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REVIEWS OF Tropical Grille IN South Carolina

Aspen Childers

Tonight I stopped by here for the first time ever, after hearing my friends rave about the food for ages! First off, I want to say that Brandon was super friendly and helpful! He didn’t make me feel rushed even when I told him it was my first time trying their food! He also had some great suggestions. I ordered a large Cuban Bowl with yellow rice (I added corn as well) and it was SO MUCH food, I’ll have enough leftover for a good portion for lunch tomorrow. The food was seasoned perfectly enough to where you don’t even really need the amazing sauces... but they’re a great touch too! The price was great and the food was fresh. I will definitely be back! :)

austin bates

Very good food orders are never wrong any time I go there!!

Allan Fernandes

Friendly staff who provide you with great suggestions if you are new to the menu. They even allow you to taste if you aren't sure and never rush you.

Kerry Lancon

Great healthy inexpensive food. Love their prices. Loved it till today. I got an order to go and they are very stingy with the sauce they give you. I got four very small cups of sauce and they were all only half full and one was almost empty.

Bonnie Repine

Always a good experience. Great food. I wish they had organic...I would eat there more often.

Hugo Hernandez

Good food...I recommend the cuban sandwich with black beans as extra side...

Amy Pruitt

These are the rudest employees ever!! Not sure why they’re in the service industry if they can’t be friendly to people. It was my daughter’s first time in this Tropical Grille and she went to ask for an extra bowl. The manager, Cora, condescendingly said “you mean a plate?” The extra “plate” is in the shape of a bowl. Why is that rude comment even necessary?? I’ll stick with the other Tropical Grilles in town.

Michael LaBoone

If you are looking for a reasonably healthy bite that tastes amazing, you can't go wrong with Tropical Grille. Everything is well seasoned and the chicken is very tender. If you're ok with a little heart, try their jalapeno sauce, otherwise you can't beat the cilantro sauce. The folks that work there are super friendly to boot.

Mecca Carey

Love they have cauliflower rice. More places need it on the menus.

Ashley M

Food was delicious! Staff was friendly.

Jeff Hamme

Reasonable priced food. Rice bowls and sandwiches. Food was average. Good sauces you apply yourself. Will go to again and try something else. The Cuban rice bowl was just chicken rice and beans. Not a lot of flavor in the food. Needed the sauce and a lot of it.

Charles Turner

Excellent food, but service is always and I mean always slow no matter how many people are in the building. The cooks are very friendly and polite as is the other staff, but do not go here if you are in a hurry. In addition, the place gets packed at lunch and this location is not equipped to deal with that volume of customer service. Typically only one register is running at any one given time. I still go here often because I like the food and the people are friendly, but I can't go when I'm on a time crunch.

Jason Leiter

My family and I love this place. We get takeout here often and the family meal can't be beat for the amount of food you get for the price. The food is delicious, made even better with the sauces! Highly recommended.


The food is tasty but the last time I was there, I was halfway done with my food and saw a large roach crawling up the wall next to me. One of the employees saw me staring at it and called to another employee sitting in the dining area to take care of it. The second employee got up, looked at the bug, and asked what it was. I told her it was a roach. She just shrugged and said "it probably came in from outside." While that may be true, it is summer in the south after all, she made no effort to kill it! She let it crawl up to the ceiling and sat back down. I couldn't finish my meal thinking it might fall off the ceiling into my food. The total lack of action from the staff was appalling. I won't be back anytime soon.

Ereka Hill-Venegas

I love the Curry Sauce

Debbie cruz

Quick service Cuban food. Healthy options and a couple vegetarian ones. Plenty of seating but parking send a bit scarce. Their sauces are what seals the deal. The garlic and jalapeno ones are delicious.


Dissapointed in the deluxe rice bowl. It reminded me of a McDonald's grilled chicken sandwich on a pile of over cooked rice.


Love this place! The only thing not to love - the lines during peak times, but they move them along, and they're only long because the place is really great! Delicious food - we can't get enough of it!

Stoddard Brooks

Great clean eating

Brandi Hawthorne

South of the border bowl is so good. Can easily be made keto.

Elise Wilson

As a vegetarian, unless you get the Large and add extra veggies, you will leave hungry. I will say that the sauces on the table added an extra star to this review all by themselves. They are easily the highlight of this place. As far as ambience, I know it's Greenville, but I found the Jesus and Blue Lives Matter signs a little uncomfortable. I'm there for the food, not the doctrine. To their credit, it did overall look clean.

Brian Gray

I’ve been a regular at this location for almost two years. It used to be absolutely amazing and the food was always perfect and always correct but over the last few months I’ve become disgusted with this place. The employees are rude (especially the younger African American lady with straight hair) and have disgusting attitudes. The aforementioned lady even called me a liar in front of myself and quite a few guests for bringing up the fact that I had asked TWICE for bacon and beans and she still conveniently chose not to hear me. The manager even laughed at me when I told him what she did. The quality of the food has suffered quite a bit as well. Needless to say I’m done with tropical grille. I always come to the restaurant with at least a group of 12, we are taking our business elsewhere to a better establishment.

Erynn Newman

Everyone is super friendly and helpful, and the food is EXCELLENT. I usually get chicken with the white sauce, but I tried the steak this time, and it was SOOOO good. The place is very clean too, but it was freezing this time, so we sat outside, which was lovely.

Life WithAlexis

Friendly cashier. Great food. But absolutely absurd that a customer should be watched by staff getting their own sauce will a non functioning pump. Staff said "yea you have to push it down and pull it up". Ok home office is right beside you. I would be so embarrassed if my staff did this. Get a new pump or provide pre poured cups.

Gamer Pip

Nice food and atmosphere. Not quite as good as the one in Easley.

Jimmy Souther

Awesome management


There food is always good. It’s hard for me to decide what to eat as everything is so good!


The absolute best.

Megan barrow

I love this place. The food is always so good. I love the classic, which is just chopped chicken and yellow rice, I usually add mushrooms, they give you a lot of food. The jalapeno garlic sauce is delicious it has a slight kick but it is so good. The salads come with shredded lettuce which is the best and the ceaser dressing is the best I have had, ask for it on the side though otherwise your lettuce will be dripping and flooded in dressing

Clayton Kale

Fast, friendly, and filling. Tropical Grille is one of my go to places for a take out lunch or quick dinner. Active people will like the fact that it's a good place for a healthy post workout meal. I also love the variety of sauces to choose from. My favorite is the pork. But the chicken coop is good too. Highly recommend.

Julia Quackenbush

Service was fast and friendly. Food was so good, I definitely will be back. So happy that they have a lot of healthy options. Glad that this place opened up so close to us


I have been dining at Tropical Grille for years, either at Pelham Commons or the one at 14 and Pelham. My daughter and I unfortunately tried this one the other night. What a waste. I'm not usually this harsh, but this place was a complete joke. Extremely chaotic, orders taking forever, our cold food sat on the counter for 15 minutes before I went up and asked about it, customers walking out . . . What a shame. You just permanently lost some patronage.

Steve Pendley

Excellent healthy food and friendly service

Marti Spencer

On more than one occasion i have gotten the wrong order. I’m a vegetarian, I order the vegetarian bowl and only if I watch do I get what I order. Your staff preparing the orders are lacking focus. You are closed now do I can not take my order back...highly disappointing

Keeslan B.

There south of the border bowl is so good


Very pedestrian. I had the vegetarian bowl and I had to pick out a lot of old lettuce. I also would have appreciated knowing I had a choice between yellow and brown rice. My bowl came with tomato and cheese as well, and both together amounted to about a tablespoon's worth. Very stingy with toppings. Basically, this was a more expensive, less flavorful Taco Bell, at least from a vegetarian perspective. The fountain diet soda was very low on syrup and tasted mostly like seltzer, which I let them know. They made no effort to correct the situation so I threw it out and got iced tea instead. It is important to note that it was 3pm and there was only one other (already served) customer there, so being busy was not an issue. Utterly average. I would not go back.

Bill Biddle

Awesome menu. Superb selection. Fantastic staff. Professional and friendly.

Summer Fisher

Good option for something different

Joy Owens

Classic chicken bowl was great! Husband got a garden salad, he was very disappointed in the quality and quantity for the price. It was nothing more than a handful of shredded lettuce a few chopped tomatoes. Very not cool! Won't buy another salad!

P Lee

Food is awesome! Service is quick. Great place for people with milk allergies.

Eva Doyle

I like everything else but the Wegetable is just gross sorry but I do wish they would fix it becouse I bet the owner dosent eat it like what they put front of me

Kendall Dorie

The curry and garlic sauces on the Cuban pulled pork are to die for! So delicious

amy heinrich

Addiction level good!

Eric Steenwyk

Had the Cuban pork rice bowl. It was really really good! Great service too!

Matthew Deweese

Always a good meal and lunch choice! The service is quick and how crowded it is, it hit or miss but they service well. They are always nice and helpful for recommendations. Would recommend!

Brittni Reynolds

love this place. Fresh, healthy and delicious. Now with a cauliflower rice option I am in love.

Karyl Gaehring

I was very surprised. Caught their sign out of the corner of my eye and decided to try. Was VERY good food! Clean, great atmosphere. Definitely recommend.

Love English

Usually I enjoy but I had to fight off flies the whole time trying to eat my food.

toby delubbia

Great food. I live the curry mustard sauce. Veggie bowl was fantastic with cauliflower rice.

Andrew Hale

Simple and good. Throw me a meat and brown rice together and I generally won't complain. Add a few things like cheese and guacamole and I'm hooked. Garlic Cilantro sauce is pretty good. I love the praise music coming over the speakers too.

Heather Page

Simple and inexpensive; absolutely delicious!

Dennis Owens

I love the classic bowls and everything else I have ordered in the past . But today I made the mistake by ordering a Garden Salad $4.99 I got about 1/4 of a bowl of shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes . I have had more lettuce and tomato on a sandwich or a hamburger. No more salads for me at Tropical Grille but I do love everything else .

Grant Woodward

Just fantastic. Great, fresh food that's healthy while being unique. A lunch favorite, but even my small kids enjoyed what they had and are excited to go back.

Hilary Leggett

Wonderful food. Everything I've had has been delicious. When we went they said they were out of chicken due to it being so busy and they were sorry for the wait... We waited for MAYBE 10 minutes for our food... Which hardly seemed like a wait at all! They apologized again when we left but honestly for food that good I wouldn't expect anything less that that and in fact more!


They have a good thing going!

Sawyer Family

I really enjoyed this place. The food is reasonably priced and delicious. I’m docking a star because both times I’ve been the cashier person has been slow. They do make up for that in getting the food out quick.

Elizabeth Slade

I had a pick up order scheduled to be picked up at 12 which means they were open for an hour. My plantains were BLACK!!!! They tasted charred I could not EAT THEM!!!!! And my pita bread was BURNT as well!!!!!!! It was a horrible lunch to say the least!!!!!!!

Kenny Wagner

Downtown Greenville and Woodruff rd locations are the best. Super good tasty food. Don’t forget the garlic cilantro sauce! The other 2 locations honestly suck. Whoever is managing those locations needs to get it together. If I knew who the owner was I would tell them myself.

Cameron Lusk

Amazing place for something different and something fresh. Food portions are spot on to where you can save some for later. The SAUCE is amazing. Highly recommend if you are looking for something out of the regular.

Leroy Williams

Awesome services and great food.

Teya J

The food is usually great. Just has gone down hill lately. Order is never right the first time.I would suggest checking your bag before you leave.

Alanna White

Rice bowls are delicious!!! Very friendly & accommodating staff. Quick service. Curry sauce and garlic sauce are to DIE for. Large portions & decent prices!

Dee Burdette

Very good healthy meal. I had the palomilla bowl. Everyone at our table enjoyed their choices.

Terri Everts Camp

Yum! Best Cuban sandwich I've ever had! Good flavor, fresh ingredients, and made to order. My new favorite place to eat.

Michelle Williams

Love their food! Good customer service!

Tee Time864

I love love love tropical, food is always fresh and delicious I have never been dissatisfied with any thing I have ordered. That jalapeño garlic sauce will knock your sock off

Stokes Music Studios

Loved it! Great assortment of wraps and entrees that are not too bad for you! Fresh tasting and good service! The Music Place

Clifton Arrington

I love Tropical Grill and this was the first time I went to the one on Woodruff Road today and the young lady that was cooking the food she had the nastiest attitude you ever want to see! She dropped my pita bread and didn't think I seen her and when I corrected her on it she threw it on top of the food and still handed it to me I told her no way she said what do you want me to do make it over I said absolutely she began to throw things and Slot my food together the manager lady was very nice and got on her but I felt she should have been dismissed immediately the way she act! I almost went to the corporate office the tables were filthy and sticky trash was running over I will never go back to this location

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