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REVIEWS OF Hy-Vee IN South Dakota

Lawrence Lukas

Very clean and tidy. Customer service is good and they have a drive thru grocery pickup double lane. Pharmacy as well.

Tonya Walker

One of the best grocery stores I have ever been to, never have I had a bad experience at any of the Hyvee stores that I have been to

Nicholas Skajewski

HyVee has fantastic products, staff, and atmosphere. Most of the staff is very knowledgeable in their departments, and the managers always go out of their way to take care of you. Their product selection also stays up with what is currently trendy. In regards to the HyVee market grille, this location is the only one in our opinion that is good. We enjoy the daily menus as well as the specialty brunches. We are here on Easter because there brunch is the best in town. It offers the most variety, from sushi and smoked seafood, to prime rib and every breakfast item imaginable. Don't forget about the bottomless mimosas for $9!

nancy rieke

Clean, easy to shop, great prices!

Sumo Polka

Always have what you need. Good, friendly service.

Imma MF Starr

I love HyVee! Huge selection = Great choices! Everyone is super friendly & I always feel like it's the best place to go. Even if the prices are more than some places, the experience and atmosphere are worth it!

Camille Glick

Has everything I need.

Scott James

Half-off sushi Wednesday night...not so much. Used to be a half-price sushi bar. Now, you grab the pre-packaged sushi in the store. However, instead of $10, they charge you $14 to eat it in the restaurant. Yes, they still take half off, but you are supposed to tip on the full amount. This has essentially destroyed this as an attraction as you might as well buy it half off of $10 in the store, take it home, and avoid he tip.

Luke Strohm

People that work here make the station

Mark Javers

Hy-Vee does many things right. Their prices are competitive when you watch their specials. I like the 26th St. location better for ease of getting in and out.

Chris Davenport

All the employees are very helpful and friendly. If you ever need help finding something, they're quick to drop what they're doing to give you assistance. If you're eating at the restaurant, they're really good at giving generous portions, so you definitely get your money's worth.

Kelsey Eide

Always love the staff here!

Anthony Cook

Food wasnt great today....sadly

Sinplicity x

Clean and lots of options and good quality food. Employees friendly and eager to help you. Restrooms need a little more attention. Grab some salad, Chinese, cooked pizza or some heart warming food like meatloaf or just dine in . options options.

Kurt Kruger

Nice store but doe not have a lot of items the bigger stores have.

sarah brings

Always love the salad bar and hot swedish meatballs are my favorite

Jim Mathis

I went to my local Hy-Vee yesterday to buy groceries and pick up prescriptions and I was disappointed on so many levels. First at the pharmacy I was told you no longer give Fuel Saver Rewards on prescriptions; no warning of the change, you just dropped the benefit. I spent $164.80 on prescriptions yesterday, no reward. Then I went about my shopping. I found the shelves empty where I had been looking for 2 favorite products for several weeks. In each case, I have asked employees if you'll still be carrying the products and was told you were just out temporarily. Two weeks ago a manager asked if I had found everything. No, and I told him the 2 specific products I was looking for, he made notes and assured me they would be restocked. Yesterday, neither product was in stock for at least the 4th week in a row. I'm hugely disappointed in your ability to function as a store, the helpful smiles in every aisle are a joke. And then the privacy-invading Fuel Saver program has dropped its biggest perk. Many years ago I worked at the Hy-Vee in Indianola, Iowa. I was proud to say I'd worked there. I remember the training video with the story about how Misters Hyde and Vreedenberg started the chain and the pride they had instilled in the business culture. That pride seems to have been lost. I'm done with your Fuel Saver program. I'm cutting up my card. I'm trying other grocery stores, though your near monopoly makes that difficult. And my wife and are seriously considering dropping your pharmacy and moving our prescriptions as well. I am so disappointed.

Immortal Goku

Hy-Vee has pretty fair prices. If you actually look around for deals, you will find them. The staff has always been friendly with my family and.

Dr. Tim Fiegen

Very clean store, excellent service, recently priced.

MoJo LittleWolf

Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Drink is worth the money!

Orvin Varud

Good service and they had what I needed.

Taya Benson

Delicious deli meats and cheeses!


Early morning shopping and self checkouts were closed, thus had to wait in line.

jesse davis

I got 40$ of food n was all good except for the chicken alfredo it was terrible I called n they offered my money back but I took an Lyft there and back first time so wasn't worth the money

Marylee Lloyd

Clean, friendly staff. The most efficient Hy Vee in Sioux Falls

Yvette Holsing

Great selection at the Hy-Vee on Minnesota. Staff is always helpful and around to help.

Lee Buehler

It's a grocery store...what else can i say? Um, great beer selection. They could make it easier to find things although their tagline is literally "there's a helpful smile in every isle", and they stand up to that.

LaDanna Rich

I saw an employee grab another employee and pull her over to make fun of two shoppers. She tried to get two other employees over to see these ladies. I have never felt more ashamed and hurt for the two customers. As a person with disabilities this made me physically ill.

Jaime Snyder

Every store sets it's own prices it seems. Wish there was continuity between stores

Brandy Engels

I know now to never eat in there. I didn't know you were going to have to yell at each other just to have a conversation. Food wasnt that great either. First and last time. Sorry.

MikeMcD 1968

It's ok. Didnt have what I was looking for.

Chere' Collier

The people here are so understanding and very helpful to tourist

lizzy lehrkamp

They selection of siggis yogurts is unbelievable (they just need to make sure they are pulling expired products). It was also exciting to see MN hot sauce in SD.

Nicole Obi

This store has everything I needed for my keto diet. It's not cheap but it has quality products.

N e t s a n e t

Love it there! EVERYTHING is in order. Everyone is very kind!

Matthew Ellis

Please for the love of god make more cornbread for your Market Grille meals and stop throwing the blame from dept. to dept. Just make more, your rolls are no good.

Scott Slocumb

People who work here don't mind their own business

Hans Lundquist

A helpful smile in every aisle!

Val Dkes

Have great sales and deals

Brian Mooney

Excellent store and service

Alex Andersen

Most expensive grocery store in Sioux Falls! Can't help but feel robbed on certain prices!

Travis Ball

Went for dinner. They had an all you can eat special on the Chinese. Felt staff was not very customer friendly when you have to keep telling someone 3 to 4 times what you want it becomes very frustrating. It is also disheartening when I understand that the kitchen closes at 8 but start running out of food before than and when you ask if they are making more and the response you get it no.. Amount of food selection available was less than half from when we got there and kitchen still didn't close for another 20 minutes.

Samuel Everist

I always make sure to stop by the meat department to check out their great deals on seafood you can't get anywhere else. Plus the people behind the counter are always quick to help and even give you ideas on how to make the meat or seafood you just ordered.

Dan Deal

Great selection, fair prices.

Jerod Lammi

Great food, great prices, great floral department, good pharmacy. The restaurant in the store is really amazing.

Megan Moore

Tried a sushi bowl. YUMMO!

Boe Kelley

Best grocery store in town.

Tracy Lambert

I work there

Barb Lang

Clean. People working there friendly and helpful

Deb Heen

Great breakfast here.

Summer Hart

The isles can be a bit confusing but everything else is awesome

Jeffrey Wilske

Great staff and good value.

bella ameilon

Much confusion.

Virgil Whetsel

One of the best grocery stores in the state. Love the selection, the prices, and the fuel saver option.

Yvette VanDerBrink

Always a great place to shop and eat.

Melinda Buss

Great place to shop

Connie Berven

I like this Hyvee because it has more good stuff than the other stores. Customer service isn't as large and more people friendly.

Joel Heintzman

Good quality food. Customers are snobby though

leslie fenlon

Great selection of meats, cheese and produce. Best supermarket in the region for vegan and vegetarian selections. Best gluten-free store in the Dakotas.

David H

Awesome selection and decent prices. Gluten free friendly store.

Santos Mizserralta

Ok this hy_vee market place is very beautiful because they have anything you need a lots of special item at restaurant you pick what you like to eat on the price for anything is all ready low and thank you very nice and clean.

Betty Townsend

Hate how this store is arranged. So backwards from Eastside there

Kevin Woods

This store is awesome has everything you need and more. Great place to shop.

Marsha Howard

Hy vee is great! Can always find what I need!

Danni Burchardi

Always friendly people and very helpful locating items. Top notch customer service personnel. Great service at Hy-Vee 1, 3,and 5 all around!

Nate B

Good prices on beers n booze

Adreanna Sommer

First time visiting this store and I absolutely love it! Wish there was one closer to me because they have a huge selection of health food.

Michelle Savold

Nice when there is a guide to help find an aisle or product.

Katrina Ruddy

We went here for our wedding cake and flowers on our wedding cake. We had such a great experience with everyone that we encountered while we were at this location. The bakery employees were incredibly helpful with our wedding cake. They let us taste everything and were very intent on making sure we got what we wanted. The floral department employees gave us the same great experience. We had no idea what we would want for flowers on our cake so they brought out options and gave us ideas of what they could put together. We appreciate everyone that helped us so much and highly recommend this location to everyone. We had a bad experience at the 49th and Louise location so I was super happy that this store made up for it!

Tailinna Beckmon

We went to get stuff at the store that we needed from home we got grapes other stuff after that my dad went to the bathroom I seen my little friend she looked liked she was 9 or 10 and she said"hey" and I said "hi"then she went to her mom for a little bit then she came back and said"you look familiar?"and i said"I go the races almost every Saturday night"after I said that she said"bye"I said"bye" then another person said hey to me and I said hi I should've said hi do I know you??lol

Cory Winter

Well organized didnt get lost in clutter. friendly people. prices marked very well. I love the new self service better than Walmart. It was clean and organized.

C Maeschen

Very nice story with many amenities that not all grocery stores do not have!

Heather Smith

They need to have more Lanes open....or train their managers on the register.... Nothing more frustrating than hella long lines and 2 or 3 members of management just standing around.

Kate Schnack

Hugh selection. Helpful staff. A great health market section. Better than any other Hy Vee in Sioux Falls.

Nathan Sandberg

A huge grocery store with everything you could need and some things you never knew you wanted.

Stacy Eichhorn

Hyvee Chinese food great, but had to wait a very long time. Only 2 men working the chinese and a manager had to come help, it was 5pm a crowd was growing and not enough food was prepared at all.

Cindy Scott

There really a helpful smile in every isle. The reason I gave it 4 stars is that to get many specials you have to buy 3, or even 4 of something. As a grandma and lives alone on a fixed income I can't get many of the specials. Bummer

Carly Christensen

Great staff and selection

Lisa Mauseth

Helpful smile in every Isle!

Kyle Morrissy

Great prices on the HyVee brand products. Stray to the name brand and you are better served at other stores. Staff here were very helpful and friendly. Checkout was a disaster - only two registers were open and it took far too long to open more lanes as the lines grew and grew and grew. Cashier was not at all apologetic about the delay and was definitely the least friendly of the employees in the store. Otherwise this location is easy to shop and well maintained. Food court provided a quick, delicious, and cheap lunch.

Janet Hanson

Well stocked produce section. Also great selection of baked goods and deli meats and cheeses.

Jon Stevens

Hy-Vee has an excellent selection with good coupons and inexpensive prices

Tommy Wendt

For a supermarket the selection is better than most the service is better than most and I like seafood in their Seafood selection is usually very good

Charles Stanga

Always shop there for 36 years

Courtney Meyer

Best grocery store in the region. Always willing to help you with whatever you need. Great selection. Online ordering for pickup or delivery is a game changer.

Connie Mullett

Love Hy-Vee it's my go to grocery store

Stephanie-Jane Findlay

Standard supermarket, the main difference being it's employee owned and the staff are more friendly/obliging than in many of the chains.

Nicholas Dendanto

It's a nice supermarket to shop at however I shop here once a blue mood ever since they got rid of market grill restaurant and turned it into an Express. Just not quite my thing at least on their menu and customer service.

Scott Dougherty

Super is always very clean. Gotc some nice flowers for my friends.

Kevin Nilson

We had the buffet at the market grille express, while it was adequate, I found myself missing the market grille buffet, even though it was more expensive.

Natalie Almanza

Staff was so helpful and everything was neat and organized. The cashier was speedy and super friendly.

Robert Schoenfelder

Ok. Customer service counter never staffed enough. I wanted to buy a lottery ticket. I waited a few minutes behind several other people then finally left without. Only one person working.

Mr. potato

Fine place to shop for a wide variety of good food, some pricing a little high but they have their special deals

Danielle Donovan

I miss the old layout of the store. I feel like having to separate rows of items gets quite confusing for shoppers. Especially new ones

Lucas Van Holland

Great place to buy groceries. Staff is helpful and friendly. Food is fairly priced.

Mark Douglas

Since we live out of town I don't really get time to shop like I would like. So, I'm a hardcore bargain shopper and HyVee typically has some weekly loss leader deals and then some other sale items. This was thanksgiving week so the buy a 28 dollar ham and get a free turkey appealed to me. They also have the best off sale beer selection that I'm aware 9f in Sioux Falls. But by and large their normal prices seem to be high to me.

Scott Kilbourn

Helpful, friendly people. Great store that has everything I need.

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