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REVIEWS OF Potbelly Sandwich Shop IN Tennessee

Crystal Metcalfe

Pretty good sandwiches! Not too expensive. Needs a few more choices. And some other kind of side other than chips.

Cris Norton

Neat place. Great sandwiches and the milkshake is a must.

Chris Conlee

Love their sandwiches. The service is quick and friendly.

Rachel Gullett

Just as delicious and welcoming as the location I frequented in Denver!

Thommy Switzer

Great sandwich!

Zach Halbert

Great sandwiches, get the hot peppers!

Melanie Rankin


Reba Baskett

I ate at this chain up north and was excited to see one open here. It’s a really good sandwich. You get an hour free parking in the gulch so take it and go grab a sandwich!

Katrina Barangan

Potbelly sandwiches are great, I love potbelly’s I go all the time. But this specific location is the most poorly run potbelly’s I’ve ever been to. All of the staff had attitude problems and were consistently rude to me and the people behind me. Please manage your employees better or get new ones.

Aaron Jones

Good little place in the gulch of Nashville that is very relaxing not really expensive and has great cultural history hung around the sandwich shop

Ryan Walker

Favorite sandwich shop. Reasonably priced and better than subway.... much better. Real chicken for starters. Dream bars are pretty good.

Joey Byler

Extremely rude staff, a group of us got drinks while some got water and they wouldn’t let us sit on the benches outside

Chris Lau

For a quick bite and to avoid the longer lines of the surrounding restaurants, this works in a pinch. Think Subway, but slightly better?

Joseph Paone

Great sandwiches! Particularly love their new Orleans spicy ones!

Alex Renfro

Cool location, always down for a pizza sub. The shakes are worth a try, too.

Jacob Green

Very good Kanye very good

Michael Sullivan

Subs are delicious. Not like other chains. Meat are high quality veges are super fresh. Bread makes it a bit above the rest though.

Patrick Wandrey

Great sandwiches and really friendly staff!

Ibin Birch

Great shakes and sandwiches. Wonderful customer service experience.

Nagaraja gupta K

We like potbelly, so visited the place, the lady over here is nice but she didn't make the sandwich that good like what I had in Illinois or New Jersey

Eric Reeves

Really good sandwiches and shakes.

Lauren Calvert

After coming for to the gulch for a good lunch and being told at two other restaurants that it's an hour+ wait, we just stopped at potbelly. It was fantastic service, great food, and great speed! Thank you potbelly for solving my hunger and getting me out of the heat!

Eddie Grau

The wreck sandwich is my weakness.

Nick Gristy

Average sandwich with a downtown price. Quick bite.

Sylvia Conner

Amazing food, awful service. Rude workers and it took 25 mins to get one milkshake. Would recommend The Wreck though, amazing sandwich.

Jessica Carson

I usually like least I did in DC but nashville potbelly has given me food poisoning twice. Plus, the girl making my food was wearing. A huge gold.lion around her neck that scared me. Potbelly in nashville should be avoided. Although the milkshakes are great.

Secquoyah Smikes

The staff was rude I will not be coming back but my sandwich was delicious...

Lindsay Cross

I love this place the sandwich is better than the average sandwich shop that you go to. And the soup is amazing

David Mickelsen

Best sandwich place around! They toast most their sandwiches on fresh white or wheat bread or "flats" which are like a flatbread. Sandwiches and salads are fantastic as well as their homemade shakes and cookies. Fast friendly service as well!

Steve Davis

It's Potbelly's.... Good stuff

Ryan Hargrove

I stopped by there at 9 am, with an open sign on the window, and employees behind the counter. I went to the restroom and had planned on buying a drink when I came out. Instead I had a very rude man banging on the door after a minute, three …

Kayla Schartung

Best sandwich and salads! The reason for the one star is because the staff was rude. They were sitting on the counters and talking and I felt like I was inconveniencing them by ordering food.

Janne Kinnunen

This location is very clean with seating both inside and outside. They provide vegetarian options. Try also their salads, they're delicious.

Keith Martin

Great sandwich shop

Shiloh Burns

Went to this location for the Teacher BOGO deal. When we arrived the two employees were sitting on the counter on their phones. They eventually decided to come to order station and acknowledge we were there. Went during the last day of the teacher BOGO deal, so you'd think the employees would know about it. Nope. They had a huge attitude when I asked and said, "We don't know nothin' about it." I had to pull up the ad on my phone and after a few eye rolls they accepted it. Horrible experience. I wanted to support a company that supports teachers, but after that experience I won't be back.

David Donato

Potbelly is a great place to eat unfortunately this franchise is severely lacking in customer service from owner down. I walked in to use the restroom and was informed I need to purchase an item to use the restroom. After I get done, I try to purchase a bag of chips and 4 cookies. I then get a lecture from the owner about how it cost them a thousand dollars a month from people walking in and using the restroom without purchasing anything and get a tutorial on how to run a small business from the owner. After I inform her I run a small business and have worked at my family's small business that has been open since 1949, she asks if I can pay her a thousand dollars for using their restroom. I handed her a 20 dollar bill for the use of the restroom to call it even. The bathroom was clean however so I give it two instead of one.

Aundrea Payton

My roast beef was not cooked and the bread was drenched in blood

LaStarr Lillie Engram

bug in food< wrote to customer service with no response two weeks before this review.

Chris Ondera

Service left a little bit to be desired on my visit. However, the food was great and location can't be beat. It's a typical sandwich shop.

Hammond Seay

Good oven toasted sandwiches. But limited added toppings

Mizu Meijin

I almost had a large meal of empty caloric sorrow in downtown Nashville today at Subway. However the gloriousness and radiance of Potbelly further down the block beckoned me into a very aromatic and wholesome sandwich stop. Thank you Potbelly for preventing a bad life decision and gifting me with a wholesome pizza sub and oreo milkshake.

Rob Bennett

Just a damn good sammich

Bryan Brown

Great sandwiches, really small for the price.

Sheron Smith

I only go for the Enchilada soup, and it's delicious!

Giles Ward

Great food, great staff and easy parking. Highly recommend.

Christine Scott

Super clean! Seating indoor and out door. Prices are great. I hope they get black olives soon.

Kelley Maples

The best sandwiches & service around....hands down

S. W.

Service was terrible. I was not greeted upon entering. The girls making the sandwiches where you first order were very rude. She did not greet me, instead she just stared at me. She was not helpful with menu assistance. There is not a kids menu. The sandwiches were not good. My turkey tasted like BBQ seasoning. I ordered a turkey club and it was missing the bacon.

Claudia C

Amazing sandwiches!

Scott Finley

Became a huge fan of Potbelly's while stationed in MD. I was beyond happy to find this one in Nashville. If you've never had it, I definitely recommend it. "Tha Wreck!"

Clydrina Craig

Great place to dine! Best customer service I've ever received!!

Jeff Simmonds

Fantastic sandwich! I walked in to grab a quick sandwich expecting something similar to every other shop. I was very surprised to have what I believe is the best sandwich I've ever bought! I will eat here again.

Tom Bredesen

Great sandwiches made fast.


I LOVE Potbelly's! So glad we found this one. Great location, staff is friendly but they were a bit overwhelmed when we were there. They handled it well. Food was good. We will be back.

iBill Norfleet

Great lunch. Prices great for being close to downtown

matthew oconnor

Very good sandwiches and atmosphere. Stopped he before concert at arena. One of the staff that assisted my family and I was rude to my daughter and wife. Nothing terrible, just acted like everything they asked for was a chore for her, and that we were interrupting her or something. Otherwise nice place. 6:15pm 7-10-18

Bharat Merai

You don't loose anything if you are little friendly and involve with your customer. !!

Shawn Hatcher

Great place for a sandwich that's a little different than the other places.

Chris Giese

Good sandwiches and salads. Friendly staff. Good prices.

Sharon Holzmeyer

Love the Uptown Salad and Chocolat Chip Oatmeal cookies.

Christine Swanson

A New York deli out side of New York.

Rachel Felker

The Mediterranean sandwich with chicken was delish. I want hummus on more sandwiches now! It was really busy but line still went quickly.

Christopher Abbott

Good food for decent prices ads a comfortable atmosphere.

Andrew Schleicher

Great sandwiches and staff. You may want to go easy on the jalepeños.

Kareem Young

Excellent Customer Service

Gladys Austin

Best sandwich in Nashville. I love coming here with friends every once in a while. It's been a long time since the last time I came here, but the Wreck sandwich is the best. If you haven't tried it, please do yourself a favor and grab one!

Eric Meagher

Warm delicious sandwiches and the Pot Pie soup was awesome!

Fairlen Browning

Absolutely the best sandwich shop!

Gregory Salkind

Best Sub in Nashville Delicious


Moved to a state that doesn't have Potbelly's. Found this one online. It was delicious. Service was great.

Katasha Waller

Postmates delivery

Clayton Burns

Horrible service. I felt like I was inconveniencing the two employees that were working by giving them money. Food was mediocre at best. Will not be returning.

Kimberly Mason

One of my favorite sandwich shops...we need one in the Atlanta area!!!

Brian Carnahan

It was okay. I enjoyed my meal but it felt just like an ordinary sandwich shop. I will probably go back to try it again though.

Margaret Bagdon

Good sandwiches and no wait.

Mathew Stockstad


Donald B. French

Great sandwich. Fun, friendly staff.

Brittany Bell

Great melted sandwiches and soups!!!

Paul Berry

Excellent sandwich and plenty of chips to choose from. Better than subway IMO :-)


I used to eat at Jersey Mike's before Potbelly stole me with their delicious sandwiches and "to-die-for" shakes with the cute little signature cookies on a straw for $3! I just wish they opened up earlier and closed later. 8pm is just too early for a late night snacker like me. WARNING: The Rewards App: I didn't realize that all this time, they had an app that gives you rewards for dining so I downloaded and ordered it when I was physically present at the store. It crashed several times and kept restarting. Anyway, I didn't realize that it ended up sending each of these transactions to the store and billing the credit card on file repeatedly. (It is NOT the fault of this store location) Whoever created this app needs to fix this issue before I ever use that dumb app cos I'll NEVER use it again for making life a nightmare trying to get a refund for more than a week. Having said that, the Manager ensured that she called me back to follow up on this and assured me that she was going to correct this issue although it may take some time due to the 3rd party provider. True to her word it was corrected eventually. But I wanted to warn all potential customers about the app problem cos it's awfully created. Despite this horrible issue, I still give 5* bcos the food here is good and the service from the Manager in making this right was great.

Emily Rose

This was a great alternative to waiting in line for brunch on Sunday as everywhere else had a half hour to hour wait time This was quick decent food that was perfect because I was starving

Duncan Blackman

Good. Also veggies.

Kelly McCathrin

Great crew, friendly and fast, love the food too!

Heather Huston

Consistently good quality toasted sandwiches. The chicken enchilada soup is a family favorite & packs a pleasant kick!

Kevin David

Great place to grab a quick bite in the Gulch.

Kane Howard

Food is good as you would expect. My favorites are the Bigs Meatball sandwich, chili and a chocolate shake is very good.


One of my favorite sandwich shops to visit when coming through or staying in Nashville. Food is always perfectly prepared and hot.

William Cooper

Great lunch spot, reasonable prices and a great atmosphere for a quick meal. The turkey and swiss was fantastic and you get plenty of options to top the sub. They had a few other sandwich options that intrigued me and their cookies are 5 star quality!

Lee E. Stevens

Love this place, we use to go all the time in Chicago.

Alexis Abbott

Really great food and service. I've been a few times now and haven't been disappointed.

Colt Holiday

Food was excellent but service is terrible.

Diane Fugate

Great place! Had a smoothie but a bit rich for a hot day after a bike ride. But love the service and the location.

Joseph Legg

Food was great. Staff wasnt rude, but could be a little more welcoming.

Mario Jiménez

Good quality ingredients, solid sandwiches.

madhavi nallapu

Rude staff , went there 5 minutes before closing. Staff did not even say hi and talking very rude while taking the order. Very disappointed

Wade Stringfellow

A wreck with everything but mustard. No need to say anymore, so good!

Shut And Listen

By far the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced IN MY LIFE... The employees are extremely rude and they treat you as if you don’t even suppose to be ordering there... To make matters worst there was a hair in my food... I really don’t recommend this place....

Matt Davis

Not bad for a sandwich place. The service was fast and pleasant. Be sure to know what you want before getting in line because they move fast at lunch. The sandwich was toasted which I really liked. It was good but nothing to knock you socks off. Expect to spend around $15 since it is located in the gulch. Overall it is a nice place to grab a quick and filling lunch.

Tina Osborn

Great subs and hearty salads. The cookies are delicious, especially when used in a Potbelly ice cream sandwich! There’s free 1-hour parking in the garages on either side of Potbelly (i.e., the Gulch Crossing or Velocity garages). Use those instead of the open-air lot across the street.

West Bielstein

I was so glad when they first added a Potbelly here in Nashville. Now, I can't stop eating at this one!

Jeff McEntire

Yummy for my tummy

Erick Racedo

Love this place! Great subs. I highly recommend "A Wreck". It's really good. The place is also in a great area :)

Kerby Wilkes

The restaurant was very crowded for lunch, but still got my sandwich in 5 minutes. Great prices, sandwich was definitely better than a Subway sub.

Leonardo Soto Jacobson

Great subs

Josh Stone

Enjoyed the Pizza Sandwich.

Jason King

I love Potbelly Sandwich Shop! My wife and I are originally from TN, but we spent the last two years in DC and Potbelly is all over that area. I can honestly say the two things I miss most about the DC area are 1) the Smithsonian, 2) ready access to Trader Joes, and 3) Potbelly! This location didn't have the Bigs (larger sandwiches), but the woman behind the counter assured me that they were coming soon. I had an Italian, and it was as good as I remember. Top tip, skip the chips and snag a chocolate brownie cookie.

Talitha Cox

I order a lot of food from all over Nashville. Two big things I look for is good food and do they deliver. Potbelly does both and the cookies good too!

Staci Alatsis

The staff was friendly and had good reccomendations!

Robert Pentecost

My son worked at the original store in Chicago while in HS . THIS brings back memories. Service and food as good as the original. Will be back

Joseph Uvanni

It's a typical sandwich shop. Everything is good for a normal lunch but nothing is going to make you write home about it.

Lisha LaBrec

Mediterranean salad is DELICIOUS!!

Jessica Head

Employees were terribly rude. I've never experienced such attitudes in a restaurant.

Antoine Bishop

Amazing sandwiches and shakes!

Jennifer R

Good food, subpar customer service...

Anna Wilson

Fun environment good subs


So the food is good. But the service/employees rudeness overshadow any glimmer of positivity that could be given. You can always tell when the manager is not working because the employees show their true colors. Our office is within walking distance so we have eaten here about once a week or so for the past few months and have all remarked on the poor attitudes and service. It is to the point that we go elsewhere rather than dealing with them. If you do not want rude service and have to have a sandwich or salad from here order on the app so you have very limited dealing with the employees. It is spectacularly horrid. Lol! Sucks too because their sandwiches and salads are yum and the price, while high, isn't too bad for the Gulch.

Ewing Goodloe4

Hard to find when doing Postmates orders please if u get me and u like ur delivery five

Nathaniel Holzmann

Great place for good sandwiches for lunch. Highly recommended.

Laura Tate

A great deli with for a great price

Rene pilot

Great concept would be even better if the male manager didn't constantly throw out statistics concerning minorities when ever he sees one.

Matt Miller

Quick service and great sandwiches. Samsung Pay worked with no issues.

Rebecca Saterfield

Their milkshakes are good

Jocelyn Berrios

My boyfriend and I are originally from Chicago (aka Potbelly central) and so when we found out there was a location in the Gulch we were thrilled! Food is (as always) delicious but the staff is sub par. The sandwich attendent with blue hair was extremely rude.. didn't even acknowledge us. As we were paying, I asked if she could scan my Potbelly rewards to which she answered "well you should've done that before you paid". Love Potbelly and it's food offerings but I am definitely not looking forward another encounter with the sub par staff at this location. Also, is there a way for me to get the points from my order?!

Kristen MacLean

I'm noticing a theme. Good food, but the employees ruin the experience. They barely greet you; you just awkwardly stand there hoping they'll acknowledge you. Oftentimes they are too busy in their inappropriate conversation with the other employees to bother taking your order, so you just stand there until they're done giggling. Beware *the first thing they'll say after you place your order is "do you want bacon or mushrooms on that"? They will ask this no matter the order and will NOT disclose until you get to the register that there is a surcharge for BOTH!!!** Both times I went to this location, I had to get the employees attention to ask to pay because they were so distracted and giggling with the other employees; I just felt like I was nearly inconveniencing them by paying. Manager needs to fine-tune employee conduct at this location because it's very off putting imo. Otherwise very cute business model and shop!

Martin Lutz

There sandwiches are good. There soups and salads are awesome. I had an Uptown salad with the Potbelly Vinaigrette dressing and Chicken Enchilada Soup. I will be back. They're usually fast. You can order online and pickup or local delivery. No drive-thru, but there's a couple free first hour parking lots across the street and next door.

Andrew Friesen

Good food, decent service. Usually busy, that may have been the problem last time I visited...we finished our food before we received the frozen lemonade we ordered from the start. Did they have to freeze it before they served it? I dunno...good sandwiches and soup/chili tho!


Almost always stop here for the Farmhouse salad on my way to work on the freight train back to Birmingham. Absolutely AMAZING Salad and priced right for its size/serving. Never had an issue with the staff as read in the 1 and 2 star reviews. Great work Potbelly!!

Alan VanMeter

For a chain sandwich shop it was well above average. You'll be hard pressed to get a better sub outside an east coast style deli. It won't break the bank either, always a plus!

Patrick Gullett

Yes!!!! So glad to see Potbelly make an appearance in middle TN. Rooting for all the success of this location in hopes they expand in the area. Thank you for the incredible food!

Raul Campos

Our fave sandwich establishment when we lived in Chicago. Happy to finally have one here too. Kids love their shakes too.

Natalie Jackson

This shop usually has very friendly service. However tonights crew was terrible. They acted like I was inconveniencing them for being there. Walked in at 6pm (2 hours before close), the girl was very rude, ignored me twice when I asked for pickles and tomatos on my sandwich, finally responded with, "we are out". How are you out of tomatos and pickles 2 hours before close?! They were also out of their famous cookies. I'm no Einstein, but my guess is that the crew was too lazy to restock. She also gave us no bag for our 2 sandwiches, two bags of chips and two drinks and walked away. We had to reach over the counter to grab our own bag. She didn't say thank you, come again, anything that would make someone want to come back. I live down the street and go to Potbelly 3 to 5 times a month. Very disappointed with the service tonight.

Aubrey Preston

Potbelly has been a lifesaver when it comes to catering for large groups at work. Their food is incredibly fresh and serves a wide variety of dietary preferences. Their owner, Chris, goes above and beyond to ensure our orders are meticulously packed and delivered correctly and on time. Even their sandwich toppings are more interesting and flavorful than the average sandwich shop. I'm more of a salad than a sandwich kind of girl, and I'd say they have some of the best salads in Nashville. Don't get me started on their huge, delicious, soft cookies. Our office is always thrilled when they see Potbelly boxes arriving for lunch! Highly recommend.

Tennessee RockMom

Really good sandwiches (the chicken cheddar is awesome), my daughter had the Powerhouse salad, loved it! The chili is a little sweet, but not bad. We enjoyed it!

Randi Ferguson

Their sandwiches are good. I love that they carry Zapps.

Brad Dillon

Great sandwiches, good service, super busy during the lunch hour on weekdays but worth the wait. Always get the roast beef with hot peppers.

ATC 1979

Great food! Clean atmosphere, great experience! Chris the owner of Potbelly in there working hard right next to all of his employees! Always great to see in a business! Recommend it highly!

Mary DeLory

Very good. Fast service. Big salads.

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