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REVIEWS OF Urban Cookhouse Devine Street Columbia, SC IN South Carolina

stephen c

Food is amazing and fresh. Their homemade strawberry lemonade is to die for!

Gina Prescott

Yummy great people and service too

Zoë Toth

This place is so good!!!! The portion sizes will be smaller than what you are used to for take out and it will still be a bit more expensive. However, it is more than enough to feed you and the quality is way up there. Great for a group with vegetarians, allergies and picky eaters.

Mandi Register

This is such a unique place with very tasty food and very friendly service. The triple dip was delicious!

Mary Kolb

Very good food and service!

Teresa Petitt

Super friendly staff, very helpful and patient. For those of us who just can't decide samples are often offered! Lots of choices but not too many. Good food, good people, good new favorite!

suzanne tranfaglia

The shrimp n grits was delicious! Cant wait to go try something else! The place smelled amazing as soon as you walk in.

Bryan Thomas

Great place to eat at with excellent service and delicious food! The manager, Jason was very hospitable. I will definitely be back!

Amber Goff

I love this place! The atmosphere is casual and family friendly. The food is tasty, but not over complicated. There are reasonably healthy choices available which is nice. There are snacks and activities to keep kids entertained. Typically, there's a decent local beer selection as well as wine. They often hold cookie decorating events for holidays and that is really fun to do with our 3yr old. The outdoor space is nice as well.

Phillip Scott

Team works well together, took good care of the customers. Drive thru stays busy so it was easy to go inside place & pick up order. Restaurant was neat and clean as well as restrooms. Personally think a little more portion wise would great but reasonable price for what you get. Strawberry lemonade is not too sweet and you can taste both flavor sensations in each sip.

Jawanna Anderson

Love it!! Nice atmosphere

Jenn Simpson

Nice people and ever clean,the food was delicious..

John Burckhard

Great place for farm to fire to table coooking. They have an amazing chicken salad sandwich and they serve beer too.

Sara Phillips

Great food and great prices!

Caden Hayes

So nice nice people go there all the time

Dylan Goff

Fresh, healthy and delicious! The folks here are friendly and serve great fresh and local food at fair prices. My favorite neighborhood hangout.

Nicole Carey

Delicious food, cute place. We will definitely come back!

Tally Guzman

I absolutely love this place. The food is amazing and unique, staff is friendly, and their owner is caring. The first time I came here, I was craving a hamburger. To my dismay they didn’t offer “burgers”. So I tried their white bbq sandwich instead. Which is absolutely AMAZING! Not to mention they also have the best milkshakes in town, Strawberry-lemonade. I honestly think they make their food with love. Their employees are sweet and friendly, their owner loves interacting with customers and making them feel at home. It’s kid friendly and parking is usually available during their busiest hours. If you haven’t eaten here, then you’re definitely missing out. *menu is limited. If you’re a picky eater this may not be the place for you. My husband, (very picky man) loves it here.

Valentina Garzon

Super cute place very original and good service

Curtis Carr

Four stars for the food, but one star for the service. My food was tasty; however, my mother never received her food because they forgot about her order, explained that the kitchen was " slammed", that they would take care of of the mix up, but never did. Before we left, they did refund the money for her part of the order, offered us some type of free meal card, and said they would " take care of us" if we came back later in the day. I appreciate the effort to remedy the situation, but it would seem like a chicken salad sandwich order should not have been that hard to accomplish.

Francine Fye

I have been BLESSED to have had the pleasure of patronizing this FABULOUS restaurant, where even the ultra adorable proprietor greets you personally and hands you a menu! The atmosphere of the restaurant is AMAZING inside as well as for outdoor dining ( as I did with a business colleague.) The staff are phenomenally professional and friendly, making it an honor to become a regular. The food is outstanding! As well as being reasonably priced and a wonderful selection/ variety to select from. They even do table service where they deliver your food to your table as well as remove and pick up your tray(s) for you when you're done. The facility is very clean, inside, outside and the parking areas. They also pride themselves on offering samples of the menu items to assist in helping you decide. BRAVO !!

Beau Corder

Overall great place! Just left and my family enjoyed our time!!! The smell as we walked in was the best! Reminded me of a family BBQ! They even have a section for kids to pick their toys and play with them at the tables. The food was yummy. The only reason I gave it a 4/5 was because in my macNcheese was a medal ring of some sort. Not a big deal though, overall great place and we will be going back for sure!

Sylvia Grant

Great environment and healthy foods

Lynn Carpenter

Tonight's visit was the worst I've had there. We waited 45 minutes for our food. Mine was cold, and my daughter's was not as she ordered. To be fair, there were a lot of Girl scout cookies being sold outside so it was a bit chaotic. I don't know how that could have affected the kitchen and wait staff because there were not many diners when we ordered. We were fully and quickly refunded and were given a certificate for two free meals for our trouble. I will give them another try another time. The food, on previous visits, was delicious. The single star was only for the service tonight.

Seamus Fennessy

Food is fresh and filling. The El Cubano melts in your mouth.

Ron Dudley

Excellent food!

Alicia Beam

A Wonderful experience! Fabulous food and very friendly workers- especially Jaon- I think that was his name- he was super friendly and extremely helpful!

Tom Hall

Relaxing atmosphere. Family friendly. Good food

Todd Shaw

I really enjoy the food. They take a great twist on several American+ favorites. Service is excellent.


I love the orange rolls. Excellent for families.

J Harris

A real break from unhealthy fast food. The Manager as well as the Owner greeted me,very welcoming and friendly. The food was really good. Will definitely be going back. There is a drive thru also.

Mariah Jeffcoat

Great food just needs to control food temperature. I would suggest a heat lamp in the service window. But, i will return soon. Great flavor and atmosphere


I usually enjoy the Mac and Cheese . However , today it was underwhelming. Cheese not melted with cold pasta noodles . . On another note , the roasted veggies are a HIT !! So yummy !! This place is always great so a little cold food isn’t going to kill me .

James D. Patton

Becoming more and more a favorite of mine, more healthy than most places I eat at

Ps J

Very mediocre food. Questionable service. Felt like I was eating in a gas station. Very expensive for the product received. Limited choices on the menu.

Allen Powell

Great Atmosphere! Great Staff! Great Place! I will be back

Sonya Urban

Food was great. Thought by the name it was a steakhouse.

Matt Lawson

Good food. Great service and atmosphere.

Brittany Matthews

The Promotion Lady approves!

Terry S.

Excellent food, nice atmosphere, great drinks. Superb service.

Christina Miller

Food was great and the portions normal. I felt satisfied and not stuffed.

Laura Prosser

I have used Urban Cookhouse twice to cater lunch for two different customers. (One for 30 people, and one for 60) The food was delivered on time, and it was delicious! Very professional staff and I will definitely continue to use them!

Jason Leonard

This is one of my new favorite places in Columbia. I had an awesome meal tonight, and I got to meet the owner Will who was super down to earth and really passionate about this restaurant. We sampled four things from the menu, and everything was amazing. The atmosphere/Decour was really modern and the menu was incredible. We will be back soon!

Krystal Hill

The food was good. The girl at the register seemed really confused. Not sure if she was new or something. I'd still give it another go though.

Erik Frankforter

The food is amazing and consistently high quality every time we come. If you have food allergies like me, they have a great allergy guide and are very conscientious about cross contamination. Good fast casual place to bring friends.

Steve Ort

Not the biggest menu but food is good, order food at front first then you sit

Tee Jay

Really great and FRESH food! And not expensive which I was shocked given it's farm to table! And it tasted that way too... I haven't had fruit in a while that actually treated sweet! I got the buffalo wrap ... Really tasty and guilt free since grilled instead of fried. The broccoli soup was way too salty but still yummy. But the best part was the service. They were really trying to make sure our needs were met. Even gave us a free warm cookie which was SO good -- a great finish to a truly enjoyable meal. I'll definitely be back.

Elizabeth Franklin-Best

I had lunch here for the first time today-- the veggie quesadilla. It was much, much better than what I was expecting. It was chocked full of yummy roasted veggies including broccoli, carrots, and squash. I had passed by this place numerous times thinking it was another burger joint. But it's not. It has a great selection of items to accommodate those who wish to eat healthy and those who do not! I'll be back!

Steve Rubin

They serve delicious food, we are having it every week on Wednesdays! I personally know the owner, Will Gillespie, amazing guy!

Bryan Whittemore

This place has really lost its edge. The portion sizes are rather small for the amount you pay. The grilled cheese for a kids meal is hardly worth the 4+ dollars you pay. It saddens me to say but I am not motivated to ever return.

Judi Castro

Good food and great service

tye block

Good food and outside seating.

Joseph Jakl

Staff was friendly, service was great and food was outstanding! This is the place to be in Columbia!

jason Taylor

Good food and atmosphere. And they have fun little things you can buy kinda like cracker barrel.

Archie Mack

Fresh and tasty farm-to-table offerings at affordable prices. Exceptional customer service. Hip and trendy loft like setting.

Mike Simon

Nice place clean good parking. The staff is very attentive to your needs. Great for a relaxing meal. It's in a nice part of Columbia. Not far from down town. Better parking than all the Vista eating places. Food is tasty. I have never had a bad meal at any of the Urban locations I have eaten at. The old man at this location gives it a bit of charm. If you have never tried one of the Urban locations you should try it. See if you like it to. The smell is enough to make you hungry if your not. This location has outside seating as well. Very nice.

Lindsey Smith

After a terrible experience today at work with Urban Cookhouse catering, I recommend you look elsewhere if you need good food delivered hot and on time. The hot lunch we ordered well in advance for our professional development class of 30 employees from all over South Carolina arrived an hour and half late. We called the restaurant a half hour after the original delivery time had passed, reported the problem, were put on hold, and then told they weren't able to reach the delivery person, but "she'll be there soon." I gave the employee my phone number and insisted she contact the driver and have her call me right away. Ten minutes later, I received a call from the clueless and unapologetic driver. She informed me that she was on her way to deliver another lunch order in Blythewood (30 minutes outside town) and would get to us after that. She arrived with our room-temperature food just shy of an hour after the call. When I phoned the restaurant again this afternoon to complain to the catering manager, she seemed more interested in the details such as when we had scheduled our order to arrive. Well into the conversation, she finally managed a robotic "We do apologize for the inconvenience." Then she offered a 20% discount on our next order. Really? I told her what I'll tell you: There won't be a next order from us at this place.

Sam Guerry

Three of us ordered pork nachos with avocado, water, and two beers at 6:30. At 6:55 I flagged an employee to inquire. We were told that they were making more queso...there was none on the nachos...and were also out of both beers... they did offer us a free dessert... you decide, I have!!

Kevin J Hagins

Food was delicious. Friendly atmosphere and prompt service.

Stephanie Sapp

Great concept. Good food. Casual restaurant. You order at the counter and they give you a flag to bring back to your table so they can bring you your food when it's ready. The food is sit-down restaurant quality though.

Laura Bryant

I ordered the chicken salad and fruit plate. Most of the fruit were too ripe, some turning brown. Also, it wasn't served with any crackers, bread or muffin for the chicken salad. One of my children had the nachos and the BBQ on them was heavy with grease. My other child had the buffalo chicken wrap. It was served cold. We had watched it sit in the window while everything else was prepared.

Jennifer Thiele

This is our first time here and the food is delicious! My food was seasoned to perfection and the service was great! Bethany is a sweetheart and I felt like we were old friends by the end of our meal. We are hooked and will definitely be back soon! Thanks for a new favorite restaurant.

Monika Caroway

Great sandwiches and salads. Location is okay parking lot a bit small but works. Drive thru a plus. Wonderful strawberry lemonade however it is really expensive for the size cup you get. They also have nice deserts. Website speaks for itself. Should open another location in NorthEast of Columbia!!

Rob Salters

My new go to place in Columbia. Awesome food and friendly staff. PS thanks for the barrel of monkeys (inside joke)

Emily Shears

First time coming to this restaurant and I absolutely loved it! From the service to the food everything is top notch. New favorite eatery!

Deborah Alford

Very good

amanda mullins

Delicious!! I was impressed!

Beryl Flateau

Love the fresh menu items! Tasty & Different casual dining experience!

Paul Howell

Excellent food and exceptional service with a smile. Best high end cafe in Columbia.

Keith Edwards

Needs more vegan options.

Jacob Fullerton

This place is fantastic! Friendly service and delicious nachos - I will definitely be back.

Jonathan Stocker

Great staff! Awesome quantities for the price!

Chris Flood

Delightful staff. Clean, fun place. Quick service. Absolutely OUTSTANDING food!!

Keri Wilson

My niece loves the veggie quesadilla

Brian Ostasiewski

Great selection, great quality, great staff. Wish I lived near here so I could come back. Just the side salad that came with the steak and rice was phenomenal.

Amy Jo Matros

Service was incredible and food was good. Nice place for lunch. I had the salad for my side and it was larger than expected and delicious. My chipotle pork sandwich was a bit dry, but still an enjoyable meal. Great farm to table restaurant.

Rebecca Wallace

Excellent freshly made, salads, soups and sandwiches. Great service. Good location.

Marcus Pippin

Good food but long wait if you only have 30 mins for lunch break.

Peter Kidd

Inexpensive no-frills place with tasty food and good beer. Order at the counter and wait at an indoor or outdoor table for your food and drinks to be brought.

Sonya Davis-Lewis

Food was delicious. Enjoyed eveey bit. Lime steak with grilled vegies and rice! Sweet tea was delicious. Very friendly staff and prices reasonable.

tj elliott

They cater our weekly lunch gathering and wow! Always great and always fresh!

Kurt Hamm

This is a delightful place. A smaller menu, but very carefully constructed. Good sandwiches, wraps, and salads. The buffalo chicken wrap was great. We had the chips and queso which were good and had purple chips. Friendly and attentive staff. Highly recommend.

Ansley Layman

This place is so good! I got a wrap with their broccoli salad and it was amazing. The employees there were so nice and gave excellent service. It's also cool bc they sell random local foods and hot sauces.

Anne Palyok

Ate lunch on a Sunday at 1:00 and expected it to be really busy but was happy when I got there as it was only moderately busy. This was my first time there so I didnt know the flow of the restaurant. I went in the side door and stood for a moment. No one paid any attention to me so I walked sort of towards the middle, kinda looked around, still no one acknowledged me. There is a bar across the back part so I asked someone behind the bar if I was just supposed to seat myself. They said sure. so I sat down at a table and someone walked by and put some utensils down and continued on their way. I was meeting someone who also came in the same way. I got up again and asked if we could have some menus and followed the girl towards the door I cam in and she handed me two menus. I sat back down, my friend and I looked over the menus and talked. no one approached us, or brought any water or anything. I finally asked one of them waiters who walked by if we were supposed to go up to the bar to order. He said yes but it was ok, he would be right back. So we waited again. He never returned so we started watching what others did and realized you go to the other end of the bar, to place your order then they bring it to you. The food was delicious and came out quickly. The servers apologized profusely and said they had thought we were just talking and I explained we had never been there and didnt know the process. We will definitely go again because now that we know the process it will be better. My friend had the Lime Steak and rice and the portion was extremely generous. I had the Veggie Quesadilla with addition of lime steak, it was delicious. I highly recommend this place but make sure you grab a menu on your way in and go up to the counter when you want to order.

Fredrick Kent

We really enjoyed our meal here. Our daughter is a student at USC and when visiting for family weekend she suggested eating here. order at the counter and they bring it out to you. Everyone enjoyed what they had.

Elizabeth Bentrup

Our family loves Urban Cookhouse. Shrimp and grits and quesadillas are family favorites. A good place to grab reasonably priced drinks with friends too. S'more pit sometimes in the winter and patio games in the summer. The staff is super friendly and attentive. The first time I went, I thought the wait for food was a little long, but food is cooked fresh, so it' was totally reasonable.

Virginia Seymour

Great heathy options and super friendly, attentive staff, especially for a counter service restaurant. Without us saying anything, the owner noticed our queso was a little cold and immediately replaced it. Right before we left, the owner brought all the tables skillet cookies and ice cream on the house. So friendly, definitely coming back!


Literally some of the best shrimp and grits I've ever had, and the BBQ sandwich was amazing too. Would go here again in a heartbeat

Rodney Leacock

Excellent service! Great convenient food! Enjoyable ambiance!

Ben Jeffries

The food is fresh and prices are decent. Customer service here is great. Nice atmosphere and unique feel to the building. They have a garage door that is open when weather permits.

Bill Ernst

Overpriced for the small portions. My daughter and I both got chicken dishes and I think there was half a chicken breast between them.

Emily Kluttz

Our go to place - some of the best food in Columbia. Always quick, friendly and delicious!

Lisa Givens

Nice selection of food and wine/beer

Anahita Pirnia

Wonderful place and nice food! Love this place

Wendy Bouknight

Delicious food, friendly and helpful staff. Clean restrooms.

Ookii Yen

Love it!!! Food is fresh!

Stephen Hattrich

Excellent. The chicken salad fruit plate was delicious.

Lakesha Williams

My first time going to this restaurant and Will and staff are amazing and the food was delicious!

Arthur Albritton Jr

We shared the a fruitbowl & mac and cheese it was good they also comped us a dessert

Edmond Velilla

Fantastic food. Clean restaurant. The staff was friendly and informative. We'll be back!

Dee Drayton

The food was good but it didn't have a smoked cooked flavor

Kati Holland

Great selection and nice atmosphere.

matthew mcknight

My friends always have an amazing experience here. The gentleman named Desmond is very helpful and will stop at nothing to reassure our comfort and satisfaction. It has grown to be a very amazing company.

Kelley Meadows

Service is EXCELLENT! Food is sooooo GOOD! And the orange rolls are ADDICTING!

Kim Simons

The Shrimp & Grits for $10.95 are overpriced for the amount you get. The Chef Salad for $9.45 was twice the size. If you like leaf ribs for lettuce, that is. Only offer weird dressing flavors. As a whole, a very unsatisfying meal.

Emily Berry

Delicious! Definitely coming back. The orange rolls are amazing!

Daisy Black

Everytime I visit never disappointed tasty.

Daniel Massi

Great Food and Atmosphere! We all loved it!

Mikee Johnson

Food is consistently good. Kitchen does a great job. Fun family atmosphere. Photos are from 2nd anniversary celebration for the restaurant.

Kayla Speer

This was my second time dining at this location. The food is outstanding and the service is out of this world. Tonight they were hosting an event for Girl Scouts and the owner apologized for the noise and brought us a free appetizer. Love that he is doing things for the community & loved his welcoming personality. I can’t wait to go back.

Roy Shelley

Had the BBQ pork sliders and broccoli salad - both were excellent.

Gail Corn

Great as usual. Great food and fabulous friendly staff.

Chris Richards

Love the feel of this place. Enjoy the kids eat free deal on Monday night. We usually sit on the patio and let the kids play.

Kathleen Baker

Amazing service and food. The amount of food you get for the $ is incredible. Highly recommend the nachos, the urban cowboy sandwich and the shrimp and grits. Also love the pepper patch salad when I want something lighter but still filling. Love the call ahead and drive thru option with kids!

Chesnut Denton

The food was great!! Super fresh!! Great atmosphere. Family friendly!

Owen Stewart

The building is a comfortable place to spend time. Staff is nice and the owner is visibly working hard to make his customers happy. The food is reliably tasty and original across the menu. They don’t make anything boring. My kids (10 -14) like it. My wife likes it. I think the beer glasses are ingenious. For healthy delicious food it’s not expensive (less than Whole Foods self serve).

Matt A.

went here for the first time today. really enjoyed it. everyone was extremely nice and accommodating and the food was exceptional. there's plenty of stuff on the menu to warrant repeat visits without getting bored. i did not partake in any beer drinking, but they have a nice variety of beer and wine on hand. loved the addition of the orange roll on my plate. kept me away from that brown sugar brownie i'll definitely get next time. ;-)

Glenn White

Food was good. Atmosphere was a little too fast food ish.

Clint Scoville

Very delicious food.

Aixavelisse Soto

Love the atmosphere, attentiveness, tasted delicious, definitely will return!

Josh Benenhaley

This place is awesome!!! Great food at an affordable price

Earl Bolen

Great place to meet and eat

Rosalyn Swan

I want this location to succeed....the food and atmosphere are good. I can't recommend it anymore to friends because of inconsistencies in turnaround and food preparation. Long wait, orders prepared with large intervals such that my food gets cold waiting on a friend's, vegetable quesadilla not made according to the menu description. Fix this please.

Tracy Uria

My go to spot for my late lunches! Awesome customer service!

Amanda Melvin

The food was good. We had a salad. The service was really good. There is toys for kids and adults which is really cool!

Andy Woods

Awesome experience. Excellent food. Outstanding service.

Brian Bagby

Friendly staff and good service second only to the food that is amazing! They offer a different taste then most other restaurants in the area and a very inviting atmosphere. Definitely recommend this place for a quick lunch or even a family outing.

Billy Dillard

Great atmosphere and food! Staff is incredibly friendly. Great place!

Michael Eleazer

Excellent food - I called ahead and placed my order so it was extremely quick. The Braised pork, Broccoli salad and roasted vegetables were wonderful! I will definitely be returning.

David McGarrigle

Great food and atmosphere. I ate here yesterday for the 1st time. It didn't take long for me to makeit back.

Stephen Mullis

Took the kids for an early dinner. Everything was great. Tried the white BBQ sauce for first time. Roasted veggies are excellent.

Paxton Williams

Local mix salad was almost perfect...grilled chicken slightly over cooked

larry david

Awesome food and SPECTACULAR service! Clean and inviting atmosphere! Highly recommend..

Travis Styron

I always enjoy eating here. Nice atmosphere and a very friendly staff. Someone ordered a half baked cookie and left, so they gave it to me. It was freaking delicious!

D. Fischer

Great place & great simple food! Ordered the Lime Steak and a draft River Rat. They have a variety of different items on the menu. The Orange Rolls are delicious. The staff (Brian) was friendly and courteous. Will definitely come back.

Josh Pappas

Urban cookhouse catered a doctors office business lunch for me today and food was phenomenal. Everyone loved their meal and the service was excellent as well. Highly recommend for your next business or personal meal!

Casey McMillan MD

Visited yesterday. Standard modern clean layout for fast-casual, bright and cheery. Parking a little limited, but normal for Shandon area. Very friendly staff. Good variety on the menu. Excellent large veggie quesadilla, would get again. Urban Cowboy sandwich was tasty, but the bread:meat ratio was pretty weak. Side roasted vegetables were delicious. The kids Chicken Salad had decent flavor, but wasn't my style (it was a very finely chopped chicken with mayo, no other obvious ingredients. I prefer chunky with additives like grapes/nuts/seeds/etc). Kids Grilled Chicken was just that, plain and nothing special, perhaps intentional for the kids sake. I didn't like that the kids items came only with lame potato stix straight out of a can; they should have a healthier or tastier option. At least the kids items were only $4. The other prices were a touch high but reasonable, all of the above plus 2 teas (above average) was $31. All of the meats are cooked on an on-site Big Green Egg. I will come back occasionally as there are several other intriguing items on the menu, particularly the salads.

Millie Nelson

The food was delicious! I had the steak dish and it was melt in your mouth tender?

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