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4320 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37205

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REVIEWS OF The Picnic Cafe & Party Catering IN Tennessee

Chris Neely

Best potato salad I've ever had. Prices are good.

jeanie evans


Queen P

Great tasting food and sweets for a reasonable price and they cater

Linda Guess

It was ok but not anything I would go out of my way for

Donna Colelli

Best lunches! Tasty and fresh.

Felicia Brown

Had the egg salad and fruit tea....yummy!

Karen Samuel

Great chicken salad. Friendly service, but be prepared to wait a bit as the lines can be long.

Patricia Bluing

The best chicken salad I have ate

Bonnie Cooper

Food made fresh and delicious! Hoping to take our group there soon. I love this cafe as it has a warmth given by the workers. My favorite is chicken salad.

Demetrios Festa

This is a fun place to grab and light lunch and a tasty dessert. I have tried a few of their sandwiches over the course of my visits and they have all been good. My favorite thing about this place is their fruit tea. The tea is extremely refreshing and has an amazing taste to it (and you can buy containers of it to take home). I am also a big fan of the strawberry cake. My only qualm with the place is that I think it is a little bit over priced. The food is always good and service is consistent, but I think the prices are about 1 - 2 dollars more than they should be. Still, I think this place is nice for an occasional lunch and I would recommend it!

sandra berry

Very disappointed. I visit frequently because it is a quick stop for to go sandwiches, already prepared. I had seen the Santa and tree cookies, they looked yummy. I called later and ordered some for a Christmas party. Picked them up the day of the party.....they looked nothing like the ones I had seen....color was darker green and much smaller. A guest commented, the icing taste like wax. No Santa's.

W.K. Franks

Fabulous!! Now that I have found this place, I'm not ever moving!!

Gail D

I went for an early lunch before 11am as I don't like noisy, packed places like the Picnic can get. I had a chicken salad sandwich which came on wheat bread. Wish I had another choice but too late. The bread overpowered the chicken salad. Also had a side of potato salad which was dry. To drink I ordered unsweetened tea as I love the fresh mint offered at the Picnic in my tea. On this day the tea was very weak and tasted like water.

Barbara Pardue

This place has old fashioned Southern sandwiches and ladies salads for lunch. Wonderful Southern ice tea; wonderful pastries! Catering by menu. Small to medium parking but several handicap places. Bathroom clean.

Nancy T

Great tea room food and fruit tea so wonderful that it was featured in Bon Appetit. My go to place for comfort food.

David Williams

Its was good

Mary Griffin

Fav place for an old fashion Nashville native lunch! Artichoke lemon soup!

Edward Perkins Jr.

I wish they would put more chicken salad on the salad lots of lettuce but a great salad

Travis J. Cummings

Great spot for a casual lunch.

Carole Brantley

Food is always fresh and delicious. The staff is super friendly. Meatloaf, squash casserole and low fat chicken salad are my favs. And their tea punch washes it all down wonderfully.

Christy Carter

Great lunch place!

Stephen Rohrman

An older clientele. Some of whom were very rude to the grand children. One went so far as to offer to pour ice water on our 2 year old grandson. The food was mediocre.

Francie Coffee

It was a delightful place from the first step inside. So cute! Food was great.

Meicka Stone

Very friendly people and the picnic punch is so delicious

Chris Thomson

Great place for sandwiches

Lindsay Cross

Best fruit tea!!I found it finally !

Margaret hurst

Great food along with awesome staff. The lemon lavender pie was out of this world. Soups and sandwiches are delicious. Will be stopping here before a picnic, they will pack it for you.

karen angarole

Amazing! So glad to find this little gem!

David Butler

One of the best kept secrets in Nashville. Shop in and pick up some chicken, tuna, egg, or potato salad out of their cold-case; or one of their other delicious items. Don't forget about dessert, their caramel cake and lemon tarts are to die for!

quick response

Stunning quality.

Woodley Shuff

Sweet little cafe, love the food especially the cranberry salad.

Acie Claro

Wholesome food and a variety of sandwiches and pastries to choose. I love the interior, significantly a picnic ambiance.

t p

Good food and nice place

Amy Smalley

Great lunch spot where you can take home dinner too.

margaret siciliano

Neat was fair.. very noisy and very crowded

Ann Tuck

The gold standard for take out.

sp00ky soup

This place is fantastic. I love coming here with my aunt; we go so often it’s practically a tradition. The service is always super fast, and the people who work here are very kind and know what they’re doing. The restaurant is super clean and decorated in a quaint but cute style. Okay, moving on to food. I got a chicken salad sandwich with a side of potato salad. Chicken salad is one of my fave dishes ever, and this place has the BEST. The potato salad was pretty good too, and the sweet tea was amazing. For dessert, I chose a lemon chess pie- it tasted as lovely as it looked! (See pic!) All in all, a definite 10/10. I will forever love this place. Definitely come here if you’re a fan of comfort/picnic style fare.

Andrea Baker

Great lunch place for the girls. Go early or parking can be difficult. A little pricey and limited hours is why I gave it 4 stars. Dessert is a must!!

John Williams

Best homemade casseroles to go in Nashville. When I mean homemade, I mean HOMEMADE. And the gazpacho is to die for, a must try when available, it's absolutely phenomenal.

Don Gillette

I'd like to think that whoever put this sandwich together would know the difference between a rotten lettuce leaf and a fresh one, but if I thought that, I'd be wrong. Disgusting. When I say rotten, I'm not talking brown--I'm talking rotten; almost liquid. In other words, garbage. So somebody in the kitchen saved one cent giving me a rotten piece of lettuce and you got this review in return.

Loretta Green

This place is sunny and relaxed. Quieter than most during lunch. Great causal food.

Tammy Latta

Love everything about the picnic!!!

Feeby Molina

Always an amazing experience. Try their chicken salad and unbelievable artichoke soup. Cookie and pies are delicious.

Cecily Newman

Adorable! Good food, cute setup, and the to-go packaged food is house-made from scratch with a great selection. Service is lightning quick and very friendly. As someone who is allergic to gluten I was a little disappointed that the lunch offerings were primarily sandwiches, but the chicken artichoke casserole I got was delicious.

marlane sewell

Very nice We had take out. lemon artichoke & quiche were delicious!

Ben Butler

Good home cooked food and friendly staff. The turkey BLT is amazing. The freshest tomatoes I've had in a long time

Nicole J


Michael Swink

The cucumber sandwich is delicious. Be sure to get a piece of strawberry cake, too. The ice tea punch is refreshing.

Roberta Vigar

Tasty food, nice portions, reasonable prices

Mark Neal

Great place fantastic food and people

Donna Caplan

Simply the best! Love the gazpacho and cheese wafers! Only chicken salad in town I eat.

Marcia Cloud

Fabulous food, helpful staff, and lovely environment!!

Peter Barnes

Very pleasant inside. Always seems busy.

Emily Lowe

This is one of my favorite small eateries for Southern Comfort Food your grandmother probably made for you. All kinds of sandwiches and casseroles, both to eat-in and to-go. I frequently get the quiche of the day, which comes with a cranberry jello fruit salad, a muffin and some fresh fruit. I top it off with a fruit tea. Then I take home a chicken divan casserole for dinner and maybe a slice of lemon lavender pie for my husband, child and I to share. Yummy!

Robert Crane

Best Chicken Salad in Nashville. Very good soups and sandwiches.

Barbara Russell

Delicious chicken salad sandwich and tomato basil soup. Fast service tho' extremely busy.

Cynthia Todd-Hood

Food overpriced, not really satisfying, staff friendly, extremely crowded at 12:30PM. Of course as expected. Not something I would order again, but I would be willing to return at a different time of day and to order something diffrent.

Amy Rash Dabney

Great place if you come to Nashville great lunch !

Pat Malone

A Nashville classic. White bean and ham soup is great. Desserts are the best. Haven't had anything bad here. All good. Service is fast despite the crowds.

Anthony Estella

Saw them on TN crossroads and came ready for the best chicken salad I'd ever eaten. Unfortunately I did not personally find it very memorable.

Jeanne Bastin

Food was outstanding.

Jody May

We get sandwiches from the Picnic Cafe catered at our work and they are always great! My family decided to stop in here for late breakfast so we had quiche and a hot ham and cheese on a croissant which were all very good. For me, the tea room decor was a little "fru fru" but my wife and daughter really enjoyed it and that's the important part. Their flavored coffee (southern pecan) was different but enjoyable, and the fruit tea is a real treat.

Joy Evans

Nice food and staff.

Albert T. Spaw

Very friendly and helpful staff. Food is freshly made and delicious.

Harold Gillim

Tasty food and friendly, helpful staff

suzanne williams

Great food, nice staff. Will definitely go back again.

Brian Brown

There is no better place to eat that has doilies under each food item. None!

Lisa Williams

If you are in Nashville you must eat chicken salad and drink Tea Punch/Fruit Tea. The Picnic is the place to go for both. A standard Nashville spot that everyone should visit.

Liz K

Always love having lunch with a girlfriend here.

Melinda Ledford

Food & atmosphere are wonderful here! Yummy menu

Lisa Baugus

Hometown yummy goodness!!

Regina Marinelli Larsen

Wow they got this place on lockdown! Cute cute cute food is great nice staff great grab and go section homemade everything!

Eric Sykes

Oh my, where to start.... As a former food critic I must have hit the day that the nursing homes kitchen broke down. Beside all the older and pasty white folks here, we went to the counter and was blown away by the prices, a BLT $ 9.95 + tax, a lemonade ( in a small glass ) $ 2.25. a half n half sandwich was 8.95. there was no mayo on the BLT, but gave 2 small packages on the side. The half n half was a egg salad and a tuna, bit extremely dry, I also had a potato salad as a side and that was dry enough to use as well paper paste. The good side of the place was the water was wet.

Michael Detwiler

Took my parents here between doctor visits at St. Thomas West. Food was outstanding. Fantastic variety on the menu. Service was quick. Loved the outdoor seating. I highly recommend the Picnic Cafe.

Rebecca Jackson

Lovely place for ladies who lunch. I get the picnic delight with the chicken salad and a blueberry lemon muffin. Delicious. The fruit tea is amazing as well.

gina mcknelly

Passing through. Stopped for lunch. OH MY!! What a delicious spot. Great assortment of eats..and desserts.

Barbara Turnbo

Jim Johnson and I had Lunch there today. Loved the atmosphere, absolutely the best Chicken Salad I have ever had. Fruit tea awesome. I def. Will go back. The blue and white with yellow accent colors is so pleasing.

Cheryl H M

Love it here. Always good, and the staff is so nice.

Jim Walton

Good food and great tea punch. Great place for lunch.

Dawne Belote

Refreshing salads, sandwiches and soups in a quaint ladies luncheon setting.

Bill Ray

Excellent fresh healthy food serviced and served promptly by friendly folks

jeff robichaud

Very nice atmosphere. Friendly staff and great food! Everything very clean.

Pranav D

This is a brunch place for older people. When I say this I mean that , I don't think it is really for people under 65. The food was ok and was kind of bland. Also I was the only person of color which made feel uncertain. However it was insanely quick service and had nice staff. Also most food is served cold.

Becci Morgan

Fun little cafe, soups, salads and sandwiches plus baked goods! Great food!

Brian Shotwell

Very friendly staff. A unique and clean atmosphere. Cranberry muffins are amazing and hot! Super quick breakfast! Thank you!


Public Health Inspection: The Picnic Cafe 4320 Harding Road Date Inspected: 5/13/2019 Score: 100

S Norman

good food. Friendly and fast service! Great experience.

Linda Vaughn

Very good food and excellent atmosphere. Service polite and friendly.

Angela Butler

Pricey but consistantly good.

Lauren Poole

I stumbled upon this place on my lunch break and decided to go in. It happened to be their anniversary. I told Kathy I had never been there before and she pulled me aside and explained their menu and her favorite items. I had half a chicken sandwhich and the lemon artichoke soup. Both were amazing but I will be craving that soup for a while. Kathy and her staff were incredibly kind and the place was so homey. I will definitely be going back very soon. Thank you, Kathy!

Marlowe Taylor

Great place for a good sandwich with friends. A markedly older, upscale croud.

Julie ODonnell

Great sandwiches, salads and soup. Lemon-artichoke soup is memorable!

Carter Hendrick

Wonderful homemade food. Delicious

Sarah Levithol

Cute place with an old school vibe serving up some good food. The chicken salad was delicious.

emma jean riddle

Very good food. Excellent staff!

Lisa Dotson

Been eating at the Pinic Cafe since they were in the HG Hills store years ago, truly enjoy their food best homemade chicken salad and pimento cheese that you can find.

Clara Molina

Great food and baked goods. Soups are the best.

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