is, the layout isn't quite right. It leaves the whole feel too busy and noisy. The food has always been ok, but it's far from authentic Mexican. All the dishes I've tried were too sweet for my liking, and were not intended to be sweet. That said it is better than other "Mexican food" places that I've tried. Their tortillas are always great, and the house dressing is pretty darn good. The smoked salmon tacos have been my favorite so far. I love the fact that they will support law enforcement and firefighters and give a huge discount, that is only reason I will give them 4 stars instead of 3. Overall I'll keep eating here now and then for some decent food, but it's not always my go to.

Mike Crowe

It's good but in my own opinion it's not the best & they don't sell adult beverages

Francine Lewis

Great food! Open room, line buffet type serving.

Scott Palmer

Tasty Tex Mex.

Bob Armstrong

This place is always great for food. And it's usually the same no matter where you are. The salsa is great. Service was as good as it could be, with the lines they had, but generally good. Staff seemed friendly overall too. Always fun to eat at Cafe Rio.

Douglas Bemis

This is a lot like other Cafe Rio restaurants. The food was delicious and the price wasn't overboard expensive.

Trey Lee

Super good and fresh! 20 bucks for two is what you should expect for a meal.

Lorrene Sandbak

Descent place. Steak was not very fresh.

Haylee Rothschild

The guy who served us had a REALLY loud voice but he was the nicest person! One of the best places to eat in RS

Jordan Hall

Quick service and reasonably priced. I think the gal making the tortillas works continuous 20 hour shifts.

Sadee Jones

Love the sweet pork! It's to die for!

Steve Payeur

You just can't go wrong with Cafe Rio

Maria Durrence

The quality of the food went down big time, so sad.

T big

Love this place its sooooo freaking good

Kellyanne Simmons

For a counter serve place, this is surprisingly clean and good. Not as well seasoned as I'd like, maybe it's me.

Rochelle Corso

. Cafe Rio is always good. I have something different every time I go there.

Steve Wilson

Good food. Freshly prepared&served by an attentive staff. Generally very clean in public areas. I would assume the same for the back shop area. Only downside is the damn wind whistles through the seating area if both main doors are opened simultaneously.

Quintin Mayberry

Super good.

Kitreena Stang

Having worked at this Cafe Rio about five or six years ago, I was very excited to visit it on my way through Rock Springs. Bragged about the food and service and couldn’t wait to enjoy it with my company. Unfortunately when we got there on December 3rd 2018 at roughly 7pm, the staff did nothing to greet us. They in fact bickered amongst each other right in front of us as if we weren’t there and they hardly acknowledged our existence. The lobby was a mess as was the restroom. When we paid for our meals, the price was higher than I ever remembered it being, but the food was good and filled me with nostalgia. This review is for the owners of Rock Springs Cafe Rio. What happened to the friendly atmosphere, the authentic ambience? Where was the respect from your crew? I’m confused. When I worked here things were run on a much tighter ship. We had to look nice, smile, interact with customers and exude fun. I manned the tortilla station and was always entertaining guests while they waited in line. I just wished I could have shown that Cafe Rio to my partner. Your food is excellent, but the service on this night was less than acceptable.

Joe Mennel

Probably the best Cafe Rio I’ve been to, with the best employees. I’m taking burritos back to my sister in Indiana that craves these... like we all do... Anyway; the employees were amazing at accommodating my special order, and all of this ten minutes before close on a Saturday evening. Great people, great food! Thank you!!!

Matt Sentman

This place is so yummy! Sweet pork is great and they have this yummy limeade minty drink that I can't get enough of! I'll keep coming back for more! And the staff is great to!

Duce Ryder

Love the steak and pork burrito!!

Brendan Rucinski

This place is amazing! Sure it's gritty, but that's part of the relaxed experience!

Julio Rovi

Passing through Vernal, getting a big Surprise. My wife and I went out for Mexican fare, and made a most delicious discovery: Cafe Rio. We had delicious chicken, beef and pork enchiladas. I went for the habanero sauce, she chose green. Both were splendid. Great flavors, friendly prices. Most recommended!

Brent Smuin

We are very grateful for the food they gave us for thanksgiving very kind of them thank you and happy thanksgiving to you all

Heather M

Unfortunately the Rock Springs Cafe Rio is the worst one. I love Cafe Rio and was looking forward to a good meal. The seasoning in the Hatch Chicken is watered down and doesn't even taste spicy. The servers seemed overwhelmed. In every other one I've been to there is always a manger. There didn't appear to be anyone in charge and it was very apparent they were struggling. By the time I was able to eat my food it was cold. I will go to Cafe Rio in the future, just not this location. I think this franchisee should go visit other sites for comparison.

Dava Martin

Great for a good quick meal

Jeremy Anderton

Great services & awesome food in presentation, quality & quantity.

O Thomas Johnson

Good food.

Jacob Jensen

Very friendly service and wonderful food! Lots of food for the amount you pay. I will be going again and highly recommend it to anyone that is hungry!

cynthia litster

They are always really consistent with there food I really like eating at this cafe Rio. I would recommend it to busy families and people who want good hot food and don't want to be held hostage by a waitress.

Audrey Crozier

Everything here is freshly made and delicious. I love the pork barbacoa tostada and the chicken tortilla soup.

Joe Gaspar

This is a really good place to eat where the meats and your dish are prepared infront of you. Not to mention quality amounts are good and hefty.

Del Nelson

Second time I have eaten there and can't wait to introduce my wife to this place.

Charly Combe

Restaurant was cleaned. Service was fast and friendly. Queso was amazing as usual

Dennis McManamon

This 0lace 8s OK. Food was good service attitude was marginal and the music was loud and obstructive to conversation. There are more enjoyable locations even though the food was good.

steph cyn

I just want to say that I love this place, but what makes me come back all the time is the customer service and Dulce she is by far amazing. And I just want to give credit where it is due. Thank You Dulce! Keep making this place better.

John Smith

Amazing food and large portions! Everything was fresh and delicious! Very comparable to the Tex-Mex I'm used to. Would highly recommend to anyone visiting the area exits looking for good Mexican style food.

Chris Hagemann

This place charged us twice for our food using a debit card and refused to work with us on a refund. Don't use plastic here.

Leslie Purvis

Excellent food

James Stivers

Very fast service and excellent food.

mary harvey

Great service and generous tacos!

Branson Stewart

Great food

Deborah Anselmi

Not a big fan of the menu but fire what they have its cooked and put together well

Nicole Sampson

The food was delicious. They even have free niño quesadillas for kids 6 and under. The bathroom was nice & clean.

Robert Emmons

Good food at a good deal, but the echoing sounds is s bit overwhelming, especially when trying to hear and understand what the servers are saying.

Cody Pierpoint

Always consistent. You know what you are going to get here. Could be a little faster and more organized on the flow through the line.

Delilah Aultman

Horrible service. Told the guy I didn't want guacomole and my husband did. They threw away our food and then when I asked they talked about someone else's order. The chick who checked us out was flicking her hair all over and tolde to sit down and wait for our food. We waited thirty minutes for them to tell us they threw it away. Don't come here.

Mykelti Rachel Mantlo

Awful service. The staff is rude and disorganised. The food is a mess.

becca Foster

Love their nachos and they stay open till 11 p.m on Saturdays

Sondra Benavidez

Out of steak, out of pork at 3pm on a Monday afternoon?? Zero sense of urgency from the staff in taking orders. Waited for several minutes while an employee strolled to the back for more “something” and the rest of them stood around. Food prep area was a total disaster; containers were empty. Nothing looked fresh. I much prefer the interaction and friendliness of the Twin Falls location, where we were regulars before moving to Boise.

Marsha Hays

Those who are behind the service line are not happy or friendly. Dampens the whole experience to have to deal with that. Cashier was very friendly! Food was fresh and good. Restaurant was clean. More training for those in hospitality industry would make this a great experience.

Dubsmith 7

Pretty good and consistent, I recommend going in and ordering rather than trying to call in an order.

Ashley Larson

Really miss Tasty Tuesday

Seth Marton

Great service and amazing food the salsa was ok

Leana Copperfield

Delicious..excellent outdoor setting...

Blaine Roberts

Rice under cooked, tortilla to thick, overall a good flavor though.

Rick Schoder

After the repeated sight of trash out back that includes he sidewalk (in front of my hotel) i wouldn’t even consider going into Cafe Rio.

Stephen Esch

Overall I like it. It's sort of a Tex-Mex twist. But the food is really tasty and actually the homemade drinks that they make over there a really decent. I would go back.

Theresa M. Hernandez

One of my little favorite spots. They closed the one back home but they got them everywhere else! Good location.

Chris Koerner

Asked for beef, got sweet pork. My wife asked for sweet pork on her salad and got chicken. Her salad came with two dressings for some reason, when we didn’t ask for extra. Later saw on the receipt they charged us $1 for it. Bad experience, decent food.

Michael Kelley

Fresh made tortillas good Mexican food. Subway style line for assembly. It was Taco Tuesday less than $2 each.


Food so so. Rude female at beginning of serving line. And you shouldn't complain about fellow employees in front of customers.

Jeremiah Feicht

This place was really good. Clean and with excellent service. They were so helpful. The tortillas we very fluffy and delicious. They also have a free quesadilla for ninos! So cool. The look and feel of the restaurant was really neat. I will try this again.

Joy Turner

Costumer service was less then amazing

B D Holmes

Pretty good serving size, it was certainly inexpensive enough for everything. We liked it.

Jeremy Clark

Good food, prices, and quick built your way food!

Rex Jennings

As always great food!


Food was great. Always like to come for the Fideo special on Friday's. However the pick-up crew member was not friendly with her greeting at all. Took about 10 minutes to get my order from her. However, I noticed the cashier working the til for the dine-in was extremely helpful to the couple of pain in the butt customers. She was multi tasking like a champ. 5 stars food. 2.5 stars for to-go person. 5 stars for the cashier.

Elaine Weed

I have always enjoyed Cafe Rio

Kenneth Hudson

Great food

Joshua Fraley

Sweet pork tacos are amazing. Homemade tortillas are super; much better than packaged. Fast service, many options with good sized portions.

Brittany Rushing

Come in a little later then expected, but still plenty of time before they closed. They were totally rude and ignored me and did not inform me that they put everything away until the last second. I stood there waiting while everyone just stares at me for a good 10 minutes. I usually don’t leave reviews, but they were so rude and unprofessional. Costa Vida is better anyway. Don’t go here.

Alicia Flores

This was real Mexican food which was amazing. Usually places give you fake versions of the Mexican food culture. As for cafe rio it was absolutely perfect.

Kristina Jorgensen

This is one of the things I'm going to miss the most when I move. Soooooooo Yummy!!!!!

Sosavere MC

Pro tip: if you want dessert don't wait in line. Go directly to the register and ask for it. Food here is good and they give you a generous portion for your money. Clean restaurant. Toilet was clogged and the urinal is leaking. 4 stars.

Mik Cun

This is a real 5 star. The price per value and overall flavor are top notch. I cook pretty well and go to a lot of restaurants. Trust me when I say you will not regret this place. If this is your first time I highly recommend a sweet pork salad.

BoJay Labrum

Love the food, but the to-go packaging sucks. Do yourselves a favor and dine in so you don't make a mess in your car.

2b healthyme

Our favorite place to eat. They have whole wheat tortillas, it has a casual atmosphere so I can feel comfortable taking the kids and they are reasonably priced. They also have an app that can get you free food.

Gabriela Yoder

I live this place. I est here all the time it good food and good atmosphere. I eat like I haven't eaten before when I go here

Bo p

The food and service seem to be going down hill


Good food and good atmosphere.

Tim Wilson

Food was great. Most of the people that helped were good. What made me mad was while I was in line watching my food being made. One of the guys on the line stuck tongs from the lettuce right into my burrito and poked around. Made me kinda mad then when he looked up and saw I was watching he tryed to play it off like it was normal... Unhappy about 1 guy not the whole place...

Shawn Horton

Good food. Friendly service.

Tira Ricketts Haslem

This location decides their own hours and changes them whenever they feel like it. Says it’s open until 9pm, they’re closed at 8pm. Staff is also rude.

Brandon Ishizu

Cafe Rio and Costa Vida are practically twin restaurants, I could not tell the difference between these two. The food is a bit pricey but it tastes great and doesnt seem overly processed or unhealthy. The calories are probably up there, but also the serving is quite large. The ingredients are chosen by you, like a burrito Subway, and they look and taste fresh. The hot sauce is not hot, I can imagine the others are mild as well, aside from the next step up from hot which I haven't tried. Would recommend to anyone with an appetite and ten dollars.

Salty Seadog 35

Terrible service, worst I’ve ever received. Rude and incompetent employees. I was the only person in line and it took over 2 minutes just for someone to come get my order. Employees just stood around in groups doing nothing and seemed oblivious. I then stood there at the cash register for over 3 minutes waiting for one of the 4 employees right in front of me to cash me out but they just stood around. I finally asked if I could be checked out and they just stared at me. Said nothing. Then what seemed like their supervisor walked over and told them to cash me out finally, but she was very rude to me when I asked her to repeat something she said that I couldn’t hear and was not friendly at all. Seriously every employee had no idea what they were doing and just screwed around on their phones. Worst experience at this restaurant sticking to costa visa from now on.

Susan Carter

Food tasted great!

Manitoba Hawkins

That mint lemonade! And Mexican style food is so very good every day. Plus the servings are very generous at every Cafe Rio I have visited.

Orval Elliott

I had the shredded chicken tacos w/rice and beans. It's was delicious! *Side note: order on taco Tuesday and your tacos will be $1.99 ea and you will get a free drink

Daniel Richards

Two words: Cafe Rio. That's all you need for all the happiness you'll ever want or need in life.

Trevor N

Food was good, service was quick, and the place was clean. A little busy for me, but I don't know if it's always like that.

Patrick McGowan

Really good food and fast service!

Natalie Anderson

Slow disorganized sloppy serving area

Kody Page

Good place to eat for a quick bite

Koky Sauceda

Food is great but online ordering not so good

Tiffany Merritt

The food is good. The issue is the service. They are always slam busy. They only have 1 person for to-go orders. There are at least 10+ people waiting for to-go orders. Waiting 40 minutes for a to go order makes no sense.

Mike K

Overall very good. Food tastes great and good quality. Staffs are friendly. Interior is good too, pretty vibrant. Small downside I've noticed is that since the portions of the food is controlled by the person who's taking the order, sometimes it's inconsistent, esp. when they are busy, but they do that sometimes even when they aren't busy which I hate the most. I hate it when some staff seems to give me so little of the most important thing, the meat. I don't care much about the other stuff like rice or bean, I just want at least a decent amount of meat. If they give it to me for free I won't complain, even if they put half the normal amount of meat, but that never happens so... I'm complaining.

JD Rosensweig

Decent food but lacking in meat and flavor. Better than surrounding options.

Frank Sayeski

Great food at a good price everything was reasonable and really good

Leah Howard

Always great food. Fast service

Thelma Robinson

Good food

Trevor Tindell

It was delicious and fairly priced I literally stuff myself

skarleth Matute

Food was good too bad the place was dirty specially the restrooms

Elizabeth McCoy

So amazing! I really love their Taco Tuesday deal!! So good!

Kyle Bigler

Cafe Rio food is always fabulous, but the service at this specific location was really poor. They completely fouled up our order and basically shrugged it off because they were too busy to worry about it.

Jan Carter

The flavor but portions could be bigger.

Local Contributor

This particular Cafe Rio is not what you'd expect from the franchise. Food didn't taste fresh and the restaurant (tables, chairs, bathrooms,etc.) was filthy. No thanks!

Andrew Hullinger

Really good food and a great place to eat at because of the atmosphere is very nice.

Chris Moss

Good food great service ok prices.

Ben B

Pay attention to the daily specials, love the smothered burrito

Dustin thewind

They raised their price on steak, put it in tiny letters under an astric *, and told me to give them like $13. I believe the markup is $2.50, and the steak tacos no longer available for the Taco Tuesday discount. I will never go again, just on principle.

Morrigan Anderson

Good food


The rice is always undercooked and crunchy. Everything else alright but nothing great.

Chad Nelsen

Called in a to-go order, 1/3 of the order was actually ready to be picked up at my designated pick up time when business was obviously slow. Staff was very careless and a lot of them were goofing off behind the counter. When I received my order the food was cold. I requested that they refill the horchata in the dispenser, instead they brought out a literal bucket of horchata, remove the lid, and started scooping it out of the bucket to fill my cup. Smh, am I having a stroke or is this the worst night I’ve ever had attempting to pick up a “to-go” order? I’m going with the latter.

John Wong

Being a chef all my adult life, my food usually has a twist. At Cafe Rio, the employees granted me everything I asked. Therefore, the food fit my palate exquisitely. Didn't hear one unsatisfied remark. Using the present day happy scale, I would have given them six star if there was another.

Yamileth S

They always close early! The closing time is 9 and they are closed at 8:30!

Ronda Fassett

Cafe Rio Is a great place for family . I enjoyed the food . Prices are nice.

D Sanchez

We were driving through town looking for a good Mexican restaurant to eat. We had been eating in several restaurants throughout our 3 week Rd. trip. Our experience with the staff was unpleasant. They were in a bad mood and treated us like we were an inconvenience . Their body language and attitude was unacceptable. If it weren’t because my family was extremely hungry, we would’ve left immediately. Later in the car my husband and children told me the girl preparing their food tossed them their plates onto the tray rudely. When we started eating, the food was under cooked and it was missing flavor. The restrooms were very dirty and the windows could use a cleaning to look out side. If I wouldn’t have read previous reviews on the location, I probably would’ve gone through a drive-through at Taco Bell and got better food and service. Not worth the money I paid.

David Atwood

This place is always great for food. And it's usually the same no matter where you are. The only problem with this location thus time was that it was super dirty. Their trash needed to be emptied and the pile sitting on top was gross.

Ryan L

Not quite sure how they got such good reviews so far. I've never waited at a cafe Rio this long, at any of the many locations I've been to. There were 8 people in front of me and it took 25 minutes to get to the register to check out. They were out of beef, steak, guacamole, and Mexican Coke. They didn't seem short-handed, but were just very lackadaisical in every thing they did, and it's no surprise they were out of so many items. They clearly need new management and/or training.

Garry Kepes

Pretty good food at ok prices

Joy Hernandez

We were pleasantly surprised by this little Mexican restaurant in a shopping center. It's not fancy, you need to order your food cafeteria style and tell them what you want in your salad or enchilada. The ingredients were all fresh. They were making their own tortillas right there. Lots of people were getting takeout. It's obviously quite popular.

David Jimenez

Didn't realize did was the chain until we got here. The food was okay. I thought the sweet barbacoa was too sweet, so I couldn't finish my burrito. The salad had way too much cilantro in it. Finally the line was about 30 minutes. All in all... meh.


Cute atmosphere and friendly staff

Allison Brown

Great customer service and clean restaurant. 10/10 love Café Rio!

Taylor Wallace

While I enjoy the food, their queso is frequently made wrong and we've had line cooks and managers ignore us in line and even walk away from us. Try "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Patricia Allen

Yummy, yummy... cilantro lime delicious sauce

Sue Ellen Henderson

Was crowded but the kitchen staff were on top of it. Black beans were a little to under done.Clean lobby

Grace Stocks

Tortillas made fresh, flavors are just right, not so hot you can't taste the food.

Casey Browne

Went to Eagle store for 1st Time Monday night 10/28 at 7:40 p.m. First off, could not complete on line order. Get there and it felt like I was entering post dinner rush disaster. Completely unorganized staff. The food line was a total mess. Food in other food containers, brown guacamole, out of main ingredients. Server was confused and rushed with one person behind me. Called over another employee to ring me up who did not speak. Seemed like he hated being there. I said Thank you when transaction was completed. He said nothing. Maybe time to close store and regroup!

Jamie Collar

Food is great, but the staff seem stoned or asleep. There was a really dusty over head above where some food was being prepared and someone went out of their way to write in the dust "clean this, it looks horrible!" guess they thought it was easier to write that than clean it? 3 stars only because the food is good.

Anna Jesuino

Best customer service from a Cafe Rio ever. (From utah with them all over!) Best customer service in WY that I have experienced in a long time. The adorable friendly lady working today with braces, you get 5 stars just for you! You were so friendly, happy, your lime toss was legit, and you made the visit enjoyable after traveling for 3 hours with kids, We all enjoyed a nice break with great food! Thank you!

Shaley Swanson

It's okay. Not very professional. Dont listen very well ethere.

Debbie Juarez

I really hate giving a bad review because I love Cafe Rio but the customer service needs work. Not one person smiled or said hello. Everyone acted like they'd rather be pulling hangnails off each other than be at work. And sooo slow. It was a little psychedelic watching them work in slow motion. Food is great but the employees seem very unhappy.

tom herbert

The staff did not seem to know what they were doing in preparing our orders. They were out of all deserts at 5:30 on saturday and had no plans to do anything about it. They obviously had not been completely trained and there was no concerned management on staff.

Autumn Bate

LOVE cafe rio. But this location is the worst I've been to. Have never had to wait so long in a line. The line wasnt even long and they had 10 people working in the back... pretty sad

Kaetlyn Sinn

Love coming in and being treated like I am #1! Love these guys!

Ryan Wright

3 times now they have messed my order up, late after calling it in and giving a time and never can complete the entire order to include the extras. Extra steak means extra steak not rice

Soleine Tholance

« All you gotta do is tell them we’re closed », one worker told her co-worker before slamming the door on us at 8:30pm. Well, we ended up having a great evening at Plaza Mexicana.

Jane Merrell

Food was good, bathrooms we're not so good..

Kyle Cox

I have liked Cafe Rio everywhere I have had it and this one is no different. My wife and I usually split the pork barbacoa burrito (enchilada style of course!) and you can get a free kids quesadilla for the little ones. Not sure what the age limit is for this, but it's a nice perk.

Brandon Stucki

I usually love this place, but they’ve changed a few things. I love the salads usually because it comes with guacamole... not at this branch. Seemed to have less meat that normal but way more lettuce. Also very little cheese on my tortilla. And the rice was firm and undercooked. My daughter doesn’t like cheese, so she gets a flour tortilla with just meat. They were out of steak... which I won’t fault them for. We ordered the fire grilled chicken. She got a cold tortilla with cold chicken. My sons quesadilla was melted and the tortilla browned, but his grilled chicken was also cold. I’m not sure if they are trying to cut costs, but if ingredients are more expensive. I’d rather pay more to get the same menu. Also, use the oven please and get the meat hot. Maybe it was just an off night.

Tiffany Kaeding

Best food ever!!

Jake Kroupa

Good food

jody eastman

Great service and food, what more do you want?

Janessa Davis

The foods flavor was good, but cold. We came in an hour before close and they acted like we were a bother to come in. We’re from Michigan and was excited to try something different while visiting. Won’t be coming back next time we’re in town.

Shawn Darrenkamp

Great meal and awesome experience. Today while eating my meal I was able to witness a gentleman pay for meals for 5 military members. Each of the 5 went and thanked him personally, but it was just great to see. I was going to thank him as well, but more people showed up to have lunch with him, his wife and daughter so I didn't want to interrupt their time, but if you are reading this by chance, you sir, are the reason I served my 20 in the Air Force. Thank you from the three retired Sergeants that were sitting behind you today. You made us feel proud for your actions to 5 complete strangers.

Will Hipchen

Way over priced for the meal you get. I paid $12.25 per burrito.. and this this burrito is about the size of a taco bell super taco. $25.00 for two tiny burritos. Complete waste of money. Considering you have to eat their burritos with a fork.. it's so sloppy wrapped, you cant even pick it up. If you want an actual meal.. I suggest someplace else.

Justin Asher

Very rushed establishment the staff rush you through like cattle and for the amount of staff you think it would be allot cleaner inside, the tables and floors are always sticky or have food on them.

k Davis

Good place to eat fast service

Kevin Kneeland

Great food nice people.

rochelle corso

Twice a week dinner, good eating.

Linda Nelson

It was good

LoveLe R.

Always delicious food and fun atmosphere

Niki Pettingill

Quick, clean, efficient, and delicious! Literally my favorite restaurant! I 100% recommend!

Mike Byrnes

Consistently good food, really love the fresh tortilla's

Cristina Carrillo

I hate this place the food is slimmy n nasty.

Clint Dunn

Great fast mexican food. Like qdoba with fresh made tortillas.

Jessi Johnson

Yummy. Hot and fresh. Generous portions. Friendly staff. Will definitely be back

Lana Arthur

Food was awesome, customer service was terrible. The entire staff acted like we were a massive burden.

Keegan Stocks


M Waage

If you think a regular quesdilla with no sides or drink is worth 10 bucks then this is the place for you! For the other 99% find a different place to eat. I've never been more disappointed in a meal in my life. I'd rather gag on McDonald's.

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