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Andrew Lewis

Decent coffee but they apparently bought their espresso machine from wherever McDonald's gets their ice cream machines. This spot used to be a McDonald's a long time ago so maybe their ice cream machine possessed it when that McDonald's died.

Diane DiCarlo

Sandwiches and soups are tasty, but service is spotty. It's been better recently, with people behind the counter who are pleasant and have some awareness of customer service. In the past the place seems to have been poorly managed. Fortunately, that has improved lately

amy De Paz

Food is food but very pricey. For 2 sandwiches, 2 coffees, 2 bag of chips and a cookie was almost $40.

Esther Rosa Martinez

5 for Good food but sadly I give them a 3 because the staff was kind of rude. No smiles or grettings at all. I visited two times the store at Vanderbilt Hospital and 2 employees out of 6 were nice at us. Its a shame for a place that serve so delicious food.

Marilyn Mears

Received a 62 on recent health inspection. Absolutely should be closed down until completely sanitized and all filth eradicated. As a customer, you see the filth that is rampant in front of house -- trust me, you don't WANT to see the filth in back of house including dangerous food storage temperature issues. Considering it's located in a HOSPITAL and patrons are almost exclusively health workers, patients and visitors to patients, I would think the sanitation and expired food issue would be priority ONE. The rude service, unprofessional treatment of customers, lack of stocked product, preparation, opening and closing at posted times? Some things never change.

Patrick NotStar

This has to be the most mismanaged, disorganized, unclean, unprepared restaurant I have ever stepped foot in. This just isnt a 1 time occurrence or 2 times. This is an everyday issue with them not being ready when they open their doors. If they cant seem to get it together at a 5 am opening maybe they need to push their opening time back an hour or two. If the issue is with employees not caring to come in, showing up late then its time to clean the slate, and start over. I would give everyone 1 chance to correct their problems with doing the job they receive a paycheck for all while doing active interviews so when/if they mess up again they are terminated. Obviously they have no type of policy to follow dealing with call outs or tardiness. They should always have at least 4-5 on call employees/part time employees that will welcome the extra money should they receive the call.

Mark Jolly

Pricey but for a hospital in Nashville, a really good place to get a good breakfast sandwich, salad, donut or bagel and a good coffee. Recommend it highly!

Goldtrap Law

Good food and good service

Cynthia Stannard

Food is really good for inside a hospital (Vanderbilt).

Allan Price

High energy super friendly quick service inside (main level) Vanderbilt Medical Center Nashville, TN

Eric Leddy

Good for a quick bite or snack

Jeff Anderson

Salad bar was fresh and well stocked.

Melanie Kie

Pricey but yummy!!

Katonyia Fernandez

Great soup


Granted, I don't buy much from Au Bon Pain but I am charged a different amount for what I do buy practically every time I go in. I'm done with them. Today, after waiting in line 5 minutes, I was told they took all forms of payment EXCEPT CASH! So I had to move to the back of another long line. A big sign may have helped here don't you think. All I was purchasing was a couple of tablespoons of humus and some bread. Instead of the 1.08 I was charged the last time I was in there, I was charged over 2.00. When I questioned the price, I was told that the humus was too light for her to scan so she charged me for a banana because she had to charge me for something. ( I did not have a banana). That has to be one of the dumbest...I'll stop. How about finer scales and automation. Robots would at least use logic and reason to come up with a better solution.

Catherine Struntz

Wide selection, nice calm atmosphere. Excellent salmon wasabi bagel.

Heather Jackman

There are some gluten free options and a good salad bar. Just don't expect the employee's to make eye contact or seem anything but miserable about their jobs.

Jody Baron

Incredible Wraps at this place!

Logan Richards

Took 20 minutes to get a box of coffee.

Ben May

It was OK considering it's in a hospital.


Overpriced but it's in a hospital so no shock there. Standard fare for this type of establishment. BLT was good.

Matthew Peel

Sandwiches were surprisingly really good. This is inside of Vanderbilt. If you are visiting a patient this a great place to get them food. Food is really good and the patient will be glad to get food from here instead of the stuff the cafeteria sends to the rooms!

Shaunta Sea

The food was fine. if somebody's going to get a salad they should be able to get more than one individual salad dressing with it and not have to pay $0.69 you should at least be able to get to for free

Amy Rufus

They have great food, but their prices are steep!!! But, that's to be expected in a mall. They had drinks, but they were hot bc the cooler wasn't even plugged up. They moved the line pretty fast. They made the sandwiches fast also. All in all we love their sandwiches. Some of them were spicy too, but so delicious. An added plus the bread was homemade sourdough bread!! Delicious!!

Kathryn Garton

Bacon egg and cheese croissant good but very burnt

Teus Kappen

This place is one of the major 'food supplies' for the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which makes it an important place for employees but also patients and their families together some breakfast, lunch or snack. That makes it very crowded at times with some food being out of stock quite early. It has an important social function and the food is decent.

Yuchen Zhang

The people are rude. The food is slow. And they will lie to you.

J Walker

The soups here are awesome! They have 8-10 different choices daily and besides a couple standards that are always available (like vegetable), the options change every couple of months. It IS pricey, just like all of their other food and all …


The staff is great!


This place is the absolute worst- considering everyone working there acts like it's a huge inconvenience to assist you. Then you're paying close to $2.50 for a tiny muffin. Then go check out, and the cashier is too busy texting someone to even look up when you speak to them/ask a question.

Marlin Motorsports

Good fresh food.

Concerned Person

If u are stuck at the hospital and this is the only place open...

Butch Shelton

Decent food prices are Way to high. Place is going downhill fast. Some days it looks like no one picks up at all. Other days like no one cooks at all.

Mike Rivers

very little staff but then again there were not many customers. staff seemed happy but slightly overworked

Gary Lambo

I just got back from buying 2 veggie salads. My girlfriend and i who just had a baby literally just threw whole salads in trash. Very disappointed. I just wasted 16 dollars. Im sure there cooked food is better but dont waste your money. Only got 2 stars cuz the young lady at the register was helpful and polite. Also the drink machine right outside sells for 50 cents cheaper.

Rana Smalling

Their coffee does the job. Starbucks you're fired.

Michelle Wharton

Not very clean staff not friendly out of salt?????

Dr. Abby Burke

I come in often and each time the staff is less than cordial and or neat. On my resent visit, I sat reviewing some students work and a ‘rile’ erupted in the back of the store. The language was indefensible. This will be my last visit. Rev. Dr. Abby Burke

Sheila Watson

Breakfast sandwich was good. The workers need to wear a smile

Hope Herelle

Just make sure you have enough in the bank to afford them but no complaints on the food or service

Lisa Sherden

The egg, cheese and Turkey sausage bagel is wonderful

Amy Dawson

I'm an employee at VUMC and when Au Bon Pain first opened, it was very nice, clean and had a great selection of items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I just went over there during my lunch break today and I'm considering not going back there again. First off, they don't offer the selection of items that Au Bon Pain has on their website. Half of the salad bar was completely covered and the dressings wasn't even labeled that you had to ask an employee what kind of salad dressing it is. Be careful when you pick up the salt and pepper packets....I grabbed a couple of salt packets for my salad and it turned out to be pepper when I opened them. And the customer service was not as friendly as they used to be. It's very disappointing that the quality and service that Au Bon Pain has gone downhill since they first opened. Either they need to improve their customer service, cleanliness, and quality/price of their menu items for the employees and patient's at VUMC or they need to close and replace it with the another fast food service that will do a much better job (Panera Bread, etc.)

Becca Jamison

Very disappointed, the sandwiches were small for the price. The restaurant was nasty, the employees were rude and too busy on their phones.

Lore Conway Realtor Informative

Large selection and friendly.

Jennifer cole-kelly

Love Au Bon Pain especially the one located at Vanderbilt Hospital

Slade Jacobs


sabrenia heard

Good place to eat when you're at the Hospital

Karen Crocker

A little pricey but the BEST cheese danish ever!!

L / A King

It's convenient and relatively ok with its limited selection. Sadly, my Chicken Caesar Salad lettuce was wilted and brown around the edges. Having the stress of staying with my special needs adult son full time in patient and able to get away for one meal a day it was frustrating.

Larry Longwell

Your choice of many things. All fresh. Open space, lots of light.

Larry Quinn

I had coffee and a muffin, they were good but average. The down side was the tables were dirty and had to be cleaned before we could eat. It was not busy and the cashier was constantly talking on her cell phone. There was clearly no manager on site to supervise the place.

kerwyn carroll

Service ok food ok

Josh Nichols

Try the Good Egg sandwich.....and the pastries are great too.

Alberta Hardison

Quick friendly service. I had a gift card that need to finish using and wanted a good hearty breakfast.

William Cross

Love the salad bar. I also love some of their other treats when they are available.

Crystal Case


Mark Smith

Great employee's and plenty of parking, it's close to other great stores and restaurants. Great place.


Late hours and healthy eating options. This combination is a rarity in Nashville. So thanks Good Bread!

Trixie Verchota

This place was great! A nice place to stop if you're at the hospital for a quick bite to eat. The guy making the sandwiches was very quick and very sweet. The prices were decent and the food was good. The entire place is pretty clean for an eatery. Will definitely revisit.

Lanette Fults

Everything was very good. The food was flavorable, the staff was friendly and the place.was clean.

Wilson Adams

Convenient, but I only go if I have to. Forget about getting in and out quick during normal lunch hours, it's a disaster.

Misty Barnes

Excellent Latte

London Lee

Wonderful experience! Everything so fresh and delicious!

Rhiannon Flair

Food was good but I was charged $17 for a salad ( I made off cold bar) a small bowl of Mac n cheese and a large fountain drink. It's expensive.

Lisa Lolley

Far too expensive

Ashudee Kirk

Really underwhelming food. Staff hospitality varies daily. Could definitely be nicer with better quality food.

Lee Jordan

On of my favorite places to stop for a quick bite to eat, whenever I have to visit the Vanderbilt Medical Center. Centrally located. Very clean. They have a salad bar, grill, and lots of morning bread items. Staff are very friendly.

Kevin Boyer

Soup and sandwiches not bad, but priced way too high for prepackaged goods.


NO EGGS? It's Saturday, brunch time (10:30AM) and this Au Bon Pain does NOT have eggs, so therefore it cannot serve its customers their All-Day breakfast. Honestly really a sad cause. Hopefully next time I come back there will be eggs. How can a cafe/bakery business that relies on their all-day breakfast as a marketing ploy not live up to their standards? I would call ahead before coming to this ABP.

Laura Fox

Disappointing experience - female staff seemed more interested in talking with each other or checking their phones than helping customers. In addition, they failed to mention that they no longer include basil in some if the menu items that specifically mention basil as an ingredient.

Brigid Heuser

For hospital food it was okay.

Jessica S

I wish they had the soups/chilli they advertise. Otherwise it's delicious

Jennifer Burton

Food is okay and overpriced.

Addie Adams

Ok food WAY over priced

Angela Saunders

The food is tasty, you can get sandwiches to order, a nice choice of soups and salads, a little pricey but staff friendly, helpful and it's always clean. This location is at VUMC where I work, actually in the hospital section near the Gift Shop.

James Wright

Great place to get coffee.

Leah Godsey

Not impressed. While food was good, the variety was small and price was high. Not unlike most other hospital deli's

Karen Smith

Delicious food! Always fresh!

Patricia Clark Pollock

Food ok, little expensive, they never have enough staff to cover the busy hrs. the set up with food bars and register is not the best.

Alec Down

I've been to this place maybe 10-12 times... Their sandwich counter I've only seen open twicd! The staff that work here are also just kinda rude.

Nat Holt

My chicken salad was tuna. Very boring tuna at that.

Matt Anderson

This isn't hospital food for sure. I ate here for a week and always had something different. The food is truly amazing.

Patricia M

I go in Au Bon Pain quite a bit because overall, it’s a pleasant place to eat there at the university and Medical Center. The restaurant is always messier than I’d like, and I’ve never, ever seen staff wiping down tables, but today, the place was absolutely filthy with crumbs, crush food, and napkins on the floor, and hair on the table I chose. I walked out. There is no way Au Bon Pain would pass a health inspection.

April Sharpe

Love their salads soups and sandwiches the turkey avocado what's arugula lettuce and sun-dried tomatoes is exceptionally good

Carol Kolb

Good food and good folks.

Fancy Pants

Prices are so expensive...& the staff is never friendly. There are no other places to eat in vanderbilt @100 oaks unless u go outside to other places which I hv started to do. The food is good sometimes. I visit vandy often...

Van Bevins

Good option at the medical center. Coffee is very good and the staff making sandwiches are very nice

Lynn L

Good food, late hours, very convenient when you have a family member in the hospital to have this place open late and open early

William Clinard

Good place for a quick bite to eat .... Soups are amazing!

Andretta Hunt

This is a convenient for me to grab a quick bite to eat The soups are good my favorite Turkey Chilli and the BBQ Chicken wrap is the bomb ....

Donna Kemp

WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! Ordered 2 sandwiches and lemonade $18.00+. Ridiculous, sandwich was not even that good. If you are having to stay multiple days with injured family members it is going to cost a fortune just for snacks.

Tazeen Ishmam

To-go place


This has got to be the most poorly run place in Nashville. Was told that the employ who makes food was on break and could not make any food. Also told that he might not know how to make what I wanted anyway.

Bennett Landman

The French roast is very good.

Amit Avhad

I ordered a vegetarian black bean sandwich with avocado and I was given with chicken in it. It has made me sick and could not complain there itself as I was only visiting Nashville to briefly meet a family friend .

David L

Clean restaurant, but they aren't very efficient.

Dr John Feuerbacher

A nice place to get started in the morning. Very attentive staff, nicely displayed food, and a clean safe environment. It's nice to walk in the restaurant in the morning not saying anything and they know what I want, even though I get the same thing everyday. Lets me know that they pay attention to the customers. Keep up the great work and even though mistakes will happen, we're all human. Dr. John

Michael Prince

It's the best soup selection in the hospital. Awesome cinnamon rolls

Melissa Wilson

Had the Broc cheddar soup and it was delicious

Larry Reese

Good heathy food,.tasty

Janet Hopkins

Broccoli soup barely warm

Andrew .c. G

Nice workers, and generally swift moving lines.

Matt Outland

Good food

Beth Canfield

Best sandwiches and fresh bread. A little pricey.

Chris Shores

Scone was pretty good but restaurant was total chaos and they had no iced coffee at 11:00am.

T. Gordon

Worse place on Vanderbilt's campus to eat. They shut down whenever they please, if it's within 2-3 hrs before closing time you can forget it. They have one soup, and the sandwich counter is likely to be closed prematurely. Also, everything they have is overpriced and the service is pretty mediocre, overall. It's a sad disappointment that McDonald's was replaced by this sad excuse for a healthy option.

Kevin Pierce

It looks like the shelves were last restocked during the Bush administration. If you enjoy empty coffee urns, and pawing through the remnants of a bakery, this is the place for you.

Heather Davis

Their espresso and made to order section is closed many days and they are usually understaffed. The tables are usually dirty with lots of trash on the floor. A pick up order I placed was lost and they told me to just grab something prepared, they didn't have anything close to what I ordered but got the brush off. When I asked for a refund thru the app I never got a reply. The people who work here in the evenings that I have encountered don't seem to enjoy thier jobs. Kind of a sad place. Almost like they know they don't have to work hard for customer service because of thier location in vandy hospital gets people through thier doors. I have given it a few times to redeem themselves, but sadly each experience seems to get worse. So goodbye abp, I will not be returning.

Phyllis Gutting

Staff were vert polite. Food was a little hig, however good tasting.


A few times now I have gone, had my order taken for a smoothie, was allowed to wait 15 minutes while other orders were made, and was then told there was no fruit for smoothies. This past time they actually admitted they were just making smoothies with sweeteners since the fruit had been out...eww! I finally commented that someone should mention when you order that they're out of what you're ordering, and she just shrugged and told me talk to the manager. It's bad enough that they're always so short on ingredients all around, but to know they don't have ingredients and then make you wait like that is just ridiculous and rude. I did call the manager, voiced my concerns, and he just said "alright" and hung up. Not even an apology or an "I'll look into it" How is "alright" even a customer service response? I honestly wish VUMC would put in something else in Au Bon Pain's place. They clearly have no regard for their customers...they loudly complain behind the counter about their customers, managers and coworkers all the time. I see them being rude even to patients and patient families. It's what you would expect from a normal fast food place, and that's bad enough- but Vandy holds their employees to such a high standard when it comes to respect and service, and employees have no problem wanting to meet that standard. Au Bon Pain is just the opposite. It's the only place on campus that I've ever been treated disrespectfully and routinely see others be treated with disrespect. I know they're not Vandy, but you know what patients probably don't even realize that. I know when I first started having to come here I didn't know that for the longest time. They're still a representative of Vandy so even as a vendor they should be held to the same standards. A little common decency isn't asking too much.

G Lind

Soup was excellent....

Kim Lindsey

Muffin looked great but it was so dry it was hard to swallow. I was disappointed

Christopher Seward Sr

Good coffee and pastries.

Tareq Al-Tuhaifi

Need to have creative ideas..using pita bread.. lentil soup.. new sandwiches.

Renee w

Good food but pricey

Charles Wilson

Very nice set up!

Janice Murphy

Great food, staff works to get your order and move the line of customers on through pretty quick, pricey though.

Tiffany Dabney

Love my people!

Jared Cummings

The service is abysmal, especially given the price. The employees are consistent rude, unhelpful, and unprofessional. Employees are frequently cutting up amongst themselves instead of taking orders. The store is poorly stoked and routinely out of many items. I once was trying to get iced coffee, only to realize there was no ice. An employee saw me try to get ice from the machine, and then went back to the back, filled her own cup up with ice for her drink, and proceeded to come out and fill her drink, did not acknowledge that I was trying to get ice or offer to assist. Frequently when I visit the store in the morning shortly after opening, there is nothing ready. It is as if opening time is the time they get to work, not the time they are prepared to open business are serve customers. Furthermore, they also routinely close earlier than their stated hours. I would give anything to just visit a place that is prepared to serve me, with a staff who would at least be kind, courteous, and polite. I dont know why it is so hard to just be nice and act like you enjoy your job and want to take care of the customer.

Pamela Johnson

Sandwich I had was an omelet on rye bread. It was awesome!

Thom Wilson

Fast, Tasty, & Reasonably Priced!

Mary Chasteen

Not real friendly

Greg Kinman

At Vanderbilt 100 Oaks location, the service and lack of concern makes the DMV seem like a friendly place. It seemed to bother them to take an order and even acknowledge customers. That is what you get when there's no competition, of course. Very sorry attitude.


Extremely overpriced! .60¢ an oz for salad! $7.50 for a half sandwich and small cup of soup. Not impressed.

Marie Leandre

It's ok

Deon Puckett

Its a good place to stop in and grab a bite and go

Mike Massey

High prices. Small servings. I actually feel like I was treated very rudely. The man waiting on me was treating the customer in front of me very nicely. Smilng and very cordial. When it was my turn he looked at me very disapprovingly and made it very clear he didn't want to fool with me. He said and what do you want. I told him an he said well we are out of that. Then walked off. I said well I will just have a turkey wrap then. It seemed like he just didn't want to serve me. I know I wasn't dressed nicely but I've been staying at the hospital with my son who is in heart failure waiting on a heart. I was just so shocked at his behavior I almost left. I will NEVER be back.

Michelle S-S

Prices here are higher than the nearby cafeteria and there is always a lengthy line at the registers. The cashier staff are friendly and helpful, but I’ve seen the managers be rude to their employees and customers.


Been here for a week. My wife LOVED it but I'm not into health food. Tried to have salad but all gross dressing. That's just me though

Rivka Brenna

Clean. Food was left too long under heat. Over priced, rude wait staff.

Rakesh S

spinach roll was delicious, coffee was good, expensive but fresh. good seating space

Logan Shoulders

Terrible service. Managers are left alone because the lazy staff can't show up. Food is decent but way overpriced.

Eric McElroy

Damn good food for being in a hospital. Very impressed. I had a turkey wrap and a wasabi salmon bagel that was really delicious. Coffee is not bad at all as well. Reasonably priced. Again, I was very surprised with this place.


Very expensive, not much to choose from. People not the friendliest.

Kevin Luchetz

The food is terrible, it's way over priced and the manager doesn't even smile.

alana cofield

Good tasting healthy food. Nice staff for most part. Great view of outside the hospital to the courtyard.

Jennifer Boyd

Best blueberry Muffins!!!

Beau Griffith


Elizabeth Dube

Good food and good coffee

Ebony Gladden

The toasted chicken and avocado sandwich, although pricey, was delicious. The lemonade was wonderful and tastes freshly squeezed

Steven Dabbs

First time here and I was very pleased. I had a salad & my father had a turkey sandwich.

Carlos Lopez

It's a typical ABP

Julie ODonnell

Nice staff here at Vanderbilt Hospital's cafe. My jalapeno bagel and coffee were perfect!

Stephanie Sharp

It's OK, I do like their soups

Mike Edwards

Food is overpriced and service is unfriendly!

Doris Myers

This food at AuBon Pain at Vanderbilt Hospital is so good

Michael Mevis

Price a bit too hard for me

Myra Broslat

#favorite Sandwich place love the good egg sandwich

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