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3219 S Minnesota Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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REVIEWS OF Big Rig BBQ IN South Dakota

Private Reviewer

Awesome brisket! I didn't want to eat anything else because it was so good!

Paul Ferguson

It's 6:39 on Saturday night and they have a sign on the door that says closed for Sunday's. Hours says open to 7pm on Saturday; third time in a row. Time to find a new place for ribs.

Jasen Javers

It was THE best BBQ in town! The ribs were perfect tasting and the service was great!

Bryan Kouri

Excellent meat. Great people. Sauces are fine, but could use improvement to match the quality of the meat.

Tedd Mendes

Best BBQ in town and may put it up against almost any other restaurant. A must if you are looking for quality BBQ!


Excellent food Excellent service

Mary Kay Schroeder

Best BBQ in Sioux Falls. We drive 2.5 hrs one way for it and they have never failed us. It's a must to go there!!

David Mattson

The best pulled pork and friendly service.

brad horstman


Lyn Colebrook

While I know BBQ joints sell out of some items, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. However I was a bit shocked when I stopped for a later lunch (3pm) and the sign on the door said ‘closed’. The owner was inside and waved me in. He told me he had just a bit of pulled pork and he made me a sandwich. Very good, good sauces. Very pleased with his level of service, I will try to go back again when he is better stocked.

Christopher Cornell

Alex R

I had lunch here for the first time last week, and it was excellent! They have a lunch buffet so I got to try multiple options which was great. The chicken and the pulled pork were especially delicious. They had cold sides like cole slaw and potato salad, and hot sides like baked beans and bread pudding.

Jeff Berning

Favorite BBQ in town, Both the brisket and the pulled pork were awesome. Baked beans were my favorite side.

Jacques Klein

Awesome Oak smoked brisket and fall off the bone ribs!

Bill B

Alec Vanhove

Easily the best bbq in Sioux falls. And, according to the travel channel the best in South Dakota! There have been a lot of bbq joints to come to turn over the last few years, none top Big Rig! The bright, pulled pork and chicken are amazing and the cornbread pudding, uffda!

Anthony Cook

Kirby Wolff

A lot of people say the best Barbecue is in Kansas City, or Texas. They're wrong! The Best Barbecue is right here at Big Rig!

Shyster Charlez Charlez

Only $7 Best in town..

Galacia Pokos

Marked as the number one barbeque join in South Dakota, I would be inclined to agree that Big Rig has the most juicy, favorful barbeque meats I've had to date. Their lunch buffet is superb, and all of their other items are fairly priced. Everyone who works there is super friendly and attentive. I'll definitely be going back regularly.

Matthew McGuire

Randy Rehling

Great Brisket & Pulled Pork Sandwiches...

Barry Titterington

Number one BBQ anywhere

Nate E

When it's good it's heavenly, best you can get anywhere. Melts in your mouth. When it's bad it's still good, they just might've gotten a bad cut of meat.

Bill Kane

Some of the best BBQ I've had and the staff is very friendly. Meat is well seasoned so try it first without sauce!

ike t

Omg best in the midwest

Huy Anh Nguyen

Panda and Snake

Two words, Delicious, fantastic

Robert DeBoer

Went at noon, but place was closed. Next door said they went out of business.

jeremy krause

Paula Ketten

So yummy! Good sized portions!

Lisa Huther

The meat is amazing! I'm from the south and am not fond of the vinegar - based sides. The beans are good and a bit spicy.

Robert Johnson

Great BBQ. Melt in your mouth, packed with flavor Pulled Pork. Very friendly group running the show. If you haven't tried it, you are missing out

Chris Hagen

Best BBQ in town. Bob and Nichole genuinely care about your experience and are very knowledgeable. Lived in Tx for 8 years and as close to Tx BBQ as I have gotten outside of Tx. A+!

Christian Rieck

This is some tasty barbecue. We pickup up brisket and pulled pork. If you need a decent amount of pulled pork you need to know they sell the whole pork butt for a lesser price. If you want sausage you MUST call the day before. The smoked sausage in your eggs if a great way to start the day. Their sauce is good. It isn't too sweet. Remember they stay open till they sell out so go early. They have seating inside for a decent lunch crowd. Go if you need a good brisket sandwich.

Mr. savage its lit

cory wendt

Shawn Hofer

Kevin Roggenbuck

Mike Mavity

The food is amazing! I love BBQ ribs, and I no longer go anywhere else for ribs; why would I? I also love their pulled pork. I have never had better ribs or pulled pork. I have introduced a lot of family and friends to Big Rig with good reason. Two of my best friends (Connie and Bill) prefer their pulled brisket sandwich to their pulled pork sandwich, so apparently the brisket is phenomenal too (no surprise there). I have always been treated great at Big Rig. Bob and Nichole are genuinely nice, down to earth folks who know how to treat their customers!

Frank Wiebenga

The hours specified as open, but they were not.

Joshua Zawadzki

Nate Penn

Tim Adams

Great brisket. Ribs are good but pricey by weight. Pickles and onions are available self serve, as is bbq sauce but it's not needed. Parking is limited.

Will Wilcox

Everthying is made from scratch and everything is delicious, including the homemade potato salad and homemade cornbread. Bob is a master of BBQ and smoking. You won't need any sauce but if you want some anyway, that's made from scratch too. Super friendly, family-run restaurant that keeps the place clean and achieves consistently high health food scores.

shanna d

The brisket is to die for so juicy and tender!!!! Fresh corn bread was unbelievably Delicious!!!! Vinegar based sauce was amazing!!! Ribs on point!! And all their sides were great too(beans, coleslaw & potatoes) !!!! Soo happy my friend introduced me to BIG RIGS ❤❤❤

Mason Pflieger

Some of the best BBQ I've had. The house made spicy BBQ sauce is to die for. The brisket is done so perfectly that it just falls apart on your fork. This is the kind of place that you have to be able to be okay with eating a lot. Because once you start, you won't be able to stop. You can deal with the meat sweats later.

Ryan Voeltz

Very Tasty

scott mackedanz

Great meat, they have a lunch buffet to really sample all their options!

allen jacobson

Excellent bbq, and the owner/operators are nice. The brisket is absolutely excellent. The lunch buffet is a great deal.

Scott Petersen

Best bbq in the state!

William Dulitz

Always a favorite place for BBQ. They do not sauce up the meat, the sauces they do offer are a lighter base than any of the thick sauces people think of. The meat flavor is the real winner here. The smoke character is awesome. Service is very good, and there are a few rules laid out if you get the buffet.

Damon Fuger

Wouldn't know. They have a very limited amount of time that they are open. The last time was my 4th attempt. There gone for the winter. Could have left a sign on the door for us idiots who believe it when a website says, "join us for lunch at our weekday buffet."

Janell West

My first time there and definitely not my last. Awesome people and the ribs are to die for. They are reasonably priced. I'm recommending them to my guests at work.

Michael Groskopf

Best food in or around Sioux Falls!!!!

Pam Konz

Excellent place for brisket!! Delicious!

Amber Fluth

Chad Birger

Amazing food. Awesome people. Buffet is so good. Pulled pork sandwiches, BBQ chicken, sausages, pork belly, sides, desserts. This is my favorite buffet in Sioux Falls. I also ordered for a large gathering before and they do a great job of helping with the ordering process and having everything ready to go when I picked it up.

Alissha N.

Thomas Lund

Best BBQ in Sioux Falls. If you visit a definite place to stop and try. Great food, and wonderful owners.


A. W.

Amazing ribs!

Jonathan Busch

This is my third stop here. Just as good as the first time I came. The food is fresh with a fresh variety of Woodfire barbecued meat ranging from pork to chicken sausage etc. Drinks and sides available as well. Communal setting creates a great environment to enjoy some amazing food. Hosts are accommodating, friendly, and inviting. You can't go wrong for a lunch at this place :-)

Robert Fenderson

cara skelly

Amazing food, huge portions, cute little eatery!


Been here several times before. Pulled in at 11:00 AM today and place is closed with mail laying on the floor inside the door. On a Friday. Hope things are.OK. Really enjoyed the food on past visits. Since parking in front of place several other vehicles parked saw place closes and left.

Julie Kuehn

We went for the brisket, but after arriving late in the evening, the brisket was sold out, so we ordered prime rib. Absolutely delish!! The smoke ring around the edge was so tasty that I found myself getting every last bite of it. The side dishes were homemade and very tasty also. My son has just purchased a smoker and he asked a few questions, the owner of Big Red BBQ took the time to explain how to get great results and gave him a few helpful hints. Our experience was a great one, I hope that yours is too!

Andrew Engdahl

As a Texas native I'm glad to see some good BBQ in our area. Big Rig BBQ is definitely big on authentic BBQ flavor. Their meats are smoked fresh daily (you can practically taste it before you ever get in the door!) I was please with everything they had on their lunch buffet and I'll certainly be back for more.

Jesse Lawhorn

Very rude and disrespectful would not recommend at all.

Marcus Warnke

Sam G

I had the lunch buffet. It was a little expensive, but I was okay with paying the 12 or so dollars considering that I was going to be eating legit smoked meats. They had a few different meat options and some potato salad, coleslaw, and beans as sides. The food was absolutely amazing.

Devin DeLeeuw

Absolutely the best BBQ anywhere around. Bob and Nichole do a great job with everything. Their lunch buffet knocks it out of the park and it is different everyday. The only complaint I have is that everything is so good that when I get off of work at 6 they are usually sold out of about everything. They use a simple rub of just salt and pepper which doesn't mask the flavor of the meat. I bought some bbq sauce to take home and I use it on everything from meat to steamed veggies. It is a vinegar based so it goes good with everything. Big Rig is the whole package, nice atmosphere, great people and best of all the best smoked meat anywhere around. It is a must try for anyone that enjoys BBQ.

Matthew Travis

Great pulled pork and brisket!! They also sell ribs too plus more. Week day lunch buffet. Good pricing. They also offer to sell by the pound if wanting a lot of food. Lastly they do cater!!!

Robin Brust

Best Pulled pork in town in my opinion and super friendly and accommodating!

Videos by Heisenberg50

Tom Schroeder

Amazing food.

Bobby Tisch

Brisket sandwich with their BBQ sauce is awesome. Super friendly service as well.

Lizzy Doohen

Ryan Thames

Love the food. Love that they change up their buffet options! Great customer service.

Austin Donley

Delicious food, great service. The best pulled pork I've ever had. Great for low carb, and great for group orders.

Jeff Lenning

Amazing Bbq...THANK YOU!!

Chris Cook

Some of the best BBQ in Sioux falls. Grab it to go and bring it home to feed the family. Very reasonable prices.

Jeremy Blue

Food was hot, moist, and extremely tasty! By far the best baked beans in town!!! Staff was very friendly and provided some great laughs. Can't wait to go back and try other buffet items and/or items off the regular menu

Brian Livermore

Cameron Cain

Simple good food. You can never go wrong with Big Rig BBQ. My favorite place for pulled pork sandwiches. Highly recommended.


The buffet is awesome! Make sure to come when they have beef brisket on it.

Aaron Thompson

Great food and friendly staff. Also, best prices on smoking pellets you'll find anywhere. I think it's about $8 for a 20lb bag.

nina doughty

Delicious! Especially love the jalapeno sausage!

Ned Horsted

Best BBQ in town.

Daniel M

Best BBQ in town (and probably in the surrounding states too)

Larry Kock

Kristi Popkes

I believe we have a new place to eat when we come to Sioux Falls, great food, we had the buffet and everything was great

Jason Davenport

Courtney Almendinger

Amazing food and great staff! Recommending to all my friends.


Staff super friendly and pulled pork so tender and fantastic

Anastasia Bee

Micah Behotti

The brisket is amazing especially when paired with their sauces. Their beans are wonderful, such a full flavor! Service is always with a smile!

Samantha Carlson

Best pulled brisket in town.

Neil Anders

Traveling through and tried it. Got the ribs and brisket sandwich. All the meat was extremely tender, but bland taste. Looking at their buffet (mostly pork), their pulled pork had that clear pink ring indicating a good smoke, but the ribs had no hint of smoke in appearance or taste. Instead they had the taste and texture of being slow roasted. Brisket had more the appearance of a pot roast that got some slight char than a true smoked brisket. Both the regular and spicy bbq sauces had little flavor, and were on the ketchup end of the spectrum, though I appreciated that they serve their meat without sauce. For the price, it's not worth it for the ribs or brisket. If I came back I'd go for the pulled pork, which is the best looking I've seen in the state.

Susan Janssen

Chris Hanson

Courtney Allen

Best barbecue hands down!!

Kristie Nord

Great food. Great location. But horrible ease of access and very minimal parking. But, since the food really is delicious, it's tolerable. Wish they were open for dinner!

Rand Carlson

There's nothing more to say than amazing! Great food and a fantastic price!

Chad Rogers

Best in Sioux Falls... hands down.

Samuel San Miguel

Best pork belly and other bbq place is no competition!

Taylor Templeton

Tom Heiney

This is some good smoked brisket

Jim Lang

Best bbq in Sioux Falls!! There is a lot of pride in everything that they do

Jay Chapman

Good smoked meat!

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