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1235 6th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208

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REVIEWS OF Monell's IN Tennessee

Stephanie Shanna

This place is much different than your typical restaurant. I’m not big on sitting with other people, but the food was delicious! We got full really quickly. I recommend going when you’re really hungry to get your money’s worth.

Nate Heotis

Was an amazing experience definitely worth another visit. Went with 9 people got seated immediately and the food started rolling. The no phone policy was worth it as well.

Mark Booth

Family style dining with your new friends! Their food is beyond delicious. Easily probably some of the best fried chicken I've ever had. Very reasonable prices for the quality and quantity of food. Menu is a fixed daily menu, you get what they serve, dont worry, you wont be disappointed!

grace boykin

So delicious. It’s family style and I don’t like talking to people honestly

Laura Whittaker-Rawlinson

One of the best meals I’ve ever had! Perfection! The chicken! The corn pudding! The stuffing! The beans! The mashed potato! Amazing! Great value too!

Tim Von Ah

The fried chicken is amazing. Bring your appetite. This is family style eating and the foods was great.

Emily Einolander

Expected a wait so just went to a sweet coffee shop around the corner. When we came back we just relaxed in the shaded sitting area outside. Being seated at the table with a lot of other people was so much more fun than I expected. The corn pudding and cheese grits were fantastic, and of course the chicken (obvi).

Earth Worm

Wonderful food! I bit different from what im use too... we actually sat with complete strangers, passing the dish of foods around, over all still fantastic place too eat a

steven savanick

Best breakfast no question! Come hungry and ready to meet some great people. Family style service and a home like feel make this place a must do.

Victoria Kenagy

Absolutely delicious food and wonderful staff. Best place to go in small groups. Or solo because of the community table setting.

james turbeville

Can't say enough good things about this place. First the food is amazing! I'll say it again, the food is a-maze-ing! It's a quaint family style restaurant with all the southern fixings. The tables are set family style and you set with other patrons as if you were a guest for Sunday dinner. We had great conversation, and shared a meal with people from all over the world. I challenge all who come to Nashville to try this place out. It won't disappoint

David Hoxsey

This place amazing! Sad that I discovered it on the last night of my trip to Nashville (I may have eaten there every day). All the food was cooked very well, the flavors were spot on and it is all you can eat; this is the stuff dreams are made of. Seating is open and family style, so you may share this experience with complete strangers, but what better way to make new friends than over an amazing meal? Go now. Go often.

Smoltzie :D

Where to start with this place!!! First, the food! Oh my gosh the food!! The biscuits and gravy are definitely the best part, if you love southern food you HAVE to eat them!! The fried chicken and catfish is also amazing! So are the vegetables and desserts!! The service is also very good! I love the no phone policy Also the fact that you sit with random people is very nice! I met a lot of people from different places and got to know them a little! Going back for midnight breakfast later too! 10/10 totally recommended!

Grant Rogers

This is easily the best restaurant I have ever been to it my life. The family style seating/serving is fantastic. The service was fast and beyond friendly. The food is hot and amazing. You wont leave hungry! Thank goodness I'm just in town visiting, I would go here every night to stuff my face if not!

Derek Helwig

All you can eat authentic southern style eats in a table share environment.

Zerriyan Jackson

I like the family-style seating. Cell phones are not allowed which allows you to socialize with others. The wait was 30-45 minutes for seating. But it seems to go really fast since they seat several people at one time. I will definitely dine there again.

Catherine Dodson

Monell's is one of the most unique dining experiences I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. It is So awesome to sit around a huge table with 8 to 10 strangers and pass around huge platters of all sorts of tasty, excellent. mouth watering, foods. The atmosphere is So awesome, making small talk with your new "Table Family" while enjoying some good ol' southern eats.

Colleen Busboom

Had a great experience visiting here! Loved the family style dining and southern experience. The food was absolutely delicious (went for breakfast) and abundant! We had plenty for our large table. The servers were attentive and friendly and made the meal into an experience! Check this place out when you’re in town!

Jennifer Leonard

I’m in love with Monell’s. The fried chicken, greens and banana pudding transported back to happy childhood memories. 100/10 recommend going. Unique service with wonderful people!

Michael Barsteika

Family style dining done well. Excellent food, tons of options, and very friendly service.

Dakota Wilson

Even though there is a heat advisory today, the 45 minute wait for our table was pleasant in the shaded courtyard, they even had a water cooler out. Inside, the family table environment is great, we where told NO CELLPHONES at the table, and I grinned ear to ear, what a pleasant surprise to be forced to interface with the strangers at the table and your family. I endorse this practice the most. Now the food, how-dy boy! I grew up in rural TN and my mother owned 2 separate meat and 3 joints growing up, so I know southern food. This place is legit. I mean too legit to quit. It has been 6 hours since our visit and I am still full. I'd give 20 stars if I could! EAT HERE, it's good for you and your family!

Darlene Hines

I see what the hype is about. This was a interesting experience with great food. Beware that you will be sat family style with a large group of people. It lends to interesting conversation after the awkwardness wears off.The food was incredible. Everything was hot and well seasoned. Our offerings included roast beef, ribs, and fried chicken. There were green beans, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, pea salad, nd corn pudding. Dessert was cherry crisp.

Joyce Gilette

The Best Home Cooking I have ever had at a restaurant. So much Delicious food, Fried Chicken like my Mother in law made. Beef pot roast like my Grandmom n Mom use to make. Cinnamon Buns out of this world. The service was excellent especially Cisco. Thanks everyone. When I get back to Nashville, I will definitely eat there again.

Justin Kiena

What a great spot. A must visit if you are in town for a few days. Sit down and be served at this awesome family style restaurant. Beautiful grounds, friendly service. We got there for open, and there was already a line almost down the block, so plan accordingly, and enjoy!

Uta Wortham

I absolutely loved this place! It was like being home but not having to wash the dishes. The food was amazing, the staff was amazing, price was more than reasonable, and the concept is BEAUTIFUL! We celebrated our 9 year Anniversary there and we are coming back.

Terrence Lau

A great experience dining at communal tables with strangers. It has a very home-y feel to it as if you're eating at your grandmother's place. Fried chicken, catfish and mashed potatoes were delicious. The wait was long but worth it.

Tina Flohr

Great service! Personable & friendly. Food is delicious, filling and just like a family tradition!

Jim Bravo

This place is a "family style" buffet set up for every table. You are seated at a large table with strangers, and pass dishes around to each other to share. It was off-putting at first. You don't order your food, you eat what they bring. It turned out to be a great experience, and the food was FANTASTIC! We will definitely be back.

Sheronda Farrow

The atmosphere was awesome and the food was phenomenal. I hated walking back to the car. This is the first time that I have ever loved every single thing that was served. The staff was very accomodating and pleasant. They make you feel like you belong there. You may walk in as a stranger, but you leave as family. I'm so glad we took the time to stop in.

James Root

Love this place, the people & the food of course was delicious! A huge shout out to Gloria for making our experience so special The family style breakfast was amazing - we highly recommend eating here!

Norraine Thurmond

Very good food and service!!! Fells like your eating at someone's house, very home like serving style and dishes. Food taste like homemade too. Only thing is it family style you are seated at a table sometimes with people you don't know if your party is small enough. You can not take food home with out paying extra and if you sit you pay even if you do not eat!

Heather Harris

It’s nice. I am not a big fan of family style eating, but it works great with a large party. The food is very Home style and it reminds me of grandmas!!! It’s a great place to go for large parties, not at all intimate.

Edward Benson

Excellent food, excellent atmosphere. My family and are from NYC and we met a nice couple from Canada who were seated at our table. Great idea to seat them at our table. And my wife loved the banana pudding!!

All Things Stephen

Visited as part of a large group - a wedding reception. Good southern food. The food was brought to the table and passed around. We had fried chicken, catfish, and ribs for our meats. They were all good. Sadly; I don't remember the vegetables but I do remember enjoying them. The servers we had were great and personable.

Rick Barboza

Great place to eat and meet new people. Family style dining but home cooked meals. We just kept passing the dishes and tried everything. Fried chicken was delicious and juicy. Cajun catfish fillets along with bbq ribs was a nice addition. Also dont forget the sides of cornbread , coleslaw,string beans, cream corn, mac n cheese, mash potatoes and something else. Man I am full. Plus peach cobbler at the end. Did I mention all you can eat. We need to come back here , soon.

Jeremy Peak

This restaurant has a real family home cooked meal setting that can bring people close was excellent. The service was decent. The prices are high. Use your manners when you dine here.

B Bakes

Great atmosphere. Gloria our hostess was very welcoming! Highly recommend to stop for food. Eat all you need!

Stephanie Walker

I love Monell's! I like to take all my out of town visitors and go for special occasions. I think Monell's is somewhere you have to go to when in Nashville! The food is always exquisite! The people at your table are usually very friendly and have great conversation. The building and grounds are beautiful!

Kristyn Hoyle

Family style dining, where you are seated with random people, and adopt them into your group. My friends and I now have an uncle Bob. The food was really amazing, home cooking style. Our entrees were fried chicken, pot roast, and baked spinach filled shells. We had green beans, mashed potatoes, & broccoli salad as sides. Also, homemade biscuits, peach preserves, and banana pudding came around the table. All in all, it was a fun and interesting experience, for a great price.

Delender Gardner

Monell's was definitely our most enjoyable experience in Nashville! The food was incredible and the family style setting was pretty amazing too as you get to meet, converse with, and learn interesting things about the other people at the table. America could use more places like this!!! The owner and staff were so pleasant, we feel like we have made friends for life! A definite "Must Do" for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. We will definitely visit again anytime we are in Nashville!

diana vesosky

Everything you’ve read is spot on - great home style cooking, like eating at a Thanksgiving table in someone’s house. Biscuits and peach preserves were amazing and the best fried chicken - and great company! Lovely!

Patti Maddox

My husband and I went back in early March, this is probably the best restaurant experience ever. The family style seating allowed us to meet a really nice family from California, we’re from Indiana. There is way more food than anyone can ever finish and the prices are very reasonable. The staff is busy, but still friendly and helpful. This is not just a place you go to eat, it’s a complete experience. We’ll always return anytime we visit Nashville.

Lynn Heaney

Monell's is an incredible dining experience! The food is beyond delicious and plentiful. What you experience is like being at home around the table with new friends- you are seated at a table for 12 made up of your party and others who have come to dine. We were blessed to have our party of 5 (4 from Memphis and 1 from Nashville) to sit with one man from Indianapolis, a family of three from Louisville, KY, and three ladies from San Antonio, TX. There are no cell phones allowed at all (signs posted everywhere) which prompts conversations around the table sharing who we are, where we're from, what we do, celebrating new jobs or anniversaries or birthdays, and different interests. It was incredible! I can't wait to go back!

Luann Landers

Always great Southern food! Meet interesting people at the table. Never had anything bad! Gotta love the fried chicken, corn pudding and banana pudding!

Back to Health Chiropractic

We stopped here with a big group with family and this place did not disappoint. The service was friendly and swift. The food was honestly hot and fresh - and simply outstanding. Must try this place out if you around the area!

Zandra Elliott

The food was delicious, staff was very informative and friendly. We also met a really nice gentleman who ate at the table with us. Once again did I mention that the food was delicious

Rachel Takeman

We LOVED Monell’s. It was the highlight of our Nashville trip. I was told they have good southern comfort food (they do!) but I didn’t know about the family style of the meal or how you sit at dining room style tables with strangers. It was so homey and so different from most dining. We will definitely be back!

Brandon Thiriot

Wow! This is the closest thing you can get to home cooked southern food! They sit you down with random people and you pass around food like a home cooked family meal. Awesome food, make sure you call to find out what food is being served that night. It is all you can eat, so pack it in! Friday nights are, Catfish, Ribs, and Fried Chicken. No Reservation's, but worth the wait!

Gabriel Gamino

A must stop if you're in town. Very affordable for the food and the experience. Loved the fact no phones allowed at the table. It creates such a nice environment for everyone to have a conversation as if everyone at the table were a big family. The food was delicious, best mac and cheese and fried chicken ever. The staff was also extremely friendly and welcoming.

Simone Milo

This is by far one of my favorite experiences ever in Nashville! Inviting and excellent customer service. Food was amazing! Corn pudding is a must have.

Logan Gilbert

Went to the Saturday midnight breakfast. It was sooo worth staying up for that incredible meal. There was so much food! They sat us at a big table with others in a family style dining. Then they brought out biscuits, country ham, fried apples, bacon, sausage, pancakes, fried chicken (yes fried chicken), corn pudding, fried potatoes, cinnamon rolls and probably one or two more I have forgotten. Come hungry!

David Mormann

What a great place, original family style, awesome food, forced interaction nearly and no cell phone rules at the table. Check the menu for the day even though everything in had was stellar. The times they are open may matter to you though. Not a lot of seating but worth the wait if that's the case. Off the beaten path but if I'm ever in Nashville area I'll always come back. Excellent food, great service and I really enjoyed the dining style.

John Bearden

I like the concept. I especially like the No Cell Phone at the Table rule. All the food was great. It was also very clean. It was very pricey.

Kimberly Dickinson

Wonderful experience every single time. Food was nothing short of amazing. Love the family style and people you meet. No cellphone at the table policy is fantastic. You get to unplug and actually enjoy your meal.

Drunkuncle Tuddle

Excellent !!! Service was great & we loved the food. We even enjoyed the company of the people we did not know who sat at our huge table. No way you leave hungry from Monell's.

Gary Schnaper

Such good food I didn't want to leave! Family style seating about 12 to a table. Worth a visit!

Douglas Babcock

A unique experience. You don't get a menu and order, you just sit down at a big table with whoever came in with you, then they bring the food family style one item after another. We had the breakfast and it was delicious.

April Carson Carson

What an experience, the dining style was special and intimate with strangers. It's the old southern hospitality dinning experience really. You dine with people you don't know, you all talk and eat. Food has a way of bringing people together, I think that is there approach and is works. The food was so fresh. Southern charm. The best place to eat in that town. Everything served you wanted more of. Just that good. Hats off to the cooks and servers

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